Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 24, 1941 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 24, 1941
Page 4
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JTERLINQ DAILY GAZETTE. 8TBBLINQ. ILLINOIS Sterling Daily Gazette IBM P. F. Orandon. General Manager D. W. Grandon. Associate Turn to comif p«Re for (subscription ratfj and othrr c'-»*.«ifird inform a - tion rfll*rdlng The Sterling Qtwtt* 'of the adrnmlxtratiTii pay roller* 'hunt fta to thtSr job*. Mr. Warren 1 * report giv** a tmieh to th* other*-!** wxmd <»Rrri?ndftt!ori of fh* ^ policiw corn'mltt/"* that both th* NYA and CCC bs> dl'roritirmrd a* *oon as they finish their prf«rnt tiffpn'-f training program*. Th? f-d- uc«tr>rs apparently haw fArRotfn th* lim* 1 honored slogan of \Vn-h- jobholder.*— i/ a- and non? re* ism. A Splandid Achitvsmtnt J. A. Twardock and his vocational agricultural boys of Sterling high school are to be congratulated. For the third time in three years the Sterling high school vocational ag department has won national championships at the Kansas City stock show. This year's meat Judging team Is the second from here to walk off with championship honori; in 1939, both the meat and the milk judging team made a clean sweep of national honors. In the vernacular, Mr. Twar- dock "must have something on the ball" when he can consistently coach national championship teams. As for state honor*, they are^ so common to the boya of the vocational ag department that they are hardly mentioned. This year Sterling furnished both the meat and milk teams which *i the atat« of Illinois sent to the show. Incidentally the milk team finished fourth, with only Mven points separating it from the winners. This In Itself is not ft -small-feat. From Our Readers ECLIPSE NOT INVOLVED Stfrlinir, 111 . Oct. 23, 1B4I. Editor Daily G«W.f: Th? Gftrftt* of Ortohfr 22 tarried »n AP dispatch citing »n orri»r of- th? fedtrftl trade commission ftirain*t several lawn mowr r companies for price mRintfnaru-p. etc. Your ptper »in?lM out the sp!r*ry" and the Krllp** people, were ywir friend*, are »nMtjed to * word In their o^n behalf. *fnr%y<v.i Friday, October 24. 1&41 tiffieta h Staffing Ofurelw* lnform»Mor! without verifies:!mv I In th* hi\;/> e«ele NRA navs thf j group nriranirailoni fr>r ;r!rp<v-<" of i' n * FXip'* from r mmd r>r!rf> mxnv o'h • irn WEST JORDAN LUTHERAN iTuewlay. Choir rehear**! Thursday *rhoo! *: fi-30 R. m. Mom- (evening *t 7:3*. Catechetical els** p st 10-30. R*v. P. C. Boy-1 Saturday morning ! Doermann, pa.«tor. at 9:30. O. H. h*- the time nT*" 1 . '• ary R««<vja'i'~>n nrrnb' 1 ; a: tradf-in i~'H:v ' Of FAST JORDAN U. B. p-mdny r r ^;, 5:30 ft. m. sndcr Anderson, sl'.rin jr,'--?* and Morning worship at IO:4S. Alex- had no part in it and on its o^ n »•«' company of Prophetstowrt in the first sentence. Th* writer Is acquainted with the REFORMED ME'NNONITF iiK-'een'.h avenue and Third !p at 10 30. i not ::r>rn choirei during ' compnr.vs name was ir.r. thr crrvior.. !r;t was gu;!' nested nzrffment " We don : kno*.( about no !v:; ^ p do fee; ihaf facts po--<r:->> should be f r." NRA .inM in y oi no 'SACRED HEART HiKh ina<* ar.d Benediction «t 8 FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST SCIENTIST Church edifice, 503 First avenue Sunday w»n-ip« at 10:^ *. m. Subject, "Probation After Death." Sun- ,«chwl at 9:30. Werine«riay evening ; testimonial meetinjt *t 8. In connection with the church edifice a free reading room Is maintained. The room is open from 2 to 4 p. m. where the. Bible «nd all Christian 'Science literature, including the ef Decatiir, Hi., our eeri- aup«r!At«na«tit «lll h* with us Sunday. KCT. S. an ST. JOHN'S LUTHERAN Rev. Albert H. Keck, jr., pastor; Dr. R C, Harris, ptstor « The Sunday nchool meet* at 9;,10 in all department*. The Chief KT- Vire beeins at 10 40. 