The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 6, 1914 · Page 5
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 5

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 6, 1914
Page 5
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Minday Evening, July 6,1914. T H E D E C A T T J R R E V I E W PapFW* AS IT SMrnjt coout? NEVES? see NEU-IE BROWN ALTHOUGH SHE. APOES HIM s HE LOVES MAMIE S1MPKINS B.urr MAMIE .CN'T SEE HIM k5 - ' MAMIE WANTS HEN #· OK NOBOPX ANP HEN see BILL. VS/AKTS Netue AND SHE WONV "APMIT fCojuriltt. IMlhr tbe EviKtKO TCLZGXAIC Ofew York HcnM Comma) 1 ), in ffebte mamO.] T S ContesUts from Neighboring(Towns Arrive. Tennis iiyers from all over the state are Ipected to arrive in Decatur Monday efting to compete in the Central Ilhn Tennis Tournament which opens athe Country club Tuesday mornmg.The annual meeting of the ussociatii will be held at the Country club is evening at 8 o'clock, when the finafrawinss for the tournament will be Jde. Amon^he former cup winners who Are expted to compete in this year's tournanjt are Phil Miller of Decatur, ·who is^pected to hold the singles champifhlp: Wiley of Decatur; the Mannmbrothers of Morrtsonville, and John (Jlter of Bloomington, who is cona!d«i one of the best tennis players i n ^ e state Much interest has been #wn by local tennis players in the t f n f i m e n t and it is hoped that Decat w i l l be well represented. All»ose wishing to enter must hand tneir a m e s to Harry Halnes sometime toda: No word has been received fronJreen of Peoria as to whether he wllie entered In the tournament or not. PROGRESS OF PENNANT RACES THBEE-I "IT" TABLE. Club-- Won. Lost. Pet. Win. Davenport .... 40 2-1 .671 .tJTti. Peoria 43 SO .:Sl» ..M)S D«catur 4O £2 ..".St. .5ti_' Springfield .... 38 31 .SSI .557 D u b u q u c ;14 ^7 .471* -IS'l Quincy 31 41 .431 .43S Bloomington . . 2 6 4li .Sdl .370 Danville 2ti 46 .361 .3TJ Lose. .662 .551 .MS .543 .472 .425 .350 .350 GAMES ICEBOAT. Bloomington at Decatur. Davenport at Springfield. Quincy at Peoria. Dubuque at Danville. SVXDAY'S RESULTS. Sprlnrfleia. S-10-0; Davenport. 1-4-0. Bat- teries--Lieluelt and ilcNeeley, Hendrlx and dlmpson Dubuque. 4-7-1; Danville. 1-10-4. Batter- es--Carroll and Hammerscnmldt; Gumming and Erlorf Peoria. 3-7-2: CJulnoy. 0-2-1 Baterlee-- Alters ar.d Tei:e; Keuper and Gray. macher. former half back Tor the University of Minnesota, who Is now engaged as athletic coach In a military school at Boswell, N. M. Rademacher however, Is not huntins stars of big league magnitude, merely being- here on a short visit with his parents. Leg Fractured by Projecting Plank in Chute. Miss Inez Bristow Bride of Fred O. Gaddis. EN' MAJOR LEAGUES. Eecatur Ball Team Game, 7 to 1. Loses Thelarg" Decafir representation of railrod m»n who Saturday accom- panie the Railroaders ball team to Peru I n d , in Tder to celebrate the Fouih in fitting manner, have re- turrd and take-i up their places in locoiotnr, machine shop and round- houe. Th'-v report one of the biff- ges anr] most f n j o y a h l e celebrations eve held m th» Hooster city. ·Je D e r a i l . i - P c r u ball grime was one oflhe da'=. f e a t u r e s , the Peru Spe- cili winning from the Commercial lefue champs bv a srore of 7 to 1. Bjssen and Crjor wfre the Decatur bjterv The De^atur pitc^' s r held his oppn"n r s to seven hingrles while the Rliro.ifiers tapped Curtis for eight, but ttee costly error? co?i the locals the lo successful was the celebration tht It is planned to hold a Labor Day fettyzl in Peru, and the Decatur team isstaduled for a return game on that da-.e\ Fireworks in Evening Clos- Sane Celebration. Clton, July 6. -- Clinton had one of the tost sane Fourths which it has evel sxperienced. Xo casualty of any com juence marred the day's enjoy- roen There were displays of fire- wors'-n the evening and the afternoon was fi^en over to the racing association natlnee at the fair grounds. T following was the results of the ices: F/e-for-all-pace, best two horses In .ree half-mile heats. $30 purse -Mo-y won by Lottie Hal, Edna Law antStarved Rock. The first heat was 1:08-4. the second 1-043-4. ·j the race of the green trotters jni'ey wai won by Avery Axworthy, Eia Dillon. Big Mike and Ltnday nion. The three heats were made in J». 