Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on March 25, 1897 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 25, 1897
Page 4
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s*«*^s^^ STF.RLTXQ, ILL,,MAK€H IT-. { SAt* jmttafflet at S t®rHng,l II. , n < «• «l<is» -matter, nffM $i.$o n year in ndva n<v . Jndlclal Convention. The Bspnbllcan Oonnty Central Committed of tfia Counties or Carroll, Jo Uavlpss, Lee, O/rle. •StepHnnson, Wh!t«stdo and "Wlnnebago, are to ssna delegates to the Judicial Convention fof \ i-itj IWfc Judicial CurctJtt of Illinois, to be held nt KoekJord on Thnrsday, April 23,1S97, at 10 o'clor k l>. m., to place In nomination three candidates fur the oftlce of JadapA of the Clicnlt CmirS for tue 13th Judicial Circuit of the State of Illinois. The basis of repreientatlon will be one dele- sate for erery SCO Republican votes oast fit the last Presidential election and one for every frac- , tion over 150, on which basin the several counties will be entitled to the following number ot dolegates: •Carroll.... 3,314 • 11 •JoDavles 3,594 12 1*6, 4,707 10 We- , '5,210 17 Btephenson 4,729 18 ^Vhlteslde 6677 19 \Ylnnebago 8.242 27 . ' J. H. STBAHNB, Chairman. . •- --• ft, J« SKXSQK, Secretary. _ — Importers and the New Tariff. The importers of the country know that the llepublicans me going to pass a new tariff bill— a bill that will pro- dace more revenue. The importers are taking advantage of the time between the convening of the -extra session of Congress and the passage of the bill by importing all the goods they can. There have been email importations lately because people do not buy. Our exports last month exceeded our imports by twenty-one millions. Importers were waiting. • There will be no showing of this kind for some months to come. • It is stated that there have been millions of dollars worth of sugar ordered since the President's call for the 'bought up in Europe and cane sugar ••wherever it v can be found. Germany '-lias stacks of beet sugar on hand. In this connection a Boston paper says: • The sugar importers are actively engaged in buying up all available sugar, both in the markets of Germany and Cuba, t for prompt shipment to this country in an effort to get the commodity into this country without pay" Ing the government the now tax, 'There is "how stored in Hamburg for shipment to this city alone, more than 15,000tonaof raw sugar, and steamers ara being sent for as rapidly as they can be chartered and loaded. Four large steamers are now due here from Hamburg, and six large vessels from "West Indian ports. . ' • Importers of wool are taxing the •carrying capacities of their vessels in order tq get as much into this country as possible before the new tariff bill ' takes effect. • The same can be said of, wpoleri^goodB., Qur_mar^ kets will be stocked with these goods as they have not been for years. Should the new bill be delayed until • July «normpusquantities of. foreign pro- is_coun. I n !>f-rnoerRUf I.^gifllfttnre, pjpcted ««• ! >!--r f*i!tt gerrymander, will pnfiet asirn- j <:i ir ISP,', which will gife the Lcgisla- i MI is to thefr party for ten y*»fft to , though the party rosy fail 40.nOO short of electing its State ticket. The Attorney-General takes no ftock inihe maxim that there is no *n jury which is without a remedy. He • liinkg there is nothing to do bnt to •-•ubmit. It is not necessary for the Legislature to take his advice and decline to exercise a power the Supreme Court says ft possesses. • Supposing the General Assembly makes a new apportionment,or amends the present one where it la faulty. The Supreme-Court will not declare that law invalid, for it has held that the apportionment question Is one it has nothing to do with. Then the law will stand. The next Legislature will be elected under it. Six Weeks Too Long:. IT is reported that the Finance Com- mitee of the United States Senate will consume s'x' weeks in revising the present revenue bill before it reaches the fljor of the Senate for discussion. This Is all jionsenee. The JSenators know what the bill isr"They have-an opportunity to consider its provisions as it is argued in the House, and by the time it gets to the Senate every Senator should have hia mind made up as to what he is going to do about it. Six weeks in the committee is tomfoolery. In this connection, Wellman, in his Times-Herald correspondence