'The Bondage of Freedom." M.-I!! he the «ermon for this Reformation Sun- r.inf »t 7:30 Joint Junior and ritor Walther Leftrus meetlr.f Thur*- ev*ntnf at 8. day evening a?. S. club Fri- You »r» eii.urch. The R*rv» th« Week with a to vrjrs wrvice. with us at, the 11 o clock 7: 30 p. m S. C. 8. will «!>- f Pruyer tnd S*Jf- b*finuinf *l is * puhiifi meeting FOURTH STRRET METHODIflT Rev. Albion J. Tfivenner. minister. Missionarv Sunday will he obr-erved Sundav at. 10:40 a. m. The m«'or will preach on the subject • KO Othrr ' There Name" The choir wi'll sir.? "H»ar b» *nt!-.*rr.« bv borh I My Prav*r." i8cholin>. ';nr!f: the rhoirv The High Sr.hoO] Luther I-'azu* meet* *i B for a plr:-,ic aup- JT and round tab>. Voun? wo- ' mission atudv c!«.»< merts direct |f-n of Mrs. Kari*' Pa 1 . and all are Invited t-o attend. Tuw- day. 7:30 p. m., the C. I. C. meet* at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Duftnl Wolf. 413 Eijrhth avenue. Wednesday. 7:?0 p m . rhoir practice In rh-nrrh. guest «o'fOi<t, w; the worship service also Monday at ;he c:r.;rfr.. Con- a m L/i7* st 10. Week day ms-'f.s at 7 8. m. Rev. M B. Kmg, especially an odor. circumstances of thin -alleged con-1 react lor. < thr story miBh: 'eme. It certain! 1 .- may haxe its' Albert F Browne. | SERIAL STORY MURDER IN PARADISE By Marguerite Gahagan COPYRIGHT. IM1 NBA 8ERVICX. INC FREE METHODIST Avenue K and West Seventh Rev U. p Jones, pastor. schoo!, (MS ». m. Morning worship. 1045. cia.'.s meeting, 12 noon. Evening worship at 7:30. f^enre Brotherhood banq-irt fit __ _ _ ^ „. n .._ Freeport Monday evenint. Young quarterly, may b* read or" DorrtwecT. MarriPd p ™Pie'* Halloween party i «t the church Tuesday evening Con- C Ri«. rr,'-7.7n i Kinder i. at .0:30 « Mrs F. orjanist, will piav <I)r'h!cn. and • p THE STORY: The tract*? of two murder* at Paradise Lake hat renewed the romance between ftcho«J teacher Mary O'Connor, va- catiotilnf there with her mother, Handle, and reporter Denni* nynn, "Jeanie. you mustn't feel that way. It's just your nerves. You imagine a lot of this. People.don't feel thai jou had anything to do 6T MARY Masses Sunday at c, 7:30, 9 and 11 ft. m. Confessions will be heard *t the regular hour, Rt. Rev. A. J. Burns. V G, L. 8. T. pastor; fUy. J. T. Smith, assistant potor. FIRST OPEN BIBLE CHURCH Located at 306 Fifth avenue. BETHEL REFORMED Lorated at the comer of Fifteenth • * street and Second avenue R. W Vnncic Bunte *hip at 8.30. of " I A V . 1 *' !.• 111. A-llCIl*iiH _ ~ • worship at 7:30. Subject. "Running Jlinlo ' - r ™r rehearses at Tnp chui'-li «rh'*n; rr.'e:<; « m. with Russei Meidorf, superintendent. The Oxford club will meet at s 30 p m The Men's rlub w" fe:ence MlMtonary Socie'y meeting! Sundav. Dixon Tuesday evening. Senior Monday evening sue! ih« rehearsal and Troo;> 90 Boy i be in charge of the newlv ' of- in Wf ohurrh and friends, to mce: tl-.e Rpv- With God." You are invited to '. corril *Hv invite you to worship andjerend Albion J. Ta'vrnner arid nB , B " sle ' tlnR "' I*" tor 8un come to the church where a welcome j *' ork Wltn awaits you. Announcements: Wed-j „,„,_.._. nesday. 7:30. consistory meeting, j SECOND AVENtTE LUTHERAN Thursday. 7:30. prayer meeting. 6at- <Miss»url Bynod> urday, 1:30, Bible school. :am- Tenth street. Elder Mueller, pastor, r 910 Second avenue, phone 676. Chester M. Irwin, minister. Bible 'Announcement* for Holy Coin- school at 9:30 a. m. i A class for everv , munlon received in the parish hall PRESBYTERIAN Corner of Second avenue and East , , n , wlth her death. Why should they?