Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on May 2, 1993 · Page 17
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 17

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 2, 1993
Page 17
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fnt Ur. DAILY JOURNAL- SUNDAY, MAY 2, 1993 — B-5 SUNDAY MORNING SUNDAY EVENING 6:00 I 6:30 I 7:00 I 7:30 I 8:00 8:30 I 9:00 I 9:30 110:00 10:30 11.00 T? In Touch 7:00 A.M. CHANNEL i Meet the Pra*« g T Sunday Morning g ft) (D Good Morning America/Sunday '?"• Mister Roger* g ffo) Pirates of Dark Water r !) Los Qatos Christian Church '40) cjD Kenneth Copeland ' 50 ^ Gold Prospector* (AM?) Movie *** "Road to Singapore" I Homework* j SportaWeekiy i Jama* Kennedy ) Paid Program J Eureeka's Cattle ) (:05) Happy Day* ) Cartoon Expreaa I Star Search ) Welcome to Pooh Comer Q 1 OWL/TV g ' • i *** "The Trouble With Angels" (2:25) ' 7:30 A.M. CD Sesame Street g (jo) Captain Planet and the Planeteer* ) Pet Connection ) Paid Program ) Lassie (:35) Movie ** "Earthquake" -....) Wutile* g (HBO) Adventure* of Tlnttn g SHOW) Bedtime Storle* g 8:00 A.M. I Romper Room iNew* g . w I Is There Love After Marriage? i Old Time Goepel Hour ~) Cartoon Cla*»lc* ^j QD Robert Schuller CM) DuckTalea g nsn Paid Program (A&D Movie ** "Kansas Pacific" (1:30) Coisc) Low Cholesterol Gourmet (ESPN) Sport* Reporter* (FAM) Popeye CLIFE) Healthllnk CNTCK) Count Duckula CWGN") Lifestyle* of the Rich anal Famous CDVJN) My Little Pony Tale* (HBo)Babar SHOW") Bunch of Munach g 8:30 A.M. I Bay Area People I Health Matter* I Bay Sunday I Cher Present* Lori Devi* Hair Care' CD Shining Time Station g .., (in Chip r n Dale Reeeue Ranger* g (ID Unity, the Beat la Yet to Be CAMC) Movie *** "The Rlcheit Girl In the World" (1:20) ' Coisc) Great Chefs of San Prancitco CESPN) Sportscenter CFAM) Super Mario Bro*. ) Heathcllff foisN) Mouse Track* g CHBO) Plnocchlo g CsH5w) Movie **Y2 "License to Drive" 9:00 A.M. I Around the World In Eighty Dream* I NBA Showtime g I Face the Nation g I House Doctor I Day of Discovery I Barney & Friend* g i Leave It to Beaver (jo) Paid Program Unit - • 2EinHBD^»iSBlB Star Trek (News New* Kids First! |N6xt fetep Slsktl INSWS News Mission: Impossible Deepi SpacBjT Secret Service I Witness Video I Witness Video BO Minutes" 60 Minutes Videos Dinosaurs Dinosaurs Ed Sullivan Parker L. Shaky G. DBOD Spece 9 Movie: Fried Green Tomatoes" (1991) Movie: 'Fried Green Tomatoes" (1991) TNews Back- Murder, She Wrote Movie: "Blind Spot" (1993) Murder, She Wrote Day One Day One Nature Movie: Blind Spot" (1993) Untouch Movie: "Total Recall" (1990), Sharon Stone Movie: "Total Recall' Masterpiece Theatre Cinco de Mayo Parade Street Smart" (1987) Star Trek Gen. Married... Herman ' (1990), Sharon Stone 'Berkeley In the Sixties' Twil. Paid News Twil. Firefight. Paid Sports Kung Fu: Legend Left. Fly Blind Arsenio CAni.f! CHANNELS DISC ESPN Major League Baseball Cont'd FAM Big Jake- My Dog JK-9 Cop Skies LIFE CardlOl- USA WQN ytelorts of the Deep^Flashing sixties" Dble. Medicine Guts Ob/Gyn Looney National Geographic Explorer Family Looney wo TTwo IMacGyver Kojak |News (Replay "Cloning-Joanna" Investigative Reports Miss Marple Wildlife Wildlife Sportscenter Stallion Paid Nick Earth Mansion Paid Mork Paid Visions of the Deep Flashing Sixties Baseball Ch. Flag Father Dowling Paid Lucy Paid Paid Van Dyke Paid Movie: "The Finest Hour" (1992) Surfing Running Touch Paid M. Moore Paid Paid Donna R Paid Counterstrike Nature Sportsctr