Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on January 2, 1936 · Page 2
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 2

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 2, 1936
Page 2
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Washington •'•'•T'TTrpiS tW?™!?.*?^! NATIONAL PRESS.BLDG .'WASHINGTON. Wnshington.-Tl.cre 1ms been muc n discussion late* c = n,ng Spending Must Stop the liquidation tiie dozens of New Deal emergency agencies. It is n discussion that is timely he „ t ir.. T!nriqpvelt in 111 cause, first, Mr. Iloosevclt In plans for the forthcoming govern- ncnt budget contemplates n shrink, nge in the vast outlays represented In the emergency agencies, and second it is a mutter of political Import. Whether Mr. Iloosevelt is reelected or whether then- should ho n Republican succeed him in the White House in January, 1.U7, somebody must clean up the wreck- nge of the alphabetical soup-wh ch Is what all of these various agencies eventually must become. They cannot go on; an end must be had to the expenditures and that will conclude the operations of these agencies nnd, further, something in the way of permanency for agencies that may be kept must be worked out. It Is one of the real problems of government. Those, who have been in WnsliinL'ton any length of time thing it does or says has no more Sthan a zephyr. Yet thousands of dollars are being paid its workers on the first and fifteenth of every month-nnd there is no sign that these payments will be ended soon. For another example let us go back to the war days. In order to Successfully Prosecute Amercos part in the World war, the go^ern. ment took over and operated he ailroads. A gigantic organ *nt on here In Washington Uncoisimoo #v JOHN BLAKE ©. Belt Syndlcttto-WNU Servlca It does not tnke a young married woman very long to discover the this hich was built up and rei Gathered Why. and Wherefore5 Along an Engli.h Highway. I F ONE must have tire trouble, a clogged carburetor or a sudden shortage of gas is the proper country in w to face the triple jinks. Let ij not be understood that I am recommending calamity in any form whatever, but I will say that here In England It has its compensations. For Illustration I present two episodes bearing directly upon mv claims. The scene Is a back road bearing out of Bournemouth Art and the Range truth of the ad- nge that the way to a man's heart is through his 111111 "!' ,, i lUllu u^«» -"o - - eprcsentatlves of the railroad , T . S . S . S . S _ T ,» went a tire. My opined that he was up a tree for itnu * i-i'i ^^-" «•"••• • - . f L. -o-o *j « — i _ administration were scattered ™ r | rtner tumbled out, made a hur- nml wide throughout the country. ^ exanllna tion of his tool chest, Commitments were made that continue even to this -lay Credit In the form of goven.ment loans was extended to the rail lines and several hundred million 'dollars of tlmt Collected to this stomach. If said married woman acts on this principle her chances of happiness are many times as great as they would be if she Just slapped any food that was handy down on the table, and burst Into tears If her man refused to eat It. Cooking Is an art, but it is not a 'difficult art. Any girl with average intelligence can master it If she tries. But if she begins by regarding it as just something to be done and over with so she can go back to thinking about what she Is going to wear the next time she goes downtown, she will end by making her husband wish he had remained a bachelor. In Washington any recognize that it is much easier to establish a government bureau and populate it with bureaucrats of a political hue than it is to put an end to the agency and send the political patronage boys back home. It is really an old story to observers here and, I believe, all of them recognize how dillicult if not dangerous it is going to be to dynamite the alphabetical agencies nut of existence. Some of them undoubtedly have served and are serving a useful purpose. Undoubtedly, some of them were needed long before Mr. Ronso- velt brought his Ni;w Heal to Washington. Instead of that fact, making the wrecking .M> easier, it makes the .ioli more dillicult. It is very hard' to convince plum pickers that their job is a temporary one, even though they were so informed when they were appointed. It is more dilli- cult to convince that type of individual that their agency Is not all-Important or that it is of less consequence than n neighboring agency bearing another set of alpha