Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on March 25, 1897 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 25, 1897
Page 5
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7-753-T-; ICT; srepraifi OUR BY REGULAR CORRESPONDBPfTS, 1 If rv Creek. . Miss filsieJDowd, who boards at An- Stanley's, apsnt Saturday and with her parents, Mr. «nd Mrs, OrfconDowd, ' Mrs, Elmer LtsFevre .entertained a number 'of; her -lady friend! at her home last Thursday, The day's amuse- tnent constated of sewing carpet raga. ~ Will Lyn«h and MUs Bertha Harrison spent last Wednesday evening with Andrew Stanley and family. We were sorry to hear . of the accident which befei Mr, Louis Johnson' last week and hope nothing more fieri- ous will restolt. Th? people of thlB vicinity have been thek brains in trying to find to Whom ttooae rubbers belonged, which wewjMt.pMh«.wftj.' : to_thelfar{ "afters' instituteIniCoietslast Thursday iitight. ' •..':•'.... Will Harrison will, accompany Elam ixrubb with hie threshing outQt the •doming season. Mrs. Earl Gllbert,who has.been quite jflick with the grip, is very much Improved, The party, which was hold at Stan- toa Nance'a, last Wednesday night, wad .jtejOt very well attended on account of. *e Idclemenoy of the weather. The fragments of the wheels t pf some •demolished vehicle were found by ye •correspondent one day last.week, between the residence of, Will Tough and 'Coleta'. Hang on to the lines next ^ime'Herman. , , Oliver Delp is making his home with 4 Frank Grubb at "present. Lyndon. ' , The river in this- vicinity ia very : lt high. A few more inches would inun- •date the lowland between here and - .ProphetBtown. • ' Perry Rice, who has attended medical school at Iowa City, Ia,,. the past year, is home for bis summer vacation. ; William Milligan returned Saturday ' -evening from a business trip to Galea'"•burg. : ' ;'! v •.. .-.' ' , '._• . v.''' Jphn Rice, who worka for Frank -Hodges, near Denrock, spent Sunday • -with his parents at Lyndon. Mias Clara Holmes IB home from - Sterling, where ahe worked for the past • •winter. , ,'•-.'. ."•",'' ..... - --. ,:,•••-. ; ; v -; Mrs. Gusste Melvin and Mame Me- bevitt, of Sterling, were Lyndon call- lira last Thursday evening. . They were TErle callers next day.': - -v> ; • •'- ;• • - • • .• Milton Shaw '-_•-. and:.'_John.: Mannihg: " have rode the Masonic goat.;.. They are now Masons of the first degree. No matter how good a goat it is, one thing is certain: he ie very particular; who. _ridea himv:=— —.- •- •. — v —;~i=-~^±=——- 1 Mr. Booker has been hired by the Lyndon Creamery Company'to haul jmilk the coming summer,* •-.--•• Miflfl Nora McKerg, of Jowa, is expected home on a visiji this week, Oliver Ojborn shot a large wild goose one day last week. Claude Knlskern has been hired to work in the creamery this summer. . Bey. Bernreuter, of the Methodiat church, commenced two Sunday evenings ago on a series of Biblical lectures _ F" jgfeat deal of interest is being shown in ' ''' ' • " ' DO wing: to the Inclement weather, the 'Methodise League social, which, waa to meet at L. K,, Leatberman's home last Friday nigbr, was postponed, until ^Daesday evening of this week, A brakeman on a freight. train at '^Penrook, by the name of Collins, had the misfortune to have, a leg opt off last week.* :.. ••'.",•'.""'.;':' ''•'. ' " -, . ( \ The "Female Masonry, a la, etc." a ' fsfce cOtaeflf, which played .to a de. lighted audience at the opera bouse a short fime ago, .waa to have been re- last Saturday night; but', as the were so bad and the weather so (B&certaln, it was thought beat to post- 7 j>one it a week or two. v- • Tainpico, ; ; , , -. JMiaa MJnnie Riatow took the train wat Monday morning to Chicago, to study the sprlng^tylea and select her spring goods. She will be absent-about INro weeke, Miss Sylvia Remmlngton will attend^ to the business in her absence, ' ; < '•.'