The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 6, 1914 · Page 4
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 4

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 6, 1914
Page 4
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Page Four T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Monday Evening, July 6, 1914. 1 BEHT TIE Timely Hits in Tenth Give Decatur Game. SENSATIONAL PLAYS By Both Teams Feature-Some Bad Bobbles. TOP HITTERS IN BIG LEAGUES Pet. . 3 J'.l .343 b20 .324 '314 ·Ml Ml A good Sunday crowd watched the Commodores romp home to victory over t:.p pesky Bloomers by a 6 to 5 wrore, ten innings being required to AMERICAN. G. A B R. H. Cobb. Detroit 4S 152 28 iS C Walker. St. L. .... 71 242 S6 8.1 Baker. Philadelphia .. 60 252 38 S3 C r a u f o r d , Detroit 70 259 30 SI Jackson. Cleveland .... 51 188 2', GO E Collins. Phlla. .... 6T 255 54 SO sneaker, Boston 68 23G 43 71 Lellvelt Cleveland ... 83 04 4 10 R. Wood, Cleveland .. « 141 17 41 NATIONAL. G. A.B R H. Pet. E Burns. Phila 24 SS 5 15 .305 Hummel. Brooklyn ..'.. 2S 71 1 7 .52 Dallon. Brooklyn iO 233 SI 70 3.,j Grant, N Y 30 101 18 34 Bvrne, Phila 41 50 24 40 Decker. Phlla 45 150 21 :·' f , Burns N. Y 60 218 49 63 De\ore, Phlla. ... Connolly. Boston . Baubert. Brooklyn Phelan, Chlcafro . Archer, Chicago . And Come . Across Beat Champaign Moose. SO 16 Wingo. St. Louis 52 5 -- 147 IS 52 196 34 SO 25 46 .'. 14 29 90 9 29 52 SI 12 21 50 216 38 65 43 158 22 47 . 327 .320 .J12 .308 .300 .308 304 .302 .SOI .SOI .301 r r m r U t e the operation. And by the w,v. the victims of ttie operation G. A B R. H. Pet. ' Ina Ind. Brooklyn to re under the influ- j i a'l'terly,' K. C. ".'.'.'.'. r n c c "f chloroform at anv time with ; J^jjJjJJ; ^"tsburgh " the exception of the sixth Inning, 1 crandmi. St. Louis ..' w b r n they bundled up a bunch or er-| ·"'alsh. Baltimore .... _ . . , , _ _ _ . » _ , .1 ,, »,, *h» Qulnn. Baltlraoro 44 in,l handed thi men. BRILLIANT PLATS. runs to the But It a tall fame even an rnglC't-man could liave appreciated, f u l l of sensational and brilliant plays by both sides. For the first four In- n'nes, Jawn Mvers. nided by teamwork b-'hlnd him, held the Listermes Io no hits, while Decatur got but two find these counted for nothing. In the f i f t h , the Commies seemed to go to the bad. and one h't and several errors sent three visitors across the counter. X'H to be outdone, the Commodores came back with four hits In the fifth and secured two runs while in th« third they ran bases at every rrancs on c.-rors by the Bloomlngton Infield and w h e n they had finished th» Inning, had counted three more. SCORE IS TIED. Waldorf pulled together with his and Commies the meantime, Uster's bnn'-h put over two scores and tiefl up the game. But Jawnie Myars also settled down and commenced to teammates a-fter that failed to deliver. In Murphy. Brooklyn - - Zwiillnff. Chlcajo .. t;ilmor«, K. C \V. Miller. St. Louis Tones, Pittsburgh .. Laporte, Ind V\ ickland, Chicago .. Suaclna. Baltimore .. "U Hson, Chicago Louclon, B u f f a l o Mattis, Pittsburg ... Pliaw, Brooklyn KommerB. St Louis . . Cakes, PittsburE . YounK. B u f f a l o 20 74 18 81 50 220 4S 62 40 177 31 66 40 201 S3 73 DS U'O 27 70 5i 207 43 71 47 172 17 50 09 18 34 169 28 57 40 3 IB 135 16 50 227 37 73 204 SS 65 2SO 29 75 fiS 1+ 27 225 42 71 213 29 67 . 250 S5 78 .312 Itl7 S3 00 .305 52 113 34 00 23 51 0 lli 34 110 25 S.1 50 .. 44 . 61 . 55 ..64 . 22 . 50 . 68 .. 61 . fit .410 .402 .873 .883 .352 .543 ,343 .343 .337 .827 .323 .322 .819 .31? .81 .31 .31 MOOSE LEAGUE 8TAKDIKG. W. L. Dtcatur 5 3 Lincoln 5 S Sprmgtield .....2 3 Clinton 2 5 Pot. .625 .625 .400 .286 Saturday, the Lincoln Moose team defeated the Springfield Moose, 10 to 1. Errors were responsible for the sad showlns of the Springfield Moose. 211 40 00 McDonald, Pittsburgh . 47 !" 