from Washington, says: "Six weeks is altogether too long a time to consume in mere revision of a bill which the house committee prepared in a little more than twice that time. It should be remembered that the laborious work of calculations of effects of certain duties, and of changes from ad valorem to specific rates, has all been done. Morever, the senate Committee now employs the same experts that did the workiof the Boise committee, and they are already at their task under the direction of Senators Allison and Aldrich. The Republicans of the Finance Committee started work last week, and they say they will be ready to report the ( bill by the first of May. That would leave two months in which to get the measure through the Senate and through the Conference Committee which is to arrange the differences between the two houses, so that the act might be signed by the President in time to go iuto effect by July 1. This, the' Republican leaders of the Senate hope to accomplish, but they admit it is going to be very close work." try. ;••...-> The collections at the New York Custom House alone for the past six days,have been greater than half, the collections for the month of January at all the Custom Houses of the coun try. This of course swells the revenue lor the present, and it will make a . showing for the month, but il cause a deficit in the the revenues for the first few months after the pas sage of the DIngley bill. .This poesi bly cannot be prevented. -',-< - —It is estimated that the government •will lose about a million dollars a day 'while the present tariff bill is being considered., It therefore beh'dovet -every lover of his country, without re gard to politics, to rush some good tariff or revenue bill through both Houses • of Congress, because the longer the bill is haggled over the less revenue will the government have for some time and the fewer the nnmber of factory hands will be earning their bread and butter for some time after the bill .becomes a law. £ '"< Cfc " n te*. Legislative Apportionment. The Tribune contains the following editorial -on Senatorial, reapportlonment ' In this State: Attorney^General Akin gives it as bis opinion that the Legislature has not the power at this time to reappor- tioa the State into (Senatorial districts. It is evident that be has not studied the question .carefully, or he would liave eaid jost the. reverse'. In 1853 the Democratic General •Assembly made an apportionment which set at defiance the mandates of the Constitution, It provides that- Senatorial districts shall be formed of contigu- «tw and compact territory, bounded by county lluea. and eoatan as nearly as uraoticable an &md number oi inhabitant*. The attention* "of the Supreme Court was ((tiled to the fact that the law created district* which were not of contiguous and compact territory, and that there were great and unnecessary inagualities in population - The court admitted all tfa&t was claimed regard- tag these manifest inequalities, but re- ttUHNl to set aside the law. It stated that the question WBB a political one ,*ttd must ife dealt with by the Legislature alone. Whatever the, motive* may have bean wbleh preropted this decision, that deiJision staadi, and no relief can be "asa from the Sapreme Court, The vetsw, hsvinf b^ea t»W by the court fcftafc iSe que^tioK was oee the Legisla- ,|ftiw alooe epul4 deal with, elsotea last mu § Gea^ral Assembly foy the of wftl^af 9 f rojw Dingley Slioddy Killer. The New York Tribune-says the DIngley bill should be known as the Shbddy= = Kill'er.=On-honest-=woolen8r the same authority says, the duty is lower in the present bill than it was in the McKinley bill, but on all shoddy the duty is higher than any ever i m . pOEed.— The new-wage 1 Of Wftles is lower on all honest goods. The same authority says: • When it is remembered how consum ers have been robbed for four years and that manufacturers have too often been driven to the. making of fraudu lent goods for a living, the exact mean ing of this new tariff will be appreciated. There has been more of shoddy put into American cloths, three or four times more, within the last four years than ever before. The consum ers are more interested than anybody else to have the supply of honest goods restored. 