••' ".•'"• '..."•.'.',/ • '• •'.• yVe learned early last Monday Piorja* S$g of the dissolution of the late firm of ;Mttven & Heaton.- By mutual consent 'Mr, Heaton retiree. ' ; ! • H, E, Brown,"of Morrison, ie in ipleo looking up-the interests of "Young Settlery Mutual Benefit j," of Mprrlaop,'of which he ip Secretary. •-.'.. , ', u . * Deloa Craddoek, accompanied by bis Bother and Adalbert White, left last Wadaesday morning for Dundee. \ E. L. Wrotea was on the sick i.-**** a f«W dayi laat .week. p "Tbe IllinQls "Liver aud ^idnes" Co. \ TampiiJO for a &h<Ht Eews frosm ttie Fttzsiiawoas and sfcb fl^Ut was reoeiyeit bj fight. The loser was to wheel the winner around the town, In a wheelbarrow, with the stars and stripes floating. Of course. Jerry had to do the wheeling and Paice took the fide, ' John Turner started last Thursday f or Lostant, where he has engaged to work this summer. . Charles F. Gilford returned- last Thursday from Morrison, where he had been attending a meeting of the Board of Supervisors. Frank Scott, of Sterling, was in Tarn- pico a few days last week. He came to assist his brother Will move. Mrs, Maggie Scott and little daugh- ter.llenl, visited with Mrs. F, H. Richardson, for a few days last week. Miss Bertha Brown la staying with Mrs. Wrote n ijurlng her, Bioknesa. ± .Lii:: — MisirSftttf e" Sanders flT helping Mrs. D. F. Aldrlch In the millinery store for a short time. John W. Olson has sold his butcher steck and tools to J. J, Blitz. J. 8. KlmbalLsent a new wheel last Friday night to Mrs, Fregoe at West Point. Miss. ..''.. • John Baynor has gone to Stafford, Kas,, for a short visit. . J. T. Mason has sold his farm and will probably move to Galesburg, Mrs. I, M. Remmlngton IB in Sterling with her parents, Dr. and ' Mrs. Smith. • . Mr. Whistler, of Lanark, is visiting bis Bister, Mrs. H. A. Hoover. W. D. Foustis clerking again for H. C. Melvin.. : v . '•• Frank .Olson and Ed Landers have . At the caucus last; Saturday the following candidates were nominated for town offices: • ' i Town Clerk, John Daly. Assessor, J. E. Greeman. Collector, F. H. Seymour. Road Commissioner, M. H. Griffln. Justices, C. F. Gifford, .T..M.Reming- ton. Constables, William Greeman, C. 'R. Aldrich. ,„ . ' '.School Trustee, L. K. Brainard. . . Attendance large. : . . A. S. Brewer, T. M. Wyler and John Renner were chosen asj.arbitra- tors to settle and divide the property of the Cooney brothers of Hahneman. J. M. Remmlngton went to Sterling Saturday night to spend Sunday with the family of Dr. A. C. Smith. , W. 0. Stilson and Asa Glassburn went to Albany last Friday ^evening. ~- Oscar Teach7Harfy~Giffdrd."aird~the balance of the hunting party, who have been on Green river for the last two weeks, have returned. They report a good Jime Jn. selling goods at auction last Saturday to close out his stock so the building can be moved otitof the way of the new building soon to be erected in its place; Two car loads of lumber for. the new elevator were unloaded last week'. Will Scott is to move onto the J. T. Mason farm this week. . Bert Wheelock returned to hiB'aqhoot this morning on the train. The river being so high, he thought he could not cross with his horse* • March 22. Prophets town. Henry Kellogg returned from Aurora Thursday evening, / Will Pratt came over from} Denrock Saturday morning, y ci ' Mrs. Kate Richmond returned from the city Thursday. . ' B. A. Sturtevant, of Denrock, called on friends here Thursday, ••' : Miss Mayme Baldwin is expected home Wednesday evening. • ; Miss Sadie Gage spent Sunday at the domo of Bijrt Loomis. • . Misses Sadie Lamphere and. Bessie Martin, of Spring Hill, spent-Sunday at Mrs. Fred; Cole'aV '> V , Miss Grace Dickinson is spending the week In the country at Mrs, Mark ' Mrs. J. J. Snyder, who* has been via- iting Fulton, returned home Thprsduy morning. . School began Monday morning after being cloaed two week on faccpunt of Blqkneaal . .' '' .,.