Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on February 6, 1888 · Page 1
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, February 6, 1888
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LESS THAN ONE CENT A DAY ' "NEARLY TWO THOU8ANO PAGES Of th« cho'wti wnrTrl trl tH* h»«t AwrH^n trtthnra. -t E«yoa." " Ml-l I>i«rit»," "PrtUr*.' M«a." "Kf*,<m-f Vfih," ." Dotitm Dy. »M" "T!)» rtuwinn," "Thf W^UtiilMf BOOT, "At Ar.A«" "A I-M-i »< t»«. ..... rt« ItM «5«n«.!a MIsM," "ArrJ' *~^ •'"' Brl « r Thirn." -Th« T«rr»- Col» Baet.'"' FTOTI th« P,«iik«," -Oi«* Md Ct.ont.r- Cli^rk " ot« «t«- Th* mbtrrlptfrrtl prtr* of lhl« ' 5tu« * it>. M«ntiill.l" U bnt W no s r«*f- Bu»pl« «TT •"« Mrc^lpt n f in r^ato in ttampt. Addr*i.« VOLUME «. STERLING ILLINOIS. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 6 1888 NUMBEE 301 MOSES <DILLOA jnst received a ear of SPLJNT.... COAL the {kino to "b^rn, in- . TSsla Irtad of we*tli«i>. T*T 8T. OOIH/J FACT. niwr 0:is ».m. 7i>—Frei(;ht. »:M p.m. ASRTVK FHOM T*ST. VJ —Passenp?r...!>:ilip.m. n—Freight 9:40 a. in. WJCST. r?r 2:tf p.m. 8; APPEAL TO BRUTl?.FORCE. —cr 10:30 a.m. 41—Freight.—1:30 P.m. Passenger No. S8 conneeuwtth rrfrfns «wrt &n« west on Clinton Branch: wlthC. R. I ft P. R. K. at Rock Island e«t and west; with Oftlesburt? p»sen«r at Rio; wltb main line for points west Council Binds, Omaha and beyond, and at Bu«h- nell (or Kansas Otty and points beyond. C. & N. W. TIMt TABLE. ' OOIKCI EAST. oorwn WEST/ MarshailtownFsssengerlCllnton Pass.,8:l7 p. m. „. . _~1 -40 p. m. Pnclflc Ex 2^Sa.m. a. m. DenverPass-.^Mp. m. Atlantic Kx 2:37 ». ra. Marsballtown Clinton Pa«8....(l 37 a. m.| Passenger...1;!« m. FBIDOBT TKAIXB THAT OABBT , OOIKO WBflT. No.T4 8.17 p. m. No. 84...— 6:27 a.m. Tfo. 73 No. 87.... _.10.28 a. m. 3:Ua.m. IMPROVED FARMS -IN- County, IOWA & KANSAS FOB SALE OR TRADE. TOWN PROPERTY For sale, or trade for stock, TWO «OOO HOOMEM In Bock Falls, ' for sale. Call and see what tbe bargains are. EDWARD C. UNDERWOOD. STRIKING HUNS AND POLES ATTACK- A GANQ OF BOYS, HEADQUARTERS FOR 'Hie Finest CONFECTIONERY -Hade and the Choicest FRD1TS Grown, constantly on band at JNO. P. LAWRIE'S. to LandMers! r A lew cnolc* tracts of land now In the bunds Ot F. B. Hubbard, located In Iowa and Southern Minnesota, with TITLES WMMTED PERFECT. While many of the lands now owned by specn lators are under a cloud of title. These muds are sold with 1'KKFECT ABSTRACTS. HKIOES FROM SIX TO TEN DOLLARS PER ACRE. I have also a TARM WEST of EMPIRE For sale cheap, on which a good property In Sterling or Rock Falls will be taken as part payment Now Is tbe time to get good bargains. JHAPtt AS» DESCRIPTION* f: Can be had at my office, and cheap tickets to anow western lands. Delays ore Uugeroiu on These Bargain*. F. B. HTJBBA^D Ijmd office opposite Hannerchor Hall, HterllD«. Ill* KIRK'S FLOATING SOAP '; THE; CHIEF fov tho Bath, Tollot an4 _ Laundry. ' Sno'v* Whlt« and Abaolutaly Puro If Tonr doalar does not keep White Cloud 8osi>, ' tend 10 mm* 1 for sample cute to tbe nwker» JR8. S. KIRK & CO., CHICAGO. WBIGHT & WILLIAMS, Th«D Opon Fire on lh« Pollro and Badly Wound On» of Them — Di-cl ledly Good Prospect lor More of the Same — Negro Wontmcn at PltUburg Answer a Hoot- Ine and Stone- Throwing; Moll with the Ready R4»v»lvei — The Casualties. BBKSASDOAH, Pa., Feb. 0. —Rioting broke out afrtsli on Saturday afternoon In consequence of the miners' trouble, and resulted In the Bupp-Hinl shooting of a special pollcoMiaii. As quitting time drew near" fte strikers begun UNembling in tbe vicinity of Kehluy Run colliery. : Trouble 'was antld- pstod at this po.nt, and Dtatrlct Attorney Whltebouaa went there, and addressing the men, advised them to preserve order and disperse. No Attention was paid to this request, and as Ibe hrotiker boys came out they were set upou and unmercifully beaten. The boys bad been permitted to start home unprotected, because it was not expected that the strikers would attack more boys. Tbe police hurrlod to the rescue and succeeded In getting tbe boy I to their Homes, and then retired to their barracks. . Tbe Hugry crowd bad now grown Into several thousand and advanced on tbe police, armed with clubs, stones and revolvers, and mistaking a rotreat for cowardice^ flred, 'seriously, perhaps fatally, wouridiug Officer Wltmer, of Pottsvllle. Tbe police returned the flre, stopping the crowd, but with what result was unknown. The city burgbens and some prominent strikers, wltb tbe advisory board, aided In finally dispersing the crowd. A special train arrived over the Beading rond }ust as trouble was ended, bringing In over 100 special company officers and a oar- load of carbines, and tha vicinity of Indian Ridge soon colliery preseuted a warlike aspect, bkirmlsh lines were thrown out .and camp routine inaugurated. Up to 11 o'clock p. Of. no new trouble bad arisen, but the officers were en tbe alert for action, as it was reported by detectives tnafthe mob intended- to attack the "scabs" at their homes after midnight. The mob was composed mainly of Poles and Hungarians, the same, as on the previous evening. Sunday passed off quietly, the strents were unusually crowded, with no external Indications