beticnl letters. In addition, the plum pickers have their patronage backers at the capital. The representatives and senators Interested in building up their own political machines back home naturally put people in the political jobs wlio will be most helpful in assisting tlmt particular representative or senator to be re-elected. Thus, It becomes rather obvious that even if Mr. Roosuvelt seriously tries to liquidate the various alphabetical bureaus, boards, commissions and administrations, he has a man-sized task on bis bands. If by chance a llepublican should be elected and Mr. Iloosevelt retired to private life, lit!, too, will tind himself criticized, cajoled and threatened when be seeks to squeeze the water out of this .structure known as government which was expanded so much In Mr. Hoose- velt's plans to meet the emergency. V * * Frankly, I believe it will take the full four years of the next Presi- amount remains line ,l,,v And' witlial, after IS years we still have a railroad administration operating in Washington at government expense. Another wartime agency about which little is heard but which still is in existence Is the War Finance corporation. It floated bonds and made loans to private interests and those commitments have forced retention of a skeleton organization that probably must be continued for several years yet before the Job of liquidation is complete. We have had evidence lately of how efforts are initiated to maintain these agen- Thumbs Doiwndes even when KcceSin °» NRA Washington there was held a much ballyhooe'd meeting to which some three thousand representatives of business interests were invited. It was called by George L. Berry, the in what is left of the KIIA top man ._..-. structure. The purpose was to Una out what business wanted in the way of a revived NRA. Business did not want NRA revived and the meeting turned out to be a genuine flop There was nothing like three thousand representatives In attendance and the meeting itself gave n good many persons the impression of being staged for the benefit of the American Federation of Labor, to which the old NRA catered. Mr. Berry, until lately the head of one of the large union labor organizations, did not convince business that it needed more governmental Interference. Indeed, If business something that could certainly be had at a farmhouse a mile back, and would I watch the car until he foraged for the gadget. "Yep, says I and off he goes. Presently a native appears and we have speech. In the course of our conversation I ask how come that In his country motor cars carrying the Royal Automobile club and the Automobile association symbols receive n salute from the uniformed force along the highways. Thereupon he told of: The Signal That Was Not. "It 'as to do with a bit of law," he said, "and nobody the worse for wot 'appened. Coin' back to the beginnin', sir, I must remind you that speedin', so-called, was looked upon with disfavor In England. What with the number of 'uman hein's and the livestock at large in the countryside It was made n misdemeanor punishable by fine and imprisonment, with both in extreme cases, to drive gasoline vehicles at a speed exceedin' thirty miles the hour. More than that meant difficulties for those involved. That woxild be about 100G- 7, when the Johnnies nnd such made merry to the astonishment of When a husband complains, no once, but day after day about the food that is set before him, his wife had better beware. Some day he is going to rebel and then the divorce court will no be far removed. The girl who begins by learnln the rudiments of plain cooking, the takes up the chemistry of food s she will not set indigestible an BROWN HAND BAG TO BE CROCHETED THIS WEEK 11 Husbands, 1 Bachelor Fish at 12,000 Feet Measuring Beauty Homes and Automobiles In New Ycft'k Mr. Reisman took is young twenty-three-year-old secretary to live with his family. When he was sitting with her In his automobile one night, after midnight, h i s thirty-five- year-old wife, of whom he is said to have grown tired, came out with a revolver and killed the secretary. There Is no news in this, except that Arthur Brisbane Mrg Roisman is to be tried by a jury of 11 husbands nnd one bachelor. It would seem that one or two women might have been placed on the jury; if a man were tried by 11 wives and one spinster, he might complain. However, if all 11 husbands should read their consciences frankly they might make the best possible jury for the accused woman. City Over 3,300 Years