The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 4, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 4, 1859
Page 4
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i^-^^^^ LEGAJL ADVERTISBMEHTS LEGAJJ ADVERTISEMENTS for iff aterialB for the Tremendous thunder and lightning atorm " ' to-nigh • „., reoleved. Fire In Lafayette. , June 2, jAJrethli k. m. pwtiallT destroyed Spe oer's Block, ioss $10,000 to tJlaiOOO.lfogt ly inenred. J ! WASEIKOITOH, Jnrie 3. Ihfi President has iagned a ^roolwnation foi • Hie of public land in Iowa, commencing a Fort Dodge, on 'the 28th of September, and a Sionx City o-i the Srdof of October. The lands are in the north western part of the State, at the head of the Des Moines River and jtg tributaries. / tH " 1 An Enormous Verdict. V'^'" ::.•-:• i ;: Sr. Lotus, Junes. In the case of Carsting vs. Shaw for breach of promise, the jury this morning rendered a verdiot for the fall amount of, the petition o plaintiff; 1100,000. It is understood that the <onnsel for the defendant will file a demani and have the verdict set aside.also petition for a new trial. Time Beaten by -/ ... - NEW OKLIANS, June 2. • The .foreign advice* by the America were received before ten o'clock this a. m., over both the National and Coast lines, having traversed 1,700 miles eaoh ID advance of time. The messages were not placed in the New York office anil after ten o'clock. Fire. RUTLAKD, Vt., Jane 2. The Rutland fonndry and machine shop, owned by the Brandon Iron oar wheel company, and "occupied by Bowman & Mansfield, were destroyed by fire last night. Loss from $15,000 to S2C,000. that amount. Insured for about half Episcopal Convention. COLUMBUS, Ohio, June 3. The Episcopal Convention now in session here held an election this morning for an Assistant Bishop of the diocese of Ohio, which resulted in the choice of Rev. Dr. Q. P. Bidell. Execution of a Murderer. ALBABT. Jane 3. Michael O'Brien, an elderly man, who murdered his wife at Cohoea, Naw York, by kicking and beating her to death, was executed today. He was between 60 and 60 years of age. Tbe New York Yacht Race. NEW TOEK, Jane 3. In the New York yacht race yesterday, the schooner Madge, of Philadelphia, won the first prize, $400. The other prizes, of $175 plate ea ih were won respectively by the sloop 'Deer, of N. T., thi- schr Daron, of Philadelphia,sloop Hazel, of Pawtucket, R. 1., and the sloop Flying Cloud, of Philadelphia. Fire In Covlngton, Ry. PIHCIKNATI, June 3. A fire in Corington, Ky., yesterday : the Bagging factory of Roberts & Co., was entirely destroyed ; loss $25,000 ; insnrano small.— About 120 m«n and woman are thrown oat of employment. The fire extended to the Covington Locomotive work, which were damaged to the extent of §5,000. Man Snot at St. Louis. ST. Louis, Jane 8. Joseph Charless, one of the oldest and most rezpeoted citizens was shot, and mortally wounded on the street this morning, bj J. W. Thornton, formerly teller of the Boatman's Saving Instil ation. Thornton was tried and acquitted about & year apo, on charge of having stolen $20,000 from the bank. Mr. Char less was one of the principal witnesses against him Telegraph AdT-ertlamenv, NBW TORE, June S. Wm. E. HowptL, of Cal , and A A. Howett, N Y., general superintendents of the American Telegraph CO'B lines, have purchased of the patentees tbe exclusive right for using tbe Hughes Printing Telegraph, the House Printing Telegraph and the new combination Printing Telegraph and patents, for the entire State of California. Mr. W E. Howett will sail for Cal. on tbe 20th of Jnne. and il u. expected that these Improved systems of telegraphing will be tn- trodooed on the Alta Cala line between San Francisco, Saeremento and Morrisville, at the earliest possible moment- The V. S ship Relief, commander Roger P-rrv arrired al this port to day from A spin- wall, which port she left April 23d, stopping at Key West and leaving that port May 25th. Simon- JoKnion, aminit • Baydra It Thompton, ^ Jamei W. Cannon, ,804 Lmura^Oannon, hlB Xbe Butt if Wl coniuij to Ib* aboYe named defendanti ;•?- and each olttemt '.?-.•;!:• . V- • V 00 are hereby tummonod and required to aniwer , X- the complaint In itui acUon, of which a copy li herewith icrred upoujroo. and to *er.* a copy of your aruwir to theaald oompdlnjt ofrthe inbjcrlber-at hit offloe In th* fflty of MUwattkwi, within ninety day^.ane the lerrice hereof, wcln»lve of th'iday oftnchMrrlce; and If youf«U to aniwer thsuW complaint within the time afore»alo; the plaintiff will 'apply to the Court fo the relief demanded In the complaint. • 1 Wltuett the Hon. Arthur Mo Arthur, Judge LV. i of tbe Circuit Court for itld County o J '. -•-, JaUwaukee,»t Milwaukee, thli 13 Ji day o ' Uay,185». 1 J. LtBUB, Plaintiff 1 ! Attorney. The above mentioned complaint wai filed May 16 1859, In &e office of the Clerk of <ald Court, at Ml! waukee, WUooniln. • " ' • • , ooin. • Dated Mty 16, 1859. "maylS-lawfiw ' • J. , PlalntUTi Attorney. UNITED STATES MARSHAL'S SALE. LrcnrgniKJgerttm, ) In the United Statei Dla vs. [trlct Court. DIttrlct c Wlnthrop 0. Lord and f Wlioocaln. George Lord. J Jn Equity. TN purtuince and by virtue of a decree made by the JL DlatrlotCoart o t tie United Butei for tbeDUtrl.t of Wl«coo«ln, on the ninth day of May, 1859, In the ab we entitled canie, I Bhall sell at Public Auction, at the office or the United ttala Mar h»l In the City of Milwaukee, 'in thli -District, on Friday, the fifteenth day of July, 1859, at three o'clock in ihe afternoon, tie followlof deicribod; property, to wit: "Oat lot 'B,' number twenty-one [21], in the. Tillage -of Wauptcca, in the County of Wanpacca and Bt.te of Wlsconaln: also aBufficlent quantity of Water Power to betaken out of the Wanpacca Klf er, at the dam erected acrau •aid Elver, In the Tillage of Wanpacca, to propel three mn'of stones lor flouring porpoiei at all teaion of the year."- i Manhal't Office, Milwaukee, May 17.1859. maylMawfw H. J. THOMAB. U. 8. MarahaL dBOClT COURT, I Milwaukee County. ( N. George Clark, Plaintiff, agalnit OharlegJ. Eerahaw, Jeue a. Leavenworth, Merrlck Murphy, John T. Perklni, John Plankinton, John Ogdcn, Undiay Ward, Lyman P. Bwlft, Jamei H. Bogen, Receiver of the Oermanla Bank of O«o. Pap- enalck A Co., Charlei B. Curtli. John G. Meyer, William John Boe, Charlet Knebn, Oeorge B. Miner, OyruiD. OavU, Jamet Hannaw, Defendanti. lie State of Wiiconaln, to the aboFe named defendanti V 'OD are hereby nunmoned and required to aniwer the complaint in thti action, which li filed In the ffice of the Clerk of tald Court, and to icrre a copy of" our aniwer to the laid complaint, on the lubtcrtben at theirofflce, No>. 3 ind*, Albany Bnlldtng, MUwao- ee, Wisconsin, within twenty dsy« after the lervlce ereof, exclnalre of tht day of inch service; and If you fail to aniwer the laid complaint within the time aloreaald, .the plaintiff in this action will apply to the Conn for the relief demanded In the complaint. " Witness the Honorable ABTHDB MoAE- ->- 1 TH0E, Jndge of the Circuit Court for laid BUI. V County of Milwaukee, at Ullwaukee, thl» —r—> .thirtieth day of Much, in the (year one thnmand eight hundred and fifty-nine HOOKEB * 8PANGKNBKEQ, aprgS-dlawBw Pl'Bg'i Att'ya, Milwaukee, Wi». 