The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 4, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 4, 1859
Page 3
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BOOKS AND STATIONERY. Henry IViedcckeQ & Oo., BUSINESS Katme fc AHD FAVpSITB r umnrnrsv .-• • The following List of BnilneSs Rouses and Manufao turlaf KetatrmamenU are among the best and molt ,.05-inentinUwlrr^pecUTellnesofbBSiiuas. ^* J. M, GROSSMAN, AHCHITJECT At-SUPERINTENDENT, OFFCIE-NO. 10 VOTING'S NEW BLOCK. Plans and Specifications for all kinds of Building! Furnished at ehort notlceand on the most liberal terms. ISAAC KINOSL.EY, «AS tk_ SXEAm PIPE F1TTEU, NO. 291 EAST WATER STEEEt, TBOLESALX 1STD HSTA.IL DEALI1 II Q" AND STEAM PIPES. GAS, STEAM AND WATER OOOKS, 'GLOBE AND CHECK VALVES. QDAQK DOCKS, Ac., Always on hand, a large assortment of O- A tt f I X T C R K * Wort done in a workmanlike manner, at short notice fcnd lowest prices. .a? .i ox? Ei BLANK BOOK KAJm KUL.ERS A BOOKBIN 13 EKS. Binders' Stock, PHnUng Ink and Flat Papers, always oh b»nd In large quantities. : Asmaoi BODUO In the neatest style. . . , ^ i . . _ No. 219 EAST WATER ST., KNEKLAND'8 BLOCS, »Prt MILWAUKKE. KIT CARSON! ! AND N. L. G1USWOL.L) & CO., KITAIL DSJLKRS » LADIES', GENTLEMEN'S AN J CHILDREN'S BOOgTS, SHOES AKD 6 AITER S, MASON STREET, e the Walker House. I'. WE1NBKKNNKK, MASTDrAOTDRKS. ASIl) DKAl^B Uf BOUTS, SHOES AND OAITJBKS, NO. 24 SPRING STREET, Opposite American HDOIC myll Boot A Shoe Store, NO. 48. EAST WATJEU SfKEET JOHN PHEl^AN, KEEPS always OD hand good custom made Boots and BhOM Alt tclndj or Ladle*' and Gentlemen's Boots and Shoes made to ordri IE the latest style and warranted to give satisfaction. apriS JOHN KKJK. W H O L E S A L li ItUIJGUisT, NO. 88 'EAST WATER STREET, Has just received a fall supply o Celebrated Union works Cylinder Glass, Manufactured sit Cleveland, New York. Transported entirely by vessel, It comes In perfect order, and enables me to sell at low rates I have permanent arrangements to sell tills brand of Glass hereafter. JOES WOE. ADVENTURE S KIT CARSON, The Hester of the Rocky Mooutains, Prom facts narrated by himself. Just received fay —" in STRICKLAND A CO. •; Rehback's l*ea«l Pencils, FOR SALE BY TKRKY & CLKAVKK, BOOKSELLERS AND STATIONERS, 161 Soft Water street, Milwaukee. W E have just received a full supply of these Celebrated Pencils from the manufactory of J J Rehbach, In Regensbiirg, Bavaria. They >i e carefully assorted, and each grade Is distinguished l y a popular brand. Particular attention Is called to '.he "Opposition Pencil," (round black gilt;) and to the "People's Pencil," (round rrd gilt) also to the "Engineer's Penell," (hexagon gilt.) All of «hlch will be found superior to any other penc.l In the market. Alwa> son hand a complete assortment of black and colored lead pencils of all the desirable grades. A discount allowed to the Trade proportioned to extent of ordera. apr29 ALLJBONE'S DICTIOlVARy OF AUTHORS. 1.-V UEDWiiLLmO.Stort of Werchandlie Injured r ii nut, call Immediately and get them Insured In the following "tint Class,", old established and prompt paying Companies: •<•:.- , . <ETNA INSURANCE COMPANY. Of Hartford. Connecticut, 1 N 00 RPO R ASJCD IM is 1». Cash Capital and^nrplus..............