-' -' , sch001 *' 9:3 ° a - m -. ..... -- ^ -------- ....... , ..... , "Oh. I don't know. Except that 7°'' yl l lp - 10:4S "OvercomerV meet- nt d«wn fr«m the city to rover the even-on* knows we had quarreled ^ for yaung tnd old » l 9:15 P- m ----- ... , ------ ..... - q «a . . student and a teacher for every • tnls afternoon from 3 to 5 and this , class). Morning worship at IQ'45 ifvfnln «t from 7 to 9 Religious in- Morning sermon, "Heaven Come Near" struct Ion lor all children Saturday Year after yew Sterling is showing the nation how to develop winning teams. When the local boys don't win, they are always found close to the top, We modestly admit that this section Is the garden spot of the world insofar as high class farms are concerned, but it takes spme- thinff more than good soil to consistently turn out;such t«anu M are going to the national from Sterling. •tory. B«t that doean't make thing* easier tar Jeanle Morris, whose stern, atriet .a«nt, Miss Mlllir, has been beaten to death; for Tod Palmer, local editor who it in love with Jeanle; for Liu Holme*, Miss Mil- He's maid; for Chrii Gordon, elderly Innkeeper, whoee business has 7:30 p. PEKROSE UNITED BRETHREN over Herbert Cord. People knew she didn't want me to see him, or go places with him, and that I'd Just Ignored her. They saw how- she looked when nil those things came out at the inquest about ins -™ being a gambler. They could see > The , attend * n « goal Is 41. Special she was simply disgusted that v'' " """'•" " ' " lu -" should have permitted our name I . Nursery for small children. 8}>ecial R , ftcrnoon Irom 1:30-3:30. Holy music includes both solo and anthem Communion will be celebrated at the Sunday school at 10. sen-ice at ll. Ser- Purpose of Christ's numbers. Christian Endeavor. «, 8:45 s « rTlc »p. m. Tuesday. National Missions ' Re({ultr Institute, auspices Rock River Pres- mon: " >Tn « > B-(Kii«. ..i n j *««niuie, nuspiies rujcn niver ires- "~ «"-HV^ vi isiuwia Eiblng.paMor. Sunday i bytcy beginning at 3 p m., with Descent Mo Hell." I Peter 3:18-20. " • - d "- •""• 1 - recitations and a talk will tures of th scrvlrr Thc com Herbert Cord. ford uTbV" dragged ''inuTsudi Tn affair munlly U lnvlt * d to nttfnd hail carried OH » summer fiirU- Uen with Jeanle for tw« yeara, and thii year eMbarratsed her by brinjlttf Margie Dlxow to P»ra- di»e Lake iu hit fiancee. Police •uspcct gnngiier Stash Verettl of the crlmt. Mandle dlaooverc4 both bodle*. Mcms to know more about than ihe It rvrealinf. It Is not .alone in winning championships that the out- •Unding ability of the Sterling high, school vocational agrlculr turai department lies. Because . of th« training theM boy* recaivt there, this li becoming a better farming community. Each year "Wi mr» developing better dairy birds, better iwinc. better chick- «u and bttUr crop*. And, as the year* pau, we will »ee more of the aplendld work that 1* being ''' th* Whe» • laU Ik* wbln ah* and Mary o«. CB|»y, Otnnie return* hHtlly from the city. -------- "But we hadn't had any fights over him. Tod. She said what'she! FIRST CHRISTIAN WHAT I HEARD CHAPTER XVII time certainly didn't drag that day, probably became Denny had to l««v« late that afternoon. He'd checked with the state police and returned with the news that! "But I think we understood one they were still getting nowhere as [another pretty well. And we loved jar a«' ui« Moms slaylni was con- one another, too Rut. n*nnin H« cemtd. :Th««f boy* will *v«ntualJy own farm* at their own. Thty will bt able to put into practice the iey-hi^leiraedr~The1r »lr-that contacts'with the young farmer* of-other states and land* —for lifer* were boy* pWsent