Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 22, 1959 · Page 16
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 16

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 22, 1959
Page 16
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THE PAMPA BAiLY NEWS SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 1959 51st Oven Meal Topic for Marten Club itSrtsfi tiofne t>i6»6ft!ftta.«on Oiuft met Ttiesday with Mrs. Wal- MuvpViy, Cities Service Carrip. Meals" was the topic of a given by Mrs. V a r d Sriilth. Mrs. Smith Said that modern fibmernakers are more aware of the coflvcntsftce of an electric oven fo? twpifW? * whol* meal at dnce. "Ph-at, plan a combination 6J foicM far tftt ovtn meal* that , can fc4 coohed approximately, the ' earns l*nstn of tlmfe and at the Bams tamperatuv*. However, If dne food *H6viid be cooked longer, place it in the oven ftfst so the meal can bs served hdt." She added that meat and vegetables should ta pieced In the bottom of th« ovon and the dessert on the ton !>'\e\". "Whan planning a long • cooking me?.'. ccYrlers, gingerbread and \ipsk'e-do\yn cakes are the bast d3^Sert.l to fix," she advised. Mrs. Smith said a delicate cake Should not be baked in the .oven IvSth meat, as there will be stiam from fie moat and vegetables and the caUe would be tough, The business meeting opened With Mr.-!. Bob Brandon, president, presiding. Mrs. A. M. Nash gave the secretary-treasurer's report. Mrs. C'yds Edmundson directed the recreation with prixes awarded Mrs. Murphy nnti Mrs. McQulgg. Club adjourned with the singing of "Together." A Valentine motif was used In the refreshments served to Mmes. Bob Brandon, T. G. Groves, A. M. Nash, Jack Howard, Snnford McQuig-g, Vard Smith, Claude Edmundson, Jack Praiher and a guest, Miss Diana Crawford. The next meeting will be with j [Parent Education Purchases Typewriter For Woodrow Wilson Exceptional Class Parent Education Club me tjWilson school. Members voted to Tuesday afternoon at 2:45 p.m. In purchase and present one to the the home of Mrs. Charles M.j classroom. Lockhart, 2232 N. Welts With Mrs. j Program Was' conducted by Mrs. Warren Fatheree, president, -pre-jL, L. Garren and Mrs. Fred Van- siding during the business meet- derberg, who discussed the pros ing at which time Mrs. Jack Os-'and cons of "Private Schools" and 'Ptiblic Schools." Miss Evelyn foe Rebekah Delegates To Speak Here Named! or Meet - fRefl - Myrtle .Johnson, Mftry fcell Me-,. Neil. Alternated are Mmes. Virgin- la Beard, KulA fhoWihlll, Mil- flfred Kintrham, Mary Jeaft Ere-wn, a.nd Babe .';'; Team practice was held in pfep- Mrs. Vanderburg discuss- borne, project chairman, reported that a lat-ge, printer typewriter was needed in the Exceptional Children's classroom at Woodrow ^ h ,, d r e n V fo' Private'Schools! send a child to a private or We Not Send Our " "To Miss Helen Poe, lecturer and; Mrs. Ona, way, noble world traveler, will apeak in Pam- ^e Pampa Rabekah Lodgis . . .,-,*- ,. -.,, pa February 26 at ?:30 p.m. In 355, presided at the Thursday pye- Station for the trip to <3fftftd| the Pampa High School fttidltofi-' "in? mcetm? In tha IOOF Hall. Lodge m Waco ^fatrch 13-18. um. Miss Poe will come to Pampa ported ill. Mrs. Mildred Klngham WAS re-1 • Valentine cookie's and [Were -served ffdnf a : lace-covered through the combined efforts of I It was announced that delegat* £ioth .decorated withjie&fis. Most- the Gray-Roberts unit of the Texas es to Panhandle Association meet-Asses' #ere Mmes.-Sottfile Whar- Slate Teachers Association and ing to be held in Amarillo 'on'ton, fiurk EmvIS an'd* .Mftfy dales, the Pampa. Classroom. Teachers April 25-26 are Mmes. Ona Gr&y, Association. Wie public is Invited. Bemlce L a d A, Bonnie Wlkr ' Keeping feet find ankles In tfim * , A graduate of Southern Melho-'ton, Hazelle Lockhart, fcula Kl I- Calls for a little attention*. It is Auxiliary Names Nominating Group Veterans of foreign Wftva Ladies Auxiliary met Tuesday evening In the home of Mrs. 0. F. :<reimeyer, 9t2 N. Gray. During the buslnr-ss meeting conducted by Mrs. Bill---Leonard, president, the Council of Clubs re-, port was given by Mrs. Leonard teacher and the most influential, Members voted the purchase of a he will ever know. No Institution student ticket from the Commtin- can help an adolescent accept masculine or feminine role with dlst University, she