Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 13, 1930 · Page 9
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 9

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 13, 1930
Page 9
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ES Is Best Victories Two of Out- Elevens In ! Vanderbilt WASHINGTON v i i i i f un, sjidnde,,!) t In inttion H u |(ii \ t, 'i-. |i ml I', N,,. l r t i" V iiniierliiit n i ti MtHi* ,intl ( ,,, *- ' f i l v st t i l i i f t, t i n I im! t »i,i In- I I M , i tf, mi l S,,I)||)F F . o v ttith Mn t ) , , ti I" h loniuit tl , n.'l % t t M p, r , f , ll ' Ii i ll i ji 11 u *i i n Mi tlioili^t t ir, r 1 I ti( ktn I f h h i t in t - i j i l i n SFIW I I 1 ' M i l l , \ M , k iv i l h , |]E 11 n j I I ink i i luli i m i l l ,1 hr,t[)|( iu | n ( i ( , 1 l u l l lllf U l l . l r , ^ dn u t r IK f,f l*i^ I 'it ^t (,,,],[, \, 1 1 ] i l l , I ' '· -i n i l ) r t i W l f K * !ljfl lotllt r l u n i , l i f t , r M,r»- r ^t iiifiFrfl Iii » si ,M , l u r d u t \ n t i d rlillt In hiiie i m mm. r f u l tiiiin, hi 1 t MMInJ h 1IU r [ , n, ^ M hi i ri 1 ulMi*!,* ,t t iniLii L' ^IF ^ i ti f r i hi l ui % I HIM lo lit ( lf ok* [ t . n , Iti till C 1 )!-.! I, , , ?,ti 1 *i i n t i % i h I u in l IIFH t i n ini^l \\iiHliliii; t i t , I SSIM i l l l l F t t l H in i n n , I stFtilln i n IM nmilt Ihe 4 ,,, '11 urlli s Ii. till, Ihu \ f l i r r n l K i i r n l i HH t v ,F n "itit t i ^ ( Ini DECATUR HERALD MONDAY EVENING, UCIUBhK IJ, 1930. OECATUR HERALD Jri Delts Have i first Tri Fede On October II Dinner in Chapter House To Be Followed By Bridge *arty tu. (M-t ycni 10"! Wont ^" t i n M o r the iilllnn Od 21 Iho the i h n p t f r I ulici-l f" . (he tu'tlM- here will be the nvcninc ,,, Vlrfrtnlfi t^ulinei of tin- ne i h on thf '(rl T f l d e (omiHllt*« n l l t n n i e rnemberx are M i i -'os OaiiKcr Mm Mn lHUcr Kcrnn Ronnl, THiickhiitn nnd Mr-, K vt T. ilnno n ti l,f un lion n( ('I ""· lln rointinlttce ( , ir ,M , h , *(irnHlv women . . l i . i t - f i ' " f l » i ··· ntiini rot ""· ,! rmnl "l'» it th I'""' 1 t . ( f r e . t n n * Nltn ' lf( "", tlf tor the pm «*· 11 rl 135 BUSINESS WOMEN ATTENDING DINNER IN STALEY CAFETERIA Miss Hoit Will Name Conv mittep for Community Chest Dinner Onp hundred t h l i iv-fhe mtrahers nt the Dfe»tur KusineBi nnd Profi**H ion al Wor-wn's eluh will be serv- od In the cafeteria of thn new Stnley ndnllnlKliatiou building Monday eve. ninfC find Inter loui the building Tf tile worm n umld he in i ommodated H h prnbnblf thiit, more thnn 200 ·uoi Id nttLnd tha dinner Munv who {hnit hopid tn set un rrsteiMitlona, will out (licwhtri then join the tour T i n - luh H nhk to meet In this buiMliu' un ii n .41 ilt or aiiungen m u l e tlirnnrh Mln Tlelcn Harder of tin- *ttnlev Co Vttin belongs to the Hub III ii Win If i ad Drenrmii of tin rjeaffua ol Wuniun Vot^is will speak I about women on Jin IM In a hilef meeting lontlucttd bsr'Jie tht toui Mlii [ i l u l i V f n t i r piogrnni rhixli mini foi tho state ton vent Ion to hr In Di ciilur w i l l speak of i)unn Mlin Mlvlna Unit, president will inline Mri Ij t, nilsioiii chalnnan for the fonimunltv Cheat dlnnei tn Mawmk tontpli) Oct 27 which the t h i l ) will miit re Olh, is on the Commit tei* will ht Mra MniKiierlte Fi i enmit Miss Vltxlnin Mti\ nntl Itiity DunnlH Announcement Dr. /am£5 Barf on Says Advertisers Are Extravagant Some of Their Claims, For Tooth Pastes and Powders Are Far-Fetched U ,IAS W. BARTON, M. U T HAT SOME uf ttie claim*) put toiwutd by rnnnufacluiUB of tooth paalos and powdei a have boon oxti avtigant 01 f«i fetched n.u»l be admitted In critiU/Ing these idvei list n \ v i l t e r was abk to uhow that there waa nothing wonderful