21 47 42 327 12 S« 24 S4 10 25 . Mathes, St, Louis Striking out twenty-two men In twelve innings and allowing but five hits, Goessler, the big local southpaw, b r o u g h t in another victory to the Decatur Come Across team over the Champaign Moose Sunday by a score of 4 to 8. He seemed to strike them out whenever he was feeling that way. "Get one run this Inning," he said to his team mates in the twelfth, "and I'll strike out two or three aad we'll go home." GREAT RECORD. The team mates drove In the run, on doubles by C. Rushing and M. Augustine, and Goessler proceeded to strike out two of the three that faced him. It was his second game in two days and a total of twenty-two innings, during which he struck out thirty-five battei's and allowed but eight hits. In Sprlnefleld Moo«e Beaten. a game played at Springfield on GOSSIP OP THE GAME, The paid attendance at the game on Sunday was only 1,176 and the rest of the 40,000 thousand population missed · a great game. However, tho low Sunday figure is due to the fact that the Fourth came right along with Sunday and there were thousands who left Decatur to spend the Fourth and many of then remained over until Sunday evening. This and various attractions was 1 the cause of it all. The game was as full of flashy dla- Each Three=I Club to Receive $300. plays as will be seen on any pitch better despite predictions that | mond. In the very first inning, he was all u n d e r the weather and just i Brown made a great one-hand stab o f ' to prove he was good, he struck out C. ' a line drive near the second bag" and j jQ"kson. Bloomlngton. slugger, second not to bo outdone, Donica, ex-Commo- ' dore, now covering short for Lister. ' practically repeated this performance. On both occasions, the players eot ] iv an up In the tenth. BCOWX AND DUGGAX. i: was good ball playing that the crowd appreciated the work and , . , - l . r , 1-r.v went from first to "*«« 4 **,?"£"*, ? "^ '"' "" , h . , l on a passed ball and scored jProfiting- by the play. singled in the same There were also two spectacular nl-o his first h i t of the game, i s tabs in the outer garden. In the eighth, with the scored tied, and one Bloomer down. Guru rested on t h i i d 21 by virtue of a triple. Lister d i o v e a 2 o o ' l i n e r over Manda's head. Biltz was off ]..-[ :-, Frov.n made his first hit of th i.'.': 1 "-, .1 sizzlms frrounder through · ^ rr.\, wont from first to R. H. P O A. E 1 1 2 1 1 Peoria had the lareest crowd In the league at the Independence day games Paturdiv, Lake"le\v park holding 2.200 personi for the twin bill Nowhere in the league was the attendance large, e n d Quincy with 1139 was second I his Is a notable decrease over last year's attendance figures. Following are the o f f i c i a l figures from each of the f o u r cities: Peoria 2 '-;° Quincy 1,139 Eloomington 1.000 Danville 92S These figures count double in the records for double admission prices were charged everywhere. Thus the total admissions moneys for the day were approximately $2.631. After the league's 10 per cent has been taken out, each club will receive about $300 from the pool __^^__^^___ Lead Batters in the Federal League. Four former Three-I pliyers are making a etrong showlnc In the swatting column with the Federal league this season. They are Harry Swacinn of Baltimore who is hitting .312, Arthur Wilson of Chicago, who In hitting .305, Kommers of St. Louis, who Is hitting .301, and Mathes of Et LouU, who is hitting .298. In Saturday's game at Indianapolis, Wilson was struck on the head with a pitched ball and was out of the game for some time. Another former Commodore who la making a great showing with the Feds Is Vincent Campbell at Indianapolis. His average Is .363 in forty-nine games. DROPS DEADAT GAME IN PEORIA Dr. W. H. Wlllli, Well Known Doctor, Victim of Heart DUeaie. Just as Dubuque finished winning an exciting game of ball from Peoria at 6 J 26 o'clock Saturday afternoon, Dr. TV. H. Willis, a well known Peoria physician, dropped dead in one of the boxes. As he attempted to arise, he fell backward across his chllr. Death w a s due to heart disease, DIRECTOR OF BIG GOLF TOURNEY NAMED A\ niter Andrews, BloominKton Golf Instructor, Honored. Bloomlngton, Julv 6.