Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on March 25, 1897 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 25, 1897
Page 8
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* «a-=» '—?*"^pi^*g**»>> 8TBBLINO, ILL., MARCH ST., 1897.; ifo'e fe tht right tit BOW name *ftmf* irfte n. Jf (Ms Aifo t* . The raie f>fr OP NEWS. Weaitber- Jicport. OHIOASO, ILLS., March 24,1897, "JForecasts for next 86 hours are for 111., fait and warmer Thursday. Moo—Ladies' kid dresa shoes -7&c. aey's closing sale. — The.Delp sale, which w»8 to have taken place Tuesday, has been postponed until Friday, on account of the bad weather. * — Do not forget the sacrifice sale of clothing, hats, shoes and dry goods, at 122 Locust street, next to Post Office. These goods must be sold. —The nine months old boy of Mr. and Mrs. Jule "Williams, of Palmyra, died Saturday evening of brain fever. The funeral was held Monday afternoon at the residence, — Xavier Klapezynski is candidate tot City Treasurer of LaSalle, while TeoQl F. Jagodzynkl wants to be Collector, and S. Washkowiah' announces himself for Assessessor. ' — E. Burkholder shipped a carload of draft horses to Lancaster, Pa., Monday. He will sell the stocks Ito the farmers in the vicinity of that city where he has mahy acquaintances. — A large tree on the Coats' farm in Jordan was shattered by lightning during the storm last Friday evening. It la rather .unusual to record damage from this source at this season in this latitude. . — The paper for the Lake Forest Glee, Banjo an'd Mandollnjjlnbs, '..which_ trill appear at the .Academy of. Music March 30, was put up today. The pictures make the boys but a fine looking set of fellows. ., —Several of the milk wagons,- haul- •ing milk to the Genesee Creamery, were stuck in the mud Monday morning, In several cases there were breakdowns and it was necessary to get assistance before the wagons could be extricated. —84.00 shoes 82.00 and 81.50, to close balance of stock. John T. Mooney. —Herman Keller and John Little were snowbound Tuesday in the tim- • her, west of the city, where they had been cutting wood. They were compelled to leave, their horse and buggy at a farm house, while they plowed their way to their homes on foot. —Eugene B, Wilson, of Lusk, Wyo., visited Monday with A. R. Hendricks. He spent the day visiting other friends here. ° Mr. " Wilson is the gentleman who has taken'such good care of the Sterling hunters on their several trips "^ merJya resident of this vicinity. • — Judge <Crabtree will convene court In the City Hall on Friday. March 26, and take evidence in the case growing out of the quo warranto proceedings brought against the Sterling and Coloma Township High School Board. White and Sheldon, of Rock Falls, will represent the plaintiff, and J. E. McPherran will handle the case .for the Board. . —It is related over in Iowa that a pilgrim with some experience blew into a lawyer'aiOfflce^and-wanted- a conveyance "writ up" for some land he had purchased. "You want a warranty deed?" asked the lawyer. "No, I do not," replied the prospective farmer; «'I once had a warranty deed to a farm, but another man held the mortgage and got the farm. I want a mortgage." —Frank Johnson has a flah story, He says that he recently dressed a fish at Baer & Garter's that refused* to die. It had been placed in the ice box over night, but it kicked when he dressed it, it kicked when it was weighed, it kicked when it was tied up for the cus- nomer and It is probable that it kicked on being cooked. Mr. Johnson says it was the hardest fish he ever tried to kill. It is probable that it is now dead " PERSONAL. JMENTION. There' will be a preparatory service for Communion " in the Presbyterian church on Saturday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Newcomer, of Prairieville, are visiting Lewis Grove's -family beforp the letter's departure for Peaiwylvftnia, , Henry Qoonerman, of Ashton, an old friend of Justus Becker, of' this City, is spending a few days at the lat ter'a home in this city. I). P. Reamer, of Oberlin, Ohio, an Old friend and former business associate of J. K, Cheater, is a guest at the ftome of the latter for a few days. lleabeu Warner, of Jordan, was one of the tirat of the Jordanites to arrive ia town Wednesday. He reports the to be in an extremely disagree condition, J4re.;Mary Gates, of Elgin, 111,, who ,'iiaa been the gtis»t of h$r daughter, B. F. M| era, was called home yes a telegram which stated that bom* ia $ia bad T.