The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 6, 1923 · Page 3
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 6, 1923
Page 3
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FRIDAY, JULY 6, 1923 THE HUTCH 1NSON NEW 3 PACK 1 IIR-F.F. Our 7 Day Special Bargain Event Is Genuine hi Every Respect •> *' Such sales do not last always and by taking advantage of htis one now offered you will save money and obtain a styla that is attractive. Many of these slippers formerly told at $7.00, $8.00 and $9.00. Now ?2.98 and $3.98. Phoenix hone to match. Have you noticed our window*? We close at 5 o'clock except Saturday. A NEW PENNANT First Southwestern League Season is History—Rookie Rulo Further Modified. A brand np\v niisollfM.l record followw tin; PlKht Sonthwi'MiTii Icarfuo baseball f'offcyvllle should bo a strong, 'oon- leildir am.! '!. <M| Waring will hilvt; to glvi- ,'.'fln.l«iivllle u fighting cluincu or Jo?.:- hi* job. M.i!i;i;:r-r Harbour wlio te h'M~o totl.iy wiih tiio MiMkogt'o Mots to op^n 'th" . i: <..cpi:d <;c:ifiim !>:IH K'caikul liny Cor£:in, luiit. year's niuiifipt'.r ami a 1 '' 1 * •>t' Hturo Hiiiiiiout.'ii )ilayers to 'buinU'r Uls team. Hike Rookie Rule. * A I'Mi-viu moling tt'.'is hohl in iKan- Sci.s Oii.y ycstf'nlity vvit'i all clnlis ox- copt Huit-liiiiMon, tiapulpa and Snlina i>!pn'.-H':i!<Mi. jt was votudto raisu the rookie rule lid sLill further, pcrmtttini; .players on a team. WILLS PROBABLY TO ! BE NEXT CONTENDER Dempscy's Manager Says Bout May Be Arranged for Lu!>or Doy—No Color Lino. (By Tho Assn.-inl",! I'nifO Orcat I.'alhi, Mont., .luiv M. --Hurry Wills, the iiicoiBnihontiiwi>Ri,>rn [eaifiKi iiiisrnau i ii-'i i-.xri'iiuiii-ou ,|imyurs on a. isum. ,, ... . . . n „ .. . . clubs today as lh« now U'oftoy vino «•;,„ u-,v,vr,lcd the .first »C'a- > '" r k K,n ri' - n of t ^ Uia^i.. season opi-ns, with 'Hiilo.hinson *™ p.-nnant and the winner of the "! ;! ^.',| ^. " X" ,V, ' ,' ontHrlaiuhiK Mu.kogon, -Sallna hort to wcoml will p-lay Cofteyvillo. tt post- I',.;£.^ l ^ ^' l "^ ;''^ < '', ' j Scvimlpa. TOIM-.K.-I l.h« champion Coffr-y- x.'ason Kerin, for the Icagim chain- £, _", £,"'f '" a ^"rnt ", w,, M i ...Ml.. H _ rr_ .. __ I f.. .»_...__ i ._ .«...- ,,I,*,,„•„ I ,. i/> - !.,. IJ.,£.-.. „-... -^..,^-, i „ I. "lt,,.iH..t>.-. Ill I U 1 It HUH I U\\ i! IIU « UIUU J WILLARD AND FIRPO READY villn Uorini'i's, and (itdnpondrwo .piny- Ing BartlusvllliJ. 'I'll; record will not Jons remain iiiisolh'd bocansi) ball Batnott must bo won and lost. Tho U'jioat Shockers will Htart today with th,- Maiiio llnn-li.p tllut baa been xir,i'fl >hv,-t on -Monday will .hnvti a ito-w ]ilti:her \vlio 1'omen with a rop and sine,.