The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 7, 1966 · Page 12
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 12

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 7, 1966
Page 12
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14 Monday, March 7, 1946 Baytonians Donate $5,500 To TB Fund Baytotuaos contributed S5.- ratory disease. Weekly breatfa- 506.62 in ibe Houston -Harris County TB diristmas Seal Fund, an increase of 10 per cent over 2ast year, Saromie McPhail. 3ay- town area chairman, announced Saturday. "A special 'thank you' goes to e»*eryone who contributed to make this such a successful year." McPhail said. The entire county topoed the $190.000 goal for a total of 5205.327. "I also want to thank all the people who worked on the drive In Baytown and commend them for a job well done." McPhail added. MePhaii and his wife. Beth, who served as women's di- eaeh received certificates from the county association for outr standing work in Baytown in the campaign. "The contributions will make 1 the much - needed expansion of the present TB X-ray case finding and respiratory disease program possible." the Baytown chairman said. i Dr. Howard Barkley, chair -j man of the medical advisory! committee, said during the cair.-i pai'gn. "I cannot emphasize| enough the importance of notj .only maintaiiiing the presen'! ing tests are at TB Asso- elation headquarters from 12 noon to 4 p.m. each Tuesday. The TB association spent 531,620 for research this past year. Twenty - two cents goes for health education and information program for the general public, physicians and nurses. Twelve cents is spent for statewide tuberculosis control programs. Sixteen cents k spent on the annual TB Christmas Sea] campaign. This includes the cost of the Christmas Seals themselves, their mailing and publicity. Six cents covers the cost of year 'round administrative expense. Integration Guidelines Due Today WASHINGTON (AP) — The government announces today new guidelines for the desegregation of public schools, hospi- * 5 a»d mental facilities that Cong Leader Is An Able Commander WASHENGTOJT (AP) — The North Vietnamese general believed leading Communis forces in South Viet Nam is rat ed as a first-class strategist, an able planner and a competen field commander. This evaluation of Li. Gen Hoang Van Thai has been madi for Washington officials afte painstaking exploration of the Chinese-trained general's back ground. Secretary of Defense Rober S. McNamara told Foreign Relations the Senate Committee said. No details in Luong's back amount of TB control in county, in which the Houszon-ireportedly will spell out a new Harris County TV Association get-tough policy to speed up ground were available. takes a major part, but in step- compliance with the 1954 Civil pin™ it up. Last vear we still!Rights Act. had 413 new TB "cases in the Sources said the that Thai, former assistant chief of the North Vietnamese Join General Staff, infiltrated into South Viet Nam in early 1964 "and reportedly is the curren commander of the Viet Cong armed forces."' McNamara also said a second North Vietnamese lieutenan general named Luong also was a. 1964 infiltrator into South Vie Nam. Luong may be in charge o political affairs for the highes Communist headquarters in South Viet Nam, McNamara county, each one of them could have infected four or five either people." , McFhaiJ said that SI per cent of the funds collected will be spent in Karris County. Here's how your contribution dollar is spent: - Twenty - seven cents goes to the TB X-ray case finding program which includes the upkeep of two X-ray mobile units, a sta- However, it is known tha Washington authorities have guidelines been given a rundown on Thai. will tighten the freedom-of- choice school desegregation procedures, call for the complete elimination of discrimination toward Negro teachers, and le- quest that hospitals and nursing homes report on their antidis- crimination progress. Details of the new guidelines _ __ were to be revealed by Surgeon | V iet Nam some 40 "miles" south /^j-«»..i^».