from Hawaii, Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippine*—have broadened them, given thtm a better outlook on life. We didn't have much time together, but I could see that his visit had lifted Maudie's spirits, •he had that knowing look In her thought - in that bitter, ironirai i_. s " on ^ * veB "* el' Blxlh ".itreel way or hers - and I did as j. Ctoude E. Cummins, minuter. Sun- pleased. The night he — he was!, y " 8Ch001 T lth *™ A * d worship and killed and we had had the scene I ^ sl , n I5 Uon by den «rtmcnU at 9:<~ In the inn — the night vou said I if* ^ e ' Ku r>erlnitndent. Mori was with you. Tod — i saw her g worshl P and Lord's Supper each walking home through Echo Orove. Sund *>' « l 10: * 5 »• m WEST STERLING MISSION CHURCH Grlswold avtnus. Bundey echool at U a m. Regular preachln« Mr- vices Sunday evening at 7. Qospel songs. Bible study claw every Tuee- day evening at 7:30. Special Invl- ution to all having no church borne/ Bishop O. Q. Lapp, pastor. CHURCH OP THE NAZARENK Corner of Thirteenth avenue and Fifth street. J. w. Silver*, pestor. atrmnfer break* It was while I was sitting there In the woods trying to stop crying after Herbert left me. "I-wag so surprised because --I've never known her to be out walking at that time of night. But I didn't dare stop her. fine would have wanted to know why I was there, and so I just waited until she had time to reach home and then I followed along. slaying was con- one another, too. But people stare at me. I know that they're wondering If I—" "Don't say it, Jeanic darling." • • • They were ao close to shore now CONGREGATIONAL Second avenue and Fourth street. duce members to the new order of service in the evening at 7:30. Sunday school teaching staff Tuesday R. Norris Wilson, minister. Church ;CV>nin * * l 7:3 °- Lecture on Chris- j Further information may be supplied by calling Mr? George Schuncman or Mrs. C N. Timmons Wednesday evening at 7 30 rhr junior choir rehearsal under thr direction of Mrs. RORCOC Eades. The annual dinner of the Woman's Society of Christian service will be held Thursday, Nov. 6. FIRST METHODIST Broadway and Fifth street Harold E. Olson, minister. Church school. 9:30 a. m. Classes for all BRPS. Lro Blair, superintendent. Divine Worship service. 10:«o a. m. Annual Missionary Sundav The choir will render. "I will Magnify Ther." by Vail, under thr direction of Cloyd Myers with Miss Ethel Blair at the organ. Thc pastor will speak on the topic, "Apology For The Church!" An offering will be re- , _ _.. ( ceived. The Methodist Youth Fcl- school at 9:45. Morning worship, "an Fundamentals Wednesday eve- lowship meets at 6 p m at the 10:45. The sermon, 'The Spiritual I— Prelude to Life's Action." Quest | preacher, Dr. Ernest Graham, Guthrte. general director of the Chicago Congregational union. The baptism of children will be a part pre of the service. The Chester League will assemble at the church at 4:30 to go to Slnnisslppl perk for a' steak tupper. Thursday evening, Oct. 30, church family supper and pre-annual meeting at the church *t 6:30. GRACE EPISCOPAL Twentieth Sunday after Trinity. Holy Communion at I a. m. Church school et »;30 a. m Holy Eucharist end sermon at P:30 «. m. Children of the primary department meet In the parish hall during the 9:30 Thursday the W. 8. C. S. will b* held st Princeton. All who plan to gfi. ple*<» nnufy Mrs. H. E. Olson not !*t^r th*n Wednesday noon. The. Brotsd- wnv Men s club meet* Thurtda" nieht at the church for an oyster s;ipprr and business meeting. AH men invited. TRINITY EVANGELICAL Corner of Fifth avenue and Third street. John R. Bouldln, peotor fill Fifth avenue, phont 1BWJ. Welcome to Trinity church where the message of the changeless Chrirt is preached to «n ever changing world. Sunday school, 9:30 a. m. with classes for all age.