ahout trteie looth pi''l'-i ant powdpid, t h n t t h e y contutnou simple mujton- i i th it couli lie p u r c h a * e i c h o u p l y u n d in ml L it n liv thi. u nr A iflni* l'dint 144 lie b i t nil lid was not tha laUn£ too milch (o: nnd powders OL thu about tho 11 projmia tlons woro ovoistftlwl but that b; huge advertisements und e\ t i IK i j field club dinner Nov 0 which w i l l lit , i M i n d e d hv n dplcKiiiion fiom re mini Mlii Mat ion McClonih na. t l u n a l p i , Mdcnl will be tl-e Thi Inld Club jtuist n l f h t In r*.o\ f! AUo wti" nnnoiLncert KENNEY, MIIUKIN GRADUATE. WFDS KANSAS GIRL Annonneemerit was nitidt. In S|i Illicit Id o( the marrlapc of MltH Alberta Mav ttlllvnrd and Chnr- Kennt". the Intlcr n Mnn I , l \'( '''" "' Ml Ml i M l l t ' l M l i A f i n I h i t n t i K l l Mi,.. M IF, l i m i l n p 'i'1'l vllu " ·"'·'' ,1,11, K u I'" ti *·*·'··' ( h 1 T 1 ln r iii , if The ^hih wotti" In rid . i 1 1 ,' n ' FI '" t * · - ·- ( | i ii, [ i n t i i i u n I » i e d l , i f M l l l l k l n u n l v e i i l t i Tlie cticmon) ,,.,! [ ( ] , | [ , ] , i ( I i , mi* w u i ii-" I Iwrii pel formi I R, [it J" In Kan*a» f'lt\ U, ,,, 1 M M i t t l n 1 l i i ' n i i ' l i t i t i , M J H K e n n i } ia a dniitfhtei of Ml UlU^tvrd of [ tiUln I' ' Mr 1 Pr id ,"il". I t( r '" "111 ht li tli In in, iniint "f MMHlIn , vnt | j tiiilvi t i l t v mid thi- ( ] l n(|(, j,| r of Kniiius noimul Unlvdhltv (if Col nttentlcd the point to my wue tooth iitisttt lonie points I unli in Mllllltiti Mi ( T i n t Mi lul Mi I A ^ 't lftl ' W-' ' lln ,il \ Hi i nt Hi, M IIDIIII 1 ' t l illl In linn i nl Ml*, ttiillllit K l « ! l 1 Fiiiiit \li l t Turn,- *lto * n ' in , ,i . . . U l , t [ n u i K p u s i ntnl (iltiiin f'FUncit l tin i l l i n i u m niill i dnl-1 ( tlie I in' i n t t n i i t n v m l i l t t e i i w e t t · HI till* I, (if t i l l I'l'lllll lllll'lf ' "If'l M i lu M n n i ' i, ,u 1 1 "'·" h , iM t ' I ' ruin i M i ' ' \1 n l MJ nl . * In n M "« I ,,LI( lutidln. ti , i, In i i iiinl O IIF'H , tin k l IM h. I ltlslitin,ll i! ^\ UK 11, t t \IM li,u N I l k . t l U l « ' ' , l il, i t n i t ( i ' 'fJ'i , ill mill l I'll h t l r ,,, I ,.f I l! I 1 I U I 1 I I I I I I iiitliiii' -, ni'* ' F i t ,ni · r i i , ' i rut I I ,, Ii "t I , | | F n l i d i In ^ - i i t t l Ii, iittend, d i I l i ml i 1 M n hi itn i,lid M l '""I Il, K i l l , ml it turn l l l l t l l l l , (Mill I" I 'MIIMI \i inv nt » iinil'i i II Si i l i « i 'I' i« "' ' r ! I ' 1 1 1 1 \ ] l I I H 1 " L \l« t i n ii t i WINDSOR \(!!iR Mini imfiiinml In O N M V I ' I I O S ) I' Rev dtirl Mi-. Park Two Ncu Giaiil(UuyMots u lul Mi* ( h i t ' n i K W *irth t,iml it in nl" 1 tin Midi 'ii 1*0 kililKlilyill-htr !·, u l t l l l n tll( ·orilh Hi, i r o n I I'hlld tioni I It t h i duujilet if Mi nwl Mm l I Knfriti tind lull T V i l i h , J i n n M i i Putin i Mr tin,I Mr-. I s t i i l i n li^ 1 In Hut from tlie ih,,r r ( l u l l m n i i l n ^ ' Octntiir iiiilll M \\ , f *li«n It vnii f, u n i t Mr H i i f l l n »)nitt(iil ullh tulieH till«N ^'ii'' fan h« hi\v )»{ n 11 juitl, nt In In *4| rlhKfield nnd W i t fluKIn hsin hei-n In the lintuo of hii In *H(pti nthcr ft (InilKhtfr "Mtiflrn to Mi nnil Mrn J O Mr l c n n Thh child I*Mr* McUL*ry'« Rdth Pflrlt Hcic lo 0 P. u - nnnounied 2."»lil He House of Crane )[ Coli inrlii befoie ffolnt: Hi h n nun of Mi aud i . i i i t l t V\ K nn, j of Sprlnc und t ,i*h'*i In srlliml IIARRISTOWNUNIT OF HOME BUREAU STARTS CONTKST H u , HtiAMi |'.FIII I'm, (ii^ null mu I n n ' d u \ u f l i i inn n in UK, tintiie of Ml M i l d t i d I ' n i l i j \\tl\ 21 nutii-' m i l it Mil il*iltoi!, piotent '[h( n u l l n 11 ui(,iiiil/i d Into tx%o IMUUH| fiii t n u H n n t l a