1 Against all foreign competition American mills can and do supply the solid, well-wearing and cheaper woolens at lower cost than tiny other country, Even Jacob Schoenhof, Mr. Cleveland's Free Trade emmissary abroad, observed and recorded the fact but when goods pretending to be woolens are landed here without an ounce of actual sheep's wool in a whole cargo of them, and costing less than half what goods made of wool wpuld cool even in the cheapest European market and Americans have to choose between industrial prostration with the wear- Ing of such stufC apd the duties which practically prohibit them, it is safe to say that the people will decide by a great majority for American mills.hon- est woolens, and the-Dingley Shoddy Killer. , ....:-,. Bryan by the Democrats of the Hous of Representatives,nnd a noU.ce nervec upon him that, he is wasting; time in posing as a perennial candidate fo the Presidential nomination in futun campaigns. State Reapportlonraent. In the session of our State Legisla ture of '92-'93 the Democrats had en tire control of the State government- Go vernor, Senate, House. The party In power passed both Congressiona and Senatorial apportionment bills both as partisan f ef fymandetB as we et er had. The party so doing to carry the State and hold it indefl nltely, but the pendulum swung back in '91 and despite the unfair gerryman der the Republicans swept everything the State giving 133,000 for the Repub lican ticket. Two years ago no reapportlonment could take place, because, while the Legislature was Republican, the, Governor was Democratic. Now It is possible for our present Legislsture to pass a-CongresBionai-apportionment^4jiii, The Attorney General has been consulted and he says such a bill would be valid. That was the question for con sideration. No one doubts the* unfairness of the present apportionments. What the Republicans should do i to pass a fair reapportionmentbill, one that will be just before the law and invulnerable politically. Do this* make just laws, run the State government for the good of the people and not for the benefit of rings and boodlers, and there Is no reason why the Republicans may not control our State for the' next generation. . Growth of Sound Financial Opinion. In the current number of Gunton's Magazine there is a well-written article Opinion, from which we clip the following paragraph: ~ Tue fact that greenbackism, free-oil verism, state banking and .other Hut schemes, should find followers in different parts of the country, is not a matter of surprise; indeed, It would be surprising were it otherwise, in. view of our financial history. The resump tlon of specie payments in 1879, and the maintenance of nil our paper money at par with gold, and also our silver, despite the fall in value of the white metal, during that whole period, has done much to lay the foundation for the growth of sound monetary opinion in this country. As we have developed in manufacture and commerce,and our Industrial life has become more complex,, banking facilities have become more and more .Indispensable to business solvency and industrial prosperity. This has naturally forced students, publicists, financiers and even businesc men to turn their attention towards the consideration of sound morietarV prlnciple3r=== — -1 __ ====== IN ALL probability the flag law, as it now stands, will be repealed; a bill to this effect has been introduced Into the Bryan Npt In It, The Democratic brethren nave developed a beautiful family quarrel and have proceeded in the,midst of it to knock out William J,' Bryan—to use the language of the sporting arena just now popular. Congressman Bailey, of Texas, although a silver man, could not swallow all of Bryan's heresies in the campaign, and declined to be a candidate for re-election toCongress,because be was not willing to^ake the changes of being embroiled with a President with whom he could not agree on important National methods. (This made a distinct issue between Bailey and Bryan, who were, while in Congress together, the two youngest men of the Jlouae, Mr. Bailey, however, was finally induced to allow his, district to reelect him to Congress, and when the Democrats of the House of Representatives the other day selected their candidate for SpaaUef, the antl-Bryan men mUied arousid Balky and, by an enormous rnajoritjr.eleaea him as the mp- of the DBiao4j?»fcfe party IB iltp^ the flag shall be placed on, county court houses on legal; holidays and on such other