Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 31, 1948 · Page 4
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, December 31, 1948
Page 4
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10 Pec. 30, 1948 Mason Clly Globu-Gazedt, Ulason City. la. Midwest Livestock Trend Good Butchers 140-150 Ibs. 150-1GO Ibs. 160-170 Ibs. 170-180 Ibs. . 180-130 Ibs 130-200 Ibs. . 180-200 Ibs. 200-220 Ibs. 220-240 Ibs 240-270 Ibs. 270-300 Ibs 300-330 Ibs. 330-360 Ibs (THURSDAY'S PRICKS) Albert Lea. Austin, Minn. 5'Jc lower S12.W) $14.1)0 S15.90 SI 8.SO $20.00 Clear Lake Globe-Gazette IF YOUR 1-At-EK IS NOT DELIVERED BY fi:00 I'. M., 1>U. a:j» OR ''39. NO COMPLAINTS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER fi:15. Minn. Steady lo 50c lower SlCi.25 $17.25 §18.00 S20.00 S20.50 S20.50 $19.50- S1B.75 518.25 $17.50 300-330 Ibs. 330-360 Ibs. .. 360-400 Ibs 400-450 Ibs. •450-500 Ibs. 300-550 Ibs S17.75 $17.75 $15.00 $20.50 S20.T><> 1=20. :>o $19.75 S19.00 $18.25 $17.50 $17.75 SI 7.50 317.00 $16.00 $15.50 $15.25 $15.25 Waterloo 50<lower $18.25 S19.75 $20.25 S20.25 $19.50 S18.75 Sl!!.25 $17.75 $18.00 S18.00 S17.50 $17.00 $l(i.50 $16.50 $16.00 Cedar Rapids 50c- lower S1G.75 S1D.25 $19.50 $20.25 $20.25 S19.50 S18.75 S18.25 $17.75 $17.75 $17.75 $17.25 $18.75 $16.25 .$15.75 $15.25 Hog Slip Prices Down Chicago, (£»)—Declines of 25 to 75 cents went to the hog trade Thursday under pressure of nearly twice as many salable receipts as the 7,000 the trade had expected. Supplies were well cleared out, however. Cattle were mostly steady to 25 cents higher and sheep steady to 50 cents lower. (U. S. D. A.)—Salable hogs 13,000, total 9,000; butchers under 220 Ib. scarce and moderately active, 25 to 50 cents lower; heavier weights slow, 50 to 75 cents, mostly 75 cents lower; sows 50 to 75 cents lower; top $22.75: bulk good and choice 170 to 220 Ib. $22i57-22.75- 230 to 250 Ib. $20.75<(?21.75; 260 to 280 Ib. S20@20.75; 290 to 320 Ib. $19.25ffi)20; good and choice 300 to 450 Ib. sows $17(<];18,25; 475 to 600 Ib. $15.50@17; prospects good clearance. Salable 'cattle 2,500, total 2,500; salable calves 300, total 300; slaughter steers mostly steady although weights over 1,200 Ib. slow with most bids on around 50 cents lower; heifers largely steady; spots around 50 cents off on weights over 950 Ib.; other slaughter classes scarce, active; cows strong to 25 cents higher; bulls and vealers fully steady; bulk good and choice slaughter steers $25<iJ32.50: load choice to prime around 1,400 Ib. beeves held above $34.25; most common to medium slaughter steers $20t25(f?24; bulk medium to low-choice heifers $22<fJ26; medium to good beef cows largely $19^20.50; most canners and cutters S15(iJ17.75; bulk medium to good sausage bulls $22(fj;24; veal- ers $32 down; stock cattle slow. Salable sheep 1,500, total 2.000; slaughter lambs, less desirable quality considered, unevenly steady to 50 cents lower; top $S5.50; no high-choice kinds offered; ewes steady at $10.75 down. Grain Prices Show Advance Chicago, (/P)—Grains advanced Thursday on the board of trade, led by the deferred wheat contracts. Gains were not large and trading continued in its holiday rut. In contrast, soybeans dropped more than a cent. Buying in July and September wheat came in part from previous short sellers. It was based on the agriculture department's parity report, which showed no decline in parity, between November and* December. Many traders had expected the decline oi recent months to continue. Wheat at noon was & cent lower to -J cent higher, May $2.28jj, corn was i to ;{ cent higher. May $1.49J, oats were i cent lower to 1 cent higher, May 78J, and soybeans were j} to 1J cents lower, March $2.591- The commodity credit corporation announced it had purchased 1,485,000 bushels of corn at Chicago and 785,000 bushels at Kansas City Wednesday. The agency's premium bid remained unchanged Thursday. This government buying has been stepped up sharply in the past few days. Danes Hold Christmas Tree Party Clear Lake—The annual Danish Christmas tree and party was held at I. O. O. F. hall Wednesday evening with a large attendance of adults and children. Harry Eliasen announced the program, which was given mostly by the small children and included a song, "Silent Night," in Dane by Janice Olson; reading, Ruth Jacobsen, song by Julie