Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on February 4, 1888 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 4, 1888
Page 3
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THE EVE1T1HG QAZETTI SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 1?S3. BARGAINS! Cloaks, •s. Shawls, Dress Goods, Evening Gazette. oid Tm« Ermpraf! QAjnrmi can be had at all the o<jw« stands," Price TWO oanrs. ..\ L-.V- SATURDAY, FEB. «. 1*». Blankets, Bed Comfortables, Knit Underwear, Toboggan Caps, ins, Hosiery, Sal Gloves, Mitten JL3L Corsets, Bustles, -BOCIKTIE* AJt» AMUSEWF.ST* TO-HIOHT. Special meeting of Sterling Chapter No. 57. Royal Arch Masons. Work— M.M. degree. BREVITIES. —Miss Alice WllklnBOn Is quite 111. —Mrs. George Mohler is quite sick. —Born to Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rael this morning, a boy. —Sleighing parties from Dixon were over here last night and stopped at the Gait. —Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Newcomer gave a tea-party to a number of their friends last evening, —Mrs. Rutt, mother of Mrs. Simon Brenneman, is lying at the point of death with gangrene.- --—The teachers of the Third ward school and some of the Second ward teachers went up to Dixon to-day In sleighs. —Quite a number of Sterling people will go to Mary Dietrich's near Stone'Statioa to-night It is a leap- year invited patty. —A lady living at Mr. Wm. Hess' was thrown from a cutter yesterday evening. She escaped injury, but the horse severed on artery in one of Its hind legs. —Chronological: To-day is the anniversary of the meeting of the Confe* erate Congress at Montgomery, in 1881. To-morrow is the anniversary of the battle of Hatcher's run, Va., in 1805. —Reports were around town last night and this morning that Mr. Traister was dying or dead. To the contrary of this, he Is doing as well aa could be expected and his re )overy Is confidently expected. —Union Lodge No. 3, A. O, U. W, went up to Dixon last night to attend a meeting of Dixon Lodge of the same order, they having beeu invited over They went in sleighs and greatly enjoyed drive and visit. —Swan Peterson plead guilty yesterday in Judge McCoy's court to a charge of selling liquor at Deer Crove without license and was sentenced to 200 days in the county jail, where he will have abundance of time to ruminate upon the danger of violating the laws of this great commonwealth. —George and John Sullivan get 00 days each in the county jail, sentenced by Judge McCoy yesterday. It will be remembered that these two individuals stole an overcoat from a dummy In front of Isaac Wolf's store a couple of weeks ago. These two, Peterson and Rainone. all plead guilty. State's attorney Stager appeared and after making a'statement in each case to the court, they were sentenced as stated. —Mr. J. N. Hyde, of Dixon, a one- legged soldier, Is candidate for State auditor. Whatever Mr. Hyde's merits, and we understand he was ajbrave and good soldier, and is a good citizen and competent to fill the office, the Republican party is not likely to take two candidates for State office from the same county, and Mr. Dement happening to be within the charmed circle of party managers, Is most apt to get ahead of Mr. Hyde. —Old Timer has laid up all the winter, but this morning a friend brought him in to see us on his cutter. The old gentleman has changed greatly. His old time garrulity is all gone, and when we said we thought this the longest siege of winter fog we had ever seen, he readily acquiesced. So great is the change in him, that if he had not f begged a quid ot tobacco ana retained I the whole plug, we should have feared I*! | he was near the end of his journey. '—The Geneseo Republic says that at a recent meeting of the Business Men's Association of that place, parties present from Galesburg said that at the —Mr. Fol. Seeley again requests settlers to have their taken without delay, AS it is not possible to delay much longer the taking of that group picture, anrl those not doing so iwill hare to be left out,— a contingency it pains him to think of. —A six-year-old boy of Sterling had the following chapter of accidents to befall him In a single day. Before breakfast burned his finger badly trying to hook a