Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 4, 1971 · Page 19
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 19

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, January 4, 1971
Page 19
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ANNOUNCEMENTS Legal and an extension of the center therr ANNOUNCEMENTS L«qal Of. tn the East line of Alton Commu-1 Sout ? 1 on tne West line of Section 2. nil- Unit School District No 11 in Godfrey Township to the North- thencr in a generally Southeriv di Wl '' :it f:ornR r ° r Section 34 in Godfrey renion following the East line of '"wnship. thence East along the •aid School District tj the State linp! Nortn line of Sait1 Section 34 In God- of the State of Illinois in the Mr-siv i frny r ° wn shlp and continuing along gippi River; thence Northwest on! lne Norf h lj ne n f Section 35 in God- the State line of the State of Illinois ! !rc - v Ioxvn * h ip to the center line of in the Mississippi River to the pom:'" ANNOUNCEMENTS ANNOUNCEMENTS Societies and Lodqes 9 of beginning. Polling Place: MIT.TON SCHOOI 3325 Fernwood Avenue, Alton llli' nois. ELECTION PRECINCT ,NUMBER 9 shall include all that part of sale District Number 11 as follows: Beginning at the Northeast corner Of Fractional Section 6 of Moro U.S. Highway 67 and State Route li:, which runs through Section 35 in Godfrey Township; thence Southeriv on the center line of said U.S Highway B7 and State Route 111 to the center of Harold Street; thence west along the center line of Harold Street to the center line of Strong Avenue; thence South along the cen- ^ ter line of Strong Avenue to the Cen- ler ot West Defmar Avenue, being also on the South line of Section 35 in Godfrey Township; thence West - „„,....„.. „ ._,, m ,,,,, along the South line of Section 35 in Township, Number G North Ranee Godtrey Township and continuing D «,„„.. ,!.„ ,,r...i ... .. .. h along the South line of Section 34 In Godtrey Township to the Southwest corner of Section 34 in Godfrey Township; ther.ce south on the West line of Section 3 and Fractional Section 10, Township 5 North, Range 10 West to the State line of the State of Illinois In the Mississippi River, thence Northwest along the State line of the State of Illinois in the Mississippi beginning. 8 West; thence West on the Nor'fh line of said- Fractional Section 6 and the North line of Foster Township Number 6 North, Range 9 West to the center of the Chicago Burlington and Quincy Railroad; thence in a general Southerly direction on the center line of said Railroad to the South line of said Foster Township- thence East on said Township line to the Southeast corner of the Southwest quarter of the Southeast quarter of Section 35 of said Township; thence Nortli to the Northeast corner of the Northwest quarter of the Northeast quarter of Section 2(1 of said Township; thence East to the Southeast corner of Section 23- thence North to the North line of the South half of the North half of Section 24; thence East to the East line of Section 24; thence North along the Township line to the Northeast corner of the Southeast quarter of the Southeast quarter of Section 13 of said Township; thence East to the Southeast corner of the Northwest quarter of the Southwest quarter of Section 18 in Moro Township; thence South to the Southwest corner of the Southeast quarter of the Southwest quarter of said Section 18; thence East to the Southeast corner of the Southwest quarter of Section IS; thence North to the Northeast corner of the Southeast quarter of the Southwest quarter of Section 18; thence East to the East line of Section 18; thence North to the Northeast corner of the Southeast quarter of Section 18; thence West to the Northwest corner of the Northeast quarter of the Southeast quarter in Section 18; thence Noith to the Northwest corner of the Southeast quarter of the Northeast quarter of Section 7; thence East to the East line of Section 7 in Moro Township; thence North to the point of beginning. Polling Place: FOSTERBURG SCHOOL, foster Township, Illinois. ELECTION PRECINCT NUMBER 10 shall include all that part of said District Number 11 as follows: Beginning at the Northwest corner of Godfrey Township No. 6 North, H nii-ii Range 10 West; thence South on the VI'•' p,' ' West line of said Township to the the !>amc day South line of Section 18. In Godfrey Township; thence East on the South line of said Section 18 and the South line of Section 17 to the West line of Section 21 in Godfrey Township; thence South on said West line to the South line of Section 21; thence East on said line to the West line of Section 27 In Godfrey Township; thence South on said line to the South line of said Section 27; thence East on the South line of Section 27, Section 26 and Section 25 in Godfrey Township and continue East on the South line of Section 30 and Section 29 in Foster Township No. 6 North, Range 9 West, to the center of the Chicago. Burlington, and Quincy Railroad; thence tn a generally Northerly direction on the center line of said railroad, to the North line of said Foster Township; thence West on the North line of Foster Township and on the North line of Godfrey Township to the point of beginning. Polling Place: GODFREY SCHOOL, Godfrey Township, Illinois. ELECTION PRECINCT NUMBER 11 shall include all that part of said District Number 11 as follows: Beginning at o point in the State line of the State of Illinois In the Mississippi River opposite the point of confluence of Piasa Creek and the Mississippi River In Section 25, Township 6 North, Rango 11 West of the Third Principal Meridian In Jersey County, Illinois; thence in a generally Northerly direction along Plasa Creek to the intersection of Piasa Creek with the West line of Godfrey Township, Township 6 North, Range 10 West of the Third Principal Meridian, Madison County, Illinois; thence North on the West line of Godfrey Township to the North line of Section 19 In Godfrey Township; thence East on the North line of Section 19 and the North line of Section 20 in Godfrey Township to the East line of said Section 20; thence South on said line to the North line of Section 28 in Godfrey Township; thence East on said line to the West line of Section 27 in Godfrey Township; thence PIASA LODGE NO. 27 Af- 8- AM— Stated meeting Tuesday. 