The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 6, 1914 · Page 7
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 7

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 6, 1914
Page 7
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Monday Evening Jnly 6,1914. T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Page Seven Uneeda Biscuit Tempt tbe appetite, please the-taste and n o u r i s h the body. Crispjpleanand fresh-5 cents in the moisture- proof package. Baronet Biscuit Round, thin, tender-with a delightful flavor -- a p p r o p r i a t e f o r luncheon, tea and dinner. 10 cents. ZuZu Prinee of appetizers. Makes daily trips from Ginger-Snap Land to waiting mouths everywhere. Say Zu Zu to the grocer man, 5 cents. Buy biscuit baked by NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY Always look for that name HAVE YOU EVEE TRIED t On Glasses Fitted With Toric Lenses? If not. you've still to learn of what somfort in eye glasses means. The Toric lenses are somewhat oval in shape--they fit the eye. BO that no outer edge is visible. Where the) ordinary shaped lens makes the eyUgiass wearer NERVODS. the Toric has just the OPPOSITE EFFECT .Why not let me try Toric Lenses on your eyes today? a WILLIAMS "B" PTDMETRIST OPTICIAN. I 107 N. Water St. Opposite Millikin Bank. Bathe Your Blood Along With Skin Unsightly Skin Troubles Will Soon Disappear Along with a tub bath use S. S. S. for, the blood. It bathes your blood, washes out Impurities, gets deposits out of joints and muscles, converts impurities^'into a substance easily expelled. Th»ikm responds quickly. All sore spo'.s dry,, a. firm, dry scale or scab forms, new skin grows beneath, the scale (alls eft and you are rid of eczema, psoriasis. acn*, tetter, boi'.s, carbuncles, pimples tor' ifcny ofher skin affliction. S. S. 8. lias a. wdnderful action in the network of flno blood vessels In the skin and U you would understand this better write *o The Swift Specific Co., 112 Swift Bids.' lor a valuable book "What the Mirror ffells." It will tell you how the skin Is but a fire network of blood vessels an,d why 8, S. S. has such a wonderful. Influence. Get a bottle of 3. S. S. today of any Hruefteist but do not be talked Into a ·ufcstitute. .Beware of them. Around each-bottle is an Illustrated circular suggesting how you may obtain valuable medical advice absolutely free. Get a Bottltt of S. a B. today. Farmer Had 15 Miles to Go but Had an Auto. A farmer went Into one of the local Ice cream establishments a few days ago and asked for a gallon of Ice cream. "And you can Just put it Into one of those paper buckets," he saia to the proprietor of the ice cream emporium. "How far do you live from here?" asked the Ice cream man. "Fifteen miles," was the answer. "Why, If you try to carry that stuff in one of those buckets it will be an awful mess by the time you get home with it," said the Ice cream man, for the day was hot. "Oh, no it won't I'll be at home in eighteen minutes," said the farmer, "You must have an automobile," said the Ice cream man. "Sure," said the farmer . "That's my car standing out in front." IN OLD DAIS. The story is told merely to show how the automobile eliminates time and distance. A trip of fifteen miles, a thirty miles round trip, would hax-e been an all day journey under the old regime and only undertaken under stress of real necessity. Now the farmer whisks Into town and out from his place fifteen miles In the country to get ice cream for dinner. Of course whisking fifteen miles In eighteen minutes Is busting some of the speed- laws but allowing a few more minutes for the journey the automobile is still the annihilator of time and distance. The time is not far awas when the farmer who has no automobile will have no more standing in his community than the one who has no corn planter or breaking plow. BETTER BUSINESS. A restaurant man who has been many years here remarks upon the effect of the automobile upon his trade. This effect is more noticeable this year than ever before and it is decidedly to the advantage of the restaurant man. There are automobile parties arriving at all times of the day and a good many of them at night demanding lunch. They come at off hours of the restaurant trade and they help fill the gaps bftween meals. Of course these lunches are occasionally only sandwiches and