B. Haden Paid Dragnet Paid Stalkings (1951 OIIR HBO MAX Avbnles "101 Dalmations "Sand Pebbles" "Time Bandits" (1981) : "My Blue Heaven" (1990) Ready- ]Movle: "License to Drive" 'All I Want for Christmas" |Movle: "Prime Target" (1991)["GrlfMovie: "Coldfire" (1989), Michael Easton Movie: "Shining Through Movie: "The Cutting Edge" (1992) Movie: "The Fear Inside" (D CB • for Ft. Bragg & Mendocino viewers only. Q) 63 09 -for TIA only. 12:00 P.M. a) Movie **Vi "The Secret of My Success" (2:00) ' ) NBA Basketball Playoffs g S Stanley Cup Playoffs tureg 1 Movie ***Vfc "High Sierra" (2:00) | Movie *** "Running Scared" ,..„_] of tt»Cla«*g ) Captain Planet and the Planeteera ) Movie *** "Hired Wife" (1:33) !) World Alive f Movie **Vfe "Curly Top" (1:30) ) Den«*try Update S Clariaaa Explain* It All g [ WWF All-American Wrestling h KMe incorporated g ) Movie ***Vfe "The Dirty Dozen" 12:15 P.M. (HBO) Movie *** "My Girl" (1:42) 12:30 P.M. ) Perfect Stranger* g Real New* for Kid* ) In the Wild With Harry Butler ) Internal Medicine Update ) Welcome Froshmen ) South by Southeast ) Movie ** "Fast Getaway" 1:00 KM. Paid Program Fire on the Rim g Catwalk Young Robin Hood Movie ** 1 /2 "The' Killers" (2:00) Mao&Mutley Infeetlou* Disease Wild Side (:05) Andy Griffith CpWfN^tore Watch "•" "" (FAM] Captain N . ...... ,„-„,,.•.,».««,» CUFE) This Week In the New England \ Journal of Medicine CTTJCK) Dangermouae (WON) Andy Griffith (DISN) Bonkers ' ;• CH55T Movie ** "All I Want for Christmas" (1:32) 9:15 A.M. CTNT) (:25) Movie ** "Where Angel* Go, Trouble Follows" (2:00) 9:30 A.M. (D King Arthur & the Knight* of Justice j NBA Basketball Playoffa g ) Working Woman .onges j It Is Written ) Lamb Chop's Play-Along g (Paid Pi i Longest Drive ay-Alon (c New Leave It to Beaver It) (io) Paid Program To) Principal Secret 74) Mr. Bogu* A&E) Movie ** "Master Minds" (1:30) ) Earth Journal j Auto Racing ) Wishkid g ) Family Practice Update ) Looney Tune* ) Andy Griffith ) Quack Attack g 10:00 A.M. (D Saved bythe Bell g CD CJD Gfi) LSD Paid Program CD Sunday on 7 CD Search CD In the Mix g (15) Dance Party (§) Conan the Adventurer CA^Q Movie *** "The Proud Rebel" Coisc) Cairo - Survival of a Megecrty CFAM) Inspector Gadget CllFT) Internal Medicine Update (NICK) Doug CrefTOOS) Major League I CWGN) Andy Griffith —j Movie **Vt "Hey There, If* iBear"(1;30) . I Movie **v4 "Footlooae" (1:47) i Movie ***'/! "The Magnificent Seven" (2:06) ) Pirate* of Dark Watoir j Those Incredible Animals ) Movie ***% "Pillow Talk" (2:30) I internal Medicine Update J Fifteen ) (:35) Happy Day* D Zorro .. )(:35)Chart|ejaAnj|el* Movie *** "Down and Out in verly Hills" (2:00) Suce*** Through Education: A lute to Black Achievement Movie "Lethal Innocence" ,'1:30) Nf w Leave It to Beaver Movie ** "The Villain" (2:00) Movie **% "Dragnet" (2:00) Movie ** "Police Academy 1 ' (2:00) Faerie Tale Theatre Movie *** "No Time for L.ove" j Heart of Courage ) Family Practice Update J Wild It Crazy Kida ) 1:05) Tom A Jerry'* Funhouite ) Movie *** "Bandolero!" (2 00) ) Movie **Vz "Daniel Boone" Harry and the Hendereon* LPGA Golf g ) Hooked on Phonies l Life Choices With trie Chapman g Paid Program Adair Dehydrator G.I. Joe Legend of Prince Vrtlent g Physician*' Journal Update (NICK) Rugrata This Week In Ba*aball (H) Movie *** "Max Dugan Returns" (1:38 **Vk "The Philadelphia Iriment" (1:42) ~ Movie *** "Broadway Danny 2:30 P.M. NBA Baaketball Playoffa g It'a a Uvlng ~ World ol Valor i S+nlor PGA Golf Medical Programming WIW * Craty Kid* ~~ Captain Planet and the ... Zone **"Bullsevel" (1:33) ) On Scene: Emergency Response g teKtaft*.