103] SHERIFF'S SALE. [New* STATE OF WISCONSIN, I Circuit Court, Milwaukee County. | Lnclen Buttlee, Executor of the last will and testament of Joel Battles, deceased, agalnit Elisabeth Greenfield, widow of Adolph Greenfield, dt ceased, Louis Aner and William Clander. Foreclosure. ' M virtue of and punuant to a judgment rendered In . laid Court, In the above entitled action, dated De- «mber Slit, 1858, I shall expose lor sale and sell at ubllc auction, at the Poit Office In the city of Milwan- ee, on Saturday, tbe £d day of July, 859, at tbe hour of S r. «.o( that day, the following escribed mortgaged premises, or so much thereof as may be necessary to raise tbe amount of tsAd judgment, oterest and com, together with tbe expenses of sale, wit: " Lot number ilxteen (16X In block one hundred and twenty-seven (127), In the Second Ward of the city of Milwaukee, County of M.l- wankee, State ol Wisconsin. Dated -Sheriff's office, Milwaukee, April 1st. 1859. )QDia, UEOWB 4 OODII, ( A. J. LANGWOBTUT, Plaintiff's Attorneys. aprl-3mlln2w f Sheriff Mil. Co., Wls. 'iroat Excitement at St, Louis. ST. Lofts, June 3. Intense excitement prevailed among all classes of ciltzens to-day, in consequence of - thesbooimg ol Mr. Charles this morning — ' al Abovt 12 o'clock, eome two or three thousand !?. men repaired to the jail, with the avowed pnr- posts of forcibly Lairing and hanging the i -,-• oner, bat through tbe exertions of the poi, 0 e and the mflnence of several prominent men' the eieitRment was somewhat allayed and a majority of the crowd prevailed upon'to disperse Squads of excited men, however lingered around the jail all the p. m., and traversed the streets threalenme vengeance upon tbecnlprh. To prevent violence, Mayor Felley oat the military, some of whom are now ffi o clock) standing guard in the jail yard, while fn'stTn'tlTs Patr °" ing the streets Prepared to f lr iJi h<arl€ ' 88 Fti " l ' n ^ bat hi S °^lh\ S looted lor every moment. He received t'wo pistol wounds in the abdomen, mher <«,. of which, the surgeons pro- nouuced, mortal. Mucl, excitement still ex !l tS i a '!u ",' 81feared thal the annonncement of thedeath of the wounded man will be the sequel ofa general outbreak. Mr. Charless lg o the firm of Charless, Bloss & Co., and one of the oldest and most esteemed merchants of thie city, and Lhe attack upon him U univer- oti/.7 ga ,. r j M lbe mosl unprovoked and cold blooded on record. ' CIBOU1T OODRT, I Uilwankee Oonnty, Wls. | a^daleua BiegL 1 against V acob BaO. J tate of Wisconsin, to Jacob Haff. Y OC are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint in this action, which has this day ecu filed ID the office of the Clerk of the Otrcolt Conit. ( the County of Milwaukee, at the Olty of Milwaukee, nd to serve a copy of your answer to the said com- laint, on tbe subscriber! at their office, in said city, within treaty days after the service of this summons n you, eicluslve of tht day of such service ; and If ou fail Lo answer tbe said compla nt vithln the time foresald, the plaintiff in this a>-t.nn will apply to the ourt for Ibe relief demanded In ibe complaint Dated May It, 1869. BODE A PAINE, roay22-law6« Plalntirsjutnraeys, Mil. KITED STATES ITIARSHAI.'S SA 1,E~. lary Ann Adams, admluistra-1 rti of Frederick W Adams, | eceased, I va. Id P. Huli, Marion Alton Hull, dwln Palmer, Trustee, Alchael Oougblln, oabua Hathawav, lyron W. Clark, Ibarles S Clark, Lobert B. Bell, *be Farmers A MiUen Bank, enry L. Palmer, ermaD Scbwarting aud August Oreulich, Assignees of tbe eople'a Bank of Baertel, reenleaf A Companr, Edward Q. Tyler, Jabei H. Foster, Horace H. Uunu, Jasper E. Ooour ch, and { Annrles Dumes and William J. Abrams. ] i N pursuance and by virtue of s decree made by the District Conrt of the United States for th. District of Wisconsin, on the eighth day of April, 1859, in the above entitled cause.I shall sell at Public Auction at tht United States Marshal's office In tbe City of Milwaukee, on Wednesday, ihe lentb day of August, 1859, at three o'clock in tbe afurrnoon, the following described property, to wit : "Lot Dumber [C] and the west fifty [50] feet of lou numbered seven [i] and eight [8], in block twenty-five [2iJ, in Bherm»n'i Addition to tbe giith Ward of the Cltr uf Milwaukee." Marsha!*! Office, Milwaukee, May I, 1858 M. J. THOMAS, C. 8. Marshal. A. C. Miv, Compl'ta Solicitor. - , ,. I I . \ ... ' ^. M*, B "~"-»"^™~rT, . • Construction, Equipment, £c., .,--...-•;.-! .;;.. ". Msyl9,189», PROPOSALS to furnish, materials-fpj the i_> nary for the fis-al year ending 30th June.lSM, wll be received at thli bureau until 8 o'clock, p. fiu, of the JOth of Jnne next. These proposals mast be endorse! "PropoisJs for Materials for theMavy, Bureau of Con ltruction,akc," that they may be distinguished from other business letters. The. materials and articles) embraced/In the classes named arc particularly described In printed schedules, any of which • 111 b« furnished to such; as desire to of ter. on » the commandaoUof the respective yards, or to the nary-agent .nearest thereto, and thoseof allOieysJ-dsaponappllcstlonto this bureau Thli division Into cl sses beingotor r the convenience o of dealers In each,such portions^ will be furnished as are actually required for bids. The commandant and navy-agent of eath station will hare a copy of the schedules of (he other yards,.for examination only from which It may be judged whelherit will be desirable lo make application for them. ' Offers most be made for the whole of the class at any yard upon nn» ot -the prilled schedules, or In sblct conformity therewith, or they will not be considered. ' Tnb contract will be Awarded to the lowest Ixmajldt bidder, who gives proper security for its fulfillment. The United States reserves the right to reject all tbe bids for any class, If deemed exorbitant. 'All articles most be of the very best quality, to be delivered In good order, and In suitable vessels and t ack ages, as the csse may be, st tbe expense and risk of the contractor, and In all respects subject tp the Inspection, measurement, o. unt, weight, Ac., of Ihe yard where received, and Vi ibe entire satisfaction of tbe commandant thereof. Bidders are referred to tbe commandants of the ret pcctive yards for samples, Instructions, or particular dcsct Iptlonot the articles; and, all other things belny equal, preference will be given to articles of American manufacture. Every offer, u required by tbe lawyer 10th August, 1848, must be accompanied i>y a Written guarantee, the form of which Is herewith given. Those only whose offers may be accepted will be notified, and the contract will be forwarded u toon thereafter aa practicable, which they will be required to ex ecntd within ten days after In receipt at the post office or navy agency named by them. Sureties In the full amount will be required to sign the contract, and their responsibility certified to by a United States district Judge, fnlted States district At- torncy, collector or navy agent. An additional security, twenty per centum will be withheld from the amount of the bills until the c .nlract shall have been conuleted; and eighty per centum of each bill, approved In triplicate by tbe lOmmandants of the respective yards, will be paid by the navy > gent at tbe points of delivery within tl.irty days after Its presentation to him. It Is stipulated In the co tract that. If default be made by Ihe parties of the firri part In delivering all or any of the articles mcnUone-i la ny class bid for In tb> contract, of the quality »u.