7:31 p.m. Visiting breihrnn •Avlromr. Refreshments. HOWARD W. COLRURN. W. M. t) _ 4 GREENWOOD LODGE NO. 421 I.O.O.F. — Installation of officers. S p.m.. Tuesday evenina, .Ian. 5. Refreshments. JOHN .T. HRUHY, N. G. p _ 4 River to the point of Polling Place: GILSON BROWN SCHOOL, Godfrey Township, Illinois. ELECTION PRECINCT NUMBER 12 shall Include all that part of said District Number 11 as follows: Beginning on an extension of the center line of Fullerton Avenue where the same intersects with the center of the Gulf. Mobile & Ohio Rf.llroaa cut-off route, thence East on an extension of the center line of Fullerton Avenue to the East line of Alton Community Unit School District No. 11; thence in a generally northerly and easterly direction following the East line of said school District to the North line of Wood River Congressional Township No. 5 North, Range 9 West; thence West on said Township line to the center of the Chicago, Burlington, & Quincy Railroad;' thence North on the East line of line of No. G North, Range 9 West; thence West on the North line of said Section 32 and the North line of Section 31 in said Foster Township and continuing West on the North line of Section 30, in Godfrey Township No. G North, Range 10 West, to the center of the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad cut-off route; thence Southeast on the center line of said Railroad to the point of beginning. Polling Place: THOMAS JEFFERSON SCHOOL, 2G03 North Rodgern Avenue, Alton. Illinois. The Polls at said election will be opened at 7:00 A.M., Central Standard Time, and will be closed at 7:00 P.M., Central Standard Time, of WOOD RIVER LODGE NO. 1062 AF & AM — Special meeting Monday, Jan. 4, 7 p.m. MM Decree Refreshments. Visiting brethren welcome. ROBERT L. PLUMLEE, W. M said Railroad to the North Section 32, Foster Township Income Tax 11B IFi — f-ch. I NCOME TAX - Jane Bouillon. 170n Washington Avc. Alton. 111. 4B2-8311. Both Foi1"r,il nnd State. EMPLOYMENT Help Wanted—Male 17 Help EMPLOYMENT j Wanted— Female 18 BUSINESS SERVICE Building—Contracting li Lost—Strayed—Stolen 10 10 — 6 LOST Basset. ily. If alter 5 10 — 0 - Dog, part Beagle, part Lost in North Alton vlcln- found, please call 462-3729 p.m. FOUND — Small Appaloosa horse. Call 462-9378 after 6 p.m. 10 — 6 LOST — Gold Charm bracelet, keepsake. Liberal reward. -162-387!; after 5 p.m. 10 — 6 LOST — Small ledger book, dally records, in vicinity of Jasper & Washington. Reward. Call 465-1048. 10 — 5 LOST IN FOSTERBURG Black and white part Wire Terrier, male to "Booter.' or AREA— Scottle and dog. Answers Wearing collar. Ph. 259-6728. place designated for precinct within which Voters must vote at the polling " " the election they reside. By order of the Board of Education of Alton Community Unit School District Number 11, Madison and Jersey Counties, Illinois. Dated this 14th day of December, A. D. 1H70. DAVID E. BEAR President, Board of Education Alton Community Unit School District Number 11, Madison and Jersey Counties, Illinois. HAROLD W. DAVIDSON Secretary, Board of Education Alton Community Unit School District Number 11, Madison and Jersey Counties, Illinois. Legal 3908 — 4 Tl 18 NOTICE Public .Notice Is hereby given that on December 31st, A.D. 1970, a certificate was filed in the Office of the County Clerk of Madison County, Illinois, setting forth the names and post-office addresses of all of the persons owning, conducting and transacting the business known as SOUTHERN ILLINOIS INSURANCE AGENCY, located at 235 Church St., East Alton, Illinois. Dated this 31 st day of December, A.D. 1970. EULALIA HOTZ County Clerk. Legal—3905 — Jan. 4, 11, 1971 NOTICE Please take notice that the annual meeting of the members of Piasa First Federal Savings and Loan Association will be held at the office of said Association, State and Wall Streets, Alton, Illinois, on Wednesday, January 20, 1971, at the hour of 7:30 P.M. PIASA FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION By: MALCOLM L. KINDIG Secretary 462-3385 10 — 4 LOST — Checkbook — Bank of Alton. Robert C. or Doris E. Chapman, owners. $20. Vicinity of parking lot, East 4th or Bon Air, Alton. 466-4414. 10 — 4 FOUND—Godfrey area, on Alby. Brown and white female, part Basset hound. 5 or 6 months old. 466-5703. 10 — 5 LOST—set of 6 or 7 keys on ring. Reward. 462-1955. 10 — 4 — • LOST — Male Beagle, wearing black collar. Rosewood Heights area. Answers to "Ranger.". 259-6176. RETAIL SALES MANAGEMENT TRAINEE — Excellent training, self starter. Draft exempt. $5500. Mr. Davis. 465-4261. Data Placement Systems, Plasa Building. 17 — 5 —_ . SALES — Exciting position with tremendous opportunity for person with ambition. SGtinn plus commission. Mr. DeVcr. 400-4201. Data Placement Systems. Piasi Build ing. 17 — 4 OFFICE CLERK — Typing or teletype. Rapid advance. $120 per week. Mr. Davis. 405-4201. Data Placement Systems, Piasa Building. 17 — 4 : SALES TRAINEE — Reliable firm, represent Illinois territory. $7000 plus auto. Mr. Davis. 465-4261. Data Placement Systems, Plasa Building. 17 _ 4 : MANAGEMENT TRAINEE — Six months credit and collection. $0000. Inside, local. Mr. Davis. 465-4261. Data Placement Systems, Piasa Building. 17 _ 5 INSURANCE INSPECTOR—Career opportunity, with national firm. Local area. High school graduate. Some college preferred. Company benefits Send resume to P. O. Box 415, Alton. III. Mr. Blales. 17 _ 4 LOOKING FOR AN OPPORTUNITY?—Swift advancement with fast growing company. Will train for management. $6000. Mr. DeVer. 465-4261. Data Placement Systems, Plasa Building. 17 — Jan. 8 LOCAL FIRM wants experienced burglar and fire alarm Installation man. Send complete resume to Box 880, care Alton Evening Telegraph. 