of renewal of hostilities, but this may come if an effort Is made to . start the collieries again. Of tbe victims of tbe trouble thus far, Base Boll Player Heferon, shot in Friday night's riot, is In bad shape, and has been taken to the Miners' hospital at Ashland. Policeman. Williams, shot in the tblzb on Saturday, was taken to his .Pottsvllle home. The others are out of danger. Quiet inquiry of the various drug stores and physicians discloses the fact that over a doon cases of gun-shot wounds are being treated about town. Tbe borough aud county officials have at last awakened to a full sense of their duties, which, It is said, has been hastened by tho delivery of Manager Mclieod's message tbat If they did not act the state - would be appealed to for military aid, and have sworn In several scores of special officers, but have not yet ordered thorn on duty. Sheriff Duffy was In Potts vi lie all Sunday «onsulting with bis own and Reading's counsel, resulting in the organization of a posse comltatus of 100 men to start with, tiro number to bo Increased If needed. This force is now being recruited at Pottsvllle, Bheuaniloab and other points. Tbe company guarantees wages and expenses of .these deputies,, Theaa men will bo concentrated about tbe town and bandied separately from tbe 093! and iron 'police, 1» order io increase the power of tbo latter. , At District Attorney .Wbitehouse's suggestion they will also be appointed sheriffs deputies. i: • •'Bnerlff Duffy has Issued a proclamation in tbe unual terms, cautioning all persona to desist from unlawful sets such al 'Friday's and Saturday's rlotu, and . from congregating where such acts are being or Intending to be committed. •'•> Additions to tbe coal and iroa special poljce force about here eoptlnu* to be made. Sunday was spent drilling men and formulating, plaus ot action. .Those officers cannot be commended too highly for their demeanor thus, for, and are endorsed In all they have done. Ther^ are several , hundred men on duty at the company's property here, and •ny further attempt at violence will be summarily dealt with. • ' Tbe Roman Catbollo priests spoke strongly against rioting,"tn and oat of the church, Sunday, and counseled all to go fo, work and thus end the" strike.' ' Prominent citizens were numerously urging strikeri to prevalLon-tha Hungarians and Poles to dasist \ breaking peace. --Strike- leaders,' who too well ris- oognUe. tba bad efteot , tbe»a troubles ha on their cause, are in constant consults trying to d&viso main* to prevent furl trouble. : Company officials say; that more effort is to be made to 'operate the lieries about BhenaniloBh, . , an*i if troubles are repeated they will close d all their w.orks there indefinitely, w would soou depopulate this, coal city ol 000 Inhabitants, and bankrupt all bu men. ; : .: ..-•'. » '• '• • ' SIMILAR SCENES IN PITTSBUR others fell to tbe ground, btrt who th«y wore or the nature of their Injuries bos not as yet been learned. The frvntMC excitement prevailed. The poline offloors were momentarily paralysed by tbe sudden and ttl»zpACt«d tnrn of affairs. Finally tho officers drew their revolvers, advanced upon tbe negroes who bald revolvers In ench hand and compelled thorn to put away their weapons. Officer Shaffer di»- armal tbe negro who flred upon Ktanay after a struggle with him, but did not place him under arrant The crowd having dU- peraad, tbe negroes were escorted by tbe policemen to their homes on Thirtieth street and tbe officers returned to tbe works. Tbe Injured boys were quickly removed by thfcir friends. Talk of Extending the Strike. POTSBUBO, Pa., Feb. 8—The possibility ot a strike in the Lackawanna and Wyoming regions as a result of the action taken by Dlutrict afsambly Na Id, causes a feeling of •erlqus apprehension among tha business men throughout this section. The opinion is largely entertained, however, that the knights aro playiug a bold game ot bluff, and will not rmort totbeoxtrema measure of forcing their demand by a strike. Representatives of , tbe , large poal companies who have expressed any opinions in regard to the matter, generally Incline to the belief tbat tha advance will not be granted. Miners outilda of,tbe organization, who are fully as strong numerically as the knights, are emphatically opposed to tha strike, and will not join such movement If it is ordered. General Master Workman Pow- darly is quoted as having said that It would be a great mistake to order tha strike at this time.' . - ' Fighting Their Own City. CmdAQO, Fob. 0. —If tbe Democratic convention comes to this city it will not be tbe fault of certain ot the labor loaders. They are using every effort to prevent It, the grievance being the faot tbat non-union men AHOOS1EKMAN IN FliONT. HE OIVE3 PR3F. ZALINSKI POINTS IN DYNAMITE HURLING. The Destructive Stun* Hhnt Ont of Ordinary Quiu with Tremendous Effect osi the Enemy—Uourk* Cochran Stands Up for While of Indiana—Rowell Makes • DlnbolloM Insinuation. i^tyBf building the great auditorium, and that some of the material is prison labor product and brought here by a railway (n which C. B. Cole, author of the antl-boyoott law, isun owuor. Letters hava been sent to President Cleveland and W. H. Barnum, ' declaring tbat If tha convention Is held in tbe auditorium the workingmen—that Is, 1 the unions- will antagonize tbe ticket. One Effect of the Strike. : READWO, Pa., Feb. 0.