Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 13, 1930 · Page 7
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 7

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 13, 1930
Page 7
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N 1 OECATUR HERALD MONDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 13, 1930. [BELOKfi BOOKS SACK IttftRt) ANt RE- IRES RprftteR pis- wiw /(H3 f! One Business s In 1930 1 l (be ('(tiMii ( (11 · t l ' l i ' t l l l i l j . I n I) ( I H l l l T I ftn iT IhL data ftillei ted r f M miira Ilium Ink l"li I \ iliu- df mtttotfl i i mill c i t h u i inin ·liii'l i ( 01 ti( l l \ ( rid in in i l l i c i t mri (if tliCfic E L T I I U I I I I I I d tir $H1 f if(Mi 1 1 1 |» i t i n t ni iMii M fifth i p p d r t i i l liu * 1 1 din^' rf n si $i '('ty owi uidjti · j " ! _ mil j, tiitir nl ;iliiilrt,' l l u l i K SJ f!J r i ins Mippli* *i LIU lulling c [ o i u t l liv Id [id J'KUHMIH usi i \ it-i d( f ITU tl foi «"n i m h t lit t ^ flflMMi [ il w i n llv iir pi Ini t j n t l h : « i i i r i at tnilii li ft\ ··hipl in;; mil-· l u f l i i l I n n i i t Miirni « l1 fln jirul iiioiUf*jnn^ i(i|i "I I - MIC h UJI H 1(1 I fit 11 s mtfl nlnrtt / HH i vlt * ^ om hi i iitl I []! l i l t I l l i t l Wilt n p p l O H |,i M if Him l H^tuetn Itint ( n l IIP fin icnin In ai V i e i Hint (i llii- rir»i (if 1'Mo 7t M)f) (HID nnfl i in inuf ii 'UN 'I In iu;ntnM |R- to von re Members teiation JBTGAOi. CO. Phone 2-1250 INC Pbone 6MB LEY ·R CO Phoni 6229 Phono u-0600 Phone S-lJWi A L B K R Fbone 2-0151* V.VKH ftic Phono 9318 Company OECATUR HERALD ETON FREIGHT 'YARD TIED UP i BY COLLISION Engine Backs Into Front of Locomotive Saturday TRAINS ARE LATE tint Tlltun inU Siituulrn iiioin- ti((ui( Hit ht'tii »' ilitj light u llmnifth a UOHS fujiH i nd of Police Question Chorus Girl In Diamond Shooting I ton ton td from P«f« one) find Into ( ti(v t«utur uf iht yiui nj.-lmi could wl tx ill»r itdtlfi i (rum tho front » luM uiiKhlni until th« dot- " [()lt rfck cm ' ' I' 1 ' In U'^ i»lt"4ln V l i ' t «l I K t t i U i r inul 20 gMtry tai Diamond's nurall- but tht rumor conflicted with her itpilement thai »he was taking a bblh when the men culled hcniu could not possibly huso sen thtim 'I IID attack on Diamond bore u stningc similarity to thitt which cuuHiid tho dtftth ot Rothsttln, cup itailst of tlie underworld The scone \vhor It occmred In fad Is scwxjely a storm s throw from the Pwk Ccn trul hotel from which Rothatcin Nttitnl'k'd, mortally wounded, In No vcnibi i, 192S Hla ttsaassinB were never (ound llnd Ihwn In Slnto Diamond's return from Kuropc he had netluded hlrnstlt at mm CREDIT UNION SURVIVES CEtlTICALPERIOD Organization, With 794 Members, Stronger Now Than Ever Before SOI I I I TOO!, RF,t)K( I ,\ (urn nnn'itw inline jlyiiffl t" llu itnnh t nl wns cut ftom the hoiinl **iiitiidii Pii^lneer 1C T Krutjii MM! nmiiiui f t Winter lout tint |ln i "ill t l u j ha vi lovtsrnl buraj* l i t w u n llu ni and the tjtltu {*« .(*·* H I I I l ^ i w u i ( h e -Wl wii» tint noith twiiiihy nmmlnx in I) l'i wltll an rXtni, lh« fli"! of Ihwl clnBi lo HO Inta tluit Id i lion r.nKliitiTM ft P tmltli ini'l I'tromnn L*thiilrn^ii ib i t i n " hli sum m 01 home In ttie mountains During tht) weekend hitWLVi'r he derided to return to the city tt wua supposed that he hal uuun accompanied by his uaual boily- xuiirrt of three to five men on the trip lowmtate But none wus anywhere around Hundny morning as he aat. In hla red silk pajamas sipping orange juice ovoi the bieattfaat tublu In Mitts Roberts room just uerosa tho hall from his own AtronllnE to the stoiy the chorus bonuty told Commlstsionei Mulrooney a tUophonft