^^^) 08^ HAKTFORD INSTJUANck^OMPANV, Of Hartford, Connecticut, INCORPORATED IN J 810 . Cash Capital and Surplus, »788,«82 00 HOJUK INSURANCE COM I'ANY, Of New York Gift, Ooah Capital and Surplus,, ;,.... f 1,017,990 40 HOWARD INSURANCE COMPANY, Of New York. INOOBPOaATKD IN 18S6. Oath Capital and Surplus »8S8,960 38 PHCEN1X INSURANCE COMPAN.Y, Of Hartford, Connecticut, Cash Capital and Surplus,. 1419,084 68 I.AMAK FIRE INSURANCE CO., Of New Tork, Ci M Capital and Surplus,.. $269,069 33 RESOLUTE INSURANCE COMPANY, Of New fork City, Cub Capital and Surplus $246,889 6S ITY FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, Of llartfoid, Connecticut, Oa«h Capital and Surplus $3011,231 48 1 nollclt business (or the aboTe named Companies, entirely upon their own merits and responsibility, and •efer to their prompt and liberal settlement of all Losses icretofore, as a guarantee for the future. Policies Is- ued without delay. W. UKNRY HOLLAND, Agent. ions UOLLASTD, Ass't. Northwest cor. Main and I). P. MAKBHAIA, Surreyor. Wisconsin its.. Milwaukee. sept£ United States i?I. Ai F. IUM. Co. ....................... »1CIO,000 W) 8DRPLDS ........................ 29.65800 iffice, under Mitchell's Bank, corner of East Water and Michigan streets, WfSCON&lft. EAST «fc NORTH-WEST. DETROIT & MILWAUKEE R, R (Now opened to lAko Michigan.) Swift iota-frtuure First-Clait Steamer*, "City of Cleveland," & "Cleveland,' (Thoroughly refitted for this route.) O N AHD AITER MONDAt, April 11, 188», Passenger Trains will run u follows: GOING Sup. Bridge, d p. •Detroit, depart.. Peatonrille, arrive St. Jihns, arrive. Grand Rsplds, arr. •tirand Haven, arr. Milwaukee, arrive. Mall. P. H. 9*0 A. M. 7:00 9:80 10:50 p. y. 12:10 8:06 4:40 A.«. 2:SO Mixed, p. H. 4:20 A. SI. 1:80 6:86 7:40 9:85 A. K. i:2o 8:60 P. H. Accom. A. H. P. H. 4.45 7:30 Night Express 1030 p. 8:00 •2:86 8:60 r. u 12:15 •Refreshments. OOINCJ KAST Milwaukee, depart •Grand Haren t dep. Grand Rapids, arr. !L Johns, arrlre... Owosso, arrive. ... Fentonrllle, arrive •Detroit, arrive-.. lq». Bridge, arrive A. M. 7:00 9:40 p. M. »:&5 Mall kxpr'i r. M. 8:00 1. H. 4:0o 6:20 738 8:80 938 3 P.M. 12:14 P. H. 9:55 Mixed. .6:811 9:66 11:20 f. H. 8:80 A. U. 4:00 NlghA Elpr'j M. 11:00 r. M 8.-4S 10:30 A. » 1:00 2:00 6.-OO p. u. 4:50 Harper Brothers, in IMS,) BOC&t. SIGN, SHIP, CARRIAGE AND ORN AHENTAL Pal merit, <iln_iler» A Paper.Hau^ersi. IMITATOK8 Of WOOD AND MARBLE, NO. 39 O1NEIUA STBEET, A FEWDOOES EAKTOP THE UAMEffl BOCHS. JONES & WH1TKUKAL) General Land and Insurance Agents NUTAUIES PIBI.lC, A-C., OFFICE, corner of Reed and Oregon streets, Mrvrose*s Block, Fifth Ward. Will attend to the buying and selling of Real Estate, Insuring Good: and Bulldingi In responsible Compa nies., Atlend to the Collection of Accounts, Uaking jut of Deeds, Mortgages, Comracu, Leases, *c. All Collections m&de OD accounts placed ta our hand will be promptly paid over. A. 0 JOSKS .......... irZS- .. .ROBKET WBmBIAC. SCUNCECKKL A BUIIMOT I O, COMMISSION MKKCH.ANTS. Real Estitif and Money Broken , NOTARIES PCBLIO, MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN. Orric* — Nu.4 tlliLrtiel 8<|Ukre, opposite the Old Post- Office mart7 A T T O HAS removed corner ol h.a?i W&i D. COKSON, K N £ V AT LAW. to Office, NX,. S. Btate Bank Building, r and Michigan vtreK. iMuwaukee. JBO. L OOEAK ....................... HISJOS LETT. DOKAN & L.KVY, Attorney and Counsellors t Law, Office— Empirt Block, 2S1 East Water a., MILWAUKEE, ....... ;may22] ____ ..WISCONSIN CAPITALISTS o/ Jtofflith Utterature and SriOtkand American Avtho-t, livino and deceased; /rem the BarliestA cvimtttoVit U\d ale o/Uuvinetee*tn Century. Contain ing Thirty Tkoiuand Biographie, and Literary Katicet; nitt* Fifty Indeaaet ofSu^jectt. Price »ii I NDiSPENSABLT n.cessary to all »ho Read, all who 1. Write, all Clerryman, all Phyaicians, all Lawyers Scientific .nd Literary Men, Merchants and Farmers, Manufacturers and Mechanics. IT IS A HOUSEHOLD COMPABION. FURNISHED BY STRICKLAND A CO., BOOK A STATIONERY JOBBERS, 185 £<ut Water itreet, M1LVAUKKK, ...................... WISCONSIN. [Prom Tbeophlus Parspns, L. L. D., Professor of Law In Harvard University. 1 CAMBIUMS, J^Q B igjg DKU 6i« :— I have had the first volume of y«ar Dictionary for some days and have ss.t sfied mvself that your p an Is excellen^ and that you have carried it out with very great Industry and with good judgment — The fullnes* and accuracy of its Information concerning modern authors and ihelr works, are Indeed rtmarkn- ble. To any one woo desire (hu knowledge your b->ok purports to give— and what educated man does not ••— It must be of great Interest a->d value. Respectfully, 4c , THtOPHILDS PARKER. P. Austin All. bone, Esq. J. A. Uelfensteln, K. Sanderson, Mourn Kneelanil, 8. 8. Daggetl, rUrauel Halt, Q. D. Dousman, H I. Palmer, Edwin Townsend, Solomon Adler. J. A. HELFEN8TEIN, President. G. D. DOTJ8MAN, Vice President. W. T. PALMER, General Agent. B.C. WEST.Hecretary. 8. 8. DAOOCT, Treasurer. H. L. PiLMKt, Attorney. marlO [Prom 8. IreDSBUB Prime, D. D., Editor N. V. Observer.] Nlw Toai, Feb. 3, 1S59. UIMTLSSIU .—The first volume of your gTvat Dictionary of Authors, I have penned with astoulahment a- d delight. It Isjusl whatl have long desired to have, and havr Bought for ID vain. Thousands of clergymen students, and all liter»'j aod Intelligent mm must wish to hgvejust t> U work- and thev vrill have it, when they learn t at Ills In thi world. It deserves the most cordial reception, and I trust ihat Ihe unthor anil the publisher! will have the largest reward for their enterprise and labor. Yours truly cm,,,.* re,,™. •• M1LWAUKKK CITY Ii\M Kl\< F OmCE: In mitcbell Building, nic Mnwioxaa, Vaootsa. CHARTERED CAPITAL, - - «200 fXX) Cash Paid in, $1OO,OOO. D1RKOTOKB: B. L. Paula-*, o. D. DAVIS, £. TowsjBann, 8. 8. OOSTOVUI, J. B. KILLOOU, J. HirsrPBxaT, J. S. rUaaiB ). H. OOBBKB, CBAS. QiiiBiua, C. COHBTOOI, K. TOWN8KND, President." A. L. WALHATH, Secretary. H. L. PALsiut, Attorney. tai Fire and Marine Risks taken at current rates. W. A.P1US1T18S, H. KELnaAcn, Joatra t. UIUL, Jia. MDSIUI, QEO. Dvn. find at my cffici & RepisttT, Bpectior. of itondf Knd Mori^rvp en tn Uieir tn- &ad other BC- Person.^ ins Mortgages or interest to fi1»- (n in^ to obtain Ix/ans or having ItotiJa, ther securidef for sate, may find ii to their c-itli me thrir appltcatloru or st&teroenta. C. SCHLEY, Oupoidte Walker Hou&n. j B. urTLKk . ............... D.T. poet. ti..