The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 6, 1923 · Page 1
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 1

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 6, 1923
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THE NEWS BRINGS THE NEWS FIRST TO CENTRAL ANO WESTERN KANSAS THE NEWS HAS THE LARGEST CIRCULATION OF THE PAPERS IN CENTRAL KANSAS COUNTY TREASURER RESIGNS RESULT OF BANK'S FAILURE L. J. Adkinson'* R*»»Bmt!an is Accepted by Board. JMUST NAME SUCCESSOR LWorld War Veteran is Victim of Being Accomodating to Defunct Bank. r Jaunty Treasurer L. J. Adkinson •ervlng HID unexpirod-term of 1,. H. jObee as county'treasurer and with n •full term still to serve, starling In .October resigned today as the result of the liOKllgcnca ho now admits he Showed In faillng-to clear a check for | $21.171.SI given by ibe-Hniied Water, Can and on the defunct Fourth State bank Lint December for first half taxes. At the rc- 'poated ren.ue<it of bank officials, Mr. Adklnsou delayed clcuirfng the M& 'check until the stale bank commlii- 'eloner closed the doors and it was too lato. The resignation was accepted by the county commissioners who wen- not | certain ut i! o'clock just what course would be taken because of tb'e nb-' 'Belies ot County Attorney 1I> P. iDro-'ii. It Is likely however that Mr. ;Adkinno!i will remain in charge for a ifow -lays mull a new treasurer can ho appointed. Intent Right, Effect Wrong. \ Little d'..,ubl Is entertained in any quarters aa to Mr. Adklmton's hones-ty. Kvcrywliero It Is tho conconaus of opinion expressed that the ox-servico ••man Is *i victim of circumstances, car«.dFiSH beyond doubt, but certainly not irullty O f Intent. i* Mr. Adkinsinn. accompanied by Judge C. F,. Bromine, entered tho com. missionary' 'chounibor at 2:T,0 o'clock thin afternoon and Judge Branlne read , tine statement la connection with tJio rosiirnatlon, after which Uio conunis- i Bloners -wont, Into conforo.Ti-c.o. The •.resignation comes- a-t a tiino when (ho .'treasurer's? office 1st very busy writ- 1 i\\S stw:ond half taxes and just pro- coefllng the second MR distribution of funds. The county now has something over a million dollars In the banks. Mr. Adkim-.on's statement, follows: To The Honorable Board-of County CommiRsloners of Reno County. Gentlemen:— 1 hand you herewith my rei-lgiiuUgn. as Couuty Tiiuanir-r of lieno County to 'become" effective Bt such time a,i you limy wish to accept the sumo. This action la prompted by one Ringl-j reason. In the tax paying rush of Doecvmhcr 1!0, the check of Tho United Woler, Gas & Kluclrlc. I'om- Vany for SIM.1XI.1S was. received in the office for payment c/f the taxes of. said company. At Unit time checks, " .(Continued on Page 9.) MISSING TAXICAB WAS FOUND AT TURNER, KAS. But There is Still no Trace of the Missing 'Junction City Taxi Driver. Junction C'ity, Kan., July G.—The -tourlngr car driven by \ViJliam Hart, 23, Uxi driver, miKsinK since midnight Wednesday. June 27, was found, out of gasoline, on the Golden Holt highway at Turner, Kan., on Thursday morning, June 28, Ions thau (Ive and one, liulf hours after Hart, left here. This word came from the sheriff at Kansas Oily, Kan., this mornins. Ho had ascerlniiH-tl mvnur&hlp of the car through tho office of tho secretary of state at. Topelca. This Is the first clue In the disappearance of Mart. Tho car bore no 'blood atnlus or marks of violence it was stated in a eubse- quont telophono conversation with tho Wyando.tte county