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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Sunday, June 5, 1859
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THE L "~" W JL ILWAtJKEE NEWS. TOLUME XL SONDAY { MORNING, JUNE 5, 1859. M Ml'.KK -jr; THE DM1.Y NEWS. FOBLUHXD BT ' EIN & LATHliOP. i K. aHAETSrm .....JOSXPn LATBSOK XI«-F BT1 IMO>OS«ASO«I 6TKITI, *U& VUKU BOBS* i'ntly l"aj>er, patliished every morning, except Monday, Ti.-Wctkly Paper, Monday, Wednesday and frtduy A epkly Pa'pcr, every Tuesday morning. TERMS OK DAILY PAl'EB. •"•ally Paper far <m« yesr,"payable in advance TKRM60P TKI-WERKLT PAPKE. Tri-Weckly Paper lor onc»-car,payabIelnadTance.»8,50 • TEKMS ?>F TffE "WEEKLY PAPER. W*tk!y Paper Tor one year, payable (n advance.. .»l,flO ttATCSOFAJfVr.RTlSlNC IS DAILY T&c lines,or leas, of Honpareil mnkOB square. 1 square, 1 month..-I 6,00 1 square, 1 Cay $1,00 1 do. Sdaya 1> 1 An. 3 dap 2,00 < Jo. 4day* .... 2,60 I do. Sda,-t 8,00 1 do. 1 Weei. 8,50 1 do. Vveci-i 4,00 1 do. Sw-ks B,00 rto. do. dn. do. do. B months.. 10,00 Smonttti.. 12,00 4 months.. 15,00 6 months.. 16,00 9 months... 20,00 1 year— 80,00 K o n n «l»i »v Langrtfon, AGENTS, 1 AS Kandolpla Street) are mtOiorized to rt- ceive AdveiUsfinentt for thit anS all Out itading f'apert of tht KtHthwext, and art tht OHLT and «• i:L08iru.r avtlwriztlt Afffntt in Oif Northwest for a majority qf them. m ar4 IN TOWN AND OUT OP IT. M. N POMEB.O1-, EDITOB. M<-ivoroiO|rical Itccord, for June «, '88 kept by 0. U. GARDINER i CO., DrugfTlsU, 18 Spring street. s « n. 44 -- h ! r. u. 6 r. « TUB DSTHOIT ^ R —The sir. City of Cleveland took on board a thousand barrels of flour yesterday, for Grand Hay on, to go through to New • tfork by railroad. Tfaig is the first shipment of flonr sent from this oily by tliis route, and goes through at forty- fire cents per barrel—being .the same that the propellers now charge. This new route is eminently entitled to n good share of public patronage, and the efforts which are put forth in its behalf abuncantly testify that it is both able-and willing to win 'its way to public esteem. Quite a large number of immigrants were brought over yesterday. This i* just the route forthut class of peopl« seeking homes in th« bosom of our State, or in Minnesota, as Milwaukee Is by all odds a better landing point for them than Chicago. PAINFUL ACCIDENT.—James Gabrielsoii, a sailor on board the schooner Driver, was severely injured by some mishap with the vessel's canter-board, a THW days SIHCH at Muske gon. His right sidu was torn open, and one of the ribs broktm. He is now at this port, in a very critical situation The physician, bow- ever, thinks he may recover. COMMERCIAL. OEO. GODPREY, EDITOR W K E K L, Y KB V I W To DATS PAPKB —On thi> first page will be ' °' H ' Wald "' found local, iniseelancous. telegraphic and O8e ^ . . Jason Downer commercial news. ' II Daniel Wwbster'e npi>>-ob on the Fugitive Slave Law. IV Rev. J . C Richrnnud'a contributions. German service and sermon at 3 I -2 p. on Sunday RICHMCWD, Rector. ACCEPTED—The communication of 0. G. L. will appear in our nert. It was received too late for this issue. MADE INSANE.—Mrs. Littlefield, of Wells, Me,., the mother of the alleged seducer at North Adams. Mass., has gone crarr in consequence of her sou's conduct. — -—-_». SEVENTH WARD JUSTICE or TBI PEACE.— The call on Mr. Bishop to become a candidate for Justice of the Peace, in the 7th ward, will be fonndin this morning's paper, li will be seen that th* call is signed by the leading members of th* bar, and we presume thai Mr B. is well qualified for the office. TH« DBTEOIT AKD MILWAUKEE STEAM EBS —The steamboats building at Bid well & Mason's yard, at Buffalo, for the Detroit and Milwaukee Railway, are f&st progressing toward completion. The " Milwaukee '' waa launched Friday, in presence ofa large assembly of spectators Everything passed off pleasantly. The " Detroit " has nearly all of her machinery in her. She will be, ready to take her position in the line sometime next month. A Call. .MlLWAUKKE, June 2, 1859 SAMUEL BISHOP, ESQ.— Dear Sir : —The undersigned request the use of your uaina for the office of Justice of the Peace for the 7ch Ward, which will tw vacant on the llth inst. bv the resignation of Albert Smith, E-q.. to take effect on thni day: James S Broiru, A Finch. Jr., J. C. Starkweather, Arthur McArthnr, And flftT-fonr others. AK ACCOMMODATING WIFE.—In Augusta, Ga., a man in a state of intoxication told his wife be intended to kill himself. She seconded tbe proposition, and aiQed him in getting a rope over a beam in tbe house, and in getting it around his neck. She then knocked tbe chair from cinder him, and be fell, breaking bis neck. His wife immediately ran away, and has not been apprehended THE " LITTE GIAKT " AND THE Bio GUN- TE8«.—On board the steamer Messenger, which reached Memphis a few days since, were Bon. Stephen A. Douglas, the distinguished Illinois Senator, and the celebrated Scotch giantess, who, we believe, is over seven feet in bight, and one of the tallest women in tbe world Tbe contrast between the two, as they moved about tbe boat, is said to have J>een quite remarkable. CORRECTION.