bit of potato out of the frying pan on ths stove. At ten o'clock or thereabouts fell off a chair and made a big bump on his head, and an hour later utterly mined a new suit by tipping over into a tub of slops. Just before dinner while out sledding with a boy a little older, was thrown off and skinned his left shin very badly. Two o'clock, while playing In the hall upstairs slipped, fell and rolled to the bottom, picked up unconscious, but rallied in a little while; was given the house-cat to play with, pulled its tall, and bad his hands scratched from end to end. Along about five o'clock, In taking scissors away from_his little brother, had one of the blades to enter bis cheek about a-half-inch below the left eye. Finally and as a climax, after supper, insisting on running about the room, he ran against the table and knocked over the lamp, which broke all to pieces, but which by an infinite miracle, went out in falling. The youth however In going over with the lamp, had a piece of the glass to enter his thigh. When his father had dressed that wound his mother took him to bed and ended his troubles for one day. —The remains of the late Isaac Wolf will be taken to Chicago to-morrow, Sunday morning, on the limited and taken to Chicago depot, and thencs will be borne to Rose Hill cemetery, where they will be interred according to the Jewish faith, in which Mr. Wolf was brought up. The suddenness and consequent unexpectedness of his demise have added to the regrets and sorrow which so sad an event would ordinarily excite at the death of a man so widely known and so heartily indentlfled with- the interests of our city. Looking back now, all who knew him well can see that he was afflicted greatly and that his death should not have been so great a matter of surprise, but the chasm between life and death —The Odd Fellows will escort the remains of the late Isaac Wolf to the .Northwestern depot to-morrow morning and an escort, composed of the following named gentlemen, will accompany the remains to Chicago and thence to Rose Hill cemetery: U.S. Street, Benj. Gurtisen, D. B. Holtslander and J. G. Loos. A Neck Tie Sociable will be given by Union Lodge, No. 3, A. O. U. W., Tuesday evening, Feb. 7, at thefr hall. All members of A. O. U.W. and friends are invited^ S02 Uoapel Temperance Meeting;, Nathan Jewett of Chicago and other gospel temperence workers will be present and take part in the meeting held In the Christian Association room at 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon to which all are cordially Invited. 300 The purest Japan tea imported L. P. M. for sale at Gaulrapp's Grocery. d305-wO You need not go one step farther than the Boston Store for {anything iu the world that is to be found in a dry ~g6ods~Bt6re anywhere; rbrTriot~only find a good assortment but you get goods at prices lower than the lowest anywhere else. 101 •tcrllnc BMmlnp. Call on P. T. VanHorne for plans and specifications for all kinds of buildings and cut of same. tf The Boston Store sells goods at reasonable prices and it keeps In stock goods that are seasonable. People will always find bargains there, every day in the year. 101 A large stock of watches, clocks and silverware at Clark Giddiugs & Co's. Also they do fine watch repairing, tf "Velvet" nnrt "VI." Two choice brands of cigars; Sold fcy dealers. C. H. SelofT, manufacturer. .tf Try St. Patrick's Pills and compare their effect with any other find made. They contain the good properties of the older preparation In the market combined with the moat valuable medicines discovered in modern times. As a cathartic and liver pill, St. Patrick's are perfection. Sold by Strlckler & Boorse. • tf Another B«ra-»l». 