sheriff. CollinErwoods Will Not Take Over Fourth State. DENY REPORTED INTEREST No New Facts Made Public Today by Examiners—Grundy Was in K,C. June, 28. SURGING OF WATER DERAILED A TRAIN .This is Report of Commerce Commission on a Wreck on the Rio Grande. Discussion of plans of re-organ iza- tlon and the possibility of re-outing the 'Fourth State hank at an early date was 'brought up at the meeting ot the directors held this inornlnE. No definite plans have been made and no outside capital is in sight at the present time, according to those closo to the situation. Directors in Dark. The a I nt c beinR in charge and atill Checlslng thu instiluiloji the dircctom are still in the dark as to just what the situation Is today. Until a statement is made as to thu exact condition of the they will be mui.ble to work intelligently. It 13 Ffmi/iy a matter nf waltini; with them. No new maU'er of import has been brought up thut will .have a bearing on the case. No cue has asked for a warrant lor tho utilising president, Walter Cirundy. Tim story that tho C'ollinixwood faintly of bank'-ru would take over the Fourth Htali! bank Is altogether false, according lo Mrs. Klhl Demoret, president of li'o Pretty Prairie Htato bank, a inem'uer of the L'oilingwood family. ' Thorn were two different parties of llutehlniiiin men hero yesterday 'To ate if thfi bank would be taken over hy our family. I told them tliat we hud no one who could take charge of tho bank at Hmc-hiuson. I have i had no invitation to c-oino to Tlutch- I liwon to talk over tho matters with j the bunk officials! and f feel cOvtain I that the Culling woods have not made Jan offer or entertained one to take. over the Fourth Slate. I am certain I wutiM b<* consulted on such u move. I did not even think the matter of enough consideration to say anything to my hushund last evening when ho cnmo in out of the fluids." He >3 Not Interested. i'Viink folllnsr-vood, n grain man and lili; land owner at Plains who be tho only oilu-r member to whom Mich a proposition wortld bo broached wa» called by loU'iibotie by tho Neus and Tu' denied havius f.ny Idea of sii'-h a deal. "Nothing in It. v.-,> ar,'' not thinkiiiK of bnj-'irg that bank," he said in decided tonca. Want Ail to Get Statements. "No new devi'iopmeufs in thy bank's affairs havo sliowu uji." 5-aid Ijloyd Hiuchinson, .Mate bank examiner In <'nnri.;o of tho <'l')K«d bank (his morn- int;. "We are asking that the people liavinR Individual accounts to pleaso call for their statements so t'lmt wa can rjjc-clt their accounts. This la very important as we must know just what each individual should receive, in case of settlfiinent." Seen Week Ago Yesterday. Little stories us to the disappearance of tho president of the c.loacd hank arc coming to light. Last Thursday nlglit juat u week ago, L. (J. Hughea, a former Ilutchinsou man, wan in the union station at Kansas City buying a ticket to come to Hutch- iiiBiin. While thoro he i.inv Mr. and Mrs. Walter Orundy and it was very evident he ua> s tliat lliey did not want liim to see them. Latpr on Kuing to the bngsaRe room to check baggage lie ran acrusa them uisiiln and IHTU recognition was" un- iLvuid.tb!,'. AVhen .Mr. Jliishos i-iimu licro ho rumarkud on the Iticidunt to frlonda hut he ivtsirncd t u - Ji'ansa.H City before tho story of Grundy« dltiappo-uittic,.' had been made public. Previous.!