i n i nnkH( t h n t xill! n inlt t Phe lu-ilriK IF ,jn M i l l e i i l i i t i l n u n t i l , n u f thu Uri^ (uitn afi i i n l l v dtn in hilv N i l n of HE, Hide Hiul VIM Pi tM uf t i n othi r Htilntrt w i l l he glv- thlnlt about thcli teeth ind U gicat need for flciinlnj; and hiuuh Ing them You liaii« h aid nnd -«en (.he ntilnt alogtm 'Snvt Hit sulfuce an yon save all* nnd Uiein IK no (juos tlon but that In adults If tho sur face of the lecth Id Itopt clcttn theie would le -vety much leifl de cay In teith HO iv To litve 'iViulh Now If food paitlclca me icmovo, icgulaily und tho en iniel Itept Ifc of oiKiitihint lli'Ll eiuse dccny th totlh could he sjneil Blushing tlie icilh on nil tdde and tnufaeea H tht boat po^slbl waj lo iLiiiovu the food pattlrli. 1 Thorcfoie thoHL ittlkinj; udvci Hat. n.LnlH colllnK alter tf on lo Iho dan Her of not cleaning the tooth wit" IhUt pnttlculiir pu'.ti 01 iiowde; weie leally d u i u g a B"-at amount c Kood tn pii'ipivlnB tcptli nt it wa Hit* maiuvj of Induing tunny Indlv du.ils to blush theli I, cth rtgiilarly llowi vci. whelhpr or not you ut n n v apcoKl pieptu itlon I h , unit thin), H to luii^h ths tooth tcftulailv If iou w h h to pmnil pyoiihtn jnld dt r \) BE SURE YOU ARC GIVING BABY TOY MOST APPROPRIATE Mii KI'LF Mt',1 t K I IJHtLI) T i l l , CONhf ILMIOUS ]iun.nt ulio nntki|iLU.H the t h l l t l u M i\ wish and tl, ul i t t i n f l n r . l i 1 i . e i 4,1C 111 l HtiltO Of lllp L l l f l O l l l H t l ulmiil liu dlss ill fi d t i l t s p t U U ' "it Hit ti, I S U I M of t!i( to\ d e p u t t m t t i l S u i t f l t e d by Hit iuiti\ [in*. 11 slous }\}tifs TALK ITT OVER. An$diPatri Writes First Herald Article 'THESE arc troublesome times Tha heavy rains and hot sun have bred thousands ot billions of new moaquitos or per' haps only hundiedu of raillioriH At any rate thoy liae tn clouds from the giaast on the cioquot court and In the gin den Dipping ankles until It Is Impossible to stay outside Thoy sneak In through goodness known what criicka, and luko up Lhelr impuctcnt abode In- ^ida the house, hldinp cloveily duilng the tlay and while lights nra on In the evening, nntl than leaping out In the dark liiin- Inu on their aliens end Uirllnn abouL unlll then victims arc toi- tured into wahcrulnosa, tind then slinging anrt sailing awuv with a inosqullo-lsh hn-ha The in In u to the light la tmneri on thuy float away out o( Bight to i c t u i n the iflinntu It li oft again *· If only mosqultoa wouldn't niako so much rioisu one eould leihaps endure their biles It If the fiendish hum ns loud nn un ailplatio at BOO feet seominpflv that wnUcs u* Instead of thclt allngs And there wo cower liy- Ing to get deeply enough Into tile iMdclothca to be protooted, and .still sufficiently outside to breathe and succeeding in nolther / It U UBelcas to shoot the mosquito-gun They all die, but they come alive again Just one In a house seems like u thou- In th/dend o( night Others complain of tho «amt scouigc, and tell of making the round of window screens In Ui« morning, and bagging them an they rent there from their laboia of the night, "They always go to the cell ing " we are told Thouo In out 1 houae don t We go about with our eyes turned sharply «r- waul ani) see nothing Thu'c seconds luler we hoar one and In thieo more accondn we arc bitten Fortunately the bttLs never polion us and only hurt while being administered But even at lhat we don't care alvoul it We'd much profci to have snow fly 11 lid mosqultoB disappear We'\t nevei known them to be so bad Or nerhnpe u e v e Jusi foigotten I» R These Desserts Are As Good For Picnics As For Meals At Home W JTH coldei wcuthei OLIVE M YOTJNC, Mllllkln University tlie