Old \ The highest navigable body of water on earth is Lake Titicaca, By GRANDMOTHER CLARK Crocheted hand bags are still pop- olar. They look good, are easy to make and cost very little, and the personal pride in hand-made articles must not be overlooked. This neat looking bag measures 5^ by 0 Inches and being made of dark brown cotton is a very serviceable bag. Can be made in a few days in spare time. Package No. 739 contains sufficient brown Mountain Craft crochet cotton to complete the bag, also Instructions and crochet hook. Zipper and bag lining not included. This package will be mailed to you for 40 cents. Should you want the instructions only, send us 10 cents. Address Home Craft Co., Dept. B, Nineteenth and St. Louis Ave., St. Louis, Mo. Inclose a stamped addressed envelope for reply when writing for any information. Bared by_Archeologists An entire Egyptian city, b\i| 1.I1CO years before the birth s Christ,'for the first time in histotj has been laid bare in all the splei , dor of its careful town planning, It, was built between Cairo and LIB or by the great Pharaoh Akiiennten, who'here tried to rid the Egyptian religion of its abuses. But the city, with its processional way, coronation hall, and temple of the shining spirit, lasted no more than ten years, passing with Us founder. The new pharaoh inovtj the capital of Egypt to another site, and now John Peodleton heads a party of British excavators who are completing the discovery of this ancient city. No "U," You Know When Don Juan of Borbon, son of former King Alfonso of Spain, passed through San Francisco en .route to Hollywood, he Ished newsmen: smilingly aclmon- "Please leave the u" out; It's spelled Borbon and has nothing to do with whisky." often harmful messes before her 12)000 feet n bove sea level, belong- mate, will stand an excellent chance lng to Bo i ivia nn d p e ru. of happiness. Uncle Sam has agreed to send Part of the happiness will come experts nnc i S how those countries from the contentment of her life how to stock the lake wlth fl s h. partner. The rest of It will pro- Some p i iys i c i s t might answer this ceed from her own good health. question: Let her beware when the head of "will the flsh be affected by the the family suggests night after h)gh a i t i tuc i e as human beings are night that it would be fun to go out affectecli or W0l) ld the fact that wn- and eat dinner in a restaurant just ter (w , th its ball-bearing molecules) for a change. \ s not compressible keep the fish That is evidence that the home from ^nowlng whether the atmos menu is getting pretty deadly. » * * I believe In higher education for and in equality of the But neither of these can be u<_.<.<~wi *-»«». r £n»|- JJJ^Ult; 1O LIIC W VI l«-i o **»vwf «-,... maintained very long if thes local . g ch(Ulenged by nn Ame rl- cuisine Is such that quantities of ^ gh-1 name(1 Manlee Hoff . JU ss women, sexes, pheric pressure is great or slight?' English professional beauty, Andree, convinced that is the bicarbonate of soda must later on be consumed before those who par- Mem}s gay ,, er flgure Js bet- any glnce t()e Venug Ac . the population of suburban sections. I suppose you know that law is law in England, a fact that many young men perishin 1 for a thrill learned from the magistrate sittln' in judgment upon 'uman catapults hurlln' themselves Into space. Abaht that time the Royal Automobile club came into bein' and took up the matter of regu- latln' the pastime. Along the principal 'ighways they stationed scouts to serve the members." take of It can sleep comfortably at c , e was cut out of ma rble. Big Tree Forests Once Stood Over Eastern U. S. Great forests of sequoia trees, related to the Big Trees of California and the coast redwoods of the Pacific slope, once stood over most of what is now the United States. New finds of their remains have recently been made, and are now In possession of the Smithsonian institution in Washington, where they are being studied by Dr. R. W. Brown oE the United States Geological Survey. One lot of specimens consists of an ancient driftwood deposit found in Maryland, near Washington, and the other is of sequoia cones from the Cannonball river region in North Dakota. No cones were found In the Maryland deposit, but it is considered likely that some of the logs night. Mardee Hoffs figures might interest 3Q; 19V a ; ankle, S. is 24 . thlgl) about what ls went away convinced of anything beyond the fact that Mr. Berry's meeting was a flop, it left Washington with a deep