* ^ge Gloria" (2:00) Harry and the Hender*on* ) In search Of... _..jl Programming OWIWft Craiy Kid* Y(:06) WCW Main Event Wrestling *) Movie **v* "The Secret Agent" 3:30 P.M. Weekend Travel Update In the Life (D American Gladiator* (7) ® This Week With David Brinkley CD Where in the World I* Carmen Sandiego? g do) Cinco de Mayo Pre-Parade •If) (Jo) Paid Program (40) World Tomorrow TJjNot Ju»t New* „ (ttlj Movie **Vz "The Midnight Man (pise) Hanging Garden* of Arabia ****f) Auto Racing ) American Baby ) Radiology Update ) Ren ft Stimpy ) Lead-Off Man )(:10) Roggln's Heroes D County , —unty Hospital ) Medical Programming NICK) Wild ft Crazy Kida ) Movie *** "Crimes and CTNT) (:25) Movie '*W "Date With an ^ el(2:10) 11:30 A-M. ) Wild America g ) Cinco de Mayo Parade • 3D Paid Proartnv • , „, Sunday Supjerntnl 2rtfamUy Tie* & M) Healthy Kid* mfD (:50) Dlaney Channel Salute* the •rican Teacher g g) Movie ** "Master* of Menace JB\ 4:00 P.M. ftar Search Hem* Again To the Contrary Movie ** "Alaskan Safari" (2:00) Movie ** "Police Academy'' (2:00) Movie ** "Police Academy 2: lelr First Assignment" (2:00) Auto Racing Real West Movie *** "Rhythm on the iver" (1:32) ) Nature of Thing* ) SporUcenter Movie *** "Come September" iIDD) — Phyalclen*' Journal Update . You Can't Do That on Tejey|«jon Movie * "Maximum Overdrive" QoaaJpl OoMipl Gowipl I Movie *** "The Borrowers" (1:30) (MAX) Movie *** "The Outlaw Josey Wales" (2:15) 4:15 P.M. CESPN) (:20) Baseball Tonight 4:30 P.M. ) New WKRP in Cincinnati g ) McLaughlin Group Cso) Extremists I Milestones in Medicine CNICK) Arcade USA) Just the Ten of Us 5:00 P.M. § ® News g Designing Women g Runaway With the Rich and mous QD Inquiry nninside Washington (20) Highlander: The Series I New WKRP in Cincinnati g CAJ!) Investigative Reports (pic) Wildlife Tales CESPN) Major League Baseball '—i This Week in the New England Journal of Medicine CNICK) Wild Side CUSA) Double Trouble (WON) Street Justice 5:30 P.M. (7) Bay Area Backroads ) CBS Evening News g Cz) Marketplace ) ABC World News Sunday g ) This Week in Northern California CjhSiskel & Ebert CDISC) Wildlife Journeys ! Family Practice Update J Fifteen I My Sister Sam j Mother s Day Under the Jmbrella Tree (HBO) Mr. Bean g CSHOW} Chris Cross g SUNDAY EVENING 6:00 P.M. CD Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (?) Kids First! QQ Q) News g up Designing Women g CD Ghostwriter g (Jo) Mission: Impossible (36) Only in Hollywood 1 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine g ) Untouchables g I Star Trek: The Next Generation g j Miss Marple CAMC) Movie ** 1 /2 "Riding High" (1:52) CD!SC) Visions of the Deep: The Jnderwater World of Al Giddings Big Brother Jake g IJFE) Cardiology Update . Family Double Dare National Geographic Explorer g My Two Dads g Kojak Avonlea g Movie *** "Time Bandits" ) Ready or Not •JBA Basketball Playoffs 6:15 P.M. CMAX) Movie **'/2 "My Blue Heaven" 6:30 P.M. (T) Next Step m ABC World News Sunday g (D Hogan Family H Ghostwriter g ~) Real News for Kids CFAM) That's My Dog I Internal Medicine Update CNiciDGuta CUJA) My Two Dads g j SHOWJ Movie **y2 "License to Drive" (1:30 7:00 P.M. (T) (75) Parker Lewis Ms. Musso shocks all at Santo Domingo High when she falls in love and Tier boyfriend proposes. (S) g (T) I Witness Video Neighbors work together to save a camera business during last year's Los Angeles