dilys as the county boarc may designate; on State iusitltutions on legal .holidays and on such other days as trustees may designate, and .the school houses on such days as dir dctors or boards of directors may designate. This should apply to public buildings and to public schools. It has been shown that the present law has not accomplished what was intended—to teach patriotism.' There has been too much opposition to the pro vision of the law. This opposition.has the tendency o.f causing contempt. In stead of love for our flag. The present; flag law should be modified. FEBRUARY and March.thus f ar, have been months of storms. We have had the coldest weather in March that we have had for a long time. Authentic lists of casuallties show that about fifty lives have been lost in the severe storms since February first on Iand,and at least one hundred In storms on the water along our coasts,and on the lakes, besides the flood sufferers. There have been live tornadoes, so far, In March and bad storms on the sea. One of the most general blizzards of the whole winter swept the, country the fore part of the week. Thousands of head of live stock have perished in these storms. In some parts of the Northwest the snow' is twenty feet deep. The floods in the Mississippi valley are unparalleled. .GEN. ATKINS, of the Freeport Journal says: ••'•'. Oh, yes, the McKinley good times are coming and the idle mills are opening. The Hanover woolen mills at Hanover, Jo Dayiess county, the largest manufacturing industry in this part of the State, resumed operations March 15 with, a full force, who on account of depression of the past two years, have been forced to remain idle the most of the time. The pay roll of the f aetory*exceeds $5,000 a month; almost every family in town being represented in the list of employes. TBKUE is an apparent difference in the attitude of Spain tqwa/d Americans since the change oFadniiniBtra- tion. No sooner had Major ..McKinley taken the oath to do hia duty to the people of the United States, than the psieon doors of Cuba, began to fly open. -There was no neaeasitj' for Wuete'r and threats, A ui'ta, digoified, dstwmined «mtud# jby President Me tit bia totyugu No Democrat Wash (5!* resigned—except THE Times-Herald calls the attempt at Congressional apportionment "The reapportiontnent folly," GovERRon TANNER has issueel a proclamation designating Tuesday, April 20,1897, as Arbor Day. SENATOR TCRPIE, of Indiana, wants the Constitution so amended that United States Senators shall be elected by the "people,": • ------- •" •-•'. - • - • • -.-•>-• SENATOR CULLOM: thinks that a vote on the new tariff bill will not be reached in the Senate for three or four months. The Senator Is good authority on such matters. , THE Populists in Congress desire to be recognized in debate and in the appointment on committees as a distinct party during this session of Congress. How do they usually voter 1 "With the Democrats, -^r—r^-rf:: ±—-^rri-•--:=•-_-=—-•-- THE banks of New York -increased their loans about four millions last week. Financial reports say. that this is an indication of a return of confidence. The country can stand an immense amount of returning confidence. MRS. Ruiz, the widow of the man who was brutally murdered by the Spaniards In a cell in Havana, la now In New York with her family of little children. She is. going to try and earn a livlihood for her family with her needle. -••.'.' THE Administration at Washington has plenty of applications for Consul- Generals to go to Europe, Asia and Africa, good men, too, but it cannot find the right man to send to Cuba. we have plenty of first class timber here going to waste. REPRESENTATIVE LaMonte,of Cook introduced a resolution into our State Legislature "praying for the repeal of the laws prohibiting prize fighting and the enactment of .such legislation as will give proper encouragement to the prize ring." Is the gentleman one of the professional sports from Cook, or is he a little off in his mental reckoning? . ; • --,' FREE mail .delivery will be established In many places' in the West on July 1, 1897. In order to secure this letter-carrier service It is necessary for postomces to show gross receipts of over $10,000, annually; or' a city population of'lO.QOO. In this State the offices that will be benefited by this and Wheaton MONDAY, was the centennial annt vereary of the