—Tbe shutting down of so many furnaces for want of coal has caused misery in an unexpected quarter. There being no demand for ore, many of tha iron ore mines along the E«at Pennsylvania railroad have closed down. The miners, who have largo fa mllles, received but 75 to 6U cents per day, and ire consequently, even when working,. in almost abject poverty. About thirty of them with their families have been compelled to. seek admittance to tbe Berks and Leblgb county, poor-housus nntll work Is resumed. • Jobbing; and Kapalrlnjc Promptly AUeuded to. . a *v4i * km, fie. ifilog, Btearo & Gas Jobs. WILLIAMS 8«wer ¥ Estimates made on Plum 1 JxLl*i Dt A t vi a AJJJJL ri, H i >ji . Kormsrlv with Wm. MeCune S Co.. attends to wood andliou pump setting and repairing. Mr. E, M, WRIGHT,Formerly with the Sterling Water Oo., gives bin personal attention tp ttll plumbing, steam and 0CB LAM* PALACE Is complete witn tbe litest designs In Hanging. Stand and Bracket LatnM, Burners, Chimneys. &e. Prices, to suit tha tune*. Call and see our LltUe QUnl Lamp and JEoreka bafetv Valv*. All work warranted. Your orders solicited. Telephone HI, , , «a>« Wo>i»e Blash. loSSfisias L ei pZ"r.'±^' * n *dv»rti*tftg *p»c* when in Ch iw^o, wiil (j^ U «*» (»*» 45U49lUn ^wL08B&THOIW& Neffro Workmen, Insulted and Stoned/ ..Turn on Their Assailants with Iputols. PITTSBUBO, Pa., Feb. fl. — Tbe non-union colored puddlers that filled the places Friday Of the. locked-out union men, who a month ago struck agamit turf "two Job" rule; ' - ' ' Wholesale Evictions of Strikers Proposed. NEW YORK, Feb. ft.— Mrs, Rachel Jacob), the wife of tbe partner of Jacob! & Bookman, tbe cigar manufacturing firm on Thirty-Eighth street whose employes are on a strike against a reduction of wages, bus sworn out twenty seven disposes^ warrants for strikers who live in the firm's tenement houses. These families comprise 129 men, women and children, Tho families have been notified tbat they will bo evicted February fitb. Great -Indignation prevails among tho cigarmakera at this action of tbe firm. . Iowa Miners Make a Demand. DES MOIITJES, la., Fub. ft— The miners ot this city and vicinity held a masi meeting Saturday and regolveJ U> Inaugurate a strike for I). 00 a ton. A committee was appointed to rlsit tbe Pioneer mines and Induce the men to join the strikjt to secure the advance for all,. Tha Pioneer miners have bean getting the sum demanded. • , Does This Include tbe Barrel Organ T ' New YORK, Feb. ft,— At Bandar's meeting of the Central Labor nulon tbe Progressive Musical union complained o( tbe hnmeroui street baud musicians playing.for a pittance, who are Injuring their business. It was resolved to call upon all labor organisations to refralu from patronizing such muslciana, Struck Out of Situations.. • ', • PHILADELPHIA, Pa., Feb. 8.—Thirty nnlon compositors on The Item, an afternoon and Sunday paper, with a large circulation,»truok Saturday morning! The paper declines to join tbe union, and is getting help from the federation of printers, of Kansas City.' It came out as usual ' UBTNINO TBLKKB WAQOH8 0«ii«r«i Ic any Clark & Co.'s Solar Iron-works 'on 'Tblrty- flftb street, while returning to tbfri homes Saturday afternoon under police protection •hot iuto s> nrowd, fatally wounding Joseph Klnney, aged IB, and seriously Injuring two. others, namaa ax yet unknown. Some of tbe striken earlier In. tbe day had expressed their Intention to "get even" with (be work- Ing, men. .Shortly Iwfore quitting time a large force had assembled near the works. At 4 o'clock a few negroes cama out of the works and were treated tQ a volley of epithets, They war* .followed a short distance, but tbe strikers returned to the Works in time to meet tbe -remaining eighty colored workmen, accompanied by (weuty-'two policemen. They wiere' greeted with shouts of OoHslGD, which lncreaac>4 Jo volumaand bit- terness'as tbe crowd a^vauced.. ,The uegroes became grenilyexrlted anJ motione<| as if to draw revolver*)..' ,Tha officers cautioned them and oUarged tho inob. ' • OB reaching Thirty-third street, the crowd surrounded tbe colored men on three sides and began to throw stones and mlMilea at the negroes. Policeman Shaffer was struck on the bead and slightly -injured. Several policemen l«ft tb« ranks and again charged tie mob, driving sll back axcapt a number of boys running along on tbe opposite side of tbe street. One of tba colored axm stumbled, ami full. His , mUbap caaasd a perfect pbndetnonmin ol •yslls, w!rtcte~l»—»nT»K9it—farm—»bst—tar 4f*w i>M mvolver wd U«<1 point-blank at Jo* KtoiMy. T)M boy threw up hia baud* utA fell to th» stnet, tba bull»t having' •Jrattk U!iu i* t&« ch««k *u4 iMu*«i uut at Uw of ha bcsid. liawly all of U4» ixgross) r»rolf»«, aad Will Oo to Work with Barpen CrNCmsATl, O., Feb. ft—The case against Ben- K. Hopkins, late assistant cashier of tbi was given to tbe jury Friday brought in a verdict of guilty Hopkins was hopeful, until tbs •']udge'*'4' >Kr K e > '" which be declared tbat It was Hpi&ins 1 business to know whether tbe bank was, being wrecked, as be was m director. Mbtjpn for new trial was duly entered. To make, matters worse for the ex-cashier, his son Carles was arrested In his ' father's cell at thi^fell after the verdict was announced, on ,«Charge ot adultery. Ha de< sorted his wife fff\ children and lived with itr?. Albwt Butlafcof Columbus. The oas4 sgalosvhira Is cleaj. ^ Tbe woman's husbaml was also arrested, hsxxing threatened to shoot yaan&Hopliins. ."''