—The Sentinel of yesterday has an article signed by E. F. Herzberg, a member of Washington Artillery. The only answer is, Berninger and twenty-seven others resigned on the 23d of May, and was (as said Herzberg says) expelled on the 2d of June. No expellation after resignation. Herrberg is still Lieutenant of so called Washington Artillery Co No. 1, and belongs to the suite of Albert Bade. Colonel, &.C., and might have tbe same principles of right or not right.— About tbe charge of $5,00 b_T the J^ewi, he might have been settled at lest per cent. That is all. H. F. BERNINGER. MILITAKT.—Mr. Herzberg, in a postscript to a communication published in the Sentinel yesterday morning, says : "Tbe above communication was intended for the JOun, but as that paper refused to publish it, abort of a payment of five dollar i, it ig sent to tbe Sentittel." We refused to publish tbe communication to which Mr H proposed to reply in our columns, •'short of a payment of fiat dollars" and got tt, too—a fact which Mr. H. omits to mention, although advised ol it when in our office The qnairel t between the members of that military oornj^.i^ ,.r , i-, in which neither the public, nor ourselves, have any interest, and if canned on through our columns roust be paid for. Wisoossiu BUTTEB FOB NEW ToBK —We are informed that several lots of butter have been brought from the interior of the State within a few days, and shipped direct to New York, where 4t is highly esteemed. A small lot came in on Thursday from Waupnn, on its way to grace the tables of the Gotbamites.— The fact is, Wisconsin can produce as good butter as any other place In tbe United States. Our cows are of the right sort ; our grass ie good and sweet, enabling them to give tbe best of milk; our women folks know what they are about, and we have as many patent churns as yon can shake a stick at—and what does distance amount to now-a-days with so many railroads and such cheap rates ? Then why should not the New Yorkers discard the filthy stump-tailed batter of the distillers, and obey the Scriptural injunction to " eat that which is good, and let their souls delight in fatness ?" How IB IT.—Can any of our Chicago papers inform us why, if it is true, that Milwaukee and other Wisconsin cities, pay more for all kinds of grain than is paid in Chicago? If this be tbe fact, soon .the whole of this section of Illinois must change its points of marketing. The Racine & Mississippi Railroad will be completed to this city by the 1st of September, and this will open a new and nearer mar ketfor all_ the produce of the surrounding country ; and unless Chicago bids up for oar grain and.other jtroduots, she will lose all the trade that she gets from this section of country, whidi JsHot very small, ag thaticity will .find. We can seprao reason why Chicago dealers cannot pay as much for produce of every : description as it paid by the- deafen in the sanw article in Milwaukee and other d ties.— "''' GENTLEMEN :— Yonr generous call, requesting the use of my name for the office o( Justice of the Peace for the 7th ward, is beforr me. An election to the office would be verj- gratifying to m Allow me in reply, to thank yon for your kind suggestion, while 1 remain, Yours, &0., SAMUEL BISHOP. To 0. H. Waldo, Jason Downer, James S. Brown, Arthur MoArthnr, and others. THE MILWAPKBE LIGHT GUARD.—The Detroit Free Preti says the Milwaukee Light Guard will arrive there on their eastern trip nert Tuesday morning. They will number about fifty muskets, and will be accompanied by the Governor of Wisconsin and his suite, tbe Adjutant General. Quartermaster General, and other military officials of the state, and tbe Mayor and Common Council of Milwaukee. They will arrive in the morriinp train. and will be received by the Detroit Light Guard, who will entertain them on behalf of tbe citizens. Tbe Mayor and Common Council of Detroit »H1 join in the reception There will be a grand dinner at the Mussel House in the aftemoon,and a full dress ball in the aveniug- The vi?itorc will remain over night, and depart the n^xt morning at abont noon. The dignitaries who accompany them will go no farther east than Detroit but will return after participating in the festivities. Them will be a grand time of it without doubt, as a large sum cf money has been raised for the purpose, by the citizens of Detroit, which will be spent liberally. Milwaukeeans will have no cause to complain of Detroit hospitality. ELOPEMENT.—A w«ll known citizen of Seymour, Conn., has ran away with the wife of David Betts, Postmaster of that place. Ransom Tomlinson, late proprietor of ILC H^im- pbrey House, ie the name of the man. He is over fifty years of age, is married and has a family. Mrs Betts ie thirty-six, and has a daughter aged fifteen. The intimacy of the parties has been the "town talk'' for some time. It is supposed the pair have gone to California. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. NOTICE. T HE regular monthly meeting of the St. George 'i Society, will be held at 8 o'rlock, Jane 6th, at Mr. Brook'• Studio. A general attendance li req ie*ted. jeS OlO. BOUTKWELE, 6eu., Bec'j. NOTIOK. I 8 hereby given that 0. C. Mnrray na» withdrawn from JL the firm ol Hurra;, Prior t • o., ln.vln£ >old all bn right and Intereftt ID said firm to Wl Ham M. Klmb&ll. O. C. MOERAT Execution. Th. business will hereafter be conducted under the •trie of Prior, Harblck A Co., who wiilaettle all accoun'l of Murray, Prior A Co A- P PE1OR, J.P. HMiBlOK, Je6 WM. M. KIMBALL. 