The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 25, 1975 · Page 7
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 7

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 25, 1975
Page 7
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Uroda captures "Commodore Cup Jliti i;r«to of Ukf J»«-k*on won the year * Kip jrtie S«iiinl<iy It meant surviving tough t-om ww of ir/Vs nuwt unplertwint di.ys thrtmg death mm lr«jj*»iy it to th-- wind «a« n «-«wip»-lttive c Vsrht (luh s f»rin« »ea*im g. Sauirdjty was ovrtfjist ar td u.c mrfih , Hjridk and rhilly Hat-iwg N-dan in the early im>ininj> win, 1:1 «m|, tf » ,, rat-h (>| tlK-m ([uahfymg ( 0 wl iinin*j a first plan- i(1 a I «'(«•* ,rf race* dwing t}«. ),.«, jf,^- rjirr..! in l,*» r (( < witdoal*. n«.h ctiivi *j,il <(f Bthrtmrnl fftxn eaitigf !*-!) D Hwtn »«- iiuti!i»ui*i-etl {)ia» m Uir- small JIM l-ltODA. I.KrT, t)V«ON('AMI'»KI.I, t"\«-i-.t ti,ii| U-t-fi (u< tiHf d H«xrfh I >od« wlRe«J otit 1,^ rival inn <!'<*,• rnatth, atid *«& pr«-wfiu-d UK- IropJiy (.•• Dssoii m it in.- ol Last V<-iir •, Red Devil frosh cop title A U!^ (owfth jM-nud Kfttlsmar, toad <:<,ath J front tr,f 1 h 5"u«r ( t>ifit 1^11* Wttuplrtj «i«h <•!,(! KffuJsHia/i I'rt-ai.i t'«»at)i J V. Mt-»fi» i^i-d Trarj'! duriiiji chafSipjijtishi j (Kirn tb«- Tiger 21 Th|! ktown Tigers for the Ft.'N <wt !/;, sji illi-gal Garne time in M-t lijt lxixr«Sii;v petia|l> <..n tbe \SedJH**4a'. night at 7 V) ltwl lx-stis p,,, tr , lioustofi a! KIN In !J«- e^mfi!! t^udrt^t liii" Stadiu/n H«J JViih Again f»fnr Jl Mcllt f'KKSIIMKS rinir KrvifS i;*rf«t, U*r SO I l^tkr J*(.-kw/r. jat) »J>'j hj«J 'n«- ?{«••) i>-. Ox r'l Henry is a rat t really ri.K»i:»NK. TKX Henry finally MKw.-d up the M?eond night we were in our deer ramp ttere WPM of I own Our f.'amptiouw is an old ranch hmi.He on the John Kinn, ranch It h/mn't been lived in for a Irmg time, excep! for the Ijrief period we invade it each fail PHO.M THK MiUKle, il |rxA» just like whs! it is, which is an abandoned house But from I he inside, w,ith a big twin r wood fire crackling on a told, windy North Te >.;<<! night it |fxjk» like a mansion on the prairie And Henry'' Well, it's a long story. You see, Htnr> .•> a rat The fwr It-ggif) kirxl Henry Ihe* rnw<? Iri a way, it's his bouse. No we el.v i-lannsi it ».» 1 gum Henry owns it, at least in a moral U I. HAH never swn Henry until thii year We kjiev, )-,<• w/11 t."t*.- laM year though Henry would wail until aft'-r d-uk then make hu- rounds. fcwJing «n art;, thing Ic- coo!'; bsiMle up He v«-iiiwj (ci like l/rc;i<J U'i>t From hid den ;; ; -i'!