The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 28, 1971 · Page 11
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 11

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 28, 1971
Page 11
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John Platzer... (Continued from Puges) for the reporter* who had entered the room it S:3o •wftlllnK Stilling*' preu conference the minutes fwmed like boun »i I o'clock ftMlly arrived and everyone Jmew that (he mw«n« had begun. The Oeorfla-Owtla Tech football |ame wai nuw on lite air but Hill no word frwt A*M, Finally over In the far corner (he »ound» ot typing (Wed the room corning from the direction of Mike UiU ot Several refwim W by Jo* WhlttliigUw trf (he HouUon Part charted toward UiU with the caU; "Hey, he know* Mxnolhing we don't," Uti •tut In (or hit (air thare ot kkfctln* about "(tan* *h» kUit /rwn Otc »t«r »«•«<;«»," bo< won lypnrrii^rt *«T U^AK uw*l tn all part* rf ihs room Two xU of »!«}« nctr teittg h»d txvn lu«l *rr) i»u that he h*d Urn rHjtnnJ ft* frpoum ««utd Mm pi} pick lo wnnU the job very, very badly. AfcM doein't have great Interest In him. -Jack Pardee of the Wa»hlngk»n Redikiiu. A very probable candidate. -Charlen McClendon of IJiU. A very probable candidate. That wai the extent of the lint until Ara Par»egliian look I** place wdramatically right in the middle of the ifwculalion. Finally <n the clock moved P»»l II pm tJ»e telephone ran« once again J(m Ijndwy ft AAM'i Information Office wouW t* there in >s minutes with a "'very »h<*t » n - Halillrac cam* \o ihc tad the lo Ur pfvwnttni Suli en .Siiliimt.t A« ABC miik * AfxJ llft<« ot !hr »*, trtci3>ao<l JuM (cil ut »t» TlfxC )te-*l£ft*A wfffli i# J*4l SwUiiifi <A Attbr-tftt »bo lofoj U»- fiutUGO i u 4 i^iJli: .1. : the '.tlrftxfK rt tfcr f.*vj,i ream it«i ; *£rf IraiiKf. ift;'. i ait *t UtnuKiOfi ifimrt" -! "JlrlJo A4W (>tri.t »<**«» WHjf" Af<- >*=« wa»r ».(***« (bit' Vtu fcjvt lo twr UtWtotf Mbo it lfct»' ,Vo he ufi'i hetv " (iitr.n-.vr, It- Id «3 uttUfi 'Si'«a Scvtt (U-rji /jiU «j.'.!«! Tfcirj Uut Ihr^ him " Tfc* Kr «i fittton. to >r»»f. {ffi tiO 4 U^wf tfkil Ttv Aft »oj* Hr »*» h*4 raiictl »i!J» tV <r<r Uxr* hjij txrr. .•» thai MjJJirjjfi »*• (ccrv to lira), nsrm HP»CT»| lr tha! hir « i» »h) thr kcxf wait «ll«r«Un<T SUilinfi Ttw lul, Krank Ku*h erf Aruwu St»tc TV Aftgw» «artt hjm my, »rr) h»dl) Hr d<»»n'! them a grrjl Arjl o< rn Hill Voenun o( the 0( II«U(«1 lit AUTRY'S 7lt S. Coiumbit Ur. Itiaoc Mi-l»M WEST COLUMBIA nouneemenl." Undiay moved Into the room with several mimeographed cuplt* which I* diBlriiMJlwl to the newimen M Spec Gammon read one of Ihe eopta "Otme Stalling*, Tcxai A&M University'* head football coach and athletic director, will be relieved of all atliletlc rmpufMiblliliei, effective Dec. I," iJxs five poraKrapli statement began. It was now time to go home. It wa« now official. As »ever«l writer* left ctimplalninn about Uw late hour, on* had to think abwil what (hit TtianlwgivlrtK Day had to be like for Qme Stalling! Cotton Bowl tickets left tiAU.AH (AIM-The Cotton Howl Athletic Ajwoclatlon »ay* the only ticket* ri'malnfng for (he ('Minn Bowl Claislc New Vear'» Day between Texas and I'enn State arc available through the (wo K'lHml*. la acceptinK order* through (he (JT Athletic Ticket Office, Awiln, Tcxa» 7WI2 The I'cnn State addn-Ki i* Athletic Ticket Office, University fart, ['», IOW2, All lifkcU are »7.M and each order rnuM include an atldiUonal M cvnit TUBHltAZOgPOriTFACTS, Pregport. Tcxa»,8w«d«y,.Vovcmbef 28, W7f, Boy/or fires Beall HOUSTON <Af>) - Baylor Athletic Director Jack Pal- UfTton announced Saturday that head football coach Bill Bcair* contract ha» been terminated by mutual agreement with the Baylor board of (ruilecs. JJeall, who»e team* had won only three game* In thrc« Mfflwjn* wa* In ih* Ihlrd year of a live-year contract. "We in the athletic (li-partimm! feel a debt of Kraiiiudc Iw the