}-., it had, been fctuied Mrs. (Trnmly returned hero Wednesday night. Another significant thing which is reported is ihat Mm. Urnndy took *evnral books from tho public library a short time ago on International law. This would buar out thu popular thuory that tho missing bank president has fled to Mexico. „ SOUTHWESTERN'LEAGUE ON ITS SECOND HALF Washington, July 6.--Wuter onrnlng back and forth in tbo tender tank behind tha engine was chtafly responsible for tho Dimvor and llio llraudu "Wostcrn wrack noar Grassy, Utah, May 2, Iu which aov«n poriwiia were );illcd and 74 injnrod, accordlni; to reports ma,So to tho Interstate commerce commission today by Its safety inspector-.-!. The train had attained a speed thai was too Mirh for the condition of the track, tho report said, and tho \Vjiter siirKi's! derailed llm tender hebind the nnglne, Wliloh resuito'd in tha dorullmont ot tho outlru train. WEATHER AND ROADS Pittaburg—Clear; roads good. Emporia— Clear; roada rough. Sallna--Clear; good^ Wichita,—Clear; roads good. Arkansas City—Clear; roads good. Toiieku—Clear; roads fair, Ottawa—Clear; roada good. Oot'feyvlII&-Cl9ai-; votida good. Kaueaa olty*-Patv; roads good.— Hutchiuaon—Pulr; roada good. _ HUTCI-IINSON, KANSAS, FRJD AY/JULY 6, 192J _ LAST EDITION. 4 O'CLOCK PLENTYOFCARS" -^^^ ==== ^=- ==:= -^- i ====-- : - : ™~=-- - ™- '-• Optimistic Statement is Issued by General Freight Agent. HOLD PART OF THE WHEAT Farmers Will Do This Because of the Unattractive Prices Offered Right Now. Topeka, Kan., July G.—An optimlHtlc Htatomcnt that the Sautu Fo railroad Is fully prepared to meet all demands for freight cars and that the movement of grain will be promptly attended to, was Riven out. here today by K. O. Merrick, general freight agent of the Santa Fe system. The situation is helped by the fact tluit many farmers Intend to hold at leaat a part r>; their wheat, beeatiHtj the jjre.^ent market price la not attractive, Mr. Morrlck said. "The Simla Fo baa been jmttlng In its he:;t for .several jnontbi-t to pet ready for the season's crop movement," s»id Merricli. ''New cars have been bouirht; old-uirs repaired. Wo are in pretty good shape and rourty for the rush. An Illustration. "Of course any such optimistic statement should bnve a loophole. For instance: If all tho farmera should take a notion to ship all their wheat at one time, no rallrond could handle tho grTi.iu offered. Hut they are not likely lo do It that way. The prevailing price of wheat la not attractive, so most farmers will try to held at least a part of the crop. Reports com- liiE from Santa Pp stations in llio wheat territory indicate an orderly movement which the :ailroad:i will be able to handle In a manner satisfactory to the shipper, In my Judgment. It Is Teamwork. "I'rcsidont Storey's appeal for shippers to cooperate with us In the handling of equipment in such a. wny as to get the- best service out of U, struck a responsive chorTl. The teum- work wo have had from tho ssUlppera generally has been fine." All reports indicate a big corn crop, Mr. Merrick said; also large yields ot filfalfa, sorghum, oats and "pastures never were lictler." Tho Sautu Ku, he said, is hauling a good many cattle into Kansas u> restock farm's whim let their stuff go during the depression. . "Taking thiugs together," .Merrick i-jiichi.U'd, "It Is goini5 to l)o-B"T»wtty- eood year for tho fanner." COMMUNISTSlONTROL FARRIER-LABOR PARTY Convention foi- "Any Weapon" to Be Used to Get Charge of Country. Coffeyville Only Kansas Club to Remain in the First Half in Percentage. Tpj)ckn, !'an., July fi.