%ery cV Boarding ^lubir Fbat of M anon &txeet t (on ilu fiivtr.) IJ>L'wn o, Jan. 2', 1859 Mr DIAII Sia :-Wlth bptter knowltdee of your book from repeated f<-asls upon It, 1 am asham d to have written you so commonplace an acknowledgment of lu hrst rrc Ipt. Of all the storehouse of Interesting and readable matter the "Dictionary of Authors" seej s t . ire the most captivating. The good taste, Indnstrj- and skill of arrangement Uierein manllesnd ronld a ol b. su -pawed, aod It wll make ;or you a repLtation verv enrlable. I sba^ try to make amends In print for mv apparently Inappreclatlve first acknowledgmcDt or the acquisition. n ith many sincere thanks for the priie I have In the book, I remain, my dear sir, Tours, fa thfully, 8. Austin Alllbone, Esq. * JIAUIIVE AfVD FIKK . rllHE undersigned Is prepared to take Marine Risks X and Fire Risks on i reduce In store, In the North Western Insurance Co., of Oswego, New York, at as low rates as by other reliable Companies. The reputation of this well-known, long established Company entitles i Ito public confidence. HORATIO HILL, Agent, noTS at cfflceof H. 4 J. F. Hill. *Refreshments—Hotel In Deptot at Grand Haven. Boat will leave Milwaukee on Saturdays at 8 p. M.— for Saturday Night's Express passengers west, but 4 A. «. train will B .T leave on Sundays. Train* leave tgnulnl dally, Sundays excepted. THK TELEGRAPH LINE Is now open for PUBLIC Bo- sisiaa. CONNECTIONS. AT DETROIT-GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY for all points East— MICHIGAN OK.NTHAL and MICHIGAN SOUTHERN RAILROADS, and CLEVELAND Line of Steamers. AT ORANU UAVEN—With "HURON" Steamer for OHICAOO, Ac., Ac. AT iaiL,VVAL'KEl<:—With the MISSISSIPPI, LA CBO9SE, CHICAGO, WATERTOWN an<l HORICON RAILROADS, for all Important points West and Northwest, and on Mississippi River, and with Steamers for Ports on Lake Jllchlgan. Passengers for Great Western Railway go on the Railway F«aai BTSLUua, at D. A M. R. Dock, leaving Dock at 8:10 A n , l.-OU r M., and 7-30 r H. NIGHT TRAINS on the G. W. R. have SLEEPING OARS attached. PARCELS left at any of the TICKET OFFICES are forwarded by PAUSXBOU Tuns *T Viav MODM- ATI RATSS. The Company's Time-Tables ctn be had at any of the Stations. \V. K. .III. IR, Gen'l Sop'u WBITMAM A Foasta, Ticket Agent, 2SO Eut Water st Wn. OaiBm, Freight Agent at Oomoany's Dock. H. O. WILSOS:, General Western Agent. D. A M. R Offices, April, 1SS9' apr28 ll« Milti from Frttport.) J ONANDAWEJi -• , • • GO1NU WEST Leave RacjBe for fiavls— freight A Aec., 8 Leave Racine for Beloll— Passenger, 4» M GOING BAST. Leave Btloit for Racln«— Passenger, 1:M Leave Davlr for Hsclne— Freight 4 Ace., t-JH> A. M Passengera by taking the ", A. ». Iraln on the Lak Shore Railroad at Milwaukee, connect at Racine wi train to Davis ; arriving at Davis at 3:80 p. M. Stag leaves Davis lor Freeport on arrival of train. &3o «. train from Davis connects at Racine with afuraoo trains on the Lake Shore Railroad North and South. ' tv Freight forwarded with dupatch. decs HOUKiiT IIARRIS, dnperlnlendent. ,f ort Wayne 4s Chicago ril J. KAIL, KOAJD. and direct Route now open lo New Yor Boston, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore an Washington city, Cleveland, Dunkirk, Buffalo, Nlagar «• alls,and all eastern cities. Cincinnati, Columbus, Day tun, Hpringfield, Urbana, Zanesvllle, tilenbeuville, Nei ark and Wheeliuc, and all Interior towns u r Ohio, Pent sylvama, Virginia, Marylami, New J-rsej. aV. Milking out lirnutl Unbroken Ii. K. Liu SCTWfUl CHICAGO AflJ) TUK KAST. Ad LU W AS AXT OTUKIi KtJDTS. Those desiring lu go by this Route will Oc pn llcular ati.1 enquire for tickets via I'ort Wiyne, therel> avoiding 'he annoyance of recuecklng their THA /A'.s l.KA yj£ DSPOT tiy VAN I JJAJl), AjitVLtOWS: b:OU r. M.