17 _ 4 CREDIT TRAINEE—Able to assume responsibilities of manager. Immediate opening. $5400. Mr. DeVer, 465-4261. Data Placement Systems, Plasa Building. 17 — 6 V1IHDT r.AGE LADY t i h'')U-e\i-ork. with o'"!:'nr ('r.ll J5r> 1461 f"r inti-'Wi.- v IS — ran. 14 SF-.l KEIARY — Opemm; with load i.i.s: insurance agency: rxcolloni or portunity for above aver.ip woman.' Salary op.m. ARC 2.v4i.. I Shorthand, lypinp. ( w"itl il. hvuir- ance agency expei'loace bv'lpful. All replies strictly confidential. Con- tart Mrs. Dorothy Keller. Chuck Schmidt Insurnnce Agency. 214 St. Louis Street, Edwardsville, Illinois. fiSG-0120. Help Vvto« f McMc^Fcmale 1 y 1!) _ .( COUNSELORS for day camp — Qualified to direct various cair.o- activltips Ph. 4fi. ! i-44(il. "4. I p ' ^ . WANTED TAX PREPARERS and office manager for hi«li volume tax office, located inside an Alton nationally affiliated department store, top wanes and bonus. Call 3I4-GK4-H400; evenings cal.: (US 344- 33: i ,mtl RENTALS Aportments— Flats AHon Evening Telegraph | RENTALS 5 Houses fei Rent Monday, Jan. 4, iy<i B-7 REAL ESTATE SALE 47 in _ R . ALL TYPES OF OPENINGS — Up to .SH'tO per month. AnH 1 ic.m Employment. 720 E. Hroadw.iy, Alton. Salesladies 19A IDA — (i PART-TIME — Possible $50 to $Gn weekly income. Help you,' Call 23fl-57/4. 151A — 4 H G 7 11 12 i;i II — HAVE YOU EVER BEEN to a Lisa Jewelry Party? Lisa Is new in this area. Malingers and salesgirls needed. No investment, (.lorn- missions paid weekly. C.'nli ,.,,!!nct 317-8G2-l!llfi. 19A — 4 11 HELP YOUR HUSBAND! You can earn up to $12.50 in nil hour taking orders from your friends, neighbors and relatives for Studio Girl's beautiful Good Housekeeping approved WIGS, WIGLETS, FALLS nnd cosmetics! Top profits. No territory restrictions. Also sell where you work. Full time or spare hours. Side line OK. Phone collect (:U2) 292-201)5 or write STUDIO GIRL HOLLYWOOD, DEPT. C-117. Il4(il Hart St., No. Hollywood, fa. !U«05, for full information and free samples by mall. No one will call on you. All replies confidential. Phone today. .'i.-i,Aft II- III r I I- RIM, — I'ai V'uv.npl service. 2M-3WO. HOBS HOMF. REPAIR — No i I no small. 24 • hour emoi gen (ilumhim; and sewer repairs. PamM- inj>. diop ceiling, rathikellprs. ce- nu'ni and :'.!! general home rep.ilrs. Don't fuss—Call us. 4fi5-6or>8. in _ jan 7 HARVEY I.YERLA CONSTRUCTION CO. — Repair, rpmodplinr. bath, porches haspmrnts. panel- Inc. drywnll. RUtters. sldma. electrical 25fl-tlP2. SPECTALI/.F IN ROOEING. aluminum siding and room additions— We also do Interior work: new kitchen or baths, complete homp- rpmodelinv, and repair wovU well. l".xp< i leinecl. qunrantcod work and reference-,. 2"it-168d. II — .Ian. 14 KITCHEN C AH I NETS—RcmodclinR, new construction, drywnll. plaster pati'hiiif!. East, efficient, economical. Financing nvnllnble. 4B5-3782. 33 — Jnn. 12 CARPENTRY REPAIR — Plumbing, repair floor tile, paneling, ccilinp. plaster patching, window repair and odd jobs. 4G2-33lffl. 33 — .Ian. 3 ROOTING, Guttering. Interior nnd exterior paint IIIR. storm windows nnd doors Installed. Odd lobs. Ph. 4(;G-4330. 1 \YM V<l- I IK' H >M mil •'' 1 'ri L". : " ' M utllitl"-- \ilnlt , Strr-'t. .Vlnn .HI" CHATEAU n -MRS -SUM i inopth pic i...\HOWBROOK •nli DE FLEUR APARTMENTS 2 m-'DRooM i (iv. N imrsr-s — furni'-b'.'il nnti unfurnished, from $1 1:,. I'll i','. nio.1. rn Op-;. n in <; p.m. daily. 1-fi p.m Phone .177-1:05". 1. ?.. 3-BEDROOM APTS.— Hont nnd water furnished. Kingston Estate";, rieth.titn .i77-r,nri3 *r __ T'r- _______ _ PHONE NOW FOR LIST of home ft apartment rentals, nays. 254-2S11. Evenings, .177-5427. l;t — 3 bedroom, iviwmcnt. $130 per month. ren.-ps. 377-R522. 377-t)2.'B. I j REN I" OR SALE — llomn.'. • fa mil v welrnmo. :'rv|.2.308 or 45 NICE" Stovi Call 4S — i .1 ni-nnoOM — In lirlnhton anil rei'nc,erator. Adults. SVI5 172 :'.0«8 al'ti r .1:30. . _ i . ____ ..___ _ |(>K PM.F. OR RENT — Gr.ifton. bedroom.'., carpeted, modern, ;::i- r.ii'.r. SI 15 month rhir, deposit. (ii-.ilion 7863721. 17 _. 5 -- _ ---- vr:n()M HOUSE — Full bnsemt nt. p rm heat, nice yard. In Upper Alton. 't(irt-7V^I iv — Feh 6 --1 1- 'ASK — T-'our room hon^tv i .irpr-t *'(!. fine oor.i. lkisrnii-nt j.:i r;u',tv >ll."> Wood River. :t77-fi."ix.-i Houses 2 BEDROOM Wall to wall carpi'tlntr Large clo-;rts nnd storage. Ranne. refrlRrrnlor. disposal. 3 blocks from school. New- laundry and drv rle;inlnR pool — plnvnnnind — park. Central nli rrniilltlonln«. Some furnished. CARROLL WOOD APTS. Wood River 254-4269 N — :'7H7 San I' '.'- bt'ilmunv. nnd kitchen, t'i'i $*v~> mo . l. livin,; n>"in (arpeto'l. Dininp, basement. Will or ^Hl nn cnn- ( j 1 1 'TON II R iarpi'!i''l. .Iva < n ti-'ii holor Decorating 34 HOST T 'CARPET CLEANING Recommended by ( nipet Mills to Clean Modern Carpe s. Use out Machine and clenn ill vnrds of carpet for $9.95 SUPERIOR INTL-1IIORS 1628 Main St., Alton and Wllshlrc Shoppn K (enter 34 — Jan. 28 MOKKIS PAINTING A DECORATING—Vinyl wall covering, wallpaper, plaster, roofing. Free estl- mates. 259-2519. 34 — .Ian. 4 APARTMENIS FOR RENT Luxury 1 nnd 2 bedroom units, in eludes cnrpctlng. built-in appll ances. nir-conditloned. nnd pool Immediate occupancy nnd rents from $120 per month nnd up. DIPLOMAT APARTMENTS KENT STREET EAST ALTON, ILLINOIS Pbonp 2nn-337B Salesmen 20 Notices 11 AvailABiUTY CUSTOMER SERVICE—In office of major manufacturer, handle customer inquiries over phone. Ability to work well with people a must. To $7,200. SALESMAN—With major business forms manufacturer. East Side territory. Start $8,000 plus expenses. ACCOUNTANT—15 years auditing experience plus degree. Some travel. $11,000 up. SUPERVISOR—Supervision experience in welding and heavy metal fabrication and assembly. To $12,000. OFFICE MANAGEMENT—2 years college accounting required, with some office experience. To $8,000. WE HAVE MANY OTHER OPENINGS Open Thurs. Eve. 'til 7 p.m. 11—5 GOOD COUNTRY GROUP will organizations, or 462-8592. 11 — 6 AND WESTERN play for clubs and References. 