8 lots sold in First ward last week and I now offer i lots more at a price that will Insure 50 per cent, advance the first year. Call today and see about It. [305] GEO. W. CHAMBEBLIK. PEOPLE'S COLUMN, Insert three line* In thin ed-"^ umn one time for 10 eenta, or for 40 cents a week. Each additional line will be S cents a single Insertion, or IB cents a week. FOR RENT. . TTnjRNISHED rooms, with conrenlcnoet for Jj heating, and board, at Mrs Kreldor'i, on 2d 8Tenue| between 4th and 6th street*. tf See the new Co. tf ad of K. Carpenter & R ESIDENCE Of E. W. Kdson and the «tor* room under Farwell Hall. - * ' FIRST GUN « * McCuno. Apply to J. A. tf D ONT sleep out of doors when you can get • comfortable bouse for Irom six to seven dollars per month, of F. B. Hiibbard. - tt O FFICES torrent In Bell block, being desirable, and finished In elegant shape. Apply to J. R. Bell S Bon. tf FOR WALK. G OOD light bobiled »nd a democrat wagon. Enquire at^thla office tf A LE Brewery and nuturefl for «Rle. George E. Rogers, Sterling, Ills. Addretf, tt Handkerchiefs, % . • Mufflers, many other Goods to be sold very GHE&P FORCISH To reduce stock before invoicing. C AI/L AMD SEE. tillu irvm vrewooww*^ **•«»• »—— - — latter city ifw&M freely talked that the proposed Fulton county narrow gauge road would be bnllt to Galesburg. ;hence to Geneseo $nd thence to Sterl Ing; that it would be under control of the C.'B. & Q., and would be made of standard width.. Of course all of us would be glad Indeed to see that road constructed. - —Lulgl Bainone, the Italian who iiaa been In jail for two months, charg- ed'with assault with deadly weapon' up on his brother-in-law, yesterday pleat guilty before Judge McCoy's court and was sentenced to three months in th younty jail. While Hainone shot at his brother-in-law, he declared he had n purpose to hit him, but only endeavor ed to frighten himjbesides behad be«o knocked down by his uiater'»,husband. Rainone's character h£d previously been good. In view of these facts and the further one.that he had lain in jail two months, the judge gave but three months in the county jnll. Rainone promises upon his release to go to work and continue In peace with everybody. —Over at Oregon at the close of tbe term of the circuit court, the jury sent to Chicago for a hat to present to Judge Grlnnell, w; : » testimonial of, esteem. The evening was set for the presentation and. the speeches, that of presentation and bis own of acceptance, had to be' made just the same aa though the hat was on land, but it didn't come just tb« same. The Judge is somewhat amused at tha greai curiosity of people to see Jim,—"the man who tried (prosecuted) the Anarchists," M they tell him a hundred or two times a day when he is In the country. Aa Whlt««lde people are human, it is probable that hitpre- euco at this term of tbe court will eattte number* to go to Morrison to •WhUa, M tl»«y want to Oregon tot tho •*%* is so great,—it is so...utterly impossible for humanity to realize what death is and Its manner of coming, that so long as one nils his place among us and Is one of us, It Is not possible that we can realize that the land of shadows and the unknown is so close at hand. It came to him suddenly this thing we call death and his place will not be tilled by him again. The deceased was a kind hearted man who lived in good fellowship with hla-nelghbors. The shadows are deep in his household and those remaining there sorrow greatly. Their only solace can be found In the memory of his life which is better known to them, to whom he unbou&m- ed himself, than to his friends on the outside, however near they might be. His long afflicted body now has foand rest, and his spirit Is with God who gave'it. ' .. ' —Absence of moisture marked this latitude all last year, .and we had to "waste-basket" several articles sent to us for publication to which it was claimed that the drainage of swamp lands had so interferred with the ordinary processes of evaporation, radiation, rainfall, etc., that the clouds for the future would withhold their moisture and that the harvests would be a thing of the past; We did not publish them, lest by so doing some might really be scared Into thinking it true and be offering their farms and other property for sale at a-sacrifice. We didn't think there was as much in it as they would have ns believe and whether we believed or not, we should have done «o anyway, preferring to wait for the evil day rather than antl- ipate its coming. Our motto Is, Hold ast.on to hope—let it always be for he best. Well, the present l»ng siege of moisture,—fog, and the big out- pread of snow proves demonstrably Latest Improved heel plate machine for fastening plate on rubber shoes at .1. R. Bell &Son. 300 Bring your rubber shoes -to Bell & Son's and have a pair of heel plates put on; they give twice the wear 300 Have used Dr. Biglow's Positive Cure in my'family as a general cough medicine. One of my children was quickly relieved of a severe attack of croup by it. I cheerfully recommend it. H. L. COVELL, Grand Rapids, Mich. For sale by 0. A. Oliver. ^ The Hartford K. Heel plate machine is the best In the city at J. R.Bell& Son's,.. ' . 