cnll came (01 him from downntnlrs She heart! him say 'Sure como on u p ' Then as he hooked the receiver ' It s juii a couple of fellows I I I be all right " Hoard Visitors Knter HAS LOANS After puling tluougli a cililcul puilod of un employment on the part of many of Its members, the Deca Uir Wabush Credit union la stionger now than at tiny lime ilnce It was In 1927, according Long Ita t:c;uiurcr Peisons deeply intucsleil In the cicdlt union movement UH a soclol agency filling m economic need In tho nffalis uf WUKIS huve wondctcd how it uould itand the stiews of the depression There ha\e been some serious reductions In employment uuiing the summnr for lt» nicmliLiH It hits been fell that the employment condition would be a sev.cic teat [or the ciedll union Up t u e The unhn In made up of Wubash nnptoyes who buy nhoiea al is ]icr It tfluna money only to Us members at the ttito ot one pci cent, a month With each monthly MWa itoboitw auld went Into tidlkr viiiu E I t i l r fifC([u|iitiil*d bv Mrs Jiluli 1 Ii IH «f'Hi) to Itidhmii for i wrrtJ vi lit h'cd ( oi In Him a H u n it liostkr tut tx-on liutli l i m i t Cm tiliMuis Hi hti.i 1"' n i l l for thi e weolts ttnd ainflmd Jit 1 ni|)!iiTM houpltal Thu inilrm i l ' u i tti i liuijfii uf Sam Kuthct fin i! H in i m i i t u i * [01 n wcik n/l«'i w h l i h II wilt K nuking tint rift J l i J p In An t'shu i u i at 1 oclobk Sal- 11 Ins in l i n i n g T iiiUKil California Xti'i* i In tin (onil l 't'i cur loads *mti F lit Inn i rvv, i we, lit Ottdt antt si u,iiin m i i t l i '·inlurtliiV there wan .i [ i n i i l i mill Civil t ruin i wimt No nix ertws' the biitliroom to run the \xater for a In 111 iiud hiHrd the vi si to is entei DlatnonU Shw Bald aalted them to Ho to his room A few minutes later the gangsters '.oko wris heard upraised In t pleu foi me ley The alioU followed and the choiu.v girl terrified die said hur:ledlj and left the hotel Chance fur Recovery Two hours Uter police found Diamond Ijlnpr on a bad In the room of the hotel manager a friend of hlJi treated by u private phyaiclun An umUulani o had b«en summoned to take him to tho Policlinic hospital ~tho same In which his former chief Rothatoin die :l Gnu bullet wound htid |iott,od his nheat Just above the heart another 11 il nit In III ml il i in tlmt t i i i l t c T\ ti im M i i l - i mik'h t f llu I'etmsyl [ had friazed Ills seaip Because of a i in I sin t IT. im ni; i r (K'liurtinnitt at Iti i poor physical condition physicians 'tanoiii II* H t u i n t d U thut dti Hut i ft It it would be too dangerous to op. iird i\ t i t t i i ti vlall of *invi nil ilivyt in li i i n r wlili lit*) mother f n i h u ' c \1 O Hull tuii itUuncil In ti! l !)iun Iti tlid [until t ml trtl^lit (xiol n f t i r nil IHiK i'i of mn'iral wn k in iiuild n i t u k of iipjiinrtirlH* nui H^ltatu) n nuK'f'ii ogiriiiUiin from ilu- i r f i ( t ! i uf v,h|i)i In' now lim rv imd gone Into the nbdomon a third wtis In his shoulder and the fourlV eraU It he does not contract KH'nii or pneumonia to wen It on bis icslsuini.!' phjalclona said Monday th«m \$ a chance ho mny aiin lv« Chinese Nationalists Rout Northern Troops · Listening In InUicst payment an amount la paid in on ahmoa, ucocidln^ to the amount boirowtd It Is a cc-opeia- tlve suvln^s and luun aasoclatlon f01111 od Ly thu employes and under tlicli direct tuunugPluent tt has nithstood thu tcsl but ti Ima bten u tiylng time for its of fleer a uiicl direct oi» For them the peilori was u ttst they dtd noi know what to t'Xpecl when men begun to tw Inld off Whan some of the out of employment be h'ttn to ntuke nlthdmivula of their \ nif(i!r\ i»r HI i ·.tut r VlitJl: Mint ntld "'ill