—Night Express, daily, £aturiiays excepleu. COO A. «.—Morning Mall anil Express, daily, Sunday except td. With but one change of can to Pittsburgh. OHXCaJXa SAGOAdS TUKOCIQB To Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York connecting directly with trains on the great Pennsylva nla Central Railroad, to all eastern citlo. Also, wit! Cleveland A Columbus Railroad to Cleveland, Dunkirk Buffalo, Niagara Falls via New York /Central and New York * Erie Railroads to New York and Boston. Persons going east will nntl this route by lar the mos desirable, both from the advamagt in point of distance virlety and beauty of Die country through which th roads pass, as well aa the less frequent changes, of car and the annoyance of re-checking baggage required b other routes. Vacuities for the transportation ot Vroishi and la-- _ BtOek by this route are unsurpassed. Kates as low as any other route, anil with equal dispatch. Tickets Tor sale at al!t he principal ticket offices In th West, and at Company's Office, No. SO Dearburu «treet opposite Tremont House, Chicago, and at the offlce the Lake Shore Railroad, Milwaukee, by A U. Leland JNO. J. UODSTON, General Freight Agent. Pittsburgh, Pa. D. W. BOSS, Uenera! Western Agent, Chicago. Chicago, Mar.-h 6, 1869. mart Hilwaiikee& Chicago it. K 1859. 1859. NEW Jl'TENILS T UB subscriber: have rem«ved Ihelr stocft frctt the stable formerly occupied by them, corner of Main and Huron streets, to the old establishment fool of Mason street, thus consolidating the two establishments, m&kinc the larfrest and best appointed Livery establishment In the West. Wo ihall be glad to see our old friends am: customers, and feel confident that we can furnish them with as pood and stylish a (tnrnont as any similar establishment in the city. Thankful for past patronage, we hope to meet a continuance ol the game. tf Particular attention given to furnishing carriages aod hearses for funerals. myM B1JTLEB » POST. HOUSES TO RKNT. %&/"£ have several Brick and Frame Houses to rent TT on very reasonable terms. ~ We have also for sale ••o statin? of Houses, 1-ot-, improved and unimproved Farms, School Lands, Ac. We have SO acres near the City, with House, Bam, Ac., for the small rent of f -iO and taxes. GREGORY A CO., mayl 224 East Water street. OOOD CiHANOK. HOUSE AND LOT FOR MALE CHEAP. ' £ HE undersigned will sell his House and Lot, nov ? occupied Of a Tavrn by him, situated on Main sU, Racine, Wisconsin, near the Steamboat Landng and the R. A M. R- R. Depot. The house Is located on the beat business place, and the House as well as the situation of the Lot, would answer for any branch of business., especial!