| at the time and places above provided, then, and In that case, the contractor «nd pay' to the United edlng twice the amount md his sureties will forfeit Statei a inta of money notes. .. .._ .._ of inch class, which may be ..-covered from time to time, according to the act of ongresi In that cue provided, approved March 3, IMH Class No. 6 to be delivered ne-fourlb part on or b«- ore the 16th May, one-fourth part on or before the 10th Jury, one-fourth part l>< he 20th September, and be remainder by the lit Der. mber, 1860. Class, 8, the hole by thel&thMay, ISCu The remaining; classes o be delivered one-fourth |>ai i on or before tbe 1st September next, rn«-fourth v* l on or before 1« December next, one-fourthpaj t mi or before the 1st April, and the remainder on or btf-»rr the 30th June, 1SGO, unless earlier required with • notice of twelve dayi, comprising at each delivery n due proportion of each article, tilaas 10 and all fol!»» log, If additional quantities of any of the articles ra ed therein are demanded, they are to be furnished on (Ire terms and conditions previous to tbe explrat i>n of the fiscal year, upon receiving a notice of fifteen diys from the bureau, the ommandant of the navy yard, or navy a;ent. 1,- Fbrm vf Otfir of , In the State of -, hereby agre<- t., furnish and deliver, In he respective navy yards, n I ihe articles named tn the daises hereunto annex d, agreeably to the provisions of tbe schedules tbrrci.r, and ID conformity with tbe advertisement of il-r liurean of <Construction, c., of the 19th Way, iSM -h. aid my offer be accept • ', I request to be addres<f<1 at , and the ontract sent to the navy «f.nt at , or to , for signature an i certificate. Signature, A. B. Date. Witness. The schedule which the bJ Met encloses mu»t be past•d to bis offer, and each of Llift;i signer by him. Opposite each article In the arl e.l ile the price must be et, the amount carried out, Ui. iggrefr'te footed up for ach class, and the amount hkririse written In words. Form of Gviranttt. The undenlgned, , of tate of .and , of the State of , herrnj guarantee that , In tbe , In In case ie foregoing bid of for any of the classes lerein named be accepti d, he or they will, vithln ten ays after the receipt of Uie contract at the post office amed, or navy agent deilmiated, execute the contract or the same, with good and Rufficlenl sa etles, and In .ase said shall fail t , enter Into contract ss aforesaid, we guarantee to m te good the difference t>etween the offer of said and that which may M accepted. Signatures of i « . guarantor!. C. D. E F Date. Witness. 1 hereby rertUy Uiat tbeahore natred ar nown to me aa men of prop rty, and able l.i mak- ood thetr guaranty Siimamre. O. H. Date T- bt .signed br the I'niled States district JuJ^e, I'nit d &tau D.-trirl Altorner, colleclor or ntvv atvnl. Mo»e»0hatnheri,jn.jr.,I; • - ?.'-..' "H^*- !.':_ n, • '(. In ttetJ.B.DUWetOo4rt ___ .„ f for Its) Dlstrtctof Wfcofsto. j r>T Vrrtne of a Sd Plurieswrtt of Her! facias Issoied JJ out of and under tbe seal of the District Qoortof Ihe, United 8tat«s for the District of Wisconsin, Iri the abdveintlUed csuiej^tested on the8th Oajr of PebnjW, 18»,tomedlreeted,corflmandlngni« of the goods aw ctialteTStlandsaniMnemenu of the ' ' "~ rrquired at the re»- In ih« C. S. District Ooort for the Djtnct of W*l»consir. In E<juitj. The follotrloc Lrethe c pe« t v e naTy KITTrRV, MAINF. Claf. No. 3. White-oak promiscuous timl.< r N.,. 14. While-ash oar». No. K. White-oak nave* and heading No. 21. Iron. No 2i. Hpikes and nail, No. 23. Lead, tine and tin. No. 2A Hardware. No 2". Palnia, oils, Ac- No. K2. Leather. No S3, Hose No. 34. Hrushes. No. 37. pitch, t ^r, ro«ln No. SS Tallow, soap. oil. No. 89. Ship i-haodlrr) No 40. Stationery. No. 41. Fire wood. CHARLESTON, MASSAOHCgrrTS. Class No. 21. iron No 22. Spites and nails. No. 1 28 Lead, nnc ar.d Un. No 21. Hardware. No. 27. I Pain's, oils, Ac. No 25 Flax cacraj. No. 29. Cotton I canvas. No. 30. Flax and cotton twine. No ii. Leath' er. No. 83 Hose. No 81. Brushes NO Si Bunt • . Ing and dry good*. No 87. Pitch, tar and rosin No. I 89 Tallow, soap, oil. No XS Ship chandler. No i 40. Stationery. No. 41. firewood BROOKLYN, NEW YORK j Class No. 6 Tello* pine (.lank slock log. No 10 ( White pine. No 11 Ash, cypress, white oak ttoat board* I No 12. Blacs. Walnut, cherry, *c No 13. Lo,.,!,, t No. 14. While-ash oars, hickory bar, and butts No. 16. White oak stares and heading No. 16. Black spruce. No. 16. Llgnumrltae. No 21 Iron No. 21!. Bplkei and nails No. U3 Lead, sine an.I tin. No 25 Hardware. No. 1'7 Painu. oils, Ac No 2S Flai canras. No. 29. colton canvas. No. 80. Flar ami cotton twine. No 31. Glass N,,. go Le'tner. N,i ,t3 Uo,e. No. 84. Brusbe*. No. 35. Bunting and dry goods No 87. Pilch, tar and ros.n. No. 2s. Tallow, soap and No. 39. fihtp cnaodu ry. No. 4'l. Stationery No. —. .feudant to cani« to be made,k certain sum oftnipuw therein ipecifled, I have levied upon »nd shall lell at Public Auction, to the highest bidder, on Wednesday, tbe OTtii day of April, 18W. at « o'clock r. til, a* tbe United State* Marshal'* Office, In ton -City of Milwaukee, in said Dlrtrict, all the right, UUe and Interest which the above -named! Ebeneser Daktn had on the thirteenth day of July, i860, or ha* (Inee acquired, 'In and to the following described real estate, situate, blhg and being In the County of \farqattte and State of Wisconsin, to wit : . "Lot one (f). In blockJi, In tbe vUUge of Neahkora, with the mill thereon iltnated, with all It* machinery and Ihe water power connected therewith. Also, mill lot No. fonr (4), anj the whole of block D, and lot* six (6) and seven (7), on which the distillery stands, aU In the village of Neshkora.' Also, mill lota 1 and 3, ursald Village of Neahkora. Als and two (2), In block 4; lots nine (9) a , block B; church lots one (1) and two (2); mill lot No. one(l), block B, and mill lots two (9), three (8), fonr (4), five (a), six («) and seven (T), fronting on Mill it. Also, lots two, four, five, six, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen and fourteen, In block E, and the south hilf of lot one, all ot loti seven, and a certain piece or lind lying between lots 1 and 8, forty feet fronton JlaiD strrcl and extending west to the pond In block E; loti fonr, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleren, twelve, thirteen and fourteen. In block G; lota one, two, fonr, five, seven, ei»ht, nine, ten, eleven, twtlve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen and sixteen, In block B; lota one, two, three, (our and five. In block C; tbe north halTol lot one In block P. Also, lot nine, In block F; lots four, five, six, seven and the east half of lots three and eight, all in block K, and mill lot No. 5. All of the above village lots beinc lu tbe village of N ihkora — Also, all that part of the west half of the north east quarter and the east half of the north west quarter of section nnaber eight (S 1 , in township No. seventeen (17), north of range No. eleven (U) east, not Included in the village plat of the village of Neshkors, Also, the east half of tbe south west quirter of lection number eight (8), In township number seventeen (17) north, of range No. eleven (11) east. Ail of tbe above property Pelng situated In tbe County of Mirqnette and Slate of Wisconsin." Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Marcji 2, 1S59. mar3-law6» M. J. THOMAB; Marshal. &T The above sale is hereby adjourned to Monday, July 11, 1569, at the same hour and place as above. Marshal 1 . Office, Milwaukee, April 21, 1859 apji!9-la.2t M. J. THOMAS. V. S. Marshal. 1278] SHERIFF'S SALF.. i» tv« I<TATE ur WISCONSIN, I Circuit Court, Milwaukee Co. f Bobert Uaney md John DeBow, against Deuula Nugent and James Nugent. Execution. B Y virtue of an execution Isioed. from said Oourt, In tbe above entitled action, to me directed and de- iTercd against the goods, chattels and real estate of Dennis Nugent and James Nugent, I have seised and aken the following described real estate as tbe pro, er y of the defendants or either of them, to wit: t"Lot number four (4), block one hundred and thirty-four (184) In the .First Ward of the Olty of Milwaukee, County of Milwaukee, Stale of Wisconsin, and all the right, title and interest which the said defendants or either of them hod In and to said premises at the date of the filing of a certain warrant of attachment heretofore Issued In tbe action, to wit: On the 3Ui dar of June, 1888." Which property, as aforesaid, I will erpose for ale and sell at Public Auction, at tbe Court House, in he City of Milwaukee, on Sal onlay, Ilic 25tb day of September, ISM, it the hoar of 2 r. »., f that day to satisfy said execution and costs. Dated Sheriff's, Office, Milwaukee, August 9, ISM. Btm.ra, Borraior A COTTRUJ,, I HERMAN L. PAGE, Pl'ffj Att'ys. f Sh'ff. MM. Oo. Wls. auglO-dlawSw fS" The above >al« Is hereby postponed to Saturday, October 23,1SSS, al the tame place aud hour as above named. Dated Sheriff'« Office, Milwaukee, August 21.1S5S. HERMAN I.. PAOK, t Bh'ff. Mil. Co., Wls. The above sale(S farther postponed to Haturday, he 20th day of November, 1S5S, at the tame place and louras above named. Dated Sheriff'« 'ifflce, Milwaukee, Oct. 23,1S5S. HERMAN U PAGE, oct*4-4» Bh'ff. Mil. Co., Wls. dy~ The above sale Is further postponed to Saturday, 'eb. 19, 1S&9, al the ,ame place and hour a> abore iamed. Date -tff'i Office, Milwaukee, Nov. 20, 1558. HERMAN L. PACK, novSl Sh'ff. Mil. Co., Wla ISsT" The above sale is still farther postponed to atarday, August 20, ISM, at the same (,'tcr and hour j above named. HKRMA.N L. PAGE, feo20-la«rtt Late Sh'ff. Mil C NO TICK 8 hereby given thai s peillion ,ljj e-1 by twelrr freeholders, residents "f the N.nth Ward '.f the Lit\ of llwaakee, having been presenl-d to the U mmor • Jucll. Setting forlh thr necci, ty of tlklnp . ertaln ands in said petition [utntloncd an I l.s riliei f»r the 'Qrpose of lav Inp oui and extend np ^Txuenth street 0 feet wide In said Ward, that an af.lica^inn will be lade t" the Judge of the Circun C u't of Milwaukee louuiy, on Wednesday, Ibe £2d d-ycf June n . it. lor i tbe app.lnlmftil of iwrlve jurors l , view naid [iieinl- iis and determine a, tn ih- nece sity ..f tak t^-the ,aase for the puri^<-« in B4I.I pet.Uon set f.rrth The description of proposed to oelai.r, '.T the aforesaid Improvement are a, fwll w t. in w .1 A piece of land from a 1 acre tra -: suppose.! t i tie- Ions tn A Bit«.-n Hejrlnnlnir at «ini,, . n 'h- rent r nf 16tn streel an.i ^i Uie noith eaat corner of Additi. n. ' hcnc n.TUi on the •-, s clion I 1,1- runninc iioru, and soutli thr..u h the N K x ' i, ran^e T- ea*t 5 v >4fret 1.1 thr u..rt, t acre tra^t. t ence west 111 lett .me (.arajlel I,, the s sect IOQ hi.e-i' »f Pla kinion'* A.l.iil.on, them* feet t*j lh*l place of l.-p Dn^ne, root feet ol land. A piece of land from a I acre trac to R. Chapman. ueg-tnoiuK • l a pom . Q i l.oe north throujih N E X "f 'ec I.orl of a stout in cen:re cf I6:h street, at u.e ^ E cornt r of Plan- inloo'tf A.ldltioo, IhetiCi north on the S ted on l:ae 440 8* I' 0 feet to a poll.I «l,- r tnlersect, the south wester . t>^ntidAry .Ine r>r Fend .la Lac avenue, th oce north 47 deirre^s rtr st 4 thence sou'h oo a lim p raiirl t the •, lecavii 174 8o-l«0 feet, tience east. So fe«t t., u,e pia. t .,( i. j n- LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS LEG AX. ADVERTISEMENTS I LEGAi 181] SBLEniFF'S SALE- STATE OF WISCONSIN, I -, Circuit Court, Milwaukee County. ( HbelH. Camp, •-'i-. agaloit Daniel H. Bl 6»rrtt VUet; [Now* ADVERTISEM ENTS. Jesper TUet and Joan B. Btnlth t> JL> talnst ' I. . Hlchards, I (let; -r'f Bet and { Stnltb. J NOTICE THiTOTIC* Is hereby glvem that ihe Milwaukee .» CM. -LI cago KaUroad Cotnpanj, (not having beo'i »b!« to agree 1 »ith tht owner or owners of the lands IiiTetoif- ur described for the purchase ot lhe s.tme, or as m 'he OHapensitlon to ba paid therefor,) wil appl 10 ine Hon. Arthur He Arthur, Judge of t ne circuit LoorJ for I : .1I1TKI> STATS-:* Tho an exMntloa Issued from said Court In : the aboTe entitled action, to me directed and delivered against the persons) and real property of the above named defendants, I have seized and levied on thefollowins; red estate, to wit: Beginning at a point In th'e lino between section 19, and SO, 1887 feet north of the quarter • - ' section corner; running Uience west 699J£ feet torihe east, tine of Fourteenth street; Uience wnb "ssjd'east lineof fourteenth street, north 164 feet to Beaublan street, or the extension of that street as represented In the plot of Vllet's Addition to tbe city of MUwaakee; thence with the south Une of said street, east 606 feet; thence with tbe southerly line of said street northeasterly abont 210 fret to an angle In said •; street; thence with the sooth line of said street easl abont 80 feet to the point where the south westerly line or the land conveyed to Abram Vliet by deed recorded ID Milwaukee County In vql 61 of deedsat page31U, crosses said south : line of said-street; Uience with said'southwester- ly line of Abram Vllet's land south 47 degrees, east about 609 feet U> a point on Eleventh street, wbere said line Is intersected b; the west line of Abram Vllet's land, according to dj:ed recorded la vol 61, of deeds at page 243; thence south •with said west Hue of Abram Vllet's land 12.88 chains Wacorner, thence west with boun- ary of «al<l Abram Vllet's land 8 chain*; thence south with said boundary 61o)i Icri in oorth Une of Sherman Itrejl; thence with-said north line, wot S.K chains to i.ction line; thence with section line north 859 feet to the place uf beginning, containing about iCl.IO acres, aud being situated la the east half of the oorth east quarter of section la, aud ll>tl:e wes half ..f the north west quarter of section 20, lowo i, range 22. Also lots 9, 111, 11, 12, block li. , Lots 2, 8, 4, 5, C and ,, block ) , Lot 6, block 4 Lot 6, block 8. Lot 3, block 18. All in Vllet's Addition lo the city of .Milwaukee, being In ibe >-<sl half ul Uie north east quarter of lection 19 and tte »e»t half al N W jbf of section 20, town f, range M eaat.