The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 11, 1973 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 11, 1973
Page 2
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THE MUHMPOftT FACTTS KrtquH. t»*M. M«oU|. JIM* 1 1. itn _ Pay* Dillord - James Mis* Coralyn Elliabeth 8i»y Glenn OMard on May « M the First Baptist Church of ftalnvitw in * cer*n\ony officiated by the Rev. Carlos McLeod, church pastor. Tht bride Is (he granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs, 0. V, Johnston of Ftwfwrl and daughter of Mr. &wt Mrs, Archie Jam** o( t'tainvta*. She is a \vn $raduate of Plataview High. School and attended Houston RrtfltiM College The bridegroom b the son of Mr and Mrs. Bill DUlard of 1'tainvSew. He attended Houston Baptist College btfarc joining the U.S. Air Force. He is siatkmed at Keeskr AFB in Bitexi. Mtw., where the couple will be at T«mc temporarily. The bride was presented for narrtage by her father. She vcire a formal empire gown overlaid wilh lace with a scoop nfcUtne and traditional long si««ves pointed al the wrist. Her mantilla dbow-tentth veil was bordered In wide lace. Robbie Wiltner served M maid of honor and bridesmaids were Connie James, sister of the bride and Vtckke Dillard. sister of UN bridegroom. The maid of honor's dress was bhie and she carried a nosegay of blue carnations centered wild yellow roses Dretses of the bridesmaids were fashioned from green floral embossed cotton and they carried U(M grwn carnations centered wilh yellow ros«, Ttiey wort white hat* trimmed wilh sitt bands and streamers to match their dresses. Barry Mow of Lubbock was best man and groomsmen. were Rodnev Blackburn and John Willis.* Assisting with the reception were Pattie Keily of Freeport. Pat Uaffrrn, Carla Kofcins, Janabeth Willis. Jerllyn Willis, Mrs. Oliver Johnston of Clute and Mr*. Talmage James. THE IARE FACTS Mr. and Mrs. Terraoce J Walker Jr of Lake Jackson announce the birth of their sco, born June 3 al the Community Hospital, He weighed 7 puutxfc.. 4 ounces Mr and Mrs Wtlham R. Fcvtr IV of 1-ikc Jackson announce the btrlh d their daughter, born June 7 at the Community Hospital She «nghect 9 puunis. 13 ounces Mr and \ln Billy J. Shepard rf Freeport arawunee the birth of their son. born June 7 al the Community Hospital He weighed 7 pound*, t ounce. Fix flowers smartly A ptsholtJer can be * fknrer- arranger's best friend. Jays the Society of American Morois These clever nvrtal flower hotdrrj. available in 4 great variety of ihapes and sues, firmly secure flcr«*TS and greenery in precisely the poeuUon you choose for them. Take a piece ol floral clay, roil H oui Uke a worm, and A 4#ix it to the bot(t>m of UK piabolder (ormuig a cioxt) ring When the ptnho4der a pushed oalo the conUmer. a waterproof suction leat will be farmed to hold it m place, \ : SHRIMP NUT ( for that EXTRA SPECIAL GUY! *> HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO YOU... A FREE COCKTAIL! f^t/v, t ^witti any dinner-. ^i of your choice... (SHRIMP, CRAB, OYSTERS) KCIMNING JUNE 14 because we have had so many requests, m are going to resume our -EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT- All THE Boiled