•,> Pet InduatVy. Ky., Feb. d.—White -Caps whipped and other wise tortured a man nam&J Thomas Williams .Saturday night In a secluded part of Crawford county, Indians, II was. reported Sunday that. Williams died .from tbe eltecU of his injuries. He bas been whipped three times within the past year. His offiiuse Is bis determination to testify iu court against tbe White Caps. Thomas 'Courtney, who was recognized as one of «, party who whipped Williams one year ago, bas been arrested at Fore Scott, Kan., and brought back to English, Ind. Call For Illinois Republican Clubs. CHICAGO, Feb. b.—A call bas been' Issued, signed by J). H. Hammer, of this city, vice- prestttent of the National Republican league for Illinois; W. W. Tracy, of tbe executive committeo, and forty-oue other persons and Republican clubs of this state, for a state convention of clubs to be held at Springfield, March & • Each club will be entitled to six delegates, Lut only one vote. The object ll organization. A Banquet ot> Lincoln's Birthday, NKW YOBK, Feb. 6.— Tbe New York Republican club will bold tEelr annual banquet Saturday evening, Feb. 11, the anniversary of Lincoln's birthday. Too dinner will b* • notable oua, The speakers Iu part are to b* Senaum Sherman, Evarts, Allison, Spooner of Wisoonsin, and Manderson, and ox-Senator Warner Miller, aud ex-Congressman Ho Kiulej-, oJ Ohio. WASIHNOTOK CITT, Feb. 5.—An official report to tbe war department on tbe use of dynamite shells In a demonstration made last December at Bandy Hook, but which was withheld from the pnblla nntll a few days ago. Is attracting a great deal of attention here among army and navy officer*, and others; and some go so far as to say that the saooen attending this last and other prior demonstrations and successful experiments of a similar character, lays the foundation for a complete revolution In. tbe system ot modern warfare. Shells charged with ordinary powder, such as it was supr^wed could only be used heretofore, are to be laid aside, and dynamite shells arc to bo used In tbe annihilation ot armies, the reduction ot forts or the crippling of fleets. Tbe thin; accomplished at Sandy Hook, as shown by tbe report of the board of ordnance officers—Lieut. CoL Mordecal, Maj. Farley, and Capfc. Greer —was the total wreckage of a wrought iron semi-circular turret IU feet wUlo, 10 feet high, and 14 inches thick, made by two seven-Inch plate.i, by three 'dynamite shells flred from a seven-inch Amos rifled gun. The shells were of steel, weighed 132 ponnds, and were charged with 2.60 pounds of dynamite. This was accomplished by a method ot charging shells with dynamite, the Invention of J. W. Graydon, of Indianapolis, formerly a lieutenant In tha navy. His invention con- •IsU not only in firing dynamite shells from modern guns or cannon, with a full service charge of powder and with no danger of premature explosion of tha shell from heat br shock, but also securing the entire range desired and penetration Into tbe object struck before the dynamite explodes—penetration being absolutely necessary In order to obtain the full destructive power of the explosive. Three demonstrations of this Invention have thus far been made by order of Gen. Sheridan—two at San Francisco In tbo summer of 1880, and tbo third at Sandy Hook. The experiments at Ban Francisco were conducted by Gen. O. 0. Howard, and were Intended merely to demonstrate tbat shells chfirged with dynamite.could be flred from cannon without premature explosion. "After fifty-eight dynamite shells had been successfully flred out of a S-inoh and a 4%-lnch siege gun from tbe Presidio grounds into the hills across the Golden gate, the board of officers conducting the experiment expressed the opinion In their" report that the twu principal causes or apprehension of , danger, beat and shock, bad been completely guarded against Gen. Howard then recommended further experiments with larger guns, and out ot this recammendation grow the Sandy Hook demonstration with a 7-lnoh Ames gun and lK3-pouad shells. Tbe San Francisco experiment* had proven tbat dynamite.shells could be fired from cannon with safety, and at Bandy Hook it was Intended to' prove that Gray don's method of charging dynamite shells possessed still another important merit—that of obtaining penetration before explosion. Tbe effect of tbe three shots flred there is minutely described by,the board In their report. Two of the shot* were glancing shots and not "point on" shots, as was dealrsd to test penetration, but they penetrated the front plate several Inches, and caused marked wreckage, the .first tearing oft tba Iron root weighing fifteen tons, and throwing at a distrance ot twenty-five feet, as well as bunting bolt- beads and separating tbe plates several inches. A third shot—a "point on" shot— completely wrecked on* side of the turret, penetration through tbe front plate being effected before the shell exploded.