birth of William L, _ Ern y, ftnrl h<n panple' celebrated the event .in an appropriate manner. The Germans love their old Emperor. .' He Inspired them with confidence and respect. . He was strong in his simplicity and loved for his honor, He did a great work as the "founder of Jmperial Germany." . '-.,'• E MOKOA?;, of Alabama, is oppotc-d to the present arbitration treaty. He ssyg it is un-Amerfcat! and the work of the titleiadfitoerscy of Great BrltlsD, He probably cJssses Bsysrd In the above llafc. W. S. FORM AN, of this Stata.the gold Democrat who was made Commlgsioner of Internal Revenue sad confirmed by Republican votes, will resign and V. B, Scott, of West Virginia, will be his successor. Mr. Format* did not ask to remain longer. CONGRESSMAN HOPKINS says the mission of the Republican j>arty,which is again placed In power, Is to restore prosperity and give employment to labor. He prophesies that an era of prosperity will begin within sixty days after the enactment of the present bill. Gov. TANNER has appointed Editor Henry Emrlch, of the Galesburg Plain- dealer, one of the commissioners to represent Illinois at the Tennessee Centerrnfal.-^Thi8^i8.:a • good" ^pp'olht-- ment and the STANDARD congratulates Mr. Emrich on it, and wishes it were a bigger thing for him, - FORMERLY, our "Long" Jones, now of Waukesha, Wis., is among the callers at the White House. He saya this means nothing but n call to pay his respects to the Presidept. You may depend that when "Long" Jones goes to Washington. to see the President there is a hen on in the classic city of Waukesha. .. , CIVIL SERVICE, no doubt, ia a good thing, but a Nation as well, as an individual, can have too much of a good thing. When President Cleveland put private secretaries of department officials under the civil service rule he gMeitanestjciy^aervlM^ will not soon recover from. Too much civil service is a mugwumpian humbug. ' OUR Representative, George Murray, of Stark county, introduced a bill some time ago which has passed the House. It provides that money due a debtor from the sale of any property •which was exempt,from execution, writ of attachment or distress for rent, at the time of such sale, shall be exempt from attachment'and garnishment to the same extent as such property w6uld be exempt had the same not been sold by such debtor. THE State .Journal of Springfield says': ' '.'-."'. •'• •'• '•'•''- ;'' • • • .'"• ..'• ' Just before the'adjburnment of the last congress, President Cleveland approved' an act which makes the passing of "mutilated or defaced coins jind the_ Tuutllation or defaceinent^of-corns-a criminal offense, panisliable by imprisonment not to exceed five years and a fine not to exceed $2,000, It will lx d •well .for every citizen- who- hap^es money to bear this fact in mind as the ^ ^ MARTS is r. - »vrt>. »rn, No . 3, Tf - Orts.Ko. 2, Osti, No, 2, (»«!€ « IS . , fton ..... ... ........... 8 Hroaw— f» ».,..- y%fcl Tnrkeyg 1 -*; ^1 f i Weekly Weather Report. 0. E. Week ending March 20. Sunday Monday Tuesday" Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday f a. m. n ...?P— :-p. 34 37 42 30 12 m. 18 89. :; 35r 38 40 00 40 10 pm. . 13 24.. "-34 "•'• 42 3t) 44 28 1 31 40 "45 42 53 C2 48 1 9 11 "31 — 34 36 3$ 28 M O&IOAGQ MA.RHET8. Furnished by Hoitrawier & Co. Grain Broken, of Chicago; branch office, rear Fitat Nation*! Bunk, Sterling, Illinois. Harrison'^ eleplione, id. I/mg Distance Bell Telephone, 89. ABTZOUM. WHBAT. Mar Corn, May..... Mar Oftta. jslayv... July .... Mar ,... Meeaprk May .... July.... Mar .... 'Lard. May .... July .... Mar .... OPEN. 8.67 8.82 4.20 4.82 HIGH. 8.80 8.CO 4.25 4.85 LOW. 8,65 8.75 4.20 4.30 OLOSff. 77 87 67 25 85 15 '12, O'CLOCK — OA8H MARKET, Wheat. -. * N No. 2 Red, 83, ' , - s " 3 " 79M- «, 2 Spring,^.' •«' -•-•*' W., 76@79, ..« . 70@74. ment have been instructed to enforce the provisions of this nev/ act aa rigidly-as they go the law against counterfeiting. > ,2 White, '23M. «« 2-— 24, ••• 2 fellow «. 