—-Tho Sotilh- western l^rasuo starta out today with u new slut* on tho second half of tho Benson, (..'oifeyvillo tops the s'tuadln^ for the Til Kami- period already played, with a tJ>'rcuTU.-iL;e O f .1ST Coffuyviilo la tin- only 'fv;in:>a.a team In Uio first) division, -Musko.m-Mi, Llurthisi-jlla and: Snpiiipa brlui(-('he others,-In the order named, in lun first column. Hutchinson, Topeka, loilcpeudenco and .SuMuu brim; up thojfttr. Bt-,:auiio of post- ponrcl sames each train was shy 1'roiu two to four games of playinjf tho full 70. -MoJItVatlon ot tha "rookie rulo" for the baiauce. o." tho season brings relief to the managers seucrallv, who reported th»y had dlMIculty In keep- Ing Ihoir quota ot profossioimla down to eight men. Under the new ruling each toam may have ton professionals. Tho teams'play today as follows: Cotfevvllle at Topoka;, IloTtleavllle ut lndai).endence, Sitpulptt a.t Saliuaj at Hutchlusou. (Uy Tlio A.SS;O,-|.\H. ( I IVo.-tM) Chic.apo, July 0.—Any weapon may 'bo uaud iu obtaining political control of government by the new Keduratod fiirnier-labor party, created hero last niKht, it is iudicaled in the fabling of a resolution hy the convention \\iiieh would have excluded any urniip irom its platform hy the convention which would liavo excluded any group from its plnlfurm which ach'ooatud fnn.i. 1 or I'loler.ce or which In any way affiliated with an organisation that sought Iiolitiir.-il satisfaction, except thiv.ik'h the ballot. This radical action twice iva-j sup- I'oried, first by tabllusj tho form of the farmer-labor caucus which included such u section and laiur l,y tabiiiiff n resolution recommended l.iV the minority of tho resolution ivm- mlttee. Sentiment of tha coaf'-n-iicu on each occasion was expressed la un- faillii!; voico. The federated farmer-labor parly convention adjourned early today with only, routluo business of tho' exec\itiv» committee on hand. This commit tea will meet lato today Cor tho purpose, of choosing ail executive council, other officers .and map out a program o^stalo and local activity. "Hed" speeches which becamo more pronounced as the convention nearud its close kept the 1 deloButes m almost continual demonstration. TIRED OFlARMLIFE; GIRLS RAN FROM HOME [Parsons, Kna., July 0.—Hattlo Maffher, 17 years old and Ailice Sny- dur, 18 years old, both of. Blue Jacket, Okla., -were taken 'Into custody ty police lioro today and ara •belnff'ji'eJd for their parents, who wired authorlUt^ to take them .from a Missouri-Kansas- 1 Texas train this morninK. Tho slrla told .police they wejo running a\vay from home because they tire-d of farm life. "We want to see Kansas f'itv and New York, they told tho police matron. TO TEST GAS TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT CCLDFIELD, NEV., Company Would Re-Juce Charge 1 Left Tacoma on Their Cruise in For Big Industries That Usa. , „-,Transport Up Coasl To Topeka, Kan , July fi.—The Kansas Gas and Electric conipany, operating distrlbutim; c'->nc.erna at Wichita, New. 4ori, rfutcbin.-on and Pittsbnrg, today filed with (ho statu public utiHtia.11 comniisjdon an application tor per-; inlRHlon to reduce at those points its, "exli'.lius rale of li) cents per l.OUO cubic feet foir industrial natural t;a.s to 2;! cents for the first fiOO.IWO cubic! feel used each month anil 2 : j cents lor' all in iiccu'iis of that amount. The charge for KUS for the industrial plants in HulrhiiiHim Is lit the rate of -10 cents a thousand cubic feet for all nred under 500.100 cubic foet per month and 2r, cents a thousand for all over that amount. The