Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 4, 1971 · Page 17
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 17

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, January 4, 1971
Page 17
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Two checks reported stolen Two social security checks were stolen from the mailbox of an apartment, house at 200 Hamilton .St. Saturday according to Alton police. Alma Adams and Frances Bridgeman reported seeing a man on their porch shortly after the mail was delivered and found the checks missing a short time later. The checks were for $52.30 and $94.60. Larry Pearson, 3518 Oscar St., told Alton police that three >nen in their late 20s beat him as he walked on California Street Saturday night. Pearson said that he could not see his assailants clearly but said they were driving a green Chevrolet Vega. Sylvester Smith, 5314 Labadie, St. Louis, was seriously injured Sunday when the car he was driving ran into a tree at 100 West Elm. Alton Police said Smith was treated for injuries to his head and chest at St. Joseph's Hosptial and was later transferred to Homer Phillips Hospital in St. Louis. Smith is charged with leaving traffic boundries. Stale will inspect meat plants Telegraph's McdiU Service WASHINGTON — Inspection of Illinois meat- slaughtering and processing plants will now be handled by state meat inspection programs. The Agriculture Department said that the state's meat inspection programs are equal to the Federal one under provisions of the Wholesome Meat Act. As a result, the state now has full responsibility for checking the slaughtering and processing plants doing business wholly within Illinois. The certification will affect 601 intrastate plants operating within Illinois. To earn the "at least equal to" status, Ilmois had to develop a law and regulations, financing and staffing, as well as actual inspection, matching the 'Federal program conducted by USDA's Consumer and Marketing Service. Half of the state's budget for meat inspection conies from Federal matching funds supplied by C&MS. Alton Fivening Telegraph Mondny, Jnn. 4, 1H71. B-5 Iii and out of area hospitals Slale okays driveway at Ea*t Alton Jaeohy Alton Memoiial It was dark in Atlanta when Governor Lester Maddox left the mansion tor the last time. He climbed aboard his favorite method of transportation, a bicycle, and pedaled through the streets of Atlanta to his office at the Capitol. Gov. and Mrs. Maddox are moving out of the mansion today. Governor-elect Jimmy Carter plans to move into the mansion next week prior to his inauguration. (AP VVirephoto) 3 women traveling in wron£ lane, 5 others die in crash By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Three Indiana women traveled 20 miles, police said, in the wrong lane of a four-lane expressway south of Indianapolis before they met a MUNICIPAL BONDS PAY HIGH INTEREST RATE We invite you to ask for list of available Bowls. MUNICIPAL BOND CORP. First National Bank Bldg. 200 W. 3rd St.—Alton—Phone 465-6601 GOVERNMENT SECURITIES MUTUAL FUNDS LISTED and UNLISTED PREFERRED ,«nd COMMON STOCKS CORPORATE and MUNICIPAL BOND5 New York Stock ICvcliaiiKO Trans - I..HX -let Private Telephones to St. Louis Office Serving Alton Investors for More Than 39 Yeats NEWHARD, COOK 6? Co. MEMBERS NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE J02 Pirat Notional Bonk BIO*.