Estergard; tap dance, Shirley Hartin; song "Upon the Housetop," Linda Anderson; reading, Larry Petersen; song, Joan Hartin, reading, Gayle Westcptt; song, Bonnie Holt;-song Johnnie Holt; "Jingle Bells" Barbara King; duet, Karen Casperson and Janice Olson and a reading, Dick Eliasen. The prgoram closed with all the children circling the beautifully decorated and lighted Christmas tree which was in the center of the hall and the whole group joining in singing Christmas carols in Danish and English. Treats of candy, nuts and apples were given the children and apples to adults. Dancing, with music furnished by Huber's orchestra, completed the evening's entertainment. Refreshments were served at tables decorated with red crepe paper strips on white through the center, seasonal bouquets in red, green and silver and red candles decorated with evergreen. The Danish Brotherhood and Sisterhood committee in charge of the party included Mr. and Mrs. Sam Sorensen, chairmen and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hansen, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Eliasen, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Christensen, Mr. and Mrs. Emil Sorensen, Kay Christensen and Anton Andersen. ESTIMATED LIVESTOCK RECEIPTS (Thursday's Market) Chicago. M>)— (U. S. D. A.)—Estimated salable livestock receipts for Friday: 6,000 hogs, 1,000 cattle and 1,000 sheep. Local Livestock MASON Fifty cents lower. Good light lights .. Good light lights HOGS :iTY—For Thursday 160-170 Slfi.75 170-180 S18-75 Good med. weights 180-200 S20.75 Good med. weights 200-220 S20.75 THURSDAY GRAIN CLOSE Chicago, WHEAT— May July Sept CORN— May July Sept Dec OATS— May ..... July Sept RYE— May . ..:. SOYBEANS— Mar. May July High S2.29 - 1.50 Va 1.35 Low 52.28 2.09^,^ 2.10 1.49 li 1.47'/u 1.41 1.34 >.b ClOSl! $2.28-28 '.i 2.09^-To 2.10'/8 1.47 './<-', a 1.4 1-41 '/a .78 ','» -'A .72'/ 2 .70 1.73'/ 2 1.70 2.1(P Good med. weights Good med. weights 220-240 $20.75 240-270 $19.50 Jan. Good med. weights 270-300 $18.75 Good med. weights 300-330 $18.00 Good med. weights 330-3GO $17.50 Good sows 270-300 $17.75 Good sows 300-330 $17.75 Good sows 330-360 $17.25 Good sows 3GO-400 S16.75 Good sows 400-450 $lfi.flO Good sows 450-500 $1G.OO No hogs received after 5 p. m.—Jacob C. Decker S: Sons. CATTLE MASON CITY—For Thursday Choice steers and heilcrs $29.50-32.50 Good io choice steers and heifers $26.00-29.00 Good steers and heifers .... $26.00-29.00 Medium steers and heifers Fair steers and heifers $24.00-26.00 $18.00-19.00 Plain steers and heifers ... $16.00-18.00 Choice cows S17.50-19.00 Good cows $16.50-17.00 Medium cows $16.00-17.00 Fair cows $14.50-16.00 Good bulls $18.00-22.00 Medium bulls $17.00-20.00 Bologna bulls $17.00-18.00 Canners and cutters $13.00-15.00 CALVES MASON CITY—For Thursday Choice $28.00 Good $26.00 Common ....<». $18.00 Culls '$14.00 Good to choice $23.50 STRING LAMBS EWES Good to choice $ 7.SO- 9.50 Medium $ 6.50- 7.50 Common and Culls $ 5.00- 6.00 ,ARD— Ki.90 Mar 17.02 May 17.00 July 16.82 2.58 ','4 2.5G 2.52'A 16.BO 1B.70 16.70 10.70 16.60 16.70-75 1G.72 16.70 Mason City Grain At 10 a. m. Thursday No. 2 oats, 36 Ibs 75c No. 2 yellow corn, Jan. $1.26 Soybeans, Dec §2.40 CHICAGO CASH CHAIN (Thursday's Market) Chicago, (K'i —Wheat: No. 3 red $2.37; No. 4 red tough S2.29'/... Corn: No. 1 yellow $1.49ffM.50; No. 2, $1.40 s a('rt>1.49 I /2: No. 3. $1.4fiftf':1.49; No. 4, $1.38(fil"44Vi; No. 5, S1.34',if(!;1.44; No. 2, white SI.52. Oats: No. 1 heavy mixed 87 3 /jc; No. 3 heavy mixed aiHic; No. 1 heavy white 88'/4<;i}S9'/:ic; No. 1 extra heavy white 8SP.!ic; No. 2 heavy white 88 3 Ac; No. 3 heavy white 87 3 ,4c: No. 2 extra heavy special red 90c. Barley nominal: feed $1.02<</'1.20. Malting 51.20©!.66; Field seed per hundredweight nominal: Timothy 317.506718; sweet clover S15ft:l6. Soybeans: No. 3 yellow $2.60 track Chicago. SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK (Thursday's Market) South St. Paul, (U.PJ—(U. S. D. A.) — Livestock: Cattle 2,500. Buying sentiment again bearish despite light run. Not enough done on slaughter steers, heifers to quote. Late Wednesday short load choice 1,230 Jb. steers $31. Early sales cows Thursday weak to 50 cents lower; beef cows off most. Good cows $18.50<f>.20; odd head high-good $21; common-mediums $17r?iil8; canners-cutters S15f?16.50: occasional beefy cutters $17. Bulls active, strong. Good weighty bulls to $24; medium-good $20.50@23.50; stockers-feeders scarce, nominal. Calves 1,500. Vealers highly uneven; generally steady, although extreme top sharply higher. Bulk good- choice $27@32; high-choice $33^36; common-mediums $18(326; culls $14® 17. Hogs 14,000. Opening 50 to 75 cents lower; good-choice 160 to 250 Ib. barrows, gilts $20.50(^21.50. Good-choice sows largely S17. Average cost, weights Wednesday: Barrows, gilts $20.89, 251 Ibs.: sows $17.55, 439 Ibs. Sheep 2,500. Market not established. One load shorn lambs included in early arrivals. CHICAGO PRODUCK (Thursday's Market) Chicago, (if)— Butter firm. Receipts 357.454. Prices unchanged. Eggs unsettled. Receipts 11,239. Prices unchanged except 1 to 1'A cents a dozen lower on current receipts at 44®44.;>c. CHICAGO POULTRY (Thursday's Market) Chicago, (/D—(U. S. D. A.}—Live poultry Fryers easy. Balance firm. Receipts 13 'trucks. Prices unchanged except 1 cent a pound lower on fryers at 36ra40c F. O. B. Stock Support Fades Away New York, (fP) —Early support for stocks faded away Thursday and the market slowly tipped downward. Losses ranged up to a point for key issues but there was still a substantial number of plus signs. For a while it seemed likely that a year-end rally, on which Wall Street has been betting for days, might get under way. The market moved upward at a smart clip Wednesday and the direction was forward Thursday after a slight hesitancy. Business tended to slacken after fairly lively turnover although numerous large blocks of stock appeared on the ticker tape. Turnover for the full session was at the rate of around 1,400,000 shares. This would compare with ],380,000 Wednesday which was close to tops for the month. Veterans Must Exchange Certificates Veterans now holding certiii- cates of eligibility and entitlement to -take training under the G. I. bill of rights issued prior to Sept. 1, 1948, will have to exchange those certificates for new ones if they plan to enter into training after Jan. 1, 1949, J. E. Cooksie, | officer in charge of the local Veterans Administration office said Thursday. Cooksie stated that due to the great demand for certificates of eligibility and entitlement placed upon the VA in 1946, a system was inaugurated to issue the certificates with as little delay as possible. Therefore, no file was set up at that time and no claim number issued. If the certificate became lost or destroyed, a new application had to be filed and a new certificate issued, and this sometimes caused considerable delay and inconvenience to the veteran. On Sept. 1, 1948, Cooksie said, the VA went back to setting up files and issuing claim numbers for all applicants requesting certificates of eligibility and entitlement. It takes a little longer at the outset to get the certificate, Cooksie said, but after the vet-' eran enters into training, his subsistence comes through faster as most of the paper work has already been accomplished. Cooksie suggested that all veterans holding the old type certificates (dated prior to Sept. 1, 1948) should get in touch with the VA immediately to effect issuance of Clear Lake Briefs John Piilmetcr was taken by ambulance to Park hospital, Mason City, Wednesday. He submitted to an emergency operation and is recovering nicely. All coats reduced at Hanson's. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Rasmussen and son and daughter, Antelope, Mont., are visiting the former's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wille, Garner, and relatives and friends in Clear Lake. Bargain on sweaters $1.49 at Hansen's. Elwin Valley, 207 Lakeview Drive, was taken by ambulance to Park hospital, Mason City, Wednesday. For Rent: Sleeping rooms. Men only. 310 E. Main. Mrs. Herbert Watts is opening a beauty parlor in the Ward building which was formerly the Phillips house on S. Fourth street. It will be known as Faye'G Beauty shop. Mrs. Watts is employed at the Pastel Beauty shop where she has been for about 9 years. For Rent: Sleeping room. Ph 693-J, 111 East Main street. The executive board of Woman's Christian Temperance Union which includes all officers and heads of departments will meel at the home of Mrs. Buy movie Bachellov Friday at 1 o'clock for a potluck dinner. Farmers: Big Show all free John