In i n] ti Li u i t · i-l hi M I tuiuir incl n h Un;[]il I I I f i l I I I t n I ( ill l h.' \ V i t h 111 i l n t i t i ['mm MUNWtAI Dot M--Dechh* vlc- torkd for Mntionul (t v etnmint foroes In whli Ii 39000 were killed nnd wounded vnre reported from thp tioith central war nroa today H Dlstaiioo of the Norlhein troops · . , ? ,TMif | u m M l it In the Honan aiea after ,H {""""'" b '" vf ;;ithi. ouptm* of I^iyariK sUateglc city [ i t i t i i i i »i int i p n n n j ^ fj o t l u n p l o \lncc lepotta snld The i n . L t i i i i i lo l)« h l 0 TM"jNnnklng KOvurtmitrit ctnimed that l l i l i ^ ^ i n i n ^ ni t oi .on i In .lak l j i \ i l u i in In nl ni «1H liu Unit mul Utitle II ( t wcl and Northci n army uc l!W,(XH( incn IKK! rctriului) In rout and that 100- IXXi htxd fiurrcndui ed and 60000 had If t , i e i n accounts, the oft leers and ll lectors had some of the aamo teel inss that a banker do«s when his dcposttois begin a nm on him They felt their Institution waa sound, but this waa e, new experience They hcup weathered It Now hiW 7M At IHc present the membiMnhlp Is 7W At the peak In May Just beloio ttiu reduction in employment sot In the c i t d l t union hud 803 In May Its'U amounted to t IS 190 OS. At the end of Soptembe they weie $112-1913 its member: hnve J2S961 TO Invested In aharea t\ n u ' ri oC ttlB4 duilny the lai month During the in on til the boi lowtrtt paid in SI 08130 in In Urea nnd ativlngs Tho louna at preset! totol J2g,0fl TO, which is money obtained from siil3 of shuiea and In to re si on Joiina, Tha organliutlon has JOBtiWS of undivided pfofltf und a ^uurttntee fund of S11M35 In toui and a 1mlf pi j i ant k'ovei nmtnt bonds Cash ITI tho bank totals Jli4i(l3 Mode },m Loans | fcincu Its organirutlon three yenis nf,'o it hns nmdu 1,122 loans totaling; $11078350 In tlmt time It hits hund!-' ed neuily u quarter of a million dol- Inin In the tianuuctlon of Ita buslncaa July wfti the erlllctil pel loci when thcrt wpit 22 wlthdmwuls ot share ate ml ills Uitnllng $1)0741 With $1 120 no puld In Hut dui Ing thai month while aotnt wire withdrawing Iheir Town Briefs M TODAY'S MEETINGS Ionic lodge No SIS A F A A M Leigh ton court No 1, O A Myrtle temple No 2 P S Decatur lodge No 98i L. O O I Decatur camp No 114, M W A Castle WUUanu po«t No. 105 A. L Local No 13. Bricklayers' union Local No 712 Carpenters' union Local No 2SB, B of P. D * P. H Celestial lodge No 1S«, I O. 0 F Association of Commerce board of dliectoii DEATHS MISS DOROTHY KNI8LKV Miss Dorothy KntsTey, 19, died at 45 o'clock .Sunday morning in the iome of her parents Mr «nd Mrs A A Knlsley followlns; ft long 111- neaa of tuberculosis Til* body was tkkcn to Monson'u where friends may call She leaves her parent*, two *ls* .em, Amy and Erm», three brother), ·toward, Homer and Harlan, and ici grandfather, Charles Johnson, She wan active -in First Baptist church, wbeie aha was a member of ho choir and Mrs. E I* London's class She attended High school un- 11 forced to leave because of il) health, when a sophomore In 1928. JAME3 O. HAVERTY Jamou c. Haverty, conductor on the Pennsylvania rullioad for more than Si years, dkd in St Mary's hospital about 10 o'clock Monday morning aftur an i line as of only two day? He wits coming from Torre Haute on hla icgulur run when he became suddenly 111 In Lovlngton Ho was taken fioin thu train In Decatur and lemovnd to hla homo Lrtta Saturday night h* was taken to at Mury s hospital where he died Mf Httvwty lived in 1579 North Moigan street In Decatur He was burn in Bitiil), Itid, December SO ]«as He moved to Terre Haute, Inii, with lilt family -while a boy He married Hazel Llntnor in Terr* HauU Besides