300 _ K. K.Keener Has removed his bakery to Rutt's old stand on East Third street and is prepared to furnish every thing in his line promptly and at reasonable prices. Boston brown bread, Rye and Indian bread and cream puffs on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Rye bread with carra- way seed, fine cakes, confectionary and fruits. Oysters stewed In all styles, and sold by bulk or can. He hopes to receive a share of your patronage. - 100* G TlU,to do housework; must be a good cook Apply noB 6th avepuoi t( M 1BS Alice Eoblnson will take a tew pupils In piano Instruction. Miss Koblnson has taken a full musical course with a siudent of Lelpulo Conservatoire, and will give close attention to technique and expression. Call at 302 west 7th street, cor. B avenue. 101* AUTOTYPES, At ACTUAL COST for the osxS is JSTS, a; Fuller's Book Store, SRXT POCT OFFICE. J. <MR*e la K««tt Fmllo, «r«r th« toffiea, *•«* Tk« haokman, Buzzard, win take partlei t* and tram Sterling to Dr. Pollock' § eta/on jres of ebaig*. I *BB Prepared t* WE OPEN, TUESDiY, FEBBDiRY 7- i SPECIAL SALE A COMPETENT girl. West Third street. Mrs. L. K. .Brookfleld, B < >Y from 8 to U years old to live with family In the country until he Is 21. A good home with school privileges. Apply at this office, tt FINANCIAL. I HAVE ?"100 to loan on city or farm property. Edward 0. Underwood. u —OF— WHITE GOODS Farms, City Property ^Personal rropflrtyan Stocksof goods . For other Property CEO. W. BOOM S. ACADEBY OF BU31C, TfBce open 'c««te Down After *an per u« «U bythe OMB <Mr*te and let «• Talk HaslsiMS. —AJTD- he truth of the ancient promise that seedtime and harvest shall not fail. It may be true—probably is, that summer, strictly local rains, restricted to very small areas and evidently brought about by mainly local causes may be affected somewhat in large drainage areas by this practice of ditching and tiling; but it is not possible to declare how far out the Influence of rain ex tends. The infinitesimal atom of water picked up by a sunbeam in the far-off Indian Ocean may be carried a'ong in air until it reaches Wblteside, where it may be condensed with millions of others and fall in a Sterling alley, or on the nose of a frightened dog on Third street, running albng to get out of the approaching storm. If summer rains were all local, and all local rains were due to local causes only, there might be. danger; but, as we say, one can't tell whether local rain? are strictly local as to cause, and while the influence of drainage maybe felt and most where there is large drainage area, it is doubtful whether the damage can be appreciated in a locality so near to the great lakes as ours. lor Hale. I will offer for a few days my remaining 4. lots In Park Place at a bargain as I want to dispose of them. Call on GEO. W. CHAMBERLIN and learn terms and pric«». C. GOSHMT. tf Time Extended. Owing the fact that pay day comes on the 10th and some who have purchased lots at Summit Place 1 are unable to meet their first payment until that day, the time for making the first payment of 810 Is hereby extended until then and the price of lots will aot be raised before that time. 80 lots sold which is in itself sufficient proof that the people in Sterling know a good bargain when they see it. Plat and contracts at the office of fj305 GEO. W. ClIAMBBRLIN. Sew Orleans "Mardl «r««." February 6th to 12th, inclusive, the C. B. & Q. R. H. Co. will sell round trip tickets to New Orleans for 825, good for return until March 1st, 1888. , _ , diOOws Pay Your Taxes. Tax books for Sterling township are now open at Sterling National Bank. Parties are requested to pay their personal taxes on or before Feb. 20th. WM. A. CONNELLY, dwtf " Collector. BOYSM j, POINTER FOR THE SKATES! SKATES! SKATES! CUTJL.KK.Y, An Immense and Care- fully Selected Stock of the SELLS THE BEST CIGARS —FOE THE— LEAST MONEY All Grate of AT LOWEST BATES. CUTLERY, HARDWARE & STOVES At my new store on Third street, opposite oob Elsie's Merchant Taltorlmg establlsnoieii Ja- ibjaent. Lewis D. Wynn. Hotlee. Sealed bids will be received for building a bridge over Winnebagoditch,one and one-half miles north of Deer Grove station. Plans and specifications for the same may be seen at the First National Bank, Sterling. Said bridge Is to be built by Hahnaman township and Whlteslde county, jointly; the county paying oue-half the costs of said bridge Bids should be sent to H. A., Batcheller, Rock Falls, Ills., on or before Feb 9th, 1888. The commissioners and Su pervlsors having the matter in charge reserve the right to reject a.ny or all bids. ' H. F. BATOHELLBK, ) W. A. SANBORN, V Supervisors. JOHN D. FENTON, ) JAMES LEAHY, ) HKNBY DOTIR, [ Road Com. JOHN HENNEK, ) d!01w6 INDEPENDENT GROCER. .— AND— Our Block IB too large and most be reduced at onee. Warranty with eaefc Instrument. 15.00 to 910.00 per Mouth. OUT RATE* COHIT1SJUK». CO., Oalt House Bloeh- CLEARING SALE -OF- The Cream of the Market. GROCERY It Oui mo«t Independent Grocery BOOM In ling. We inake our price* and Mil GOODS SO LOW Tbat price* astonish every one. All good* told at tbe lowest llTlug price*i no OTer-cbarglng. A.enud can BUY GOOfiS • ttheBEE H1VB u Iowa* a grown person, bel&rgeet and Onest itoek to wlect from; every hlcj first-claw. A Largo * took ot line Cut, Flag andBmoklng TOBACCO'S Bought before the recent advance*. Tt>* BM HITE customer* get tbe kene&t ot the low price* b*fore the advance. A large itoek oi GUtEdg* WOOLEN GOODS, FOB THB NEXT THIETY DAYS. . Cloaks, (Blankets, Shawls, Underwear, Everybody interested, la the I)«m. Never before in tho history of Sterling has there been susli general interest manifested in any project as Is now 'elt in the process of -th« scheme to mild a new Dam. The farming corr, munity are no less, interested aud anxious and attend the called meetings at Council Rooms as regularly as do the town people. Everyone join In the wish and hope that it may succeed; and the Committee are meeting with marked friendliness and therefore success every where and will very soon be able to repot t the completion of thslr labor In securing tti«. riparian prtvt- THE CHILD RECOVERED',—My little girl, aged seven yeais, was auHcted with a severe cough and cold. She <3ould not sleep but coughed almost incessantly. I was Induced by a friend w> try Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and .was astonished at the Immediate relief QLOVES & MITTENS it gave her and the care it produced. 11 would not be without it In the house for any price. I have tried many remedies for coughs and colds-, buc this is superior to anything i hav« ever tried. Prof. J. M. MEHAN, Capitol City Com- Ladi68 n&vor "had a, more elegant astortment to from. ' " GALL EARLY. (Beginning February 7. merclal College, DOS Molaes, low* Sold by atriekler & Boorse. tf Bt*l»B From off a sorrel! horse bitched to a cutter In front of or near Kimbro,s store on the night of theater Feb. 2d, _ •&. all wool blue and yellow barred hone blanket. .A reward paid for its recovery by Sydney A. John, Penrow. { An; elu* kutdtng to th«»«ra»c*ab«l«ft at (taMtt* o««t. Hosiery, Leggins, TTOUO O O-&JST® , At 4« u« SO Cemts p«r Gallon. Book Candy Ikrlpt, puns waits, at T* Oeata per Gallon. EOCENE OIL Non exploit ve; the best oil gold In ttli tnarfcrt, at M low price a» Infer lor oils are toluelwwhers. Pont b* deoelTed and buy low test out and ran tna rttit ot being burned up.. Bcmcmbw r°» burttw . ao all Winter Wheat; make* better ana whiter broad; Keep* moist longer iban Spring "beat Floor. A geouin* article la PenasjlYanla Buckwheat Hour!! Ten thousand ponnd* sold laat ae&aon; Biz taouaan<l pounds told to tar this M*- aoa. TmlD Hoar bai no equal In this market; t> made by tbe UU*t prooeM; patent balwd; no black ipeck*. AlbuMockoC -AND- DRES8 GOODS, At a M*r1fl«, to make room for h!« Spring Stock doming In at *BW BBY *4M»IM IMNMMB. Qanned and QrUd California Fruits of all kinds. Tt» ««&ub* Dowa But MAPLE SUGAR! oo«a*av*tentotftosa*oolaoffl *twy Sali wotth Jpw Say «t tt»WUt jfifl, R, L. KlMBfc^. .

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