525J MIEKIFF'.S SALE. (IN'ewa STATE Or WISCONSIN, I OlrcnltConrt.MllwaukeeOoooty. f The Globe Bank,) against Daniel H. Richards, Garret Vliet, Jasper Vliet and | John B. Smith. j iif n Jfj the above entitled action, to me directed and delivered against the personal and real property of Uic above named defei daaU, 1 have seized and levied oo the following real estate, K Ing and being In the C .ty of Milwaukee, Oonnty of Milwaukee and Slate of Wisconsin, to wit: "Situate In the north east quarter of section 17, tow a 7, range 22, beginning at the Booth east corner of said quarter section; running along the east line of said quarter section north to a point 6M chains aouth of the north east corner of said quarter section, being the south east comer of land conveyed by Bald Richards to one Christopher Scloepf; thence with south Line of said land conveyed to Schloepf west to a point 8(0 'feet east of middle of Green Bay road; thence sooth 100 feet; thence reel 860 feet to middle of Green Bay road; thence along tbe middle of said road south to the south tine of said quarter section; thence west along said south 1U e of said quarter lection to beginning, containing about 84 acres, being on the east side of the Green Bay road. Also the following real estate el tote in the said north east quarter of section 17, town 7, range 22, beginning at north east corner of said quarter section; thence west with north line of said quarter section 25.24 chains to middle of Green Bay road; thence south along middle of said road 4:86 chains to north west corner of land conveyed by Daniel U. Richards to Chrtstoph fichloepf; thence west along north line of nald land to east Un* of said quarter lection 26.24 chains; thence north 4 86 chains to beginning, being abont 1* acres, and all the right, title and Interest of the said defendant or cither of them In and to the said premises r- iand appurtenances on the tenth day of October, 1*67, or since acquired thereto." Which said property as aforesaid, 1 shall expose for sale and sell at Public Auction, at the Post-Office, In the City of Milwaukee, on Saturday* lUc 14lb day of IHay> 185°, at the hour of 2 r. K., of that day, to satisfy laid execution, together with expenses of •ale. IHted Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, March 28,1869. »I»OH«S, LTIOB i Mnxra, I " " Pl'Bs Att'ys. f tnarM-Uwtw . takf The above sale tsfaertny postpone* to Saturday, toe SSto day of May, 1B5». mt the same place and time ol day. . ^ Dated Sheriff's MBoe, Milwaukee, May 14,1859. A. J.LA.NU WORTHY, maylB Bh'ff. MIL Co Wls |3BrTheaboveaale Is hereby further postp'oned'to Saturday, the 4th day of June, 18B», at the same nuUe and time of day. f i place Dated Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, May 29,165» A. J. LANOWoRTHV, _ . , ,. Sheriff Mil. Co., Wii. _ The above sals Is hereby farther postponed f> Saturday, tbe llth day of June, 1858, at tbe same place and time of day.,.-..-.- , . ... Dated feberUTs Office, lillwauke*, June 4/1859. i : •„• •. • .; • • A.J.i.ASawOETHlV jeS Sheriff &U1. Co., Wia. Sn'tMll.Oo., Wla., r WOULD call the attention of families to my selections o: ... lam daily receiving by Express, choice JoU of Butter from the best Dairies In the State, which for quality and flavor Js tmsurpaaaed, f rices always (o -co mi- pond with Uw •'market rates," aind quality warranted. Orders solicited and aent to all plufe of the .city free. .JTOHNW.LEDVAED, :• ,-.-.-,>:: <<}roeer«a.d Wine ftealer, - • I ot.»» Maantaotare'e price. OSJP10K OFT11K DAILY NEWB. S1i)ir»ak-ec. June 4,1869. &oney matters during ^the. week bavo prevented n remarkable features. Exchange has been firm at S per cent, and somewhat scarce; so ne of the banks hav been ID favorjof a reduction of the rstes, bat a major ty decide that it woud be Imp o!lt*o In view of the pres enl scarcity. At least two conferences hate bem hi by the Rankers vlth a view of settling on some lowe rates, but It wat d«cid ed at both to make no change a present. Currency, In the absence e-f any large i*e mand hw ibeen comparittvely easy, but tbe supply ha by no means been snUelent to have me any sudd calls for large qaantttles. Th« banka hare been do\ business pretty generally in home currency. Freights -The carrying busiuen hai not advanced In prlc: during the week, although holders uf vessels are more firm latter y In the!- refusal to lake lov rates some preferring that their reasels should be Idle to be- ng engaged at the present low prices, while olhors pur chsse cargoe 1 ) an>l ship thei< oo their own account. On Uoodaj- the Prop. Wisconsin cleared with 1,600 bbls o lour for Ocnensburtr. On Tuesday tbe IV J. Whsllng cletred for Bud ilo with U,425bui wheat at 3J4c. The Pro)'. took 1,000 bbls lor New York at 45c U rough. TUP shipments for the day amonntlng to 25, 673 bus wheat; 1,600 bbls flour and 15,000 bus oats.