hou^e- One cup boiling wat, i wife luina to heuvlei dusscrta (ind these a^c nlcerfor fall wenlhcr or for picnic dosacill Cukes and pks are ulwaja so much bettci tho dny they txio miulo and many of thm nice If altll hllBhlly wnira whon setvi-d fhu pustiy however, muy he made sovenil drtys imd if It, pi In tin MfilspuiLoi will bt evn bettci thnn the day it miuli Bt sure lo \viup the pusUy In a jdoce of oiled puppr so Ihjl II docs n n l be- eonu lnud on the outride IjLtlllFIl Cltkl! Pi'' OnL t u p gianulnleil utiKin Foul UibUaiooiiB of fl(5ui Two tublcHpdon 1 (if bultti hoa only One-halt cup bullet Four CBKB Ono cup biuiul Cioui Put butter and vratu tn suute ]an und bring to a boll qulcniy ddd ths flout all ut once and stir vigorously Remove fioni the fire as noon as the floui It nil mixed In and add one un- ucaltn .RK at a time beating eoch one in wllli n dove egK bcaUr ln« mixture should Ixs very stiff Dop by tho Bpoonful on u well- giensal baVtlnp sheet about two Inches apart fahttpo each puff with i a apoon or spatula Into a eono Balte tn u very hot ovon foi about JO minute 1 !, 01 until they aio well puffed up ami then reduce the houl One cup mill: and finish bakinff If taken out too .Tiller mil nnd of mr U inon soon they will full or be soft Inalde I'tnt LKH yollt» ^ " Us* 1 ' mil-aild j The oven should he 425 F at first sUKiu (·miluullv ACil floui uml mlx[ Thi-) recipe will malte 18 small n u l l ] hiiiooth tlien uld lemon Juice, cokus or 12 rond sbcd ones nnd tinted i Ind ,m 1 the milk anil! Fill when eold with whipped iFisitiv lold In the hllffly benlcn ejfg! cicuni sweetened arid will In I'uin Into an u i l j i k i d p ittry shell itid b i k e In n niodi-inlt oju) unhl f l t i i i T l i N should ho tiki a ipoiif,'( r i l n on top in,I B on itnrd In His* hntlinu f This Great "Understander" of Childhood Will Be Daily Feature Hy ANOELO I'ATttI fT»HE lines were foii(jln^ In the I school void Soon the bell would rln|? and th, would inarch to their ' There w a s trouble ol the head of Ihe B n b y Claw line ' Qel oul of heie" "I will not t got hci i drat" "You tun t be first I'm f ln,t" 'Who ttiUtl so' I --Slop pushinj? mi u you' Th« t batik ittKul Jiid (i hin i i i little mlis took udviindiK, of (h, altimtlon to tllp into fitii jiltii-i nnil tit, u line of l i k n d H behind hoi Now, look here thlldiui This Isn't tali You lofcMilll' havi her i)«ce Shi. wanti to he first Fm MlUlo'M tiiolhtr Von lot hei bo fhst" "Don't you do U Itum'l joii ,lo It Hold on," shillled t h i allied group and Ihc u»un)!y quid jard rang wilh tht, tihoulH or tin What's nil thin''" said Mis-Maria, shnrply "M)f clnH» fnlt In line nmikllesl Rlrt f l i a i ' ·But Misjd Mnrla Millie wnnti lo b* first. I'm her mothci und I've come to schcoi on puipoue to get that she Eels hoc place " "la Mlllit the mnnllcsl iflrl' Let's see No Mfiiy Jnnu BrlRSs IB the -imnllc-it Mary Jane, lend the line.' and Mary June dlil Not So Important II IH not wine lo teach t,hi)dien that being first Is of hillheat im- QUICK MFAt MENU Cold Tongue Peppeis Stuffed With Cie Celery Kjuutogu Potatoes Whole Whrai Lettuce Fronrh Tcxlay'ii quirk nvcal one cooked dloh with rrc imed cc!