Deere Day, Tuesday, Jan. 4 Lake Theater, 1 p. m. Be oui guests. DcBruyn & Pugh Impl. Co Veterans of Foreign Wars basketball game with Swea City was canceled Wednesday evening and a game will be played later. V. F W. will piny Rudd here Thursday evening at 8 at the high schoo gym. Mrs. S. E. Eldred, 114 S. Oak street, has received word from her daughter, Mrs. R. C. Bradbury, Tulso, Okla., that Mrs.' C. S. Greer and son and daughter were in an auto accident. While driving to Oklahoma City to spend Christmas at the home of Mrs. Greer's brother and sister-in-law, Governor and Mrs. Roy J. Turner, their car turned over twice and was demolished. Charlene, who attends the University of North Carolina, suffered a broken ankle and collar bone. Mrs. Greer and son, Charles, were not injured. Dr. C. S. Greer died suddenly from a heart attack Dec. 7. Mr. and Mrs. II. D. Backhaus, 312 E. South street, will entertain Poultry Improvement asso- <GLO Fund Grows for -ire Victims Another SI58 received at KGLO Thursday for the Carlyle "Bud" Nielson fund brings the total received so far up to $1,111. Contributions will be accepted for the rest of this week for this veteran and his family who lost :heir home and its contents at lear Lake on Christmas eve. Anyone wishing to contribute to the Carlyle Nielson fund, which started with a 30-minute benefit program on KGLO Christmas eve, is asked to remit as promptly as possible, in care of KGLO, Mason City. Virginia and Myrna Sprengler AVMT Listeners Joseph Mosier, Mount Ayr .. r. jinti Mrs. Robert Knapp, anil Kniipp Auto Horty Ernest Andersen, l.iike The Ralph D. Schmidts and Jimmy Jay, Mfservcy Mr. anil Mrs. Kiiward Ilrandau, Rucld Clear Lake V. K. \V. Basketball Team Members: Dun Mm!son Gordon Heal Dirk Sharp Dean MoCfett "Peanuts" Secory Arnold Duitscher 1'ete llucy Johnny Rronks I.oren C. Cast, Garner Dr. J. P. Jorgensen, Forest City Scatty and Mary Huckman, Thornton Lulher, Christie, Aniialicllu and Jerry Seeber, Osage Dixsom and Friedlines, flym- mouth Mrs. I. II. Purlciffh. Clear Lake Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Pierce . •Lena Gnlknecht . . Mi-s. Fred G. Sauthoff, Woden Larry JSlcss, Ventura Irving Ilendrickson, Northwood Anonymous DAY'S TOTAL PREVIOUSLY REPOICTKI) ... 2.01) 81.00 .1.111 Losf, Found ,OST—Rimless glasses near St. Clair- Stark store. R. M. Schneider, Tile Co. 'h. 1136. .OST—Man's gold Masonic ring. Return to Globe-Gnzelte business office (or eward. .OST—Combination Honson lighter and cisjarei case at Fieldhouse Man. night Call 2921-W. Money to Loan 8 CASH LOANS $20, $50, $100, up to $300 To Consolidate Overdue Bills To Pay Seasonal Expenses For Doctor or Dentist Bills For Repairs on House or Car For Any Good Purpose Loans are made on salary, car or furniture without endorsers. Take 6, 12, 15 or more months to repay depending on the purpose of your loan, Household Finance Corporation I17',i N. Federal Ave. Phone 54) Over Green Mil) Cafe 1.IX) I.lid I.IIU } .01) I.II I) 1.00 •.M>r> 2.110 a. oo Jf>.0<l 1.110 1.110 i.iin 5.1)0 r>.on a.oo 1.00 NEED MONEY? Let me belp you. Loans $25 to S300 See Mrs. Simon. 25 years of reputabli dealing. Fast, friendly service at Security Loan Co Third Floor First National Bank Bldg. LOANS—$50 to $400. Co. 30 1st St. N. E. Fidelity Discoun Help W*d., Female 21 VANTED—Kitchen help, work. Covered Wagon. No Sunday VANTED — Waitress. Store, -111 N. Unker Ice Cream ' te , v WANTED QUALIFIED STENOGRAPHER AND DICTAPHONE OPERATOR Good starting salary. Apply Personnel Dept. STANDARD OIL CO. 109 Third N. W. Mason City, Iowa Service* Off«r«d 27, WRINGER ROLLS and washer repair. L. A. Wright. Ph. 1819-J or 3623-J. DEGEN hardwood floor service. Laying, sanding. Ph. 1672. VANTED—Waitress. 1543. Full Time. Ph. WANTED STENOGRAPHER General office work. Will consider aeginner. Good working condi- uons and starting salary, Write R-29, . Globe-Gazette MIRRORS resilvered. Guaranteed. Mickel's, 417 2nd St. N. W. Phone 783. WANTED—Job on farm by married man. Write B-29, Globe-Gazette. WANTED—Carpenter work on new construction or remodeling. Hour or contract. Free estimates given. Davis and Keith, contr.. Ciear Lake. Ph. 199-R4. WANTED—Experienced waitress. Crystal Lunch. WANTED—Housekeeper for 3 adults. 