Crab, Fried Shrimp, Boiled Shrimp, Fried Fish - YOU CAN EAT — French Fries & Salad Served $C95 Family Stye *J Gamblers Anonymous helps a born loser MRS. BILtVGLK.VV UIU-,\Kt> nr tatmtt Mh< Cur 41 y a Kliui brill Jumn DEAR ABBY Trash running over since he ran out By Abigail Van Bur«fi DKAR ABBY I tarn tarn STBI* »tth j<*> fa itt OMttitt. t f*n to maefe to low w<U> him I cwsiia't He ttid be k»«d owe. tco. Urt fee orrcr r UuH 1 fcmd fetw. SM&com toW tnt that Joe »*i ptamfrttm to iki an* at Ihewe day* and not t«U a*rj<ane where be "*t p*e«. t asked Joe xtmit K »ad be *aid a wasn't true ! gw*» it **3. twcaow h* tu» b*ra «4*rt*if (or its days aad five Blg&U aad m eat baa MWB or htwd front aim. I am so worried aad beartfcrokcn I cry mysctf to tfav? I keep t&afcteg he'* been la ui accident or . I want rrtt» ju sctiltk to empty Ihw (raofe tec teir Jo* tcfcpooM m« *ad 1*9 mJaa hii call Ptew* teU me vttat to do KKAKTBKOXKX DEAK HKABTMOftEN: TW p*r»M •*• taM r»" »<•« •• lMM»< (•>*• tvttraUy tar* BMC* tftl. Ckaacv* »r« k*'t a* rtj*C t* *•*"« M» saMy. M« K m** W •«•• what UM W BUM wmfel CMM ;«• M «lw*yt ta* law* Of. (tout W but wten D£AR ABBY: Yoor cent, wWch to go W*b no MM ibouil foo/. yw «urc Mow tt sty iii«!i AdvWa« a secretary ce* to t»Q bcr bc«u telo Kb ofttnt cod rummaged tkrn his bss (ika ctofe« Wa abtcocc is compictery tua aad pr«jud0a( tht ixxAJrc* o< Uw bcaa' wife, a siinpke ttatement of who went taJa hb oflkv la hto atwroor hauftitkat If I knew that ny wcrttuy wUltfatU *ny tatfortBAltoA from me about any ucbrAj b> eny fU<» of bi»toMi. «*» wouidet be my secretary 'try long. Did yoo conddcr »tul could happe« if the wtf* »aJfced off vita aocBetldnK »»Jsubte from her kwbafid'i afflai* Tb* McreUry would be sutpect. You Jcrt of shot from the Up on Uut one K U DEAR E. L.: I e.rulml? <tM. Aa4 M mUttt Ike «M/t Tteaka (•* a4>a*4ia( »j lijto OKAA ABBY- I an married U a wxsdtrfal guy "ho a a*xw serving tn the armed force*. We are on a irtrf Ught badget u Mark doesn't make much money. We are having a arrioos dtMcreemrnt Mark w*at* vt to share M apartment with another coupfe In tare «xpr»- at*, tte'i kauwn item only a few weeks aad i'v* amr a*t thrro The other wife b t* hrr teens and baa a unail baby. Abby. Mark and I arc oewtyved* and I want a place of oar own-U it's only a hole to the wall. Mark says m gift* ca* share the houaewwk end keep each other coiofiny i dml waat to share the housework and I doot nttti company t kwt want to be a wife to Mark Mark thinks ! aa being unntaMKubk I think KF, is Who do yoa thiak is right? Hurry, pkaw, bceatxs« Mark waats to Utfl hto baddy OM way or the other. NOT GETTING THAU DEAH NOT: 1 AM t »«« ywtr wa^tag to kate a ptac« W y«*r »ww. I tMak Mark la I* tiptt* y*v U skar* aa »>«fU»i«* wilfc W karfly k*.wt Md yaa 4*a't kww at aE «<kk I* tONKlDKNTUl. TO "HATK8 GO8S1PS IN 1A.VTA ANA": I «Mte a sage pare* fnm QMte Magaita* "If w* sk»w ••rseiTe* telm&inUt* U Halea !• gwwlv, w« wM a*M kc SHre4 Ha ttittftoa. 