\!,K OFFICFRS AND PATRONS MEET AT THE HUB, The Affair Warn »si Entire 8ae«*M—Snpt, Tnfcll* Wa* Pr*mJTit—-Many Interesting l*i»p«n» Read and I>l»cn»««<J—An Excellent Program Kvndered, The mass meeting of school officers and school patrons hsld at the Court House in Morrison on Wednesday was an entire success, notwithstanding the heavy show fall. The morning session was called to order at 9:15 a. m., by Supt. W. J. Johnston, who, in a few brief words.gave the object of the meeting. The pupils of Boom No. 8, of Morrison North Side school, then rendered some very pleasant music and four of the pupils gave a recitation, which was well received. This was followed with a prayer by Rev. J. W. Skinner, and then the first question on the program was introduced, which was, "Our School Finances: (a) Sources from which School Funds are Obtained; (b) Mismanagement of the Township Loaning Fund; (c) Other Features of the Subject. The discussion was opened by A. N. Abbott, of Ustlck, with a very able paper. and was followed by S. H. Hall, of Mt. Pleasant; M. B. Kelly, of Morrison.and Hon. S. M. Inglis, State Supterintend- ent of Schools. The next' question was "How Can the Graded Schools of Whlteside County be Improved?' This was opened by Rev. E. Browu, of Sterling, with an extremely able paper.and was followed by Rev. W. E. Leavitt, of Morrison. Prof. B. D. Woods, of Morrison, then gave an example of his music lessons, with the pupils from the ilrst primary, North Side school, which was very interesting. . Earl Harris gave a recitation which reflected much credit upon the young man. — MisB-Anna-JCorcoran's pupils- also sang a song very nicely under her direction and, after a few remarks from Supt. Inglis, the meeting was adjourned until 1:30 o'clock, • Afternoon Session, The afternoon session was called to order by Supt. Johnston at 1:40 o'clock, and, after a few remarks by that gentleman, the pupils of Room 7, South Side school, W. B. Paddock, teacher. sang a song entitled "Freedom's Flag." Miss Cora Eltner, of the same room, Rave a recitation entitled "Changing Color." Then Prof. Woods gave same more music lessons with the pupils of Room 7, to show the method used in the 'dally, work, which was greeted with hearty applause. The question of "flow Can the Un- graded Schools of Illinois be Improved,"' was opened by Supt. S. M. Inglis with a lengthy speech, which was very interesting. 'While the points which he took were good, yet they are not exactly applicable to the schools of this county,- for the-county-ochools in this section-have_near4y_ everything- that he advised. His points to the teachers were good; he advised them to be on the outlook for music, for the time is close by when they would have to pass examination in this branch. At the close of Mr. Inglis' speech, Charles W. Mitchell, of Round Grove, gave a short address, and advanced some very good points, which if they can be utilized, would be of material benefit to all county schools. Jonas H. Baer, of Sterling, also took part in the . discussion. He thought that the central examinations had been a benefit In some directions, while in others they had not been a benefit. He was also of the opinion that the press was somewhat to blame. At the close of Mr, User's speech Mr. Mitchell and Supt. Johnston took up Mr. Baer's reports regarding the press, Both think that he erred to some degree, and they both paid a high compliment to the newspapers The pupils of Room 8, South Side School, Miss Libble Fenton, then sang "New Hail Columbia," and Walter Gierson recited "The Terrible Fight," both of which were greeted with great applause. "Lincoln's Gettysburg Speech" was well rendered by Miss Laura Eidd and the recitation, "The Canal Boat," by Miss Genie Harrison, was one of the best things on the program. "Papa's Letter" by Miss Mabella Volght was excellent. Prof. H. C. Chaplin, of the Sterling School, was called upon and he responded with a few, remarks. He was followed by Supt. Inglis with some good advice to the