Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on December 26, 1935 · Page 8
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 8

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 26, 1935
Page 8
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THE IOWA Gas And Shrapnel Strike From The Sky Europeans-'Arm Against WtM t ...iia_6f Modern Warfare O N June 14, 1917, a hot svimmer sun baked London, Look- ine toward the white-capped Channel Londoners saw strangc^quicksilver specks in the sky. The specks grew larger became almost like birds moving in a natural mathematical German Gothas sped across the London sky. Fifteen minutes later the Gothas were pone; but frightened Londoners came out of hiding to discover ninety-seven dead and 437 wounded. This first encounter with modern vrarfare has reiurned to haunt Ku- ! defiance of the. laws of physics. From figures of the United States Chemical Warfare Service he found it would take 300 pounds of phosgene (carbonyl chlorid) evenly dis- tributfd to gas effectively an area of 100 squaVe yards. And 14.000 planes, with gas-spreading equip- FOR SALE — 1000 bu. corn in crib. Claude Dixon. 13-1 FOR SALE — Yearling spotted male hog, market price. Chas. iberle. 13-lp SALE—Having gone on the high line the String-town •hurch offers its Delco light plant for sale. Plant is in fair :ondition, 750 watt automatic. Sealed bids accepted. Send bids o Roy Bush, Kent, la., Route 1 12-2 Lates* Martin Bomber: All-metsl, Three Machine Guns, Special Bomb Rack, Crew of Four to Five, Two 800 Horsepower Engines. rope, reports The Literary Dipcsf. i as nations look with apprehcn?.n:i upon Mussolini's venture in fclui.o-. pia. Europeans during the nr.-' '••''•'• months"havo become cor.s"i< v-- .-." - • more of a danger wVvi( h '.•:•;: -; without warning dru;.^!!;.: s..v; or gas. Already It.Vikin.- ;>:;%••-• ' :• looking up prices of a::-/' ' " service for gases. Go!-r:i:-:: ; arduously studying the natar:. A:'.••. effects of new gases. LJIK:<>:;. ••'•' '•'•' reading booklets of home ".• '..;•• for victims from deadly choir.''"; ;. ; Parisians can buy the official i>.v..:c- I let on news-stands of how tc ;i--i ' during air-raids and inspect oxi- dised shelters. Paris has built dug-outs in Government Ministeries and reenforced tBe catacombs (ancient quarries) to shelter 600,000 people. A French flrrn, so brisk was competition in the manufacture of gas masks, has produced Individual models; and elsewhere manufacturers have stressed comfort and style trends. The Case Against Gas But Lt. John Edwin Hogg. United States Naval Reserve, writing in The Forum, derided wholesale gas ment and attacking on a day of per:'-c: visibility, with no wind, would I:;-.ve to put down 28,000.000 pounds nf pho.ssune to wipe out New York CLy. .'•. irpianes nnd protection against .;>• :, .'(;;•.•!•::; have become a necessity • , v:ii--"t>"an countries. England, .1.1..: \u.,K'vable nation in Europe ••.-:• h :;t.000.000 people congested in ..: ;•-.••.-.-•:) cities, Italy, Germany, . :;..! I-Y:i:n:e have about 1,500 first:.' niiilary planes apiece; Russia, /J:!; Poland. 700; Czechoslovakia, ~ r : » London with its 8,000,000 people ip but one hour and thirteen minutes' flying time from the German border. German planes could be over Paris in flfty minutes, drop bombs on Prague in thirteen, and attack Milan from the air in thirty. But the Frankfurter Zeitung's military correspondent does not believe in the absolute military supremacy of the airplane: "Up to the present moment, and, indeed, throughout the history of military operations, no device for offensive purposes has ever been invented without finding in time means of sufficient defense against it." Mrs. Johanna Lehman, 75, of who gaye her only 5Q cente a Trenton, N. J., was granted a week spending money, and $5 divorce from her third husband, to . <run the house onV> who was worth $50,000, and thank you for the business given us in the year just past and hope to see you often during 1936. REIMER OIL CO. Here's toYou* Success We wish you all kinds of prosperity in 1936. We thank you for the business you have given us in the year just ending. SEE YOU NEXT YEAR MOORE Alvin Moore, Mgr. IIIIIIIIUIIII RATE—lOc per line for first nsertion; 5c per line each In- ertlon thereafter. Display clas- ified, 25c per inch. For Sale 'EW COPIES of the Will Rogers book on hand, if any one vould like to get one. Mrs. E. Vright. 13-lp FOR SALE—26 fall pigs. Clarence Butler. 13-1 FOR SALE — Alfalfa hay. Also some oat straw. Geo. Barrans. 8-tf 'OR SALE — Hampshire boars, pure bred, cholera immune. 3 miles SW of Clearfield. Sam ingland. 6-5 Wanted MAN WANTED for Rawleigh Route of 800 families. Write oday. Rawleigh Dept. IAL— 335—SA, Freeport, 111. 