614 1st S. E. Ph. 1G81. WANTED (o htre reg. nurse. Full or part time. Ph. 5284. HE1MENDINGER TRANSFER LINE Office at 823 Fourth St. S. W. for experienced and economical local and long distance moving. CALL 1070 WINTER IS HERE Eliminate those drafts and h£at losses, with WARDS BONDED GUARANTEED Mineral Rock Wool Blown in by experts. For free estimates on complete and guaranteed application, call 860. Don't delay. . . . Montgomery Ward Mason City, Iowa WANTED—Middle aged lady to care lor children while mother works.' Board, room and wages. Ph. 5384-W after 4:30. WANTED—At once: Experienced beauty operator. 5 day week. Ph. 66 or 475-W. Pastel Beauty Shop, Clear Lake. 158.00 !>53.UO NKW TOTAL, 51,111.00 one of the new type. New York Stocks By ASSOCIATED PRESS Am. Tel. & Tel. 150. Anaconda Cop. 34. Bendix Aviat. 35J. Beth. Steel 32g. Boeing Airplane 22. Montgom. Ward 54i. N. Y. Central RR 12J. Radio Corp. 13J. Sears Roebuck 39.1- Stand. Oil Ind. 39J. Stand. Oil N. J. 72J. Texas Co. 535- U. S. Steel 70g. Chrysler Corp. 53J. Gen. Elec. 39*. Gen. Motors 59J. Illinois Central 301. Int. Harvester 26j. CLAIMS ALLOWED Garner —Hancock county supervisors Tuesday allowed domestic animal claims for losses to livestock killed by dogs Claims totaling $1389.70 were allowed. V Produce (Quotations t>T E. G. Morse) At 10 a. m. Thursday Capons, 7 Ibs. up 55c Heavy hens, 5 Ibs. and up ... 29c Heavy hens, 4 to 5 Ibs 26c Light hens 22c Springs, heavy breeds ....... 30o Springs, Leghorns 23c Old cocks, heavy breeds ... 15c Leghorn cocks 12c Eggs, at retail 45-59c Butter, Corn Country . . . 71-74c Butter, Iowa State Brand 72-75c NKW YOUK PKOni;CK (Thursday's Market) New York. (,!>)—Butter 335,138. Firm. Wholesale prices on bulk cartons. Creamery, higher than 02 score and premium marks A A 67'Ac; 32 score A GGc; DO score B 65c; B9 score C B3 J 'ic. (New tubs us\i- aily command \'? cent a pound over the bulk carton price). Cheese 196,543. Steady. Prices unchanged. Eggs 19,213. Steady. New York spot quotations follow: Midwestern: Mixed colors: Fancy heavyweights GOc; extra. No. 1 large 5Bc; extra. No. 2 large 55(<<] 50c; extra, No. 1 medium 48fi!49c; pullets -JS'/ic: current receipts 50(ffi51c; dirties 48c; checks 45@47c. Air Force Reserve Officers May Get Application Forms Application forms for mobilization assignment are now available upon request from higher headquarters for air force reserve officers residing in the Mason City area who desire an M-day assignment with the military air transport service and its services, it was announced by S/Sgt. Jay B. Rain- erson, air force unit instructor here. The services include airways and air communications service, air weather service, air rescue service and flight service, he pointed out. Further information may be obtained from Sgt. Rainerson by contacting the air force reserve office at 115J 1st S. E., or calling 5492. elation Monday for a potluck dinner at noon. Connie Jean Broome, 9J months old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Broome, 613 W. Division street, was dismissed from Mercy hospital, Mason City, Wednesday. She was taken there Dec. 24 with pneumonia. Mrs. Jack Larson returned to her home in Des Moines Thursday after visiting 10 days at the homes of her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Sonksen, and 2 sons and- her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Larson and son. Arthur Murphy, New York City, arrived Wednesday to spend until after New Years with his mother, Mrs. Delia Murphy. Both spent Christmas at the home of Mrs. Murphy's son and daughter-in- law, Prof, and Mrs. Lindon Murphy and family, Columbia, Mo. Chapter EA P. E. O. will meet Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs. C. F. Crane at 7:30. Progress club meets Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. M. A. Arneson. Mrs. A. II. Latimer returned Tuesday from. Des Moines where she had visited her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Butler and daughter, Cynthia. Daughters of Union Veterans will hold a food and candy sale at Legion hall Friday beginning at 9 a. m. Mrs. C. E. Melcher spoke on 'The United Nations, its Organization and Functions" for the meeting of the Lions club, Wednesday noon at the V.F.W. clubrooms. V.F.W. Makes Plans for Meeting With Auxiliary Clear Lake—Veterans of Foreign Wars held a dinner with a business meeting following Tuesday evening in the clubrooms. It was announced