High School scholars, after which a vote ot thanks was extended to Mr. Inglls for the interest taken by him. The hour being late.the meeting was then adjourned and all departed satis- fled that the day had been profitably passed. • „ Letter List. Letters remaining in the Post Office at Sterling, 111., for the week ending Friday, March 20, 1897: . • LADIES. ''•','• Cleaaenlu.SSra. Martha, Mick, Mrs. Ida, GENTLEMEN. Busl), Andrew Q. George. J. B, Biesster, H. E. MaUwefl, H. 8. Backer , IX J. . MurebJson/jritn, CliTlat.E.Jt. . . Btien. August. •; Gerken, Jacob V- ficJiuniaker, H. W. When calling for above letters please **" R ,'P. M, SHOT MANY TKS. TWO HUNTERS MADE A HAUL RECENTLY. Howard Anderson and Reward J/t* Strffce Ifowts With 20fS I>nck« Shot In the Vicinity of Erie—Th«r Tell Their Trouble* To Sterling People. Howard Anderson, of near Hsrmon, and Seward Lee, of Polo, are the champion duck banters of the season. Tuesday afternoon,about 3:30 o'clock, a wagon containing two men, many docks and divers hunting irons, wended its way into the city. The horses and wagon were mud from top to bottom, and the entire outfit—men and all —looked as though some pretty, tough times had been seen. The t<vo gentlemen soy they had been to Erie on a hunting expedition and that they had enjoyed almost fabulous good fortune. It is evident that their story is true, for In their wagon were 205 ducks, all dead and ready for the market. Messrs. Anderson and Lee drove the entire, ^distance from Erie and they say they never saw the roads in such a terrible.-condition. For a distance of more than two miles, they claim, they drove through water which was up to the bottom of their rig. . ' " At times their travel was extremely perilous. All of tho streams were high and the men had some "tall" experiences. Notwithstanding their troubles, they are glad they went, and are the envy of all of*. the sportsmen in the town. The hunters left for their homes today. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. Frank H. Cox to Lafayette Cox, land in Erie, 86,800. James B. McCabe to John T. Me- Cabe, land in Tampico, $1,200. John F. Trimmer to E. A. Bowen, land InJTampico, 813,600. Henry Longanecker to Jacob Longanecker, land in Clyde, 8200. Win. Longanecker to Jacob Longanecker, land in Clyde, 8200. ' John M. Dodd to Charles R. Dodd, land in Mt. Pleasant, 8200. Wm. Babcock to Mary E. Cochran, lot in Rock Falls, 8190. : Samuel Strock to Jacob Naumann,. land in Hopkins, 8600.. . Frank P. Stabler to Samuel Strock, land in Hopkins, 83,000. Wallace L. McKenzle to Peter Fischer, land in Erie, 812,200. ,'_ Edward. Coffey to Patrick Leahy, land in Union Grove, 84,700. Adam Kadel to Allen J. Gettle, lot in Rock Falls, 8250. ' Samuel Longanecker to Jacob Longanecker, land in Clyde, 81,000. Daniel P. Spears to'James Spears.lot In Morrison, 8300. John F. Shubert to Wicks #]Mooney, land In Tampico, 86,660. H. Relnhart-Wilken to ;Phebe Fanning, lots in Sterling, 8500. Patrick Burk to-H—H.*Hogeboom r lota-in-Tampico, 8155. Hannah Campbell to J. ,L. Maloney, land in Gardenplain, $1,000. / Daniel Hall to John H. Milligan,land in Hahnaman, 84,800. Daniel Hall to Loretta Mllllgan, land in Hahnaman, 83,200. . Nils A. Anderson to Frederick Shutz, lot in Prophetstown, $500. Caroline Kizer to J. M. Cross, lot in Erie, Lecture OH Cubit. • Remember there will be a lecture in the G. A, R.-HallrQver the-STANDARD office, on Tuesday evening. March 30th, by the noted lecturer and newspaper man. E. P. Gaston, on "Cuba: the Pearl of the Antilles." ; Harvest Excursions viu. C. I), & Q. R. 1C. On April 6 and 20, May 4 and 18, the C. B. & Q. R. R, will'sell tickets at one lowest first-class fare for the round trip, plus 82.00 to points in the west, southwest, northwest and south. For further information and tickets call on agents C. B. & Q. BORN. BEHRENS.—To Mr. and Mrs. Ed Behrens, Tuesday, March 23, 1897, a stillborn son. •••••., Wanted. A number of good calves, from one to three weeks did, Leave word at this office, or address Richard Onckon, Emerson, 111. • Everything cheap for cash at C. E. Bailey's. STATE OF ILLINOIS, I .