The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 6, 1916 · Page 7
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 7

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Monday, November 6, 1916
Page 7
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THB CHILL1COTHU DAIL? CONSTITUTION SHAII THE OLD GUARD i BE VOTED IN AGAIN? 7 ' · / a That, (Stripped of AH Disguises, is the Real Ijssue to Be Decided November 7. i Wooarov, W i l s o n should be reelect intelligent readers that for m o i e than ed President because there l really a decade prior to 1910 the R e p u b l i only one i^ue in this campaign and j can t a r t v was controlled bv men ot right and j u s the Mark Hann,a type w h o apparently looked upon government as an in he is tice side of The question which the \ot=r must determine i o n November 7--the di cision whld-h he must make vv hen he t h e i r jobs stands in tfie v o t i n g b o o t h alon^ with his conscience--is simply this Shall we continue to have a government conducted b representatives of all the people 'or all the people or shall btrumentalih to serve them and the intere ts th it p e r m i t t e d them to h o l j T h e e\tent to w h i c h tbe general public s intere t was ignored was and is notorious In the litter da^ s of thit legime t h e i e w a s e% en small pre tense of serving anv except the sinis we return to a government conducted ter mlerests w h l c h m t u l Q d e p r l v e a by a few people for themselves, and their particular friends 7 A.11 o t h e r questions are merged in tnis Under the Wilson A d m i n i s t r a t i o n 'he government of thf 1 United Stiteb his been U"u'} a representatue one The sole ccnsideriUiOl m trrfr enict" ment of legislation and m th» -idmm istration off the Executive Depart men* has been the general w e l f a r e of the general public Prior to the inauguration 01 Mr "Wilson the government was in th» hands of a comparatively smcxll group "whose chief consideration in such e n o r m o u s profits f r o m tie spe cial a d v a n t a g e s thev e n j o j e d Th s kind oE government marked bv fl i^iant and numerous offenses on the part o ^ t t h e Republic in leadeis "TtniuTv became a n xuonapt scaima} over w h i c h the masses of the peopl of the United Suites became right eouslv indigant The votes in the Congressionil and national elections t of 1910 md 1912 w e r e m fact mere j 1} an e\piession of this indignation j The people felt that the\ had been f b e t i - u e d th it the-\ had been out 'ii^ed that the\ liad been made fools of protest and indignation the re pudiated that regime m 1910 and 1912 deposing trom positions of au thority the men w horn they believed had betrajed them Candor demands the recognition of the fact that the v o t e of those two elections was not vvhollv a vote of confidence in the Republican party as it was then organized and con trolled I think a proper mterpre tation of the vote so far as Mr Wil son and the Democrats are concerned is this We aie sick of Republican Stand pati-sDi we are going- to try Mr Wil son and the Democrats vve hope the} w ill make good T«da identical!} the same inter ests and to a very great extent the same men who were so emphaticall} the pec-pie in 1910 and 1912 are do ing even thing w i t h i n their powei to bring a b o n t the election of Hughe^ Their object is obvious They w a n t to get back to the d a j s of legislation and administration by favoritism The interests which enjoved special tthm tCJpitheDHJ'ber^tadavcidpMr dp advantages under the old stand pat regime nafurallv want to enjoy those advantages again The men who bv serving those interests could again have power and op-portunity for self advancement naturallj want to re store themselves Theie is no question that those in i hterests and those men control the R» e publican Party as at present organ ited j u s t as completelj as they did ten years ago It makes no d i f f e r MONDAY, NOV. 6,1916 KWQULSOKIinni MAY LOWER PRICES A ^IVHECIAJS PROCESS TJTILIZ- ES MASTE EN P4JPEOR The Shredil«d Timber is Converted l Sulphite Ijje Into Carbon, M Inch is Ji led and Then legislation and in the admmi«tr ition , Qf T h e ] e g no m i s t a k m g the hos of the Executive Departments was to t l ] l t v w l l l c h tllc , f e lt toward