feeling that it did not want NUA In any form nor did It want any other governmental agency messing arourid with its efforts to get hack on its feet. The circumstance Illustrates better than anything I know how para sitic agencies in the governmen seek to perpetuate themselves. One must realize In considering such a condition that all of those employees obviously want to keep their jobs. In the case of the attempted revival of NHA, the political factor is Important. Mr. Roosevelt said, it "Just how did they operate?" Rule Worked Both Ways. "Mappin" routes, directin' travelers, keepln' R A C chauffeurs posted on where the police was likely to be hoverln' around, for speeders and makln' themselves generally useful when called upon to do so. I'm now comin' to the question of salutin', a regulation that was worked both ways. Sometimes they did and sometimes they didn't. When RAG drivers came through on roads patrolled by the regular police they got the regulation salute. If the road was clear and no police ahead, they got no salute which meant 'step ahn it, 1 until the next R A C scout made the salute, r>" — , _,__, „«*- J-YLuruee JULUIL o 1151111,0 .u.(-,*... - — If you are an engaged man, get twent»-one; Titian hair; your fiancee to cook a sample meal" ?«"•=• • ... for you some time. And If it is a bad meal, you had better break off the engagement before It Is too late. Health and happiness depend ly on eating. And they cannot be by if you don't get the right food served in the right kind of way. ' * • * Fifteen or twenty years ago the eastern and middle western part of are of redwood; sequoia cones have than "Thank, you." been found in other Maryland deposits. The trees in both collections are of Cretaceous geological age, about 120.000,000 years ago.—Science Battling Bugs the United States grew many thousands of straight symmetri c al chestnut trees, which made still more beautiful a naturally beautiful landscape. Today, not one of those trees Is Long, Hard Task dent's term to unseat all of the excess job holders « n (1 eliminate from the government all of the surplus alphabetical agencies. In the very nature, of Ibings it cannot be done more quickly. The answer lies In the fact that, these agencies embark upon ambitious programs that cannot In; halted. The government becomes committed to certain propositions and, except in war time, most of them must be executed. So, how ever you examine the situation, Uncle Sam is well hooked. To illustrate, how dillicult is the Job of getting rid of " government agency after It is once established, will be remembered, that when NRA was organized it must be regarded as something of an experiment and that if the experiment failed to work he would be admitting defeat for one of his earlier pet projects right in the face of a Presidential campaign. Politicians do not like to make admissions of this kind. one need not go further than the Jate NUA. Six or seven months have elapsed since, the Supreme court unanimously clipped the wings of the famed P.lue Eagle. That decision did the work of wrecking NRA as completely as u bombshell can wreck u boat when u direct hit Is scored. But, whether you realize It will be recalled as well that from salutin' after the Supreme court hold the clear ahead. business codes of Business NHA to be uncon- Fights Back ultutlonal and the nislness codes wore the vitals of the NUA structure, there WHS much pressure exerted on congress from the White House for reconstruction of some sort of a program to succeed NRA. Business did not want it any more then than it does now and It fought which meant 'slow dahn.' It was- nt' long before the police discovered what was goln' on, and a claim was laid that the RAO scouts was interferln' with the English law and impedin 1 justice, in a way of speakin'. What they called a test case brought the matter before parliament, and there was much to do about It, with no lack of evidence to prove that the scouts refrained left. Bugs, which science never found a means to combat, have destroyed them all. Today another bug Is attacking the elms—the most beautiful of ai: trees, and unless a means Is found to stop raids of the bugs, these giants of the earth may go the way of the chestnuts. Man is endowed with the gift o mind. Bugs have no mind at al Yet insects continue a relentles of the forehead, or the size of the head, but both are probably satisfactory. Science says, "Intelligence goes with beauty," and thai is probably true, except when intelligence is spoiled by