child] en 1CKING RIGHT VOCATION IS A DIFFICULT TASK No One Can Tell Youth What He Is Fitted For, Dr. While Says ADDRESSES ROTARY No one can tell a boy or girl whit ocutlon he 01 aha J fitted for, not ell thorn what line of woik they vll) be nuecenflfuj in, Dr J«wte H White president Mllllkln university, old members of the Docatur Rotary tub In tbolr weekly noon meeting. Ills wife he )«nvt* four Vlrglnlt, Betty Jean Jarnen and Bobby, all at home Hi a IHO leuvua his mother, Mm Mar KlLekner, Terre Haute, a »is trt i t i t i i'i tltni mini! 1111!.I u l \ l d 111,lit l U l i 111 l!l tlit i!\( '. i in) pn» i i n i ^ f f i ' i t'll f i n '. | n in ii mill tih iwt.j W A I W tinil t i l t ( iilumtilti nn H i i k il I im k t h l i i M nlnK I tn h i . u n n d I t t i m nlil slug t h i t r IIMI i [II)|HI n l l d n U h a t a Be fmiii if s u n i Adi llm ·" w h e n t h y urn t u n i i l i i i Iht Way I a iiuhestrn t i i ( K i i i i i i it* In 1'riijuli tint frdtii the She i lid LL.O ^Uiitjd'i Mitii PW niHK at ' i x k n U Indinli-il In LhN proKrHtii Kill Iii 1 I l l k \ \ l l l l i 1 i d ' (liul "Bpil\ ( t i d Km I - M m III t'luTM lllki i v^ll) he | htiril iluiiii), t t u |itit,\mu by trul i t l l c k l i l i nul In 1,1) tun K I l i K H o s c f l (tin Coliimhiti l l u iniuiMlltiit n i t w o r k l IU t, n n . l f )( (Ills, ( K,u||ljr MlH»| Smith will Hint; MornlnR Noon and NlBhl' find M \ l U i u V i l r d Wfii Ctiiiijht In Uii' (liiln A xrcilliiK In full w i l l hi o f f c f p c l tn thfi A ft I ' )HMlm during thflr CHAIN BROADCASTS IN) [t m Ittt (CRS) WABC WCCO 5 Ud \ m -Kluck An CiuM Uoom oiLlicstrn NBC!j WlilAH VTWJ WRC WOC 1 WHO WCT BMH p m.-'II«s VUBfthotiili t*JB8) VVAKC WJXK 6 W) p m -- Kosallo Wolfe (NBC) monty of pressing m l ed, '\H WWJ KSf WOO wno Hi? f'epHOdeiit |ioKraii (NSC) WJZ KDKA WB2J WKC WLW WJK dim (f'Bit) WCAU WMAL t Y I B W J wimv Trtitycast JouUrti (NMO WJZ WHAM WB? KDKA U JO l. m, - Colon In] BLUL on lights (NUC) VVKAF 1 WJAR WOY WGR Phil Cook (^TtC WJK WBZ KDKA WRC DIOLLtk 111 tl\ I lltl ivctiln)' lit 7 .1) i n U n k Tlin mal! Vwttfi win p i p i t t i t two |i»inilai Ind n iiiftfo ipliliufil Iliu i \ 1 toil Irk j (lr»f la till" (Wfin)ili In t'tl He Bints | Thinking of Vnn tinil [ HUc Whlli 1 Ufj i nctwoik t h h j 0.45 p ni,--Sinclair WABC WMAL "WMAQ KMOX itnd I t l n G/inor (NBC) WJZ WHAM \V3B WKC WIBO eight nicrnhfis inuOe applltatlon foi UKtnbcj*h|(j Th- tii«niletithip diop ped lo T81 In that month Some \vlthilruwcN ui« fctill tie fug Hindi; but tho Imvf detiLasod con Hldcmbly Dlirlji); September they amounted to Si5* (0 but monu) paid In on Interest and suvlnga totaled HOS150 Rut with the assents now gt eater than they have been at nny time sinco the credit union vrta 01 f;anlzcd, Its otftcers und directors feel that their faith In the Institution tmB boeii fully justified and that II is sound in principle SULLIVAN MASONIC HOME INMATE DIES WHENJilT BY CAR (Special to The H«mM) VAN Oct 13--Ernest Hat- of ChkaKo, SO ears old In mute of tltc MauonJc home here wiis hilled at 0 30 o clofk Sunday evening when Hlrtitk by nn automobile eaHt of the home (in loute 132 Mr HuffrkilnK was walking on the paved Kind, ui la the custom of residents of the home and waa returning f 10111 a walk wist ot the tci Mrs Ruth Ruslwnier, Terre Haute, and foui bratheis William Huverty, P L Haverty, ftnd Thomas E Haveity all of Terre Maut.e John C Haverty, Bedford Ind He leaves Iwo half sisters Mri Etna Prlvett and Mrs KatherJne Ohrisnian. Terre Haute He was a member of the tfrlev once committee of the Pennsylvanii railroad men on thin division nn was active In thtt Brotherhood o Railroad Conductors He niflo wai a