that the Cub Scouts would hold a sleigh ride Thursday evening and a pack meeting at the V. F. W. rooms. Tuesday evening at 7 o'clock there will be a V. F. W. auxiliary supper for members, wives, husbands, boy friends and girl friends. The chairman for the supper is Chris Axelson, assisted by Jerry Jensen, Duane Jensen, Clarence Baumgartner, Art Ashland and Syd Halford. Loren E. Whelen was elected to membership. CASH LOANS $25 to $300 On Your Own Signature t Secured loans also made. Phone, write or come in. Loans also made to people living in towns surrounding Mason City. State Finance Co. A Friendly Loan Service 201 Weir Bldg. Corner Federal and State WANTED—Girl or woman by day or hour. 325 7th St. N. W. GIRLS WANTED To Work in Dry Cleaning Plant Mason City Dyers & Cleaners 1401 North Federal Situation Wanted 22 WANTED—Practical nursing or housekeeping. Write A-i!7jl Globe-Gazette. 5 West State St. Phone 1038 Clear Lake Chamber to Hold Meeting Jan. 12 Clear Lake—A general meeting of the Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce will be held the evening of Jan. 12, at 7 o'clock, at Witke's cafe. At that time Ed E. i'rank, new secretary of the -hamber of Commerce, will be in- :roduced to the membership. A discussion outlining the farm srogram will be held and rat con- :rol in Clear Lake will be discussed. It is hoped that at this time it may be possible to explain to the membership how the proposed laws in the state legislature will affect the establishing of a sanitation district around Clear Lake. CHICAGO POTATOES (Thursday'" Mai'ket) Chicago, Of)—<U. S. D. A.)—Potatoes: Arrivals, 57. on track 14S; total U. S. shipments 072; supplies light: demand light: market about steady. Idaho Russet Bin-banks $4<!i4.25: Minnesota-North Dakota Red River Valley Blisi Triumphs $2.95. Clark Rites Held at Charles City Charles City — Funeral services were held at 2 p. m. Thursday at the Hauser funeral borne for Earl Clark, 60, of 608A- Kelly street, who died at the Cedar Valley hospital here Tuesday where he had been a. patient for 2 days. The Rev. Edna M. Fellows, pastor of the First Christian church, will officiate and burial will be in Riverside cemetery. He had been ill 2 years. A resident of Charles City for more than 20 years, Mr. Clark had been employed at the Oliver corporation until his health failed. Known here as a sports enthusiast, he had for many years officiated as umpire for the city's softball teams and Charles City baseball teams. He is survived by his wife, Lillie, and 2 sons, Robert, at home, and Gerald of Los Angeles, Cal. Other survivors are 2 brothers, Roy of Spencer, and Eric of Clear Lake; 2 step-daughters, Mrs. Herman Hirsch of Sumner, and Mrs. Clarence Debner of Cedar Falls and 3 grandchildren. 6 Women Escape Injury in Crash Five Mason City and 1 Minneapolis woman escaped serious injury Wednesday evening when the car in which they were riding crashed into one stalled on the highway north ot Duncombe They returned to Mason City by train Thursday morning. The 6 are Miss Helen Miller driver and owner of the car; Miss Betty June Long, Miss Loretta Welsh, Miss Ida Rorem and Miss Melva Rorem, all of Mason, City, and Miss Cecilia Hegstrom, Minneapolis. They were enroute to Badger for the wedding of Miss Marjorie Hove, secretary for the Lutheran Welfare society. BE PREPARED TO PAY B1LLS DUE JAN. 10th The average person accumulates numerous bills this time of year. Don't allow your bills to be delinquent. Protect Your Credit Consolidate your accounts with a loan from U-N-I-T-E-D Financial Service Help Wtd., Mole, Female 23 WANTED—Solicitors. Male or female. 424 2nd N. W. Call between 4 and 6 p. m. First Class Body and Fender Work Car Painting Free Estimates MASON CITY NASH CO. 1311 North Federal Phone 935 NORTH IOWA WALL MASTERS WALL WASH ING BY MACHINE Homes and Commercial Buildings. Fr«« Estimate. Frank and Bill Tenney. Phone 812 310 N Federal HAVING SEWING PROBLEMS? Let us help you with your sewing problems. Can you make a bound buttonhole? a mitred corner? a flat felled seam? set in a sleeve? Well then enroll in one of our sewing classes which are starting daily from now on. Our 8'lessons in either dressmaking or home decorations costs only $10.00. Enroll now. SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. 