*. Abram Hey, superintendent. You will find help for facing the daily struggle of life in one of our Bible study classes Divine worship, 10:30. The choir will sing. The pastor will *p**k on "For Christ and His Kingdom Now:* Trnlteers meet for supper, devotions, fellowship, 5 30 p. m. Prayer service, in charge of the class leader, 7:10 p m. followed by "The, Evangel Hour." at 7:30. All are Invited to this service of evangelism, song and prayer. Notes for the week: Are* Brotherhood meeting, Monday. 7:33 p. m.. Grace Evangelical e'hurth. Dlxon. Wednesday, Women's Guild monthly meeting. 2:15. hom* of Mrs- Mary Harshman. Wednesday, T p. m.. the Trlnlteers will have a Hallowe'en party at the church. Thursday, 7:16 p. m., the Thursday Fellowship will meet, followed by choir practice. On Sunday, Nov. X Prof. P. E. Keen, of the Evangelical Theological Seminary, NapervUle, will preach at both morning and evening services. •Rllla" are very small brook*. T. Shoffner, superintendent. Class- mass. Sunday at 7:30 p. m. the be es for nil ages. Word with us. Come, study God's Morning' worship tyes ( an_d.when tt was._<tm«_.for. him; that it didn't seem-possible they p ' "' p ?^ « to leave sh* kistad him on the'couldn't see me there sitting on the evenlllg at 7:50 ' at 10:45. Evangelistic service at 7:30 meeting Wednesday cheek and then pushed the two of us to the back door. "It's a relief to see you two making calf-eyes at each other Plain. I. hope, Denny Flynn, that you 11 , use eome of that Irish charm this time and save Mary from a life M an old maid school teacher." Romance was definitely in the in fact, it carrt«r To Roy Mellott, Keith Well*, Ted Beheld m. Leo Megli,*Rus- etll Koiter, Vanum Pysr and Dtejfht Stewnberf , pine* M con- fratulatlon*. And to J. A. twar- ___ possible, congratulations, likewise. . The school, th* city and the community have Just reason for feellni proud of your achievements. Voict Of Tht Press DIE AVO NONE KE6IGN (Chicago Tribune) 'People who wonder why their tax burdens are not being eased by -trtmminr. the nondefenie ectivitle* Into which the Rooeevelt edmlntatre- tign continue* to pour billions of -d*|lere~fthoul4 read Controller Oen- l Lindsay 9. Warren's report to irew on his audit of the* N*7- Uonal Youth administration. Head of UM NYA ie Aubrey wu. over into the evening. I went out for a walk after dinner and ended up on the pier to watch th* moon rise over the lake. I could aee a boat down near the Mom* dock and I hoped Jeaoie wae able to get > little portion of pleasure out of the night, too. The boat drifted •lowly down my way and I could fee a man and a girl sitting In it. They coyldnt have noticed how eio»e they were coming to shore or how? their lowered voices carried in the atillneu, but I could tell they were Jeanle and Tod Pal- sitting on the dock, but they were too engrossed to even see the moon, "I don't supi>ose people mean to be unkind. ••They're just curious," she said. "Like Mrs. O'Connor." I nearly fell in the water at that one. What had Maudie done now. I wondered. Tod wondered, too, for he asked Jeanie and she explained. CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN Kenneth C. Becntel. minister, c: .rch school at 10 a. m. Henry J. Brubaker, superintendent Morning worship at 11. Sermon subject: "How to Lead a Christian Lift." The public and members are Invited to attend these services. Rev. Fr, Norman Burke, rector of St. Luke's church, Dlxon. .will be the preacher and Uie mission will be each day at 7:30 p. m. except Saturday. Nov. 1. Saturday