* Apiece of the front plate weighing nearly two tons was blown a distance of 18 feet, tbe platen were still further separated, whUo both were badly cracked. i The board, in their report, substantiate the two main point* claimed tor tbe Invention by saying: "Shells charged with dynamite by Lieut, Gray don were successfully fired from the gun, and serious damage was inflicted on the lurret, this being especially the case In the third round, when penetration and dl»- rnptlve effact were combined." Other experiments will soon be made with tha largest guns in the service, ,and with twelve-Inch .rifled mortars, throwing 625- pound shells, and with. tbe Hotcbklss revolving cannon, to still further teat the merits of this new method of charging shells with dynamite. ; « unworthy of b-lUf oa ace mnt of so .ie utterances upon the stump. "Why," said he, "if we all Imd th<» brand of 'liar 1 put upon our brows Ix-rauie wo sometimes a make mis- tsks iu whit w» «!iy on tbs stump, how many of'us, who talk at all, would go out of tbe hous* with the word 'liar* written across our foreheadHf" [Laughter and applause.] The Fight Over nog Fnt. WASHINGTON CITT, Feb. ft—Friends of •pure hog lard" legislation have filed at the department of agriculture for analysis a number of samples of alleged adulterated lard. Saturday morning Congressman Fhelan, ot Memphis, the center of tha cotton oil Interest at which the proposed legislation Is aim d, called at the department with Duane E. For, attorney for the Inrd refining interests. They assorted that spurious samples were filed ami asked tbat all samples submitted by either side In the Investigation be accompanied by affidavits establishing their authenticity. Commissioner Colinan agreed to this. The gentlemen ' named then asked to be furnished with a list of samples fi'ed by tbe "pure bog lard" interest!, and offered to furnish lists of all samples filed by them. Against this request Mr. Kimball, of Boston, the attorney In tho case, vigorously protested, and the pommlBaioaer withheld tbe list* until Monday. BRUSHED 1TO ETERNITY ELECTRIC WIRE8 CAUSE TWO NOVEL AND FATAL ACCIDENTS. THE INDIANA CONTEST. Br. PAUL, Mluo., P«h.&— Tho min| win- tar carnival closed Friday. It hat bem * MCOSM boyoai expectation »nd tar alroad erf th* last in point of crowd* aiui amuseuwnta. Tb* carHojf prlwa w«r* woo by Ui* riak* tu tbirJ, White Supported hy Ooehran of Mew fork and Wilson of HlnaMotau WASHINGTON CITY; Feb. ft—Congressman- elect White Irom "Indiana, wboteseat Lowry, Democrat^ Is contesting, hod a strong presentation of his case made In the house Saturday by a prominent Democrat—Bourke Cuotiran, of New York. Coubran's eloquence Is a matter of national reputation. He will be remembered as an active participant In the debates in the national Democratic convention ol 1684, and be ranks high In the New Tork bar. After Moore of Texas and O'Ferrall of Virginia had spoken against White, Rowoll of Illinois mode a short argument In his favor, but yielded part of hli time to Ccobran, who, as ha rose to speak for the coiitestee, was watched by every eye and attentively listened to. He said tbe question was whether White was eligible to a seat to which he bad undoubtedly been elected. White stood before the house upon his oath, declaring that in 1063 he I went before' the court In Allen county, Indiana, accompanied by witnesses, and compiled with all the provisions, ot law, and that a certificate of naturalisation was issued to him. Holding the views be [Cockran] did there was nothing left for him to decide but whether he would believe tbe sworn statement of a member of the house, corroborated by.s character against which not one word hail been uttered In this debate. [Ap- plaute.] White was a lawful member of tbe bouse, or his place was at tbe bar 6f> a criminal court on tbe charge ot perjury. This man oamo here with thirty years ot honorable life to g^ye weight to his statement. He bad held Important offices and had i shed his blood for his country [applause], ,afad Cockran's voice would not cast a vote which would make tbe wounds he* receive*) In ..honorable service bleed afresh. [Applansa^ After Cochrau had concluded the; temper of a portion of tba Democratic majority was further shown by the support given White by Wilson of Minnesota, who declared that men would be moral perjurer* if ifcoy did not vote their honest convictions irrespective of every party consideration. Rowoll, during his speech niada what might be called an odious comparison." He u b; wy lug that there war* 3u,(XX) own in Chicago to-day exactly la tbe same position at White. Tbe records w»r» buruect, th«lr P*P*rs war* taraoi, ttntr wituosso* tier*, d*suL Hora than oo* mnabir ot ib* boos*, ater* tbau l'» tu«a oo- The Bpeolal Delivery • guooess- WASHINGTON CUT, Feb. a—To the delight of the postofflce department the special delivery system baa proved to be a success, Returns received from all free delivery post- offices for the