plan proposed would reduce the maximum to be used before the lower price is secured from uOU.OOO to 59,000 cubic fovt. Kansas City, Mo., July hearing to test the validity of tha municipal tax of ona cent a gallon 'on gasoline used for motor vehicles was started here today. An effort IB bslng made to obtain a permanent Injunction analnst the collection of the tax. Tbo Ohio division of tho Service Star Legion recently wj>nt oa record TO opposing »-»r. SPECIAL AGENT SHOT BY BOX CAR ROBBER Happened in Freight Train on the j Kansas City Southern Early Today. Kansas City. Mo., July li.--Kdward , Shannon, a special ugunt for tho Kansas City Southern, was shot and wounded early today in a revolver fight svlth an allogod box car rabbet- on top of a .moving freight train near 'hero. . Suvoral box cam liavo heen looted lately, Shannon said, f.nd thia morning he .boarded a freight train to Investigate the robberies. Approaching a grade south of hew whera tho alleged depredations havo taken placo, Shannon, saw a man climbing over a cur. Tho man refused to surrender and Btart-ad firing, tha special agont do- clarod Shannon returziod tho_.firo and the 'man Jumped cU!f 'tho car. Polico today were preparing to question a man taken to Kansas City, Kan., lionpltal parly today wilh u. bullet wnun<l iu Ilia shouldiir. MAY ALLOWSOME FILMS BEFORE FIGHT EXHIBITED Chicago, July 8.—Motion picture fllma allowing the scon,is around 9hul- r by pi'(ji:eding tha DemL'sey-Gibbons fisht tuero July 4, but nut chewing the boxers, were submitted "to the federal aiithorlt'ea hera today for Inspection. It wa.s Hald that the govctnunont authorltlos probalfly would uormlt Uie picXures to bo exhibited. Tho companies owning tho films no- tiiied the fedarat agents ot their presence in Chicago today. It was ^* first reported that films ofTue actual fighting between Dempsey and Qib- boua vvero iclzed, fr.y Tim A.'ia.iciiiH'.l fi .-.,-.) On board r. S. s. Men,lei son Pivsidi-.'it ilardinu:, July 'j.—l'ie-;i Harding was beyond Amcrirnii b:ji ri,:s today enjnyin!: life. -,n se comfortable c-al)!:isi ;i;i,l ,-, :! ih,, i| of llm marine l.r;!;,::pnrt H-'nil Ho left T.-K'onui'. V.'.i :'.,ii. ye-;I aci'ompanii-d by Air.-, lii.nliiu: memb'.'rs of lit.; Al».-:k-:n party tho salutes of navai craft, in T.u and Seattle waters. K.-cortim- Hendiir-son aru t\vo Aim.Tlcaii dc.j ers, the Hull and the Corry, c-nui with depth findi-r s and i'oniii,;iu,b officers who recently made char the Pacific allure water depths. Precautions' Taken. The attendance ot the destroyn due merely to the i<\lr:u>rdliiary cautious of naval nnlhorii ics to round ihu president with evcrv siblc safety during the vo>,ii!u.' course follows tin: Inland II'L^'^IK" Puget Sound to A.! a ska a"d tot! the.- open waters uf the l'a,-;nc ,;-.'.! a fi'W mile.* uf the lr'|>. Tile chief cxccuiive pi.',us c divursloa "I'riini c,,,i-, rn::i,<:,i ul ;i: VVE.ATHEH REPORT. Temperature Past 04 Hours, NatloniU Dulldlna. < P. sr iii i 4 A. :,i II I-'. M S'j j ii A. If. .. •> f. M *.i « A. jj ; to r. M to wr A. M. ... 12 MMn!,;M 78 12 Miion 2 A. M 71 1 2 J'. M Maximum, '.14, WEATHER FORECAST. OF GOVERNMENT It Will Rest in "Federal Execca- tive Committee" in Russia. CONSISTS OF TWO HOUSES Incorporates Principles From Both the American and the British Governments. lloscow, .July fi. Th.- coniMiuii of the new union of suviet sociali.-": publics approved by the Itiissi parliament In incorponnin," princ::d from ho.'h the Air.eriemi and 11,;:, Kovcrninenta. j.