coffee, something to stay the stomachs of the party till they get to their destination. But quite often they are built upon steaks, chops and are slinsarttal short order meals. The owner of an automobile may be a piker at home but when he is en tour he is more or less the prince as an automobile tourist should be. He Is willing to pay what a meal Is worth. HAS AUTO MICROBE. A Decatur man of quiet taste and ample means has got the automobile bug. Up to the present time he has been satisfied with a buggy and an easy Agoing horse as a conveyance but the automobile microbe has got Into his system. His name can not be mentioned here because The Review does not wish to bring down upon him fifty-seven varieties of automobile salesmen upon him. Any automobile agent who is willine to split his commission might possibly get a quiet tip by seeing the reporter who wrote this item. This man has it pretty clearly fixed In his head the kind of a car that he will buy. It is going to be a good one. He Is not a wealthy man but he has ample means to own a good car and he states reasons. IX SELF DEFENSE "There are a lot of people In this town that I'm going to pass as a hobo passed a wood pile." he ays. "That is the way they have been passing me for several sears More t h a n t h a t thev have been throwing the dust In my eyes as they passed I'm driven to buying an automobile in self defense. I would be satisfied with a horse and buggy the rest of my n a t u r a l l i f e but I am driven to buy an automobile In self defense. "There is no pleasure not even a moderate degree of comfort on the road with a horse and buggy any more. I find my self with the horse and buggy In the ditch most of the time, letting the automobiles go by anrt cover me with dust At first I had it in mind to buy a truck, something about like the Staley truck that every body would respect But I've decided to buy something speedier." A Foo«. Her angry father had arrived on the scene and the u n f o r t u n a t e swain was -prawjing on the sidewalk. Slowly he pulled himself together. "I suppose there is something behind all this," he murmured softly. HOW RESINOL CLEARS AWAY UGLY PIMPLES It is so easy to get rid of pimples and blackhead) with Resinol, and it costs 10 little, too, that anyone whose face is disfigured by these pests is foolish to keep on with useless cosmetics, or complicated "beauty treatments." See how limply it ia done: Bathe your face for several minutes with Resinol Eoap and hot water, then apply a little Resinol Ointment very gently. Let this stay on ten minutes, and wash off with Resinol Soap and more hot water, finishing with a dash of cold water to close the pores. Do this once or twice a day, and you wilt be astonished to find how quickly tha healing, antiseptic Resinol medication soothes and. cleanses'the pores, leaving the complexion clear and velvety. '· Besinol stops itching instantly and speedily heals skin humors. Resinol Ointment and Soap sold by all druggists. For free trial size, write Dept. KK.Besinol t Baltimore, Md, LIVE WITH And Norris J. Hester, Wabash Switchman, Ends Life. Because his wife, from whom he had separated, refused to live with him, Noirls J. Hester, twenty-six years olfl, a Wabash switchman, committed suicide In her presence about 3 o'clock Sunday morning, drinking an ounce of chloroform. The couple had been married only about nine months. They could not eet along well together and Mrs. Hester left him about six weeks ago and went to live with her mother at 1116 Cottage Hill avenue, while her husband went to live at a boarding house at 1263 Bast William street. Since then he had called on her at her mother's home several times and tried to Induce her to return and live with him, but she had refused. IN EARLY MORNING, "He came to the house about 1:30 Sunday morning:," said Mrs. Hester at the Inquest, "and after talking for awhile he urged m» to return to him, but I refused. Then he went Into the kitchen and got a glass of water and brought to me, and without saying a word returned to the kitchen. When he came back I 'could smell the chloroform and I asked him what he had done and he said he had taken an ounce of chloroform." Hester died before medical assistance could reach him. The body was removed to Moran'« undertaking establishment and prepared for burial. INQUEST HELD. Coroner Elmer Brintllnger