— Oa Wednesday the Schr. Dewitt was cliartered for 1c for t Cape Vinrent Th» Tartar ate Kiugs'on. The P^-r«i ! i ...... ^ -Jiarme« al 6c. The Bcmig for ihr same place al d>j. On Friday the Strnr Olen-lauil ^took oa 1,000 bbls of flour to be shipped through by the Detro t A- Mil R, R., thence by rat 1 to Net York at 4ic. There have been tbe rates for the past week or more. irlth a rather upward tendency. — 1 he 81 hooDcr Slepht-m was chartered on Saturday at 3)i c trith wheat to BuHtln. Thie shipments of fluur and grain the waek are I at foll-fm: _5,741 flour; 116,708 bnl wb at; SS,»4S { ilo onto; 60tl do corn. The aggregate reocl^ts by ^Aallroadfi were 9 635 bb s flour; 88,480 bus wheat, . 1,OB» do oita; 5,160 do com, 77fi do barley. The amounu of flour and grain In store at the various wsrehouited In tlie city, on the 1st June, va» aa fol- ln«s 42,018 -bbli flour; 28S3H9 bus whea-; S9,i2S do onl>, a.'Jufl du corn; 8,000 ilo barter. TYj.i »ufmruu-d b.> the rrrelptaof tbe week, and th-* wKole liiroinishcd by the bl.lpmenls leaves ait t' e Amount on hand 8H^12 bhl> Dour; 226.0S5 bm wl,e»'. I'.'.aeo dc. oats; 8,764 do corn; 8,778 <!o barley. Bre&dhtutffi. — The taitrkrts have be« r . generally dall and quiet dutinp the week vitli a ileclinlDf teodrncy. Fjour has been ex'reuely dull, no ,«les occuriog until N^ edoesday when wr noted a sm&ll lot of l&O bhls of 'Uperflor at fi.Tfi, &prlnf( extra* bein? held at 6,74^t 7,00 Or. Tlmr "H; a smill <ale ol . aledonla Creek aprlog ex ra at 6,10. On Friday •*) bbu ^ooU country b-anl al 6.60 The quoted p-lce waj 6,£K%6^0 for sprlr g ex'ra. Xo other brand! belni; offered. Oi) S%lurd&y tvo atcall sales occurred a> foil, wa — M bt>L- S|>nng extra at 6,00, B2 do d ; at 6 25. Wheat hat been the principal commo.Jity trafficked In du rko£ tlje week; prices at the opealug stood at 1,15^1,16 for No. 1 in store, which waj tbe sami- aa a the close ofthewet-k previous. The sales on Monday were af follows ISO bu. eltra No 1, 1,80; 800 do extra do 1,25; 1,000 do No 1 ID store 1.15; 2,000 do at 1,16, 6,000 do do f. o. b. l.SO, 260 do UDin«(>e<-leJ 1.1JS. On Tuesday the pricea were a little better. Hales being aa follows 1 600 bus rxtra No. 1 I. o. l> , at 1,80; 600 do ex train store at 1,33. 1,32" 10 do at 1.8S. 60u ,lo do at 1,40; 1,650 do extra No 1 »t 1.28; 70" do No. 1 at 1 JO: 8,0.10 do extra No. I f. o b . at 1,3! i, . On Wttdr.esday the Disj-ltew were very Inactive aod the pricea were unchanged. 8alea of wheat were- — ISOhua extra at 1.84; 800 do No 1 al 1.29; 7 60 do extra al 1,10, 1,«»0 do extra al 1,S,V 1,000 ilr No. 'i In store at 1,05, 2.-5dueilr« N „ 1 kt 1,30, V 0 ! w«> held nrm al 1,20. On Thu-Baay wbe.t wm at ihe.close, owing to unfavorable riewa from the east. TLf »iUes autouotlng to over 6,(KO bus ha lollua-a 220 bus extra ID Blore at 1,83, 700 do No 1 ,i, H' 1 'M. 1,800 do extra for m.l in); at 1 40; 100 do N.I. 1 do >!• al 1,87 S ; l,"^* do No 1 f. o. b.. 1,W>4, 1,000 do Ka. i .n aturr, \afl^r at ,:.. era news) at 1,17. On Friday there was H »ti' further decline wt-h *&lea of wheat abont the same as before. 0,260 t>oa changing hands as follows : 63o baa N». In store al 1,16; 2,400 do ai US, 2 220 Jo at 1,14. On Satcrday holders wert- more wilacig U) optiratr at tba fl£ur*a of tlie day prerioits, anti ipatlng a further decline whlcb to<jk place at the close, when No.l came down tol.H In storr. The market (Ins^d dull and de prtssed, the New York market.' belnf Inwer The sales of the day amounted to 9 830 bus u lollori . 2^>w bus So. 1 In more al l.lfj, ^ do No. 1 do al 1,16; TOO ilo No. 1 In store at 1,14; 7"0 do do at 1,12; 150 do Nu i at 1,00; 10 no wh)t« winter at 1,56; a further decline anticipated. QuotHllona at tht close are as follows 1 . Flour- 6,00(2,6,f 5 for common brands of spring extra. Wheat— No. !. pnug dull at 1.00; No. 1 do al l,l»«t 1,16; No. 1 extra al 1,20<&1,23, extra club milling al 1,25&1,36, winter red at LSyfi.! ,4I>, winter white at MARINli RECORD. 1859, Hort of JnilwauUett June 4. AllftlVtU. SchrOol Glover. Koehlef, Minltowoc, 60 m lum. 81 mr Oatel'e, Bntlin, Two Rivera, 8tmr Cleveland, DnugsD, Grand Haven. Prot Iowa, Jones, Buffalo, 210 tons mds, .200 bbls cement. Bchr Free Mason,Boutonj Green Bay, 190 m shingles. gchr Florence, Fr'rie, Mbskegon, TO m lam. Prop Free State, Bounds, Buffalo, 188 tnns n-ds. Bchr Btclls, Smith, Two Blvers, DO m lumber, M doi pairs. Cl.KABfD. Prop )owa, Jones, Cblcago. Btmr Gitelle, BotUn, Two lilv.rj. Btmr Cleveland, Don nl,! daven. Bchr Three Bells, Thompson, Buffalo. 14,<'48 bus oats. Scbr Farmer, Tnompsoo, ChlcagOf &,000 staves. Scbr Eloreoce, f reei-j Maskegon. Prop Free Slate, Roiuids, Chicago, 6 car wheels. Bchr Co! Glover, Kujhler, Manltoaoc, 25 bbls por^. Crig \Vrn Lewis, SweetlanJ, Osvexo, '4,f 00 bus wheat. Bchr W, H. Drwltt, Taberner, Cape Vincent, lO.OOb bus wheat, gchr K. 8. J. BeraK Fstei, St. Catharine], 18 45U bu,h wheat. Bchr Ralph, Oampbell, Atkins, Chicago. i.vrEi,L.i<;L:*('fV.. , THS <UL« VaarMo.r.- The gile on the La e jef er- iy was eitrcmely severe, compelllnif several veWls Dd piopellers to seek shelter In port. The propeller Mohawk, after hiving bfcn out twelve hours, '-wa< obliged to put bsck to this port. The Hunler slio pot bark. The !o«r» from Buffalo Came lo rlth her cargo Cl general confusion. Sevrral tat* barrels were atove n, epllllng the tar all about. \Ve xpect lo hear of further accidents. AR Dao*rcD.^rhe Mua'.egoo Repwitr aaya : 1 Gliar)?