The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 6, 1923 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 6, 1923
Page 4
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PA 6 E SIX. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. FRIDAY, JULY 5, 1923 TJ-TE HUTCHINSON NEWS TubllstK?.! ixily tin T)><- N>»'« Comnany. W. Y. MOROAN, EDITOII. ESTADLISHED 1E72. raft , of ''ti' down from the nor-thoin forest,., »!-v| ;i irrv !ar:;o mil c-'.li: .i tin- iislp i'f f11 the (ifijitr on u hi- fi n' 1 -.vs • ia;oia are (ii'lnteil. .'.i I'* u; IK:'!V lie- ease in r.'lltnd.'l tin.' iiew. r mnu^ fr-va ,, , I'K - -.valor wheels -vvli:. li are driven liv tinouuli s M;.- runlilnj; water froin tho Utile la:]---. An jtl'tintlunen of Llivaii \ -owor low s Entnreu" ni ill? 1 'oi.iorf •ton, Kiirmax, for 11 IL n: i the nialljf i»« r.isosa . [.:n IJIUIUT. Tf-LEPIiOMI" I .O. 3 Prlvitf tnou-li r\.-!n «M. wl .en "I" r - I >:< amila it 111 Inf. rial Bml Tlircr «ivcr .f •tor i. turner... Blvt« f'u k , t , "\HH *in " Wanted. I TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION! j We sUotit tho nlirlit. t\t a Frnnrl: inn Py mall, one ycHr I* I which yiipportu tlio name. "t:h;ite;tii ilo By mall, UK months f")'• ,, ity mull. UiM-ii months fn i K ' wft9 roi ""- v a,1<1 clean, an'! J>y ;"""Vr"w Yimlhi .Uii'.'i.'.V'w.Vi 4?! Uso m.inngviiicnt eoUr -lto-iis of the cm per wi"l< Wfci'kly MEMOEfl AUDIT tlUHEAU OF CIRCULATIONS, HEMntn AMi.nic .AN NEWSPAPER PUBLISI It US' ASSOCIATION. MEMQEIt 01' THE A&SOC-I ATED PMESS Tiie A- is "'la t *• I I';..-.; ax. 1 IUI . vi'.y ,ri- tllle.l lo lis a. far if pal .a,, a Hi .11 or nil riflVH raill'ij la II ai not a:],<•; ...a,-a. trail- iU'd in il :« |.i|a;, atel nine tiaa lueul Jmw'n tnitill.Mhnt laialn. All IIKM - af i'*'|nih!!niit !..n nl wpaaltil dlm'.'iU too hciieri MIH nine, lesarvtcl. The Sifiiiger Drug Co. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS. No. U North Main V-.rv Hutchinson. v Abe Martin )!No C©rilS : AT ISSUE. 1. Il-.r. • • t hi- lin!. ,-i iur,\ ii fort of I La guests. In tlwo Fr.'-i-h |{)T ,n i . OTJ i• !:i jiiways ji^;-".!rri] oi' )i!i;i-!y lHJMJ >it ;iU! V. (.'I' tit Ht? lu:;g ft- llJM iitnticy IjtHl:-:. In tlio I 'liiicd SltU'-.i ii you p'lich ;i fmn!1 tuwn betworu in- 1 .;i Uoui 'H you (tro fovct:<\ to th'» uiu. !i ccmnt<T. Uut in "Now France", as yu" b o o p ro vine o vft a or i q 111 a' 1 y i'.;n:i<'ii, thr 1nn Will nnrvo you a UIVM! at any tlini', tho "oeuffs" which tho Qvrr^i.:m (•itliil'.