the o'd serve special self interests Ut md pat regime Rising in a storm It is not necessary to poia out to YYbuURecognize S.S.S.Cartons On the shelves of your druggist by the absence of any showy gnine--more so will you re- cognizewhj S S S is the Stand arcl Blood Par fier after giving it an opportunity to rebuild and strengthen your run down' blood w th its wonderful tonic flual itieS THE SWIFT SPECIFIC Co. ATLANTA. GA. Think of the Telephone Let your telephone save you llie woin and mcon'v emence ·which is often occasioned b~y shopping duun» these ·warm days Cultivate the habit of ' shopping by phone" -- it's quick convenient and satisfactory m rveij "When you phone us an o 1 doi you may be sure of the same careful service as u 3 ou visited our stoie in person CALL ONE - ONE when you need anj tiling in dru^s or other diug stoie goods. Call -when 3 ou have an emergency need -- and ask for "quick delivers " Call when -5011 ha\ c a piescuption to be compounded RYBURN'S PHARMACY "THE SERVICE STORE" ence vvlether or not Mr Hughes is a. partv to their campaign it makes n o diflerence whether he would or would not desire to serve those interests if he w e r e elected The fact remains that those interests and those men will contiol the party especially the representatives of that pai tv in con gress W h e t h e r he likes it or not i that group ot interests and men will | control and conduct the government | it Mr Hughes is elected and Coagress is Republican Let us return now to the fact that the people of the United S ates de cided to try Mr Wilson and the Den. ocratic Party Mr Wilson has been constantly betore the public foi nea- Ij four vears Every act of his Ad ministration is known Under his leadeiship the Democratic Partv has responded to the needs of tue w h o e people The examples of this are too numerous to chronicle Even tho n ost biased partisan opposing the President hab noticeably fallen to Question nis integrity his sincerity or his ability The results of his Ad ministration--peace vvith honor wise counsel to the struggling people of Mexico without the necessity of in tervention the Federal Reserve Act which, makes panics impossible a n d ' which, saved the countrv from the worst financial disaster of its historv at the outbreak of the European war the Tariff Law m which the pledge for the downward revision was made good the Farm Loan Law which puts the farmer on a parity with the business man in the city in the con duct of his business the Eight hou Law which prevented a disastrous ailvvay strike and embodied in stat ute the principle of the eight.hour day--all of these and many other (constructive achievements could be cited In a nutshell the Wilson Adminis tration has made good Shall it again be intrusted with the responsi bility of conducting the government 01 shall the Old Guard come back' Washington Nov 6 -- Manufacture of coal substitute from waste mater ials of paper factories -- an industry which holds forth promise of reduc. ing {he cost of papei and furnishing at small cost an excellent substitute for coal as a fuel product is describ ed in a report made public today bv the Department of Commerce from American Consul General Dcnnison at Christiana Normay The project is said to be practicable and an ex plotting corporation alread has been formed by Norweigian interests It is stated that this p-ocess the report says produces a cgal pow der almost equal in caloris value to first class coal namelv 6 900 calories against 7 000 m the case of the best I nglish coal It is estimated if coal powder 15 made of all the sulphite Ive refuse ot Noiway 30 per cent of the impoit coal will be replaced According to Doctor Strelent s method the lye will be mixed with *me fioieign material after the boiling of the sulphite and then it will be transJcired to a large kiln where it is boiled again under hig'i pressure Under this process the I v e is changed and the substance which is converted into coal sinks to the bottom and is then taken o u t ) in the form of a thick black paste The water which remains in the paste is then removed in a centrifu gal machine and tLe residue .s the coal in a powder foi m The powdei probably will bo made into briquet tes It may seem strange that coal can be produced from lye hut