• "\\'. .'•.' \' Mies Mildred Reynolds' came down frptn Sterling Saturday evening to spend Sunday at borne. Mr. and Mrs. Edward. Delano, of Port Byron, spent Monday and, Tuep- day at Mark Stowell's.' Messrs, Bruce Perkins, and George Burchel, of Erie, were among ua one day laat week. - -'••'-'--The benefit eutertalnmeut)forCharles Bhorette will be given at Sholea' 'Hall, Wednesday evening, March 81," The Chalk Talk given by Harry Thomas, of Sterling, Tuesday evening In the M, E. church- was very- good. Misses Eftie and llosa Thompson, of Portland, Bpent Saturday and Sunday with Ml98 Jennie Mendal. , Mrs. A. B. Case and son,, Clarence, left Saturday for Buda, where ehe will visit her mother^n-law, Mra^C^as 1 , Jake Sohmied came' home Saturday uvsaiug to spaad Suuday at home, & worisiag in the depot at Erie. Tbe Y, W, C. T. IL will meet with oa K, (" Day, of Morrison, was in town Friday snd Satnrdsy with his gun, snii looked B8goD« nstwred as everi Mr, Fred Cole has been confined to the house this week on account of a very sore foot, caused by stepping on a nail. The river rose very rapidly hfere last week for some time. Last Saturday it rose seven inches between the hours of 1 and 5 in the afternoon. *Messrs. Nash and Garland went to Leland, 111., Thursday evening, where they_will open an auction store for B, Bogenthal, of Sterling. Last Friday evening some of our citizens were very much frightened at the way the clouds were forming and, by £the ' time the : storm reached here, many were in their cellars, 4 great many thought that the storm W9uld be the same as the one seven years ago. The W. F. M. S. had charge of the services at the M. E. church Sunday morning and the League in the even- Ing. The minister, Rev. R; L. Griffln, jsjaklng a- two weeks' ve»cati on-vielt- iog 7 nis r ~ Wife" and children at Albion, Mich. Mrs. GrlOln is taking care of her mother during a long sick spell. We are very sorry to state .thab Charles Shorette,who has been confined to the house all. winter with 'consumption, is failing quite rapidly. -We hope It will not, continue long, For about two months Charles had courage and thought he was nearly well,' but the disagreeable weather made a change. Gardenplain, Miss Susie Burghardt is visiting relatives in Morrison this week. Mr. Hodges, oP Rocbello, who ban been visiting in 'Gardenplain for two weaken went to Sterling Wednsflday to visit friends before returning to his home. , F. Startzman has been confined- to hi&home=wnh"a~8eTere~.cold: for~the past few days, Miss Stone, of Morrison, is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Stone this week. . Roy Startzman returned to his school duties Monday,after an absence of two weeks on account of sickness, -Mies Bertha. Murphy, who has been home on a yacation.returned to Spring Valley Saturday. Mies Be] Ie Eaton was absent from Bchbol Friday on account of -sickness. •Mr. and Mrs. William Thompson celebrated, their fifth wedding anniversary Monday. In honor of the occasion their many friends prepared a surprise for them. 'At 7:30 guests began to arrive, bringing lunch baskets loaded with good things to eat, The evening was spent in playing various games, music, etc. After the baskets was. emptied the party broke up, wish-, mpfelmhTvewariesi The sociable at Mr. and Mrs. Nice- wonger'o was not well attended, as the weather and roads would -not permit the-people_to_c.QmajaiiL ___ '.•..__. . > . • 'Mr. Martin went to Morriaon Friday evening, returning Monday morning.; -Mrs. D. George, Mr. and Mrs. StowelL and Miss Emma Sweet visited friends in Clinton Thursday. Coleta, Frank Courtrfghl arrived home from south of the Roaring Rock last Saturday, where he has been in quest of ducks, geeae and various other wild fowl, Jonathan Patch will not live in the house of Mrs. Adesea Harrow's, owing to other arrangements. , . (5"eorge Deete is In the field for the office of School Trustee; <} AB yet he has no opposition, Alfred Barnes' term expires. 