«ry. whtch ID « most dcllelouM colnbinMSoD ttnil qiilcldj prejwirt il Tin 1 mt«lde Malliii fit cd«ry nn; dlred und cnol[i.d In u VMJ Ii Ill's w»Ur un til lendei flic pcppi W uti hoikii about 10 ml nut en after st*rnn *nt flood u are removed A white iiaueo Jn mide foi Die '·eleiy and Ihu nhcllrt nn filled with ahU inlxUuo Ctntad or cul |t pul on the top and they nre pul under tho broiler flum for Iwn or tliiei mlnuten or bnkeil In u hot I I M U u n t i l the cbeenc ·n he iii K« I* (MM, or ttttwe, bant, In blmMr J*«teuiy dmtf* th* Fioul of IU viatlm KBd T*n4*rt him hrtpleso Put lov« In Itt Find tho ioul jiUl Mpixnd IBM, IM B*U CHILDREN; coi |nj of a KOixl fb;ht n hurd Mic effort to Jo ow* heot To do lhat it is noci.usury ilml n knows sucrcss Mahu thai imough of ih'* time HO Ilint he wNt mot fcol inferior lo hln oompanlgni 1 itml lu nut tircKn liim lo win nlwnyn JTutcb him Ilml thin in not puKnlbh with liDiiiir itnd bonm romi'H flrM (ifiii'ruUA With IVwliH 1 i Tmth him to i hcci tl KuOj |iln\ iiilw ijrt Wbrii hlx i Ivtil wiihi » n Kouit hhot j ^ i i t ii hLh tttailt Kite* rrcoilH in inking til" hotlnlH, Irt him 'chid foi HIL Rood wriik fui Mn nklll, for lliff nlhi'i ri'll'jw'i* Jny All of un Mhmn wlniu-vci or Joy or failure ou fcllowK iiHct H I* Ix.Hi-r tu dti no cheerfully And nfwi, newer nllow anybody tu t«H3f ii child t UK (v -atl out hlr! !jt'ulniih\ T e t u h hint th n iu count* flavored or Fakers Must Fail In Their Absurd AppuU To the Fat portance How one pets lo be Is far more impoitanl But whpit In of chief Impoltnnco to Ihe ehlldien lu the qimllty of ehm actor thni In fostered In thi stniwtle. 'or phire No child eon he pertfet till thi. time It h fine If )y* 1e io« the cl IHH more K ponaillt* wllh- to ilit, with u Lookfct cuitaid fllllnj; Mako ii srriill hole In thf. top nni] fill with i p m t n tube 01 n small spoon When f l l l i d h p i l n k l t \\lth powdered out calllnR up qualities Llml Jio het- tei allowed to uhimhci Jealousy und competition breeds jcaloufiy. Is an iiRly quality It Kills love II emblltcro the ton) of tho child who labors under KM ivll spell It hills floimilteil m At Not minj um»m Somo ioJi ncri InrmfUF, fomc all- AllbavLjicnsltcJ qun Orertaiioii i s l l i i t liKtli. founJ 3 Kmt ciuie of «Mei» fat It lici in a bckmkRlniJ \\ludi mutt be ])o«ori ilut «orlo over now t, and csecss f a t i n law 1'can liu bc(,n HOUIKfait A world-fimuiji medical laboratory embodies tins factor in Marmola prcttiiri- tion tabkif. Not to oipoti! doctor*, but lu tii|i|ily nomicil SPECIAL ONr WKKK ONf.V ReguUr $t-,00 Pwimuwnt », $3.50 n ]u#Uup W Endw I'huiut \nnr A|ipiilMM«M tor liurltor Work HwrcuU 35c, Children 28c Shave 20c, N*ch Clip 10* HAttRV Mn. O'EMl ESSAR Itl.ADTV A BARBKR 8MOI»I« till N. WfttM- SI. Ovir W«ltn»n' Drat I'hoil* A444 OfMlt rind to roll 11 ftti i,lti mtiim , i l l P t i u j r i l ! p tund-. will the lotl , ,11 i i i p l i l»s( wo, l MtM Murv Orniin HIM [hi f)ct«hi-i Unm!i Thf n u l l l i i i d i t UikiiiR' m i f ! 4 f( r note Ii x ) ii n Ii i n e n i h t t u l l l I t i c p Ctl|i- il(iv,i le^iudhiL; th, u n i t nnd h ulth i i l n ! , u l t l he iiit(.tt«! \ f l l d i t d t\i\ mil Ntintia Atli led t h t IPC- tlntl , I ttiinuit,c with my lltllo bin , . ulitil U Hi Hat. wionf, thlii!, anyoiii can lltlnlt of to niakt. i i l n i liti|iiy nnil } t t lie i jn t b( I iiiui',Ld tui 10 minutes it n time lie it, three yonr-i old silently uhnvo noi- ! nnil weight, si, i p-* "nil ent-* woll H I L I U Ii ubosluli ly nfiUihit wn tis ttllh lilin p h - n ally hul i n i i i i o dH jmllHCIed c h i l l It woiilil IM h u n t tn f l n i l VMuit in [ do t h e toy Into w h l i h tin Jill I puts RELIGION IS NOT DECLINING, THESE WRITERS BELIEVE T lelt fjlad Hint icIiKioti him not loul ||i pnwei joy Bolter stiv nt the foot of t h e | wisi, clusn thnn suffd jeulousy Avoid .l»«|otiit K\ Tiy to leich children ivoik without an nntiou"! eyo on their mates Teach them nuni i s nr nHi.itii Ovi*i unit ovei HJ,UII ou hUii Ilitit clniiuid LVihaps It Ii Thnt \t u htitd t|iii slloii lo unswi'i ( e i t u l n ly tlicus It I ^ H of the old J c l l ^ i o i t i fLtti llitm t h n t uacd to In Ajip u i n l l v siuiie of oui atlwillsin hnv( tnltcn ovci UK olJ le.u mot UP an I imt it tn woik fru Iliem ulnie tin t bin (.hi^i dK:aidt d il lint -rtluti sinvoiie li'lls nu l h » l lumorrow-- ".litwt OLD OX 0110KS FOUND (/i; f7:iUfil l'rr\z ^ LYONS, CJol-- A pair of old ox ·ihoei wut found on the ah tndoned luill hi Iwien I Ji'iii ind 1-slcH l j nik !'he tnill had not been used for ninny \erti r s I Un rucibl of himself in Ihe lov w h u l i ( h i pimn «f ii'lljtlon in aion ll bi n \vrns r,i RANDAI i Ml t .