- th<; hiking ol' I hi? roo'klo rnlo tn iii-ruiH ton vt'toruna Big Jess Has Reduced 8 Pounds Under Weight nt Time He Mst Floyd Johnson, l\R! 1 l71 1 IMf l w '- rf '" tl ^'-li nuiy I,,.- <^l,LMjtc'd if tho pi'i.:- lllllsillNlj ! Sl ' nt couiblnatlou iloeM not pan out rifflit. , One Good New Pitcher Enough. Thor,. la noibiiiR materially wrong HtK'lioKli-rs will too off with a rt-rord wl!h tlio ShockiTs iin thov ?taiul ex- I... ,, . .... i-.'.'I>n«Vn l ',le i.n.'.him an,l t\-ldlnj:. Tlio l "' 1 ' 1 (!l """ " L ''' 5 '" r * " oxt weok LlL '"' NATIONAL LEAGUE. nioiiFhlj). jf tiin Hi-finors repeat such a series will bo umiccussary. i RECORD F1ELD"L1KELY FOR NATIONALJOURNEY (Py Th.j Aiaiol.itiifl Prosa) N*c\\' Vork, ,'nly (i.—,3cvon former .miirir'an. open solf rhaniplons and a ahi^y ol' suit,', lifctioniil ami national will tt-o off with a rorord NVw A'ni-k I',:i,.!,,v.-i-!i l':n.-ln,i:itl J::-....iilysi .. >:•- nl.s Ar.i'jniCAM LEAGUE, v.'.'ltv. t-ii,t',ic, j,\ii.nni", ann Il::lflin5,. llio t ti-ani lia=, lilt, fairly fonsidt^nily all i «'<"»'. l."iis? iHliin,!, In quest of tho season, leailli,,; iJi,''li'uci|..i in liaitln!;. I ''re.wn now li,::d by <Jctie Surazen ol' | On,.! eff,.,.'iv,.'i>ii.,:!H-r a'Jdod to i!io.-io i Brluivliff l.oiiijo. suit. ' ' 'on haiul i : , l.ei'r.vcd to I),- all that is Tun <->'' i'"' t-pvcn ex-rliampioiiH TV. I,, rot. NVv . Vnrk j,,iv ii -.1,-^willardtiii.i! 1 "* 1 '' 1 - '^cni.! !>}"• Mor.Dil7.or s'.ionld 1 w-eliiiu-. ,,,MV l.mrels are .imnteiirs-- ..4S :,i .,v;r. • - .''„,. , •' ! be as'in-.-d <.f a pl.-i.-t- on Iho sta'f ! ••' I ' :iri ls ' niii,-,"! of lio-iton, lia:! winner "" ^ - e ^. '-'" -"-'•' ''"V" w!l » 1V " ! '"" (1 " '"ian.l will ,,ndo : ,:,t...;ilv nl .b-asi br^k ' -"'1 ">i<'k Kva.i^ of I',^,, llil.liitbv ..36 "2 ..•:-:) •' ^" roiinil mutch at. llnyle's Thirty i ,, V!M1 j,- i..j vr . n anjiliit!^ liki> a regular ! holder. 'I'll' 1 oilifrs and th,; yr-nni ••::! S? -V 1 ;'; • A '' f "i ''" xt Thursd.-iy nisht.. aro t-los.j ; turn on th,. 111011:1.1. ' l.'or tlio Vlr.'.-t •'" li '. v t;; '^'.''! tiic l;,'ii,'li(H an;: • \Valter '"••' 4,i ''''v- U ' tl '" ir b(1|tt nt; ' MliI1 S lid:,-! 1 . Until • s,i;»ion h" v.o:i tlvi, ,,;ul Io;>t fivo 1-lc.'. " :l l-'''" " r N " iv York, 1814 and I'.U'J; '.'.'.'.:5 to ,';.;,;• I.'!.'.n but n 'r..-, .iiiys m,in, of ^lieinion.s i ,., ,.,-ni,,,, ||,> t(: .,. ,.,>ntroi ivhli-h cor-i- linl 1! 