riots; survivors and heroes of a 1989 airline crash; a shoplifter in action. (S) g (T) 60 Minutes (S) g m CD America's Funniest Home VUlflos A teen-ager looks for help after becoming stuck in an inner tube; an agile* cat slides under the bathroom door. (S) g (T) Cosmos A speculative look at Mars through the eyes of .vnter H.G. Wells and aarly scientists is compared with photographs sent back by two Viking spacei'craft. CM) WKRP in Cincinnati A surprise telephone call from his ex-wife has Johnny convinced he's finally going to be free of alimony payments. Cjg) Ed ftullivan Guests: Roy Clark; Connie l : rancis; Bobbie Gentry; Melba Moore: (Sochard Pryor, the Everly Brothers; Oliver; Brockways; George Oarlin; Btirnadette Peters, g (73) Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Slsko regrets his. decision to take Kai Opaka, the Bajoran spiritual leader, to the Gamma Quadrant when they end up on a war-torn moon. (S) g (Jo) Star Treilt While ordered to protect a grain critical to the development of a planet Capt. Kirk uncovers a Klingon plot to thwarl the Federations plans. (JT5c) Flashing on the Sixties - A Tribal Documentary Activists of the 1960s reflect on the communal lifestyles, leftist politics and drug experimentation of the era. (R) CFAM! Rin Tin Tin K-9 Cop Ron and MlcKi adopt a baby girl, only to have her kidnapped by the natural mother. 'S) o Ob/Gyn Update Looney Tumys CUSA) MacGyver MacGyver enters a world of murder, kidnapping and extortion when a jockey is brutally killed. (S) g (WON) Newa g flDjsS Movie A*** "One Hundred and OneDalmatians" (1961) Voices of Rod Taylor, J. Pat O'Malley. Animated. A British Dalmatian and his mate embark on a daring rescue mission when their puppies are dognapped by the evil Cruella DeVille. n(1:30) 7:30 P.M! (D (75) Shaky Ground A new employee at Bob's office becomes obsessed with him and Is determined to destroy his marriage. (S) g (T) CD Dinoaaura A visit from an alien turns Earl Into an environmental crusader. (S) g CM) Bob Newhart Carol loses a boyfriend when she gets Bob and Emily involved In her private life. (mfi African Skies A disease spreading through the compound is thought to be carried by a deadly East Indian spider. (S) (tipp Family Practice Update Triage of eye emergencies. (R) (NT5K) Looney Tunes fwGN) (:40) Instant Replay - 8:00 P.k CD QD I" Living Color James Brown gets a bad haircut; spoof of the Digable Planets' new video. Musical guests: Showbiz and A.G. (S) g © Movie *** 1 /2 "Fried Green Tomatoes" (1991) Kathy Bates. Jessica Tandy. An elderly nursing-home resident regales a disillusioned visitor with tales of a unique relationship between two women in 1930s Alabama. (S) g (2:36) (T) Murder, She Wrote While on a cruise, Jessica helps old friend Dennis Stanton, now a ship's security chief, Investigate when a woman is found • dead in the cargo area. (S) g (7) GO Day One n CD Nature The African zebra's behavioral patterns, social structure and its role in the life and death cycle between predator and prey. (S) g (Jo) Cinco de Mayo Parade From San Francisco. (R) fJD Movie **'/2 "Street Smart" (1987) Christopher Reeve, Kathy Baker. A Manhattan journalist's fabricated story leads to trouble when he is asked to produce the pimp profiled in his story. (2:00) f44) Star Trek: The Next Generation The death of Picard's archaeology professor results in a tantalizing mystery involving Klingons, Cardassians and Romulans. (S) g (Jo) Ed Sullivan Guests: Roy Clark; Connie Francis; Bobbie