The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 25, 1975 · Page 11
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 11

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 25, 1975
Page 11
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Shark repellant termed ineffective Astro- Graph » If tt! '.I! MM M- lu-j-.,; j . :•., • : . V, .1) .SCI' !•, (.,!'! it»e flag Jtcutt) )<»!<}.>):# im<t*.(hi) fliig raiMftg •!,.(»(••>. j.5 jj.;ir* of !hi-ii UK MI i.-.ii .nUiiUrs Other Utren- r-'. <"flt» IflC'lvjdr >pft IS! !-..;«- "n Vi-?rtafV'i |)»y ,iii<! a 'N•;:,•-.•> fft/fM cvi'/ifjiitl tiHit-r !u Burglary reported t)\NU I M (, \t'. Mrs i '• •:•. I' 1' \ / i' -1 • • 11: . ). i i 11 t ('. J M • • •! ( ... . ••. in',-.- :•'<- ss : iri;si)\v I;VI BII i IT: \l I I III I'l// \ \OI I \N I \ I. . I I l\ I I M IK! VINMI N I ! (>l I I i( t,()<))) \ I r.n in lot \ i it »%•»: Mf s:rf ttMUU I I I ( I..M v>\ 1 Ln' I !:i-t r :; ;. ("j.-)-.jV!r •.. •' ' Mr :,' -: MM «•-!*. i ' < ;.\;'i ,.( Hc^r fl:' ;•.;••.-.':•--Si 1 ..; jsf i',!Vi"'M'J ! Barbecue BUFFET WcdncictAy 6 pm-9 i? *V*RIBS ^r SAUSAGE LINKS * CHICKEN BUSINESSMAN LUNCHEON TUESDAY-FRI. H;00.2:00 P.M. CHOICE OF 3 MEATS 4-VEG.-4 SALAD CORNBREAD & ROLLS Al-DESSERTS UlC _ harbor LUNCHEON 12:00 to S;00 OH1.AN1X), Kla (AP) Experts say a "shark chawrr" chemical Dial ha* bt*en fttandard issue with all armed services life Jackets for more than 25 years (fr»p*n't work exactly «»planned In norm* cawu, the "r»-jX'Hji()l" I* eaten by the sharks "It was never really effective, but tt helped psychologically U^cauMr the people wh«i u.sed it didn't know it wmn't effective, " l>r r Scott Johnson of the Naval (,'fidt?*«ii Center told ;i weekend conference \A nJuirk experts 'Hit- packrt* tA black dye and COJJJXT. ar.'<-U»!e have wj l»y the- armed smce World War II Hut Johnw/n sutid the Air Force has »!«»j^x-<J twyinjj !)><• suljstitfu'f- amj the Nav> vxj<i wi!l diw.-'>fi!irm<- I". 1 ! US* Ulflrials sani !pr.!» "But at Iwt lh« dv« kept th<* (Xrrvjn in (IIP water from wdng any approaching sharks," said f>r Stewart Springer, on<t of the creators of the "*h«rk chtt&er" and now M.ftior research aswciate at the Mote Marine Ixitx*r«!orv in Saravita. I-'lr. AntiMtiirk 'icvjces ri'/w in u«/- around the *orld in elude sUrk* with explosive charg'.ii, electrical shocks «nd floating bags or shark W.TW.TJS that iurr'rtjnd a [x-rM/n in the water Or M David Haldndge wild there I* little hop<' thai a uvful chemical repellant «-sw will \K: developed K\en highly Ionic sub Mance* &IKJI as cyanide and nicotine work too slowly !d affwt an at!*x kmx *hark and are tw easily dispi.TMHii. he said "And a shark rcprllant Iha! wt/rks ofily par! of the time m alxfjt as valuable as j paracliute that onl> 'ipenh sometimes.'' he O»0t Ft* W«dn**di]r, Ho*. It, 1m ARIES (Mwcb 21-Apftt 19) TAURUS (ApfH 20-Mtt OCMIHI IM« r 21-Jun* 20} *.'/••) ;.,'!'••( !'Xi «• ,'.? '.'>'.» -.': £,">"' »-*.-«. '*-«'** L-/ -.:" »-' •; '•, CANCER (June J1 Jul, iraiMf:*; .1' Urf- Manne M;ii'.ar-i Airlift <V,:mnarid ' ',-rjj^ lt<->, rui! !H-[M..! '.}>•* ;»pj»f<ji::!Ti(il».-i;. !'.><•«.< K \ ttll I I S '.i.'i^;r.!«.-f (.-( M-r .'•«' Mn !•;<,!>-,", W <"!r-f,cirti (1 f IU :• lirajona has ^.r.i'Ju,'!','-") .»'. Kt*<-».jei Af'H. M:ii :.•-.) Til !!-.«• Air 'Ir Ain.r-K >' 'ffwriAfid s ba»ir No 1 . t ::,!»-r rfn. corn j>!e!<ti !..IM< tfairur.j! a'. (•'; folk ' " 'Hx- priva:<- t', a !«?•! Kir.-jrtu.i 1 , <• c,f Hrftjospor- '/'.'