quarter ended Sept. 80, 1887, showed that 271,523 special delivery letters were delivered, which was a large Increase when compared with the previous quarter. For the quarter ended Deo. 81 last, the returns received show an Increase In the business of 18.11 per cent, over the September quarter. The normal increase in the general postal business during tba sams period was lass than 10 per cent Pnt In the' Day on It. WASHINGTON Crrr.'Feb. fl,— With the ax oeptlon of the receipt of a nnmber of petitions on various subject*, the bouse did nothing Baturdayexcept debate the Lowry- White contest from Indiana. Speeches were made against White by Moore of Texas, O'Ferrall of VirglniaandOuthwalte of Ohio, and In White's behalf by Coouran of. New York aud Wilson of Minnesota (Democrats) and Rowell of Illinois (Republican). Outh- walte spoke last and when be concluded the house adjourned. ____^_ An Artfnll Dodffer Zs Lawler. WAsmmiTOH CJTT, Fob. 0.—Lawler has a new dodge to give the ways and means committee jurisdiction of the proposition to repeal the tax on oleomargarine. He will introduce a bill for reference to the ways and means vblch will provide for the repeal of all Internal revenue tax except the tax on tobacco,'distilled spirit* and license. This will leave no tax to be repealed except that on oleomargarine. In this way Lawler hopes to escape Hatch's committee on agriculture. Going to Tiilk Education. WABHINOTOW Crrr, Feb., 6.—The department of superintendence of the National Educational association will meet in the hall of the Franklin school, In this city Feb. 14, for a three days' session. Professor N. G. Dougherty, of.Peorla, Ills., is the president, and W. R. Thlgben is the secretary. For the Iteneflt of Train-Robbers* WASHINOTO.I CITY, Feb. ft—Tb« post- office department has decided to arm at the expense of the postoSlce department all postal clerks west of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. This action is taken because nf the frequent "holding up" of mall trains by robbers in that section. An Ei-Offlclnl Dead. WABIIIHQTOH Cirr, Feb. ft— 0. P. G. Clarke, for many years deputy commissioner of pensions, and frbo succeeded Gen. Dudley as commissioner and bold the office until the advent of the new administration In March, 1886, died at his residence here Sunday of paralysis. Fighting the Proposed *-Cent Bat*. DCS MOINES, la., Feb. ft.— A delegation of fifty employes of different railway companies In this state bad a bearing before the senate railway committee Saturday. Among the speakers were W. P. Daniels, of Cedar Rapids, an officer of the Railway Conductors association, and T. F. Sharon, of Waterloo, an employe of the Illinois Central Daniels disclaimed any fear of loes of place, but said be bad received a telegram from Superintendent Ives, of the Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Northern, informing him of the proposed legislative action. The pith of the arguments was tbat' 2-oent fare* meant lower wages to the employes. A memorial to the legislature against the proposed law Is being freely signed in'Burlington by all classes of citizens of both political parties. A. Colored Man Killed at Baffalo smd s> Boy at Memphis—Both fatalities Cawed by Brash Wires—Deadly Crash oa • Pennsylvania Railway—Three Deaths aa4 Numerous ftorioo* Injuries. BtriTAl/j, N. T., Feb. fl.— As Robert Taylor .was driving down Michigan street (Panday morning his horse suddenly dropped, and, at the same Instant, be revived a strong electric shock through the linesi He ^covered' from it In a moment, but not understanding what. was tha trouble with tba horse, he got down out of the wagon and struck the animal with the whip. This time he received such a shock that be lay for •omo moments unconscious.; A colored man who bad been watching the queer prooceedlngs with much astonishment, .offered to help get the horse up, bat as won as be tonched the animal be' fell forward upon It and screeched for five seconds. Taylor was so hurt and frightened that be could do nothing to help himself or the negro, and It was not until Patrolmen Hennenjr and Haley arrived that the trne state of affairs was- understood. They pulled the .'colored man off the dead horoo, and softn had him in the emergency hospital, but ha died immediately. His watch key and knlf« were found to be highly magnetised. His- face was badly bloated and bis bands were burnfcd. to tha bone. , . The Brush Electric light people found that • broken telephone wire had fallen into the street and crowed ona of their wlm. The telephone wire was found tangled sibout the horse's feet, but the doctors think Morton got bis shock through the horse, as both hands were burned, showing tbat tf • circuit bad passed through bis body. Having Fan With Bar* Death. MEMPHIS, Feb. 6.—Will Summervule, an IB-year-old boy, was killed Sunday night by contact with an electric light wire. One of the Brush lights was on the ground, and a lot of boys were having fun with It by touching it and being shocked. Bummcrvllle touched It with a piece of hoop-iron, and was killed almost Instantly by the shock. WRECKED AT A SIDING. One Passenger and Two Train Hands Killed ~Mra SeverM ~Badly ~InjBf*a.