Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 13, 1930 · Page 10
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 10

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 13, 1930
Page 10
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DECATUR HERALD DECATUR H E R A L D THE UDGE By PETER B. KYNE A TWO DAY STORY Start* Today onolu(hw Tomorrow Fiimou* Author* niti nrltn nhart #tnrit« for Hcruld. T*ro Dn and thn BnUcrfly Kid partnefM In Their wus (tnmbllUK, nnd thpy followed tho boom mlnln(,'-ciimpclrciiit, much and gathered some moan which ho knew from experience wsa evanescent. It WUH u quiet night In the tloldeit North; and Faro Dan, wholly wlth- the KnmhtlnK la«'« i.ui patronage, wan loaning over his ·were lax und often mxi-cxKetil. fnro-tablo. smoking, and idly watch- whllo tho -play wan hUdt and th" IHK four men dallying at tho Bulter- protlU In proportion to tlie, piny fly Kid's craps-lnble. At midnight Daniel dealt furo, and tlio Nutlet- Kimi un» saw tho Butterfly Kid fly alternated between dealing Bind: | y u w n . wlidi'li, grin at lib (iUMtomew Jack or proaldlnj,' ov*i n mips table | t;nrl way; "(lent*, I'm golntt to MA At tho time tho Incidents to liv a m - ] her tiji (or tho niyht, I'm tiled and rated occurred, tin- lo,ui of HIM l a - 1 need it rest Drop around tomorrow luck bors of those two excellent hillow*, nftprnoon lr you think youi- W«F In th (iol'lort Nor tit Snlooii I ntltt holdn dance-hall, In the now of Kmii|inxt, Alnsltn, Homo iftf fnlle-i iront fait water And the civlll- nation that flotul-i)iei in j i K l n p o l t * ' tlon to il. Chief of thi- Coldim N i n t h w.t- Xn til toon rtovoux, known tn Kani- pOHt (11 Catty, (Jntljr wins n (!"ll«'n ( ( t , j, |)tW( i a c | (th O V ( I , |,I H ]ltlll Wllt i«;j ovet to l-'aro DUE'S ta- lil». "Nollcf thut tall, sallow man, Dan' Tho fellow that nm'do ninn stitiiftht passes?" he queried. KIIKP Him nodded. "Bob Tandy?" "YTM. W(s]l. he's just too lucky. Me ilott't jilny i-cry lon(f. but he heartod wointm of forty; tho w o t K I vi-imts to rl«y foi the limit and hlgh- itnocked tlio CIHHCIM off If T i l let h i m ; whltf h« hus the *n! oho win dlKlllti^lfincd Otlty' 1 - dice, ho ciutnlnly collect* Dan, we nature made Knmpoit Mil Ideul n e t - i )uun H i!|i|)ortin' that checnnhco (or tinjc fw tier. Hhe, WIIM I n l c r - n i u n r ' n two wpi-kii My j;uei,a la that wololy In niaklng it f»i'tnne In a niifriit-o'-hiind performer an' around for a brief chat with Dan, whom she liked and respected, he unfolded to her the tale of hla partner's suspicions, "H« must have tho loaded dice in his pocket now," Catty reflected, "I'd like a look at them," sulil Faro Ban; and Cutty nodded and ·walked away. Half tin houf later uh» had tho Biiupected one In a box buying her wine, and aha rolled her eyes at him Finally he asked her for a klsti The coy Catty \vns willing. but wished to make It ti sporting event. Kho said her kisses worn worth at least five dollars each, but she would roll him the dice, one flap, odd or" even, one Ulss against his Jo I laid, Tandy grinned, tho O»lden