-ra will rt-mumbor. tin* "poulcL" v-'bitrli Is juut fhicken, mid in ilk and hrcud fluch ua royuUy can nut unri 'aKS. The highway. Uio busy river, mlHiic fii-lus, tlio iiiH-ri'.'tin:: Mihm 1 -s and tu* : I^KM.I I'IUMI ul HI .' tun.' an 5 i(iffi; t'ornbiriat inn t*t" Iry ajui nut cl'lt'ii nii't, riiui th-.'rf-t 'M - - tlu- Icy dt' i hi 1 St. l-nwn.'jn:i> b me. ; lii t" t'u^hly enjuy^d. diit-'e b.ick n-.-,irl;- fimr li:iii;iv ( i| ye,:;.,. : la K v*. J:• r. iii s i'rf i• r wa-> i >. ; i hi - X'-v W'crld iov tho ] ; 'r'-nih J i-:,iit.', If* w;-:-, s-uliuj.: II ;' 'thr- St. \*'.'<>:• \ r--'.v " h..-n h:.. bi.;a h;i it rock. Jar t ii'.- - i liis (•I 'liii'.'u.ions ( srnpc'l t" ! t!i.- slii'/i'. th" wlis:.(.-r Ii;itl nvv\\ i ;i j ml tli'>y lu'd to rtrllKliu never:!! ; i.:onrh:' ;it. tin Mouth of dir. iiUif j r. • r. | 'I'l.c linii;iii:i vt -rv iiond to ihcru ; MII! jiii.' i'n'.!i ; -.« mpr vi^.i- (hi' Irnikiii thit | I»i')ni:i,'-.,'n)jA, n-t'l-pt i-ii Ui>ir i;j viJ;i! iun j mid ivtuni'i! ^ UU tlx m lo I"r,iin ••. ! nsiuh* a pr-al lrli ni thr I'Vonrh court j and I pro-unu 1 he lij.d .w»m«.« IIOVJO M'H- j ;.; M ,'ihh:!ii. In 1\( Hi- naiiH- if -'•!•'. i-i in llii- iliri'. In;; Fr. j.d, ; ii '•'.liK :i IU^V . ccni ;>it-.-'- t [•-• rt-i'li.^'- The simplest wiiytoetjdacorn iVHKK-j;.v. Stops the pain m- 4anth-. Then tlm eorilfloosens Scoioc. cut.. Made m clear liquid and it) linn rhisUrs. 1 h« action ia tlio s;ni'.e. At your «rufig "t ejay Th' ne«?st tliiu^; In S(;I '1 ITH is th' •foih-r thiit oislfln* have n C!CSCHI c;ir if yu:i'i'i Kivo it to him. t'oiiij-aTiy is civiii/.ia' an' In-ipiul L ' a homu evoii if j th' dish«.•.-• iU> plio up.- I tu-y vi - n;:t to IHUI H-T" they run i'..a::i aac' know tin y liisi! h i to it don't i.ant to ;';-;;:ii;iy havf* no i^uoh H'i'iiii;:. Ini. tin rinsiini; fa io cffniiM 1 which •5 ilie debl. Tluiy "i s.rnu-iVd, th-.-y i-dinit that they and HO l!ivy ra- ir -;.'.'k oi !ho omotion by ; w'.tii il:,- ;'«•<111 1 o toward ou.::ii; n> jt. .'i nialo'' uJuippy.** say;. •:''-r of tin- o'.il fiay«, "aro i -a'v.l to u;> foi* ht^inj; v.o; is thij rcwai'd of thtdr it-Si 'im what dlfl't-roi:t fro^u the eon- vriitiiHial idea • :i!::;iu. s:rjUitud". IHit I taii'L ho'.p thinking it is tho kind of t !l.-;d'' whWh is Lb.: moat eoiumonly and ktM-niy l'i'!t. SECOND HAND THOUGHTS. l!> J. I-! Htuisf* in tho I'ii;i k i'!vlphia I'ubifc. [ 4 ods co.'.iniM tnrlav ! .i(i..'r, "M^iMi'p Ralph was nfrnld we'd drop tho riiiR whtui wo handed it to him. Time and again he oautiohed u» ahiuit it. Uut nothing happrned. All we wort, ufvatd of was that wo woiddn't^he ahlo to I keep step Willi Ralph, HtAs short and nt'rvous, and wo havo troublo in . kot-pln^; stop with anybody. Hut wo j did it ail rfs'". « in * 1 - i( " xvo do it* t our doni OUTI'U ' thr ^-M spoilt thr? \:':T<*- mony iva.; iuipr-oiublr'. Ltttlo did wo U'.i -H think that within a tow short vr..f:; we'd he undergoing tho same ordeal. dinn *o [h'lik of it, wo mot :,I;\be! ' Httn-is OHM ; in Chicago. \Yv Iiad jiono j up to ta'.k to tlio S!;ito :-i(u:toty. After j the dinner the secretary; "iii'iii! ' us ',!o- hiit for \t>ur t vuoason wlvn y'hi ; r;>:t homo.'