~ BRADFORD, Pa., Feb. 0.—The fast day ex-. press OVIT the New York, Pennsylvnnla & Ohio railway, running forty-five miles an hour, was wrecked by a broken] rail or-frog are Itidcay and liver Siwiassi, &tid whea otica they hsv» wxrared B ftrm hold on the human tyitsai there is no time to be lost If life la to bo tared. Kitay rcme&M h*v» been tried, but BCB« bars beea so no- eenifal ai Ath-lo-pho-ret. Kaay na- sollolted testimonial* car* proved 1 that Ath-lo-pbo-rcs ha* cored thew dliestos wbxB physician* and all other nmtdisi bad failed. Ba«k- ache, p«Jn in tha aide, dullness, weariness, and hesdachs, are often f raptoms of thsse fearful diMaies. Athloplwrat, to eouneetion with AtUophoroe KOm, •will giv» tpsedy rell«f. If your druggist doein't keep them, writ* to THE ITHtOPHOROS CO., «2 WIU ST..«. f. Ask TOOT retaTiin- for thn Orlolnnl 93 BhMi >earina;tkls Buun<> JAMES MEANS' 83 SHOE. I JtMo la Da tton,Congren fc lyico. \Brnt Oolf Klein. Unexcelled In *- " r.Onfort tauten. A postal duii spat to Qfl will bring you Informs. tlon )iow to rrtthji 8bo* ' 1 jjStnteor Territory, Moans &Co^ <1 Lincoln st, Boston, KM*. a«*3 1>-«f sate IBUTTON This shoe stands hlprher In tbe estimation ot fFww*T-» tas.n any otto?? In Hit 'world. 1 hmixatHls Tho w»*r K will tell jrou tli« reason u you ask tnera. J. R.BELI.&8ON Will aell them to yoo If yon win ;glv» tbarn noe, M well aaj COLOTHZHO. A new and denlrmble stock of whleh tbey have oh band. Dont think of frolng Anywhere eifle, j as no one else In tbo city keeps The James iMeans Shoe OLOTHINGL3 Altberdo ri«5 ™ E CHICAGO ANO Will Ask Belief at Waililogton. ', INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Feb. 0.—Counsel for Bim Coy and Bernbamerwas asked Saturday It he expected to keep his clients out of tbe penitentiary. He replied tbat be thought he would. An attorney left hero Saturday for tho national capital prepared to apply to Justice Uarlan for a writ of error, which will be aaked for by Senator Voorheea, ex- Senator McDonnld, and Cpngretuman Bynum. It Is stated tbat Judge Gresbam only declined tq act because of official courtesy to Justice Harlan, and the friends.of the condemn*! men are very sanguine: < Moving the Whole Town. MEivrn.LA, Kan., Feb. (L—Tbe people of this place have determined to locate elsewhere. Tbe town Is ten miles from West Plains, and, owing to tbe poliolasj adopted by the railroads. Is entirely at the mercy of l|* rivals. Saturday two general stores, one hotel, one grocery store, one livery stable, and the local newspaper loaded their goods and chattels on wagons and box-cars, and moved to West Plains, to continue tbe struggle for existence among so many rival Kansas towns, ' , Costly Bias* at St. Loula. ST. Louia, Feb. 8.—A fire' which brok« out early Sunday morning in the printing bouse ot Hugh Hildreth & Co., proved to be very destructlva It was not gotten nhdef control ui:UI the jewraly stock, of Mermod, Jaccard & Co. was considerably damaged. Tbe total loss is estimated at (200,000. Of this the HIMreth company loses »7o,00<i, Insurance (50,000; Herxog & Co. (35,000, insurance $if0,000; Mermod, Jaocard & Co. »£5,000, fully Insured. ; Tbe Veterans Are Kzempted* Nrw Yoajt. Fab. &—Commander Whalen and Quartermaster Dowllng, of Peter Cooper post, O. A. R, who wore arrestad sons days ago for parading on Sunday, have be*adov charged from arrest, tbe magistrate stating that O. A. R. organisations arc exempted from to* operations of tbo law •aob parades. nour, was wrecKea uy a uroKeui ran or-irwg at Steamburg station Sunday morning aud three persons killed. The engine, baggage, and smoking cars.passed over safely, but the day coach was thrown with terrific force •gainst a caboose attached to a freight train on tbe siding. There were less than a dos»n passengers in the day coach, one of whom was killed, and of the three men In the caboose, one bad his neck broken by tbe shock. Tbe list of tilt dead and injured follows: Killed —Battle Abbott, aged 10, Sheffield, Ills.) James Dean, fireman, ot Headvllle. Injured —George A. Klmball, passenger, Bradford, Pa., body crushed and serious scalp wound, recovery Improbable! George Bliss; conductor, Meadville, Fa., badly hurt about tbe head; Henry Shaffer, Moadvllle, Fa., brakeman, cut about the face and bead; Mrs. Cyra Battey, passenger, badly bruised about tbe bead and body; Bertha Battey, slightlnjurtes; William McNeil!, passenger, Covingtoo, K)., injured about tbe limbs and body; Frank Williams, passenger, Columboa, Pa. r ,leg injured and face cub . • Conductor George Ellis died Sunday evening from the effects of his injuries. Investigation shows tbat the accident was caused by a broken frog. Fatally llarned Four Men. •WruCKSBAliRE, Pa,, Feb. 6.