11-13 TIMOTHY SEED WANTED—We are in the market for Timothy seed. Would buy some Soy beans if good. Would riot care to buy many Manchue Soy beans. J. W. Abraham, Prescott, la. 7-tf For Rent FOR RENT — 4 room house, modern except furnace, on gravel street. See H. Roy Long. 12-2 AFFIDAVIT—ESTRAY STOCK State of Iowa, Taylor County, ss I, John Sundell, Sharpsburg, Iowa, being first duly sworn on oath state: That under date of October 10, 1935, I took up as estray on my farm in Marshall Township, Taylor County, Iowa, the following personal property: Four black pigs, weight about 50 pounds. That on the 14th day of October, 1935, I posted three notices claiming said stock was es- tray, said notices were posted as follows: School House No. 1 Marshall Twp.; John Key Oil Station in Sharpsburg, Iowa; Ruscoes Oil Station, Sharpsburg, Iowa. Following being a true copy of said notices as posted. Estray Notice To Whom It May Concern: On October 10th, 1935, the undersigned John Sundell of Marshall Township, Taylor County, Iowa, took up as es- trays on his farm in Marshall Township, Taylor County, Iowa,, the following personal property: Four black pigs, weight about 50 pounds. Dated and signed this 14th day of October, 1935. John Sundell. That said animals remain unclaimed. That none of the marks or brands on said animals have been changed or altered to my knowledge either before or after the same was taken up. John Sundell. Subscribed and sworn to before me by the said John Sundell on this 23rd day of October, 1935. Geo. L. Goodale, J. P. Notary Public. Published in Lenox Time Table Dec. 26, 1935, Jan. 2 and 9, 1936. Heartiest Well Wishes O 1 business has been good during the past year and all because of your patronage. We thank you for it and hope to see you often during the new year. BECK BROS. O.C.WALTER We are for a bigger and better 1936, both for ourselves and all our friends. COAL WINNER Miss Lizzie Finn won the lump of coal we had on display. -She missed its weight only 5 Ibs. Her guess was 1133. It weighed 1128. L. F. DAVIS COAL GRAIN SEED NEW SONG BIRD FROM AUSTRALIA Miss Mnsda Ncolil, coloratura soprano, from Sydney, Australia, who is enpHviitins tho r.ulio tuuiience of Jack Hylton's continental rovuo, "You Shall Have Music." which is broaiU-iist every Sunday 'night by the Standard Oil cov.many of Indiana. The program is heard over nineteen Columbia stations in sis many middle western cities, from 0 :;:0 to 10:30 P. M. central standard time. Miss Neelil already has had several offers to appear in grand opera, one of them coming "from the Chicago City Opera, it \vi\n revealed. Critics declare she bids 1'air to be a second Melbn, who, it will be recalled, also came from Australia. Blankets VOU don't have to f JL wash your blank- I ets yourself. Just send them along with i your weekly washing i to us, and your blankets will come back clean and fresh and dry, without having lost any of their warmth. Moore's Laundry Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Bill Dey Ermand, Agent Telephone 96 nmmiiiiiiiimmt •: Professional Cards :- GEO.L. GOOD ALE OPTOMETRIST Eyes Examined Glasses Fitted GOODALE JEWELRY STORE Lenox, Iowa 0. P. ARNOLD Funeral Director and Licensed Embalmer Lenox, Iowa J. H. BARBER Funeral Director and Licensed Embalmer Lenox, Iowa JAMES R. LOCKE Attorney and Counsellor at Law Farmers & Merchants Bank Bldg Bedford, Iowa General Practice in All Courts- State and Federal Special Attention Given to Settlement of Estates Frank Wisdom O. J. Kirketeg Wisdom & Kirketeg LAWYERS Special attention given to settlement of estates Bedford, Iowa GREETINGS I appreciate your patronage during 1935, and hope to be of service to you in the future, J. V. WYNN tmnttti YEA! GREETING from Brick, Curley, diet, Red, Blaine Bag and Fran "As It Should Be" Watch next week for a new sensational J ary sale Honest, we are offering f vee 3 tamment. Believe it or not. M AS EVER, FRAN 'E thank you for the business we havehj during the past year and solicit yourcoi tinued patronage during the coming year, hope 1936 will be a prosperous year for yo Boltingiiouse & Halt Paraland Gasoline — Kerosene iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiii ^ TO-B THANK you for the business given us during 1935 and hope for the continuation of your friendship in 1936. DIXON & ESTEL FORD SALES AND SERVICE iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiitiiiiiMifiiiii 1111111 """ e. TU«> UOA. ^006 JCudo WE have enjoyed servingf youjlur f T ing the past year, and nopr continue to do so during the year. Best Wishes for Happy and Prosperous 1936 LENOX CAFE : - ^^'.^.•^•>^vJ- l ' V V^

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