member of the Loyal Order o: Moos* Decatur and of St Benedicts Catholic church, Term HuuU The body wan removed to J J Mo ran it Sons chapel where It wl! remain until 9 15 Wednesday morn ing when it will b« removed to Brazil Ind where seivlces will be conducted Friends niay view the body after 7 o'clock Monday oven Ittj; In the Moian rhapel "FUNERALSTM KALLENBACH, Mrs Blliabeth : o clock Tuesday afternoon In th Zlon ctiuich Burlul In the Zlon cemottrj BERfSCH Mian Frieda Kath erlne 1 uesday mot nlng In S livm«!i Ctitholio chinch Burial wl bu hi CaUnry cemctorj Friend may call in the insidcncc 768 Sout Wt bslei street nftsr 4 o'clock KNISLGY, Dorothy, ! SO o'eloe; Tuesday ufternoon In the Flrat Bsp tt«t chuith Kuila) In Qracelan eemeteiy Sarvkca conducted by Hov T. Hoiley M»i»h Body remain a In Leon Monaon'n chapel where friends may ettll JONB8, J W Jack', 1 30 o clock Tuesduy afternoon In the Third United Biethuin church where services will be conducted by Rev, Isaac Bo mm cis Burial will be In Fairlawn cemetery Body remain* In Leon Monson't chape) where friends may i-all Monday I whit* jpoke on "Vocational "Why do school* not do mow to fit flung people (or » vocation'" la iiiMtlon put to educators by the ubllc, h« Mid There la n general ellef that e»ch boy apd girl la born or a particular vocation It 1* ommon belief that schools should out what a child 1 * vocation 1* t Is also believed that the schools hould take the measurement of htid. and fit It to a particular voca- ion, predicting those thing* in which he child will be a success and these «t which it would fall Out Difficult!** If that belief liad be«n followed in racti»e by the schools and boys and [Iris born in 1900 anil since, had ifien fitted for the vocations existing hen there would have been no on« .0 take up the vocation* that have developed since then, Dr White said fo subscribe to those senuill beliefs · to assume that the world Is Htand- ng allll . To be a lawyer now or to, be a puy- chologlat which Is Dr Whito's pro- feaalon. la different than It was 10 r««,r ago To follow any provision doing things in a different way than they were done 10 years ago Theie ore SI! new vocation* developed every five ytmra Some vocations dlwpear Physical characteristic* have to be adapted to vocations There »re 812 vocation* that one's ability to he«i would have to be considered In taking them up Theie are 904 In which ability to precelve difference in col* lora would be a consideration Cites Biography In vocational guidance, more can be dime towards telling a child what not to go Into than In advising what to enter Fortunately people have an adaptability that will allow them to enter any one of o. numlrer of vooatlona, Dr White »ald Ho cited th* pages of biography to show what varied things one man ho* been able to become distinguished in «s an Indication ot the difficulty of picking out n single thing that A young person might excel in H* TELEPHONE OFFICIALS TO STATE CONVENTION Two Day Conference Will Be In Peoria Nov. 12 and 13 ti II Core, manager of the D«ca- ;ur exchange of the Illinois Bell Telephone company and several main- Deri of the Deeatur itiff wilt attend the two day convention of tho Illinois Telephone association In Peoria, Nov 12 and 13 Thu telephone Industry of Illinol* maintains IhU trade organization with a motnbervhlp ot more than 600 telephone companies in the state, serving more than 2.000000 telephones The uaaocintion'H hcadquar- tcia arc at Springfield, serving the group B4 a whole with .expert counsel and technical service, and nctlnft as a Clearing houao on all mailers serving the. telephone Induvtry which ultimately lesult In