123 North Federal Mason City, Iowa WANTED—Fountain help. Soda Grill. Salesmen 25 Instruction 28 DISTRICT REPRESENTATIVE We are looking for a man age 25-45 Interested in professional sales work to j represent one of America's oldest nnd largest b'isi.iuss organizations in Mason pit;' and adjacent territory. Guaranteed ii<come to start with, excellent training Commissions and retirement plan. Wiite Box B-1Y, Globe-Gazette giving age, education, marital status, general background. COMPLETE YOUR high school by home study. All texts furnished. No classes. Write: American School Office, 1905 So. Duluth Ave., Sioux Falls, S. Dak. Business Locations 30 151 N. Federal -Phone 57 CARD OF THANKS I wish to thank my many friends and neighbors for their kindness to me during my current affliction. I thank them for all the visits, cards, candy, fruit, cookies, buns and all other danties, and I wish especially to thank the Fertile Christian Workers for their gift. Your kindness is much appreciated and will never be forgotten.—Mrs. Amelia Kisner. Until late in the 18th century, peers attended the English House of Lords dressed in parliamentary robes adorned with the stars and ribbons of their orders. Robes are now worn only at the opening of Parliament and a few other special occasions. Over Ford Hopkins Drug- Store LOANS. Federal Discount, 19'A Nortte Federal. Telephone 516. SEE the United Homo Bank and Trust Co. for real estate mortgaga loans. REPAIR or Remodel Your Home with an F. H. A. m prove me nt Loan THREE YEARS TO REPAY INSTALLMENT LOAN DEPT. "irst National Bank MASON CITY, IOWA Death Notices 1 Note Anniversary of Golden Wedding Slilson—Mr.'and Mrs. Charlie E. Benner, for many years living on a farm in this neighborhood, but for the past several years in Britt, observed their 50th wedding anniversary at their home on South Main street Tuesday when their home was open to their friends and neighbors. BLANCHARD, Mrs. Marie, 43. of 9.7!) Dth N. E., died Tuesday at a hospital in Dubiiquc. following a lingering illness. Funeral services will be held at 2 p. m. Friday at. the Patterson-James funeral chapel, with the Rev. Pi. T. Mostrom of Clear Lake officiating. Interment will he at the Clear Lake cemetery. The Patterson-James funeral home in charge. Cord o^JThonks 2 WE WISH to express our thanks and deep appreciation to all our friends and neighbors who have done so much at the iine of the illness and death of our dear nother, Mrs. Mary Faltus, and to those who offered flowers, sympathy and their services. Thanks also to the Rev. Mr. loyd Gustafson for his comfor:ing words, and 1 the Major funeral home for beautiful service. Mr. and Mrs. Milo Brabec. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Faltus. Mr. and Mrs. Dean Denzel, and all the grandchildren. l BOND APPROVED Garner—Hancock County Clerk Ruth Hughes approved the bond of Clinton D. Daniels, Concord township farmer, who will take office as county supervisor on Jan. 3. He succeeds John Chambers, who will retire from office on that date. Supervisors also approved the 4 quartely veports of Sheriff L. M. Browcr. Funeral Director MEYER Funeral Home, A beautiful service need not bo costly. Ambulance PATTERSON - JAMES Funeral Rome. Known for Service. Ambulance oxygen equipped. 322 N. Washington. Ph. 1140. MAJOR Funeral Home. Phone 511. "Major Service Meets Your Need.' Auto or Air Ambulance. McAtTLEV 8f SON Funeral Home. A dii- Unfinished, dignified funeral service Ambulance. 8 South Adams. Call 651 Personals CANCER In/ormatJon Center. 117% N. Federal. Open every Friday, 1 to 6 p. nt., with Registered Nurs« In charge. Phone 5475. Seeds, Feeds 17 'OR SALE—GSO bales good clover hay. Clem Hcbcl, R. R. No. 2. Ph. GS7-R11. _ ^^^ 27 WALLPAPER hanging is our business. Phone 3441-W. OLDSMOBILE Sales and Service ZENQRS Authorized Packard Service H & H Motors 12 Seventh St. S. E. SEWING machine repairing "and rebuilding — all makes. Parts and supplies. Mason City Appliance Store, 21 1 S. Federal. Phone 1 103. Authorized Skelgas INSTALLATION AND SERVICE PHONE 5574 Egeland Skelgas and Appliance FOR RENT—Storage warehouses. Large and small. Beck Bros., Co., 409 S. Federal Ave. FOR RENT—Ground floor warehouse space, ISxSG, $25 month. Ph. 1415. FOR RENT—New ' bldg. at 719 No. Fed. Office, restaurant or shop. Ph. 2867. FOR RENT Downtown Garage or Warehouse Space. 