3— "8 Yellow, « 1 Oats. No. 2 " 2 White, 20@22. GES. ATKINB, editor of the Free port Journal says: • .;• •, The Republican party is good enough for Republicans. We have belonged to the Republican party for forty years We never want to belong to any party that is better than the Republlcat party.' The Republican party was.good enough for Lincoln and Grant and Garfield and Blatne, and .the Republican party ia good enough for us. . REPORT,IB that the JPreBident desires ex-Secretary John W. Foster to accept the Turkish mission, one of '. the moat important diplomatic posts at this time there is to fill, Mr. Foster is a very competent man for any foreign position and he is especially fitted by experience to deal with foreign complications. It is to be hoped that bis services can be secured. ONE of the news items from' across the Atlantic is that on Sunday last the Turks murdered one hundred",Christ ians in a church at Tokat. Of late a little thing like tbe butchery, of a few hundred Christians by the Turks' is taken as a matter of course. It looks as though the tlrr^e had not 7et come when the humanity of ^Nations will assert itself and.such stop butcheries. AT the meeting of the Ministerial Association held atVoungstown.Ohio, Rev. E. P. Edmunds, formerly of Canton, paid the following tribute to the life and character of President McKinley: •• ••: • --•'•. - • ' '... .' .; During a five years' pastorate I Eound President McKinley an exemplary Christian man iu every respect and never knew him to utter an impure expression. Hit religion was not of an ostentatious character, but that of a 'irue'man. is that Hon. Charles P. Bryan, of Elmhurst, ia ,to be honored by the Administration with the ap- wintment as MiQiate"r""p > , Jjenmark, This would be aii exo^ftit' Appointment,'only Mr. BiyfS*^icottny friends woul<J eoooer see him have something at home, because he is a power in poll; so, exoelleat mm aud an uaiiriag worker, uod he is just tho man to .boujt iaau eiowtfBfcey. The eoagrstuUtttrs both ^« TlTa New York Tribune In closing an editorial on Gladstone's articl against the unspeakable Turk, says th powers of; Europe"Ma'y not be Inclin ed to listen to this venerable and com manding voice. But the message 1 not addressed to them alone,'npt'to the Duke of Westminster. It is addressee to the mind and heart and soul of the people, and especially of the English people, who, when aroused, exert,a force no Czar or Kaiser nor yet Sultan pan withstand. The world Ijas.not ye become so evil and the times so basi thateuchau appeal, on such au issue from saph a eource, to such aa object, can utterly fail of Its effect. Y SUPREME LODGE MEETS. My«tlo Worker* Held a Seoalda at Walton The' Supreme Lodge of ,the Mystic Workers of the World met in Fulton Tuesday, for the purpose of making uorae slight alterations in their constitution, The difficulty lay in the fact that the term of oflace in the Organization was indefinite, This was remedied by making the term two years in length. I. B. Donaldson," of ^Dixon was elected Supreme Banker of the organization, The Board of Directors adjusted one claim of $1000, Though the organization. Is one of the newest of .Us kind, it has a membership of over SjOOO.^The regular Supreme Lodge meeting will be held in Fulton in Sep tember J898. .' : ' THE WOODMEN PICNIC. Stevens Keports Uuurd of the Meeting of Maltby Steyens has returned ifrow Aurora, where be went to attend the meeting of the Board of Directors oj ,he Picnic Association of the Modern Woodmen. He saye that the meeting was enthusiastic, and from appear- ances.Stha picnic of the '«? will be he best that has yet been given by the Associatiori, t.ww decided to hold it at.BurHjig- ton Park oa June t?. Th6 C. B, & Q. iR. h»4 made low €scur*lon rateg for he owAsion and loos are on tost ?a> *uafc« H a t&* slw White, 18@)>$. NOBTHWESTEBN BKOEIPT8. Minneapolij ,...,161^ J5Q 354 Chicago .'.'.'.'." T-' ' —i — •* Total '.'.".'.'. 333 ~28i 52£f " Car lots today—Wheat, 12; corn, 04; oats, 96. Estimated car loads tomorrow.— N wheat, 9;-" corn, 85; oats, 92; hogfl, 20,000. •"•-.•••:• . : .••:•• • ' ' , HQQ AND OATTM BKOBiPtfS. Mar. 24, '97i UNION STOCK YABDS—' Hogs 19,000. • Cattje 12,600. ' ' Sheep fyooo, . , Hogs left py«r 1,000, Kansas City hogs ta-day, 8,000. Kansas City cattle tfl'day, 5,000, Omaha hogs to-day, 4,500. Omaha cattle to-day, 4,000.' . Hoga opened steady. Mixed; 3,9504.17; good JI4.17; roukh, ' 3.7503 g 90, Oattle stronger, Sheep firm. • •;•• OI.OSIMB. 'Hogp clpsedl weak. Cattle steady^ Sheep strong. ..MYSTORE.. Always keeps the Best gr de' of Groceries ia the city. Lowest Prices, and will pay the Highest Prices for Produce. : :::::::: Try our Coffee Best in the city. Always on top,

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