-*i TtT;nj«»—. T_T *"•-*- _ * 1 • He was described as popular with the troops, as well as being a capable leader. No information was available on Thai's family, nor his physi cal description, his language abilities or his religion, if any. Thai was said to have been some 50 years ago in North General William H. Stewart of the Public Health Service and tionary X-ray unir. X-ray film {Harold Howe H, U.S. commis- developing laboratory and ajsioner of education, at a news Jteam of qualified radiologists to read the films. Seventeen cents supports local and national research programs on tuberculosis and other respi- RENT-A-CAR as low as $3.00 per day THAD FELTON OF BAYTOWN 5S2-S136 CA 8-0751 (Houston) ''members of both races in a dis- conference. Compliance with the antidis- crimination provisions of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act is necessary before federal financial assistance can be given. The new policy reportedly also will include much stiffer requirements on the reporting of progress towards desegregation. The guidelines are expected to speed up school desegregation in the South by restricting the freedom - of - choice procedures j under which school districts •could base desegregation plans Jon geographic attendance areas lor a combination of geographic areas and freedom of choice. The new requirements on faculty desegregation and assignment ar e described as callin generally for complete elimination of discrimination and the assignment of both Negro and white teachers to the same school when there are faculty trict. east of Hanoi. He probably was a teacher between 1928 and 1938 and is said to have served in the Chinese army. U.S. authorities have been told that Thai has had both Chinese and Soviet military training, spent time at a Japanese naval school, and lived in Europe before returning to Viet Nam prior to 1939. In 1939, Thai fled to Kwangsi in southern China with the man who was North Viet Nam's top military figure, Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap, probably returning to Vie1 Nam between 1941 and 1943 to help build the military forces oi the Communist-led Viet Minh. Thai is regarded as an advocate of the Red Chinese hard- line school- After World War U, Thai rose to chief of staff of the Viet Minh army fighting the French and in 1952 directed Viet Minh operations in the Tonkin area. The white population of the Union of South Africa are considered to be the heaviest smokers in the world. IN STOCK ... READY FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVEY HOFFMAN 23" RECTANGULAR COLOR TV IT'S THE Hoffman LOOKING The high-style beauty that's as good as it looks! Make this your best Christmas yet! Hoffman offers a full selection of fine furniture and the most dependable, feature-full chassis to be had anywhere. Let us demonstrate outstanding '66 Hoffman features—such great new ones as Easy-Vision 3 /Cinema Control which shades black 4 white pictures any way you like them and sharpens color values, too. And Colorcaster» tuning—the simplest you've ever seen. Come in today and have t look and listen. This holiday season will b« a great one when you enjoy it with a Hoffman Colorcaster*. 599 95 PLUS Installation and Service GENE'S Hi-Fi & Color 122 EAST TEXAS TV Center PHONE 582-8158 Baytown's Exclusive Direct Factory Dealer Houston Lin* CA 7-0585 Tokyo Air Crashes Probed Intensively TOKYO (AP) — Aviation ex- [perts fro mfour nations began (intensive investigations today in — the wake of three successive airline disasters in the Tokyo area that killed 321 persons. j equipment firm j Japanese officials also j launched urgent studies of avia- j tion safety in Japan and renewed calls for a new airport. Two crashes Saturday and Sunday killed 98 Americans.! including 75 in a tour group aboard a British Overseas Airways Corp. Boeing 707 bound for Hoiv.» Konij. Most of the Americans aboard the BOAC plane were on an Asian tour sponsored by the Thermo King Corp. of Minneapolis, Minn., a refrigeration Rescue Of Spacemen Next Step CAPE KENNEDY. Fla. (AP) — Man must learn how to rescue orbiting astronauts stranded in a disabled spaceship because "it is a problem we all know one day confront us," a recovery force expert said today. "Space rescue is entirely feasible and well within the known state of the art." said Col. Emil G. Beaudry. vice commander of the Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service at Orlando, Fla. In a technical paper presented during the opening day or the Third Annual Space Congress, Beaudry said one analyst con- eluded there is a 62 per cent probability of at least seven emergency situations in space involving 22 men in the next 20 years and a 58 per cent proba- ! which spun out of a clear sky (post office substation here. Miss bility of two or three emergen- i showed the plane began disinte- i Schatelowitz was a clerk in the while falling. S m o k e ! Veteran's Aadrninistralion offi- 2 