Gentry; Melba Moore; Richard Pryor; the Everly Brothers; Oliver; Brockways; George Carlin; Bernadette Peters, g (A&D Movie *** "The Cloning of Joanna May" (1991) (Part 1 of 3) Patricia Hodge, Brian Cox. A middle- aged divorcee learns that her ex- husband has created a trio of youthful clones to replace her. (1:00) CAMC) Movie ** 1 /2 "Here Come the Waves" (1944, Musical) Bing Crosby, Betty Hutton. Romantic complications abound when a crooning sailor falls in love with a servicewoman whose identical twin can't stand him. (1:39) forge") Wildlife Tales Two woolly monkeys raised in a nature reserve return to their native Brazilian forest. CESPN) Sportscenter CFAMJ Adventure* of the Black Stallion A former racing champ helps Alec prepare the Black for an important ) Palo Program Nick New*: W/6 Network Earth The embargo laced on Haiti in 1991 hasn't succeeded in keeping luxury items out; nulssance species; drive-through recycling centers. (USA) Movie ** "The Finest Hour" (T992) Rob Lowe, Gale Hansen. Two Navy SeALs put their personal differences aside to launch a daring rescue in the hostile sands of the Middle East. (S)g (2:00) (WON) Know Bull With Phil Jackson Coach Phil Jackson and Dan Roan examine the Bulls' past and present opponents. (HBO) Movie ** "All I Want for Cnristmas" (1991, Comedy) Harley Jane Kozak, Jamey Sheridan. A girl presents a department-store Santa with an odd request: reunite her divorced parents before her mother remarries (S) 'G' (1:32) (MAX) Movie ** "Coldfire" (1989, Drama) Wings Hauser, Kamar Keyes. A veteran cop and two rookies discover a conspiracy when they track down the source of a lethal new street drug. (S) 'NR' (1:39) ffHSw) Movie **'/z "The Cutting Edge" (1992. Comedy) D.B. Sweeney, Molra Kelly. A spoiled figure skater and her new partner try to disguise their mutual dislike as they strive for Olympic gold. ' C5J (JD Roc Roc becomes a murder suspect when he intercedes with a neighborhood drug dealer who is subsequently shot. (S) (Part 1 of 2) g f5Tsc) Wildlife Journey* Rituals, the unspoken language of nature. (R) (?ATin Maniac Mansion The Edisons Invite an inner-city child into their home as part of a cultural exchange program. (S)g ) (IBS) Paid Prooram CALL CITY LETTER! AFPHJATION TH canwn Mowcur CtttNHEL CUMUL (33 eB Q) <J> CD (JD (g) (g) 3) © (g) KTVU FOK OAKLAND M KIEM NBC EUTIBIA KAON NBC SAN FRANCISCO 41 KPtX CM SAN FRANCISCO « KVIO CSS EURBtA KOO ABC SAN FRANCISCO « KFWU ABC FT BRAOO KOED MS SAN FRANCISCO M KCSO UNI MODESTO 17 KOFY HO SAN FRANCISCO 47 KICU NO SAN JOSE 87 KTXL FOX SACRAMENTO 10 K8HK NO SAN FRANCISCO 51 KFTY MO SANTA ROSA 21 II ARTS I ENTERTAINMENT 21 AMERICAN MOVIE CLASSICS » CONSUMER NEWS AND BUSMESS CHANNEL 19 CABLE NEWS NETWORK 19 aovfrm&n CHANNEL o TH8 DISCOVERY CHANNEL 31 THE DISNEY CHANNEL 40 ENItRTAMUENTISPOmSFflOdRAMHtnWTWORK 7 fO!) THE FAMILY CHANNEL |CBN) (BBB HOME BOX OFFICE 0J) HEADLNE NEWS ggg) HOME SHOPTERS NETWORK 4££) LIFETIME BTOO CMEMAX miTi MUSIC TELEVBION Ijggl NICKELODEON S5) PLBLC EDUCATIONAL OOVERNMCNT «JSB HOME SHOPPW9 aHiiB SHOWTME JJg) SHOPPMO NETWORK (IS) WTB8 NO ATLANTA (EJ) THE LEARNNO CHANNEL (TUB THE NASHVLLE NETWORK tJBfr TURNER NETWOm TELEVISION (TTO THE WEATHER CHANNEL (SS) UNIVBION (SPANISH) J5J) USA NETWORK Q3) VIDEO HITS ONE srao WON no CHICAGO COMMUNTTY BULLETN BOARD CNICK) Mork & Mlndy Mindy feels left out when their newborn son Mearth accepts Mork as his mother. CyTSfp Ko)ak Kojak plans an elaborate scheme to appear that he can be "bought" in order to bait a trap for a large narcotics dealer. CDISN) Adventures in Wonderland The Red Queen discovers that learning a new language can be fun when Wonderland teaches her Spanish, g (TNT) Inside the NBA 9:00 P.M. (D (To) Married... With Children Al is forced to return to work when Peg spends his retirement money. (S) g ff) Movie "Blind Spot" (1993) Joanne Woodward, Fritz Weaver. Premiere. A congresswoman learns a painful truth about substance abuse and her family after her son-in-law's fatal auto accident. (S) g (2:00) Q® Movie *** "Total Recall" (1990) Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rachel Ticotin. Recurring nightmares compel an earthling to visit Mars, a journey that thrusts him to the center of an intergalactic conspiracy. (S) g (2:20) QD Masterpiece Theatre "Calling the Shots" Maggie is unable to cope with her growing problems: the anonymous phone caller confronts his victim in her home. (Part 3 of 3) g (44) Time Trax In the manner of the Old West marshals, Darien and a fellow lawman track an escaped convict in the desert Southwest. (R) (S) g C5o) Untouchables Untouchable Tony Pagano goes on the warpath when he learns that Capone's minions have forced his sister into prostitution. (S) g CASE) Investigative Reports The current troubles of the British House of Windsor and whether the monarchy can survive the strife. (R) (DISCJ Visions of the Deep: The Underwater World of Al Giddings The artistry of underwater photographer Al Giddings. (R) CESPN) Baseball Tonight (R) CFAM) Father Dowling Mysteries A mummy's curse wraps Father Dowling and Sister Steve up in mystery and murder when a museum curator is found dead of unexplained causes. (S) CUFE) (TBS) Paid Program (NTcK)Lucv Show Lucy institutes a rigorous training program for the women's volunteer fire department. CDISN) Highwaymen! Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson create country music history during their 1990 tour. (R) (S) CrKiT) Movie **'/2 "A Time for Killing" (T9b7) Glenn Ford, Inger Stevens. The Civil War takes on a very personal meaning for a Union soldier whose girlfriend is kidnapped by Confederates. (2:00) 9:30 P.M. (T) Cjo) Herman's Head Herman's new girlfriend punishes him when he takes up with a rock star he meets at a party. (S)g CESPN) Checkered Flag Formula One from San Marino. CUFE) (Tisl Paid Program (NICK) Dick Van Dyke Rob Petrie becomes a trial lawyer to prosecute a shitty salesman. CWGN) Movie ** "Distant Drums" (T9"51) Gary Cooper, Mari Aldon. A bole swamp fighter gathers forces to quell a Seminole Indian uprising in the Everglades. (2:00) fH§5) Movie *'/2 "Prime Target" (1991, Drama) David Heavener, Isaac Hayes. Two cops pool their resources when killers from either side of the law plot to kill the mob informant in their care. (S)'R'(1:27) 1 10:00 P.M. (D News g (T) Movie *** "Berkeley in the Sixties" (2:00) (20) Twilight Zone Cas) (lip!) pr§s) Paid Program (4?) News Q?) Kung Fu: The Legend Continues Beauty and the Beast g CA!E) Miss Marple (AMC) Movie *** "No Time for Love" C5I5c") Flashing on the Sixties •- A al Documentary (ESPN) Surfing CF/tM)ln Touch (NICK) Mary Tyler Moore g (USA) Counterstrike g (MAX) Movie ** "Shining Through" SHOW) Movie *** "The Fear Inside" ' 10:30 P.M. ) (:36) News g Twilight Zone CTBS) Paid Program SeorgeMlchaers Sports Machine ") Running & Racing ) Donna Reed Movie ***'/2 "The Sand (T) Sport* ) Murphy Brown g ) Bay Area Backroads )New* g ) Firefighters ) Left, Right and Center ) Flying Blind g ) Arsenio Hall g CUFE) CTBS) Paid Program , Mature of Thing* .