465-1010 AvailABiUTY G59 E. Broadway — 462-8831 BUSINESS SERVICE Electric, Flumhintr, Heating, Air-Conditioning & All Home Appliance Repairs on All Makes. L & T, APPLIANCE 254-5751 Card of Thanks Z MRS. PAULINE K. DIETIKER — We would like to take this means of thanking everyone, neighbors, friends and relatives who were so kind during our recent bereavement. Especially Marks Mortuary, Rev. victor Frohne, those who sent flowers, cards, food, or assisted in any and every way. Mrs. Judith Stahlhut. and family NOTICE — From this day forward I will no longer be responsible for any debts contracted by anyone other than myself. Signed—Blanche O. Penny 1824 Kennedy Ave., Alton. 111. II _ 4 —— The Board of Education of Rox- nna Community Unit No. 1, Roxana, Illinois, will accept bids on various school supplies for the 1971-72 school year. The first bid will be due January 14, 1971, with others to follow. If you are Interested In bidding, you may Bet bid sheets and specifications by cgntactlng the Board Office. If bid sheets are not yet available, your name will be put on the bidders' list and you will receive bid sheets when they are available Larry Duckworth, Secretary 11 — 4 — NOTICE TO ALL HARTFORD RESIDENTS — Water service will be discontinued to those residents of Hartford whose water bill is not paid in full by 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, January 5, 1P71. 11 — 4 _ •— PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT FOR 1071 — Free seminar January 4, 7-30 p.m. M. A. Medhurst Co.'s Motivation Associates, 1102 Milton Road. 462-7242. 11 — TF Mon. Fri Wanted—Female 18 Help 18 — 0 SECRETARY — AKB 28 or Older. BooUkeepiiiR knowledge helpful. Shorthand essential. Call 254-0100 for appointment. 18 _ 7 BABYSITTER — In my home. Ex HELP WANTED — MALE FULL OR PART-TIME FACTORY DISTRIBUTOR — Alton area, needs 10 men. No experience necessary. Earn $90 part time, $180 full time, per week. 46S-2(i78. 20 — 9 LOOKING F O R AGGRESSIVE YOUNG MAN to fulfill established territory. Salary plus guaranteed monthly bonus. Many fringe benefit?. Leading company in its field. Call after 6 p.m. 797-0124, Granite City. 20 — 5 CONTACT MAN Needed by National firm In 1971 expansion program to Introduce needed service to business people. Alton area. $1,000-$!, r >00 monthly potential. Ace Immaterial. Full or part time. Write President, Box 18431, Tampa, Fla. 20 — Jan. 26 SALES PEOPLE NEEDED — Call 405-5952 tor appointment, between 9 u.m. and 3 p.m. 20 — 13 LEADSI LEADSI LEADS! All daytime appointments selling health Insurance to people over (if). 40 per cent advance commission paid dally. Call: KEN MCDONALD Reserve Life Insurance Co., 9 to 12 noon. — 465-43G3 HARVEY RCHUET7—Interior pnlnt- Infj & decorating. Wall paper removal and clenninf!. Patch plaster- Ing. Free estimates. 462-0871. PA1NTINO — Pln-itcilng, removing WLillpaper, cr.rpenter work, roof repair. No Ion tco small. Charles Basdcn. 4(56-4.108. 34 — Jnn, 8 — PAPERIIANGING—PalntliiR, piaster repair. Off season prices. Reference. Dial 462-0361. tr, _ ********************** WOOD RIVER DUPLEX RENTALS t.OVEI.Y NEW 4 ROOMS & HATH— With ihowev. stove ;md oven, nl cnvprtlnt'.. centnil nlr. v;<\t trash pickup, open 9 to !). drive t; RACE' — 2 bedroom. lp<":, 'til MiMf. COUpIC: inly. 4M'. 'Mm. iVxtlRY DIMM.EX — '.'. • bedroom hi ict\ ('ai'in'tins!, electric heat, central air. i en iterator and stove. Hi ii'.hton. 4iiii-i:t'i'i IOR RUNT — Tlotlialto. 2 bedrooms, ba-emenl, carport, SI 15 mo, Alton. Lute 3 room house $80 per mo. Don Hryanl & Asr.oc. 254-7424 or 4B(i-iril.3 I. I II ALTO—Semi furnish 'd 2 bed onm home Includes full basement stove, refrigerator, sot'; 1 , reclincr leilmom snlie. 2-car garage, 24 > I. Perfect for working ouple. One year optional lease $135 per month. 377 H742. ~ . . j i( u 5 'OUR ROOMS—One bedroom. Nice Adults. Phone 400-5557. TF 1970 DISPLAY HOME CLEARANCE! WITH THE PURCHASE OF ONE OF THE FOLLOWING 1970 DISPLAY HOMES YOU WILL RECEIVE A VALUABLE FREE GIFT ... A BRAND NEW COLOR TV! Radio—TV Repair 35 35 — Dec. 31 McCORMICK'S TV AND ANTENNA SERVICE 6th ft Rldjto—1G5-3365 Call any time, 7 days a week bv. And call 465-7P3S. 320 MARQUIS noii MADISON 1 IOH MADISON 431 CONLEY dayi- 254-2SM: 377-5427. evenlniis Heating & Plumbing 37 37 — Feb. ti BOB'S HOME REPAIR — No job too small. 24-hour service on emerRcncy heallnn, plumblnii nnd sewer repairs. 4H5-605H. 37 — Jan. 2. BOB'S HOME REPAIR — No |ob too small. 24-hour service on emergency lictitlni?, plumbing nnd sewer repairs. 465-6058. 37 — Jnn. 22 CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING — Furnnce sales and Installation. Call for free estimates. We repair also. 377-5201. Plro TV and Appliances; 223 South Prairie, Uethnlto. MEDROOM RANCH 111 Storey land Sub. Carpeted, l';j baths bull! In kitchen, full basement, ga rage. Ph. 2M-5041 or 405-2531. 7 •OR SALE OR RENT— 3539 Oscal Alton. Small '!. bedroom moder home. Gas heat. Newly decoralet nnsenicnt and narage. '$95 mo. pli .21- COLONIAL DR $23,900 SOli IVADRIAN CT $39,500 401 PARIS DR. $39,000 SOO KING ARTHUR DR. .. $22,900 311 SIR LANCELOT LN. .. $22,900 17 MERCURY DR $21,900 The following homes have been purchased by and free color TV's have been awarded to: 210 CAMELOT — Mrs. and Mri. Robert, Jr. 5 WOOD GATE — Mr. and Mrs. Donald n. Brown ~Gls SATURN — Mr. and Mr*. Billy C. Smith CHAS. E. SPRIN6MAN DEVELOPMENT, INC. 108 North Port Dr., Godfrey Phone 466-4470 OFFICE. WILL BE CLOSED FROM THURSDAY NOON THRU FRIDAY REGULAR OFFICE HOURS: !>- 8 Mon. Thru Frl. ft - !> Frl. Thru Sat. 1 - , r i Sun. 47 _ TI- NEAT AND CLEAN home, family room, Office Op.-'n 'Til t! p.m. MADISON COUNTY HOME IMPROVEMENT 427 OLD ST. LOUIS RD., WOOD H1VER FRANK POPE—RAY HERRIN ****** *********-**** *r* WOODBURY MANOR APTS. 466-0302 (For appointments) •* Rnnr.e—refrlKerntor—disposal * All electric •* Wall to wnll cnrpotlnR •* Pool—central dlr condlllonlnn •* Ctm be furnished it Closn to schools nnd shopping LARGE 2-BEDROOM APTS. S- * * * * * * * * * LAFAYETTE SQUARE APARTMENTS — 2 bedroom , , carpeted bedrooms and llvlivi room, carport, located In Godfrey. $165. Don Bryant & Associates. Office 466-1513. 47 — 4 --200 GRAND — East Alton. 