< vuiie nl'l roll«l Dp rugs in wic of tbe \,<-t\ii»,n,'- H<-:.r , •*ould akiller acrcrsti tb«; bardwuxj floor and bead fi/r It;'- kiicla-n v,hi-r<- he wcMld eat for awhile. Tllf.N IIK ^rjuM fitter back to hif, warrr, rug hi 1 - n( Ox- night HI- Mould makf-veveral Irifft a night, anil !h(- re.jii.i;; | : . i-ilr;i<«t go! into trouble was bin r'AJtc f:n^--'-<! ;v.'i ^'-••pifig l*,'»g.s ViiUi [X'<<plc xi-sMle tfjem Kor s'.'ji:' 1 r»-;iVjO thi-y o'jjecti-d lint ;;,'-) neM.-r could ratcb Hew, 1 'Illl^ VIC Ml we got mtoramp Frui'i;, M-forr- l)ii- ><-,!V;r; w.«* tu ft[*-r, .Saturdiy '['list rilgh! everyUi'};. i;>l ;i!'/ti::<'> .t \-,;f. 'ar^latf awl we talked nlx<ut where tde-, v.',-ii'! t'.n.S Iff'. ,!/:.[, frl 1.! );ion..;jij: % ,., ,*,(• " ..I',;- ,»;j^' lid.'.' M-i'ti; !?*' > li\\ I Mill! ( ;ijn«- ir.«-r the' wind f*mhinf! (he 40 degree sir thrmjgh clofhc*. but by rxion. the sun had won the tattle and U was a beautiful, warm day Two buck*, an dght-pointcr and a nine- jximler h!in« in the elms in front of (he camphouse. A good star! Thai everunfi. somr- rrf a^ hunted deer and some hunted ducks. ,wJ by 'J o'rlock. we had a feast going. Fried hre;r-.i of rbcir. fried ria'>«frar> of d< «r red beans wifh lob- of jalar^-no peppors. and hiscui«.i smothered with l«i! M fKjji«, of i !(•.•)»! gravj i.VKItv ((\Kate until they cmildn'l, and sal while the fireplace provided background rntnir for more hunting !;iik 'fhc o»J/7r<* of roffee, fried v ems on and duck, and rwrrnrig ir-Aitr filled the old campriouse like honey fills a >ir May I*- tlud's what brought Henry back •\nyhoy. evirryone went to rx-d except ?••• son. Fred, v.Ji,, ,',,-ji, -.<i';i!in(£ ;> wc-r-k'Tx! awd\, fron, 'I > rsily of TI-*:;»«, lie *a<; caithrns'up or- v>rnf »:a. ,. t - ;t in the kitfh'-n v,he?, h<" h^-ard ;< familiar noi.w; IIH,l',f W \s Henry »' the door leading to the porch. "Jlif do'.ihf'- gia*'i rJoors had a pan«- knocked out near the H'.-'if ;ir,d sorn<''ine had stuffed a piece of nig in it to block !h<- v. in<! Hc-nr-. was trving to push the HJB aside. But he <"ir!:j ' 'I', i! H<- finally left '-'•»! morning at i^t:;jkf.i-,! l-'rc-d made the .^.r;"'.ir<' <-fnen! ifer,r. s dack." >>•• said, and told his story. Suu i ( \\ r swear to it. hut I believe I'saw some M:.;!••-, v,r.i! h of c(/ijpvf. isn't exactly normal. N'o O«K? is ••:.;[/[>',-*•<) NJ f,c h;i[>|/;. to h,-n e a rat arrxjnd the house }'.'>>. '.':'-•; Henr;, isn't just an;, wdmary rat. He's a <.:i<:,j<bv,^- r.-ji Which s<rt-t of make* him special .'•>.';'* 'I;'! i,,- Ee! t/;j'.-V. m (fie house-'' U! I I. Mit iffc-itrught But !'II he.l he's hack inside by :«<••, \!'"f :,>l ;>n> go^xj c.- ) nipri'i(».ve ra! always has more • tjjf Signer. Crogor flp C()||ege p()|| win BCTA event l'. HOVEMBEB It. If7s .if: i'.ti.'