Nov. l win be All Saints day and the masses will be at B and 9:30 a. m. 1 FIRST 'BAPTIST By Central park. Rev. J. 8. Holt , pastor. Church services, lo:*5 De Anne's 318 Lotiut St. Stirling, III. THREE SMART WAYS TO BUY AT DaANNE'S 1. Rtgulor Charge Account 2. Extended Charge Account 3. Convenient Budget Flan In the garden and she and iJ»*! vlc f* c " cn e » en " 1 8 «t 7.30. All are evenlna wrx-ir. th. *~r mnn »«„.» • • * the There WM only the lapping of - water on the ptw. the be* a sheep In Anderson's pasture, end the flop of t Jumping fish. garden and she and Holmes were deep in conversation When they saw me they hushed up. I mean .they changed the subject; you can always tell when people do that. And then Mrs O'Connor was so charming. Bu I know she and Llea were talking about something they didn't wan me to hear." "What do you care about Mrs O'Connor?" Tod demanded. "She's harmless enough, and she can be good company. I don't think she meant jmy_harmJ^_- "Well, maybe I am upset more because Lisa was talking to her. LUa'» the only one I have left, Tod. I'd be completely alone without her. and somehow I never ^^ w«* quietly IRfted to that )ob when be made tbe tacUcaj error, during ol publicly adrltinf He aUU wfeiM ihe brew tar (fee tow u»t ehtrac. , the other little pinko pro. tefetoi the Whlt« Houee. Mr. War. Ifill,auditors, he says, stuck their BM»f Into matters that wen none orJMieir business. Purthennete, Wil- UiMe i« quoted as seytat he doesn't ,jtfrM his expenditures of govern^ funds were illegal. of them were, according • »••« • tm • ntMniiiUBii, inougn. Her voice we* (trained and: seemed higher than usual. "At the reading of the will yesterday everyone tat.. arouBd- iad looked at me. Relatives, I BMM. People I've only *<*n a few times in my life; second and third cousins. Aunt Millie never wa* one to vUlt relatives, you know. "It , WM only natuxml that she should leave moat to me. Uaa •nd I was the only one* *he really cared for, but*U tfte time the lawyer was reading the will I had the i«wung uioae poo; He i were startnji it aae and woMetiiig.*' nouini i a nave to question' hei loyalty. I never thought she'd b« talking to a stranger about me." • » • "Ypu don't know that she was Jeanie. Lisa is loyal. She'd be cut In little pieces for you. And don'l feel she's the only one you have left She wn't — beceuse I'm here, Tleer- eat, I know it's been a long time since I used to piay croquet on Bund*y afternoon with you, and we haven't seen oach other often these wnew -yeere,— out im -back home now, Jenie, and when you want we—" Well. I left theft, moving in Uw SCIENCE RIDGE MXNNONTO Bishop A. c. Good; pastor. Two and one-half miles north on Sixteenth avenue. Sunday cervices' Preaching at »:tt a. m. Cunday school at 10:46 a. m. Howard A. Mellinger. superintendent of adult department; lira John Nunemaker, superintendent of Junior; Mrs Har ry Witmer. superintendent of primary; Mrs. c. N. eteiaer. cupetinten- dent of beginners, and air*. D. W Pood, superintioaenr of" home partment. Koung People's meeting •t 7:30 p. m. ^ ST. PAUL LUTHERAN Sunday school at 9:15 a. m. Worship service at 10. Sermon topic: "Foolish Wishing." A welcome awaits you at our church and lu services, Announcements /or the week:'Illinois;- District --meeting" of Women s Missionary Federation at reerisi on shadow of thr*treer-BT-jjultthrss [ could so u»t i wouldn't disturb >hem. I wanted to «•* Maudi* md find out why sht'sV been talking M tfcreuy to Lisa Nome*. evening sen-ice the sermon topic will be "The High Cost of Living— For Jesus." Special number by the B. Y. p. u. chorus. Church school, ».'W a. m. B. y. P. u. meeting at 6:30 p. m., with intermediate, high •chool and young adult group*. Midweek prayer service, Thursday eve« ning at 7:30, with echoes of Illinois Baptist convention. A cordial wel- •tone is extended to all. to worship and serve with us. UNITED BRETHREN Corner of gam nftb-*u»rV STARTING SATURDAY AT 9 A. M. A GREAT SALE of WOMENS APPAREL I Due. to the Backward Season We Are Overstocked and Must Dispose of- 1( Hundreds of Garments to Make Room for New Arrivals. 