4-room duplex. Separate basement. $90 mo. to responsible 1 adults. 406-0006. i-UOOM — Mlllon addlllnn, newly dccoialcd, $!)() month. 465-270!). 47 — .inn. 8 3 BEDROOM HOME, — Carpeting, rage and base uietit. Vets' nice. $150 month plus "• ' — Hills. bulll-ln stove. Garag cry nl 5R02 Dogwood, Plasa deposit. 4(10-5018. t7 — » _ ROOMS—Modern. $(it) month. 002 Sheppard. May be seen from 8 a.m. 'Ill 2 p.m. 47 — TF CARPETED 'THREE BF.DROOM FRAME — Allncheil i;arn««, baso- inrnl. In I.nkcwood Subdivision, Sioreyland Home!;. 2!i').504t. perienced. 254-0471. 18 — 4 References. After 5:30: GIRL FRIDAY— AHon firm. Typing, various duties. Prefer Insurance background. Company benefits. $300 to $350 to start. Mrs. Skelton. Ph. 4(i!i-4261. Data Placement Systems, Plasa Building. 18 — 6 - — WANTED— -Babysitter, to stay, In Bunker Hill area. 462-1500 or Bunker Hill 585-3050. 18 — 4 RENTALS ft 2 BEDROOM- Apartments. -\\'-, biulifi. Garden KITCHEN CABINETS Expert Cabinet Work ZIIVIMER Homo Improvement 70B MILTON UD. Ph. 482-0578 PROJECTOR BULB BURNED OUT? FOSTER'S DRUG STORE carries most all kinds 230 E, Broadway Open 'til 9 everv night. -•-• 1 ™ r ' PHOTO CENTER. Situations Wtd.—Female 22 22 — 6 1 WILL BABYSIT for 2 or 3 children, experienced. 254-2402. 123 Conlcy, Wood River. 22 — ' 4 IRONINGS WANTED—$3 per average bushel or $1 per hour. Light mending Included. 402-6003. Sleeping Rooms 41 41 — Feb. 4 SLEEPING ROOM — Exlra Inrsc, clean, private, nicely furnished, walk-in closet, «ood local Ion. 462-!l81)0, 466-5602. 41 _ () HEY. GUYS! Are you eommutluu too far to SIU? Quality rooms with cookltiK facilities located In Ed- wnrdsville. Cull 656-00111 afler 5 for Information. 41 — Jan. 12 BON AIR HOTEL — With or without private bnth. very warm, across from Glnss Worlis. 2 BEDROOM — IV, HOUNU Apurlmcnls. lUillm. Town if Ramie—RefrlKerntor—Disposal •* Wall to Wnll Carpeilnu •* Central Air •* I.nundry Facilities * Off SI reel PnrldnK * SloniHo AreiiH * Prlvnle SwImmhiR Pool * Resident MaiuiKcr Furnished Houses 48 4S — 4 4-ROOM MOBILE HOME and 3-nn. bouse. $SO. 405-IHOO. 4H — n -ROOM MOUILE HOME, for rant— IfhIO month. Call 254-1(151. 2 MED UOOM MOIIII.E HOMF.—Lo- cnti'd In Mi'iulowhrniik, Illinois. Ph. 377-DIK7. •IS — 11 TWO BEDROOM MOlilLF HOME FOR RENT—One small child wol- I'ome. No pets. 2!i!)-:i4N(i. Most Modern Complete Model Aimrltncnis Open CLERK TYPIST— Good math ability. Public contact. Local. $325. Mrs. Skelton. 465-4261. Data Placement Systems, Piasa Building. 18 — 5 - — RELIABLE BABYSITTER WANTED — My home, straight days, own transportation. One child. North Alton- area. IS — 4 466-4380. BOOKKEEPER — $380. Rapid advancement, Ri-oat working conditions. Full company benefits. Mrs. St. Clair, 4G5-4261. Data Placement Systems, Plasa Building 18 — 5 ——— BABYSITTER WANTED—My borne. Straight days. Own Phone 465-4377. 18 — 4 transportation. ALTON'S FINANCIAL Business Opportunities 23 23 FOR LEASE — 2-bay service sin/ lion, excellent Upper Alton lorn- lion. Capable of wood business. Cull 465-4241, 23 — 6 8 'III 5. Aluminum & Vinyl Broaddus and Thorp Siding and Modernizing Roofing Free estimates 259-3358 259-4706 In Memoriam IN LOVING MEMORY of my dear husband, D. Fred Richardson, who passed away January 1, 1970. To your grave I often wander, And shed a silent tear. Only God knows how much I miss you, At 'the end of a lonely year. Sadly missed by Wife and Children, und all who loved him. 3 — 4 —IN MEMORY of Mrs. Alta 1. Pruett who died Jan. 4, 1068. Three years ago tills very day, The angels came and took you away. There wasn't time for one goodbyo, God wanted you up in the sky. He needed a very special lady, One with lots of love to give. So He took you, our Mother, In His garden you will be forever, And in our hearts you will always live. Sadly missed by Sisters, Children, Grandchildren und two Great Grandsons. Riders 11A 1!A — 5 . RIDE WANTED vicinity of from State St. to Grand and Llndell, St. Louis. Hrs. 8 to 4 or 4:30. 462-2328. RIDER WANTED — 8:3C to 4:30, downtown St. Louis. Will take one way. 259-7168. _ EDUCATIONAL SIDING Call for Free Estimate ABERT Siding and Modernizing BETHALTO 377-9998 Income Tax 11B INCOME C TAX SERVICE— Federal and state. Trainer! consultant. Confidential. Vroman's General Store, 217 West St. Louis Ave., East Alton. 254-4743. 10 'til 5, Tuesday thru Saturday. RIVTE^WAY 'INCOME TAX SERVICE — Guaranteed, confidential, accurate tax returns by experienced consultants. $3.50 minimum 570 Park Lane, Wood River. 259-1450. ALTON'^BOOKKEEFIMO AND INCOME TAX SERVICE Professionally trained staff. 1C years experience. Accurate and confidential work. For appointment cull: 405-3751 or 402-0228. 11 H •- Feb. 3 -- • — INCOME TAX. SERVICE, my home, Brighton, trained und qualified, reasonable and confidential, ap- TYPIST—$350. Diversified office duties. Great company benefits. Mrs. St. Clair, 405-4261. Data Placement Systems, Piasu Building. 18—5 SECRETARY — Shorthand, attractive personality. Public contact. Terrific chance for advancement, to public relations. $400. Mrs. St. Clair. 4G5-42G1. Data Placement Systems. Plasa Building. 18 — 5 — , SECRETARY — Mature. TyptnR, bookkecplnR and shorthand. Good worklni! conditions. $325 to $400. Mrs. Skelton 405-4261. Data Placement Systems. Hlasa HnildlnB. IK — 5 BOOKKEEPER — $380. Rank! advancement, nrc-at working conditions Full company benefits. Mrs. St .Clair. 4B5-42B1. Data Placement Systems. Plusa BulldliiK. 18 _ 5 . JIRL FRIDAY — Alton firm. Typ- IIIK, various duties. Prefer Insurance background. Company benefits. $300 to $.350 to start. Mrs. Skellon. 465-42H1. Data Placement Systems. Piasn Huildinij. 18 — (i —— PART TIME EMPLOYMENT for dental assistant. Experience necessary. Write Box 000, can: of Alton Evening Telegraph. IS — 7 WOULD YOU LIKE A BUSINESS OF YOUR OWN? You don't need nn office to start, bt'Kln at home, Full or piirl-tline. IdiMl for husband und wife teams. Lot's have coffee and talk. 2!i!)-!j953. No obll«a- lion. No Information over telephone. Room & Board 42 42 — H FOR ELDERLY LADIES 111 licensed private home — Upper Alton. $130 month. 