'i:'ii'^ of Pelbam Mnnor. IH21; i v ' l>! ''' 1 bofiiw tapeiiiiK orfC \Villard ii.i||. :n ..ts iiif win •,( | ;i ,iii " JAl'V >nii\]: ,.',' New i.oiiiSon. Conn., W T, rvt ; IlH ".••'' 1 ' l -'- i i'!'n 'Hi.'tr.Miv at Vi.,;^.ci>-| ri;,,,-,; i s :l ,.,,, ,,;;,., «-hrlTiiv Ti'-l'^ .'i'i,| !|iln; CJi-or.W Sarirent of 17 .... ,.,.,:'".I'l ill,' rfo-.iili .Air,#:f;,-iin dKiiiiiiion at ! u.-i,,.!j, v K -\\ ,,,.' .,].],, .„ 3lic .,. T - n( . • roniir.'iiis. (.llilo. litnli; and Ptvd Mc- ...'.:ir, a I:.:,,- '--vi.; fv,"ini.'ii, X. J. ', sh,.i-ki>r nmn:i-..-',ii'int liaa^biM-r v."'.v' j' '• "^ \\'a"liin.ii:toii. 1». C. 11'nN. 1 won . leave Ininni'ilati'ly for N'mv York lo; clo3o nnHotiat.iollH for a iruiti-h wit'u Wills to liu dooitled iirobubly on Kali-.-ri day. "Wg want to box Wills If for j nothing iiioro than lo <:onvlnc« lliul public, that Duniiisuy <!oss not draw th« color Hue and haa no.fear of bim." i Koarna said, I I'liiua arc tn-lnB made to exhibit tin: j motion jilctures of Hie fight throni'.h-i out tin; country !mniei!iaU:!y. Tin; . pictures were dei'lared by experts lo| bo [H'l'foet !K-.!';UIS»: of we;l(her ,:n]uii- , lions Hint iirevailed at Shelby on llio . afternoon of llio Iflli^tW ^••yi.K!&^&SaS i3» Cool and Good Looking Summer Suits Tn all youd slKuIen of tropical worsto<l, mohair, 1'alin l.Vach. & Cool Cloths at Very Reasonable Prices$15, $18, $20, $25, $30, $35 and $40. The finest Summer Clollis Society Brand 'fg & Wolff ;irr: Rtin aiiions wt-ck's title ! 82 ENTRIES IN EARLY WESTERN LEAGUE. Win Exhibition. | VllUiiuirtc'h, Pa., .Inly (i.--T\v,j homo in'. 1 ,, 1 - 1 ,.; ! fiel'.k'T ;ia:i:eii l.l 'Ol'iV Hl . rM New Doss . -d ilia,', rir.lina ",ia.-i un- ..S» 32 . 38 3.1 I runs in U- nlr.tii inning *;,„ > ,-ter- ! joiib.^llv b'cl';i i-"' a'few' 4e.-''iv°"i : !v-''V r,!'^' v ' 3 '"'•"• ; ' io!1 : ">:»>' f"f f ; '" N^wU'.'ill b<- oiiUil-.-d Tile MMSers In'd'llllln :;77rt""l5 A " iL11:lul " ;i " Vl - r I'ilts'r.irBh, V to ' to rucoiii-jn-ml (b.-iu In' Ihe ii'rst half Nntion^l Lvaque. At I'.rooltlvn— . u. U.K. Bo^on ii-.'rt i.inn .lot- :; s 1 llni.iklyn iii>i.i in.o !)''" i) 4 iJ Taylor. At !'iii!.'v!.-1-pM,v- l-'biladelpliia . r,],) ni:j n.',i —j-J l;i r> llatti-ri, M-- St. Louis. Noi'th, :":t'i:irt, I'feffor, ll;ir!'->o( :i:»l AJnsinitlr, Mo A total 'of S2 nntrles !',a\o bcnn. '.ailo in t'M! early c!')»iiuv raeins vints i',.-r thn yi.'l" Fair thU vi?cir. '"^•—^ •-cu^uocva"!^";,-"(. 'i i' cv j'-,'.cuvny i-.iivl ,:i t '-. ft S;iy I'AlliS v.'h'.'ii you S American Lcacjno. At SI. Lorn-, - H. t'l. !0. Cllira.!-,) ,,'Jl lino ,;i|i) .;i n 1 Ihe enlry h.stM WIT,, closnil on .Inly 2 ^, | ( ,.,j, ,1,,, ,.,,, ,,,. , - ,j ven-".'