— Au-> Lhe following real estate beirinuinx at a point in sectiuti Line between sections 19 and M al north side of Sherman street and Z'li feet north of the quarter section corner; thence with section lint; north l&U feet; thence west &9V34 feet lo east side of Fourteenth street, thence with east side ul »ald strtet, south feet to north side of an alley, thence witli north aide of said allej south easterly 546 to north side of Sherman street; thence with said north Line uf Sberman street 201 fe«-i t* place of beginning, containing llj^ acres mure or leas, being mualed ID the eaal half of the nrrth east quarter uf seetloa ly, t.,w\, T. rati** 1H east. Also Lot 4, block 89, Second Ward. North h lot 6, block 3«. Stcond Ward. Al*o the following real estate being In the north east quarter of Sectioo 17, town '. r*urfe 2i, beginning at 1 point In Uie wc.-t line of saul quarter lectiou KUMi chains north of t!.e 4.iuth west corner of said quarter secti Test corner ol lau.ta cunve>eil by Uirjie! 11. Richards to cue John P. Sboeraacfter. thenre with, said west line of said quarter aectioa uurUi to s point $.16 chains south of trie rn.r^ -veM corner of said quarter sectlou, thence eaal 14.70 chains to middle of Oreen Bay rna.I, thence along middle of said road south to 10.06 chain* north of the south line uf said quarter section, thence wuM 14.7(1 chains to [>lace of beginning, contaiu.u^ about 3'J acn.-s and be ng on the we-<i i..le ni the Green U.> road. Which said property, AS afore^.u 1 , I i.*i%il ale and sell at I'abnc Aurt.on at Uie Court House m the )ity of Milwaukee, uu Satarcl i\ y, lli»- l!)Lli of !Vla.rcli4 l^Sa, at the atlsfy said execution ale. Dated Sheriff .< office. M la-cus?, Lrsua A Pl'ils AH'y au'ee. (or to any other Clrcu t Judge I < who may be present,) at tha Court bW>« in ihe, I'lty of ' Milwaukee, SUta of Wisconsin, on the 2»ih of June, 1SS9, at ten o'clock in the forenoon it that day, to ap p- Int three Commisslon-w to exsmloe said lands taken by said Railroad Company ao<lappraise the same, and lhe damsge or Injury which the owner or owoer* ih^ji have sustalnerl or m<ty sustain by reason of the talcing and using of sard lauds by Sild O r above the. be&euts. and advantage* wi.i, Owners respectively shall dtrlve frirn of the Kal'road, for which said • ant to the provisions of th" Act .if ti corporatingsdid BailroauV t ompurj ac » aine -tatory th~relo, and to th saldl.;ii.d Are In 31'd County and .(.-MTU.. -I I '>:l'7%, to Wit; A strip of land eleven hundred (1100) feet long ind one hundred and thirt i (13O) f-et In wl.i'h, ,>• t» nmi< tl.rte anil twenty-eight one hu -dredih. ( t -^i >' in acre, being ihe land ofcu|nr«l by .h» locate.i »nd srructet] Hue of the Milv^ukec and Chicago Ra Ir.iad Con.piny, across the followiu;; -'«?s-nbe 1 t- .<:!•*. -itiinely: That pattnt sections nlm? (9) and t six yo), nor h of range twenty-twu ^'-}r»-it, al tr.e-interaectlnn of Ihp section lin» h^twev tions 9 and 10 with the nliore of south forty-two J. green ea-l ( S W- 3 P.lw of sa d lake sixteen and twenty c.ia!iij; thence *uuth forty-two , nd shree-t.ntha ( 4'2 3» i-hau flea- quarter se. t:on line in sec:inn 'J oo sai.l quarter section sit an-l -.« hnndrtothj ((i 3ft) chains t , the south -*M tract of twen:y-seven and seventy lev.. dredths ^37 77) s^ret aj roov yeil l>y 11 James WIl'tTims; thence north al<ng t'>• S3t>l trjct tiftten vI^)eh»lnH to the «»u'.u w land o»oed by l:avid JK-lKiuil, thencn i two \&t} ite>^ree« east thirty, seveu »nd r. hundreiitin t^f-4A> clia.n. u> ihe rn.nt <•> McUoi a.l's l n nd; thence Iliia^ lo the plar>* of oe^iuri piece nr paicel uf Inn.I c mn dreil au.l s xty (6oO) feet we. f the south ea!.t quarter of sla iu;. uort i of i th-nee »nul.'i une t.uiidr In ii n-irth wraie- y .-ir'O'ii.n ;w feet lo Ihe luinh ,m^ ol •»<>) feel east 10 u'i oil. 41. Foreclosure anil gale Addition*! by u NEW YOEK., Junes It was reported that G«n. Gyulai had gen w ^J S e° Terament InathU provision were begnmng to fail in Piedmont, and tha he would not be able to hold his present ™ tion more than 15 days longer. The French government, it ie said, have , , information that four Russian corn cPanme had made towards the Aastrian fron The official Weiner Zeitung announoM tha 8 f °^T aD b / ig While 8°»8 into Venice was atoppad by a French frigate and inform^ tl^ TriJ;r» r !? D1POrt8 - With the «<»P«on o Trieste and Ancoma, were in a state of block •da The commander of the fortressat Venice had no notice of the fact , o fleet before Venlce h taken 20 vessels. The Times correspondent at tbe Austrian camp, sajs that a naval attack on Vanio could have no chance of success. Erery channel has either been quite blockaded up . DJ sunken ships or vessels loaded with stones •re moored close by to close the remaining Passages at a few moments notice, and guns 6 ° alibre oomniw >d the barter. ent °' *e Times, how The Li vwpool Port says, on the French pas.- ing the Tioino, Eussia will join AMtriaTand the reward of what looks like treacherr li to be Moldavia and Wallaohia. ' Tbe crossing of tbe Tioino will be regarded «B an invasion of Austrian teritorj, and on that conviction Prussia and Germany will act against France. Orders had been sent to Baron Gros, French «mbMBador at China, instructing him to ret turn to France. China Pren had ttl8 ° been reoaUed from On tbe 20th, prices fell lied a«d closed at . •three per ots were at 91 for money, and Bit <54o.) for account. _ An imperial decree increases tbe . -direct and indirect taxation, not including the monopoly of the tobacco trade and the customs duties. . , •'-',"- QSKKAKT. — In the sitting of the : Federal Diet Prussia declared that although, /she still adhered to her protest against the proposal of Hanover to form -a : Federal oorpi d'armle of obMrration on the Ehine. yet she did not ob- Jeetto it* being ertablished M a matter ot 878] SHRKIFF'S SALE. BTATE OP WISCONSIN, » Circuit Oourt, Milwaukee County. ( Ja-hnEerl.r, } ftgaiust I Thomas Gutwald, Josepha G-ntwaJd, Adam Onh, I Toepfer Weniel. J J N irtue of and pursuant to a judgment , fcnJt-i ed n. said Oourt, In the above entitled action, dated December 81, IS58, J shall erpose for sal* and sell at Pub He Auction aJ the Post-Office on the corner ol Wisconsin and Milwaukee streets, In the city of Mllwauk«> on Saturday, the BOtli dar or Aotrnsit, 1B69, at the hour of 8 r. at of thai day, the following described mortgaged premises or so much thereof ai may be necessary to raise the amount of said judgment, Interest and costs, together with the expenses of sale, tbe following real estate to wit: "All that piece or parcel of land situate In the County ef Milwaukee and B ale of State of Wisconsin, known and described ss tbe south east quarter of the north esst quarter of section thirty-six [36j, town eight [8J, range twenty- one [21 J, containing fctty acres more or less " Dated Sheriffs Office, Milwaukee, May 14 1858 DrHiat A QaABm, I A. J. LANOWORTHT, Prffs Atfys. f rh'ff. Mil. Co., Wis. maylo-2m-lln2w SHERIFF'S SALE BTATE OP WISCONSIN, I Circuit Oourt, Milwaukee Co. ( Hans Henry jorgena, I ' Fire wood PHILADELPHIA, PK VN8TLVAM A. Clais No. 3. Whl'e oak promiscuous limber. Clao No. 11. Ash, cypress, white oak boat boards. So 12. Black walnut, cherry No. 14. White ash oam and h't-kory bar* No. li. Llgnnravltae. Nn. 2| | rr)ri So. Si. BpiLr• and oalln. No 23. Lead, zinc nnd tin. No. 25. Har ' *re. No. 2,'. Paints, oils Flux canra No. 29. Ootton canvaa. and cotton twine. No. SI. Glass. No No 83. Hose N.... 34. Brushes. No. ii dry goods. No ST pitch, tar and rusln *c No. 1» No 8<l. Flai •a Leather hunlinp and No. SS. Tal- . . . low, soap and -.1' No 89. Ship chandlery No 40 htatlonery. WASHINGTON, ni-TKIOT OF COLILJIBIA. Clans No. 10. Wt,i'e pine. No. 2l. Iron. No. IT.! Spikes and nallx. No «3 Lead, nnr »nd t in No 24 Pie Iron. No. 2i. Hardware. No. it Punli and oils No. 81. Glass. No :ii. Leather No. 8i Tallow soap oil. No. 89. Ship chandlery. - 0 . 