1 : Last Monday 103 horses were required to haul the milk to Gilbert's cream- ery,BOuth of town. Some wagons were pulled by six horses and none less than four. Nine horses were required in some cases to pull the loads that two would pull over good roada.' : Miss Beattie, teacher of the Liberty school, has postponed the contest and entertainment from March 24 until April 7. 'The roads are in such a condition that few would Vve been pres- Excitement, ran high i a .Coleta' laat Wednesday «over the .reaultB of. the great prize fight. Harve Conaway was materially interested and was one of the heaviest losers. The election last Npyernber did'nQt'.oaqBe one half the interest that this peculiar contest" 1 did with some of the citizens of the'berg, • A detailed account of'the proceedings of the Farmers' Institute, appears in an»|he,r column of this issue. James Overholsec and John Frank* lather drove over to Hume last Wed- neaday to visit with relayvea, principally, and to bunt ducka, incidentally. B&ysthat he bad-more auccees in shooting blackbirds than anything elae. ','..*"'" ' • " ','' "•' The contest of the pupils of the eohoola of Genesoe, that waa to have taken place at Shannon's Hall Friday Bight, March 26, h'as been postponed until April 10, becaose of, the typical March weather and the roads that accompany it. f v David Slick ia an aspirant for the ofiice of Justice of the Peace, He has no opposition. Arrangemeuts have bt-eu made for a new sidewalk oa the past sWe of the street ia front of the residences belonging to J« C. Kiagabury, Mra. W.'JtL . susl Jofeu J.,eSu'»Jigi), It for would depart from the * i\]g,gti with more shins and less bruises. Next week the Free Press will be issued daily, BO as to'give B fall nnd complete account of the proceedings of the Tescherg' Association that will meat in MilledgeviUe that week. This will bs the first daily ever published in that village, and Mr. Cowan should be encouraged by a vast patronage: Misa Mabel Byere 1§ very ill of the measles. She is seriously ill, having caught a eevere cold. "Rdck Creek, west;; of here f IB -very high. Friday several bridges were carried away and a great amount of damage done. . • The mail has been very Irregular lately, on account of the almost Impassable roads. March 23. South Oenesee. Mrs. James Siddles and daughter, Dora, went to Steiling Saturday, called there by the Illness of the former's brother, Caleb Burgess. They returned home Sunday. Misses Louiae and Emma Mayberry, Sylvia Taylor and 'Frank Mayberry called at Orson Dowd's Kunday afternoon. Will Elliott was the'guest of Larkin Widk and family Sunday. Miss Dora Siddles and Henry Gerdes spent last Tuesday evening at the home of J. C. Taylor. , Mrs. George Mayberry called on Mrs. John Benthei, Sunday afternoon. J. 0. Taylor waa a Sterling visitor Tueaday and Wednesday of last week. The milk haulers are greatly haras* sed by the numerous washouts, The roads are in a pitiable condition and will funiuh plenty of exercise for our Town Commissioners. John K. Wick spent Sunday at J. C. Taylor's. _ ==A-numb<ir from our^vicinityHntond to take in the contest at Coleta Friday night, • .. ' Jordan. At this writing the worst storm of the year is raging. The roads were so nearly impassable- before this began tha^ve can but wonder what they will be a lew days hence. On last Tuesday James R. Anderson took a chill while in Sterling, and at night was terribly sick. Dr. McPherson was called the next day and pro- npuqced the trouble pneumonia, At this writing ho'ia doing as well as can be expected. ^ The exercises connected with the Neal Dow birthday celebration on Sunday at East Jordan church passed off yery.pleaaantly. MisBLlllle Allen. Superintendent of Flower Mission, came "with a buggy load, of choice plants,- "completely decora tllng-pulplt, stand and platform. ' Every pot .was ornamented with a bow of white ribbon. The decorations were indeed enjoyable to everyoner The exercises was good and had it not been for the almost impassable condition of the roads, the house would have been f ull.