1:233-4 and 1:M. Avery Ax- «rthy being: the fastest trotter and ·kins first money. Free-for-nll trot belt two horses tn ire» half-mile heats, $30 purse -- Trlx- a Ann took first money, Hertell sec- nd and Fair 'Type third, with Lady Tpam-- Philadelphia Detroit Chicago ... V.'ash nston Boston St Ixnils .. New York . Cleve!ana .. Team-Chicago ... IndlanapoUs Baltimore . B u f f a l o Brooklyn .. Kansas City Pittsburgh St Louis .. Team-New York Chicago St Louis Cincinnati . Philadelphia. Broklyn .. Pittsburgh Boston GAMES MOXDAY. National, Brooklyn at Boston Philadelphia at New Tor!: American, Boston at Washington. New Tork at Philadelphia. Federal. Kansas City at Chicago. Plttsburg at B u f f a l o Baltimore at Brooklyn. MAJOR LEAGtE RESCLTS. American. St Louis, 6-15-3: Detroit. 5-S-l (14 In- nlnVb) Battme!--Hamilton and Agnew; Boahler, Hall ana Stanage Second Game-ft Louis, 2-3-0; Detroit. 0-7-2 Batteries-- ·Wellman and Asnew: Cavet and Baker. Chicago 6-10-2: Cleveland, "-o-l* Batteries--Walsh. Faber and Schalk. Hagerman and O'Neill. Open date for other club* National. Cincinnati 7-9-0: St Louts, fi-Vl BattT- ief-Bent5n and. Clark. Bobinson, Steele, ^CMcalo 11 5-1*2-"' Plttsbu'gh, 4-S-2 flOln- nings) Batteries--Humphries. Plerc*. Smith and; Bresnahan: Harmon. O'Toole and Glb- S °Open date for other clubs Federal. =;t Louis 6-10-3; Indianapolis. S-12-3. Bit- teriesi.Keupper and C h a p m a n : FalVtenberg. B! c"lca S o n 2-7-lfKan,., Cltv, !-,-« Bat- teries--Hendrlx and Block. Cullop and East- )rjen date for other clubs U-LJ-U-U- Mac finishing- fourth. Time of heats. 1:12. 1:111-2 and 1.131-4. Boad race, best two horses in three half mile-heats, $15 purse--The horse owned and driven by Cisco took first money; time. 1:271-2. The horse driven by Alsup finished second. There were six entries In the road race. In the running race the horse owned by Scott took first money, with the Arlington horse finishing second. FOOT RACES There were also a fifty and a 100- yard flash of some of Clinton's athletes for which a small purse had been offered. Charles Owens won the fifty and Ed Ellis the ^00-yard dash. ARGENTA~DEFEATS NIANTIC, II TO 7 Argenta, July 6 -- Arsenta defeated Niantic Sunday by a score of 11 to 7. Score by innings: Niantlo 1 0 4 0 1 0 0 1 8 Argenta 3 0 3 0 4 0 0 1 ' Batteries for Nlantio were H. Scott and Hennebry and Hale and Troxell for Argenta. SCOUTS slifouR COMMIES PLAY Danville Press-Democrat --- Athletic notables of con«ider»W6 prominence wltnetled Saturday's double clash with Decatur. "Among those present" were Hugh Duffy, now scouting for the Sox; Chic Fraser, Pirate ivory hunter; Eddie Smith, who is training his lamps on Three-I stars in the Interest of a couple of big- ring clubs and Joe Rade- Sullivan, July 6.--Edward Butler, son of Dr. S. T. Butler and wife, met with a pa'nfui accident Saturday eve- | ring at Piter's park, when he left leg was lacerated while sliding down a chute into the lake. Butler and other boys were sliding down the chute on their stomachs with Butler in the hiad, and the other two boye holding ! on. when Butler struck his left leg on a piece of wood projecting along the side of the chute. It tore a hole In his leg over two Inches wide and eight or ten inches long and as deep a s the muscles of the leg. The muscle was also lacerated. After striking this projecting part of the chute which was a part of the support, he went Into about eight feet of water, but by the time hts brother. Charles, and Harold Day got to him he was at the bank. Pulling him out of the water, they rushed him to a tent and took off his bathing suit and wrapped a sheet around him. Dr. Scarborough who happened to. be at the park, came to their assist- j ance and they put him in a car and I rushed him to the doctor's office, where the wound was dressed, Dr. J. F. Li,wson assisting. Butler was later taken to his home on a cot. Twenty- eight stitches had to be taken in the wound. The accident happened about S o'clock in the evening and they had him her« in the city about 5:30. Edward and his twin brother, Donald, had been at the park all day playlnK tennis and in other sports which took place at the park, and were finishing their day's sport by taking a swim. P1FER BLAMED. The accident nearly broke up the crowd for the day, as a number oC people went home at once. Mr. Pifer. owner of the park, is blamed for the accident on account of leaving the brace projecting along the slt3e of the chute, so that It was dangerous to persona sliding down into the water. A boy from A r t h u r who was sliding down earlier in the day tore his bathing