the foi low ing w ill explain the reason Under the sulphite process onlv 45 per cent of the weight of the tim her is utilized The remainder fall as refuse Into the lye and it is this (more than half of the timber) which Mr Stielenets piocess trans foi ms into coal Advance in Prices of lion s This' We offer One Hiindrcd Dollars «.e ward lor anv case of Ctarrh that can not "be cured by Hall » Catarrh Med ioine Hall s Catarrh Medicine has been taken bv catarrh suffeiers for the past thirty five years and has be co-me known as the most reliablt remedy for Cat irrh Hall s Catarrh Medicine acts through the Blood on the Mucous surfaces expelling the Poison from the Blood and healing the diseased portions After you have taken Hail s Ca tarrh Medicine for a short time you will see a gieat improvement in youi general health Start taking Hall B Catarrh Medicine at once and get rid of catarrh Send for testimonials fre* F J CHENEY CO Toledo O Sold by all Druggists 75c Studebaker Cars On or about December 1st, the prices of Studebaker cars--both the FOUR and the SIX-will be advanced from $75 to $100 over prevailing prices. In the face of the rapid increase in the cost of the raw materials entering into the construction of Studebaker cars, present prices have been maintained. But now conditions in the industry have reached a point where Studebaker is forced to add a substantial increase to these prices. ^For the past eighteen months there have been rapid advances in the cost of all raw materials entering 1 into the manufacture of automobiles-especially on steel of all kinds, pig iron, castings, stampings, sheet metal, aluminum, leather and upholstering materials. And these advances range all the way from 40 per cent to 150 per rent. Studebaker has always been satisfied with P small margin of profit--and you may rest assured that, even with a substantial increase over prevailing prices, both the FOUR and the SIX will still be the most powerful seven-passenger car c in the world at their prices. And you will still have to pay from $300 to $600 more to equal them in power, roominess, economy, beauty of design and all-around dependability. Our allotment of Studebaker cars at the present prices is very limited and is likely J .o be exhausted at any time. So, if you want to save from $75 to $100, we urge you to come in at once. 4-CYLINDER Roadster MODELS --$ 850 Touring Car 875 Landau Roadster _ 1150 Adams Auto CO , Distributors 6-CYLINDER M»;Dtl Roadster $10t Touring Car l«8f Landau Roadster IS-x Public Sale! I will sell at Public Auction at Clo\ ei Dale faun one and one half miles north and 7 miles "\\est ol CliJucotue, anj one and three touith milc-^noith ol S. tnp^el, Mo Wednesday, Nov. 15 1OO THE HTUBT OUT OF HER BACK Mrs Anna Bjrd Tuscumbia Ala -writes I "ftas down with my back so I could not stand UP more thas hilt tbe time Foley Kidney Pill took all of the hurt out Rheu m-itic pains sw ollen ankles hack ache stiff joints and sleep disturb mg bladder ailments indicate disor dere*l kidneys and \bladder trouble Sold every-n here THE PARAIASIS i\ITiN FFEL TIUTD TOO While much is said about tired women it must be remembered thai men also pay the penilty of over -nork When the kidneys are weak inactive or sluggish, when one feels tired out and miserable has the bHies lacks enfrgy and ambition Foley Kidnev Pills are tonic and strengthening Thev act quick!/ Said everywhere 10-- SHORTHOKN BULLS-- 10 25 -- Shropshire Ewe Lambs -- 25 These bulls ^reie bied on Clcn eiDoleStoek Faun, and cai ry some of the best Shoithoirt blood to be ionnd It ^ on. want new blood on voui fat in !iet one of those -\ oun} bulls THEEE YOUXG JACKS WILL BE SOLD PRIVATELY Terms Made Known Day of Sale SaJe at 1 O'clock Sharp Ladies Aid Society of Mt Olive Church will Serve Lunch J. E. RAULIE C h i l d r e n Cry FOR FLETCHER'S A S T O R i A COL A W CIES. Auct TT Clei CHAPEL FREE-- NIGHT PHONE 44 3O1, DAY 397 A. Meinershagen Son UNDERTAKERS and FUNERAL DIRECTORS H. !