* sent i!. but lhat's tho] 1 iie-1 \v e over l-.eard. Wo wisii wv • kii.-w tho u.ia;i' of the woman viv.': 1 protty nearly lanslmd hersolt -:-h'\ :it j I 'm? jokos \vi- .-i'; t''<at nh.'ht. ^ho ' v.-<i$ a fiood-li'-'kiiifi; woman -a rnriliun; ] iirnaeito of Hi- 1 spiritui-oe typo. She i wove ;i pink dinner JITOVVH and was 'liberaiiy invnistod "»w ith ju 'Ofious fitonos. After tho dinner was over wo hunr. around tho elevator hoping t=o;iw- body would have- tho pood taido to in* tnultico lib as '--liR went out. But. the party she was with just-brushed by. duty all lie w 11: ALONG T;{ I l-'diti.rii.l L'I. Iiath-; :.l h-.-.h-^ Uti o h,.rd n...., on but ii : Id.-. fnilov, iiijr ill.' it ri -ji .i itr-. ' ..n tlio rii-ht i.,L :i:! Of t 'I' V 1 I V t I" lS lis tral'l'ie of i fchip; to til,. xr.ui. A C<f*>> t(> t};.- f:ivir:.-!i. v.-io: • tor:- * lie pr> ii- the !. : . of lie- !'•::•: ! tor-11 , are = - t'Y-iner,, ilu fLio:;-- in.*JH. 1 - dn li"' • r;i "W iiy . ! i u i 11 whli- bti;ld:n. I'n-lli ;i |[,; --li li;. i' e, .hily ]. •.•iUi.-al Que- niiip.- a« M riioioih iuir- . of t;;.-- way ul in and r\\ i-r as the j;oa. A( loftv 1: Vlv • -,\ i-:o, and j = ( t: :ui fining ; tlo- fisln-r- I i!a.-. ^ built ; ;:" Kreiu ii ; rr.-i-n iiiiu; : •<•:, rv-niiiui-. ' i in Kritncc ; ,V "I-Ml. 'J l ii»- ' Th<- nan.'-- of n.-arl; I*- >\hi w.-i.h "" i .M i):i-d ;r.-. \n • I as * in. V - IT tl,;e- i hr; !• .: •: il.l \ i' ••: 'irk. Til-' |>< l .'Jrl thi.o n ;,.iM th. Ir an fa ,1 U a ni! in ;irn>; i ; . :n I'ao l;ai,ii.-.i :n- 'bur :,!••.!•( \. Ih'-b are : eit-i.-i's of i tte^'u ; ITP.I alnio'-i i-v.'i-y cvo:-,- • 'I 'll.- U"\W ririi^; and 'a'.i (h-- p--n to <-a'.:(••'!], t wo oil - to.:::;; v. hieii iti'i iit-eji ki pt up ^o wi/;l in MI r-'.-i^ivi' com in unities. Th 1 i• Is iu* "hurry' 1 anions ilo".-e pi-orio. Tho-y liavi- time to vijdt; to i'> i. 1 . i r : -i'. i.o onjoy l:iTnily life and tlo- iii lb- liapponinps of life. They to be happy, a.;; iiii':iL p'-o;de arc win a ie not d"^ ot.iii;^ t h'-ui.-- 1 1 v cs to I h • wariiji: bii.'-in f-o:i:o p. oe(-: si'i'ii. \v v ?duitt;A eomu I isiuill!!. lain thU ineor- ' How •i I 1: is en was in;* to know Mes- ! r - l,u ' ; ;:<dh' ( I in iho t_ol- j ;i::iu, in • . ;.. <• I.•:[)',<••: AU'or, who live:; ' n " " ! 'o - .,{ i; ; a ba-kei of Ilanibo a^ip!•":-;. arot .;-, , 'd ''...Mv !,) think we had in any v.;:rl!.':: u o:' hi-; tt?w:i. T ip'i' 1 ;iiv . .1 : , -... \ : . ::i whi'.