work of Coach BUI Uttill and hi* staff," l J allcrsor»wid."Wcknow lhat tip U dUappoinled lhat he could "not achieve (he goals laid out for the football team. "Me U a very dedicated football coach who knows no HmlU to personal work and sacrifice. We are proud lo have been associated with him and his fine young staff and wish for all of them the very best for the future." Patterson, who headed a committee lo seek BeaU's replacement, said he had not talked with any coaches. "But we've got information on six or seven that we might be interested In," Patterson said, "and coach Johnny Majors Is definitely one of them." It was rumored earlier this week, thai Majors, who has guided Iowa State to Its most successful season In ll years, would succeed Beall. Majors denied he had signed with Baylor and added he wouldn't consider it until after (he season. The Cyclones went into their season finale Saturday with a 7-3 record. They will play Ixjuislana Slate Dec. 18 in the Sun Bowl in El Paso, Beall came to Baylor from an assistant coaching job at fxxiisiana State to rebuild (he bears to a conference contender but the effort never got off the ground. Baylor was 0-10 In I9TX) and won only two games in 1970, a 10-0 upset of Army and a 29-24 victory over Texas A&M. DEER PROCESSING 3-BROTHERS EARLY WEEK COUPON SPECIALS [TTTV VM ***<.tco(»oH i fnr^^l ^HucowZ- - ~\ mm Wm~ -wuuAwTecSowT ~ DOUBLE STAMPS TUESDAY f I «t( uo'it) et I * t> n«t "•'^ VALUABLC cou«>«« J2< EXTRA TOP VALUE STAMPS TNi toupon tn is. Top V*lu> Mxlti t4»vtx** tt\ty tx ri(K*n9^d lo* 100 «*((« T<^ V*due Si«rnpi »«th wry purctuw ol J'j 00 tfi<ot*«h }9 99 11 r.fovm i ywwd Uf» ?9 ituu t>r< 'j. 19M TOP VALUE STAMPS Tt»t coupon (H !>w Top VWut M«l*r coupon m*i tx ticfwn^K) lew 150 titit Top Vulut Sumo' <"<!h tfiy pufcfitM o( 110,00 ihioufh SUM »t Krogett. Cicludini itrmi orohibiud br l*w. Coupon yood Itoi 79 thru D« S. 1971 I I I I EXTRA TOPVALUi STAMPS Ttin coupon or ih* Top Vtlvt Uti\er toopon miy !>• t/chirujfd lor 200 tiira S1500 or mor* u Y.ta<ytn Excluding ilKfm prohibited b-^ lavr. Coupon good Hm 29ih/u Off 5. 1971 BABY FOOD VALUABte COUPON _ J l_ CRISCO »•• 79 < & • •!«)*• * SAVl L. , WAI ilAdl C /N-UI&^W /^\' CP COFFEE •. n \y\^ t. n SUGAR &:-^ 3O*-'" ife-.:::S iiS^P ^3F '"«" VAt.UAJtlt VAtUASLt CO^fCMV » i u i > *•** • " DETERGfNT 69k 2*J s .«.-! * «-n.' f f Vf 5 t« iHo»rt* 4 -M^O M;-yt^i-tf--"** if'i'it b IM |i ^ii;« i 1 -—' WIENERS 39' VALUABLE COUPON ' \ &wtri-nu» LUNCHMEATS 29* EcV*M^ "o^ VALUABLE COUPON VBUIMfR't fRIEO COP-'I DOC5 OH BEEF STEAKS 89< rtlTH CCHJfON VALUAUtf U»l» YELLOW ONIONS :.'--~-vTf "•" .' ' «;' «• " •«•-' '• "• ' •'•"• '•• •« u- I «,l, I'l • u- Ht i .t-.l fc 4 i M ^tllr] ©I CARROTS VALUALSC COUPON I SECRET 47* «o; c*'< tie* U*E ' 1»M ,t •M'nt 7.^., ^.'I.iU; *tT*r |.U(t & .c. *; w..f! 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"• J | I 1 »v.,.^.-»l I!.', i ,..,i VJ DINNERS 49< WIIM couros V < ! C" « . ' I » M I • • i ' • i t -c t«< i '^ . r.»-, t l.*.»t< h '.<- » VJ> ( I f HOJIS itUSACi OH MAMBL'WGIK VtKOS PIZZA (* 59 VriTM COUPON : -F"-'i 6 »•,>.!*• j*-., t ,^,;..;y\ ;TW\. I't * i D e <. 1 . t * * t » i < « r. t « K f o?t r t S v tvj« v f lo »«.i' : ->; »'*i| tt»^c & *-'-* v* ti t4« dJ Lhz: NO MORF TANGLES S -RiV OR Ri'iif »o; an si M SiJE 69« ,',I!M i. DW' 1 O*» 1 A-in tf.-» a.;^.~ ;v.^ »'» « a 0 » t 1 l r* •' 1 i i H« •• t Krc,),,! S»H,«, I UJ *t r ..*f^« ttit* & i-x* w-ri '» VALUABLt COUPON 7^\ ~ •" •" V* ' f PEPTO BISMOL so; BIL si wsi/ 66 ir^l L^: WITH COUPON '. '•' ' 1 .i.'n ;n:v vt>-p»:"i tn*u i'. < - 1; * ! . J •? ; 1 4 ( " i . * •--,'- ;«r( i b ..fc|*^t 10 «'. • jt, i v'.i 1 * 4 -c<:ji u-'«i u* RIGHT TOUMIT DESERVED ICI IH£ KROGER CO, H7\ I .* •>*-*. 4< IJ Tl 14* - 50< OFF . ANY PURCHASE OF OUR REG SJ 99 TURTLES NON-RUN" PANTY HOSE i tri i ;o~i>oo 1 »^M H •11.1. _ - -U RED RIPE Strawberries Pts. 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