applied methods and practises for the benefit of tht ftlephonfi ueinp public Subjects dealt with at these convention)) at* created to engender a better understanding of local problems In the furnish I OK of an lmnrov ed IOCB.I Nervice and toll and long dU tance service to approximately yi'A ot the world's telephone* Executives of tho Illinois Bell Tel c phone Company will attend thereon 1 ventlon, together with MONT1CEUO GUILD TO ELECT TUESDAY MONTICKLLO- Ultctlon of officers will be conducted Tutcdy evening at tho regular mMtlnji of th« M E Guild Thli I* ih« anntuit Cunningham nhowor p»rty. The hot*Unites are Mr*. Lutt Rlehardt, Mrs. ariB Hubbnrd, Mr*. Jean Jon en The Lincoln ichool Mother* Club will conduct » matting Thurwlay afternoon t 3,15 o'clock Tha pupil* of the third grad«, under trw direction «f their l«ach*r Mint OiiHtfia Baker. day hid found no clUM in th* 4t*tti of nn unMttiUfled n»n 4hout 10 whoKfl hndy wait i«k»n tfOm tht Ikttt off Fourtwntb »lr«tt Hund*y. A hotvy wlro hud bwn twl»l*d tnoui iho man'« nock nnd All Idtntlflci lion mark* hnd b««n ramovtd from the will nlv« · program, T)i« third gint« MuUi«ri will b« hodtcutl Riv and Mrs, W. P. Ycntey of I^ova land, Colo^ w«r« th* gu*fUt of Mr and Mr* F B Dr«hack Thursday They wen enrout* to Washington a national convention -*· D C. British Woman Reaches Indian* OD Flitht West [ (fu IJudril I'nts 1 INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. Oct 13 -Mrs K«lth Miller, British avltur!x, ( refueled h«r plaice at tnUtunnpoIlK I Monday and !*fl at 13 32 p. m on her effort to break Minn Laura Ingall*' Ka»t-WeMt tranncontlnonlnJ' record for women, Mrs Miller flew from Valley stream, L, I, to IndlanApoliu In ilx (tours and 16 minutes Dorit Scratch that rash Stop Itehimi witlt^ Resinol Van will btftfiiBttd Bt tbt lulckn«M of It* uctlon, *od tlit my It h4Ml*««r** burnt, ·cratcht«,chtAn|, , *tc. Wrttttolttlmtl, , »?. ItolUnwn. Md BIRTHS Ill |i m -- A 3c V nypslfM (NUC) jhotnc He WHS on the left side ot the WKAK WJAR WRC' WOY WWJjraad whin a car driven by R M Radio Dealers Daily Directory by to $ilv«rton« RADIO »** antl Hna th* Ntw SEARS, ROEBUCK CO, Sinn*! Ml Ninth Mnln St MUSIC CENTER " *'" ll IMflm.. ft Vtnr- !lliil IMA i(fllliil(«~ \tn,t e - DECATUR MUSIC SHOP WON K8D WOC WOW WHO Munll Qins (CBS) WAUC WMrtJ, WLBW WMAQ WCCO W1BW ipana Troubadour* (NBC) WJZ WJtl WLW KTW WSM WMC J! 00 p tit -Mnytajr orchefltrn (NBC1 Wl'/. WHAM KDKA WJR KTW WSM WBB » in |i m --Ciencnil Motoru Family pnrly (NRO WEAF WRC WGY WWJ WON KSD WOC WOW D.BO p. m -- Guy Lombnido nrwi HI* orch«Ktra (CBS) WABC WMAL Wt.ltW WOWO WMAQ KMOX Slrombei((-Cart)ion piogram (NBC) WHAM WJZ KDKA KYW WSM tVSfC WJK Ift.O* p. n - Will Osborne antt Hi« Gr limb] ill of Sullhnn nttemptcd to a cai d t l v c n by Rabeit Pdyne of LfxlnKton, the ninmblin cat atrik- (CBS) WABC WHA WLBW WCCO WTBW Hal Kemp's orchestra CNBC) WEAF wnc wwj way wow KSD WMC WSB 10 SO P nu-- Sammy Walkini (incl Hli Orchestra (CBS) WABC WMAL WCCO WTBW Bernift Cummins nnd His Orchev tin (NBC) WEAF WRC WWJ WOW KSD WHO H W p. m -- Phi! S|)ltnlny and HI* Occhestia (NBC) WEAF WRCi WOC WSM WWJ KSD KYW Anbury Park Casino orchesti CBS WASC WEAN WNAC Duke Ellington and HI* orrhep tin (NBC) WJZ WJH WREN 11 3D p. m -1 itel Go\ernor Clinton uuliealru (NBC) ViJZ WREN ln« Mr Huffeleiiner Several inmates wtin were milking with Mr Hafleloring said both cnirs wcie traveling at n (tood rnte of speed In the car with Mr Griunblin wrrf Mrs. Oinrnblln Maxlne Gramblln, Louise Gmmblln Hnrotd Walkci and Mrs Wnlkoi HealJtnts of the Masonic home (imi! hcen wuineil trequentlj against walk In p on tnn hard toad, but it hna been tho custom for a number of thorn to take their evening stroll al»H£ this rout" The slab whore the atoldcnt happened la only 20 feel KATCUFFE-Born to Mr and Ml 3 Cyi I] BatollfK, tlslown III Ott 11, tt iin HOWARD--Born to Mr ttnd Mri Walter Howard. 