.'','!} 1 ??." 1 ""'""' " (o: " n '" s ](M '^ Ilatt.r-rl,.3'-i V h'li'.,r'',"c'.on K r,'s a:id •-.'•', S'-ason livn- tills year. Them lira '" .u"^,^;,,.'"'"'' '''''^ '""' '",;','','''I,'' ana j ,, nm „!„;,, «m have u, bVheat^'hy | vi'™.™* ^e'eai^ "closln/n,o« ^!^ !l " llla •••;!}!! 1^ 'ji^f ]*' \ •llai.t«-."i,'s— rlii!:(,|.-:pii!,-.. il:i:i(y, K.-l- letl. llarrhi pri: That's a <£lf % .^*'"' "^ TO '^'-«iM!a»»oB« to< ,,.,^., -v-v* ^ We Are Gettinsr S I'l"''""^!.!".'.'.'.'.'MO iTi' M'-'~IO is o Stocks, Hence —= s '" ah a " d o'Nuin. These Prices! , j=^ WesterT = At Wichita — iiis;i r,n g= Wichita . . Hattorius it II. W. 'iii nun noo ..... '2 K) 0 2o :;2i din -is :.',) o .",ian a.nil I'.To-iiiy ICr- win, Hovllk, ..\io.\a.mara and .M.-'Mui- Ion, l'a..-;oy. =J At uUalioma City — ft. 11. K. Si. Joseph ...... loo ion 030—5 11 2 = Oklahoma City .100 101) 100 -3 10 o == , Uattorlua— Nowton and Kantllor; = V(il '. Soagor, Allen and lim-iie, o TJ \stal can t.cuchvcu N\ T^ - . .. . ^^ A bargain riinSincs t--,:.i'jr'' •)-.•/ afternoon at G;mo n.i ;•!•;. "I'no HuU,hinB.ovi Shocuui'B r>n-.; w'usko- O'e o M et s w ill f LI r n 1 -j h t h <; c n t c r- tninrncnt ami t('>'r <,how rnn «atc!y tse r-ecornniende'.l. "She flriu yarns will start at 2 o'clock nnd tho n f t c r p I e L o a a s o o r. t i i c r c . i i i . c r e> 3 poc«lble. NCW GOING ON =3 'OMEN! Don'!: buy a single Ready-toAVear Item until you have visited our store. Shop around as much as you wish, then come to "Fashion Center?'—CcApare cur Styles, the Quality, the Price. The *norc familiar you are v/ith style, quality and price, the more'en- thusiastic ycH'H be ever the fast that we are giving you final Summer Clearance Prices the first week hi July. •-A FEW SUGGESTIONS- ^ $6195 to .$9.95 Dresses, now H $12.95 and $14.95 Dresses, now S $22.50 to $35.00 Dresser-, now .'.., H $35.00 to $45.00 Dresses, now J2 Big Reductions on All Suits « Big Reductions on All Coats .=! Eig Recbclioss on AH Cao-s $3.93 ".$8.95 ,. .$18.00 $25.00 Open until 9 P.M. SATuRDA Y3 $5.85 All-Wool Sleeveless Sweaters $2.98 and $3.98 $2.43 to $4.98 Blouses, now ' .$1.98 $1.25 White Sateen Petticoats, now 73 C $5.95 and $9.35 Pleated Skirts, now Silk Hose, now $1.95 $6.95 Tweed Knickers, now $4.98 All Silk Umferwear Reduced HI in Ihe Aiming— K Possibla iiiiilHliliiiiiiiiiiiiSiililiiillliiHiiilliil! American Association. At KuiL-xia city — u jj j,' Mlhvaiikuc ..... 