flattery. You read with horror about the number of deaths by automobiles on highways, and then read with urprise the report that 34,500 per- ons were killed In their homes by ccident last year, making the ome about as dangerous as the ighway. The real danger Is care- essness. The fault is with human elngs, not with automobiles. Men that work In crowded rooms, ravel in crowded trains, sleep with heir windows closed, may learn something from the sad fate of vast schools of salmon crowding IB to spawn. Their great numbers exhausted the oxygen In the water and they floated on the surface Service. when the way was It looked bad for somebody. But when the issue came before a judge, he decided that a man who had done nothing was guilty of nothing. Not in all of England was to be found a law inakln' It Illegal for a man to stand fight for their living, and are still challenge to mankind. * * * The scriptural admonition "In th sweat of thy face shalt thou ea bread" was Issued thousands o years ago. . It still must be heeded If man to continue to exist on this plajie Doubtless, It was man's greed which stripped the plains of the vast, roving herds of buffaloes, which If conserved might have given us a continuous foo'd supply. It Is possible, too, that if man had devoted as much time to com- Week's Supply of Postum Free Read the offer made by the Postum Company in another part of this paper. They will send a full week's supply of health giving Postum free to anyone who writes for it—Adv. More Blessed "You're welcome" is always better MODEL No. 129 Mrs. Pity Hii Returr. MacTavlsh—My little boy just swallowed a $10 gold piece. Neighbor—Gracious, is the child in danger? Mrs. MacTavlsh—No, thank good-1 ness, his father's out of town—Fifth Corps Area News. sene Mantle Lamp burns 867» air and 4f» kerosene (coal oil). It's a pressure lamp that produces 300 candlepower of "live". eye- Saving brilliance... gives more and better light at less cost A worthy companion to the famous Ctofeman Gasoline Pressure Lamps. Safe...the fuel fount is madeof brass On and On WANTED TO BUY er al 38 calibre Colt Arms-Six Shooters dead. An ancient Jewish writer said: Hudson Star. "The blood is the life." He might have added: "Oxygen is the life of the blood." Members of congress are bothered by thousands of letters from advocates of the Townsend plan, asking: "Will you vote to give everybody past sixty $200 a month pension, or will you not?" Doctor Townsend says many congressmen have promised to support the bill. You would ask: Have Wlfe-lsn't it wonderful how the ..v.r...»^n" oivTwwrVouid «i» b. waves keep rolling in, darling? Rested m 44 calibre colt, P a ns PI.UI. W Husband-Yes, they remind me of and 4 a^e-shot the household bills at home, dear.— and prlce for which you I 310 East 45th Street DAVID MAGOWAN New York City back while the legislation was pending. The result was that congress passed a law permitting lines of commerce and industry to organize und frame their own voluntary codes. Jurisdiction of these co'des was placed in the Federal Trade commission. That agency was supposed It or not, we still have in Wash- j to wor ij i n co-operation with business and to exercise a judicial function in determining when the codes were properly within existing laws ington au NUA organization of almost 2,r>00 employees. It Is true that number Is probably only ubout were properly wit one-fourth of the totul number on a gulnst monopoly. the NUA. pay roll when General ''Crack-Down" Johnson wus at the belm and guiding the flight of the Ulue Eagle but It was assumed at least that the Supreme court decision made payments for the NUA pay roll illegal at the same time. However, It has happened that the administration hue found money gome place with which to pay this regiment of employees who, as far as most observers In Washington can ascertain, have very little constructive work to do. The organization ha» no official status except such as Is given U by jir, Roosevelt's various executive orders. It has no authority. Any- still. The case against the RAG was lost, which was right and proper. Since then speedin' has been regulated and the salutin' Is general, as you see it today" Another native explained why drivers in England sit on the right side of the car and occupy the left I side of the roadway: "In early times, when the men of Britain traveled on foot or horseback, the weapon of defense was a blade ever ready to the right hand. Wayfarers passing one another found It necessary, In view bating the crawling hungry things that now threaten his existence as he did In slaying the greater part of the game that roved over th* country when he first came here> we should be free from a serious peril. Will Be Useful "Whom Is your baby really like?" "He has my wife's eyes, my nose, | but I think he got his voice from the! motor horn."