\\i\n\ Hitinil(l uf tuuisi MIMlUln , ulimli* iitul i.ltmn R i n d i i t l of OHn,*An wen M nd/i*. niion In ffarmoni fi (ir K IFIIFVI hi tii, pi * ^i o " i i F i N Itei K N ! innrrlcd i h u t e h n his Int, i(.-.t ilk loiihisl aio some t|uostlon!i In u l u l i u n [ to tovM which any mothLt had tielter uslt homeir A i t tlnst Injs »tllttiblr lo the child J nfie' 1 l t y may hi LX ciitlent tos lui the lour y t u s uld 01 for Iho Iwo juut) old hul tlioy muy If it of p i wire ntcrj . Anil dill In the Ml I i l l , tll\ " 1v h H i l l , 1(1 kiie'l" ik *vns 1) l u l I, s t/il)li a ptiit I n l e i i s l or ( V L n a filtuic inler'c^t of tin llnei* yenrs old Wi haM, u lenfkt un Inva d, tijfni d foi L h l l d u n of unions nC'* which MIK- KtsLs plnvlhlnRH Milliihli to Porhups it \\ould In Ip on !t von ttUh It send onh a 4, It a d d i C H H t d \ tin it* th-i inddini: H l u m p i d (iiMli)|) nul nHk f i r It , nit, t plcrc of U K ' Whtn Hit hlld tnunot ]t(vv w i l h [ h e i ouplr t f f l foi n| IIM toys lor nn Ii HKlh A I M U i l l i j , uf till |u 1 In tin dim n d I he,* I I I } Itlil! I Hnillnu lu II 1 Utflon Whin 1 wioli uf I L w u i i n n who tins been phy-lcallv mid m, ntall III mid w L*I sti-kinj, help 1 uinnoi loll JOH how m i Hi k t l i i - i i itm tn me i x i i i o slut; l i n f f l f i l l h in *h' jinwi i of iclifclon to iciillj hi"! \ i t i w l i o t h i n k nliKloi'H f u l h h In the disenul wlml would S"1I suy to Ml. 14 I I K Uil^ T *"" w W l 1 x t s l i l i i l i i i l Illness In f»r t h f i , V i i s In in) I I I , wh'ii T win LOCAL LADY IS NOW LIKE NEW Latiy Near Here P r ft i · « i Great Twelve Juices; S*yi All Her Mirny Wniihed Mm. Mary Dun woody, of Thmyur, I I ) , Ju-l SouthwuHl of Dccalur) In Marmola hjsbctnusml for21 ywrs-- ' n o w mtillnn li.'i namo lo the long UNI n a viry «*.- . 1 lius MjntirJi oucnt tint . ri(,1n wny to millions who migbt oilier- 1n'' n i n v nmi I ffnVttiwV«lulct1ii!frauJ»disapj)«iinl nr«t«tn»{ and on4iMt»« thn 'Mlxturv lo pmy nnn ?' tj' c ' LS ]q ow (l) cxtr y t^cK you of Ndtiire'd Mtd|rln«*" now known iw ')i oodinn ^^ ^ ^ fiiulit. Your oi*.n fncndi can "» the Tw«Iv« Extracts (formtriy F R E S H /w piping hot pop-overs.,. Dr. C. E. LYNOTT NEW LOCATION ml Flint I'nilrle \\f, l'liin* «!« Ill I VdMiH ' F'l' *' ' Special October Prices lull Upper und I-"" 1 r P L A T E S $75 I'lutt't, Nuw --- fmi »W Vlnltit, NIIW-. -- W Wfl I'laWx N ( « S 1 "* Itt'iKltlful True Iti Nature Alcollfo rhitct ...... *·"· Teeth W'Tli-.Sfl itml ^ .. - *l 1'nt-h X-HAV SKKVICK t Iti s Hit \t U - i l n f . Inu ""I f *'H unMl H I FI, it thnn Skudci fiKurcs are tin! wguc. liljrmob. in every box ( giw* the fotmulii complete, h also Mils you why Oie fai KOO, nliy no* vim appear*. If j n u tii\C liecn eiinced uv flket, ly slllv cl nnw, R now and uto -unsr Joctont us,. Comlnt your fat m the nitht and scientific wty Gam norm il fiituw. nonnal vim in Nature's \\ iy. (hen all jour frunJ-i .iboul it--ihcv (lioiilJ know Oo nmv ^iid otdtf a »l box from your dmi-RiM Uiad tin, book, watclt llitt «wny jooJ twilts MARMOLA PRESCRIPTION TABLETS ThcRf3htW*ytoRdixi wire THAT'S INDIGESTION? Curtains Laundered Custom Curtain Ckanen PltONK 1HT1 w, Mini; t i l t n n d ' t t l l t hp of home In j thouj,ii he hus i vnrletj