838 East Prairie avenue Oct 11, a daughter WILLIBY--Born to Mr and Mr Darnell Wllllby 811 Noith C'ollege street Ocl 13 B daughter Chicago Bail Jumper Arrested In Milwaukee tBll t w i t I l i i S H t MILWAUKEE, Wia , Oct 13 -Roc( n Covullo 38 Oak Park was cap- tutott here Monday anl rtturned to Chluugu wheie he is chained with operating a real estate canfi(t«nc« game Covello bas beett sought by Chicago polled slnco July 3 when he jumped hla ball of $35000 He was said to have obtained about $200,000 from wealthy Chicago Italians thiough hltt budlnehs dca'lngs named Benjamin Puinklln, Theodore Boosovell and Marshal Fooh at examples. Franklin, Iw said, waa a pi Inter, wilter, scientist, educator and statesman, leader In ·»." in his time. Individuals change h* aald, itatt Ing out In life -with on* vocation in mind anil finally getting nto another Vocational guidance l» a very Interesting thing, and * penon try Ing to tell young people what to do Is likely to go beyond wnat he him self, knows Th«rewe 19000 vocations, divld od up Into 21 gi-oupa A man who could be » auceessful lawyer could be a success In 8000 other vocations The chief thins in vocational guidance a» he «ees It l» to help a person to become more fitted In what they are doing rather than, to trj to tell them what they should do , ON DOUBLE TAXATION IUl/ ttii'cit Fruit } PARIS, Oct. 13--An agreement Ftolvlng the difficult problem of double taxation which haa hampered E ranco-American commercial relation* for years, was announced today by the French and American e»p*rt!t who have been conferring on tho question Premior Andre Tordleu was understood lo have accepted the agreement. The problem has bi»en one of Am- buasadoi Walter E Edge's chief concei n» George Alvord of the Treasury Department and other «x perls were sent fiom Washington t* woik on It American firms doing bubinosn In Fiance had been declared subject to a tax of J6 per cent on pi^oftta from Induatrlal and commeiclal operations 18 per cent on dividends declared and 18 per cent _^_^_ forces of various departrrmms and representative group of telephone operators Prominent ipettkem well known tn| the Industry will addreaa th* coimn- ( Uon on matt em of special Interest to executives and their force* Group nieetings and telephone operators' conferences will be entirely devoted to telephone service problems and developments for the benefit of telephone operators serving the public at home ' It la expected that the attendance, this year will be between 800 and 1000 The officers of tho association are ' ,nul« Pltchei, president, Harry G _jinkford, vice-president; Ben B Boy n ton, general counsel, A J Parons. seeretary-t!*ft*urer Five Held OtTMurder Charge Admit Robberies (Jilt t/trft«t Prttt} SPARTA, Wls, Oct 13--Five men and a woman were In run tody Monday in connection with the wounding of Alva Straight, farmer. and the killing of hla eight years oM win, Virgil. The woman wa» Mrs Elro Burnt of Peoria, who, with her husband, was said to have confewted a series of farm raids which netted them a large amount of (foods and produce The gun due) In which Straight vraa wounded and his son slain occurred Friday night after the farmer found prowlers in his bamyurd He captured George Ftsh us the other* escaped Straight wa* writing F(ih'» oam« when the latter fired »t htm four times with a revolver. One of the bullets went through n partition the Straight home and killed