} Sportscenter ) Ben Haden j Draonet ) Silk Stalking* g J Movie ***Vi "The Grifters" 3) ~) Movie **'/2 "Day of the Evil 3Un " (2: ° 0) 11:15 P.M. (J) (:20) New* g m (:20) Movie *** "Postcards From the Edge" (2:00) ) Love Connection ) Sport* Final ) CBS Sunday Night News g ) (:35) Sports Extra ) Late Sunday Night With James bbert i Joae Today _ Paid Program *** "Rhythm on the 32) MONDAY MORNING 7:00 A.M. ) Mornings on Two )Today g j This Morning g ) CD Good Morning America g ) Sesame Street g ~) Woody Woodpecker ) 700 Club ) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles g ) DuckTales g ) Robert Tilton ) Movie *** "The Proud Rebel' Travel Magazine "ESPN) Sportscenter (FAM) Augie Doggie & Friends rot?) Movie *** "Rage" (2:00) CNicT) Yogi Bear (Tas) (:05) Movie *** "Something Xbout Amelia" (2:00) (USA) Cartoon Express CWGN) Perry Mason CoilN) Adventures of the Gummi Bear* CHIBO) Storybook Musicals g CSHOW) OWL/TV g CTNT) CHIPS 7:30 A.M. G?o) Jetsons (To) Beetlejuice g (71) Stunt Dawgs CoTsS) Great Chefs: The New Garde (FAMJ Flintstone Kids CNICKJ Looney Tunes joisN) Adventures in Wonderland g CHBO! Shakespeare: The Animated Tales g d^w) Legend of Sleepy Hollow g 8:00 A.M. CD Mister Rogers g (20) Flintstones j§) Paid Program To) Alvin and the Chipmunks c •74) James Bond Jr. g This Morning's Business Fugitive 'DISC) Low Cholesterol Gourmet , Fitness Pros Inspector Gadget Garden Joan Rivers Fraggle Rock g Babar 'SHOW') Bedtime Stories g JN?) Charlie's Angels 8:30 A.M. T) Sesame Street g |D Leave It to Beaver °36) (75) Paid Program — Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle* g Headline News ) Graham Kerr J Getting Fit )Popeye ) Welcome to Pooh Corner g ) Pinocchio g ) Movie ***Vz "Love and Death .'sHoyyj Movie ***Vz "The Hustler" ( 8:45 A.M. (AMC) Movie ** "Next Time I Marry" <1 ' 1 ' 9:00 A.M. ) Family Feud ) Live ~ Regis & Kathie Lee (j) Vicki! Sally Jessy Raphael ) Little House on the Prairie ,20 GD Paid Program (To) I Love Lucy (44) Widget CASE) Delvecchio ) Easy Does It J Bodies in Motion ) Waltons ) Moonlighting ) Eureeka's Castle (:05) Perry Mason ) Geraldo j Under the Umbrella Tree CHBO) Movie ** "Her Alibi" (1:34) ) Movie *** "Red Dust" (1:55) 9:30 A.M. (D Whoopi Goldberg CD Barney a Friend* g dD CM) Paid Program Q5) Who's the Boss? g (7t) Brady Bunch (DISC) Homeworks ("ESPN") Bodyshaping CDISN) Dumbo's Circus 10:00 A.M. ) Joan Rivers ) Jenny Jones ) Price Is Right ) CD Home ) Reading Rainbow g ) Bonanza ) Simon & Simon ) Mama's Family ) Richard Bey ) Paid Program ~) Rockford File* g ) Movie *** "Hired Wife" (1:33) ) Pasquale's Kitchen Express _) College Baseball ) 700 Club ) Supermarket Sweep CTBS) (:05) Movie *** "I Walk the (2:00) Murder, She Wrote g News g Mouse Tracks g Movie *** "Here Comes the ir °° m " (1:53) 10:30 A.M. D Instructional Programming To) 227 g Headline News msc) Great Chefs of Chicago Tire) Shop 'Til You Drop Jump, Rattle and Roll 10:45 A.M. CHBO) Movie *** "To Sleep With QNI) (:55) Movie **** "The Prisoner of Zenda" (2:05) 11:00 A.M. (D (USA) Divorce Court m Classic Concentration (?) Young and the Restless g (T) Loving g ) Newhart g ) Cagney & Lacey ) Bewitched ) Leave It to Beaver ) Montel William* ) Paid Program ~) Movie ** "Skullduggery" (2:00) s5) Low Cholesterol Gourmet ) Flashback j Movie **V«- "Having Babies II ! Sharon, Lot* * Brarn'* Elephant

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