33x22x14 ft., heated. Suitable for two trucks or for use as small warehouse. Fireproof building. Contact Harold Bryan MGR. RED DOT FOODS Phone S413 or 4463-J Business Opportunities T8 IF YOU are reliable, honest, can spare 4 hours a week to start, I may have in opening for you to operate brand new ype candy and amusement nut vending machines. Good income, excellent, fu- ,ure. S44G investment required which is secured with merchandise. All applicants will be interviewed. Write, include phone. Box F-29, Globe-Gazette. Help WANTED—•Walter. Covered Wagon. No _20 Sunday work. FOR RENT—Store bldg. on S. Federal Ave. Beck Bros., Co., 409 S. Fed. Ave. Phone 134. Rooms for Rent 32 FOR RENT—Pleasant sleeping room. Gentleman preferred. Ph. 1871-W. FOR RENT—Small sleeping rm. for gentleman at 225 3rd N. E. Apply at 231 4th St. N. W. FOR RENT—Will share room with working girl. Ph. 3700. Vernice Whitaker. FOR RENT—Sleeping room, Gent, preferred. Auto, hot water. Ph. 4392-W. FOR RENT—Sleeping rm. Gentleman preferred. 60S N. Delaware. Ph. 4737-J. FOR RENT—Sleeping room for men. Call 5712-J. FOR RENT—Sleeping room for man. Ph. 3492-W. FOR RENT—Sleeping room for business ladies. Ph. 2822-J. Apts. for Rent 33 18 South Delaware WILL CARE for children of working mothers. Ph. 760-J. WASHING machine and other household appliances repaired. Ph. 1838-J. 20 4th St. N. W. CESSPOOLS, septic tanks, toilets, cisterns cleaned and repaired. Write Jim Easley. Box 134, Clear Lake, Iowa. ELECTROLUX vacuum sales and service. E. S. Aley. 520 15th N. W. Ph. 1315-W ASHES and rubbish hauled. Basements cleaned. Ph. 4G-J5-J. WANTED Young Colleqe Man Age 22-29 Interested in sales work for job as sales-clerk with Standard Oil Co. Good stalling salary and oppor- oinity for ravanccment. Write or apply Personnel Dept. STANDARD OIL CO. 109 Third N. W. Mason City, Iowa FOR RENT—Furn. apt. Close in. Private entrance. References required. Write A-30, Globe-Gazette. FOR RENT—2 rm. apt. Unfurn. Clean. 403 12th St. S. E. Houses for Sale 35 FOR SALE BY OWNER BEAUTIFUL, NEW 2 BEDROOM BRICK HOUSE Cape Cod style. Possession at once. Gas heat, auto, hot water, full basement, hardwood floors, matching brick and block garage. Landscaped. 3 blocks from school. PAUL KNAPP, Clear Lake WANTED—High school boys who can sell. Average $2 hour. Union Engraving Co., Garner, la. Help Wtd., Female 21 WANTED—Usherettes. Cecil Theater. Authorized Maytag Sales and Service CALL 162 Pickup and Delivery Service HOME APPLIANCE-CO. 201-03 S. Fed. Mason City, Io%va WANTED—Girl or woman for general hsewk. No cooking. Ph. 5077-W. Lost, Found FOUND—On S. Penn., gold earring with inolhcr o£ pearl beckground set with pink stonr. Owner may have by calling at thu office and paying for ad. WANTED—Waitress. Black Cafe. 120 N. Federal. and White INSURANCE office needs stenographer. Permanent. 40 hr. wk. No bookkeeping. Write Box L-28, Globc-Gazctlc. We Have 2 I rucks To Serve You on BATTERY SERVICE CALLS TIRE SERVICE CALL.* TRACTOR TIRE SERVICE CALLS Call us at 572 for Prompt, Efficient Service J&L Tire and Supply Co. FOR SALE—A very 2-story, 3 bedroom home. See it ot 715 16th St. N. E. Also a 2-bedroom home at 704 1 5th St. N. E. Associated Builders, 309 First National Bank Bldg. Eves. Call 2823-W. JACK MURHAY 25 First St. S. E. LLOYD FARRER Phone 372 FOR SALE—Attractive, new 2 bedroom bun^Ali/w in lilt; Highlands. Wil! sell with $1,000 down and the balance like rent. Let us show you this new home. J. B. Youngblood & Son. Ph. 36. FOR SALE—7 rm. house. Close in near Holy Family. Monroe and Washington schools. Gas heat, auto, hot water, double garage. Good cond. Write A-28, Globe- Gazette. FOR SALE—1 story. 3 rm. house, 16x32. To be moved. 3 mi. E. Rock Falls. R. M. Boothroyd, Nora Springs. FOR SALE—6 rm., all modern house. Hardwood floors downstairs, full basement, cistern, attic Insulated, coal furnace good shape, new roof painted. Private owned. Frank Kluseman, 1514 N. Jeff. HOUSES FOR SALE 5 rm. bungalow. Fully modern, close- in I 7,500.00 5 rm. mod. bungalow. Highlands. Immediate possession . $ 7,500.00 5 rm. mod. bungalow. Close in. N. W $ 8,500.0* 3 bdrm. mod. nse. near Deckers $ 7,000.00 3 bdrm, mod. hse. Near Jefferson school $10,000.00 4 bdrm. mod. hse. N. E $11,000.00 W. L. PATTON, 109 Z. Slate St. . ^^

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