--A Bloomington man, Walter Andrews, the golf Instructor for the Country club, has been chosen as the general director of the coming tournament of the Central Illinois Association of Country clubs. The tournament will take place In Champaign July 13 to 17, Inclusive. Mr. Andrews was offered the place ty the general committee of arrangements of the Champaign Country club, having received the offer on Saturday. Yesterday he made a trip to Champaign, and after consulting with the committee be decided to take the place. H» will have the whole arrangement* to perfect, so far as the golf play Itself is concerned. The position is quite a responsibility since on the smoothness of the director's plans will depend the sucess of the whole tourney. Decatur Runner Makes Good Showing at Dayton. Will (Pete) Noonan won second place in both mile and two mile runs at the Central Amateur Athletic Association meet In Dayton, O.. Saturday, Noonn, representing the Illinois Athletic club, finished about two-fifths of a second behind th« winner in the milo and about two seconds behind him In the two mile race. John Ray, Noonan's team mate on the Illinois Athletic club team, finished first In both events. The time for the mile was 4:21 and for the two miles, 9:46. UNDER DIFFERENT NAME. Noonan had trainer! only for the mile and was called on suddenly to take Cameron's place in the two mile. He took Cameron's number and finished second in the race. Noonan's name did not appear In the list of winners in the two mile because of the fact that he had to run under Cameron's name. Noonan's form In the mile was excellent but on account of his exertions in the two mile, which he had never run before, he was slightly exhausted, however he came in onlv a fraction of a second behind the winner, and In all prohabilty would have won If he had been fresh. DECATUR GRAYS BEAT WARRENSBURG The Decatur Grays met and defeated the \Varrensburg ball team Sunday afternoon at Warransburg, score 20 to 4. Five twirlers tried to stop the Decatur aggregation but all failed. The Decatur team started of' with a good lead right at the first and were never in danger of being overtaken. SPORT STORIES BRIEFLY TOLD at Quincy his released Hy Duncan, a first baseman of St. Louis. Stlliard, late of the Lincoln I.-M. league team has also been signed by the Champs. HcNeelr With Senator.. McNeely, former Decatur catcher and lately with the Muscatine team of the Central association, worked behind the bat for Springfield Sunday. "Mac's" salary was too high for the C. A., and as Muscatine was unable to arrange a trade he was given his release. Quincy Xear Rocket Peoria Star.--A rumor to the effect that both the Quincy and Danville owners are willing to throw up the sponge and toss their club Into the bands of the league was current both in Peoria and Bloomlngton last night, but could not be run to earth. Quincy denied it and Danville could not be reached at a late hour. However, Tearney*s office in Chicago reported that there was nothing to the story. East St. Louis, Rock Island, Gary, Ind., and JoHet are cities willing to accept a franchise, although East St. Louis would have to be waived as to territorial rights before a club could be placed there. Tearney, It is said, has secured a promise from St. Louis major league club owners to waive their territorial rights If Three-I league conditions demand It. More Backstop*. Catchers Mueller and Burns have been released by Springfield. After Jacobs returns to the game he will do a greater part of the catching Catcher Ray Ford, a local amateur, and son of Deputy Sheriff Gabe Ford, who has been on the lot for some time, has been signed by Wafcefleld, a n d will do second s t r i n g work. MT. PULASKI WINS FROM LINCOLN Catcher Turpln of Decatur Make* Two Three-Bane SnatH, Mt. Pulaskl slaughtered the Lincoln Chautauqua team Sunday afternoon at Mt. Pulaski, score 21 to 9. Holmes, Malerlch, Williams and Holmes were the Lincoln battery while Stennet and Turpln worked for the home team. The Lincoln pitchers allowed twenty-three hits and struck out nine while Etennet allowed ten hits and struck out eight. Savage of Mt Pulaskl secured a home run while Turpin, former Decatur BIiMf catcher got two three-base drives. Mt. Pulaski will play tho Petersburg Pirates at Petersburg, Sunday. July 12. and as Petersburg has a salaried team t it will prove a fast game. Ml Pulaskl is also looking forward to meeting; Mattoon and Pana, as all games are to be booked out of town In the future. ROUMAS THROWN BY WALTER EVANS Springfield, July 6.