N o r t h , when *h« had Uiat he Introduce!) his own dk'u Into made II. Mho witi gdlnt; hiu-lt to the my Kiimf-," Stains whcio nobody Knew h r i , am! | "Ttih in vci loua." naUl Faro Dan tie very re»poi'tF»Me. There WFM :i headlv "['l| look Into li." EI« cild--very thoroughly within the' reanon for this, of c m i i ' thftt mnn nci*tpted · daughter whom n Indv. 1*4 thK holy. She- luul hour lit liacl observed that the i nt (ni .tolinny-eouic-lately In question had, In l' 1 ni-f Hun's own terminology, been around Catty Devoux tin* opportunity offered, InujcuiiKC. he tiad |Ko, wheii presently Catty drifted K»ro linn w(i« dccplv In lnvi- wl;h C«tt,v, Mil hrip^lrmly Hi' tnnnhniid ' whcnovet Means tf Octtihnr (he htfM "MNItA" 14th l.i for you on Hilf Yulir Wi Utiliiy Hiiil-. often woi lit »vir- urn from It u 3-!W p m, l» I in to norm, f i o t n W !' tu and tt In u n f o r t u n a t e tliat you have i\ich a poor Hen*n ot humor--you can ,'i)ok-Eilly bi'iir mtiHt Ri-lefs without fllnriilnpr. hut you can seldom chost! odd, pioduced his dice and rolled a seven Catty gathered the dice, cupped thorn In her lovely white hands, talked to thorn, broath- od on thorn--and rolled IL pair of slxea. "Five dollars, please." she said, and handed him hack the dice. Abruptly sho left him, went Into her office and sent for Faro Pan; sl- lontly she handed him two green dico with which Daniel rolled four Kcvcnn and three elevens without etopping. "They arc tucky, ain't they?" ho murmured, anl rolled them half a dozen tlmta mote, always turning up «, seven or an eleven. "Keep them," Catty suggested "He doesn't know the dice I gavo him In cxcliange uro honest, so you mtiy gel youi- need back." Tfte following night Tandy again fuvoted the Buttcrtly Kid with his patronage; und trusting not wisely but too welllln his dice, he lost a five hundred dollar bet lo Die Butterfly, Well, oven trained dice will occasionally disappoint their owner, so Tandy, nothing daunted, pyramided his tret--and lost again And just than Catty Devoux tupped him on the shoulder. "Your room's moru I lies liable than your company, Tan-' \ dy," she told him In a voice Hint nil I might hear, "Get out of my house imd stay out" So Tandy viimosed, und In the ii]ulutude of his cabin TMt down lo flgiue it out Not being unintelligent lie cume presently, to the realisa- tion that Catty hnd changed dice on him the night befoie, and In his wolfish floul there suited a yeaming Lo be avenged on the woman. Now, the fact that Catty hail n dauglitoi In a sclocl finishing -jcliool In New York was common knowl- | edge In Knmpost Tindy ascotnined i Iho name of the school Catty's daughter attended in New York city. Thereupon ho wroto hei, Informing her ttmt her mother WJH III of tub^r- culoslv and that It she wished to sec her alive, she should come to Kam- l m. to U p m The dnnifof po nrc from (1 30 a. m. to V a. m at them. Your moral codes are very An explanation 1* naecMary here, i and kluicd him Rood by Thn sir! had t«teRraphed' h«d been such « Kood MM to h*r mother, via Juntau, a few days after leaving Nuw York, thkt her tltoUKtf, und nlnit HDfli n diMir, ShB tij Kill nlm'lu ^i, Pan, I've hud to ·,, !,.,,,,, ui_ j_ ,,,, , aml k.