003 OflO 001— oil ' Kansas City ...ion noo 11R-- 3 s 3 UaUorle 3 -a.:!in:ili and Shinaiilt; uu-U:. r , Sal-mliiu, C'aldtt-oll and HUlff, At Minin-apolis — u H H «t. Paul ....... son ftio .100-ln !<1 1 Minne.aiioHs . ..OSOulO 17x--l! 13 •> l|.i.Ucrl,.>,-..N-,. vl ,j, sri ITaii. ShotAun Kin Lonzaloa; Ajx-r.-, Mauguin. Kvhoor and Muy,>;-. Only two schudi.:«d. Southern Association. I Atlanta, 2; .Vow Urivnu,-,, 3. Hirmingham. 22; Mobilo, .11. MeniDhls, 3; NaAlivilln 5 ' Llttlu -Koch, 6; fbiiitai.'oii^a, S. ' l.':illas, 8; Shrevryort, ]. Houston, ,}; Ou|\, : ..non, •>. Han Antonio, i; ,/leailinoiit, .') V.'icliita Falla, 7; Kort \Vortb, 5. EATS FOR TOMMY. This Is tho Way St. Paul Is to Welcome Homo tho Fighter. St. Paul, Minn., July (i .-A munloliial tnuitiuat at Lho auditorium In honor ot SL Paul's hero of tho hour—Toiu- <; ' fl ''«'i«. who put up a (jama '"KBlw aKiihwt Jai:k nBinpsny a t SUt.'lby. .Mont., on July 1 --was dnggost, nd today a.i iiai-t of tho we.leoinliig l>r»Ki-ajn bo/n« nlanmii! tor Tommy wlu-ii lio rotuniH home Salurday !»vra- Tho iirotfrara so far arranged In- i.'liiuws a parade with uin-onil hundred auiolsia taking part, going hum tho I nion Dojiot to rubboii's homn hero Tlia juiuilcijial bainiuot may be clvon Saturday ove«i»<r. * BEQ YOUR PARDON. * '* • "' * "'',£ * * * "-• '*' »' * * '» * * * * » the :!oonso isjuwj to R. \v. Htltt and Miss Uladyu Mciiiiiau' as recorded in lust nlgtt's Ncwn usod rhi» jal. tiah W. a. Instead of R, w. It Hasn't TailerJ Yff, Rvery tinu'i til., Aliii-.i a,-,- in daiicov of a sidit Helnlo coniej, loiw.trd with £OU18thJl^[ to JjQalCG 1Ji6m to lovo on« unothBr. — It is to nuffaw loud anil lnn:5. koxoo i-otnea forth with a ifro.u'.'-.iai that the Ii.'UiJuy majjnaUiS nro to Ixul lot to soo who wins tho flrat nmiHon l>t:iniaiit If LliH ratio if* rlotvo. It VVIIM fairly rJ.isn hut, the nianrtini/.--. loHvf no <!uii!>t at; to thn iM-nnant win nur. The ,-iai,i!lnt;s say: W. L. Pet Cofivv, iiio it 28 .an; si/.,;.-!.,) t2 2« ,01'—X — L'Mvo It ''i ttin Mir:la>ge« i-rilu :* all'.! Bi'.ri^^ur to inilt thfl ''i:.)'. ,ii',-,,r,|inK to lain bii.-i'bail nml bat for ufforlr.u li:'.t.i.y lift!" : !;.-;:;,'-'.flon. 1 . Of oouruo it aiK'nhiir :1,::,^.>U {-'oo^ by without .Mus!if>i,'p,j winiiini? • it will be n.'cessury to ptvo ft. to Um Mots or tli'i tovn won't, turn out a f;or- Ih>ra.l's noxt yoar. THoy'vo bw'ii Hul'K'.iiK a-U s.'ntioii bi'i'iiuai' tlio Mots 'Iblii'l toy tli'i lit a ii tiiinih moi'i.' Ui..ii li;Ut tlie time. I'.ai-lio:ir roiiinninlcati'il with (>>f[i-v viilo i^iKKi'- 1 -'!