« hlankmyera, ma'e of the schooner fi. Bites, ai. druwned at Afu.kego^i on the '21st, in attempting to amp ashoie with tbe line. It was quite dark at the Ime the ftrcideLt occurred, and It Is snppore.1 tbeuo- un&te man struck hi i head against the ilo?li,anit was stunned thrrebr, aa he sank ulthuul a struggle or without ulterii.g a word. Tbe decease! was 27 veari f age, unmarried, an I had rhfpped at ChlcuL-^ nierclanndlxe by l,akr. 'iy rrop Fret ttate — Wttftfrn Tr ln9j>f-rt.itl«-i t'o Ifm. T- ffurd, Af/ert Foa PICW.NJ IB THI CITT — J II d.r.lra t (.V, i'lse i Oo, W 8 hr.iwn, lilies 4 Aim .ur, M«,jn Bro, lre.ii * Button. N Hues, J \V Leiiyard. 1. J Hubert, H Natro A Co, Ron, rt liead, Harnes Bro, C- ms'.u.-» A larker, K Meyer. O^.^ri -h 4 Terry. Pb'lli' Shnuhail, G lllhann t I'D, j M Duraml t Co, I. J Bush, Ja«m, iarker. fus PDI.HOSS ii ran COPKTBT —>Inor» i Prolth. J llrown, 1' uu Chien; O H It, Haukesha; ^ t> Burri>»-«, H Uamvell, J B Cionby. Jan.-jvllle: il.-H^i r t , Ti.-k rd i Oo, Dernrar., Bi(rier A H'll, H A Kcnhm<t nil. shkash; W K Fuller, Monely * Itro, .« R Feu, Mi 11 i"D. Lcfler t Sdor e. Fond rtu R Mann nil, Fi At . nson; Geo fcno. Win lialle, Frank Lawren -r. ."h.-i .if in; J t Ne«man 4 ( -'o, Si, A M I'luaklnle A o.Nenah; J B IVells. Pnrtav,. Citi, Grant t JD|.I . ::. lamonu H, i<i Paul, g U * Co. Cha'.flel.l, Minn, V,ui. an Bro, lVin.-ma, J K Ccoll t Co. Kmerald Dr'.re. rstt i , assle, Cliungwatawa, J U Spencor f du Lar New York Matters. ' New York, June. 4 Tb« races over th« Faahlon Course coin- menci-d yesterday. Tbe Jamaica staffs for three yt>ara olds, was won biy Pauline. Time 1:52—1:63. The Jockey Clot handicap was won by Bill Chapman, one rojle aud a half, in 2:45. Tbe two mile race was won by Dearing, in 3.-45J. In the last rac<>. only OUH heat—R. J Walker, tbe contending horse, broke down and was withdrawn. A woman named Margaret GOTH wan stabbed with an icy pick last night at a dance house in Water street, by a companion named! Elizabeth White. Margaret will die- The steamer Vanderbilt took oat nearly 400 passengers and upwards of §1,400,000 In specie. The steamer City of Baltimore took out 270 pas-tfiuger.s, and" upwards of $800,000 in specie Two murders Were commitu-d in this city last night. Henry Rcmrke, an Irish laborer, kicked his wife to death early in thn iv-ning, and an hoar later Palrick Llowdv, u notorious roivdy, was stabbed t.> tUe heart in a sailor boarding house, in Water street by one of his rowdy companions Andrew Ketchum was killed by ll<htnin< yesterday, at Bethpey, L I. The boiler of the locomotive atucheJ to a freight train on the Erie road, r iplo<le<l yesterday near Port Jems The engineer ainl fireman were blown intf, the air, and received mortal injuries Smith, the dremmi, died , soon after, and Patten, the eni(ine«r, was dy ing al last account. CITY ADVERTISEMENTS. NOT1CJK Oontrai-t Departrnene, Milwaukee, June J. "ii) t rB^HK followloi; is ascheiiu.e of lols, p:irt of lrr«. t f,.in B Infl on Detrou itreet, froji Main street t,, H.-iu-h «L , Third rt'arj, c.lj of Milwaukee, """ ••'! '•- '">• tli.i«l by Brn.lUi/ to the ritiiMHt.,.,! cro-lc, the sidew-ims. -ur'i and pave th<- ffu t. r< and relay oM walk*. JCUV McH'tlTH. FRANCIS McCUHMli.' Ptr -t C"inmi,^''. r AMUSEMENT-V O I' ^ *.''»* U \ I, I. . OR, KANE'S ARCTIC VOYAGES J- < > K- < > N K V\ )• r- K 1 I'uMMK^iriNi. Tljin «*«In> F t <*i)i MX. .In »i«- !», I i ITKH t -n,,,i <i,,,,., „. . ,-.,,. , ' ' s s W S4 feet Y 36 feet W k, of E : f. '26 feet N S <'f L.H. 7 IMo.-ic 16 Kli .10 U..1 1S.IIM 1 1 ).-. T P FAILING'S r>'«t l >rix'i n il I 11 u -1 . i i,. ii i l 11 h in- - U ,., I.I K u.MI ii,•.! A K< lit V'« > V A ' . K • W .1-' r. 3" ( W !•-• i.f K ,,r K f K i Tlie Death of Mr. Charles. ST. Lorn, 4 last Charles, di^l al half thin morning. There was no i-xritem-nt niglit. This morning Hi- pxeil«-m^nt is Jul>- sldiiig. Judge Clover baa b«tn p^tifiniicd to call a special tifSMoo of criminal .;<>urt, in onl- «r to tiring the prisoner to A W io f Mid,n- ii rt K 24 ft W 411 ft W K) f of K IT W 40 of E 14t> W '.'0 of K lixi W 'I" ,.f K •«> W ^11 of K «.i >-.:- '.it i'ont-ar |1HK r .mtnon Cnu Al. l-i'J .lecitrn T !» U II 5 TJ 01 X. »1 8 . f l i ! * Th 15th nit Jay N >e« Mexican Mall. Sr. L-ICIS, JUIIK 4 NVw M^iican Mail, with ».iv,<'»-s to th<- r>'ach"<l Ind-pi'ii'tt-nr.. at noon iu- PH uniinfrort.-tut. - * - \Vaahlnfrton MattrrN. .'I Mi.vtnVrr. pu to h. ibalc-1 v i. N( > IK CITT r., ep-i.-tme il by r .f f. ,. i n tn^ i sari.--- 1 BY TELEGRAPH. The steamer H .aimke will i.riiik the J.ip.iii- ese roiuniissioners froui I'^naina to New Vurk Cominoilnre Port-r w. 1 ! iear- 1.1. tt,e ^otli inst . to takn rummand of the sh.nj.-.if-war St Mary, nuw at Panaiun Cajit. DihlfrTe-n having hv U r |, r ,,f t|,^ riiief jf the bureaux ,>| .,rj.i Hydrog- raphy, ^xamlneii ,-m.| t. •»!,-. I J,i«|\,.,'. i ri • . L londini.' i-iirlun-, nfEfi-dly report-i that iln- style of nnns f»Tiimeii,U lUetf t<- to th- te-iU nT the ^erTIOM, the .inly i,bje,.ti,,n ! -in i! 1:1 th,the "horttieps of' the harrei SuiK-riuleiiileii! I'.iMim, ot N'.-w .M v: i. »:,- iiounrps to the lujian bureau the i,.-rt-,-t j^|e- ty of the southern mail r.mte .At'eut ^.vk.-r who j>roposes tu m-vt some l.Mxi lndi vr- t Flour -The m-irkrt Mull, Sal" r-nts lo»er . al a ! the Ui !a, to -lijitrilin:^ the li>ml jiiota ' COO bbls at«,40(a«,70 for -<u[K-rtlne atale , 6,soa;,lo j oulturul implements. wnU- thai Im ^n -iion will r extra do;aaj,4(l(^G,.U, for »upernnr western. 