has continued Ilan, Lucille jher education through graduate --••—•—- Kesslnger, MelenSttnfortunale that most women t neg-' •'-—Ylfect their feet and develop pftlfiful of education, which are the home, church, and school. On the whole public schools are preparing our children for college. Students who take college board exams consistently make out better In more subjects thart private school youngsters With the same basic ability." "Mothers and Fathers," she continued, "are the child's first School Music in ies and reviews reveal careful re-'ever bathing, massage yoxir feet "(search and insight, and her crlt- and use a soothing cream on. them. Rotate each foot While silting down. This stimulates circulation and also trims the ankles, ff your skin tends to pop ; out breaks the childhood bond of de-'area. She occupies a unique po> 'fti. red swelling or pimples, Con in adolescent years. Jt is a good icisms are valid! bridge to genuine adulthood, be-| Her popularity ; as a lecturer,- In- cause the art of living in the world spirational speaker and book' re- with other people. Boarding school viewer has spread over a, WTd e ' pendence between parents and sition on the lecture plutform, 'a treating It 16 a mild soaping children and substitutes for it the she is In demand by both meri;Sf t1ieatrncnt - ^ fret start with ' ' bonds of independent friendship and women's groups. To her : ftU(ny' water and follow With' WStttl,; Wat- esteem and affection, which are audiences she brings freshness, er. Then wind up the cleansing the only bonds that can' properly enthusiasm, naturalness, 'and 'per-! process with a gentle, antiseptic hold adults together." Isonal charm. lotion. the confidence as well as the DMF OFFICERS — Serving as officers of the DMF Auxiliary this year are seated, left to right, Mrs. Carl D. Anderson, vice president; Mrs. Leon Brown, reporter; Mrs. Lee Casey, secretary-treasurer; and Mrs. Walter Murphy, president. Mrs. Nash, 72t N. West on Mar 3 at 9:30 a.m. Auxiliary Officers Education"Question Debated By P l esid l AtMe !? Speech Students For PTA Meeting ity Concert Ass'n for use of a student to attend the concert p r o- g ramg home. This is the time when the . ' , .. ... home has to perform the most del- A nominating committee was, " appointed to prepare a slate of of-. , h independence they ficcrs for election at the March 3 ^ and ycl ^ My thelr Unget f. meei £' iing need to have soneone else set Secret Pals were revealed andi rcasonable limits upon their be- gifts exchanged. New Pal names havior. for the coming year were drawn | -private schools sometimes cod- from red Valentines. i ^le th e child too much; also may Mrs. A. L. Smiley and M r s.'h so ] a t e him from his hometown. It Velma Tyler were welcomed as j s no t for the home or the school! guests. to do the whole job of education, j Refreshments were served dur-jbut for each to do that part of the ing the social hour from a table | task, which it Is best equipped to decorated with the Valentine mo-jdo. It must be a cooperative en- tif by Mrs. Krelmeyer assisted bylterprise with the home and school Mrs, Edna Chilwood. Members present were Mmes. .less Beard, George Bonhan, John sharing the responsibility." Mrs. L. L. Garren discussed "Why We Send Our Children Away j Pampa Junior High School PTA start screening students in the meeting washildon Thur-: seventh grade and those that are gday afternoon in the school'interested can go on and on. That auditorium opened with a devo-|is why Russia is ahead of us to- tional in song presented by Mrs. | day." Austin Ruddick. She sang "How: Miss Wells and Mr. McLelland Great Thou Art" accoumpaniecl we re on the affirmative for every, by Mrs. Karl Stephens at the pi- one getting an education, ano. I MJ SS Wells said, "Students with Gene Chance, junior high speech; lnc high IQ's do not necessarily teacher, was presented to t h e make the best citizens. In a dem- group by Mrs. R. A. Maok, pro-| ocra tic nation, our slogan is edu- gram chairman. Mr. Chance In- cation for all, just not a few. It troduoed four speech students, 'does not mean those with the Ruth Thornton, Billy Tucker, Nora highest IQ! It takes a good edu- Wells and Sammy McLelland, who j ca ted nation to be a good sensible debated the question, "Education, nation. Exclusive or Inclusive?" Miss Thornton and Mr. Tucker Mr. McLelland asked the