4.1. Tank and ifalley Iran. No. 44 Chain Iron. No 45 Incol No. 47. Bellows. No. 48 Poles. ropper. _ f Judgment of Foreclosure and Daniel E. Cotton. ) Sale. I N virtue of and pursuant to a judgment in said ,„ 9«2TV D tbl> aboye ™««1«> »ctlon, dated November 10, 185T, I shall expose for sale and sell at Public Auction, u the Conn House, In the City of Milwaukee, on Satnrda.r, Uie 8d day of July, 1869, at the hour of S p. M., of that day, the following described mortgaged premises, to wit : "All that certain pi ee or parcel of land, slturte, Ivlog and being tn the County of Milwaukee and Htate of Wisconsin, and being a part of tbe north west quarter of section II, In township 7 north of range 29 east, an J being the K. X at those certain 25 acres, conveyed to John Adam Mueller and Marla,hlswlfe,and Frederick Mueller and Charlotte Wuhelmlne, his wife, by James H. S ,gers and. wife, by warranty deed, dated March U, 1846, and recorded In the Office of Begister of . eeds of Milwaukee County, In Vol. B. of Deeds, pages 76 and 77; bounded on the north and sooth by the respective north and loath llne^of said north vest quarter of said section 17, on the east by the west tine of 85 acres, being also put of said north west quarter, let off tn a regular form, from ibe east part of said quarter section, and on the west by certain north and south line to be drawn through the centre of said 25 acres, being by estimate U 60-100 acres, be the same more or less." Dated Sheriff '• Office, Milwaukee, April 24, 1859. BODI A Pan, i A. J. LANUWOETH Y ' OO8POBT, VIRGINIA. Class No. 16. Black upmce. No. 21. Iron. No. 2;!. Spikes and nails. No. ?3. Lead, cine ami tin No. 25. Hardwire. No. K. Paints, oils, ic. No. 48 Pla* canvas. No. 2«. Cotton canvas. No. 80 Flai and cotton twine. So. 31. Gluts. No. 32. Leather. No. 33 Hose. No. 34. Brushes. No. 35, Bunting and dry goods No 87. Pitch, tar, rosin. No. 3S.Tal ow, soap and oil No 89. Ship Chandlery. No 40. Stationery. WARE1NOTON, FLORIDA, Class No. 10. White pine. No. 12. Black walnul, cherry, ic. No. 14. While oak staves and heading No. 21. Iron. No. 22. Spikes and nails. No. 28. Lead line and Un. No. 25. Hardware. No. 27. Paints, oils, «e. No. 2». Cotton canvas. No . SO. Flax and cotton twine. No. 81. Glass. No. SI. Leather. No. 33. Hose. No. 84. Brushes. No. 35. Bunting and dry good* No 87. Pitch, tar, rosin. No. 28 Tallow, soap, oil No 89. Ship chandlery. No. 40. Stationery. may24-law4w. , PI'O. AtCys. ( may84-lawew , Sh'ff. Mil. Co., W\s. UNITED STATES lOARSjrlAL'S 8AJLE. Charles W. WUlard, )avMP.HuU, Jartan Alton Hull, Bdwto Palmer, Trustee, [osbns>Hathmw»y, lyron W. Clark, Ibarlss 6. Olarsv 1530] SHERIFF'S SALE. STATE OF WI80 S8IN, I Circuit Court, Milwan eeOounty. ( LoolzaH. Tlrlght, ag»h si Henry Shew, William Shew and Elizabeth Shew, his wife, Thomas Oarrllle, James Purler, Tbe Farmers t Millers Bank, Greenleaf D. Norrls and Christopher Orrunshaw. Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale. I N virtue of and pursuant to a judgment rendered In „, asJd Oourt, In the above entitled action, dated 8ei>t. 24, 1858, 1 shall expose for sale and sell at Puollc Anc° ar . 1 ^°T' ^ n the 01 " of WI"« , the 9th day ol July. r r - ?" °' """ d "'' lhe flo'ring S mortgaged premises or so much thereof u may be sufficient to raise the amount of said Judgment, Inter^X tt« ttl « 8 i eU ,l rwWl «P«««»'«aleT to wlT: -All that certain tract, piece or parcel of land known and described as follows, to wit: Olty 0 ^ Ho- , J 0 ,^ Ho- two («, In block No. flfly-ave (M) Walkers Point, #Ifth Ward, City of fiilwautee Oonntyof Milwaukee, Bute of'wtaconSn" ' Dated Milwaukee, April 4,1859. EUIOM, t Qamtar, i HERMAN L. PAGB "* A «> 1 - I '*t« a-ff. MIL Co., WU. aprl&-taw3w 6O7] SHERIFF'S SALE. [Neirsj ln|Kqulty. BobertB. Bell. The Farmers' 4 Miller's Bank tenry L. Palmer, [erman.Schwartlng and August Grenlleh, Assignees f the People's Bank of Haerel, Greenleaf 4 Co., award G. Tyler, abes H. Kaster, Horace H. Bonn and super E. Goodrich. n Dtmtunoe ud by rittae of a decree made by the . District Court of tbe United States for the District of Wisconsin, oo the eighth day of April, A. a, 18J9, in the aboTeentJUexl cause, J shall sell at Public Auction, t the United States Marshal's Office, in the Cltyof MUwanlcee, on Thnrsday.tthe Slst dar of July, 1890, at o'clock Mtj- the following described prop *1t: Tb« east one hundred (100) feet oflotji n >ren«) and tljtht (8) In block numbered twenty-five S), In Soenaan's Addition, to the Sixth Ward of tbe_Ott,orBinw»ttkee. JtanrtaP. oBce, Mawaukee.Aprll 18,18S». •f™HinSw8m M. J.THOMAS, U.S. Marshal. 'J>ertjr,.to numbered STATE OF WISCONSIN, I Circuit Court, Milwaukee County, f Alonco L. Kane,! against John 8. rillmore, George W. Peckham and Gilbert Roc Foreclosure. *' "¥H virtoe of and pursnant 10 s judgment rendered tn A said Court, In the above entitled action, dated March 18,1859,1 shall expose for sale and sell at Public Aoction, at tbe Post-Office In the Olty of Milwaukee on satnnlar, the 8rt daw of Jnlr 1859* jttthelionrof 8 p. H., of that day, the following del scribed mortgaged premlsfs or so much thereof as mar be necessary to raise the amunnt of said Judgment. Interest an* cost*, together with the expenses of sale, "Lot number thirteen £13] and the east thirty 1 Wtet of lot number twelve 12J, in block nj»l»J,aeTenty-seTen [77|, In the Fourth Ward of the Olty of Milwaukee. In the County orMU. ;! wtukeesjid State of wi,consin" 1U " JOIJIUI , Datsd Sheriff's Office, Mil faukee, April I, IBM Oanj, Bxowsi * Oann, I A. J. IMNGWORTHY , containing 18^10 square leet .if A piece of land from a tract suf.ff tsed to l.elonr to J HllUlle. Beginning at a Bt _>ne In Uie center of ICtb street ot aorth easl corner of Piantinton's Addlt on; thence oorth on the % seclU'ti line !*J frtl, thence eaj' 3i> fe t, thence sooth bO feet to the north ,r laud A Planklnlon', AddllloDS. thenre west on said line 3t' leet lo pla-e of egloniDR, containing li*Kj vouare feet ; of land. j A piece of and from a trad suppoH. d t . I. lone ti I. j Pchwedel. Becmninjt at a poli.1 on the •, 8 -, i u>n u nt | rnnnlnic north ihr-.