« Rrrttluate ol ',r^:i«*<"*l High .Vtv«:;l |i\MM M H VNM Arrj-.> l'r;'..r,<- Firs! I>;i: p .-;t-! ><S«-y ..-. <•! Mr .irid ^!r^ I)an .iw;. UK"V« W Jiili S! l'!t H.nx > > :•* rej;ul»ri> ;«*>AHJfvr<l ;*H >'t c ji;rw:»r!wr in 1U',!<T> IV 2nd iU'.liilian of the \\\ Ifitanlrv Diviftictr.S ;Ur<i Kii-l',! Ar';!U-r-' ;r, Ne* 1 .';« Thr j*urj»i'-c ii( !he ;i!> tui.i! I'tcrriM.- « .is (<; •>h;irj>rn livhMijtirs (or r r i • e i % i n j; «:• (j u i p p i K £ . ,ns.MT!i!'!n;j!, .ir.;i ;ii';>ii>> in^ ( twiMx! units This > e;u thr exercise '*.»•• ir. i-(.r[»»r.i'.<.-<t in .1 t.-rc'-idrr. Cuoniin.'ilrd MTles (.<! NATi'i and n.Uion.i! e\erciMi> lkTKi'*li .is the AlllliM'ifl t'i'Tf.1' ~'> K\IT the ca(wl'ilil> of NATi) furci 1 * The I S Air Fortt- A personal invitation from Sandy and Doyle Fritts to join them for Thanksgiving Dinner. l S. Mil Force S*-r(j«';i.'it Joeiaihan D Urown. son of Mr.s Ks'.er L Hrcwn of West Columbia has arrived for dut> at tJfnUle Atr F'-Tce M.-iiii'ti Ohio .v e r K e .1::! Brown :i coin :;,unicMl ions d}«-r .iliotts s[)i-Cj;ilis! ttil): a unit of the Air Korcc (Virnrnuriicatuins Sft'.irc preMoush wTVrtl ,i! Kelly AFH. Tex T}>C sergeant is a !•.*(,(-, graduate of Columhia High Schi*,0 .u>d alii-ixied \Vhart(iri l<Huit> Janinr College Ids father. Percy KrovMi, lives ;>[ 2tr^ K Ha mi lion. West Culumhu Sergeant Brown's wife Joaiin. is the (Ltughter of Mr> Ixn.i Kulrauv nf H! 2. HAM or TURKEY with all $O75 | the trimmings iL SERVING- U:30 a.m, to 2:30 p.m.| II 75 ttuldirn Indrr klritiu Ijblc luuftart Kiiiia) II a m -J p.m. 2 fa fur the .Vlght U«U! * blf kr« (rl«l Nt lurlivvui- »nvrd Mlduiir iu 4 ti m. | ur J.' RED'S CAFE Iliua) l-;i. O}i,trr I rrtk tu LEO VinciO (Aug ?3-S«t>l 7?) IIBMA (S«trt 71 Ocl 23) • SCORPIO SAGITTARIUS (do. 2J-O.K 71 ) ..... CAPKICOR* (D«c }2-J, ISj ........ : . .,. AQUARIUS <J»n PISCCS JO .•"i^y.Your V .v/Birthday • ^"*%y*vy HHirt. LUNCH BUFFET ; n \^ s \ UKI.K 11 AM-2 PM I'l//. \ x|'\(.iu; IT i «. ( \\ MINI \M MM ( \\ K\T: $169 <IM •* I VELASCO CALL 233-2304 For Times Sotry No Passes I>rput> MifUisI Kuuiler l.-gburn tJUIIN WAYNKi IUtrn> ralu>l> whilr uu»»W4r> Kul* (iuuduighl iKATHAKINK HEK- Ul HV' pleads (u juiu him iu talk >r»rch tor her Uibcr't killers IB luivfrtal'i "Huu»lrr loibuni," a IUI U. \V»Uu priMiui'tiui). »U)5i{tr>lfd b) Ihe vhitiactrr in the uuvrl, "Tiu« liril" b> C'barln I'urlU Nu« Sh«n»iin; 41 I-\KK i 'fbralrr THE 8RAZOSPO»r FACTS PBEEfOBT, T6XAS, TUSSDAY, NOVEMBER », MU P*9» It BI L1, B A K B K R, president of the Ftraz/iria Cownty Board rrf HeaHnn, will cJiscuss Ihf group's ac- complifihnifm<« during 1974 when it mecta at wxin Wwlnesday at ihc Holiday Inn in Lake Jackson. There will \x>. a discussion from the nw for the mcmrx.TH to make plans for the group during the coming year AUMAN! ., NIGGER M MH^ MVMNKK KKU1HK TIMKS (: w» f.\| OM,Y THEATRE ;:.;'£ •*^ f or Vour l j /eo-»wre. . JOHX WAJfNF KATHAHINE HEPBURN ROOSTER CXKJBUHN LAKE I 6:45 & 8:45 PO Tommy is for everyone! LAKE II . ;_r- 6:45 & 8:55 J? SORRY NO PASSES ^ Carload Suspended For Trfmes Can 165-1151 * A TRUE STORY Trr. .* is*-- 5*^4^ * *.,.^ Seven Alone T:*::.:: I \\lll \ MU PER PERSON . BRAZOS TWIN i Iti I \ i)K> K ul'K\ i, Jy ..\H I'llU K> HELD OVER 7'/u tt-rrifying nuttimi pic tun fnan //u terrifying .Nu. / 6t.^ .%//«•! JAWS 10:45 ».-'••• --t. ;. 9:10 "SLAUGHTER HOUSE FIVE "^S* 7:00 $ 10:45 ^tifc&il faofj x *"**^-l£ 9:10 "CJWOY" tHcftl) d LiUihi

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