Die In Crash Of Private Plane HOUSTON'. Tex. <AP>—Charles M. Pool, 23. and his fiance. | Mis) Edith Schatelowitz, 19. rains on the lower j died in the crash of a private Ml. Fuji, site of the;piano northwest of here Sunday. |BOAC crash Saturday that! Pool had rented the plane H avy 's of | killed ail 12-! aboard, hampered j from a flying service shortly be- Schatelowitz i studies being .made of the twist- 1 fore he and Miss ied wreckage. iwere killed. Photographs of the BOAC jet] Pool wa s a relief clerk at a (trailed from the fall length of jboth wings. | Pieces of She Canadian Pacif- ^ lie Amines Dougias DCS jet that| SjUd ; lipped - k-asnec triday in a fog at the! Trees> flew a J, { iokyo airport were being picked j the and ^ The Cessna 150 failed to come a low pass, witnesses t _ , . , . about 100 yards IOKVO airport were being picked j ther and ^ a ^ omsr o£ ore experts. ihatj Twin Oaks Tavera . Pool apparently died on j crash kill iaboard. . d b 4of th e<- persons! I Or. a Booina; (27 jet op- A SMALL TRACTOR with blade is used to mix lime with "gumbo" soU to stablize it. This work was in progress late last week at the Baker Road elevated water tank — Bav- town's leaning tower. The tank is scehduled to be moved 74*4 leet onto a new foundation late this week. (Baytown Sun Photo by Clay Xolen) HOUSTON SHOW BREAKS RECORDS IN ATTENDANCE crated by All Nippon Airways crashed in Tokyo harbor and killed all 133 persons aboard. It w;is the worst crash involving a sinc!e plane. Ai-nonc; the investigators arriving from the United States. I Briiain and Canada was Jo'n G. j Adams, a n-.ernber of the U.S. | Civii Aeronautics Board. Ke jsaid he would study all three I crashes, all of which involved j American-made jets. i Identification of ;he BOAC .; vk-r.irns continued in the small ,' city of Gotcmba. at the foot of jMt. Fuji. Workers said the task ; was extremely difficult because j the bodies were badjy munglecL Identification of the bodies in pact. The girl died in a bos- Husband Took Ill-Fated Plane TORONTO (AP) Theodor Vaskevitch — Mrs. of Toronto HOUSTON CAP) — The 34th, Petroleum Co.. paid 515,000 for Houston Livestock Show andnhe 940 pound Angus. •°~*~~ ended its 12-day run! Morrow said he planned Sunday with records in total! auction sales and attendance! ,„ to [donate the steer to Texas Chiland many .. ~LU a^uc^t- d - HoSDital here cowbovs and cow-i girls hundreds of dollars richer.! while the J ud S e s were busj For the first time in th e Hous- ] >i- the exposition hall arenas, on show's history, auction sales i the cowbovs thrilled responsive r ds **? *****<*• Show officials said more than telephoned her husband in Tokyo after she heard a Canadian Pacific jetliner crashed there Friday. He told her he had decided to stay for another day and would take a British Overseas Airways Corp. flight to Hong Kong Saturday. the Canadian Pacific crash also Saturdav she received a tele- ihns not been completed. Most of , ~ . ,. , _.-. . ,. (them were badly burned. - nhone caU tellR 8 hcr ^ e ^> AC Bodies of the American vic-j^'S* 11 had crashed and her 53- Aubum, Wash., 130, S1.12S. 3, jtims were being taken to the] year-old husband was dead. JTachikawa U.S. Air Force base I outside Tokvo. i cies within 10 years. "There is no reason today — or certainly in the reasonably near future — why an operational rescue spacecraft could not be ready and standing by in the event of distress or tragedy during manned flights,' 1 Beaudry said. "For example, a launch vehicle such a s the Titan 3 with its great weight-lifting capability and mission versatility could easily carry a -rescue crew. medical facilities and technicians aloft to assist in any way required." A space ship which runs out of gas can be refueled by an "or- biti ng tanker," said M. H. Goodkind of Martin Co.'s Canaveral Division .Or a manitenance station in space could glide over to repair a disabled vehicle, and crews and transferred supplies to and could from be a manned orbiting laboratory. HAVE YOUR CAR INSPECTED NOW points, $1,363. 2, Bob Wejmer, ?vlyrtis Dightman, Houston, 124, $893. If It's . . . FIRST AID! Black's Pharmacies 721 E. Tex« 583-1755 583-8107 ators, well above lat year's »tal of 171,200 rodeo fans. Also for the firt time, the '.how and rodeo had new headquarters, with livestock judging and auctions held in a new 54.25 million, 12-acre exposition ha)] ndjacent to the Harris County! 