—A terrific ex- plo-ilon of mine gas occurred at slope Na 1 at Kantlcoke Saturday evening. Four men were fatally burned, as follows: David Evans, John Griffith, Joe Dlber and Anthony Mulox Tba first two were terribly burned and were carried out of tbe mine wrapped In blankehi. • '• The Woods ,Ar« Fall of Them, Dra MOINKS, la,, Feb. ft—Another antiliquor bill was presented to tbe proper bouse committee Saturday by Mrs. Woods and other Prohibition women. It places the sale of spirituous liquors in tbe hands of druggist* for medicinal purposes only, .and punishes buyer or seller, as tha case may be, for evading the purpose of tha law. It does not, however, banish beer. For the first Urn* In the history of the state tbe senate was opened by prayer,:Saturday, delivered by a woman, tbe Rev. Ida C. Hul- lln, Unitarian.. Receiving petitions wa> the principal business of the day, nearly all of them being from railway employbs. against 8-cent fares and from farmers in favor ot tbe same. j The New York Grant Munavrial. NEW YORK, Feb. ft—Tbe Grant Monument association bas Issued a circular Inviting artists, sculptors, and architects to submit designs for tbe monument or memorial building to be erected at Riverside park. In the'city of Hew Torlc, over the tomb of Qfa. Grant The circular lays tbat the: total cost of the completed structure can not at prevent be definitely fixed, but it is, hoped that tbe funds of tho association may b» largely increased. It is suggested tbat designs be submitted based upon an expenditure of 1300,000. Tlnd of tha Btrncfle for Bread. 'BALTIMORE,' MdV, Feb. ft—Mrs. Btlen llllls, aged 83, Saturday cut her throat after cutting the throat ot bar child, but sbe wssi discovered in time, and it Is thought tbat H» lives of both may beasvrsd. ; Her btuband, a plasterer, bas been out of work for somu time and they were without food. fTbere being no prospect of work for her husband.sae determined U put an end to herself and child. • . • Half • Dosj» Firms Burned OaU CHICAOO, Feb. ft—The; building. Nos, 48 and TO Wabub avenue, occupied l>y C. H. Blakely & Co., and A. R. Barnes & Co., printers; Schott & Co., importera Of fancy goods; H. R. Eagle Sc Co., grocers,land «uv- eral other firms, **s damaged by fire wly Sunday'morning. The two finli earned firms will suffer a low of about MO,000 each, and tba other losses will amoutU to. (3&,000. . A Call on the Vexae Hembera. SAH AsTosiOrTax,, Feb. &~Tbe delegates to tbe .Southwestern Immigration' ocuvmu- tion, which adjourned Friday, held; a Busting Saturday to take action reg&ifdlug tba proposed reduction ot tbe tariff on wool. Tbs> meeting represented s\OOQ,GCO sheep.. A tOBolutlon urging tbolr dakgatea in coagnas) to do all Iu their power to sustain Ipa btrUI on woo) was unanimously adopted. ' PcnsetmtMi the Oesitre* *r JTcvalsv. ILLDJOIS, IOw " WISCONSIN, fflCfflGAH, MINNESOTA, DAKOTA, NEBRASKA AND WYOMING. IM TKAIK HEBTICE U arrangml to meet requlremeuta of local tram, as well u so furnish tbe most attractive Boota* or through travel between Important TRADE CENTRES ^rs EOtJtPMKST ef »dur and Parlor Oars, Dining and Pilaca Blesplaj On U without rival. .. . ITS ROAD-BKD la pCrffeflUoB •« stone-baUaated steel. . The H»rth-^Ce«t«ff» U the taverft* route for the OommercUU Travel, the Tourist and tbe seekers after new home* Iff th« Qohtea Nortowt-fc , Detallad InlormaUon ebeertully fttrnlsbed by TV. A. FOTVJL.EK,, II m» Mid ttairijss unatssrtasi • Bad F|r*at.Qnkl«a<] CMr, lad. OAIUITD Crrr, hid., Feb. 4— Ota of the) most destructive Otm tbat bu ever occurred ban took plaoa Sunday morning, dwtroylnj Ib* buiiiMM bousM ol Tbomu Drrdsa, , Bohrcwti a f. Jtiok.r. aod Auob eauiia« a km of t*3.Qoa, oo sfc*t» w*» a* IntamMB at J. K. WKITHAS, H. C, WIOKEB. Tloe-PrM. ft Gen. Mangr. Trafflo Uanacet. L r. WIL80H. ta'l Fuwpi Agni DYSPEPSIA. I S that misery experienced when 'we suddenly , become aware that we possess a diabolical arrangoment called a stomach. The stomach la tbe reservoir tram wblctt every fibre and tissue must be nourished, and any trouble, wltn It la soon felt throughout the whole system. Among a dozen dyspeptics no two will nave tbe same predominant symptoms. Dyspeptics of action mental power and a bilious temperament are subJjettoi*lcUHe*da«hc; those, tteshyand phlegmatic have Coon tlpatlon. while tbe thin and nervous are abandoned to Btouny ft>r«- bixllnra. Somo dyspeptics are wonderfully forgetful j otbors bare great UriUblll ty of tamper. Whatever form Dyspepsia may take, cue thing Is certain, The underlying causa U inthaUVSR, and one thin? more Is equally certain, no on* will remain, a dyspeptic who will It will correct Acidity oil tl>« _ «t*tke vojue time Start the Liver to working, when all other trouble! ' ' Soon disappear. "My wife vras a confirmed dyspeptlD. Born* three years ago by tlia navtoe of Dr. Stelner, of Augusta, she was Induced to. try Si'umons Liver KeRUiatur. I feel grxteful for tile relief U b&s given her. and m»y all who read luts and are afflicted In any WHS, whether chroulo or ocbrr- «lse, usa Simmous Mver Ktgulator aad I teal coL'Ddeni health will bA restored to all who wiU be advised."— Wac. H. KXSSH, Fort VaUcy, da. See that you g«t tht Genuine,' with wd • on front of Wrtpptr, PttXPAIUBO OKUT BY : . J. H. EK1UW A CO.. PiOUAelpUa, P*w LADIES! Do Toor Ova Djrelaa, at BMste,wtt3t PEERLESS The KdUtor IUb*i«d Ilta. J Ali, V*b. a.~Toin EUk, «ditor o( Tbe BoroM bera, was shot by CtKAoUT* Built van Satarday olgb.^ oa •»• «ovnt of a UbeUocH «Uoi» jmblistwtt n«dart him iu tbat paper. lW»ir»**teS mia^Ua b le Tbty trllJ iSyo < wbwe, Woe 4*e- a »o*qaallartf r tat -

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