± ," ' Z7f rirt hill ' y1 "* ll " lll » 1 Uoft - « l)f * ' f c ' t'» «i-t sho w»* en rout* to Knmpont. The effect upon Catty had boen terrible-,! H(M!k | n KaiHpoiil h* called For the first time tn h«r Hfe (the noc, llumby, "Mow 1 * Tandy / 11) in ted; and upon iii[ilninK non along?" he queried, flcioiiHntH* Nhc founit hcrnelf In Faro Dan's ni'im. She had hanled )''»ro Dan the telegram; and Faro Dan bvinK a man of great In ill nil ve »nil InHtantancouti di^lolon, Mild; "Iton'l worry. Cully. I'll go down anil meet lltu Ntctmct' tind »hw her laek where nh« came from," He found the girl pncklnK a Kuii- ( case in her cabin, lie mood ouiBld« rlK ' ro '* tt " Hl " «aid fare ftj, oti deck, und lifted hl« hat. "Mlrto' f f t d wc " 1 ovet ' to ll)b f JwW*n K«itt Horcncii Ui-voux, I believe," he m u m - ' w "» - ut 'y "^ n»WV fwmlt M hi, bled. rcccnl nxpoditlon down-rlvir, "WWch She (urni'd "Thut'n my n»mn, x "flacked tlic cunln on you (Oibw sii-. Who mi! you 1 *" i f t t 1 p Catty," he concluded. "I ^ "A friend of your mother'u, Minn; (t°t what you'd call an alert inui. j--" ( itiutlon, und I told h«r you wu3. "Oh. how stupid of )))·, You're'Wady on your wuy out, So now m Mr. Tandy, «f cciurftc," «ot to (jult »n' go out on tin ^ On the mutant Faro Own tietwt-t »l**«i« to rnak» (rood on my I| ( ." «d un odor ot rat, but hl» face hud I "t')| quit," Catly aifrerd, "I Hnt never been more tmpasBtve a« he re»| risk ihU life any ' piled: "You were expecting Mr Tandy, of course." 'Yen, rather. Tn answering bin "If* lime to quit a boom camp while the rtoln'it good, "Did you find out what Flor«nce to wm* here!" tie nodded tmd loM linr, U happen a$ain." hn letter telling mo of Mother'* nerloun Illinois, I asked him to arrange transportation for m« from the iteuner landing to Knmiwut, «nd Mprewcd j It dMB . L Art( , r ,.,,,,,,., c tho hop* that ho would meet me, hl» oabln to take the «un tn Oil |« here. i of his woodpile, Knro Dun "So he Informed me.' rare Dan before him "Tlml low-dw lied glibly. "UnfortunalcJy l i n ' ^ j o ' yourn to breelt cwty been took down with pneumony o'lheatt, »n' ithume h«r »*' tho lungi. no I come down to save ,,,,,. ,,,,. |)1}r , Jlll|f . hlJ1| you thf trip up. Then, ain't no wo ,,,,,.),,,,.,,,,_ Ttindv . ,,,,' H goln' further, Mis* Florence, beenutu- ·\'. lr ,,\, i,,|. n *,i ,i,,. ^ .. . . ·- * . ... i .UHJ3 iijp n^u i nf h r . . . - _, ,. your mother'* Ifft Kumpoiti j vory tit " Jink's and J u i y an' aw lofi in l{nm)jont, : ih.u mo,,,,.. MiTM Florae,, «o yaw w ''""! n !'