90 for comrawn to pood extr> western, '.»' &', ,und hoop Ohlv. M&lltet clot n^; duil s D.1 lira Kp-e Floor—qu,el at 4,tK)\.'),Z.O Wheat—di.ll and .lepressel, lales srnal 2 0>J Tor lute Kentucky, 1 ->i lor re 1 M.utriern aii'l , S»u !or hile southern. K>e-flrm. «^1.« '.'.OfXI hui M 1 liV Rarle.v—uull anj n-immal. Corn—.lull J.DU heavy, aajea U.t>*v biiih \i 5.1, ,00; rictlv itound,! n ned wetteru, iT- f.u "lutr ^ uil *•!., for rholD ye'lcur; 93 for southern. iK>a^3 ^ for red ellow. Oals—dull, f-iaM for BUU . 56a6; f.. i wtero a-atl anadtan Wh'skey—firm, sales 500 bbU al 2s. Btocka— U Buird — very du I m,l»<«k M 6 • "4 C S'jSsJj. Del t Hud ti!^ !>>.- m .n TO'., s y c TJ ^ C «l S Gi t Chi «<X. ; j Ihe 01-ra.iioil will TONM,-! nT l.-i: i •-! only with ho-.* aud 01 »lu[w The receipts inui tlj,- tr^a.^urT •" over 8200,UOD, Lut tli- IrntX- to $3UO.OUO Th-r- irnft oijlv ?-WO ouu u u 11 i n i i, The st-am to the navy and ht-r r-r.'t friiit- llinnrsi faril She i< • !^ ,.rl n : Hs;n • r i on Week nlllte.l ie, t :, aut -I Tu-!" : ' . . . I 1 . i\ '. \ i i K . . I MJ.KKKT He f Tl.e st.-arn j^un l...»t read 7 for gei The new steum « I . •• i i HI th" ?*tr< .itn r>-a'iv H»rif,.r i Flou r — Inartlr f .trs &00 bb.» at 6. i.l (>hl. , T.^Ov's. und li- «vcf . Tfia7,2fl lr, T Ry» — hs« been very little tourht after; the on'y sale occurring wu a sale of BOO bui on Wedneadaj at 1 10 It may be safely quoted a 1, OJ^T>1,05. Corn — has bean pretty steady during the week with smal sales at 7&&76, but on Saturday It dropped down to 70 at which figure 2.000 bna were sold. Tht total amount sold being about 3,235 bus. Quoted at 70£^7&; the outside figure being for retail lols to the traie. Oata — hare been In moderate request anj at pretty steady figures wlLh a downward tendency 8aks of the week about 7,000 Quoted at 45 Barley — has been very quiet, DO Siles, nominal a t in go «d supply, a&d were In the cloai-; good common 50; Potatoee— have been rather better request at Batter — in large supply a Eggs — better, selling at Hides — green 6, salted 7j®T.V. dry 12®,'i4, full trimmed lifo.16 Lumber — a vanced; markets Qrm. Cooia.oii boards $10; joists and scantling $,10; do 20 t.. '22 feet $12; do 24 feet $15; "common siding |iO, 2d cletr do |18, clear sldlag |16; common flooring dressed 115, 2d flooring dressed |1S; clear floorln dressed (23; undressed 120; clear boards VO; 2d boards 22; 8d do $18, clear 1 % , IX, and 2 Infill plank $85; 2d dodo $26; 81 do do $20; picket! $10; lath $8; warranted shingles 2,75<a.8.00; No I do S, 50(0,2,76. Sugars — Orushed and Powderel lOjbi^ll ; Reflned 0 9H; Reflned 00 »X; Refln. i A «JV; hhd sugar common to fair 6X&TX; Kood to prime T'aQtSH; common sugar house molasse< 88@40; Muscovado 40^,45; N. O. 45Q,48; gj-rup N. Y. 50^55, 81. Louis 81 rim Reflned 0 65®60; St. Louis Golden 8j rap 8S®87. Meats— heavy mess pork $SO; light do do $W; prime do do $1C, rumps 15@>lt; necks 14; lar.l marrow 11X; hams lUai'Jv. shoulders S®SX; dried beef 1011; beef tongues 40; mess beef 10®il2. Coal- Brookfield (6; Hrtar Hill »«; Lehigh 19; Scran- t on »8; Bloasburg 8®8,60] New Oaalle »4, Pittsburp h $6; SallncTllle (J; Cann.l Coal «4 Cattle—from 8Ji©6c; gjcnl brings the outside; live hogs o,75. Bhcep nooe in tha market Sail—1,48. Liquors -lower. Hlghwlne 28 Wlils Wool—a very little offering. We note a salt of (» Ibsgood commoi) at 27c. Shipment* by I akc. Lacs IMPORTS DDRIKOTHS PUT nmiTT-Foon aouaa.— 820 M lumber; 190 M shingles; 80 dos palls; 891 tons mdc. LiaCI EXPOKT8 DDSirsTO THl PAST TmarTT-rotTfc HOOBS.— 11,948 bus oat>; fj.OOO slavei; 6 car wheels; 22 b bis pork; 87 450 bua wheat, It at I road iiecolpo. Rcourn BT ktu.wADKZ« A MiaaiBgippi BAIUIOAD. June 4 — 1BO bbls flour; 1,417 bus wheat 833 do cony 188 do oats; 118 do potatoes Biciirrs »r Mn.. t BAR.IBOO VAIXK RAIUOAD.— Prom Max 8Ut to June 1st Inclusive.—#81 bbls floor; e,C88 bus wheat; 1,380 do oats; 77 do corn; 4D do b»r- ley; 80 do potatoes. RlOdPH BT LaOaoSBC * MILWIUIBI EirtaoiD,— June 4.—124 tna wheat; 98» do oata; 44 do potatoes; 109 bbls flour; 22« sacks do; 2,2*6 IDS hide.; 12,410 do •nndrlts. . . : • -, Oleteorolo|rlcsxl. 8 A. ...-wind N.«. bj.S.; tky bright. Barometer 29,6«. Thermometer 42. 12 Mi— Wind *.; gejjtle breeie; sky clear, '. Barometer 29, 88. Thermometer 48. 4». st^-Wlnd S. t; light; sky. clear, • Barometer 89, 77. Thermometer 48. ' 8.K.—Wind B. by 8.; 'light; aky clear; Barometer28,70. Thermometer 48. JOSl 4 .~^f^l learn from p«r«on» coming Won the, Mis liilppl Railroad, that a serere frost occurred In UM country on Friday nlsbt. The young potsjtoei, ;«orn,-' d otherT«geUbleiTrereieT«T»ly.nipped. •;'*;,' 's.WO for (!t,uMi ' ilr — - ( ulef. par t--s nj-art DOtntnally lower, FB:t*n 1 . -U — -»ti extrem.; tipmr. UaU - fi rafr; F,r Iti » t 62 at rl * e Whu>kt*>-— uum.nil at 2u>4 *• O»n»J Preighu — oochanKcd Lake linporut— 9,000 bb-3 flour, T.OOO bunh rortJ. (J»naJ Export*- 200 bhln Oour, l t*utj bu»h corn LIVERPOOL The f-VT ,l. .•*'•• m. -i • • !•••»• I l.',.n..ti:i,tu l'.Lt f.ffi.