-h th" 1 • r)' oi* I'll'. 1 . 1 : li .i. !• happened that. w. im-. e ai^^h; h best to toll i'\aeil> i'. I-'.-" i: O .Ki ii,.pp<'a. it la.-uiinds u : ; of * iii- fir.-.: 'iuo wo UM't -iio^ L.trd- ni'i-. \V«' mi;,."at >ay ii v. a • Ilu? firm and (tniy\ bot w oouhl iia.vo met ! iiiiii a^niu bad w-> ^uno on tho Lovia! fjian eruiie; and Ariohiidc sti'l think:; two made ;. iin^i;,K*' m liuiUR. It j was ut some :airt of eoti'-euiion ia Chi- j oago. and somebody s : ai\l, "Tiiat. fol- j low in tlo.- boat ia Risiy I.ard- ni : ner." and r=o pretty soiin wo put up ami went ovor to his eont and said. "Arc- you ;\ir. Lurd.iierV" and he said lie v. as a:.d v. o rhooU ham 1 .^, and then oi keepiiiL- up with ; neither of u^ ct;uld tliink of aoy;.hiii£ el.-.'* io sa.v. Wo were' different from Mr.-. N'ohumiah I'K >11. Sho ooubj al- nl.ed l Spc;'!;ing of direction reminds us of the ftdtow we met oiK 'O iy Kalom, O. Wo u('!,- on :i:e way to Canton To vi.-it Adelaide's relatives, and Canton prob. _ aJdy ir. the h.trdest place in !ho coil it- j try in ;i ear wa.-lied on suiuii'V; hui jt really didn't make auy dlffor- >.-ne' ; , t-oe'.-.ur.' 1 we ran into mud ho- in your l«"'.- !l W -H -tarnrulJliiasriHdannha.l j to ee i'alb'd out. A ooaiine of ynun;: ; I'd low * in a sperl y-hioki u*r roadst ei" i!o:i;-. Tie y were in a great f -'aid they had iij be in Mjnuea- nelb that ri'irht. Widl. we a.di-^i this fellow in Sai."-m tho road to Abiauee, ]\<~- told Tao iiuifi tu All;:i nee, ;md tlo- best route ir, San 1 •»•••.•». or.d how- to set. lo Florida, and ib" eiijidi! ion of the highways from :i and St. l.oais, an;l how we'd find a LCOO 1 diea.l of sand ' between Tsonh 1'hit to a:id Juleshn:*^, a'.id how'tho maeat'ani bo- twe<* n noarluirn and Uatt'e C-.-eei; had h'-'on o.ut up by the trucks. T;»kin;; him by and larpo. he a•-'sayrd mor^ |u- formatio:i to the ton th.'tn any other human being uo bare pro: peeled. Tom fa KA^45AS, Wonderful Summer Dresses Women will take particular delight in wearing such delightful dresses as these— every one of them made in the prevailing riiodes for summer time wear. Each trimmed in seme distinguished manner. .Harrison Pell used to pay If u man knew it ho rrniiil toll It; and tliis fellow in ^.'V-ni HUstalnod Harrison on ovory niao! jioinf. Hai-riKOn is the felloe WIKI came into tho house 1 fram r.lio harn alio Iril August moniins and found his wit'n and six iUiuj:ht ,l rs ^u:ii- crol :iroi:nd th." rntlnsc orfr:m in ihr- *ljtina room rliiEing "Shall Wo Call,or a;,.- liiin'a- or so!:i";liin:- tn s.ay. Ono tao !)>.•:! Bills ii PitU'-r i'hoi.-bo : ! u.«»n .'nar.