Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 24, 1941 · Page 5
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 24, 1941
Page 5
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Friday. October 24, 19-11 STERLING DAILY GAZETTE. STERLING. ILLINOIS Page Fiw Public Aid in Co. Down 30.2 Percent Over One Year Ago Only One in Every 25 Inhabitants Now Getting Assistance The monthly bulletin of relief statistics. Issued by the Illinois public did comnit.v-inn. tvlnch was appnr- ently delated in pnntinc or compilation, shows only 1.724 persons dependent upon the five public **- etetanct programs in Whltrsidc county durlnR the month of AURUSI. Tills Is four per cent of the population, or one in e\ery 2? persons. Inritrsl number of persons re- proKiam. which numbers 887, There ate 517 m general relief, 138 on WPA. 121 receiving mothers' pensions and 66 receiving blind pensions. Cost of B enrra ' relief was $3,472, • reduction of three per cent over the previous month and 30.2 per cent ovrr the same period one year ago. Surplus commodities In the amount of $1.974 vrte jjlvrn out. This distribution was to 808 persons, 125 being on general relief. 591 on old age assistance, 17 on WPA and 75 to persons receiving other forma of assistance. During August there were 119.409 cases receiving general relief in Illinois, representing 297,206 persons, or 3.8 per cent of the Illinois popula tlon. The home relief load of 116, 374 cases, consisting of 294,099 per- BOns, Is an Increase of 3,277 cases and 5.466 persons from the July I Jigures, greater by 2.9 per cent in cases, but only 1.9 per cent in pcr- Preaching Mission Evening A! Brethren Church Th*> prpsrhinss mtwlon that opens Monday evening at the Church of he Brethren will h» Rev. and Mr*. B. M. Rollins' 222nrt . evangelist)r Tiins They have served both arttr and small c.hurche.* within hnr dfnomirtRtion. Monday evening special rrcogn!- :inn will be given the Sunday school. Mr. Rollins will stress its teaching allies. Superintendent H. .1 Bru- bakrr is sponsoring this n'.Rht. Tuesday evening is Bible night. J. Hp.rold Lehman is nrranginR for a lrndid display of Bibles. The Rol!i--. have a very beautiful service strewing the values of the open Bible. Mr. and Mrs. Rollins are ordained ministers in the Church of the Brethren. Mrs. Rollins serves as minister of musk. Services are at 30 nightly. The local church extends a cordial invitation to the public to attend. The.higher state total for August 4t due to Increases in Illinois excluding Chicago, where 3,915 more eases received relief in August than In July, or an increase of 7.6 per | cent. In Chicago home relief decreased slightly, as 638 fewer cases In August represent K decline of 1.0 per cent from July. Five from Here Go to Chicago for Red Cross Roll Call Conference F M Stager, Paul Philips, O. A Fackler. Mrs. Lyman Wllger and Mrs. Wilson King went to Chicago today to Attend the state roll cal conference of the American Red Cross. The meeting Is being held Jn the Stevens hotel. Norman H. Davis, national chair_ loan of the Red Cross, will be the . »rln*lpal-6peakcr.-- There also--will be army officials, civilian defense officers and public school representatives and representatives from Red chapters throughout the state Large Attendance At RNA Convention Two Hundred Royal Neighbors from camps In Whitcslde county attended the county convention held Thursday In Uie Odd Fellows hall, with the Sterling camp as hostess. The visitors Included Mrs. Margaret Gorman of Chicago, chairman of the supreme managers, Mrs. Louise C. Llndberg of Mollne. district deputy, Mrs. Anna Buckwalter of Santa Ana, Calif., and several from New Bedford. New features were introduced in the ritualistic work demonstrated during the school of instruction during the afternoon. A short program was presented in the evening. Miss Sue Geeting sang during the introduction of the supreme officer. State and county officers were also introduced. There were piano solos by Earl Ricker, a solo and dance by Sharon Dale and music on the piano and accordion, by Dr. F. B. Dalldorf. Class adoption was put on by the National Missions Institute Here on Tuesday, Oct. 28 First Presbyterian Church Will Be Host To Delegates D^lecatfs from Prr-' fhurchfs in iifii th» rv-'Tn I'.liDnts will assemblp in Sfrlmc at the First Prrsbvtenan churcli Tuej-riav. Oct 28. The occasion i* a national mi<-' flons ln5tit;itr of flic Rock Rivrr Pre.soyiery. 