4(i2-!W8S. PH. 254-2888 Miir. 521 Charlos St. HlKhwiiy 111 at Clmrlcu St., (Next to Sav-Mart und Ki'(>M'-'r) ********** TRAILER HOME — Pilvile, 3 bedrooms, very spacious, water furnished. Lovely nelnhborhood, reasonable rent. 250-5104. 2 HEDROOM MO1ULE HOME — Gas heal, carpel, couplcit only, 254-241)3. 4H — li III' X 55', 2-HE'DROOM TRAILER- AM ulllltli.-s paid. 2.14-2408 4K — li FOR RENT—2-hcdroom mobile homo n Wood River. Phone 400-2071. Furnished Apartments CLEAN THREE stairs. On bus trnni.'i's. (ins 46 4. r i 1 BEDROOM with llvlni; room, dlu- lni; urea, kllchcn und btith. Located i/ ; , mile froom SIU Alton campus. $'/!> month Includes utilities. Call 4(>'W)33!l lifter , r i p.m. 45 _ 9 --2 APTS. IN BETHALTO— One and 3 bedrooms. Completely renovated. RaiiRe and refrlRerutor furnluhed. 377-95(18. OR MANAGER OP- Good volume /.cphyr FOR LEASE ERATION station, (I pumps with holnt. Great opportunity for riuht man. 465-4241, 8 'til 5. 23 — 2-4-5-9-11-12 INCOME TAX SPECIALIST ao Years Experience FFDEKAL — ILLINOIS And MISSOURI FRANCHISE VIVIANE WOODARD COSMETICS—A SUBSIDIARY OF GENERAL FOODS No franchise fee. $!iOO minimum inventory. Complete training and continual guidance at no cost. Call collect Kallli) Stephens (213) 7H2-33IO. 23 — TF M-A-.F ****** * * * * COSTANZO JEWELRY 15 Wood River Ave. Wood Kiv<v 'M-37U "Diamonds Is Our Business" Remount your old H'umunds In a New Set. This Is our Specialty. (Muster Charge Welcome). ********* 944 TKEMONT — 3-rooin duplex apartment ; carpeted, available Immediately. 4(12-0750. 45 _ TJV --Clean, partly furnished, 3 room hounu. Utility room, will rent tn ADC, or nice woi'kliiK couple, No pets. Rent reasonable. 4U2-2U41. »!5 — Eel). 6 -DUPLEX APT. — 102 Grace, Be- thallo. Gas heat, nlr cnndil lonini;. ciirpolliiK. $125. Dnys: 377-!il'.(il ; evonliiKs: 377-SJ701 or 377-!)2(H). 45 SLOVER REAL ESTATE 200 E. Carpenter St. .lerseyvlllc. Illinois OFFICE — 498-2I4S HOME — 498-2248 IN ALTON — 4-room home with full basement & garage on large lot with several fruit trees. Cloee tc shopping and school. Located on Seminary, Soe us for price and terms on this neat home. SOUTH OF .IERSEYVILLE on Rto. 10!) — 214 ncres with 4-room home, utility nnd carport. Possible loan assumption with moderate down payment. SOUTH PEARL St, In .lersevvlll*— Six room. l ! / 3 -9tory, with full basement. All city utilities. Priced to sell quickly nl »10,60C WEST PINE ST. — B-room home with utility nnd attached garage. This home is only (.1) years old. lins a lovoly kitchen, carpeted floors, electric heat, A real good buy at 121,000 SNEDEKER AVE. — Beautiful new 3-bedroom home with full basement on corner lot. Fully carpeted, nice kitchen cabinets, ready to move Into at 118.900 LOT IN DELHI — Ideal for trailer, has well. Priced at $1350 JUST OFF RTE. 109 In Elsah Two. —4'/i acres open R round on blacktop. Excellent building site. MACOUP1N COUNTY — 271 acres; nlrnont nil tillable. 30 acron In blucnrnss sod. No Improvements- contract available. MACOUPIN COUNTY—100 A. 180-170 tillable, rest timber and pasture. Large 2-story homo In Rood condition. Somo other buildings. Contract available. Business Places fid — TE — M W F SO INDUSTRIAL OR COMMERCIAL— •I acres. Small bulldliiK. South Uox- ana. city wnter nnd Bower, rnllrond sldlni;. Will lease nil or part. Win. L. Ulncklock Aju-ncy, 250-1070. ROOMS — Down- line. Private en- heat. Utilities paid. JIK.M) weelily. 254-OH72. 3-ROOM MODERN APT.— Kitchen and bedroom, furnished. Wall to wall cm-pel. Drapes. Air condltloii- Ini;. Private entninee. Off ulreel parklllK. Lots of closets. Heal anil wilier furnished. No pels. Working woman or responsible couple. Near Owenii Illinois. 803 Park Di . PI 405-!IO!)5. C — Jan. B - .AKGE 3 ROOM API.— CARPETED. ATTRACTIVE l-'URNl TURE. EXTRA LARGE CLOSETS. EUI.L BATH. CONVENIENT LOCATION. WOOD RIVER $130, INCLUDES UTILITIES. 2.M-72D2 or 254-5000. 'tit __ ^ J) _ ____ ___ ___ _ ___ , ___ -_- _ __ — 3-RM. I'UI'NlSMliD— 21)01 A Brown, Alton. All llllllll.", furnished. $25 deposit. $100 monthly. My appoint- nienl. 4115-4403. 400-0522 after 5. Office & Desk Room 51 -, i RliNT — OI'I'TCIC SPACIi Montlci'llo I'la/.u. l-'or Inforniutlon phone 40(1-4470. fll _ TE -- 1 - . LOVELY— l ; nrnliihed or imfurnlflhod office space availublo nt new Mudl- son County Home Improvement Office on Old St. Louis Hd., Wood River. Call l-rnnk 1'opo, 2M-281I. After 0, 405-7038 or 377-5427. COURTNEY TUCKER ., HAROLD EDDINOTON 4P8-2&73 372-35!>5 Wanted to Rent 54 f>4 — I'd). Ii WANTI-;D TO uriNT — 2 bctlroom house. In North AHon or Godfrey area. Will ((Ivo references. Cull 40IM050. REAL ESTATE SALE Kitchen, bed- 032 E. I'lflb. ! We Have Usable PIPES • BEAMS • PLATE and other Items Constant Supply STOP—SEE US—SAVE $$ Hyntan-Michaels Company Ij»ne—Off B. Btlwy to l«cem« a BIESELTRACTM TRAILER DRIVEI EFFECTIVE PLACEMENT SERVICE OUR DRIVERS in constant demand, why not convert your car driving pleasure into a well paying job at the wheel of a big semi-diesel rig. Become a Professional Tractor-Trailer Driver. Ask a Driver What He Takes Home. We Select, Train and Assist our Graduates in Placement. GREER TECHNICAL INSTITUTE 10259 St. Charles Rock Road S*. Ann, Mo. 63074 HA. 3-4700 STJ-2 NAME ADDRESS C1TV STATE ... ZiP AUB ... PHONE NO. If in Military service What Your DlicluirKeJ EARL W. MANNS Accountant City Scalos Office 1504 E. Broadway Alton, III. -102-0312 ~ Want Ads __ fj.«LJk?!!il5J- "EpUCATIONAL SfTRAINT6 BE A~ HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR IX'Hrn to opc-rutf Bulldo/,- iT.s, Draglines. (' '" <* n '' s i Scrapers, Loaders, Trench- f-rs, etc., ut our modern fa- t-ility. A high paid career is open to ambitious men! IfnivcrMil Heavy (oustruction Schools Home Office: Miami, I'lu. For Information Writi! To: I U.H.C.S. Uepl. No. 768 I 7 Etut Gregory I Kansas City, Mo. G4II4 Phune: St. Louis 771-1 IbU Please Print WANTED—Live-In housekeeper. Dulles include coolUntf, washing Iron- ln« and cleanlUK of larne home for elderly man. Must have references and be able to drive. Salary open. Apply In person at Illinois Slntd Employment Service. I71!l Wush- InKlon, Alton. No phone calls. LIVE-IN OABYSITTER -ind housekeeper Cull aflei' 5:30 woelidnys, any time weekends; 250-1040; If no answer 250-12411. :Xl J ERlENCEn FRY COOK over VI Apply In person between 11 A.M. and 5 P.M. at LoKoy's Name . AUdrt-ss City ... State ... Xlp I Hhone AMI.