to h'l» CV.lunibU s l i e i l O N f t u i i T h e j f i o m 1lu l n is noniclhlnic litirioom l nm thi rn llllnol 1 - d l s - F loo Miiny t i n s t h n n k s bt lo find i h l(l n molhei and f illu i i nd I hurt " Klhle nnd hnd been iiuighl Ui prav din hit, t h e lei ntnr Atli nrlntils Tin brlili woie w h l t i i-illn w i t h n, I flinnirei eikeil In v, h el ivnd w h i l e hoiifiuel Ml«i Ruth if Oecfltui tnalil of iionoi wort* hlu'* Mlsi TV'inifii Copi of Pit 1 tiiliir hiide-.ttifild won* r ' M t i dtid Mlui llefnatllnc TroltM of Knnsni WOt* ynllou t h i ntto ml nuts' drfwso w(*in not o\ei intln ^^ Ith matching p k t t n o ItnU nnrt sllppcrn anil lonf; w h l l f tloves VVnyne Allison of fllen K l l j n wna trest man ind llfiirv H, iialctl iind Cluronce Mo«s of Patls il?hem , M n i f t n i e t Jtan Honnold wait flow- "*V« itune tn ThlcnK 0 to a t l i ' n d i , , ^^ nn( f Jnuieq Lo'e Honnold 'Ijlith nnnital ron vent Ion of t h i , j, (.FAirted the two satin kneel Ins cpublknn Woninn 9 clulift in t l n v w l u t , I n i " » R i l them Pul t v c i \ l l i l n ^ eHt ^ h e i P he w i l l hnvc to a-h foi II ot whore he r.m find U nnlv It he It Inteicitifl onoiiBh to 1 took If the to\s ate sitittered ill | nvei the floo, ill nmiulliit. to bo d'scd ^nd iiliueil v l t l i the child mentally lefviHes theli ajipi*!il « do/en limes a o( ihe h«» boen uddul to Thtirsdtu Mi* BtoMn I* ft itnlej A oininlt-Jilon iipimlntid In 1007 !*·««» and J t i - ITIll Ihf de1iir»tt',|(,]irited ttmt the notional gnnw of M f i i n n (oiinly eluh himobtill orlelnnted with "The Knlek- Shun eiboiJdr d u b ' oiftanl/cd In New lit,! «f Voilt niy in IWr, anil thnt the ftiit In Thf iioiaon to prepare n dlagrnm of tho on VVhnt Thliipliiilnc dlnmond wis Ahner Dou hlo- Mtan» to inn-oil W o m e n ' | i t n v of CoopOMtown N Y In 1831 nfUinwm Mii (loorjtu R ( l l n f o i e the ooniriiliwlon nitido Its ln_ «luti prMldont, liwi unnoiinccd i ret Ipntlon it WBS Bonnmll - . t h i r d of the r o n v i n t l u n will t h a t iMisdball sptnnp f i o m the "* atvot«d lo club bunlnciiii Hnglltih gumo of "tonntlcrH oki WIFE PRESERVERS leBUi day, thrush om V ( H do Him. nnd Th unit" to heal in I I1"" Fin humtintlv who me Insortneed And then ugflln swmoone i-ki mt lo pr^f I" 1 '*- ll - v to lxn not in bcdiiwe shr knows Ij Ip It Is ol the old EtUihlonerl Die kind iicon!,* used to iwnl tlii-li sti i)i booh"! Anil im I " U will In K you give your wnss candlciltcki a llun tost ef sfiellac^yOU will not hnvc lo clean idem so often H not much handled the thdUc will bit lor MOM lime. Don't Go to Extremes To End Constipation When Lm I CiriMth or a tiutli J ion uuc biliousness or hcndnchefi wurn of conBtlp»llan. d o n t inlte violent pureotiVDs There's no use when a candy Cant not will slop ihe Irouble in a Vfy. wltl ele ftns(1 V (ll ' e plenamtly ftnd completely The rtllef yon get sn TUM* M* Mt*dd-- Take Your Medicine With You! HRN. MAKV DUNWOORV In tha original vacuum pack «) 1110 IT is air that destroys the tkvor of Lo(T« And even Jir-nght tins will not keep coffee fresh That's wily Hilb ISroi Coffee is pickcJ in vacuum tins as fast AS it By this method, air is completely removed from the can and krpr ant. COATS, 1'llr THinmcil $1.25 i»it ALWAYS (ALL Wtien you have o h:a!*che, with pams, chill* und inerjiet--take (lift ·smous ttandnid tpcdfic ecld remedy, Crete') Loxalivo UROMO QUININE Tabkii, [·"0141 yean million j of people h«v* K)i«ve^l coldi till* wty. U41 N. Mttln St Any Plutu Gnriiipnt SI (HI fiom Cascarets Is natlnB Ciisioarcts rue made Horn ^nsc»ru « n)httance which mf-dlcftl uuthoiltlci i(!iei' an timlly stier.