--In one of tha fastest wrestling bouts «ver staged in Springfield. George Roumas of this city went down to defeat before Walter Evans of EI Paso, 111., at Arlon hall Saturday night, in on« hour and twenty -seven seconds. The match fo r*lm welterweight title, was to have been for two falls In three, but was forfeited by Roumas when he suffered an 'njury to one of his legs. Three hundred wrestling fans as* aembled to see the championship contest, which was preceded by two preliminaries. Young Conn won from Abo Flshman and Billy Love of Decat r clearly demonstrated his ability as ^ coming lightweight when he threwr "Kid" Brown of Decatur In straight falls. TENNIS GOODS! Whit* Khaki Trousers, pair ... ,*1 75 While Flannel Trouiers. p a i r . . . $600 Tennis Hose, wool, pair 7^ T e n n i s Rackets $1 to W-00 E v e r y t h i n g for outdoor ·ports- quality m e r c h a n d i s e at right prices HAINES ESSICK SPORTING GOODS. 217 X. Water. Botb Phone*. 1 1 12 2 4 4 o 0 4 1 3 1 II J | with the crack of the bat and barely 0 o I pulled the drive off his shoestrings. "I GO.MI NOT OX. .T^^k^on. If A.B B H. PO A E fiTi-rta. rf . Donica ss . K f t j p p e r , c ^Valdorf, p Totals 33 5 5 28 -15 6 Craig out by bems h i t by bated ball. ·One out u h e n -u-inmng run scored. By Inmnss: Decatur O O n 0 2 3 n O l 1--8 pioomlnston . 0 o n 0 A 0 1 1 1 0--5 SUMMARY. Thre*--b£Lse hit--Ourtz. Two-base hits-B!Hz, Meyers Sacrifice bit*--J. Jackson. Lister, O'Brrta S a c r i f i c e fl5--Brown. Stolen bapeo--B'ltz, Brown Doiula plavs--Gurtz To Dom*a to I-.ister Struck out--By Meyers, 2; by V.'aMorff 2. Eas-s on halls--Off Mey- T'?. 1. orf W a l d o r f f , G. Hit by pitcher-Craig. 2. Loft on bases--Decatur, 15. Bloom. K n a p p 4. Tims of game--2.05 Umpire Gurtz on third, "had a notion," but he backed "P when Heinle just as quickly recovered himself and whipped the ball straight to O'Brlen at home. Dugrgan hit In hard luck all d u i i n g the game until the tenth and was robbed of a couple of nice hits. One was a hard drlvs labeled four bags that tried to get over O'Berta's head in right, but the little recruit from the I.-M, pulled It down on his finger nails. Each pitcher struck out but two batters. Both had fairly good control but they just couldn't too] the batters. Even, the pitchers secured one- drive apiece. Danville'ii Attendance. Danville Press-Democrat.--Saturday's games bring the total attendance at the local ball lot to almost IB,000 paid admissions thus far during the season AH sizes to 4x5. Films Developed, any size roll lOc Bring your work to the only Eastman «hop In Decatur \\'c use nothing but Eastman paper and chemicals. The proof of our su- perJor w o r k m a n s h i p lies in the fact that w e send our p r i n t s all over the United States. Mai! orders solicited. AH work guaranteed. C. A. MORROW, 215 NORTH WATER ST. Jos. On Qfter Dinner Qr 10*: Straight ^^ e . We now start our Mid- Summer Clearing Sale--the clothing event of the year. This sale embraces every stitch of Men's, Boys' and Children's Clothing. It includes all our new, fresh Spring and Summer Clothing. Some of the Garments Have Been in the Store Only 30 Days It is our unalterable policy to start each season with absolutely new stock--we will not carry lines from one season to the next and that is why we hold these Twice Yearly Clearing Sales. Here's what to expect at this sale. Note the old prices and then note the discounts: $10 Men's Suits, now $ 7.45 $ 3.00 Boys' Suits, now $2.36 $12 Men's Suits, now $ 8.95 $ 3.50 Boys' Suits, now IT- -.-. .$2.75 $15 Men's Suits, now ^ -.- $10.95 $ 4.00 Boys' Suits, now $3.15 $18 Men's Suits, now $13.95 $ 4.50 Boys' Suits, now $3.55 $20 Men's Suits, now $14.95 $ 5.00 Boys' Suits, now : , $3.95 $22 Men's Suits, now $16.95 $ 6.00 Boys' Suits, now ..- K-.-. .. .$4.75 $25 Men's Suits, now ·.- v-r $18.95 $ 7.00 Boys' Suits, now $5.55 $28 Men's Suits, now $21.95 $ 8,00 Boys' Suits, now....-.- - $6.15 $30 Men's Suits, now $23.95 $10.00 Boys' Suits, now $7.95 One lot Young Men's two-piece Suits, sizes 34 to 38. Strictly · !»£· CA high-grade-sold up to $18; while they last, your choice at w»w MEN'S TROUSERS 20% DISCOUNT. STRAW HATS 1-3 OFF The original selling price is on every garment in plain figures. IS NOW GOING ON; BE ON HAND EARLY. Blues Blacks 20% off. 240 NORTH WATER STREET. {NEWSPAPER! Blues Blacks 20% off. CITIZENS BANK BUILDING. ,,, NEWSPAPER!

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