-. str-«-t Iv,, N i AND WAfEr I' \< ,; I l»0lct J- .1 •24;OO\I I u h whrnt from liavatin. N It w V " R K *Me 'or thr crojrt l?lom — full wtlh 4l.mll. for Amer.cfcQ k.L 11.. Us Whe*t — sOtdj — an aTp q-ioiab 1 *- rha 1 fv (:> pr\cr». dn 10,; do •.<nth« Corn — dul , prir»§ unch yrilow 6« 10,ln7» 3d. while il en-t^tilry nn-f Tl-i' lV,l,iwl,* .10 i 'omiu-rrial !•«» j .;•. .-^ I v:a N. (I Fr.-ithl ^ ., i.. ,,;, I -- T i llnaltt, ..f th- i-itT KUO'I I' ' I I m-rlv C. S COIIKU! it ll%iani • -JSth" The L'. S «t.-am--r Wn,l, : th- HOtli. Tlirc- Kr-ii,-ti wir v iym^ outside Havana w.,it :j t - i i Hi* l.'atawlia, anil n,i I imni i c-ivinc Th- i\hawl,ii hru I ' ' . - A . in,1 A s,. . -. ,.;i-_ N i i 1 I ( 1-.. BY TELEGRATH. ItKF'OKTKI) KOR T1IK [./lll.\ >KW.-. FOUR DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE. ARRIVAL OF THE CITY OF \\ A«iHl>«TO> ' ; Important »ws rVom thr -Senl of \^ ar ' ( THE FIRST BATTLE FOUGHT ! i PT. JOHNS N F.. Jnne 4. | The steamship Citj of Washington, from I Liverpool on Wednesday, 26Ui of May, via gni*>nstown 26th. Passed Cape Rare at 9 o'tilonk. Th ursdsy evening, Hnronte to N»w Tork. Her n«ws was obtained by th" DHWK vacbt of the Afisociat-d Pr s§, lnjt could not I* forwarded until to-day, o»ing to th- non-working of the wires It is of IUH higli»st importance. The royal st-amship Africa, from N-w York, arrivpd at Liverpool on tb-- 23d The first battle waa fought nt Monti Wllo The battle took place on the 21st The French accounts say that the Austrians. 15,000 strong under Gen Sladion, attacked the advanced posts of Marshall Caraquay de Holliers were driven by Gen. For is' division after a fierce combat ol four hours duration. The allies, including some Piedmontes cavalry, carried Montebello, but did not pursue the Austriana. The loss of the latter, as slated by the French, all 500 lo 2000—that of the Fiench from600 IcTOO, o f which many were offlo-re. 200 Austrians, including a Colonel, were Ukeu prisoners. The Austrian account simply states that Gen. Stadion pushed forward a rcoonnoi«ance by forced mercbes towards Leglio, and Monti- beieo, but after a hot fight with a Franch forut- of superior strength, retreated liehind the Po. in perfect order. The actual Btrnnglh of tha Fivnoh is not stated. Reports say they numbered from ii to 7,000, besides a regiment of Sardinian cavalry. A Sardinian bulletin also announced that the extreme left of the Sardinian army, under Gen. Cealdire, forced a passage over the Sesia, putting the Austrians to flight. Other trifling engagements are reported. Gen. Garabaldi has entered Caven with 6000 men, his object being revolutionary. Prince Napoleon with a small French force had arrived at Leghorn. It was rumored that six English men-of-war had entered tbe Adriatic. LATEST —Turin, May 24.—Gen. Guyliehas removed his headquarters to Garlasco,and has everywhere ordered thu people to give up their arms, under pain of being shot for disobedience. Gen. Garribaldi has made more prisoners. AlleasandrU, Hay 24.—The wounded at Montebello have been brought here. Marseilles, May 25.—Some Austrian prisoners have arrived hers. Berne, May 25.—Revolutionary movements are reported in Lombardy and Naples. The King of Naples was dead, and Francis the II had assumed the reigns of government. England and France were about to Send representatives to Naples. Great Britain—Political differences have arisen between Lord Palmoraton and Lord John Russell The defeat of the Derby ministry Is anticipated on the meeting of Parliament' Tbe Admiralty has formally invited tenders for monthly Australian service via Panama. A general meeting of the Atlantic Telegraph Co. had been called to sanction the heads of iheagreemunt with,the Government, and; the Issue of preference sharps of £600,000 of new capital. FBANCB.—The Monitenr Announces that France adheres to the abolition of privateer- tag, and the principle that aVnenCral flag covers enemy's goods. ' | ._- ^ •«-•** ——- - - - - - - - •-•• Thr I ml, Ulffl. nil) . NEW YORK A ilr-*pau?h Irom Wa.«htui?ton sav.^ General Black'.s opmion conflicts with itary undrruUnrling of the iijatruriinu- Johnston, and the int^niHin i.f ib~ partment, vhia they we ther complications are a .>ue,l J. ( n- 4. [he ruil- ;o i,. ii war .1 •- ni> fur- r 11H f. The Bonne was finn. \ellow Frvrr. NEW ORLKtxs. June 4 There has not h-en a sinule ra— of >•• How fev,-r In thijcitj. this season Pnrehaap of » Clipper. Naiw BED Hi KM June 4. It is reported in this city that an at{ent of the French government visited Fair Haven, today for the purpose of purchasing the new olipper ship not yet named, recently launched and Iw-longing to Reuben Fish of Fair Haven PHILADELPHIA, Juue 4 Benjamin Pollock, an old and eminent merchant, <Iied this mornim?. 1";.-. Ft£i> iHfc HUNufiy," Another Atrociotu and drr. Myalerlou* Mur- Nuw VORK, Jnne 4. A box, containing seven dead hodien, was found Wednesday floating in tde sound near West Farms. The bodies were those of two adult white males, one n«ffro and two females, and two children. One of the males had lhr>f> stabs in the left breast. One, of the children had on a ruffled night-ijown, marked C M H M. The box was filled with quick lime. No clue to the mystery. Jas Stephens, the wife poisoner, who had been previously sentenced to death, and appealed to the Snpmne Court, was to-day sentenced by Judge Roasevelt to he hanged. Ovrrlnnd MA!!. ST Lons June 4. The overland mail, with dates to the 13th reached Jefferson City to-day at noon, and will arrive here at midnight The news is unimportant. Business was in a fair state from the interior, and increasing The mining news is favorable. The steamer San Crnj arrived from Mazatlan.with 8385,000 In specie. •STbirty-six Mexican officers had been banished by the Liberals. 