-rovldi-s that ihe i lirenie power will r. st In a ;',-! ; executive commit fee, c,uisi.-,t i;?.two bousesi. one the council ,,: i:, : j chosen on the basis of oopulmi ,n -i th<, otbiT council of tiatio:;.iiii., ciioseu by each nation, reM-,ll ••;-, I'opulalion, except known us MI, ill independent ,-,, mnncj, .'such ,IM K',-i/-,>i.'ii, l:,iri- ,,:,!. ,, Million and a Half Damages to' fi "' !l «'.•''-"• TL- ?>«• ' -T- i ':av,- final ,uit )i,iv!l v I 1 his Mining Town in the Far West. of which hive e,|u;il r"!>r,".v!iiji ;..,:, Soma to br Elected. The council ,,:' t!;.. nnlnn v ;iih :! member,-! will he e'e.'lr-,! in- ;!•„. f,- i • con^resH of so\i,-t : .. wbi.'h'corre.-,,,,:, ineeiiiie at Nto-;,,,\v!.,'. The council of nation.ilit :e : ; « ;n chosen by the prli }••::>,• ,;•[• a-i AlucricaTi .se;i;ilors ion,;,•;•], Will n;in:e a feil-Tal cinmcil i,iii:;i'.:i l»f ten coninii,-,.-;!!-; to de.,1 \: foreliln affairs, r.idrn id.-i. po.-ts a l.e]c,4niphs, fr.ane.1'. food, nal.oi cc,,nou:y and labor. Th, ^e -,i ;•; , fiie various slate jjo\-.'rnmoiit., .n.d e.i-.ifflclo mc:i-.':,etM Iller-of. I'Mllcal !:.'!!. heallll, public Weir,! anil line;-;,a! a: i'Mrs are ic:; -, ; ; •' to file various .-it,He:,-, but til • li-,l -t dec'.', OS Of any sl;,le ,.-;o\ evil!,:..,,[. Capital Moscow. The ill-nil.mi-ill capisal Ii .\1., .-. and tho ne\\ f|, 1K has ., l,h, >d re : .11' Kroiind with i;i,ib,'. ham:ncr ai:< ! -..,-!, cnilileinatlc n, 1 ih" iiro.'oul fe I.•;-.:;; Ill th<> center and lie' il;.;'-; j;r .,••! WOl'1,1, I'llite"' The ( r'!'.N;l;.;it ion Ii. '.>•'. ';,,• !,t'.,::-'l •ttle. ,'!•:'..,:l •nni! may call an I • x : u.,riiic. < - y •• t-!o:i IT two o." th" rcp'ib'.i, .' :••) r! .<; In iTenct-al. led.-nU ri«h;-i i,rcd-' '.ir!', Tll-.TO Will be 110 llil'eCI el, ,-•( ;. ,: u tli-i ,'r.MCUS or eolii^.Tii ion Il;,-,., ,.i ,.', prevail. ii'ul mid -oin.-i fh,: troy- pped -i| by ts of rs l.s |,re- sur- pos- T'.iu from ic:-,,..-! .,- !'.,r KANSAS WOMAN KAS THE ALTITUDE RfiuiKD Mrs. HnrcJiem of RariifiS'i, Wr,is County, Went 16,300 Feet in the Air. Tonopah, N = v'., July C.—Carried by a wind of hurricane force that is roaring it£ defiance of dynnmito ,-ircl water, a great fire is uwcep- ina over the gold camp of Coldfield, 30 miles to the couth. Hundreds of refugees are fleeing to tin- bills carrying their hastily collected effects with them. Damages 'Are Largo. At 10 o'clock Nowlnn Crumley, proprietor of llio Goldfield hotel'l- ns.'ited tlial Hi,.' fli-o had don-' .> l,.1l/0.»(IO damage. At tliat hour it had -Milln Hlre.'t from end to end, rod-lei,,:; S t; I,OU|M. Mo., .Inlv C.--MI-, ]|,-ilu h S <'""- '""'k ""d Nye cou.i.j '!.;,;;,, Ho, chc,,,, aviutrix of Han-,,,,;, l..',n,i biiinll; 1K H to heap* of ..mould,-!- ! K,, n ., today hold the world',, aii inm,.' iiiB rums, and leaving muny in her i ivcord for women, iun Inu 'i-<,-.•: 1 -,.,| >-, •ii,ackenud and sniouIdurniK ruins In It.i i a hcinbt of n;,:ioo feet Ht Si I o m valo-..and bad Jump-jit across tu ! Held, near here, lar- w-u.-rdnv It, i oic.mbin,. avenue, where It w«* roar- ' maltiiiff (he i'il K lil, M\-a !!,;r!i>" ir.K 'owai-d the po.;toffic!> i;ud Ii,c ; Chattered U,,. ^rnvhm , :v. o,-,l .„ •:. . •hoi.,-1. An riuempt to d.vir.imir n a ' 71111 f,,,..|. whlc], wa.i n-u,'e i, v -\ u.!•-.'• tire ;rad Pn,v,,.l futile In :;,e fac,, ,,f . |,,.y,- t ., a Pr-ndi river Iu I'uim.rt;, i a 1" • V'i):d and the futility ..,f iM* en-; month mro. d":no! wns Intensified by lim virtual ; ,\1|- H . li'iirclli'in '.vho HUM!,. lh,. fi'-ll' l.iilny,' of the water snpiiiy. Th"'w|tli Major \V 1! Koh.'i-l ,,'i ,-. v.'i.i.'r In dr.i'iu from a : q.,i,,:; . ,.v- ra l ! mander of til,'! MU-ouri ' '-;,,;• ci.i; '"'•h-:i irom Ihe lown. iCuard, aviaii.m servt-e !,-.,! •..'