475 DRESSES INVOLVED IN THIS SALE! M|lHiytUlh$TJ8 DRESSES Sik. Weel Mtf Neveity Materials. All New Fall Stylea. UEUtTO 41 Fifth avenue. W. V. Longeobtmfa. minister, 303 East Fifth street. Rock Fails, Church school at 8:41 a, m. A claia for all age*. Morris Johnson, superintendent. Morning worship at 10:45. The Women's Missionary ao- ciety at this service will present a special program in ob*ervance of World, Mlssioni Advancement day. A apedal. missionary offering will be taken at this service. Evening worship -at 1-.3&. Mid-week service Wednesday at 7:30 p. m. The LM to 1MB DRESSES Weel Prawn *f Every Type. AM N«w Style*. nn* • to a REIULM f 1MB h $17,98 DRESSES ng Wednesday evening the mid-week service. The Ladle* Aid will meet Wednesday at a p. m, atthe home of Mr*. James Co*U f Sea**y Seheel Lews* type, etM «T a kin* dress- ee o* c*r kettor •akee, Including veele. aUka a«i «NB»iaatieas In JwierV, Bheee* sad wesveVa NEW SHIPMENT 240 PAIRS NYLON HOSIERY M«-UNG RATUBDAT ONLY NEW FALL COLOM t* it* Savings In This SALE of i controller feaeral of HVA executives minfled their *ith public and col- : M»rt lnUrnd)tion«l •mptranc* Te«t: OMiUreMgV I:U, M; ll:U-U; j^uh U:l-i; HabaUmk S:lt This lesson U tor Internationa Temperance Sunday. The fact the ao large a part of the world Is a war. and that even In countries : w ™ ***** ****** transaeUoB*. but the fraud* of iaow that of getting food and * mll ae the need of *tre**inj which ifeternauooal temperance •The fett* Wee* Mnd> if a social history of Great Bri- from ll}l-1HH, preteuU amoni A *k,l_. —— _ . 1 _ *- m- ^ f i « JP 1 09 91 night club -—3B5-)£g£B53 MH PtOgMM. eountrv T« lm*± Ik i* - •• —,t, a< **>* the floatroUer aaa i I i i i l -.. *•_ .. " ,-'»;. "' woe that falls upon the drunkard* of America and of other lands today. Nor is the cause of temperance one that stande alone. The three great, eueaUe* of human welfare and happiness have been, slavery; war, and atrong drink. Today war Is the uppermost of these enemies, with .slavery threatening vast portion* of mankind, if the totalitarian pavera. who have declared OMl might makes right and who have plunged the world in war, have their way. . , It is this situation that gives both point and large application. to the slogl* ven* In our le&son'from the prophecy of Habakkuk: "Woe to him that buildeth a town with UwiL ead establUheth a city by iaiiut^T Too much to the life of every pee» pie .today it soil eMablished hy !•• ittlty and built oo blood.. Our awn nation will be 4»a*ve4he*<eTid Iran 1U ^^___^ •hd the powew ttut threMMi 10 etifje aOl d«D4cracy and uhwtr In protiettkM ae we «u*a «« Mnaj llvee^od our «ecUi Ule « General Electric & Orosleys Ul your tyts *n4 Mr t dtcidt. OiittfBr^ing In PBrfMrmcnct, itoury, TOMB 4m a KwrckmM of up to Jot you can pay oi I tUt DOWN, flJU M to Jot * MtUo-iT 7 I 4 WtEK | Chi a purchase.** up to ea« pay M little a* MONTH w ll.U WEEK CONBINATIONft-CONgOLES ALL KINDS TABLE MODELS $12.95 if I Oeet I leadU I $69. UTVBEI 50 *f a eo> greed, teifehpess, indulneiice in all majntlar al uar>|hliniiiMii| Cordurav Plaid Reversibles Coats COATS—$17.91 to ttl.9* PLAID SKIRTS W«e| r*>ye« erop*. er mart faawdiBe. !• an- •elMTS GUAJUNTBB»

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