105 1-1 1 •Jl 4.1 K L'H GARD!S»K. C ... Nt >T1< K. TtTT Cl'UPTH.M 1 KB - D^pHrtuirnt, v;l . \Uy Jr. Contn.-t I UiK fnl| u ».nit i« « -.-'.eil-il- . l\n<l on ?"n'h Av-no« f' . cotl ^trvel, in 'he Klirhth War-l -.-, 'h ' T " '. hen^ft'eil hy ;r K, Jt-.; i . v - i ., \ ! .•< mi I \ u U \ A - J i . II \ YDKN. i v n. IL I. MONTGOMERY GUARDS SOIREE —AT TH17IR— NEW AK'MORY. NO. 128 EAST WATFIl ST., oriB TffB JfABIJfZBAJfK, On Monday Evening, JnneGih, '59, T1OKETS. FIFTY OKNTS. Bj Order, Je4-d2t P. SIcOAULY, Sfcrttary. J-l 1 5 t 11 U I .Ml 24 54 u. ih- Vjt.lll •13 1 ..-MI J US I JiA E. L'H HAHniNKR, ''Uy f l Thtr Oornn. n Council ortlilti \* fiillixm OKCTION I. All thai part of ftu-r «i— ei. lyiiu- ** O twe-n blocka one hundr— I anil fir'^ ^v^n^n.l one hriOdred ami forty- eiifhl , Knapp *lre,'tT'-n Mil » RlTer" t ( , Kaat Watpr tir-'^l, and -.he north eighty-five feet of lot narnberert one £1], in hi.n-k >n- hunilrt-d and forty eiiflil. heioif In the Flr-l \t'ir-[. .f the City i'f Milw-aiikee, ta hereby il.«<-Urf»l to >•• •. if,, I . made » pablir ataml fnr tlie <am nf |,i;i -ft ,if ^ ,,,i. m.i tha publt^ Stanil fnr thrt <ltj* Of IVOO.I ,UI 31;irl,,.| ,, ( n:tr-, In Iho Seventh Waril, is hereby .It^contlnue. 1 n,.( v, rule I. Sec. 2. No per-on or per-ons shall b^ allowr-.l i., -v pose, for sile, aojr load ur Inailn »f wi>..,l, ,n ,tn> at ili^ atreeta In the First or ?eventh Wanln, oth^r tliin >n tlie aCreeU or i;roaaila died upon us a pu'.Mr i,;inil in the flr»t lection of this ordinance; nor s'mll i*ny per*, n 4nfTer his team, waffoa, pled or other vehicle lo >lf i with wood to remain more than ten mmair3 SL i Mme. in any part of the streets In eaid Ward*, under i penalty ot not less tdan one dollar, nnr more ih«n liv • .Inline^. together with all cost, of prns-.»-ution. Sec. 3. It Is hereby made the duty of the Ouef f _Pnllce, and h a Ansidtantg, anj tht) Inapecto nf w o<i it the public atand hereby efitablished, to i-nforfe fie , n,- Tislons o-f thta Ordinance. Sec. 4. The provisions of any Or linance or resolution heretofore passed which conflict with the provisions of this ordinance ar- hereby repeal*,!. Sec. 5. This Ordinance shall takn ellet-t, and b« In force from and after lu publicttlon. Pasted Miy 30, 1SI9. UK&MAN L. PAOR, Miyor R. u. LTSCH, City Cletlt. J-4-.I.-H Kl.KCTION NOTICE. To Ihe Electors of the 8«Tenth Ward, City of Ml wvi- kee. N OTICE li hereby gITen, ttat an election 111 be hrld In the SeTenth Ward, of the City of Milwaukee, on Saturday, tbe llth day "f June next, 1339, for the pur pose or electing a Justice of 1'eace for the sa d Wml, for the nnezplred term of Albert Smith, electnl for two yean, on the 6th d»y of April, i. r» 1858, and whose term of office would ID due coarse have expired on the, gti day of April, ISO), anil to Ull the vacancy uhlch will then exist bi_th<9 resignation of the Kid Albert Smith, P«q., which takes effect on the saitl eleventh day of June, «.-D. 1SS9. The Potli of elect) >o K 111 be opened at Beer Hall of Frederick HetQttmann (late Best's), on Market street. In the Seventh' Ward, at 9 o'clock In the forenoon and kept open until, anndowa. MUwaakee,Juoea, 1SW>. ie<-dtt B. B. I, Y JCH, Clt j Clei k. UOi'j 3 11.Ill l.r-'l - '»<•" > i '. i it i l ,{ i i) ;i -' • It M i >. •! ; %N I'uli I- I: I-.:-• i i i i l ;i > l N l > l I Call and Examine O^rr Connaou.ii'3 0»nc», ( Contract DeJ»rtment, June 9,185». { S EALED proposals will te received ai thla office until Thoriday, Jane Mb,, 10 A. K. far paving the nnfinUhed ponloca of alley ranninw through block t, Third ffarl, tad repairing laid alley whea neceairy. je»-(lrt t. L'H. GAJU)LN«B, Otmjrtroll.r. NO TH 'K. L.mtri^i U piirtini-iu. >l.l., I in,- :. A.TI , 1 11 IE fl'l -.WMMtf ^, * ,<-h"l I ^ .1 ,..<s , , ,, V, , ,, , ( , fronting 'in Chlfik' i *u.l >ln ,i i,,,nr.- .t r .-,-n, ii Ward, City "f Uiloitu.r.-. umi . l-l n,- ornrili ...i •, , ^n uil< st reels, .-nrlun^ AII>| jr , . -I, j ,i.l.-l i».,.lt^ ,n,| ,. ,,, K nii{ ifu- «auie, lint relay i iiij olil v:iik.t. JOHN M.l.ilArU. . L II IcAKUlMICK, Comi'tr . C1T Ll..ul.r.i.-.l r<-(,arTiueue, (I iy ."J :,-..vj. ,' flTIB lluard .f Cjuuciliiri l>y rt-«i, .1 >l»y ;j, J. 1HJ9, concurred m nv"> r -l '' > i m, M.,y - i. ISay, tiavtoi; itdopieu h.- r.-i-oiiiiijt-uilat,,,!! ir tjio -treet Cnmiuissii.^ien, *illi «,»iu,-nt, i -,,-,,,.1]!, 411<J dama^a. It Is ord«red Thul a »e<rer Be curutrucle.l ltir'>u,;n r...n, a r , c i, ,i , from 3th to tftli streec, In the iuii » ir.l, ,,r ih,. c:ty al Uilwauken. Owners and a*entt ,if property .in iaiU street »r^ hereby' noLluVd to c»n»truui jald iww^r milhm Lea days from this dute, or Ui.- "treet Uomtiuajiouers if thi« inJ Ward will caiue the iame to be done anil <]h4rtrt*l to the respective lots vxunllnn "> 'aw. E u'H. SAaamsg. Oomptr.iller. O I fTE MB of fresh Iflgs, rx^ived thin day u »P'» BONN t CBOSBY'S.

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