- I APi'KUViiU I-'OH VWliKANS Bi.-lhnltn. AvailABILITY IT.NO—Experienced. Good typist with S/ll. Financial field. Stall $400. l-'t-c puld. (OOKKl'.El-ER — Full charge. Tliorouiih trial balance and knowl- ed«e of tax formy. Mature. Start $375 up. Local. CONTRACT (T.ICKK—T\'|ie 40 w/m, use calculator to figure purcentiiff- e'.. Advc-rllsinK field. Start $325. Fee paid. EOIIK ROOMS heat, carpeleil. 012 Tennyson, 254-1804 45 — l-'i-'b. ','. LINDEN APTS.— water furnished. 25I)-72H2. 45 — Jnn. — (,'cntrn stove Wood air, KII.-I :uid curinliri. River. I'oom. Heat nnd SI25. $25 deposit. III'TIIALTO—2-bedioom. Gas heal, central uir l-'nlly carpeted, drupes. Off street parkliiK. Lll'.e new. Ph. 377-0054.<K TYI'IST— Experlenci'd, ac- curute Will Main on diclu- phonc. Start $3SO- l ; ee puld. iiO()KKI-;i-:iM-'.l<— ICxperlenced general ledger, (omnuls thioujili financial slali'inenls, tax forms, depreciations, and accruals. Start $500 SOW). Fee paid. Local urea. TELLER TRAINEE — Mature personable Individual with some prior work cxperle ice. Type 35 w/m. Mu|or financial institution. Start $.-!25. ACCOUNTING CLERK — Heavy figure work Use adding machine and calculator. No typing. $400 start. WE HAVE MANY OTHER OPENINGS Open Thurs. Eve '111 7pm. AvailASILITY U5<) E. Kr'iudway — 462-8S31 SPORTSMEN Cupltali/.i' on thi! liver Intreasliiji rucre.1tIon und sporting Koodn busl- miss. He a dlstilbulor of recreation and sportlnc, ('iiods. We will help set you up In your own M:lf- servlce bnsincs i. Company establishes accounts. HIGH PROFITS POSSIBLE! ON THIS AMA/.ING HUT FUN HUNJNESS '<ci|Uircs: Responsible and depend- aide peison 1 ,. 5 lo 10 In s. per wi.'ek. You do need at le i',I 1.1200 lo :j,3W)0 cash lo .-,iai! loi Inventory and distribution sel up. II, and only If. ^ou desire (he EndcpcMldcncc (tf owiiinjf yuur own buslne'm, wrlle to (Incl. I'hone): Spoitlni> Goods Oiv., la-ileral Dlslr Co. of America, 11)35 So. Main. No. 518, Salt Lake Cily. Ul.ili H4II5. "lUSIiNESS SERVICE " Business Announcements 32 32 — 28 31 4 H II 15 IH 22 — TREE REMOVAL — Also small bulldliiK 1 , Uiinllnii anyv/liexf Insured. Free estimate;,. 377 liKOM. 3 ROOMS — Ground floor, slove. ri'1'rlneialor, \vater, 701 Madison Wiiod River. S8(l. 254-li:>'lil. WOOD U1VEK RI'.NTALS — Call 254-2HII. ^'WASHINGTON MANOR APARTMENTS 1, 2 and 3 bedroom uptu. Call now or comf by A|/l, iOIIA, 700 block of Washington Ave., behind Alton I'ln/.a. 4052145. WOOD KIVEK RI.NI'AI.S •- Call 1111 LOGAN —llrlck nparlment bld|;. Ufistnlrs, Ensl. 3 iillin inodein, larne looms and b.illi Off slice! paikliif'.. II'./I and vvati:i fin nlshe<l. S,!l!i mo 4011 2213 45 — l-i-b. li - - — - Utll'l.EX AIMS. - In llelhallo Jill, moiiili V.'iitei fninl.-,iied. U.iys 377-52111 . evenillHi.. . f l77-!l2!IO or 377 H7(il. 45 — II 3 ROOMS d. Heal -•MJIK. Mr. 1 I I'lll I nnri\ ft KATII—Ni'wly and water, stov furnished MO'inonlh. 405 30WI. 45 — 'II - —WOOD' RIVI-R RI'iMIAI.S — (a (In ul at am! ic AilnltH milv 11 11 -. -- vvoou HIVI-:I< M4-2HII. 4-i _- C REN I'AI.S DLAINI-. Pl'-.ST CON'I KOI,—Special, short time only, 'tl pei loom. Woik liuurunteeil. Reliable anil in.inrd 1're.e termite Inspec.tioii. 2.V1 337K. 32 — Jan. B S&G EXTEKM1NAIORS—All housi- hold pests. $1 u room. 6-month Kuuruntee. Call 402-3127 or 480-2089. J2 — Jan. 24 TRUE TRIMMING—Trees removed, evergreens, shrubs, trimmed. Haul uwuy. Full time spcclult" Insured. I-'rce estimates. 254-0588. 32 — Jan. H SPECIALTY PEST CONTROL--*! per room. Bathroom und closets free. Work guaranteed. 254-4540 any time. 32 — Jun. 15 CUSTOM - MADE SIGNS — Outdoor and Indoor. Magnetized 3-D. Any size. 377-0824. 33 •uilding—Contracting 33 — TF Mon WIIITL-: liAKHD liNAMl-I. til'T- TF.RING INSTA1 — Ru»sell'» Inc., (Ul Milton Rd.. Alton 405-55SB 1 ROOM IINHIKNISHI 1 -D AI'T. — (ins In-ill, "in: or two children- FnM Alton W\ -722(1 l.j —- IT - -- lll-TIIAI l<> •-- -''"') I oiiii'i-'llow. New A IIIIIIMI, anil baili, .villi •.Iniwi-i, <ui tain I'll! 1 ., .'ilovi and even, all laipillni:, willi (.uipuit und lot* of cl'isrlv Oprii 'III !». $125 inn. Dilvr nn anil rail 'lay's 254-2811, i-vi-iiiiiifs. 4li'i V(i:iH i77-5427 SOUTH ROXAHA — 220 und 222 I'.'iili. Lovely 4 i"Oins nnd bath. All carpeted. C?entrul air. Shower, stove und uveri, curtain rods Nln- lundK<itpi:d yurd. Very litre for only $110 n month Days 254-2811. After li, 4115 7938 or 377 5427. l'(!ST DliCOKATFD — Clean, mud em. 2 budioonis, l)ulll-in kitchen, (I'lilral iilr •.•(indllli)illni;. full bam:nil-lit, nctir ddwiilDwii Wood Klvei. $110 per inonlli. Call 405 '1383. WOOD KIVF.K—2 lovely miaitmunt.s loialod ut 110 und 115 N Hill St. Cuiluins. »<tovc and oven, cnrpi'thii;, und wnli'r lni-ludod for only $115 « niontli. (Jpuii U lo M. Drive by »nd i:»ll days. 254-2811. Al'tel ti. 4lir, 7U38,,4CO 6'J72. HACIIUI.OR AITS. — room, utilities paid. 400-4705 or 405-3421. 40 — II LARGE ROOMS — Carpel, lan/0 clollles closet. Adults. Apply (itl.'l Alhy. MILTON AREA — One bedroom. I'xeuptlonallv nice. Ni",v fninllnie, bulll In cabinet',, beat and water fiirnlslied. $!I5. R'-fi-rcucus. 402-31103 foi appointment. t FURNISHED ROOMS — Prlvnlo bulll and entianee, adiills only. (135 Acton, Wood River. 4(i _ EH,. M -2 FURNISHED ROOM. 1 ; -- Mldn floor, ntllilles rural:,bed. no pels. Information 107 Sixth, Wood River. fit __ n _ O r „ /-ROOM AP'I. Newly reference!.. Adnlr;. 4ti!i 1(1 1 -- —• < ROOM I'llRNISIII-.H I loot, private iiaili ind couples only. 254 3!I43. 40 -- 4 - - UPPER AI.'ION ~ (lone li, SIU. 3 fiirnlslicd iiioni'i 4lj'i 3750. 40 ._ 14 _TWO ROOM I-UKHISIIF.IJ nice, iitllllli'!, pnld. 1132 401!