the hoy as he lay in bed As the wound ed farmer fell to the floor he grasped a shotgun and fired at Fish Is Your Rest Disturbed? while It widens to 24 feet In fi out of the home. This Is the first fntal accident that ha* happened to nny of the inmates although several bavo had narrow escapes Tim driver of the cai was exonerated of responsibility for the accident by coroner's jury Monday morning which after an inqueat over the body -mined n verdkt of "unavoidable accident." Deal Promptly With KJctnej Irregulnrttlc*. When bladder Irritations, getting up at right and con- aUnt backache keep you (niter- able, don't take chanced Help your kidneys at the first lien of disorder. UM Doon'i Pitts, Succettful for more than SO yean. Endorsed by hundred* of thousand* of grateful men de«lert everywhere. Doaris Low Excursion Fares TO CHAMPAIGN-URBAN A SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18 F O O T B A L L G A M E ILLINOIS v». NORTHWESTERN {ANNUAL HOMECOMING) $I.68~RWJNDTRIP~$I,68 G*od folne Mid rotiirutnR October ID Good going October 17 and 1* $2,62-»ROUND TRIP-42.52 lUtnrnliiff to MM! Including October 19, Trains leave Decatur. at 8 08 A M wild 11 15 A M Returnh,, extra train leaving WUJtht Stieet (On Campus) at H W P M. 01 after game Regular train leaving Urbana at « Ofl P. M Weeh End Excursion R-iTo of One Regular *"«IP plus 'J. r K Round Trip for the rot of the year to all station*. For farther information Phone 2-0533. DBAO BODY K80H LAKE tHli GnUti Frnt i CHICAGO, Qct U-Poll'-e Mn HER PILES HOLED AFTER 25 YEARS EYES BIQHT? A. A. NEISLER » H*ro«i Mil 'ii-niti" Wl Mirwm H Mir, \O]i WILN ) I n is J 2r; yitu Ttliilll t 11 i in : ' Ii f t n u i NI m l i u l y HDMlvil s K i llu I li t:* u.4 M A lit W f I , , A l ! Fit) M i l )l III III ij 1H tti T i nil of r * nil t ill; i M III III" A HUfi " l l l H l 11 · t f l I I H I t l l i l e i t tlfOljU I , ntli IH no cwl or Nllii»*ilfl »N Muur UN i r* (« unit" i H M i (or linik will 1 lull* Illrtbl fUlilltL 4h1 · rtmn Ht)l Kill Ii » mil rt Ii nlili JUST HOW SAFE ARE YOU AT HOME? IFYOt I twins, bilei, m YOU tKlntc ef clanger In terms of s, rtewishlps, *lrp!enes, automo- , m*chln«fy end the tik«, pl««« remembtr trwt more than 7,000 dv« were lott Utt year In Amcrlc«n hornet ai d result of fire. · More than 00 p«r cen^of ell fires ociur In hornet, The "lafety" of your hearth- ttonc loiei tome of Its assurance when you consider thii record of tragedy. To Improve luch conditions the Stock Fire (niufance companies--representing the great bulk or f?rc insurance written In this country--maintain man/ helpful services. For Graftr Home Safety TKe Department of Building Construction operated by the NaLiorvn Board of Fire Underwriter* ipreads 4 vast amount of Information regarding building IM» Uriah and their proper assembling. Stock Fire Inturanc* engineers con- itantl/ survey the fire defcnid of cltlct and work with public officials to Improve them. Underwriters' Uboratorkt, established) by Stock Fire Insurance, tests and labeli thouiandi of devleci used In the horn* --electrical apparatus, convenience equipment, heating plants, fire extinguishers and utilities of many detcrlp- tiors. STOCK FIRE INSURANCE h«s a large pcnonrMlfncifnanyfdcllttlci that are always available In connection with construction, matntendncc, protection, end fire prevention. Its record ti reducing the average cost of fire suit ancc over a long period of yeais Is partly the result ol lt§ efforts to m*U home lift safer. fir* CtjMW* THE NATIONAL BOARD OF FIRE UNDERWRITERS CHKAOO IANMANOKO F L F . C T K I F I E D . L I N K S ·SPAFFRl .FWSPAPFR1

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