^ a i»lay-orf fiWnltVH t< ilf.'toni'.lno tlio winnur. That n!:- i-oinos rlsht K\o3f to being aa humor inn as Uia ballot Idea. Tho Ri'fin,.r pi-obably would win the piay-»H »er!, but on a ballot Muskoifftp, would !,< ure winnor if nant 3ntliirntior,ii ':f &<i'-' hour control in tho l>,-iti;uo uiv, to I." kftn aa un indication. Tt looks llko Its about tlmn for tbi'ii to pli;oh tboinsi'lvea and heixjniu goo, sports in .MiiMkoKtjO. Ilarlioiii' did N!, uttur ilorndfijt to win a pennant ",i' any prluo" ciud faikirt. ITutchliiBon faua, while liopjji;; for a Urat division barth aro ri^it fooling w) buxl OVI.T th(j fln»t S'Xi- aon. Tho .MO Ilntiili of Uiu Shocltera ylio'A'ed tlm tixun at IcAHt had fioino iiiiirit; wuii at loa&t hotter, t.hnu T!M.I o'h^^tli.r^? orittriefl from (h* nnrtb hnlf of tiho circuit. liouihwry toums took all flrnt divisjion bortlui uud l(utfhlii!.">n flnVshod a game aud one-half bohiiul Bttjnilfrfi la tjiw tlrat division. Gloats the ISa. ib:svill« l5xi.iiiHn«r: "Oklahoma i.ov,"na. alt-ho'igh glva the I'urib^n'loi; by tit-j Kaiiiiaris. t*.i loast managed to tlutah in t2io fir;*' dlvlniou" Y'-i, RI:'! Ihsro'a n r,-i!;;nn. Tin tin-y 1,-rudiito ,lho:u li rcs;..'>,-.'.t.ivi) o( !ottgU8 mlea attd agri'emcut^. Tix! W&rln^f ha» rwcfi'iitly takon on {>luj belonglug to Ui9 Kunscia uujr Bli '!";!» ul .',:r ill. r . ....,,•, i I'M.';!!-- ri]].-:i will Miin Mn: !'. '.•aii, ' i:hw« to bi.nvii;." V'*.!! 1 aCivr tin.' wild n, ; r\ i, >-i:arly m-ery ":iyliiK, "Wftll until A UMKHO ini.,iii,. B ,,.,„;, ,. a ;|,,,, IvatiKui City yi".|(,n|j,y I,,,- P.,, H , iii! ! im riub wa:.. not. r,'i ,-, ,,-iit, ,|. - x - - 'l'o[>'-!:.i fan', aro ,'X;,:"M,' .'-ivt-r •"iiovvliiK of "\Vi;,i Kiii- Mil,-',,.|| r"limii',| to Hit. r,,!,! ,;,,, , ;i'">inc'.'d tin, li.'iiri'Mrt. ,ii |>'I very !;,»„! ,-i.|ilriii Tlio I,;,!,,,,. :.<;,•;!,',: ,.),,], | 1;il , ,., v a kit of i:v,v ii,iit"r|,i|. [>.'.|.,. ¥ lll-a ran i.ff; Wicnii. who ,-,.,-'/., tb'i Ok!,,h,,nu SUM.O k..,,..„„. ( i'ro:n -.vbi-iiru no .,1111 ;,i:.,,' V :, • r uro tin; r, ;( ,'iit ;,"(|ii!:!it'i,,ni,' ' .x I 11 for a I.OIIK. nm ,/.n ;l |,., ,ir, '".'id. That IH ivhiu i;,,:,|iv )' . ;>', K' lin-rs did tin. ,,!i,',,,."., •.•i!ii|,«IKlivn ( .-., hut f..i!';Vyvili<. N . Inilopi'iidcii, , ;iii,l i,i,'.|,, ;,..,., I'.'.-.vd of homo tir.vii ttii-u I t ''• nda. Tlio Mu ;!..,:;"(.- l'!i.)i.-,i s Mi-yw will Ixj rtlii.'M !••'.••• !•.•>• llarln.tir If l-i.iliim -.>.••• , :o tlm MIHr-r Im.... -; ,:,i,,, t} 1 , K-J (."Jl-j !hi:l. DARKNESS ENDS MATCH FOR WRESTLING TITLE . ',->( d:.-> i:,. ; fall !:i :,! ir. '':••• S»!'.|!l,l ill 'J7 ,l-.:,j it.

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