-icd ,!o)in Uoaniisii. }h- '.va., a (loi'iiniii ra'.piist. Tiioy had a. ohuivh not. far fron; tlio Funr i"o;aa r s. W'.:- usod to oa'il ttioni Dunkards, |,nt .viiao rutli thoia 1 univora. i'roa,.o!.v •» i 'ootli ar« ri.a.:.;. Lanrri i'.nivbili iaar- ' "• " '• : •> •* • : ! r 'od iiiln iho ooiiroli, t(Hi-a Diaa liv A lin-diu-.'-s man 1 kiwuv is plamaia-'dr' nanio of Uodson. Or was. it Hilda- "THAT'S GRATITUDE" Iiy liath tainorou. ai jl#> lti \-i-r?" Harrison had boon tnondiiifr harnoss and was low ia niiml. So ha. %, .ml till stairs, yo.t his nddlo. o.'i;,:i. b.-ok to tho kitahon-. juokod u;i his sfiotunn, took a drink of %vator, sti]i;a d oaji. of tho hack door and was novor hoard of as-aiin. 11 Ilia no [11 v a rathor unuMiai advortisiu;< 1 i'aian liasi'd LMI his kiao\'io!i-'e of ini- 0! j Laura Crayldll was a nio, 1! 11. ol lit 111 1 : la i !iiii|ii.. ami ,!:o (/tlo 'ts on til. Ola 'wn • ! uri'ri of whom , on t.i lay, to find a 1 toiai oon'.or rt iin'l.t. I « ay it ' a. oplo In in K;u-:lLh, and \'.h;isa f mado :ii" trip tiirtnii !i 1 ho \, Ivy of tho .M, a. familiar to il), 1 n r 's as well as wordi- oin its. if it. war, or ao.10; tho val r-"o raiih.iaa! nanioi 1'.'. I'', wlit.-!, rtiiisw tho Atlanta.' lo "Mo tlo- World War. Wit haio a.oi... l,"..j ini;... of tho isri whi"h M -j-anil. Mmllv.a lioui tjuo- lioo, in lima of ilaiir air and Khuiuils Killishlilo I0.1I OMjili 'oj'tahiy t'Oui and even cJihilara-lint; " . • On this small lotion of our travul v. o havo noon iroro liorsr drawn yo- liiaio;- than wo did IIOI.I 11 i.ioli in.sin to .M.nii-oal. A (:..o>.l many cars go raiiidly aiotiK ilo- lm;h.vay, out thoy «!•<•• tiio:;t!y froai "lio. Wiaio.-i," or from Montr.-al. 'l 'ho liaal oominorco Is In two »•>«(•!«! «•.•>!•(;., Hi" too.oar,, drli- In:' la in !.uc..».:>-.> and vi, tho Contl" Fri 'iifU io'tao is ;-tii| honorod lis u rait o£ tho family and lias no rival iii tho glitijK of a HUMS ; -am, Hj niiloiiodiilo, Tlio io's^ilo tltlil thoir oar:.! aiid 'amyous; harmonize v.'i'h llod:' lia'iits an,! tlielr hliilory. It is on" 1 iaoo on the ooutlnonl whoro fiia a! and n.o I-/m iiventions havo no: lOollio,! TjlO OOO.iOlallil.N' lil'o of O'll U I'O ll and noi/hoors and frioudiinoss. • . * Lai t i./-;!:! wo t.toi.jioii a.t Throe inv­ ert;, a", inloro.:tint l:tt,'io city ahout Iho si/ 1 ol lluiohiniijii, but which Uiuii •been in tiAistotioo tiluco luOS, u yoar atttr thu Kub'Uali eataLdlshod Uiolr H'rat Anioi-liau colony at Jameutown. W *tTj tlio" St. Mtuirlco rlvor Ibrinji tho to- loaitos n ro:'la : n artirlo of wliifh :Cra>h::l. who was said to ho- iho lain- | tin i |i; a li y lia-i aiv,a\... tnon j'.i..iiy fa- < " -t. ttoan in tho <ountry. l-'.