- On Friday the new bridge and abutments became restless, being stationed at so small a place as Sanfordvllie, and all started for Mew Orleans. At present they are resting a abort • distance from whence they started. Some times Buffalo Creek seems a very insignificant little stream not affording Water enough for the stock that feeds along its banks'; but it can riaeto-the requirements of any occasion on short notice, if the conditions are favorable. It can- hot be confined in a fifty foot span, to say nothing of one of only twenty feet. Unless the roads improve we shall probably know -as little about our neighbors as did RobinsonCruaoe about the world, save his own island. , March 23. . MHledgeville. 'Mrs. Albert Smith was visiting over Sunday with friends. " The preliminary contest for this school was held last Friday evening. The bard storm and bad roads kept many away and of the six judges selected, only two 'were present. 1'he winners of first place are entitled to compete In the county contest to be held here;next week. The judges gave th«i folio wing a warda: Orations, flr&t place, Mias Edna Spanogle; second, Charles Myers, Declamations, first, Mieu Ada Chambers; second, Miss Lizzie, Ackerman. Vocal soloa, first, Misa Maud Freas ; eecond, Mies Olive Allison. The pupils under twelve years of age as follows: Declamations, first, Hazel Eltemiller ; sec6nd,Zella Hunter. Vocal solos, first, Emeline Olmstead; second, Margery Smith. : The Holt boya that are wanted : here so badly are in Nebraska. Their trunks were kept here and the stolen goods identified aud the rest held on -an attachment. The Sheriff of their county jn Nebraska wae notified to make the ah eats, but he refused until the coats were forthcoming. The boya wrote back here to find why their trunks were not shipped. Our people concluded the officers there were "N. G." and have sent Jo Wood there to effect their capture. Jo left here Suuday evening via. Lanark. It was aaid that Jo did not have time at Lanark, but, ha stopped at the first station io Iowa au4 telegraphed the boya he was coming and they should be ready to eoroe back. Later we learned, he haa gotttn to »1| right, and. Monday it wia »jii«tea h? a corn-field. Som» Pxpr'^^fd *"onKt» A to the truthf ainess of Wit-pc, bat Jo cat? tell when he returns, If be so fortunate. The rains and high water last Friday nearly cut us off from our neighbors. No trains came from west or north of Savanna ontH Saturday noon. The road southeast of here, on the town line, across Elkhorn creek, was not passable until Monday, and the rest of the roads were but HttPe batter. Elk' horn, waa but little lower than the flood oi fourteen years agor Our people are preparing for the Teachers' County Normal Institute, to be held here next week. State Supt. Inglla will be here and lectures will be given each evening. Charlie Brown returned his tax books last week, as well cleared up as usual, in spite of the hard times. One of our farmer girls la rnourning over the non-appearance of a promised suitor from the East. Her friends are symathizlng and waiting. --• March 2&.---^~:^:^^:^^==^=^. West .Science Manuel Landls la hauling his corn fodder from hla former place of residence to the place where he IB now living. Frank W. Hoover returned from Shannon, where he went to attend the wedding of hla brother, Harry, at that place. , >'"• Mr. and Mra. N. J. Bush attended a wedding anniversary at Gene Blank's last week. They reached home in the wee hours of morning, ' ^ The Declamatory Contest^ which was poatponed on account of the bad weather, will be held some time in April. Exact date will be given latter. Mr. McKenzie and Mr. Baer gwere pleasant visitors at the school last week.