„ In Circuit Court, WHITKBIDB covif'ry, f Da February 1orta,i&yi. Wliltestde County Building and Loan Asso• elation. vs. Robert B. Cowan, Ella M. Cowan. John V. Hecker, Edward A. Smith and Harry W. Smith, partners under the firm nume of Leauder ' Hinith & Son; Thomas A. HurdIu..Qulntlu A. Ward and Jolin If. Huiitfate. partners under "" the Arm ii'auie'bf T. A. Hurdln & Co.; F. M. Thomas, Administrator of Samuel Carrie. deceased; George A. Whltcomo. Executor of the last will and testament* of Juliii Currio, deceased. In Chancery-Foreclosure. Public notico Is hereby given that pursuant to a decree of the Circuit Court of said County entered in said cause on the 15th day of February, 1897, the undersigned. Master lu Chancery of said court, will, on Friday, the Uecoml day ol April, 18U7, at the hour of 1 o'clocfe of said tho front door of the Court House, to tho City of Morrison, in t said county, oifer for sale'aud sell tothehlgheu bidder, (or cash lu'hand, thu following described premises, to wit: Lots numbers ton (10) and eleven (a), block eleven (11). range three (3), In the City of Fulton, County of Wluiealde, and State of Illinois, or so much, thereof as sliail be necessary to wake tkesunouut of luouoy found duo by said (le«te«. Mwrisws, III,, M«CH 10, l<«ff. ' FJUNK ». BA.M8A?, lot3*v Master In Cuaacory, , *t K "* CITY CLEBK.—I hereby announce myself M a candidate lor the office of City Clerk for the City of Sterling, at the coming election, and wpuld be pleased to nave your support. WATT. E. "\VlIXJKR.. . TOWKBHIP ASBKSSOK.—I hereby announce myself as a candidate for tho office of Assessor for the Township of Sterling, at the approaching election, and solicit tho support of the voters of the township. J. A. MORGAN. TOWNSHIP AsflKsson.—I hereby announce jnyself as a carflldato for-tho-t>ffice~oT~A8sessor for tho Township of Sterling, at the coming election, and respectfully ask tho support ot the voters of the township. :. >•-••-. F. P. KLOS'TEBMANN. • i ?-i J l^T f *'5' i /'* J r *, * > 1*~ ** ^ i i?" * * tlf •• f * t* * r **< i f t ' t! i* * f ; f f ' if r t «f r -t,j.p > * t »\it f •— r >t,$ r 'Af'-ft, t.— I hereby unnoutwij my- $*<!f as a canrtldsre for thft o!15w"o! CoJlectw Jot th« Township of Sterling, at tiao coming eleotfon. and solicit your gnpport. * ISAAC CABOI,US. TOWN Coijt.itr,"roB.~I hereby announce myself a* A cftnaWste for the office of Collector for th9 Toivrshlp of Sterling, M Ui« comtag spring Wection. and solicit your anpport, H. H. HIOBY. TOWN COM-KCTOR.—1 wish t» annonnce that I am » candidate for election to th« office ol Collector tot Sterling Township, at tha approaching Spring election, and respMtralJy solicit yonrsnp-' port. I earnestly hope that yon will a*e your Influence In my beb&lf with your neighbor* sort friends. Any favors extended In this way will be folly appreciated by ; • 'Wrt. H. HOWARD. TOWN CoLtiBcTOh,—I hereby announce myself as a/ candidate for the office of Collector for the Township of Sterling, at the coming election, and solicit your support. • PETEB O'HAiB. TOWN COI.T>KCTOB.—I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the office ot Collector for the Township of Sterling, at the coming sprlag election, and cordially ask your support. ' EEUBEN RICH. TOWN COIAJCCTOB.—I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the ofllce ot Collector tor the Township of Sterling, at the coming c lection, and solicit your support, DAIUUS GOULD. CoMMisstoNEn or HIGHWAYS.—I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the office of Commissioner of Highways for the Township of Sterling at the coming election, and I solicit the support of the voters, ' ' MAtJNBEL W. COMMISSIONER OF HIGHWAYS.-*-! hereby announce myself as candidate at the spring election for the office of Commissioner of Highways f or tne Township of Sterling, and respectfully solicit your support DAVID B. KUTT. \ COMMISSIONER or HIGH WAYS,—I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the ofllce of Commissioner of Highways for the Township of Sterling, at the coming election, and ask tho support of the voters, FRANK S. BRESSLER. POMCB MAGISTRATE.—I hereby announce myself as a candidate for ro election to the office of Police Magistrate to tho City of Sterling, for tho ensuing term, . J. M. GOLTMAN. Something, to Eat. Dldl you ever try the Merchants Cafe ? Everything flrst-olass. ' Low prices. Qood grub and courteous treatment. Try it. • C. S. VANDEMAHK. Did you see those fish G. E. Bailey sells BO cheap? 