(,llicnfl the Imwel mi'sdrs So CaaeiirPts nrc n bloasms to oio OLD CORNS COME OFF BY THOUSANDS Hmiloi Soft Corns Coins between tho lo, a or on tho top 01 bottom of tho fctt now dtsmplear instantly KND-O-CORN lakes thorn all off eveiy t i m e - n o pain, no fuss--Just apply tonight and unlit with comfort lotnouou folks with weakened bowels, tn ohII All Druggteu ialt END-p-CORN tircn to anyone In nee.l ol ( s l w h H s h for fitly cents ihoiiRh U'« ^gith $50. ·gulur bowel hnlilta. Ten ucnl3,j5o f u r e to get END-o-COBN TO- rell«f for cold* and head oclws a I Gtt utmt ony drug 30t « n J itee fiailTAf)' ttttn lha onna|idll4 tlceldi. * box-all d i u g sioics DAt Laxative · B R O M O * QUININE ^ Tablet* LTDIA E, PtNKHAM's VECB- TAI'Lli COHKUJNl) I* HOW pTf- jureil in convument , palatable, ch(K'jlal« coated talilelj* packet) m small Ixjlllca. 1'^ach ItolUe omliuDs 70 tablet n or 33 tkwe*. Otir Vegetable; Compounil hoe tltu writ U;u ciidorueiiient ui half u million vtomcn. t^uriny llic three trymcpcnodsof mt tdriiy, maternity and midtllo ape, it proven ilA worlli. 98 out of 100 report bciwfit after Uk- ing it. These ttMeu an ;wl at fffff- ttvc m ih Ju4c«(t) will ell |« now lnti*ohici)(l to crowd* dally here hi Ducutur ttl Iho QUAKER DBUO CO , corner North Mkln »nd WIlllFim Ktivptn Mm Uunfcoody huu* Hvid tn Oilo vicinity for many y*»n mid in widely arn\\ itiiwd Kho hm irtwl NH miiny nt'ioUcim* (Oi h#r kldD^y, bowi'l and t (dm rich trouble without uny lu'iu'iit th»L Hhtt Imd I.OKT ALL HOPIE, tint flnnlly *lio found Ihlt "Nultital Extract Comr*ttBd" Mid lit fioo of her uuffuilna and tteU lUc* HO mo olhttr wotnnn' T »lno« *li* took n Follovilntf Iti h^r Btnumdii 'I had goltcn ao bi4 oft wllli ·l,iini\ch (rouble ihkt my ni«lM svoiild ilinngrrti with mft u quf«k e« l «lit them," *uid Mr*. Dunwooxly i My lood nlwayn luriKHt light into 'KH» lin|ji» of mo and I had gtt» p*ln* in my I'linal untl »lomach and would hi rmi up into AH awful oondltion »nd Dimply b«kh«d up old, nour food cui of my iilonmch nil d*y lonit Hy l»w.ln wert* nlways enn*1ip«l«d, and my kid n. yn wwio wo*k uid l*ranf*4 ind itot ma out of bed til Olitht »nd nmdo m« no *tlff uid «or« la nty 'iifk th»t t could hardly Ktoop ovtr. I Imd nkk, dlisey houlachCN imd wait lofilnn my wolght *nd nlicnffh «veiv i)A f 1 1 certulnly WHK in itn »wtul phvu- ion I condltloi) and nurtly WM ft dtn- l^ourivriid pernon, UK t h»d tried nt*t- iv I'VPt-ytMnn and nothing htd don* m nnv ffooil, In fact, I hid LOST M L UOIIT «f ever nttlKr tuy b«t- lor liut t hoard no much kboiit T\»elve III [run (NOW Ctittd Tyelv* rxirariti) fiom rtlfffrtnt p*0p)« tn DilS vicinity (hat finally I trot K nntt AtiiHml luklnff M And I will mv in you Unit thin flnndtcln* In wrnidor- fid I jiiNi tooh thrci) ttoUtmi tnd HAVI* hnimii IIM *Fwhi*t ii!*0r wotrtnf Ti «lnuil' r t l M I N ' \ T C D my iHo l roil hi n niiil t titivt H *r»nt *W»tlt» Finil out mv ini-iilN *Hi rfllih, n run Kit · twill I n it ,i*il nr ittln nr ptiif f 1*1 tin Man nrliWI oil m\ d tl,*t Fionw^'Ft Anil piiirfn^nfl oul ot mv ii 11.1 1 rtnil'l llAvi,tn (oi lif M nltht *tlh m nftt twr u M *n Bh*/ om nji* It i«T* K 'itn Mud 1 MuWThir PUT AN RNI In mjf Jrt S i ti»vir hn»» Hwtn *ny linv.i nnl»t«ii ovtti nn-l nil i,lthi MI! ihim t* u^ In Lu)dia Vegetable Compound I ihim 11m mum Inn famine ilkn wtrWnir It Jni*t nlin miit* Mi t - - · · - 1 " F»M« T n^l IlKf m\ nllmrtiiK 1m m* fiiwi . whin 1 tirmnil (uttlnR It »(ti1 T tinu- mmy liisl'T* thu »niil* whft ivtttr utt ilnlim t'lomniilwii AN IKTURTrOK *IM« ihiv .irin'l PH inlfl trint mMuunn knff Hkn n nnd t cmnunlv mint tt mlvt vnn mv ni4tnim*iiit HHF| ivrnnninmA It TO 1 VRimWWV ' TWKIAfB KT'H|lA('lti (irtinwrl* T 'hi i fin. 11 MAI *r,M Hj h' ^NEWSPAPER

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