-— —, - ..—- —. James Sanders and wife, of Sterling, spent Sunday at R. Millhouae's. Manuel Landis and family spent Sunday with Fred Hessling and family in Sterling.' Miss 'Mamie Reisher spent Sunday with her parents in Sterling, David M. Ebereole entertained at his home Sunday, Ephiram Ebersole and family, of Sterling. Miss Ella Ebersole is absent from school on account of a very bad cold. . Miss Lydla Swank spent Sunday with William Miller and family. Science Ridgre. Ezra LeFever IB cutting down the willows along the road, east of his residence. Mrs. Michael Ebersole Is on the aick .list. __ The__heavy shower. on_Friday^con-_ verted the Sugar creek into a roaring torrent. The road between the two bridges was all under water, making it almost Impassible for teams. Except places, very'little damage was done. The death list of 'rats on Samuel Nunemaker's, place is still increasing. Up to the present time he has killed. 100 of the rodents, Quite a number from this vicinity heard the address by Rev. Alexander Patterson in the Academy of Muaic last Sunday. Mr. and Mra. Abraham Burkhart entertained John H. Byera and family, of Sterling, on Sunday. Henry and Jacob Suavely each purchased a team of horses on Monday. Several of our young people contemplated to attend the Members' Night at the Y; M. C. A. rooms on Friday evening, but owing to the. Inclemency of the weather, they did not go. , The creamery receives about 15,000 pounds of milk every other day. The snow storm on Tueaday was the heaviest one we had this winter. The roads were so badly drifted some places that they had to be shoveled open. March 23. Harmon, The roads are almost Impassable. Last Saturday all of the cream haulers had to double team their loads, as It was impossible for a single team to draw them through the mud. In many- places there are washouts; culverts gone and the approaches to bridges in' many-places damaged. The heavy rain laat Friday did the work. Some places on the low lands the water surrounded the bouses. There are several parties here hunt- ingducks, geese and other game that may come in their way.' The guns can be heard at all hours in the day—late and early. • ' ' The Democrats met in caucus (last Saturday afternoon and. nominated their candidates for epring election. Business ia dull with the merchants aa there ia nothing moving at present. • A young lady, who waa stopping at James M. Swan's, gave a reading last Tueaday night at the Methodist church. She did well. Several of our people are affected with colds and jLbe grip. -.William Bqhwidt, who has been sick, is about again, lie looks pale and thin. Frank Parker keeps whacking away in his shop. Briil & Connor have taeea putting dowa a well for Edward Kerwla on hia place west of town. Mr. <isywr, of ltae& Fails, \vw ia <>ur A f'.iidof Hngh Wnrkhi.rr^ f -f ion, is TPry sf^ w uh Inna !*>?«?, When it ja mnrt'lp, th*y tsik bsrd roads: when it. bfoomgs dry, do not gsy anything about it, They talk now aboat rafting mcw*ef to grade the streets Jn Harmon. Ifc wonld be a good thing, bnt we few it will not be done right away., The movers are all settled down i& their respective places, where they will remain one year, at least. , March 23. W. C. T. IT, meets on Thursday ftfc Mrs. S. W. Halstead'a at 2:30 p. in, A goodly 'amount of praise la doe Mies Suaie Hoaton from tho people of Montmorency, for the excellent manner in which she wrote up the correspondence from this town for the past two Weeks, during the absence of the regular correspondent. • Mias Hattie Scott, who has been attending school in plxon