'Ih^rr are t^o sucli institute? brtiig held, thf other one being Mdiid.iy, Oct. 27 in nock Island. "Th« Church Dt-fendr- America" will be- the theme of the inMitutr. Rev. Chester M. Irwin announces the following program fr>r the day: Afternoon—leadership confcirnccs. 3:00 to 3:15. devotional .vcrviw. Rev. Herbert J. DOIHII of Dixon. 3:15 to 4.30. group discussions; women led by Mi.v Rachel Benfer, field representative for woman's work of the board of national missions; ministers and laymen, R*v. James F. Rices, secretary of the general council aid Dr. Ralph Cummins. Held representative ior the synod of Illinois. 4:30 to 5:00, literature exhibit. Miss Benfer. 5:00 to 5.40. forum disc ass ion. Rev. Mr. • Riggs "I'd Rev. Mr. Cummins. leaders. Supper Hour 6:00 So 7:25. general group: national missions in Rock River Presbytery. Rev. Lawrence W. Johnson, national missions chairman for Rock River Presbytery; young people's group; national missions addre&s, Miss Benfer. 7:30 • to 8:15, technicolor motion picture on the migrants, "Wlndllngs Gifts to Boy im) Girl Scouts an Investment In Their Future Welfare B- The «du!t attitude of Morri'^ TRrd its ymitfi b* reflected Tuesday In it* financial dri^e mrmbfr-hip »h»n 50 vnlu workers wii! what individual 7ens and bwirsf'V; ho'ises tn the binrd drive tor funds for tlie snri Girl Scout organization*. According to Dr. .1- A. Mars: *:'• who is On the Boy Scout execu'.r-f board of the Black Hawk area re ••.;;-.- cil. earh indrviduitl solicited will ry given an opportunity In R short t:rr. r to say just what kind of boys a:-.d girls we want in the Morrison corr.- munlty— and «Lv) in the nation. The annual Boy Scout boo <•»•:• campftien ts being conducted w:'.!: the Ciirl Scout campaign for th r first time this year, when cama<-rr- representing both organisations «•;:• ask Morrison citizens for Individual donations. The Boy Scout money Is used for training course material helps, for camping facilities, summer camping activities, for badges and awards, in addition to the aid for personnel. travel and office expenses of both the Black Hawk area office at Rockford and the district executive officer at Sterling. Practlcallv all the monev raised for Girl firnntmR 1* u**d fn fostering local Girl Scout projects. OT*T TOO Morrison Boy and OrM Isrr.-it.s «rf reppstintt mth*. Every j B*-v Prr:it prornKes: "On my honor i T •»;',; do my b«t —H' 1 to do my duty : •<•> G<xJ find my country: '2i to help r-'rT rmple st all times: <3i to keep rry"i? phy.«tc«!Iv stronir. mentally srr ? k-»> .jp.rj mnrnlly srronjt; (4) «nd i to r'ryv the Scout ln«". | E-. TV Oir! Prout prfiTnisrs: "On rr~. Vf-',r.r I tr;!l try to do my duty •r, orx-; nr;ri my rwintry — to hf'p "~.:.••.': -."-(.pie st nil Mrr.e* and obey '.l- f Oi:l Scout IRW." ?>!"rr;-on riti/rns rBn rest avured •'--• vr-.rn 'hrv rxxv;! scouting by r.:;-rr iradrr^hip or financial si>p;vr: t-^t they invest in America's , '•.;'. '.::f. M1&5 of the Wcf.t," Miss Bcnfcr. 8:15 to 8:25, brief Benfer. 8:25 to 9:00, address, Rev. Mr. Rlggs. Sterling- camp. The convention wai on* of most successful ever held in county. the the e ports of Killing Froit Eor'y Friday Elks Sponsor 90-Minute Show of Coliseum, Oct 31 '•Shoot the Work*," a M-minute entertainment feature, will be presented at the Sterling coliseum Friday, Oct. 31, under the auspices of the Elks lodge. Outstanding features .will be novelty acts which will be offered by stars of the state and screen. Bobby Duhart, star of a suc- eessful Broadway stage show; Leo Bonncll whose fame as a star and entertainer is international; Ray Conlin and Sparks, an outstanding ventriloquist team that are familiar figures to everybody 1 , a comedy line of chorus- girls and costume dancing are a few of the outstanding performers. 