-.try Mo-i-| noils. ; la fai-s at . ji t tho n--.. o . J da y morning ho usod to sJrotoh i.itn-I it> o- raisins ilo- ; iao or <0' loworini: : so'.f aro 1 , i ay ho wisii.-al it w-o-o Matur- tao .ii ! >' l T o ii,.os no: v.-aut to do ;(hiy niiilit and saiipor on tlio tahlo. o!l'i.":' Til" .11:,;, v.ny oul is to ilo jl',,11 111 a.-'aiil was a IVnsy! vania titan. 01. a.o- tao o,.-r,':, .01 lo inor. aso,.. , and it his'.i'.i hoast that ho "iiipir, A1111 h: ; ; [ant; to r.ut 1 ai:. i know 1 h,- MonosKalnda Hivoo- from its who.o situation up ito- users of ha ' soni'i'o to i's nioutft: Hi' used to say: lutiol", loll tia.t that in tho ntiiv : "I know tinit old rlvor from end to] '.via to pri ro;i: prio,, aoiiii' tip or ipsa ; "ad." And ho w,.s [irotid of it, too, j in j oiny dov. n, ativi aidt tiiom if l!i"v 1 'l'ho Monon^ahola Kivor v.-as tho only \ don't want, to help hint keep tho j.riii- i thing in whp'h Hill took any roal in-! and ii-.:,ilii.y t.ho iiiiiui.. by roooniiiioa.o ', lorost. Hill watt very forgetful—< in,; (ii.: aiia !o to liu-ir frionds. ! oouidn't romonihor whoro ho had jmt N.- l.aisos his iiopos of iiiis jjlan part-i his hat. And that, rontiuds mo: Ariy op. iho ido-i that piopio will r..j ( |. i'thur St'hlautit writes that. th.. goml- l!.v too that that is the only wir. to! looking (lirl frmn lltirrton tho one loop tho price of this hijrh ipiaiitv ar ( whoe tiann- wo couldn't rememls.v- • lirl.. down, »uil jiartiv <>n his liollef 1 u ,lu was a bridt'Smptd at the Winans- tlla! if thoy do ho;|/ hnn thov will ! r'.ii-"> W'eddlaK was Mallei Tairr'.s. li.-i'.o a kindly I'ooliu.a for him just ho j 11'.' «'>'s she's marrkxl how ami lives c:tu..e they have don,. : : >ui .-t tj !n - for''" «'hin.K». We had a dale with IOT linn. ' 1 on", in /.onitli, hut a lot of people "There's an old id. a," he says, "tliai j r.,n; ' in and spoiled tl'.o evening. One in make p.'skplo like von, you sho-iid ' "'ins. v.a-'ll never foi'Bi't is that WOii- do somotiiiuK for them to' win their • 1' "'•"-'' *'" <l "' Wednesday ove- •oral it mi... .\oiiiiir.: to it: r .op'.,. "eft 1 io"r. untl a'.ottR abunt JO u'cluck Tuos- . : day inorniti!-'; Ralph hefran to worry i Moyt every married man, at some ' time In his lifp. feels the impulse < 0 ! ito out of tho hack door never to re-, j turn, but Harrison probably is the of HiM' only ouc aoUu^hy to close it behind him. NEWS DAILY DOT PUZZLE. n.-e ttoi iilto to havo 10 feei in at.-ful. It : tlu-nt fool litteomfortahle. it's a inaah boi'.-i' .ni": to let tlo-ni do sauuoiiiin.. lor y, -i. Then thoy will like >on.'Iv-.- plo. love to feei they duiierv o ^'i' tilde." It will bo inlcrcstinir to his eainpnttfn one Hoth .'torn ttie Oviiut of view of its busineoi I'aiuo mni from the point of viow of his philosophy. I hare dear! m!ta..