during Jhe* _winter term, has returned to her home to etay. John Murray has sold eeveral good horses thia spring/ among them was & fine driving horae, which E. Burkholder, of Sterling, bought laat week, to ship to Pennsylvania, " The Elemdorf school has been closed for the past two w.eeks owing to the teacher, Mrs. Julia McGrath, having to be at the bedside of her Bister who ia ' dangerously ill. ' Mrs. Viola Wickens,went to Mendota laat Thursday and remained over Sunday vibiting her cousin, Mrs. Llzsia Finley. ' • - : Anton Ufkln sold a car load^of good steers laat week to Barnard Johnson, of Stones. He received 84.00 per hundred. There will be a free temperance led- tu y the churoh;next Saturday "even-r ™ Ing by Mr. Shaw. , Every one should attend. On Friday evening, Mardh 26, there will be a basket social at the MoWhor- , ter school house. -A,n entertainment will be given previous to the selling of the baskets. All are cordially invited, and ladies are requested to bring bao- keta. The patrons of the school should attend and help to make .this social a success, aa the proceeds are to be used for the benefit of the school. The regular election of Sunday , School officers qcfcura next Sunday; AU persons entitled to a vote should be present. . : ' / , ; ; , • Mrs. A. L. TituB, daughter, Grace, and son, Abram, returned Saturday evening from a two weeks' visit with. relatives and friends in Champaign county. , ... ,' v '.-""•.'-• .:•:•. Last Friday evening Mpntmorsncy church was comfortably filled with patrons and friends of th« schools of Montmorency, wh'o came to listen to the elocutlojaary_contest of schools of - - T tbeJtownBhip. The JSterling_SchooL.- Quartette furnished : excellent .music for the occasion, and several times ' were encored and responded with good- selections. "Poor Little Joe," was the first number on the program, and was given by Ethel Titus. Little Jessie ' Bush followed with "Little Grandma," and was dressed to represent grandma. She spoke her part well, and pleased everyone. "Smiting the Rock," was the selection given by EdwardiSturtz, of Stones. Gordon Woods was next on tbe program, with "A Boy'e Trouble." The next number waa "Asleep at the Switch," and waa rendered in a very pleasing manner by Mias Anna 'Mines. Minnie Marm came next and gave "The Dead Doll." Her ' delivery 'and gestures were both excellent.' "Trouble in the Amen Corner," was given by Miss Minnie Shields, George Lampke recited "The Dog and .the Lobster." ; The impersonation was fine and George BUO wed excellent trrining. Misa Mary Buell followed with the selection, "Jennie McNeil". • filer rendition was fine and every one was very much pleased with her manner throughout. James Heatoh was the last one on the program and gave "Jimmie Butler and the^Owi." Hitf delivery and* gestures were fine.and when it came td deciding, the judges had hard work to decide which should have first prize, ' James or Mary Buell/but finally decided in favor of Miss Buell, Jamea taking a close second. Minnie Marm was awarded first prize for the class under twelve years and EthelTitus se«- - ond. The judges were Prof. Wi B. Kirk, Miss Elizabeth Bush and MUa Ida Marron. The first prizes 'were "Scott's Poems" and "In Sunshine Land." Second prizes were f 'Tenny- aon'8 Poeme" and "Swiss. Family Robinson," The teachers are entitled to a great deal of credit for the impartial manner in which the contest waa conducted,- Everything was well done sad ' every one well pleased. A email sum was realized after all expenses -were paid and was divided among the yarl- , OUB Bchools. Mr. David Butt, candidate for Commissioner for Sterling tells me if ha is elected be effort to establish water troughs our highways, so that y.our horse oa a b,Qt the ttyubifc to ask some crusty at your heals, ^Lr. Jteit |a

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