—AitM Ph. 465-5585 Eugene B. Shult/ John E. Greenwood Resident Manager Account Executive tractor-trailer truck and a statkmwagon carrying an Illinois family of six. The tractor-trailer rig jackknifed and avoided the southbound vehicle but the station- wagon, driven by Eclsel Singleton, 32, of Elk Grove Village, 111., and the misdirected auto collided head-on. Singleton, his \vife and three children and the three Indiana women were killed. The eight deaths made it the worst traffic crash of the three-day New Year's holiday weekend in which 431 persons died on the nation's highways. Heavy snow and blizzards from New Mexico to the G r e a t Lakes hampered driving severely during the final 24 hours of the weekend. Another head-on crash Sunday killed four persons near Needles, Calif. The Indiana crash, on inter- stale 74 near Shelbyville, was the state's worst since 1969, when two cars in a drag race struck two parked autos, killing nine persons. Earlier in the weekend, four members of the Charles Lewis family, who were burned out of their home in a fire on Christmas Eve, were killed in a car-train collision near Lake Odessa, Mich. Another car-train crash Friday killed four Illinois teenagers and critically injured a fifth near Van Pollen, 111. AHMISSIONS Angle Harrison. 931 Main Mrs. Ruth Henesey, Godfrey Walter Smith. Wood River Elizabeth Lauschko. 23 Logan Carl Warren, Chesterfield Paul Westbrook. Hillshorn Richard Grenzebach. 904 McKinley M r s . Paillette Maronie, Brighton Mrs. Joan Smith. 2006 Agnes Mrs. Harriet Rehrens. Bunker Hill Mrs. Ellen O'Dcll. East Alton John Garis, Cottage Hills Cletus Miller. East Alton Mrs. Catherine Hawkins, West Alton, Mo. Mrs. Ruilh Borman, 204 Carolina Mrs. Lois Barker, Roxana Joseph Tot or a, Wood River Mrs. Freda Palton, Cottage Hills Mrs. Rosalie Tucker, South Roxana Mrs. Dolores Schmidgall, 4370 Ladd William Ames Jr., Jerseyville Mrs. Myrtle Page, Godfrey Mrs. Mary Barnes, Bethalto Mrs. Belle Hutchinson, 131 Dooley David Earth, Godfrey Debra Hill, Bethalto Mary Swarringin, 2R05 Sanford' Walter Pickelt, Hartford Elizabeth Clark, East Alton Ernest Scoggins, 231 Madison Lewis Robbins, 307 Brookside G. Guido Tovo, East Alton Mark Buettel, Godfrey Mrs. Virginia Rexford, 3829 Horn Ivy Smith, 2517 Salu Tracy Holtorf, Gillespie Michael Sterling, Hartford Carol Perelio, Godfrey Mrs. Sarah Griffin, Wood River Marsha Diestelhorst, Bunker Hill DISMISSALS Mrs. Mary Richardson, Wood River Clifford Davis, 1305 E. 4th Charles Lyon, 2612 Maxey Brian Maynard, Cottage Hills Kelly O'Brien, East Alton Joseph Fentress, Bethalto John Mullins, Bethalto Bruce Funderburk, Bethalto Matthew Schilling, Cottage Hills Thomas Moore, 3405 Agnes Mrs. Lillian Miller, 2730 Grandview Mrs. Corrine Forbes, 3736 Berkley Edward Meiners, East Alton Mrs. Joyce Herrm, Cottage Hills Mrs. Barbara Quirk, Mcdora Mrs. Rhonda Balalrd, Edwardsville Mrs. Mary Langill, 4815 Storeyland Marcus Ryan, Jerseyville Mrs. Violetle Lee, 2003 Central Mrs. Edra Flowers, East Alton Larry Kershner, Cottage Hills Pamela Krankel, Cottage Hills Kenneth Rulherford, Bunker Hill * T a m a r a Reynolds, 808 Brenner Michael McAfee, Brighton Sandra Roberts, Brighton Mrs. Patricia Grace, Bethalto Mrs. Dorothy Weeks, Godfrey Mrs. Virginia Brown, Godfrey Mrs. Sandra Jordan, East Alton Mrs. Nellie Prucll, Bethallo Mrs. Gloria Dooley, Wood River Ervin Kasting. Hartford Mrs. .loan Kershaw. 91S Fount i an Mrs. Rena Srhleir>er. Wood River Mrs. Mary Spurgeon. 622 E. 81 h Mrs. Karen Tow. Wood River Donald Treise. 