-.vlult, ctmtbr lib-in! eMirossed aboil! gratitude before, and tho older I m-ow the mom 1 come to as roc with then]. J think fcYatittide, as an emotion, ltt title of ibs least common of tho vlr- tllBS. AVIien 1 t5rty, nti an emotion, I mean to draw ft dls'inei li:,." between an emotion thai fills tho heart and 1111 Idea thai fills tlifl Ia 11M'. ma>- know' in thrAr iiiituls that they;in to j'eol riratitudo ami yt t mil. really feel it with their hearts at all. It Is very bard to forsdvo tty> jierson wllo puts it 's llild'^r an obMioltlol). Tin- familiar phr.oe, "a debt of grut- Itthlo." testifies lo the way wo feol nhoitt jcraUitti '.n. It's a ileibt. Arid dobla aro li'lrttomo th'.tifs. Peonlo -wlio tjLva reasons for toeing srratotul to otior vooi'l« arc apt to lio extra ivltlcal nT iho conduot 04 those others toward llitim. Wlivt Becans-jB lor fear we'd drop the rip;; or lose it. He worried all the halatif.e of that day. While we were, wattius in the pastor's study for the bride and her attendant:! to march iiown tho aisle, ho kept asking If wi had it. The white gloves we. were weaiins; were new and stiff, and ^pulverized Ratine Diesses $5.95 Dresses of novelty stripe and plaid ratine, very nicely made, and trimroed with all. linen collar and cuffs. Narrow tailored girdles, straight line, one-piece models; all pretty summer shades of c?-nary, flame, • jade,^ turquoise, shrimp and helio; assorted $5.95 These are points that make them so desirable for every possible summer requirement of business, dress and recreation. Their outstanding characteristics are their remarkable quality of fabrics— their unusual becoming otyle and their Low Price. No woman who needs dresses for present wear can afford to miss these offerings which are divided into the following groups for immediate selling. Silk Presses , $9,00 Dres3es made - of alltyme crepe, Canton crepe and taffetas. Straight line, one- piece basque and blouse models, all good, practical colors—navy, black, rust, almond green, tan, brown and grey. Assorted sizes .... £9.00 Normandy Voile Dresses $9.95 for Large Women Normandy voile and dotted swiss Dresses—straight line and draped effect; cufrjjood and full; nicely made; lace cellar, cuffs and lace vestee; soft crush girdle of self material; all good models and colors—navy, brown, tan, grey, helio and black $9.95 •THE CURTIS STORE CO.: ft Can You Finish This Picture? Coinploto Uio drawing s foy tracing from figure ono to two and so on to tho end. Then uso your crujens, or water-dolors and two how jiiocly you can color It. . Papa's Joke. Jess—j'Tapa snld that only liomoly men havo any -brains." .luok—"Well, ho certainly can't class, ino ut. handsome." Joss—"No, Jaokj ha tal4 yoa wera tlio except: en ttiat proved tbo'rule."