ques- 'Who is to say who is the pre sented the negative solution j smartest sluc ient, anyway? "Who, for education with the theory that; ln Americai snould say who goes all high IQ students should receive] to col]ege? Our co n e ges are open- a college education with slow stu- ed to fl ,, of those who want to be "dents placed in factories or fields. , more cducaled and have a be tter Miss Thornton stated that t h e ufe for themselvca and tor ev ery- "smart children could go on and or)g ehould not be held back by those _'..... who aren't interested. Russia has' Dunns the business »e, sl on. con. Showed us with their satellite pro- ducte <« ^ , M™- J ~ "• Trotter ' gram, what education for t ' h e members voted to purchase one fmari'.TudenU can accomplish." ^"^ l ' rtet for the Community Mr. Tucker said that those who Concelt Assn. wanted to go on with their educa- A nominating committee, corn- tlon as they do in Russia, could posed of Cameron Marsh, chair- have a chance to study. We, in man, Mrs. Shirley Nichols, and America, could have genius, Just Mrs. Jim Connor, were named to as Russia does. In Russia, they prepare a slate ot officers for — - the new PTA year. Mrs. Leo Casey was hostess recently to the CMF Auxiliary of; Cities Service Gas Co. with Mrs. ! Carl Anderson/Jr, and Mrs. Leon Brown assisting. During the business meeting, •.conducted by Mrs. Walter Murphy, ipresident, the group voted not to I have monthly meetings during May, June, and July, due to the .vacation period. I The Valentine motif was carried jout In decorations and serving- I Mrs. Ray Cales was awarded the jdoor prize. 1 Other officers serving the auxiliary are Mrs. Carl D. Anderson Jr., vice president; Mrs. Leon Casey, secretary - treasures; and : Mrs. Leon Brown, reporter. ' It was announced that the next meeting will be a White Elephant party in the home of Mrs. Hupp Clark, Cities Service Camp, southeast of town. Members attending were Mmes. s Bob Brandon. Sandy McQuigg, W. H. Scherer, Ernie Mesneak, Red •Button, Dave Kerns, Clyde Martin, C. D. Anderson, Ray Cales, Walter Murphy. Ed Wiens, Cecil HendrickKon, H. H. Kessinger, the hostesses. j Brandon, Bennie Carter, FrankJTo School." "The boarding school, Hudgil, Bill Leonard, C. D. Ma- seems to be one of the best ways lone, Elijah Savage, D. A. Stuart, o f creating for the child a life Vernon Stuckey, Sannie Sullivan,'which ia wisely organized and Carl Wright, and Frank Yates. jguided by trained adults," Mrs.! The next meeting for the auxil-,Garren stated. "Boarding school! iary will be on Mar. 3 in th ejis for the average child one of the VFW Hall beginning at 8 p.m. at j best available answers to the prob-j which time officers will be elected, 'lem of mental and physical health' TRY A CLASSIFIED AD? Mrs. Walker Hostess To Finesse Bridge The executive board met preceding the general meeting with Mrs. Trotter presiding. Scrsta- CANADIAN (Spl) — The Finesse'ry's report was given by Mrs. R. bridge club met In E. J.'s Cafe A. Mack in the absence of Mrs. recently with Mrs. Glen Bill Walk-'Joe Wells, who is ill. Treasurer's er as hostess. 'report was given by Mrs. Shirley Attending were Mmes. Loren Nichols; City Council report by Blackmore, Boyd Huff, Frank Me- Mrs. Trotter. Mordie, Jr., Johnny McMordie,; Executive members attending Allen Webb, George Earl Tubb, were Mmes. Trotter, Nichols, R. Bill Mclntire. iK. Johnson, Mack, J. L. Hamil- Mrs. Mclntire Tallied high score Ion, and Cameron Marsh. for th« afternoon, Mrs. Blackmorej • •etond high and Mrs. Webb low. Head The News Classified Ails. Sometimes the go-getter seems to be very sorry that he got her. THIS IS A "MUST"! DON'T MISS THIS PRE-SPRING CLEARANCE! DRESSES Complete Close-Out On Fall and Winter Crepes-WooU-Rayons-Cottons $5 Sim 5 15, 10-80, Uy,-32>/, 29,95 Vdlue " * -$9 SUITS-FALL and SPRING V«lue« to $49,95 — $ 00 PURSES l*»(her f Suede f Wool Voluti to $10.95 $1-$3 ODDS 'N ENDS TABLE JEWeURY-FUOWERS 39c - 59c JACKETS t SKIRTS t BLOUSES $2- $4 ROBES $3 - $5 YQUB COTTON BLOUSES $1.49 in w. LA MAES AJO 4-7671 "SKIPPIES" by FORMFIT Beacuse you want a. neat trim figure — because you want a free and easy feeling . . . you'll want "Skippies" slimming panels front and back. %J 7.50 FORMFITS "Revel" Bra Holds, molds you front and forward. Gives natural bust line beauty. 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