3414 Robin Mrs. Frances Westfall. 255 Mounier Mrs. F,va Cuellar. Brighton Kathleen Cross. 211B Sail! Mrs. Normn Dick. Collage Hills Mrs. Melinda Dicksmeycr, Brighton Kenneth Fclden. Godfrey Corey llearn. 2R9 Madison Mrs. Estella McCleery, 705 Fa in'low Charles Maguirc. 1030 E. Broadway Mrs. Linda Novack, West Alton, Mo. Thomas Roth. Godfrey Mrs. Clara Sherman, 913 E. 6th Carlos Soto. 612 A. Brookside Clyde Staats. Jerseyville Mrs. Barbara Stilts, Cottage Hills Mrs. Elsie Strader, 2820 Viewland Mrs. Judy Weaver, Bethallo Virden Ethel Carlinville R a y rn o n d Carlinville Leon a Staples Amel Wills. St. Anthony's ADMISSIONS John Sapp. Bethalto David Roswcll, Bunker Hill Earl McGinnis, Wood River William Corbin, Bethalto Kenneth Mosher, Wood Hiver Mrs. Sarah Owen, 258 Janet Francis Ilarvick, Wood River Mrs Gladys McKinncy, Godfrey Ronald Mincey, Bethalto Mrs. Minnie Suhling, Moro Mrs. Mary Biederman, Piasa Paul Sauls, East Alton Matthew Rector,2405 Birch Mrs. Agnes Greenwood, East Alton Georgia Hanks, Hunker Hill Richard Forsylhe, Moro Dale Broughlon, Brighton Mrs. Mildred Schoeck, 106a Manor Court Rosemary Gade, 3210 Myrtle Walter Myers, Bethallo Mrs. Doris Pease, Wood River DISMISSALS Connie Lewis, Collage Hills Mrs. Margaret Garis, Cottage Hills Edward Hawkins, Bethalto Frank Menke, Bethallo Mrs. Marsha Frankford, Godfrey Traci Fee, Bethalto Mrs. Edna Chadwick, 2430 LaSalle Linda Morgan, Roxana John Sauls, East Alton Mrs. Mary Niekle, Cottage Hills Joseph Bean, Roxana Boy<l Memorial ((nrrollt(m) ADMISSIONS Gertrude Arnold, Greenfield Mrs. Ruth Mich, Greenfield Howard Maguire, Rockbridge Anita Evering, Fioldon Willard Smith, Hockbridge Clifton Bryant, Greenfield Albert Gans/, Kampsvillc George Baltiz, Carrolllon Donald Crane, Kane Mrs. Eileen Carter, Carrollton Joe Price, Carrollton DISMISSALS Claude Nash, Greenfield M r s . Juniana Osterman, Carrollton Dale Williams. Kane Basil Becker, Kampsvillc Carl Sawyer, Carrolllon Charles N c w i n g h a m , Greenfield Jersey Community ADMISSIONS Ronald Gibson, llardin Charlotte Jacobs, Golden Eagle Sharon Walters, Jerseyville. Donna Tcgo, Hardin Rosemary Retzer, Hardin Mrs. Betty Dcvor, Jerseyville Mrs. Ross Ely, Dow Richard Sinims, Morton, 111. Joseph Brangenbcrg, Michael Peter Drainer, Jerseyville Lloyd Sawson Jr., Fieldon Glenda Summers, Godfrey Randy Dilks, Jerseyville Laura Miller, Jerseyville Henry Bilbray, Jerseyville Dorothy Ingersoll, Jerseyville Janclla Finch, Graflon Melissa Nash, Jerseyville DISMISSALS Fred Eck, Jerseyville Jeanclle Lane, Jerseyville Bonnie Massey, Gol.lcn Eagle Wanda Gundlach, Jerseyville Mark Hays, Jcrseyvillc Minnie llulccns, Fidelity Virginia Ebertlin, .Brussels Sophia Ives, Dow Richard Branham, llardin Pauline Kones. Jerseyville Michael Holder, Jerseyville Leigh McKcnncy, Jerseyville Ruby Docrr, Hamburg Herman Kronable, llardin Ernest Ilagcn, Fieldon Lloyd Lawson, Fieldon Mrs. Hannah Thompson, Graflon Richard Simms, Morton Melissa Nash, Jcrseyvillc Randy Dilks, Jerseyville Mamie Bray, Jerseyville St. Joseph's (Highland) The village of Easl Alton will construct a driveway through one of the 1000 Islands nn W. SI. Louis Avenue al lite. 3 to aid traffic moving onto and off of Virginia Avenue, according to Mayor Frank Keasler. The move will be made since the Illinois Division of Highways closed up (he island when installing a left turn lane and signal lights al the intersection. The village had asked to have (he Island opened, bill the Division of Highways said that il would interfere with other traffic movement. However, Mayor Keasler indicated there is considerable traffic on the street, which would cause traffic tie- ups at I he west end of the Islands if the driveway was not installed. A f I o r reviewing the situation a second lime, R o b e r t Kronsl. district engineer, informed the mayor that, the village could make the crossing. r,y OSWALT) ami .IAMI.S JACOBV NORTH (D) AK Q7 V AKQ8G4 * K 6 4 \VF.ST V.f 1005 EAST A A ins 54 V732 4.1105 * Q 3 A K 10 9 H 2 SOt'TH A .1 r, 2 V Void • A Q 0 R 3 A A ,T K 7 4 None vulnerable AVcsl North 1 V East Pass Pass Pass Pass 1'nss 4N.T. Pass G * Pass Openinf! lend—A !i South 5V Pass newsmen to rap YOU'LL FIND ALL YOUR OFFICE SUPPLY NEEDS FOR THE NEW YEAR AT GODWIN'S. DESK CALENDARS AND REFILLS — APPOINTMENT BOOKS — TRANSFER FILES — FILING SUPPLIES — ADDING MACHINES — INVENTORY SHEETS AT OFFICE SUPPLY "Alton's Dommerriul Stationer" 111 10. ISroaclway I'll. 4(l.'i'7750 we've hit the big TIME THE, BANK OF ALTON 1520 WASHINGTON AVENUE ALTON, ILLINOIS .82002 MEMBER BS3 9 6 A.M. P.M. MOM. THROUGH SAT. CLOSED SUNDAY St. Joseph's ADMISSIONS Mrs. Anita Brown, East Alton Kino Cassanelli, East Allon Mrs. Hazel Glaeser, Edwardsville Robert Lowe, 37U!i Humbert Veronica Partridge, East .Alton Kimbcrly Reams, 2314 Amelia Melvin Roach, Brussels Milton Stewart, Godfrey Mrs. Mary Berkel, 525 Anderson Terry Barnelt, Shipman Mrs. Bernice Barnes, Wood River Mrs. Mildred Breitweiser, .Jerseyville Timothy Brendel, Jerseyvillo Frank Cherry, Edwardsville Mrs. Ma/el Fox, 243 Alben Robert Groppcl, Fieldon Mrs. Marjorie Hosford, 111(5 Main 1, i n d a Jones, Brighton Patnria Jones, Brighton Mrs. Holly Lacey, 1612 Belle Cathy Madden, Carlinville Joseph Massey, 907 E. 4th Mrs. Nealda Straub, Godfrey Sylvester Taylor, 2300 Pleasant Mrs. Ilallic Webb, 1225 Clawson Timmy West, Wood Hiver Harold Wilkinson, Bunker Hill Lewis Frazier, East Alton DISMISSALS Mrs. Jane Blotevogel, Bethalto Greg Boda, Wood River Mrs. Mamie Chitwood, lite. 1 Harold Clark, 1138 Harrison Archie Crumpton, 1439 Cyrus Mrs. Vicky Fulkerson, Wood Hiver M r s . Huthann Jamison, Godfrey Ms. Ernest Joiliff, 1818 Belle \ SVood River Township ADMISSIONS Mrs. Elizabeth Foster, Edwardsville Mrs. Ruth Burks, Brighton Dawn Ash, Collage Hills Mrs. Minnie Lane, East Alton Chrisla Meyer, Soulh Roxana Mrs. Flora Modrovsky, Belhallo Mrs. Fern Darnell, Cottage Hills Mrs. Thelma Russell, East Alton Prentice Robertson, East Allou Francis Gcnta, Alton Mrs. Edith Goodwin, 19 Carroll Wood Mrs. Wilma Asbury, 570 Grove Mrs. Ava Luce, 571 Leslie DISMISSALS Douglas Jackson, Collage Hills Mrs. Brenda Allen, Easl Allon Mrs. Gladys McClellan, Itoxana Mrs. llallie /aehary, Cottage Hills Dorothy Blake, Allon Paul Zimmerman, 19 E. Jennings Sam Rice, East Allon Charles Wood, Cottage Hills John Fina//o, Allon Billy Ward Jr., Edwardsville Mrs. Beverly Ladd, Cottage Hills Kip Dirham, Alton Mi's. Gertrude Clark, Hartford David Wiley, Alton Lou Iliva, Belhallo Mrs. Betty Hea, Easl Allon Otrlinville Area ADMISSIONS Oriri K. Hoover, Palmyra Roger 11. Hall, Shipman Timothy Coulee, Benld Bruce McGarvey, Palmyra Tine Marie Frye, (ii)lespie Ann Teresa Frye, Gillespie Lelia Marie Foiles, Carlinville Vi;ra Lois Walk, Palmyra John Dee Shoemaker, Jr., Murrayvillo Helen Fay Ellcr, Nilwood Grace Bouillon, Carlinvilli! DISMISSALS Sandra Lee Smiley, Gillespie George Adam, Carlinville