suit off on this same projecting part and was afraid to try it any more. Butler did not rest extra well Saturday night and Sunday morning the | attending physician administered an- tl-toxlne as a preventative from blood poisoning setting in. He did not rest well again Sunday night but Monday morning his fever had gone down. GUARDS TO LEARN OF ACTUAL WARFARE Sparta, "Wis., July 6,--Problems intended to better their acquaintance with conditions of actual warfarp will b« given the National Guardsmen of Minnesota and South Dakota who encamped here for joint maneuvers with a detachment of federal troops, nndT th« direction of regular army officers. Careful of Hit Reputation. American Officer--Why did you leave Mexico Mexican Refugee--I didn't want to he Villafied. DEVELOPING- lOc A roll, any size. Eastman chemicals, Eastman papers; best quality, best workmanship. It costs no more. Try us. Haines Essick 217 N. Water. Both Phones 1256. Sullivan, July 6.--Circuit Clerk Fred O. Gaddis and Miss Inez Erlstow surprised their many friends Sunday morning by going to the home of Rev. W, B. Hopper, pastor of the Christian church, about 8 o'clock Sunday morning and getting married. The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Gaddis of this city and Is a grad- u a t e of the Sullivan high school and is claimed to be the youngest circuit clerk In the state of Illinois. The bride Is the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Bristow of West Jefferson street of t h i s city and Is also a graduate of the Sullivan high school. She Is a stenographer and has been employed for the past few years by I. J. Martin In his abstract office but has done most of her work in the office of the circuit clerk where she and Mr. Gaddis became acquainted Neither had ever before kept company with one of the opposite sex when they became sweethearts. The groom is well known all over the county as he made the race for the n o m i n a t i o n of county superintendent of schools of Moultrie county before making the race for circuit clerk. After the wedding Sunday morning which took place In the presence of Ben Cochran, friend of the groom, and Miss Hettie Bristow, sister of the bride, the couple left In the car and caught the train at some other town for Starved Rock, 111., where they will spend a week and then go onto Chicago for a short time before returning home, Af- t_r r e t u r n i n g home they will board for a while before going to housekeeping. M A N Y ON STREETS SATURDAY. A large crowd of people attended the celebration at Pifer's park Saturday, but most of them were country people. People here In the city remained at home most of the day, a number of them Eoing out to the park, hut not many. In the evening a large crowd was on the streets taking In the moving picture shows and watching what fire works were shot off here In the city. Some of the merchants when asked If It -was a dead Saturday said that they had done a good business and seemed surprised t h a t so many people were in the city when thpre was no celebration here. At the Mnponie home t h o evening oC the Fourth, the S u l l h a n Concert band gave a concert and a display of fireworks waa shot off. A n u m b e r of people went out to the home to see this. It was really a quiet Fourth hpre in the city and only minor accidents happened. CHILD BITTEN BT DOG. Margaret Barber, little daughter of Mr. and.Mrs. Harry K. Barber, was severely bitten about the left eye Saturday while at Pifer's park. A large bull dog bit her and then got away before any one had a chance to kill it or even get a good look at it so that they could have it killed. Mr. and lira. Melvln Fultz and little daughter, and Miss Caroline Armstrong of Hillsboro, spent Sunday here with the formar's brother, Bert Fultz, and Mrs. Fultz's sister, Mrs. Joseph B. Michaels. Mr. and Mrs. Almond Nicholson spent Sunday In FIndlay with the former's brother. UNION SERVICES. The first union meeting of the different churches of the city was held at the Christian church Sunday evening. Rev. J. F. Wohlfarth, pastor of the Methodist church, was in the pulpit. The services were attended by a large audience in spite of the warm evening. On next Sunday evening the union services will be held at the Presbyterian church and Rev. "v7. B. Hopper, of the Christian church will fill the pulpit. These services will continue through the months of July ana August. GOES TO INDIANA TOWN. Harold Day, son of Rev. TV. H. Day and wife, who recently graduated from a dental school In Indianapolis, Ind., and who received his state license for the state of Indiana on last Thursday lett today for Vicknell, Ind., where he has decided to locate. Vicknell Is a city of over 7,000 people and should be a good location. It is fifteen miles from Vincennes, Ind , where one of his brothers is located as a dentist. Opha Tichener of St. Louis, Mo., spent Sunday here with his mother, Mrs. Amanda Tichener. Mr. Tichener was formerly a business man in this city but has bten away from here for a number of years. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Iane of Atwood, spent the Fourth here with the latter'B parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Covey, go- Ing from here to Windsor Saturday evening to spend Sunday with relatives of Mr. Lane. Mr. and Mrs. Alva Jones and daughter, of Tuscola. spent Sunday here with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Amos Jones. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jennings of Decatur, spent the Fourth he.-e with the former's brother. Attorney John B. Jennings and family. Rev. w. B Hopper was a Decatur visitor Monday. Mrs. E. J. Enslow and two daughters returned to their home in Pontlac Monday morning after several days' visit here with friends. Miss Neoma Poland was a Decatur visitor Monday Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Watson and daughter returned to t h e i r home in Decatur Monday morning after e. visit here with Mrs. Watson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John R. McClure. Claude C. Harris returned to his home In Decatur Monday morning after a visit here w i t h his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mat Harris. His wife and three children remained for a longer visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Mc- Ilwaln. Mrs. 'W. H. Shurburn wont to Clinton Monday morning for a visit with relatives. Mrs. Armstrong of Clinton, who has been visiting her father, W. H. Shurburn, returned home at the same time. SPECIAL FOR 30 DAYS Have you tiled without success to get a plate to stay in position? These plates cannot drop out, but stick tight to place. Can bite anything with them. FOR 30 DAYS AT HALF PEIOE Our Prices Gold Crowns, extra heavy.. -.-.-.-...-. TO .$4.00 Plates T..- ·..-. .-· «.; $5.00 and up Painless Extraction T PE 25c MASON DENTISTS Phone 616. Cor. Main and Water. N. Y. SOCIALISTS OPEN CAMPAIGN Rochester, N. T., July 6.--The socialist party last night at its state convention, endorsed a platform beginning with a preamble setting forth that the party enters the campaign of 1914 as the sole political representative of the working class. The platfoim includes the following: An eight hour day with a gradual shortening In keeping with, the increased productiveness of roodtrn machinery and a period of rest of on* and a half days each week; prohibition nl child labor under 16 years of age; pr^- tsctlon of safety and health of worker*; state insurance asainst uneroplov- ment; prohibition of employment of women within three months of confinement, but full reimbursement of euch women and pensions to dependent mothers with children tinder 18 y«»rs Summer's too hot to worry over money matters. If y° u have a 5ma11 debt that is «r°wi in * y ou « let ns at tend to it. We will loan you on your piano, furniture. f ^ f l f l f team, wagons, etc.. without removal, making your pay- V»V/Vrlj ments any size to suit your income, either weekly or monthly. If you owe any other loan firm or furniture store, we will advance you the money to pay them and give you more money it needed. YOUR VACATION TIME is here and perhaps you will need money for « trip. If so call and see us. Remember, we give a liberal rebate on all loans paid before due. We make loans in all parts of the city » "· and all surrounding towns. Mail or phone applications receive prompt attention. Rooms 7-8 Conklln Bldg. 144 N. Main St. Bell Phone 2041. Auto 1595. Open Saturday Evenings. iLOAN COMPANY LADIES THINK of the convenience and comfort of an electric iron these hot days--no heat from the stove, no changing irons, You can iron 60 minutes out of each hour with an electric iron, We have General Electric, Westinghouse and Hot Point irons, $3.00 Each Decatur Railway Light Co. 114 East William. BeU Phone 1. Auto 1167.

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