8caa<<il*n«igers art tac«fw tf»e wlik**t aa M«keac«." PraUtMT YMl fa^ Far a la AMTt •« Ma. til MI-MI . Uw Our 'Summer »4I4. - MT - MJf.j $«• Our Maternity Wt.r pjnh Swimwt.r Utt JMM Uryn^wtty tar and Swti mwipr Gill Certificate NEW YOflK (AIM He itoHtn't veein like a teaer -• Ihu |{o»J tonkin^ nwn In a medeutwuily Uilerfd lun. with a Pars Avenue apartment, a highly reniufMrrattue bu>irw*% and a wife and ehiMren wba r**|ft*t him But he ha« U* (i « law »UM( of hit life, ktitag buettr««b o< thcuumb at tWUt-i *i a two (tri^n terttM, knieg hi* Drttt **<<• !u tbvwrv* *mt hMintt a old ton wr*t tahi thu; wcuU ciMnmtt «uk-*iJv if father wvfv gncn rtght* jr»J guid cviiUlni-J, tfsmw i with <»t»i* mtmiaa pwv* t? w * 4 , the to TOmpktip crvtb! tvir bits front a J>»MC» IsSa * jou iran'l (t*»J werijh dmnftfce," tA?** Ut* 1 ftntnfct L.A.. Ca<n(iutti«f I'. (fit lh«->ail> *ij t itJ evvt (ft t-ift-. •«*» rf ttxi net tjiif f ««« »tu m I* jr!J. t saw* (sal* «4<itod or tn 4«Mit»« to I *"<«r hut / tat ." fcr i (j tir Rtw trf t 4*) h» w (o* fiv»rbJ»T» i ic*»t»i)<:4ti™ fcr vnjs »n H«t p»r«n».t • rrU^urant in (Nc i ;»4£ «< fi*ratt' nidi pocfcirtt to for t*i«Win« "I w*» * inu«h lud. (fui he <s«fll (ar oporu f«-t(<rf. hv! ju-.t M prw(p¥ss<r» {» ryt Kotirh *wl ifwn to jnd (hen any kind r^ 1 larArd (o» 407 kind t4 with but w>< lh* of jt*mb*iH(j5." hr "1 berr«««l nwnwy to tury m> Uttwr ami&amhfed it jwjj Iw'l Uu! Ho'* o»o JMJ br 4 They »ai«l Try our way » few rtumttm II }«JM U»n't think we t'Att hi'lp V«*» 8<» to your mts*ry * 1 Hi*«l ffiiherj you i-ttulil i»ik« RH»»?y legiliitutely I «»M * pto for IIW4 week. mi<V a Ar4l to (»jy the k«n sfuit* It* a "I'd in a t-sjt* t( ***i*«««e m« w the »J*wfs.V-r it k» be ib* f'.^s t' (N 1 pfturie It rud lu be 4 bit) had pKstt* of minj " : t« IfSf at hu W»:tu»*?» AW! »* so «*tm«jj t*f IWtt "All to »> t hii^Ttt'! «A»(*J »*lt*r!\" fe» l*J at aft-j *J(t*." tfcem AKd jwjKfcrf SiKf Brazoria Methodists set concert Thursday fctt tftivt^^tfirtii ift i irttr a< US* A4tue<D trf UK ift •iff feejt »a<» t. *<i'.e>< MjrfSi;tfel. k . *.'ftr4#Ktt. 'V^iJ >U» ftitt jijrtg at -*«tW M!W £tjfSj*c^'4 ftlJC t f- r ^ Hospital Auxiliary members attend meet V V '-1 tjtw JV A**i» >, Wrf ,4»itt«t5;>rt. JH JlSliU J H J» f f"! MAY. Ji A f*n» : It "> r. r.At :p.vrf. .«.-•» by t> fciit r»»-i" t>M<. (f> t'.if I turn \ t»r«-«»i»»t will ami fc«»4 ' * * » -**wi> M »* that's »o drCrimmtdl that ruins JWJ life awl Ihjl »ifc and fhiktfrn' Hernt* »** {wrtu»<kd by « friend lo adrnd * Gamblers "I w»* deeply in drU »wl hod asked (or a tan." he rccalU "He «JKi if Id try GA and U dtdn'l help ro« then he'd k*>n me> Weil, for \!>UM I »ouV1 have kiUcd sonKvne. KI /WWwWwVwVM | SABIATURA'S OFFICE SUPPLY KHCOl HOM4 UtOIXIKOH Or IWWVWWVWwVWVWW 7*T ?«<r«!: «S^il_^--3L SURFSIDF BEACH A Prwate CUib JUSI TH£ SHRIMP HUT BROUGHT YOU TH£ FINEST FOOD ON TEXAS GUtf COAST .Jh« iiimt mued b«veofts - The eflttftwnnwnt - M nightty basts and Hawk Shaw on tht ;httj enteftainmefit Tht Btactvcombtf club B pioyd to to you on SAJ. HITES PLAYING YOUR FAVORITE MUSIC from tht big bandcra tiM today! MI-:<.VMIU,KWiUr' tllKTVI'KOf Ml Sir THIS BAND CAN PLAY IT) 1»i til rtprtirat* taMlwk* »u<h Up »ainr* «t KKNTO.N. MliUiV HMIHU. * MAHV )ou t»o gu tv in 1 uutMtwrc 4 |al* »<l Uir bc«4 b«n4» in tthctt rl« -- but TIIK tOMttt K 114 tf MuiiM }«u ruUM*Uintrul ttl (kilt l4WUt>

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