•,", Many Cars Qursipd, Thirty an,'omolill<<.<. \verf bur:iod In ti-.u llrnwn and I'arker (!a-afi- wher« ! fr "/: i fi",'n ih" Phil, h;:ii'.l.-i and l,"-t ti-.u llrnwn and I'arker (!a-afi- wlien- , ' r " rfl b:ti,Mi. I the fir,! in said lo have shirt,'il Criim- T ' 1 '" 1 K '"-' 1(i w! '-i official, I,,-;:;-: •MJlcy who h:-.l a fire fisbtiiiK riiu.'iil. -.viu • ll . 1 "' ll " t <"» i<ir '- 1 ' rul-s of th. cut tiy flying Klass and slhUiily hurt ! li ""' 1 ' -^'-'roninitlc AH. ,..,(•',:•.( ;,,;i. 7? i and tliHre ii-icnnfinTt.-.,! . t-i .,.,,,-t ^- ,!...» ! •--^ and th«ro u:ici)nfirinf'd - reports th-it pome of the tire flghteru wer.i hy lalliiiK walls. A relief coii-.jnltter K:I Mrs. l[or,-hi'!n'n lm:n county, a huii.lrerl miles norli Hutchinson run! i-ii, A rellof coir.mlttee waj hii-Mly o ,. HntchliiHon nild i-lie Is l.n.•-'.-- Kanliofl Iv-ri' before noon and riii'hi-'d "'"•">' N " :l!4 ''"Unty lr---»pl'-, IIOM : (K'vei-nl aiKoniobilu loads u f food- ! 1 "-' rn ' v ''"' formerly liv./l ai !;; ; IstHffrt to the stricken town. All wire I'""' r "' ;u ' <-h,-n,. Kansas—Geru-rallv fair.-lonlght and Sulurdny; tittli! <:h >ni;a in temperature. HOW "YOU f\ SUMMER &\RU SHOULD STORM IN PITTSBURGH nil , onimunlcatioii was cut off! ~~ fr '; ; '"" (trtt L i r stand. NVE WERE KILLED IN Tlii! last stand ot the fire fightem is b'-iiig inada bufora tha C.nldiidd Hotel, the Klks building and the post olfice. The Coblfleld Tribune plant la nonr the post office building Tho of- i • i^ • r> , r^ flee of tlir. fJoidflehl ConaoliTlated Min- Ll S hlnln K Brought Death io CVjmpany has already be.'i, do- Three, Wrecked Car to Two , ed. I.UIP arrivals In this town ! r,.. from C.Vddfield raid that tnoro was not Uthcrs. a e.haiiee to savii the town. Ho!li telepboiio .'ompany and the Wr-atoni Union wore burned j .„.,,,,,, , .,.. j down at !!io b«c.lnninff of the fire, ! sonu «-ore i;iib-d n; •A hi',) frantic calls for help wero'bidnK storm wbi,",, >,! •.!,,• ;. S"llt to outside towns. jloiluy. A n.:in ;i.:,l ;i Only Thousand Left. Jed by , online iii',, . Of th» JS.oon persons :vh,, HVO<| in ! trie -.vir,-.-, .T".-:. :•,;. ildfldld in :lui t;reat. gold days he-! ot!'.,'i- 11111, v,a-, -i • fore liilO, b:n-!dy a thousand ::!e left,! win!,! .-UandiM; ,,-i ; but thn camp baa been doing a con. r,-',|..|,,n<,. uni't'.., ., i;idc:.,b)o billilli-^s with ,su: J ,;li/;d!',;' ' ivhi.'H S!i,-i;- •':. ,jr.,;;u»'. nilnini; di'itricIK. ' | pll;,| )( .r>- ro..l ,, I;;:,. Tli'i fire started in what wvi •' |iart>!i-K i'i 'ii,-'; - M-,.of the old (.TMb.-rloiu dlatrict. j Tin; fire Hpi-i-nd rapidly and took thu! Mn.^uiili- temple which wa.i the ,dd and' fain-Mis M'jiiti-iuuia club bnlldliiK.i . 'i Li;:rf)»3 the street and destroyed i [lie building that once housed Tux Hf<-kan!'» Northern Haloon whore tha fiBdl promoter nmdo his start and todi' the rr/\-> of frame l.'iiiidlnga on both sides of Main stri'i-t is far M NF.OSHO OOlfIG OOV.'M. Are you insured 1 ! U not bitter Et« the Klnk^il agency. Eni[K.ri,i, K.-iii'. p July £ __Fiooa conditions Ir, the Neosho v.i'lay lo. day showed Tho Ntoiiho fell two txtt tirry last night. Ax Hartford ilia nv«p waa at a standstill. The ci'e^t of thj flood will reach,. Burlington tlni i afternoon.

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