Gertrude Molir, Carlinville Dennis Wm. Baker, Carlinville H c n r y Adrian Chism, Carlinville Corene Dee Hall, Eagerville Thomas K. Dunn, Sr., Citrlinville Sybil S. Killebrew, Carlinville Bradley Morris Leggett, ADMISSIONS Cecil Cullipher, Edwardsville Mrs. Temple Bickell, Edwardsville Mrs. Edna Bangc, Rte. 3, Edwardsville K i m Langcnwalter, Edwardsville Anton Sajovel/, Edwardsville Freicla Shank, Edwardsville Lines Strong, Edwardsville DISMISSALS Mrs. Barbara Leardi, Edwardsville James Durer, Rle. 7, Edwardsville Alvin Schacfor, Edwardsvilk: Sand y Waterman, Edwardsville Si. Francis (Lilchfleld) ADMISSIONS Alice M. Blevins, Gillespie Ernest A. Martin, Gillespie Vanatla, Gillespie E. Longaberger, Minnie A Susie Gillespie Wanda F. Dnmaski, Gillespie Elsie D. Delanoy, Gillespie Eva Taylor, Ml. Olive Man hurl when auto hits fence JKRSEYVILLE — Slale police rporlcd two auto accident. 1 ; in Jersey,.. Greene, M a c o u p i ri and Calhoun counties during the weekend. A Shiprnan man, Clarence Loi'kdl, 'i'l, was injured when the car in which lie was a passenger went out of control and struck a fence Sunday afliTMoon. The car driven by Harry Hialdleslon, 19, of Shipmaii wen out iif control when llud- illcslon atii'inplcd to make a Idt turn ono a country road from lite. -I. Police said the car went irilo a dildi before sinking the fence on the Linddl Lovelace farm. Marlha Swicrs, '.!(>, of S I a u n t o n was uninjured Saturday when the car went out of control and ran into a dictdi about 1:4(1 p.m. on Rte. (>(» one-half milt) south of lit; Rle. 1M junction. She was attt.'inpling to pass a vehicle and came upon another car attempting a left turn into a crossover. She applied the brakes and (he car went out of control police said. Hy FRANK COltMIKIt Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) — President Nixon, who will hold an hour-long TV-radio c o n v e r s a I i o n with four broadcast journalists tonight, says lie would be willing to have a similar session wilh representatives of the writing press. ('hailing informally wilh four reporters on New Year's Eve, Nixon said Ihe television networks already have indicated I hey would provide broadcast time for such a presidential queslion-and- answer meeting. Nixon, however, said difficulty in agreeing on which four wrMers would rep 1 :senl. news agencies, newspapers and news maga/ines might p r o v e to be an insurmountable obstacle. Tonight's broadcast will originate live from Ihe basement floor library of Ihe While House al !) EST. The idea for Hie program originated with the While House, reportedly with the aim of showing Nixon in a warm and intimate selling. A While House aide was quoted as saying: "So many people say they want lo know what Ihe Presi- tlenl is really like, we thought this was a good way lo show (hem." Another aide indicated Ihe White House is hoping the broadcasters will ask generalized questions instead of m a k i n g inquiries keyed closely to current news developments. Bui press secretary Ronald L. Xiei/Jer said no rest rid ions have been placed on lypes of questions dial may be asked or on subjects lo lie explored. lie said the program would be "a general conversation in depth and perspective on major issues before the country and the presidency." The four broadcasters who will question Nixon arc Howard K. Smith of Ihe American Broadcasting Co., Kric Sevan-id of the Columbia Broadcasting System, John Chancellor of Ihe National Broadcasting Co. and Nancy Dickerson, a former NBC correspondent n-pn-si'iiliii)' 1 h c Public Broadcasting Service. Xii'Klcr acluiowlcdi/cd IK- had suiM'.cstcil the networks be rfpi I'Si'iiled liy anchormen of Ihe popular early cvenin: 1 . news iiroi:r;iins However, he said Hie ndworli 1 . sdceird Ihe partici|i:inls. When NIVOII held ,i similar TV-radio conversation with Smith, Sevan-id and chancellor in I,os AiH'des last July I, (|Uf IIOIIIM ' was limited lo fon-i",!! policy .subjects. 