^iifli .N a. 4 of •••ciioo ly. 5 n .rUi of a >ton in centre of 16ih sireet, al N r corner of Plankinton'l A.Jil tu.r,, ihenre north M feet on ecl-o . lit.e. tlience t-ast io feet, Lli- nee *ouU. » e^t Uience «nt 3» leet t-, |.lare of b Rl ;,mng, r., n t i a mf 1£O4> ^quare feet of land. A piece of land frora a tract suppos. .1 u. IH- Mann.el Ueii t.m, at a point uo the -, »e< l .MI line rut., r.p norlh through N K ^ ( >f sect rtorUi ul ast.itieln ret, t«-r o( loth,tree ner of I'.ank nlon't ^Addltl'.i,. thenre section line W> feet, tiieOce eajt ;Wl feel, feet; thence west 3o feeH 'I. the place ol la nlnjr liOU squire 'eel of aod A p ece of land ^frnm a tract supj>o*r<! t.. hrlonc lo J O Blederer Ui-^mniriK al » po nt on the s, ... u,,,, line running norUi ihiujgh N K i, of sect.ori 19 lio ft north of a stone In centre of ]6 h .feet, at N E of Planklnton s Addition; thence north on the ,s leclint line ltd feet, thence easl 81) feet; thenre soulh ^ Vrl Ihence west .10 feet lo the place of hejnnniajr, rootatn ing 15O<J tquare feet of lau.l. A piece of land from a l'a/-l «uppo«eil I U. Turn. Hegmnlngal a polrjl on the s section line running north throng;, N K it of s-ction 19. 200 feel r.orti, nf a stone la centre of 16Ui st eel, > l N K corner of Planal&t-on's Addition, Uience north oo the tine 219 01 100 fee', thenc.- south 47 degrees east 41 f Ihencc south 19o 11-100 feet, th-nce vrest 80 feel lo tb place of beginning, containing 6122 square feet . f I A piece 01 land from a tract formerly owned b Klais. Beginning at a point 39fl u . 1|IO tecl norlh 80 feet east of a stone placed In centre of 18th jtree at N K corner of Planklnlon'a Addition, thence norl on a line 80 feet east and paral'el to the S section lln running north through N t X of section IS, 3-2 33 loo n thence south 18 5 degrees west 23 69-100 feet, the *ou h 47 3 degrees east -2 Oi-loo ft to Uie place of be ginning, containing 200 square feet of land. A piece of land from a tract supposed to be owne by C. Beg.nning at a point 4^» 43-100 n nor aud BO feet east ot a stone In centre of 16th street a N E corner of Ptankinlon's Addition; thence north o a line SO feet east and para'lel to the ^i sectl n lln running north through the N E % of section 19, 2fi ft 100 feet; thence south 43° .'egrees west43 1MOO fee thenc. south 47° degree, etst 17 SvlOO feet; thenc north 48° degrees ea»l M 08 loo feet to the place o beginning, containing &SC square feet of land A piece of land from a tract supposed to be owned b C. Peschke. Beginning at a point on the X section lln running north through the N K Jf of section 1», 418 01 100 ft north of a stone In the center of 16th street, at I B corner of- Piankinton'a Addition; thence north 27 72 100 leet on X section line; Uience north 43° uegre, easl 44 feet; thence south on a line p trailel to X sec lion line 31 82.100 feet; thenc- south 48 s degrees west 43 11 100 feel; t ence north 47° degrees west 1 80-10C feet to the place of beginolog, containing 930 square I of land. A piece of land from a tract supposed to be owned b' 0 Peschke. Beginning at a point on the X section llnl running north tnrough the N E ^4 of section 19, 445 79 lOOfeet north of a stone In thecenter of lOJi street t P K corner of Planklnton's Addition; thence north X section line 48 84-100 feet thence north 43° degrees east 44 feet; thence south on a line parallel to tbe > section line 48 84-lnO fett; thence south t 43 degree west 41 feet t j the place of beginning, containing 145 square feet ofltnd. A piece of land from a tract supposed to belong to Waegle. Beglnnlrg at a point en t.e H section line running north through theN k .li of sec. 19, 494 63-1CH feet oorth of a stone In the center of ICth street at N 1 "ornerof Planilnton's Addition; tbeice north on tbe X section line MS 76-100 feet to the south western boundary of Fond du Lac avenue; thence south 47° degrees e>st along said boundary lice 41 feet; thence south on a Une parallel to the X section line and 80 r east of same 4S8 81-100 feet; thence south 43° degrees west 44 feet to the place of beginning cantalnlns; IS 44! sqnare feet of land. By order of the Common Council. Milwaukee, May IB, 1839. mayia-iaw4ir B. B. LYNCH, City Clerk. •JUSTICE DOOKKTS. NOTICE. I B hereby glren that all Uie co interHigned olrculaUnK notes Issued by tie "People's Bank" at Mil waukee, mnit be presented at the office of the Bank Comptroller within three years from tbe date of this notice or that the fonds deposited lor tbe redemption of said clrcula- ' NOTICE I S hereby given, that a petition signed by ten freeholders, residents of ihe First Wafd, of the Olty or HUwaukee, having been presented to lhe Common uouncll, setting forth the necessity of taking certain US21 **'? P^Uoo mentioned and described for the Ji^S 0 " ° r "aylng out and eitendlng Pleasant street, eighty feet wide In said ward, that an application will W> made to the Jndge of the Circuit Oourt of Milwaukee i .* imrsuancer nnd Issued otit-of for the Dlatruu ce rmrih len chains to Lhe w •ecuoti. at.d iht-ncf s pia«'e «ubje<'t, however, tn ->n<- naif rua-J, on thvitotiih »n.J w-st N-' «aul r Ued Sharif 't othc •, Vl,, w .. . Js .— A id L. OtiDK.V I l J I..*. -*-. r cl- , J L \ Ni,\V oKT U Y ' ij,, Co , V\ tltt: bove Hi« is he ctiy poslpOn-d till the 26th day of March, .1^59, *i u tc p.^t day the hour of 2 f. M. Sheriff's Oft cc, lU •lay. ihc 2Ht I the hoar of J F UH.-.I ,-lirr,! .Sill U I I t '> > II. Ik WI.-Li.N.JIN. | "vt>ru»r -'" Aar UH« tut.-.-, . ' *» Ki'J. much i of . , nei n t »a.]e, lo » :t * The r^aa t ondi v uJ block No n.n-ijr-fl, r-o~ half or lot >tT. in hl-T in.! elrTrli. mil lo ih* t' f f. suiui r t • iTt Of vVIi"Ci>N.''I\. mn. M.l«*o*ei;OouQt7 lf h I. r 8*.r an.] In th< C'ly day of <»r p 'em b*rr, Jay. Lhr f"l o * !ilC . ain"uni of sail ju<lgn,i»Qt, mt«- » ith thf r K [.»• r»"..-a r, tair . i ,. »n " * il f h » t c» ' l »ID t'lt-r.- r !"( "f . * ;i the L'-mntj •>( M.lw .uiir-^ K-,.I -i ,,- a'H, and n no • n and <lrscr:t>'-<i «« r . I Ne Do'ih one half of Ute raid. I r N •ouih v<f»t iju»rtcr . . f «••> rit W-ir.l .-.(' . i H ShrntTi ( !li.- PiL»KR A ST.RK. i Pl'ila Au - >s (" may 2.*%- .1 n - li E Cor- ni-rtl. nn tl.p , vhpnr. south .> r,iri Kp about f th-? Grt-t-o H (ii(»ru>r ««;ct)i Jle -if Green BHJ r"»il, Lhftii'r- <• . die of *aid road 4:3ti chains u> n*.r of laa.i convey-,! by Uaniei [1 ' Schl(»ej>(, t henc** wea f said land lo r?a-.i :mf uf CIRCriT COURT Milwaukee Coun Charlei W about li *cr r , title tiul ititrrut of tHf ia. ther of triem in and lo :/n* t »ppurU;n.\noea jn thr- t»-ntfi th r-t Which saul property an al.ires»i.J , I sale and sell at Pablic Au^n.>n, «L L/ .,.. , | the Ctijr of MilwaufciMf, . n sa i iirtiuy . i l»c I I ih day of itlay, l-CU, it u <• *i..ur >f J r- H , r ' m day, tii satisfy said eicruiior t.ii*ifther w id j .|.ri.>r-i i Otlice, iliju sukt-e, Mar -h ^, \ , LTSDU A UILIUKR, * A J LA.N-VWoftTH PPflj Att'y*. f Sb'tT lay, tne 28th ,lay Uaied . May J LAN>, Aulil H j*h' p T M .1 •> . lurth- r [i«jttpi> Sfly, al the «*!... may IS ^ The above sal the 4'h tad time of . l-atrd fheriff's OlBcf, Mil 78IJ .SHEKIFF'S «t.4I.F. STATE OF WISCONSIN, i Circuit Conrt, Milwaukee County | otes will be'glTen np tm the said Banking Asso- MUwankee, March 12, 1859. aprt« * 'H.HAXRTZL, Presldent'of too PeopU't Bank. m ,' ° n ''"V/- «"• ««b daj of June next, for th, SS^, . taent of *»«'»• Jorors to Tlew sxld premises and determine as to the necessity of taking the sams for thepurposes In said petition Bet forth. e " nl " or The description of lands proposed to be taken for the aiortsald Improvement are as follows, to wll : . ^P*" <>' lot number twelve [13J; in block onehun- S*» «o < > ninety-si*- J194], In Roger's Addition, In the First Ward, of the Olty of Milwaukee-, aforesaid snd described >s follows, lo wit : Beginning at a point on the west line of said lot twelve 2 3-10 feet south of the north west corner of said itot twelve; thence east on a line parellel to the north line f lot t*elT«, 311 M-100 IS?,*? * P 01 "' OD *hewest line of Franklin street, twhlch U the east line or said lot twelve), 2 2-1 6 feet south of the north east corner of said lot twelve; thence south on vast line of said lot U,S> f«t; thefcce west on t.e north lln« ot lotB, 811 M-lOO . n« o , - r«t to^J *!?