78tf You will always he - welcomed, whether you purchase or not. Come, we wish you to see the styles. E. E, Sheetz. • - Good flour.for 81.00 at C. E. Bailey's All the latest Millinery and an entire new stock at Sheetz' opening Mon- day,,-MBrch29.____^ To the Ladies'of Sterling:. • If my representative calls on you kindly give him a hearing, _aa he will have something of interest to explain.' Besbectfully, EDGAR <J. BROWN, 90t6w Photographer; Come to our Spring Millinery opening, Monday March 29, 1897, ..Open evenings. E. E. Sheetz. • Have you seen the new Russia steel range at Meister & Rohrer's ? We have secured the services of a competent trimmer, and all orders will have our prompt and careful attention. E, E. Sheetz. • - Those-interested" In Spr'Irig Millinery will see the finest styles at the lowest prices. Grand'opening March 29,1897. Open evenings, E. E. Sheetz. . Extension of Time. Time to return the tax books has been extended to Thursday March 25, when the books must be returned. DANIEL HARMON, 92t3 . • Collector. See the Parisian styles in 'Millinery, at errand opening, Monday March 29, 1897, E. E. Sheetz. ' • . •• . Special sale Peninsular stoves and ranges', at Meister & Rohrer's. ] Money saved by purchasing your Millinery at Sheetz'. . Call and get prices of the new Russia steel range, at Meister & Robrer's, A cordial invitation is extended to all to attend the finest grand Millinery opening this season, Monday March 29, 1897. Open evenings. E. E> Sheetz. To any person interested in humane matters, or who loves animals, we will send free, upon appUcatlon.a copy of the "ALLIANCE," the organ of this Society. In addition to its intensely Interesting reading, it contains a list of the valuable and unusual premiums given by the paper. Address THE NATIONAL HUMANE ALLIANCE, 410*411 United Charities Building, New York. Spring may be here, but y<w still need fuel. I have ... EXTRA QOOD Dry Oak Wood, cut te any length, and split if desired. Best Hard Coal i» still $7.00. P. 3.-"Lumber Estimates promptly. One Week Only. Lowest Prices in Sterling-. Our immense stock of new and desirable DRESS GOODS, containing more than double the quantity to be found in any other house in the city, will be sold at SPECIAL PRICES THIS WEEK . ..... t* r* 250 Wool Dress Goods only, All Wool Fancies, 50 inches wide, worth 6oc—sale price All Wool Mixtures, good Spring styles, should sell at 6oc—sale price j. .; ....»..,..,.... I7C 34C, 42C All Wool and Silk and Wool Novelty Dress Goods at 59, 69 and 870, worth up to $1.25. All Wool and Silk Wool Dress Patterns, only one pattern of a kind, 25 per cent, less than elsewhere. " • . v • Black All Wool Serge, 50 inches wide, sold from 650 to 75c—sale price......;...,... , 39C Large stock of Black Goods in new styles at lower prices than you will any other store in Sterling. • . CALL, AND BRING THE CASH. New Organdies, New Ruchings, Great Bargains In Kid Gloves, Low Prices on Everything. . ' ,w •?-* THAT'S THE SPOT! i Right there that is going1:o'cry you as thoughtless, —less—maybe inartistic, -No need to be-rich to have~pretfcy paper on the walls. Some of the daintiest and prettiest? to show it—buying doesn't enter into the question at all, It's here to be bought, and it certainly will be bought. will come gradually. What we want now Is visitors. A. R. H ENDRIC Opposite Gait House. Look! Better Yet 11 ' M r two weeks past we have been advertising extensively and. giving away, sample packages otl CREAM OP. WHE AT/ Th* large sale it ia hav4 ing has induced us. to introduce it still further, „ .Heretofore we have given you samples to tajfr"' home and cook, but now WE COQK IT! ' po THE REST/ In other words, you come to THE BEE GROCERY and EAT ! It stands to reason would not go to this trouble if we were not certain ^ that CREAM OF WHEAT was a gpod thing. : supplies a long felt want, THE DEMONSTRATION npLlf Tnc»r\ A 1 BEGINS inuKoUA When down town just step in and,allow tMe young lady to serve you with a dish of "something nice," • , :'-•".. " - ' ." ".- .. •—^-^A'K- " , M. PHILIPS. THE BEE HIV]

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