'The President spenl Hie holiday weekend at Camp David, Mil., watched televised football i'.aincs and uorkcd OH his Slale of Hie I'nion Message lo be delivered lo < 'oir.'i'ess Jan. '.'.'.'.. The While House announced hi' had vetoed a bill lo revise Hie system under winch federal blue-collar workers are paid. The bill would have provided a 4 per cent pay hike lo KUU.IIOI) workers by providing an extra pay i-.radc in each job classification. Nixon, in his veto message, said the bill would have fed inflation with "costly and unwarranted pay features." Oswald: "It was nice lo see C a r o 1 i n e (Mrs. Camp) Flounoy of Shreveporl and George Dawkins of Houston win the Master's Mixed Pairs al the recent Nationals." Jim: "It was indeed. I must be gelling old because they both appeared in tournaments after 1 started." Oswald: "Here is a hand that helped him. George sat North and, as frequently happens in mixed pair games, look control of the bidding." Jim: "However, he took control in a rather unusual manner. After checking for aces he gave up his fine six- card heart suit and let. Caroline play Ihe slam in one of her suits." Oswald: "If he had insisted on hearts they wouldn't have won. You can't make a slam when you lose one ace and a trump trick." Jim: "Easl. won the spade lead with his ace and led the suit back in the hope thai his partner had led a singleton. Caroline won and proceeded lo play ace and another club, which she ruffed in dummy. She started after trumps and when they broke 3-2 she was home. She could enter dummy with the last high spade and discard her last three clubs on the ace, king and queen of hearts." Oswald: "II wasn't difficult lo play and il doesn't look difficult to bid but six diamonds bid and made was worlr 111 match-points out of a possible 12." Jim: "Oilier pairs stopped at game or bid Ihe impossible heart slam, thus (heir accurate bidding gave them a good score 1 ." •'•'/''. The bidding ha.s been: West North East South 1* IV Pass Pass ? You, South, hold: AK« VA!)7 •KQ4 *AQJ32 What, ilo you do now? A—Kill OIK; no-trump. 'This hiil shows 18-1!) points. Don't (lcul)le because you don't want your partner to hid n .suit unless he 1ms u good one. TODAY'S QUKSTION Your partner bids two spades. Whul do you do now? Answer Tomorrow- ..M aw it true that a man who and works in llu: United Slulcs can be drafted into the I '.S. Army - even if lie isn't yd a cili/rii of this country? A. Ye. 1 ;. Once a man from Bar Assn. A^new seeks t ' only audience * (A I') -Spiro T. controversial .'.perches is 10 ":'.d the al- ii) audience." In iervu-w witn columnist William F. Buckley Jr., broadcast by WTOl'-TV Sunday night, Agntsw suit]: "I think my speeches bear scrutiny as entities and would not turn off my allies "But, taken out tif context, sedionaliml, utili/ed in ways thai were never intended ... they (in have that effect. It's a risk 1 must take."

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