5omed Stadium. The Astrodome was host for he first time to rodeo performances, in which cowhands from hroughout the nation and Canda competed. Before the show began Feb. 3, hundreds of trail riders pent from one to seven days on Id Southeast Texas cow trails, rriving the night before to take . „ :_ *i_ r -»_. . _-i. Smith art in the opening day parade own town. Judging of the breeding stock occupied the show the first week, followed by judging in the junior divisions the next. Main event of the show, selection of the show's pion came in the domed j- ear-old Taylor County boy, Paul Holloway, showed the grand champion fat steer. Black Freckles Brown of Hugo, Okla., easily took the lead in total money won with S3,886.93. Top three money winners in each event: Calf Roping—1. Jim Bob Altizer, Del Rio, Tex., 25.6 average seconds, 51,857. 2, Roynnye Sewalt. Chico, Tex., 25.S, $1,53.60. 3, Monroe Tumlirison Lampasas, Tex., 26.8, $1,217.93. Bareback Riding — 1, Paul Mayo, Grinnell, Iowa, 261 total points. 51,189. 2, Ken Stanton, Weiser, Idaho, 238, S9S4. 3, Leonard McCravey, Memphis, Tex., 237, 579. show's grand cham- ;f con «. »A. last Thursday night i ?. a . u S; 1 % ^us ned stadium. A 14- = ol - bu - ^.J- Bronc Riding—1, Bill Cody, \Vyo.. 365 total points, Sl.026.60. 2, John McBeth, Atlanta, Kan., 364, SS49.60. :;, Winston Bruce, Calgarv, Alberta, Canada. 349, $672.60. Steer Wrestling—1, Darrell Williams. Post, Tex., 1.7 total .93. 2, Leon Tex.. 14. 51,R. Boucher. Burkburnett, Tex., 14.4, $1.236.27. Barrel Racing — 1, Ardith Bruce, Fountain, Colo.. 100-5S total seconds, S272,S5. 2, Sissie Srnokey Young H o 11 o w a y ' s steer Fhurnam, Bryan, Tex., 101.08 earned the sixth highest price i J204,64 3, Loretia Manuel. Ce- in the history of the show at j'est e , iex., 101.29, S136.43. Friday's auction when T. C. j Bull Riding — 1, Freckles Morrow, president of the Wanda | arown, Hugo, Okla.. 138 total 1,000 Viet Cong Believed Killed In Furious Assault SAIGON, South Viet Nan- j east of Vinh and the pilot was (AP) — In a blazipg finale IL j presumed lost. An Air Force their first year in VTet Nam. th< j r~L05 Thunderchief was shot U.S. Marines joined with South | down 45 miles south of the city rangersto demolish a 2,000-mar North Vietnamese regular arm\ regiment, Allied spokesman said today. Nearly 1,000 Communist troops were believed to have fallen in the combined air- ground assault by 6,000 Leathernecks and government soldiers in two days of blistering fighting by groundfire but the pilot was rescued, a spokesman said. Trie Communists sent up at least eight surface to-air missiles against American aircraft attacking North Viet Nam Saturday and Sunday, but none of the Soviet-mads SAMs hit their mark. U.S. pilots sighted six missiles that the Marines said was their]in flight over the North Sunday fiercest action — and best showing — of the war. The battle petered out in gn [Allied mop-up operation today. | The Marines brought trie weekend fighting in a coastal valley 335 miles northeast of Saigon to a rousi ng climax Sunday night by storming the North Vietnamese 21st Regiment's command post, capturing 95 weapons and seizing a store of enemy records. A total of 533 enemy bodies were counted, but Cbi. Bruce Jones of McLean, Va., adviser to the Vietnamese 2nd Regiment, said: "There is evidence we killed or wounded as many more." Only half the enemy force remained alive, he said. Another participant in the battle as an adviser to a Vietnamese battalion was Army Capt. Peter Dawkins, the for- but none came much closer than a quarter of a mile. On Saturday, two SAMs exploded 40 rnieis northeast of Thanh Hoa without hitting anything. While part of the American air arm pounded Communist supply lines agai n, other planes dropped 4.7 million leaflets on the North, urgin g Communist soldiers to reject their regime's attempt to put them to war in the South, the spokesman said. On the ground, the U.S. 1st Infantry Division also reported a major success 35 miles north of Saigon. Troops of the Big Red One claimed they killed 188 Communists in fighting over the weekend. In front of one infantry battalion's positions alone, 97 enemy dead were counted, a spokesman said. The GIs aiso captured four 50-caliber machine mer West Point football Al-.quns, an important weapon in America and Rhodes Scholar. While the fighting raged on the ground, U.S. spokesmen said two American jets were lost over North Viet Nam in raids Saturday. An A1H Sky- raider jet from the carrier Ban- cock went down 40 miles south- the Communist arsenal. 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