held the Inquest Sunday afternon. The verdict was that death was caused by chloroform, taken with suicidal Intent. Mr. Hester Is survived by his parents, two brothers and two slaters, all living In Dallas Center, la. His relatives were notified of the suicide Sunday. Mrs. Hester has been married before. She has a daughter, aged ten, by her first husband, and also an adopted son, aged four years. n HIS LEG Fell Under I. C. Train Forsyth. at Jack Reed, the Chicago negro who lost one leg under an Illinois Central train at Forsyth about 4:30 Sunday afternoon, Is reported to be resting easily at St. Mary's where he was taken in Moran's ambulance after the accident. He has regained consciousness and states that the accident occurred while he was attempting to alight from the rods as the train pulled into the station. Ke was accompanied by a friend and the two were enroute from Lltchfleld to Clinton. The ambulance was met by a Decatur physician in the police patrol and the Injured man taken at once to St. Mary's. It was found necessary to amputate one leg at the knee. It Is thought he will recover. PARCELS POST DRIVER MARRIED Mil* Sylvia M. Home Brld«| JTtw Home on Stnart Avenue. Miss Sylvia M. House, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John A. Bouse and Dale Longbons, eon of Mr. and Mri. Benjamin Longbons of Mllmlne were married Sunday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock In their new home, 447 East Stuart avenue, by Rev. H. S. Roblee. pastor of the Congregational church. A small number of friends and relatives witnessed the ceremony. Mr. Longbons Is employed by the Decatur post office r,s driver of the parcel post automobile. The couple will go to housekeeping Immediately. SAYS CONVICTS RUN SING SING PRISON Ex-Warden Clancy Aerate* Politico! King at Enabling: CM of Dram There. New York, July 6--James M. Clancy, warden of Sing Sing prison until ft few weeks ago, charged yesterday that the convicts actually control the prison Because of their influence with a political rincr which malcea possible the smugg- ling of drugt, whisky and contraband supplies. "If there is ever a real investigation of conditions at Sing Slnsr there will be a scandal that will shock the state," said Mr. Clancy. "Members of a political ring which supplies the prisoners with whisky are making $26,000 a year out of ths graft." Aa All-Arcana "Smith called Jones up." "Well " "Then he called him down." "And what happened " "Jones called Smith out." WEAK WOMAN Made Strong by Vlnol Plant City, Fla.--"I was m run-down, weak and nervous I could notdo my house work or even bear to have my children comenearmeendcouldnotsleep. I tried all kinds of medicine and was under tha doctors' cara for years without benefit. But Vinol has restored my strength. ( I Bleep well and have gained 20 pounds. --Mrs. C. H. MILLER, Plant City, Fla. If Vinol faiis to create strength for pale, weak, nervous, run-down men or women we return your money. Ellin W. Ari.ntronr. Dnittlit. P«e»tur. HI. $1.00 size Swift's Specific 75c $1.00 size Scott's Emulsion 75c $1.00 size Wine of Cardui 70c Sl.OO size Fulton's Renal Comnound 85c 25c size Ever-Ready Furniture Polish 15c 50c size Liquid Veneer 40c 25c size Sani- Flush 20c 25c size Colorite for Straw Hats 20c 2 grain Quinine Capsules 100 for 23c Cascara Tablets 100 for 21 c 75c size Mellen's Food 60c 50c size Eskays Food 40c $1.00 size Sloan's Liniment 75c 50c size Parisian Sage 40c $1.00 size Sargol 75c $1.00 size Pierce's Favorite Prescription 75c 35c size Castoria 25c $1.00 size Kellogg's Sanitone Wafers 85c 50c size Foley's Kidney Pills 35c RIGHT DRUGS RIGHT SERVICE RIGHT PRICES The Three Important Links In The Chain Of Confidence RIGHT DRUGS--This means more than purity--it means also potency. We buy only the best drugs of standard strength and keep them in a way that insures against deterioration. This means better drugs for you, the consumer. RIGHT SERVICE--You like the way we do business. We hear nothing but favorable comments on the way we handle our trade. Our increasing sales prove that our methods are appreciated. Use our delivery service--its free. RIGHT PRICES Careful and extensive buying, together with our enormous volume of business, enables us to furnish high-grade drug store goods of all kinds at lower prices than you often pay for inferior goods elsewhere. We quote regular "big city" prices, and you don't need to go to Chicago or New York to take advantage of them. We want your drug trade. We ask for it on the basis of right goods, right service and right prices. D fXBBHHKaEBCOBHMHMHl NlLODOX- mean* no odor- no sweat rings under the arm* Nilodox corrects excessive perspiration, eliminates tbe odor and makes you feel at ease under all conditions. Makes dress shields unnecessary The tbln -walrtB cow worn make dress shleldBiiDdgbtJy. Using Nllodox, yon cao do without dress shields. 