·. KECKE, Licensed Embalmer. CHAS GIBBS, Asst. YOUR FRIENDS CAN BUY ANYHING YOU CAN 7TVE THEM-- EXCEPT YOUB PHOTOGRAPH Watton Studio NORTH SIDE SQU Over Sipple's FOR QUALITY SERVICF SEND US YOUR KODAK WORK ( B y Untteil Pre»» ) Jse-n York Nov 4 -- The infantile paialysis epidemic which swept New "Yoik city during tbe summer mark ed many but not all of its victims f o i life The home cases show a higher rer centage of serious after eflects than those of the hospital According to a Health. Bulletin Just issupd sixty.six per cent of 2 058 dis charged from citj hospitals sho-ned evidence of paralysis eighteen pel cent showed that paralysis hid en tirely disappeared and the remaindei sixteen per cent had not shown effects of paralysis at any time Of 2 715 cases folio-wed in the homes 18 S5 were found senousls paralysed in either one or both legs and, are unable to walk Five hun dred and thirty though partially par alysed in the legs can^ walk Two hundi ed and seventy teree suffer par alvsis in one or both arms The youngsters are bmg fitted v, Ith braces and are being scientincal ly taught the use of their crippled arms- and legs BABY HAD AVHOOPOl G COUGH Mrs Sam C Small Clayton N M writes My grandson had whoop ing cough when he was three months old We used Foley s Honey and Tar and I believe It saved his life He is now big and fat Foley« Honey and Tar is a fine thing to hav in the house for whooping cough croup coughs colds Sold every where SCHMIDT HUTCHISON'S FIRST ANNUAL SALE 60 Duroc Jersey Spring Boars and Gilts 30 BOARS, «Jj OP MAUCH AM) APKUj FARROW SO GILTS, ALL, OF MARC 4XD APRIL FA11ROW Friday, November 10th LAREDO, MO. Sale will be held on farm ? m es west of Laredo Mo and 7 Liile southeast ot Trenton, Mo This is absolntolj the greatest offering of Duroc Jersey bous and [ gilts ever made in this part of *he state The blood lines represented are the best the same that produces champions and grand champions a the leading shows and fairs Every Animal Cholera Imimini.--Come to the sale and get some 01 this good seed of, the greatest utility hog on earth Sale begins prompt'/ at 1 o clock Schmidt (®L HvitcKisorv Col P M Gross and Col Cies Auctioneers . Notice to Hunters Having leased the Gold Jones lanJ iouth of the Dawn ballast pit, hunt ers are hereby notified that we will not tolerate tresspassiag (Signed) Sportsmen Gun Club NOVEMBER AVBATHER Early cold snaps storms and sleet snow and slush cause coughs and colds Folej s Hone-v and Tar acts quickH cuts the phlegm opens air passages alla-js irr tation heals m flimation and enables the = u f f e r e r to breathe easilj and naturally so that sleep is not disturbed by hacking j cough Sold ever}-where HELPING HUNGRY HOGS Lots of folks think that a hos; likes dnt So does a ba^ like candv, and a boy mince pie, but Ba^hns sa^ b too much is not a;ood for them Tt is a mistake to think that mud mixed with a host's feed is j?ood for him A onciete or board feeding floor -will pay for itself m feed saved and double in hose health If you wa'it tbe riarht material RING UP R A W L I N S AT THE SAUNDERS-TUFNER LBP. CO 241 When You Hav uv d $50 t the question aiibet, "How shall I invest it?" There it, no bettei way than m a Cer tificate of Deposit in The Git i/ens National Bank of Chil licothe, whose resources of 850 000 00 give vou assur ance of absolute salety Our Certificates of Deposit are Issued in sums of $50 and upwards Thej bear interest at the rate of j er cent and are renewable at the end of si\ or twelve months If lou want security for jour sav Ings and absence of all expanse 01 worry incident to mortgages londs stocks etc A CERTIPTC4TE OF DEPOSIT in this strong bank The certificates are readily negoti able and as collateral security are unexcelled For those who have saved some id desire a regular in come free from tbe aunoyance and ·worry of other forms of invest ment we strongly recommend our Certificate of Deposit Th~ Citizens National Bank Wember Federal Reserve Bank U S DEPOSITARY at»)rm£ n apland wood $4 00 n *94 OT 18P1S good 1: *^ oh SVTOsT F RANK B NORMAN SAM M JARVIS Normtin Ja i C R \ J , I I C X M K FMBALMERS and FUNERAL DIRECTORS [··MMMMFBtlfti H T T Div Phone 4]7 Night Phones 153 - 569 CHIROPRACTIC is the philosophv science and art that accounts for, locates and adjusts the cause of dis ease Any information will be gladly gnen at my office free B. H HARWOOD C H I R O P R A C T O R Lady Attendant SEISER BLDO --Opposite New Post Office Phone U Seiser BMp- crnu.*rcoTHE, MO. Ca 1 r-i i PllOMO : SFAFLRI

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