40-degrw temperature this iooraing at r o'clock i« claimed to ham produced the first killing frost of this autumn. This Is the third froat of the season but the first two did no damage to vegetables. Borne in town claim the frost of this tnoifeing was not a killing one as their .tomato vines withstood the leather so far. Start Tree Planting fMong New Route 30 Hit state high way department approximately- 30 landscaping Route 30 along section. Trees are being planted irinumberable other improve- nenta made which, when completed, rill Mid materially to the appear- |nce of the pavement right-of-way. •; Appointed to Staff alias Sarajane Scott, daughter of Ir. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Scott of Locust street, has been ap- j-the-reportoriel~staff~of •Purple Parrot. ca.uipus. weekly iper of Rockford college. Mia i a freahman at Rockford thte Ten Men Ordered In For o Reexominotion Ten men, previously rejected for medical reasons, have been ordered to report for medical re-examination at the coliseum Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock, together with 20 other men who come up for medical examination by the examining board of the Sterling selective service board. This makes a total i of 90 men ordered in for medical examination Thursday. The 10 men ordered in were previously rejected for alight defects, such as teeth, etc., which, it is believed, have since been remedied. Five Selectees Wit! Be Sent to Induction Center from Fulton Five men will be sent to the armory at 015 South Franklin street. Chicago, from the Fulton selective service district, for induction, into the army next Tuesday. The selec- tees who have been ordered to re- por$ to the Fulton board to receive transportation are: John Vernon Walter, Clarence Klaus Kettler. Raymond C. Duncan, Walter Jesse Maranvllle and Dale Elwood Ellis. Hostess to Ladies MIT. Karl Bauer entertained a number of friends at her home at 1312 Third avenue Wednesday afternoon. Those present were Mesdames Schumacher, Haag, Braitath, Casaeiu, Statable. Duslng, Bort. Johnson, Fohly. Woolsy, and Miss A.' Haag. ' Rains Halt Corn Pickers I::*- hfavy rains of Wednesday .;rr. - n\ erf lowed creeks and fields a-.e ty-rn made iCEifr than ever rh the heavy drenching. Corn Kkrrs brought Into the fields for crfc were bossed down and the orn harvest is delayed again. ROBT. MITGMEU INSURANCE In An It* Branehea —SimCTT BOND*— MS UiwraiM* BMg. rkme «4 JACKETS OF ALL KINDS f ~ -*.- FOR PUY Leathers, Gabardines, Suedes, Wools, Combination Wool and Leather Sweater Jackets — Loafer Jackets — Smoking Jackets Moniield's Clothing 108 E. Third St. East of Central Trust Bldg. Moving Completed The Sterling selective aervioe board has completed the task of moving into 1U new quarter* in the coliseum and buaineas it now goinc on as usual. A . '•? Others $59.95 hlack ^AU> — M ™ "™ " ^f ^^^^^^^ ^i^^^ «wm. All esgtrtlj iatertlM«> SFICIAL! SATURDAY IHUSEI 99c Iw. VMtei, katt- fat, hwe«*la te -p\pN'T LET the first cold «n*p \J c*tch you unaware. One day of cold can work IOOM damage to your car than a whole summer's driving. Bring your car in now 1 . We're ready-with jaetory-ir*i»9* specialists, jactwry'*Pt**»* l ° o1 * "^ genuine j*ct«ry parts. The most accurate service job you ever had— •iid by far the tan* txpnuivt m the long run. ^s.JS?Sli Date MMra«4a«* •UM dMa4M,MVVr^r # wUk aM yw 'U\ 1MH avMa! iMl.>A^^fl im aMip Mri!3^9y WkM^ ea*ata.^^4ra .^a^a* _^^^-*^^^^ WTESZSHOP SAMUEL FRANK M w. numo IRINO YOU1 fOtO "1ACIC HOMI" fOi IXf|»T SilVICI WHG KMURB THIS SUNDAYS THIBEAUTY OPERATOR HTOOUSANDS of glrli go to •*• th« big cities every yepr to find work. Many become beauty operators. What do they earn, how do they live, what do they hear from their customer*? Read this revealing frae experience/ m? IOHNT. M c Cntcheon's FAMOUS CARTOON INJDN M ruu coiots— FOIL »AM «n SUfTABU FOt VRAMINO Mao, la taia la***, loaa MoCateteoa ••jflatM kjv^v AeiiW j^^l^^^tfAS^MA j^v^^^at J^B^MA ejk ^^k MH^^H^^^ •HOUSE DETECTIVE INAIIGCITYHOm— TELLS YOU HIS EXKRIENCESI How • kuata Bfttif, iimii •• * favot*, «• mwsiMM" DIAMONDS' w\ Uftft §Y ^i^i FBuriodto *••* w «• '..y •«va-'.-^. I I v W 11%.

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