— BoBtuu livening IWiffiSpr'jji. When You Call Upon Us cmr cttiiilotc rii-^anization and all our t'tjt> i] mil-11 1 is ;iut(ii!iiilica\ly jilaccd ;»t ymir scrvteo, .Vothttio that we can do for you i.s ncjjk-ctcd or refused. Wc are utterly at yutir disposal. It is -tliif. 'a. lioU'-itearted coopcratii'in we offer Ibosit who call ui>on us that is most appreciated. Our entire serviee is tiini'ked by an interested attention to' v every detail. 3ohRSon&Sons]S Established 186G 134 E. Sherman lad ^kw^P ^i Hutchinson Vhono RAILROAD TIME TABLETS. SANTA FE. WKstboUnd Trains. Arrives The Scuut Caiif. Limited , t '. JIO, J ^xeie-iH , -Kaign J :"xpress Tho Navajp ... Colo. Kust Mail -l-,rjeal 1'UP:!. . . Lucai I'li^a. (ex. -Pas-'it-ngeV -Ii, " ' —Tlie Navajo . —Ciilir. Limited — ChiLitS 1 ' K*. • -.^iintu iMi "S" — Tlio Kc-jut . . . —K. (.7. Flyer -•I-iicill P;t3H. . -r.if : ; >-nK '-*r -LocJil Pus*, , --II. Si. S. Pass. ... «:3B pm ... '\;'dZ pm ... fj pm ... 4:15 pm ... i ;45 urn — 2 :!)(i tni •.." 4:40 pm 8:^0 am i'a.'i.s. (SouOil Eastbound Train*. . Ant v es Depart* 7 ;05 pro C:3b pm i.ZO pm 4:20 pm 4;50 am 3:00 am 4:50 pm U -10 am OtOO am v-M am Depart* 2 :'J5 pm SJ :60 pm Z:05-pm .. 2:50 pm ..... -.11:80 am 11:40 am ..11:26 pm 11:30 pm 8:65 am 3:25 am • ..12:31. am 12:40 am ..12:55 pm 1:05 pm ..10:10 pm 10:20 pm .. 8:40 pm ax. iiun, .. 2:20 pm ROCK ISLAND. Eas'tbound,' Arrive -fioliicn State Um. 11:00 urn - Lotit! Poms R:fi0 am - Thu California!! ..10:65 pm ^.iLocul Freight Westbound. Arrive -Tho Callfomlan .. 6:15 am —fJnl .H'ii Htato Lim.. B;40 pin —JiWiil Pana. ,...... 0 :1 :0 pm •-LtH.-a*. Frcljjht .... r^eare It :0O ara <s :uCi am 10:56 pm 12:1b pm Ijpare fr.ib am fi:40 pm 8:30 pm 1:40 pm MISSOURI PACIFIC. Weotbound -PjiHr;rnt;er I 'Hs ^fn^t-r .., -J,>eu] 1 -rclffht -1 'uaseniier r.., Ea»tbound. ••T'liyac-nger ..«...,..<. -I'aj^.-nKer -LiOual Fvuiffbt Departt .. '9:1'/ ein •. r<:34 pm . J :U> pm .ll:f30 pm "Dnnarts .. 5:41 aiij 30:43 urn *t:5H pm ..lDjoo am AftKANSAQ VALLEV INTEnUHBAN. P r. part C.30 am :46 am ;1G am 15 am n'n pm pm ;16 pm »J1G pm BtU pin 8:26 pm ..,..11:40 pm | ;rajna arf pn Loenl ... Local ... Limited Local ... Limited Loral ,., Limited Local ... Limited Looal - - - Locai Local Arrive .. R:3D am ..10 :Oo am ..niijjVm .. 2:00 pm ... 3:^:i pm .. <:12 lmi • • 6:3;'» pm .. 0:12 .... »:16 pm ....l#i3o pm 1:40 am .Jftlly Tralnu "nnd *(in Hutehliunn Ar* •Mi :o, t -nd all tralna mako direct coiw k *i Y«* i*eS&U <<k Newton, Kan,

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