* ltae , of •»•* lot twdw; tte«« north 80. r«t to , re« u>. the jlace of begUmlng. contalnHtgUj8tl8.10 Y OU ARE hereby Hum • wer the complaint i \\ illiam Smith, Henry 111. Kimball, Christian U. ll^yer, Ott.. »';e' ing. C nold, A. f. "uelfloho. Frrdenek Mueller, .-I 8he,iar I and Augustus II. Wo^d, Defe .uir.i. The Stale of Wisconsin, to the above nam >ne*J and Ihls action, [which n In lhe office of the Clerk of Ibe Cir..O]t UourT, lur County of ililwausee, al lhe Clly of tald County, and to serve a copy of your answer to the said complain! on the subscnoers. %t the-r office, Nos. 3 at.d 4 Athanv Balldinj, In the said C.ty "f Milwaukee, within twenty days after lhe s-rvice elusive of the day of such service; and if y.-.i :.t!i to answer the complaint within the time aforesaid, the pl&lntlff will apply to the Oourt for the relief >ien ed In the complaint. 'Yltness the Hon. Arthur McArthur, Juilde of the Circuit Court for said County nf Milwaukee, at Milwaukee, this thtrly-fin»t day of March, 1839. UOOKKR iSPANOENBF.BO, Ptal iUff'1 Allorney wfl-w Milwaukee, wiscon NIlEKIFrvS SAI.K. STATE OP WISCONSIN, I Circuit Oourt, Milwaukee Connty. | Alonso Potter, against Jonathan Taylor, Ichabo i dmltb, The Paruiers' an Millers' Bank and Qeorge W. Peckham. Foreclosure. I N virtue of and pursuant to a judgment rendered 1 said Conrt, In the above entitled actloa, dated Oc tober 9,1858, I shall expose for sale and tell at Puhll Auction, at the Post-Office, in the C ty of Milwaukee, .> Saturdari tbe ad dar ot J"lr» >=&9. it the hour of 4 t M , of that day, the following describe* mortgaged premises or so. much thereof as mar be necessary to raise the amount of slid judgment. Interests and costs, together with the expenses of sale, to wit "Lot number t' o (2J, In block numbered eighty- seven [87], In the Fourth Ward of the City of Milwaukee, In the Connty of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin." Dated 8heriu"i),0ffice, Milwaukee, April 1, 1S39. BROWS 4 OODO, i A. J. LANGWOnTH Y, Pl'Bs Att'yi. f - aprl-Sm-llniw , Sheriff Mil. Co., Wls. Judgment chanics Lien . [.New, ud Hair Kit 689] SHERIFF'S SALE. BTATE OF WISCONSIN, I plrcult Court, Milwaukee County. ( lobert Mercies and lobert W. afcOlellan, lurvUlng. partners of the Bra of Mentles, l-s. One* Co., against Clemens KamscJialle. I N virtue of and pursuant to s judgment rendered In 'said Court, In the above entitled action, dated February 5,1&9, I shaD expose for sals and sell at Pub- lQ Auction at the Post-Office, on the corner of Wisconsin and Milwaukee streets, in the City of Milwaukee, on Saturday* tbe I4lb day of May, I8S9, at the hour of 9 p. u. of that day, pursuant a Chapter 120 Revised Statutes, entitled of tht, lien ol Mechanics and o'heis," all the rljlit, title nod Itueicst f.the above named defendant In an4 to the following roperty on the 6th. dsy ofPebruaty, ISSO.towlt: i "A certain building situate on lot No. twnnt)- two[22], In block one hnnJreil a tl thirty elgl.l : [138],In L. W. Week's subdivision tn the norlh west quarter of section avoir. | c.1, hlh Wan) of i the City of Ullwaukee. Also the l ol tha laid defendant In and to Uie »«Jd • t HI. •'; 13S,on the6thday ofFebni ry. l. 4 0'.i'' Dated Sheriff's Office, M1U» nit, , April . '.J. FBICHSS,LTUDS*Moisji,< i UN- . uinii/, Pl'ils Att'ys. ) > • i i • .. oils rl- 4 sw6w _„ Th» abovw sale Jf hereby postponed to" Saturday ie 11 th day of Jane, 1839, at OM sanw plae« and time .. • .Dated SbsMlTs Offlce, UUwaukee, Kay 14, 18C9. A.J.LAItaWOBTHT, Shit. JtU. Co., Wls. David M. Mlsner, Aiaignee, Jo.. Against Junes Sheriff, Christian Sheriff, his wife. Toropklns, Charles £lmor, John ^h«!T^u ^ , Vo; Company, James 3mfth, Pardoo Senneit Bau. Conrad Brown, John J Floley, Will a James W. Medbery. I N pursuance and by v rtutj of a judginect reii lo this action, and entered In Ibu office «rth* of this Court on the 19tn day of April !J3", pone for sale and sell at public auction si the I'..-it dee. In Ibe city of Milwaukee, jn^acnntaw llsr 5!3d dmy of July next, al the h-ur .r j o'clock p. m. of that pay, the following described murl.g»«..l premises, or so much thereof as may be o.cessaryto raise the amount of saJd judgment, interest >iod together with the eipenaea of this sale, lo » t "All that certain plwce or parcel of land known ami designated sji city lot number time (91, n brock number fourteen (14), Walk r', Puint. Fifth Ward, city of Milwaukee, county .>( Mil waukeej and State of Wisconsin. Dated Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, April ilth, l!*69. ELSIOSS, Baooia t QUDUT, I A. J. LANUWoRTHY. Att'ys for Pl'tfi. f Sh'ff Mil Co , Wls. apr20-3m-lawlniw 697] KHERIFF^ SALE. STATE OF WISCONSIN, i Circuit Court, Milwaukee County, f Zelotua A. Cotton, 1 against V Wand. | l.Ncw. B T virtue of an execution lasneJ from said Court, m the above entitled actloa, to me directed and <i# Ivered against the personal and real property of the ibove ~amed defendant, I have seized and levied on the following: All the right, title and Interest of the laid Christain Wand, In the following described real estate, on the 9lh day of September, 1333, or has since acquired thereto, to wit : Two seres In the west half of south w«st quarter of section seventeen (17), t-;wn seven {!). range twenty-two (23) east. In the Ninth Ward i( ihe City of Milwaukee, County of Mllwsukee and Slate of Wisconsin." 'hlch said- property, I shall expose for sale and i 11 t Public Auction, at the Post-Uffice, ID the City ut Milwaukee, on Miturday, Ibe 9tb day of ~uly, 1359, at the hour ofSrjsj., orthat day to ttlsfy said execution, together with tbe expenses of Dated Sheriff'j Office, Milwaukee, May iT, lSi» J'- L -. L «»- t . *- J- LANQWOBTH7, W'tftAtfy. f Eh'tt. Ma. Ca, WU. msyJT-lawCsr. 30aK BUMPS, to store, Ib? sale. JT aa«lS UlTOH s, FLAHIIHTOIt; fJff The 40*11 Saturday. Uie r. at ihe L M.tte* VI i <-i-pt ihe tale* <l itaiir- U , mhu-h ir ', 1»B9, ic J HarihaJ'i Of.fioe, Mii>« \,,n .- Momliy, ihe 'ilh itny . ( »l the Lulled -itat,-. \1 ,r,/,-i, « t;t-|)i iht- -Ajr. ,f tt, i4 ii, ,, v 1851), at .'li.'.jj,,.-.; f y .1 r ,, Lioncd iihiivt;. In the i;iitf -»f »hi- ^ .n, 'i.-<-* i pcrtjf, th« person -xhn in ul iat .JI legaJ leca in.i --x; -ru-t,--, -JUT Lakenuch rrnuchtaij fur u,^ ,/i^r (o receive during that tune ill i lion voultl by law t»<r fntiileil i. •Itlered tbu hiuheHt ix.i,i,- r Uanh^ra uiflL-,-, MIIH^UK •»*, M. IV ,, isni* majrS-.awu \i j rH)»n.'. u H. >.ar»h». . if time., anJ •II »3 laid tvirpori, ^xitl, shall t>4 aon- 100 auz'O Jlfia-" HKrir. . rj \ M. f*t>< JAPONIC.*, M mo* Iff < . for i t>y At 3 cents, per 100 l> ^4^sSBWH»«'**!*' s 'a»"&ii^^

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