. '.A.'Krt k5O IsXkATllRA'S"" mc£ SUPPLY '.( h tn Al So.'.! V.rn- she ht-ki Sirazoria ^i!;^. A *i ''^ >*' t .'i f ! '• >r. .•-e 1 . ar»5 ti.1-.. 1 .^'.: Ga/ors bow to W hart on H r :i: o»;-(• ?! <" ?. i i r g c' s B'wood girts sweep B'port '•I l|ii\u|: U.I. l'l//\ (IILPOS* PIZZA BOY , IWEDNESDAY) SPECIAL: ce'.tt" Hr .'* :," <7 ;•'.' Car fl i n HOLIDAY VIEWING SPECIAL! Hlinr, WITH CABLE TV j.i l»4t»iim«B | T -;; Jj s^te^l ir " \ i ( Kin-'irl .** j C*tMW4 '' U M' I'fir.l^Bl '\» M_M«_«u f Ir* Mirtin SiV. tr.<- datur f«,'i-n with ;j f«>ii:t» ar»d for- r e U.i u r. d c r •* 1 1 i; S-i!i-:i> C^:w, fv/ur s'.i'.'ii for !;r;axisw(.»>J (jir.i Jennifer Ii.ji.«'.''.>.. l.-iir.rrv. Hanlc;. were riie-cl fi-r thetr o-u'.-'.irj; [.ii,-r. fur '.hi- tr<&k ,1 '.£> .'7 dwiMufi from ShariDor. Ward led Krajirswi»,>! M-,irer» with In the sophomore game. tlra7«B>wf»nl roll it! (o a 1717 »ui u\t-r tin- Hrativsixtrt SPAGHETTI DINNER . rd AIJ. FOB ONLY KING EDWARD SPECIALS Ml; \/i,s)-o)(T If. I DIVIK OK i i.i n. .•»; .in TT says: IF YOU IT -i »»•» K »(>t-n they !i {}',<• nr\; lirt'tula with NT YOUR COME DON'T OVERSLI DREAMS TRUE. of thr TiHirr-'imciit 7Tic fieM uiil include t'ollpfje of the MAtnland. Hlir.n Aivm. Concordia I. u! her. 'in <i( HnU-stitr.. tiui! tVwist HittU- .UK! Tc\.'is S!.t«' Tivh ••**»•***«*' LIMITED TIME OFFER 2«1 SPECIAL TWO MONTHS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE Plus "FREE" INSTALLATION Regular Installation • 19.50 C M OR Monthly Sen/ice • 4.95 FOR ONLY * ^* 24.45 (Win limited Co( »blru*lu4i» IllJlnbuUoti jic* «wdul(cT riplrrt l>rv. I. IS71 CALL 265-4788 TODAY! BRAZORIA CABLEVISION 10* K MAIN !(. (Xiini.s liramswtxKJ t> tuck in action twsigh! v.ith a 7 3(i pin mcTUi^; with Clear Crci-k in I'lear (.'rt-t-k The junior \arsit_s and siiphonmre tc«:«>. will (angle at 6 p ni in two lijffi-rcr.t Kyms Travis film tops Booster Club agenda The Br.tnis\vix.>d Ikiosler t-'lub will nut't tonight at 7:30 at the High School Cafeteria with a film of last week's 'J1-I2 bi -district win over the Austin Travis Rebels as the main item on the agenda Boosters will also be given a scouting report on She McAllen Bulldogs. Hrazobwood'i regional opponent Saturday at 2 p m. al Hqpper Field All Booster Club members, and other interested persons, are encouraged at attend the meeting i CO'in AuUiuriicU Ki'A Service (ruin THE DREAMS of the Pilgrims have largely come] true in the freedom and abundance of these United States. Let us truly give thanks to our Creator, and rededicate ourselves to the freedom and equality of opportunity which have nurtured our provident country. i Hi CLUTE MEMBER F.D.I.C.

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