1C your hands perspire, nave, your glovea through the useoCNJlodox. Nilodox li.«ci«n armtion; ·nOsepti and hanute* ' L It-thoKT 1 ! ' tioai t J 50c Per Bottle FOR DR. J. A. HI-GILL'S Famous Female Suppositories Are a famous remed} Sjror all female diseases. Every lady can treat ((herself. Call for a free jsampie and book tell- ling how. JPrice 75c for a month's I treatment. 'T"*"** *° Beautifies by Cleansing You will he delighted with L'Almo shin food because it --cleans the face better than soap. --beautifies by cleansing. --lasts longer than any cream because compressed into the form of a brick, --cannot grow hair because it contains no animal fats. --has a dainty little chamois skin packed free in each box. --has a signed money-back guarantee of satisfaction on every box. Won't you try it? Regular 50c size sold here at 40C Dandrex is Delightful No other preparation has such a delicious, delicate odor, or keeps the hair so soft and scintillescent. It is both a toilet necessity and a toilet luxury. Nothing Else as Good Dandrex is in all respects superior to all other hair preparations. Dandrex is the only preparation of its kind sold on a positive guarantee of "money back if no satisfied." Take Care of Your Hair Begin now. Today. Tomorrow mav be too late. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure in treating hair troubles. DANDREX is the right way Dandrex never disappoints. It is the ideal hair tonic and dressing and remember, "a hair on the head is worth two in the brush." Regular $1.00 size 75c Williams' Kidney and Liver Fills H»ve jcra overworked your nerrona system and enused trouble-with your kldnejs and liver? Have you pains in loius, Bide and back? Have you a flabby appearance of the face ond under the eyes? If so. use WILLIAMS' KIDNEY AND LIVER PILI3. For sale br nil druggists. 40c HUNGRY BOYS AND GIRLS Just in from a hard romp and hungry as a hunter. Not mealtime yet but he (or she) must have something in a hurry. Just sprinkle a teaspoonf ul BORDEN'S Regular 50c sire here at CURE THAT CORN forever by using Dodge's Corn Medicine. Easy to apply. Instant relief. Will remove corns, bunions, cal- louses. It cures corns to stay cured by killing the roots. Take no substitute. We have sold it for years and recommend it. 25c pkg., our price 20c Malted Milk IN THE SQUARE PACKAGE on a slice of bread and batter and see how they will like it. Consisting as it does of rich, creamy milk with extracts of wheat and barley malt It contains the elements nectssary to build up their growing bodies, and it will not ferment In tbe stomach. _____ ........ 38c ________ ...... 74c $2.98 Small size .... Large size Hospital size SAY! How's Your Liver? Feeling good today? Full of vim and bounce-glad you are alive? That's the way you ought to feel. 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Our Prices Peterman's Discovery, R o a c h Food or Ant Food. 25c sizes 20c Roach Food and Moth Food. 50c sizes 40c THE DECATUR DRUG CQ T H E B I G D R U G S T O R E H.C.BURKS, Re^.PkM^r. 331-333 Norlh Waler Sf ," THE MOST OF THE S E-S T. FOV TH C L E A S T ; " ..-^ 25c size Colgate's Tooth Powder 15c 50c size Pinex Cough Cure 35c $1.00 size Syrup of Pepsin 65c 50c size Mentholatnm 35c 25c size Mentholatnm lac 25c size Grave's Tooth Powder 15c 25c size Colgate's Ribbon Paste 20c 25c size Colgate's Talcum Powder 15c $1.00 size Abbott's Rheumatic Remedy 75c $1.00 size Swan son's Five Drops 75c 50c size Williams' Pink Pills 40c $1.00 size Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets 75c Sl.OO size Svmpatone Tablets 75c 65c size Croxone 55c 25c size Knowlton's Danderine 20c 50c size Pape's Diapepsin 35c $2.00 size Eckman's Alterative $1.50 25c size Pape's Cold Compound 20c SOc size Syrup of Figs . 35c NEWSPAPER!

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