-4705 01 405 3421. Ill — H -- - — El- T ICTIi! II' Y—Ofl ileiii y on Sixth, Alton. AKo npai tlilenl and Kilfhcn- i-llc I'llvale mill aiiee. llllllll' 'i paid 4ii2-77!)3 411 — .Ian. 0 ADULTS. WHY PAY MORI.-Mod ern apartment Mlicly fnriihdied. walk-In clusi:l. Heal idntiol. I'll vale eliliiinie, halli, ;i;i i I; mi; l;nli;l Mir! oniidlai! . -li,ii .111-11) 41; - Jan r - -- -- iitiiiGi.i :: AND :i ROHM APART- MI'.N I S—Rental hn liniet all utlll ties, 402 H'.fll, altei 5 |i III. 111 •- li till I 2 ROOM MINI AP'I elill.'Oiir Mil Wood Rlvi i 10 _- .Ian li --- THR1.I-. ROOM enti am e, bill h Sliowii lu-lwecn East MM Allon 10 -- li -1 ROOM MJKI.'ISIII.D Al one '.mall llallri loi lint on. III. Apt V.':' pi,|,IH |<e| 'Vl-ek All III on lii'lll 372 813(1 ill 40 l> Ililtl I KUD 1 1 I r i' II111 i I i' .11 i' I AI I Illl. lll.'lllllll llll'i't''l III !,'(', ill'/ 10 — Ian. ?.l — - NK l-l Y I-URNPJIII-.D- -Re.i.-.oiiably in Iced AdnM:; nnlv Kn pel;.. 523 .'ioiilb ( enlial, Roxana. 55 Realtors 55 — TF Mon. Tile, Wed, Thu Our READY FINANCING SELLS Homo after Home After Homo! DON HALE, Realtor 41R E llrmidwny, ALTON 462-0046 TO BUY OR TO SELL CALL HESSENFLOW-CANNON AGENCY MILTON— Aberdeen, 3 room brlcl 2 bodrooms, basement, attachcc garage, steel beams, trees, and •lirubbery. Good location. »1B,BO( ROXANA — Tydemnn, aluminum Sid Ing, 1) rooms, with 6 bodrooms, ', story basement, Inrgo lot, remod eled. to schools, shopping Business Property 56 Dili: 'io II.I.NFS, 1 ;—ill-link's Mower SIIOI' lur Milr, with iillnrlieil I rillMII IIVllll! MIHU'liT I. SlK WC'I'kli 11 IT inilniiiK I" buvi'i. L'.ri'l-f'K'/M, i-- Upstairs. Private i (tuple i el'-i em e:. 0:30 and K 30. H2.0 -'l -- Al-.ii In III i|;lil ci-li Irnlli-r l" 1 . Ini Illshcd i ,','i'in Farm and Land I-ARM I''OR SALE --40 or 00 I all aller '/ p.m. Ids 8K3 '.'.'.'.'M, I alhonn ' ''unit \. Lots for Sale r iK - — 'I fi - - -*-—• ' FOR SAI.I 1 .—25 II. lot III Wood T. Nillnilil ^.ns, rlty wlltel , i-wei'. $700. 250 0110 'or 25!) IH Mobile Homos S7 HCJ'I'H, South 58 Rlv- clty 58A EAST ALTON — Income property BiiHlncmi building. Arranged for ', Incomes, plus a 5 room house Aluminum siding, carport and ul. conditioning In all units. See thli one ........................ $B3,OW EAST ALTON — 4-room frame Basement. Needs repair*... )S,80( KENDALL HILL— Kendall Dr. t>- room brick. 3 bedrooms, \Vt baths Double our gurngu. Lower levo has library, two bedrooms am Inrgo utility room, fireplace. Goot construction. Perfect condition. ............................ $38,no> WOOD RIVER — Hnrnelt. 6-roon frame. Basement gnrnge. Immodl file possession. Clone to schools ..... ....................... $10,C(> WOOD RIVER— 2-story frnme will 4 bodrooms. full basement nm Raruiie. Newly decorated .. $12, CO WOOD RIVER — Lornna, 4 apart meats. separate utilities, ncv roof. Good Income .......... $19,10 1IAKTEORI>— 120 Kim St. 4 rooms framo. Almost now furnnce. Need repair ..................... $4,7(C MEADOWHKOOIC FARM— About 7' acres. About (10 acres tillable. (' room brick, Ilku new. Living room 3 bedrooms, family room, and b«uu tlful kltclKMi, built-in stove un. oven, nmple cabinet. 1 ). Now brlc 1 double car jjuniKi!. Darns and oil or buildings. Luke ulte. You mu.s BI.-P this one ............... $75,00 S. KOXANA — Dmilcl Uoonc Troll. / Illlli' more than one acre o ground. 0 room ranch. 2 fireplaces 3 bedrooms, llvliiK room und kltch en. Lots of cabinets, built - Ins lias larfji' family room, one lari;- licdrooin and utility room. $29,WV •J ROOM FRAME — (Mirage. Liinjo lot. Fruit tm'M Full busemenl Pi'.tlo. BDQ (tit JIS.UO' rl) 'i'iA - ') M O 1111.1 •' mill i. i .1 |" hi I M ' 111111'., :,KA - I Mi mil.I Ilioad ii" It v I Iran am i 1 , I 'l.e llnlldliil-.. Alti'ii. 'Hi'! :.-;A ll - - - - I'll.H S'lAR MllHII.l ' In-ill oom:.. .Ill I .-:!,!! Ollli!', '.' A • 4 0 H WAN'I I-.U ID IIHY i.lii .' bi'ilioonl, ail i-ondl- ill'in 2!i-l-l4li:i. I'ARM—Norlh of Boltllnc. Almost 41 iiiTi-H. uliout '.'.?> Heron tillable. Ok InilUlliii!.'!, lakoKlte. All fenced In Sen this one $32,01)1 room mo built on INSIIHANCI-'. — al '.avlniis. (Jiuil- i.e.a I list leili'lal on cu »7,00( III 1 • vide 3/7 W123 •'.DV. AHDSVIl.i.E — ) bile home ft la'Rt! lot, in^ti unit car purl .- illl.TON—HllliTtst. 5 room frame. J bedrooms, basement I7.2W MILTON ARKA—6 room frame. Ful sciiKMit. Good terms. .. $U,HOC 2 npurt Good lo . $12,8CH 1'iVd l 1 ULiil.HI — Carpet, I'M ill 'ill for roupli 1 . aii-h Lane, '.Voml Klvci . Houses for Rent 47 Villh l.ADUE DR . I.ODI-REY — ii idoia bill k, 3 liedrooms. pelliii;. rani'.i' and oven, :\ li.ilh-., family mum, liaM-meiit. yaraxe, central all. )-as luinare, pallo. J2'iO monlli. Phone Hemphlll Auency, 405-35H3. 47 -- 0 —- — — \ ROOMS IN $ri5 month 2 4V — 5 l-'OR Rl-.NI IIARI I'ORD -— Stove and waii-i Im nlsliud. BUY 'WHERE YOUR DOLLAR BUYS THE MOST— h.u'i- SiVill iloun. anil isuiid I put von In a IH>W hi'iar hilly fin nl ihi'il. with all nril'H a|ipll.iiu i".. ilrlivrii'vl & -,i I up i. H| h.ivr n|i In 111 yi'ar.s to [nr,' UK- bal.nii i 1 Rosewood Mobile Homes ;>(«) ( i-nlri . i:.i',t Alton '.Vi'i I;:IIM MA — ,iun '.'.;'• --------- MOim.l'. HOMl- Kl'I'AIU AND SI-KVIC1-' -- Uouf (.'iiatiuu. srt 111) li'vcllni'.. i-tc Day St Nlnht Mobile llunu: Ki-p.ilr 377-B3!i7. .HA — inn. :;« ---------------- oxsa'Di'Ki-; — ciu'ii)! i>i- iii'iicliiH avallal-li' 2S!I-1!UII. Wonrl l — 4.'iK Soutb So ibild Soulh Main, W Main <! i ooiii lioitHe uiidei '1. \velei'mo died lni|uirc 'in! Klvcr. 462 1'AOS I'OU HF.NT ilo lot. dill 254-11)51. Mdllll.i: IIIJMI $.'>() mo, (in pri 5HA - I i ----- - Muh'I.K HOMlio lor rent Stui eylund Mobllu Honiu Puik, 2531 or 'JSiihtMl. In 465- NCOMK PROI'UHTY - incuts. All first class. 'HESSENFLOW-CANNON AGENCY REALTOR Alton Office 462-UUS'l Hlslo Lockyor .. !•'. N. Hlshop L. C. Sliilun Dorothy Cunnon . MLS Wood River 2M-38U3 ...... 254-34U 259-3487 465-8979 462-6880 RENTALS UNIVERSITY GARDENS APT., WOOD RIVER Resident Mgr. I Si 8 hudroom up»rtnient«. All electric FriKl«aU* kitchen, water furnished, « bateinent §t«i«t(«. Phont 2IM141 \

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