—Lustige Koelner Zel-1 tung, Cologne. THE RATE* they told how to get the $3,000,000,000 that the Townsend plan would cost every year? The Republican party decides to hold Its 1030 convention in Cleveland, casting 54 votes for Cleveland, 30 for Chicago and 6 for Kansas City. Each city had offered $150,000 as Its contribution to con- Too Busy Employer—Can you come to work tomorrow? , Unemployed—No, you see, lm| marching In a parade of the unemployed.—Wall Street Journal. All Husband* the Same Mistress (explaining routine to new cook)—Now, my husband always goes to his cU* Wednesday ^Ctoak—I understand, ma'am. So he won't want no breakfast Thursday.- WLEHDTEI CHBC&SO ADVANCING Pearson's Weekly. But man Is by nature a destroyer. vent ' lon exi , e nses. The delegates Powder and shot, .after they ha« l m Bponu ulore than that, and taken a heavy toll of the Indians, then there la the gloryi were directed at ducks and geese quail and prairie chicken, elk and Jn p el pi ngi Chinese students, deer. young men and women, "stormed And in the meantime these creep- through t ii e streets" demanding that lng things which now menace his Onlml defy j apa n and fight to pre- The Trade commission In the last year has blossomed forth as a rather sound agency in Its consultations with business and, I believe, merits the respect which business generally has for it. But with all of that respect and the knowledge of a possible engagement with lit tie or no preliminaries, to consider the question of preparedness. For that reason alone It became the custom to pass on the left, thus enabling the right arm, which is the sword arm, to come into close and quick action in the event of reprisal; doubtless the result of each Individual desiring to start bashing existence were left to their own de- vlces. furtlier seizure of Chinese ter- rltory. Many students were wounded, 10 killed, 20 Chinese girls in Every farmer knows the menace of\ the f ron t ran i£ defied bullets. locusts, grasshoppers and chinch bugs. students shouting "Down with But not every farmer knows the im- j a p anese imperialism I" cannot do parlance of trees— not only for the the wol . ]£ of airplanes, tanks and lumber that they may yield by and by, esp i os i v es. No use in shouting if "How's yer boy down at college?" "Not very good, I guess. He wrote he was halfback an' now he tells u9 he's fullback." that the Trade commission tries to be fair, only five lines of Industry have presented codes of fair practice for commission approval. The details of the futile attempt to breathe life back Into the Blue Eagle have been related at this length to show what the future holds in the way of. barnacles pp our structure of government. Q Western New»pBcer Union. simultaneously with his enemy. Also the practice made Vt easier to engage at the approach, and more so if both combatants were on horseback. To pass on the right would require a longer stroke In conflict. When vehicles came into use the custom remained, and to this day traveling on the left side of the highway is still in vogue throughout Great Britain and her colonies." but for their beauty as well. I admit that many farmers appre-l elate their danger. I But peoplo in cities are slow toj realize it. you are not prepared for war. Those who have doubted that this is round, including one col- ore (i clergyman in the South, who . o , Not until a comparatively few wj . Uea f requen tly on the subject, years ago were they tree-minded, or would be convinced by photographs bug-minded, the earth taken In the strato- W«* O — , i yj_ VUO V*** *** fcw—'.r.— -— T—-r — Mind can triumph over instinct, Dhere 72000 feet UD. Forty thou- but only if it is kept at work. w ' ' e mllea of tne eartn - g Once give crawling and creeping things their head, and we might as well shut up shop as a race. you and I may escape, but those come year* after us ,w»l aofc sand square surface appear on the photograph as a section of the sphere. WRIGLEY Tribute "What has become of Bronco Bob?" asked the traveling man. "He got the usual epitaph," said Mesa Bill, "which, reads, 'He was » good sheriff while he lasted.'"

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