^' 'j' V'"' ! )y * vry * Mt " mother finally d*w we WHN right W o l h 1 n Wllw - li(W "' ·ttxiut it and soH out "I'm disappointed ni I'*UI-K«. M r - " "Simnmnh in niv mini", Minn K1'»- fnce Dnn Slmmonn," ·'--Bui BO «lad you prevailed upon her to leiivis Alaska before h n r hculth WBM loo far unil:rmln*d, Hut wlmi hi\11 T do?" (he nit'l dem»ndi l d, Hh" wno v*»rv IOM; to IOBDI ··Buy B r-turn tlekot ba^k iw Knv automatic ptnlo) no longfr ihsh Ynrtt And mill th*rc for your motln'i- 'l«rr!njt*i-. Horn his wrt |o;k«l ml to arrive Maybe nhc'll'lav over fit *'»t N' 1 Tmdy 'M]).ti)y Iwlwwn lh .touUiPiii California a spell to RH rlJ l»l'«i'» shiny "\v- T»"n li* w»llifi! of her m on chilis an' flotdi up » lit- m'dainly h.icit to town i],i ·· AM (!oon ax Kaio D-m nvrlvenl. Cst- ·13utl T haven't i-nrniaJi inonry t u '' D'-voux cent her bourtfor t« 111 'T iv»n'i ii'U)il you," Koro Din tit. eliliMl "1 iiln'i niwli on lnw, Twrti, hul I'm lietl on jiimlrn; an' Hi tin di-elnloi n' t h i n courl thiii jwi' n.iiiinj It) ly !i(||"i un' li'« U| trt i(n /Help' Murder;" Tnndy «i,ifM»«; Thejflupon Fnro I»n drew t until "1 ain't iiuieli on liuv, Tandy, hut I'm lirll un jnslluc; mill post before the river frovop anil th« deep snows and bHj:/jn'dA In t h e ' him she would stait wilhiti a wec!c,| r fhe day before Tandy win tn And Ih a.,U"l In be Kltlrtl." and from 2 p. ra to 9 p m- '·'Irkt otirt, and you judge haiahly Antrotn«lenl Infliu-llccH tin thin d i t t e j t l i o i o who brriife them--to you there ·will (itulttfy y p u r liiltlnllve, nnljEii'C no extenuating e 1 re n mi lances. It tlnmpnn your spirit i. Seek cnmpiin-ils pioliable that you will gain toler- ton«hl| Hint f!ii'i' ui'tlvllhw. You|atieo find foibeatance tliroilRh somo irlll hf mw« pleased will) tbi) world very lilttt-r i;xpetience.i whleh wllll nml hid wife durlnt; (he tivi-nlm;iconw Into youi life. Some of your hours, when them will be n duirw Iriiown chic-ketm will romc home to the trenornl wmrntitwrc I""*" Von are somewhat ot a 'Hit. oh!l! boin on ( l i t O K.lwr Nt hut you Ore quicker to S« 11th will resent n bi-uvy fulhrv oi than ttood , . . , , . . mother alllliuin or ft -htm-w. h u t 1 Tn ijilti- nf your determined will, will have n reriHonlriK mltnl, »nd will «'« '"/ Tt«ve.r betray n trittit «r prMli-Ke glv- t-n In |tn'»l '«'tli. It will luivc dp- rlded tnlentw and will he able to work rcfiiilrlnir nn juiFilytleal . . . , Ihoujtli mtift of your worries are K[oleHt[Ucly exaRBoratod. Your mountains cut Knnipoat off tor thr- winter, His plan worked The jrtrt wli-ed f r o m . and uskod him to iiwct hpr at thi leave Kamposl, In- came down with head of mwlgalion anil a r i n n g p toi-'n light allack of pneumonia and of dny tlic sltTinitr Di'VOUX, t It'll U]) fit 1 nnAlQntlon, Karn n.m buy my ikltci." "I'll adcanct* n n 1 wlicn v,u meet your iriotlu*), you tell hev abdiii It sin' fhi*'ll send nip a eln;rlt" Miluit At parting the Kid did BOiwiihlnKi h"ul thrlll'd un ili'inbari inc'd Mr ( ''le to )nw hcf of. T-imed S trnnspoitallon thence of Knni|)0f( ' m l f w d the Mcnmcr Imumi dowin ]\'fr nbnitrO won I t" Hi" ".I'J ; c Wn She put hrr almoat lo the ]Mllnt of (earn nround Mft neck · [ii' Jl.inibv t i n m d Tutitiy Diit h Ills woo'lplle t i l l ' uiieincnn." "1 reckoned IV- would Csttv' 1 "j)"c . *j\ x hn Uifnlt^ jou 4id it Dan" "nmlud. '"" «« c » the doctors rail a con- · · »i j j imrtglnalre." You He Needed ^ur hoalth, you , -wily jtlvo up whan you In I You ar« In nxwl i»«|.fcl» ft v.n' M i n n t f mtnled nnd dHi-nulnul hrligt, ·nd you pvefdr to "imddle yam own snoei-isfiil I'imple Born Oft 14 oanoo," and If po'ifdhle to msH I n , l .\villlnm Pcnn, founder of Pi-no- thp navigation of othei-M In w h o n ' l w l v n n l t i you ar(i Ho«ilv Inlcmlwl tt li 2 .p,. Mt( , t , KlnK, senator mo»t difficult fur you to keep H l l e n t , a .,n linl(1 n ltn tlnf.'ton, when you Know that you eun Klvp 1 4 -- Ifimci O'Ntill, actor, ·omo tltxtely (ulvlcti. tutt the yeni't r , V [elcn Mnltlnnil Armatronjt. ar- wlll show you that It In tmmlly wliev ( l , to k«er your own i-ounutl. You tnld- youi 1 Job, whatever It may lie. v c t v fl(irlmi«lF, nnd woo bi- It tv h i m , vvlio Intfirferes with Its psccutlon When Duty call*, you mwwi-r nnd ohev ,vni(itiitu« Sarjronf, Eng- HMO, Tho 1MI Ine.) JANE AR /-* IMAN rN T fiWCHES WORTH t - - - ~ If A Wit i!i:iT »)· HOW UNt'1,1- WIGG Wiggll noni till)! bin lit"' 1 '* 'iff ' rnliblt gonllrn Html title! liU I H I l f Imnnv h piny I tiff nli. nit "I Ihtnk It 1 them will jiivi Mild rnrlo Wi /m» till hu^y not at" 1 ni*. O SD On etc V ·way. He w BomPthlnR in hojwd to Imvp time* Mr. Lon Bind to take a venturing wll «rnntfd la be "For I musi »et lo tlie ^ IvOnKtnr» as I I had a lot oi th*y would t WlRftlly did r hoped to fln why h« mu«t But we shall All o[ a si tag »lonic the *nd was almr By J. Millar Watt TAILSPIN TOMMY L KV HOPPER OF WORtDWAR AHD IN HIS EVE5 TOMMV CAN oo NO WRONG! NKKMMIE OF TAILSPIN TOMW KEETER* OILLWAN, TOHMV15 FUNNV FRECKLED Bomooo , PAL FROM . LITTLE vi LLE : By Glenn Chaffin and Hal Forrest onmr won its wmes AT JWD ALTHOUGH MS AERIAL ADVENTURES TAKEN HIM TO MM*/ FAR PUCtS HE 5TILL CONSIDERS TT W5 HOME "What fibhlt. "1 am poll b ^f* n · * r THRU-PO*HT UMCS, GBCATFUER AHO BOSS! tnnklng niir* yon Sherlock Holmes "Oh, now ' In tilth eft (in or n b*e "Thn,t Silver Blaze, a Missing Race Horse or anyl * » ·»«· dont *m »n. I iJnH h«v* to ««," Hdnm r Km. Th* horn WM t»Mt Wtb VMF, M Ih* prim ·* th* turf **ht*(»rtw»*t* wiwf.' R*H. U t* Ih* ttm* *f t*w «i*P- *ion ! hid b*«i m* gp by our _ M**),onktob*9l»K«d«wMdtMMdM«*c*m»r, * IM* pwttcrty **0 (bMt whit tw »*i toMdma. Tk*r« wit fit on* proW*m b*(w* th* public to chit**** Wt powwt--rt« tinoulir dl«*ppMr*AM «t S»»«* MH», th* (·vent* f*f th* W*M*I Cup, *nd th* triie mw*i *f iH at »· ut down to br**H*it en» morrrina. "6ol WHwto?" For · whet* d*y my esmptnton h*d r«nbl*d ibout th* room wllh hi chid ypon hii eh»tt «nd nil farew* btiHcd, chwqinq end rechtrqlnq hit pip* with th* itronqttt black *ob*«o, *nd abiohittly d**f t* ny of my ·MT«M*. Sfc.f «*» f v * . .v*rit» IM Ih* w*ti*» Cup, th* b*t*t*« *nd. turning iwljrht to the snw 'Ba)y Bu him, "Ho! Ho: lltll* orp tft run awny t enw yo Ho!" "Ye* hire Bfthy Bunty,' ·fimtehfng h! »lth the tip "Ar» there a "No, v m F "Mny yoti Come" I wnuidnt 111 nlen come al By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle "To 0*rtmoor; l» Kiri9*» Ptftnt." I w*i not wrpriwd. My only wondvr w» h* h*d net M*n rnnwl up *)r«»dy in thk et|t*ardiniry CM*, which v*i * ^·Y*^Tfrlh -I H *--*T"f|^ VSPAPERflflCHIVE*.

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