} for Wholesale 6tor«, which branch Is already now projected at that very locality. Those who lisle to make a good bargain, are requested to apply at the undersigned. JOHN BARTH. Racine, January 25, 1859. jac27-dfim Lumber Teasels Tor Sale. Sehsjoner Fashion, 224 tuna. Schooner D. Newhall, 190 tuns. Scow Schooner Rugby, 168 tuns. The above vessels will be sold at very low prices for satisfactory security. Good title. TATLOB A JKWETT, Buffalo, New Tork. Enquire of B. B. JOHXS, Mil aukee, Wisconsin. febSS A. H. LORD A CO'*., MARBLE WORKS, Oomer Spring and Third streett, MILWAUKEE WISOON8IH. riumnibscriue.,:, ejLr. it • all kinds of Marble Work JL for Buildings, Tillnt! I-. Floors and every description of ORItATTEENTAX JUAABLE VfORK. We ti»ve In our warerooms MAKBJ-E MANTLKB AA. Aunt Judy's Tales. Parables from Nature. Motes In the Sun Beam. Fanny, the Flower Girl Dncle Jack the Fault Killer. For sale -by TEBBT A CLEAVER, m » r11 167 Kast Water .t. NEW BO O K 8 TERRl »fc .CLEAVERS, 167 EAST WATER STBKXT. B AETH'8 Travels In Central Alrlca, 1 vol., abridged Livingston's Travtli In Southern Africa, 1 vol Spsergeouj Sermons, 6th aeries. Higher Christian Life. mayU SHIPPERS OK T>liODlJChr C AM supply thenselves with Bills of tawJInc al TEH RT A CLEAVE B'S m> y gt> 167 East Water street BOOKS. O DB stock Is the largest In the West. We sell even Book at the Publisher's price. We can furnish to order any book which exists, either Quaker City Insurance Co., UF PHILADELPHIA. AUTHORIZED CAPITAL, »&00,toO. PAID UP CAPITAL AND ASSETTS ZTT35J. Office, Franklin Bui'.ding, So. 408 Walnut rtrrel, Philadelphia. T HR >nb>crlbrr hai been apt oloteri agent lor this Company tor Milwaukee and vicinity. Risk* taken on as favorable lerttn a» other responsible Companies. JAMES 8. tt 11ITE, Agent. Office, corner of Eaal Water and Huron staira. over the Marine Hank. streets, up may 29 BY STATE AUTHORITY, W1HOONSJN OKNEHA1. INSURANCE AGENCY <'»1AKTEH UAH. Hartford, Conn. CASH ASSETS .......... ........ »84l f 66« moBTH In the English or other languages, books as Issued from the Press. janSO We receive new 8TRIOEALND A OO. School Books. \U K h»« every Bchool Book ID demand and s TT them at wholesale or retail. J"* 20 _ 8TRIOKLABD * 00. BIND UP YOUR MAGAZINES Book CASH ASSETS I!«S. «:„. FIHE ims. r Hartford, Conn. t*64jee ot WESTERN MASS. FIBP. INS. CO., Of PIUsBeld, Mass. OAJH AaSCTTS ................... (206,699 41 CO.NWAY FIRE INSURANCE CO., Of Oonway, Masa. CASH ASSETS ..................... »263^S1 41 HAOPDEN FIRE INSI'BANCE CM., Springfield, Mass. CASH ASSETS ...................... $225,000 FIRE INS. COnPANT, Of Philadelphia. CASH ASSETS ................... -12*4,789 T8 Js \V, Oraiii. Agent. orncE, NO. s, MARTIN BLOCK, UP STAIRS, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. es, at low rates. STRICKLAND A 00. Stereoscopic Views. W E have reclved a fine lot of Sto-escopic Views embracing views of Interesting localities In Of every description constantly rtoglng frotn $lft and upwards. on hand, at prices MONUMENTS AND STATUARY of all kinds executed at the shortest notice. OO. febt-dly A. H. LORD It WOOD AfrD HAY VAKR, Q. H. LAMBKKTON H AS just opened, (or the benefit of all who may become his Customer*, a Market for WOOD and HAT, at the N. £. Corner of Went Water nnd Clfboarn Street*, (Office with Messrs. Mabbett A Breed.) His Stock of Wood Is Urge, Diy «nd Hard, (Cat and Bplit or Bucot.) His "lock of Hay Is of the BEST QUALITY, and BALED IN GJODOKDKR. Each will be delivered to any part ol the Oitv on the SHORTEST NOtlOE and the LOWEST TKBM8. M. B.—Wood Pedlars, and those who sh'p larjre qnintltles of Hay will always and It to their advantage to bay of us. We will sell so that dealers may make a handsome profit by celling on the street. > mayl9 , O. H. LAMPEBTOS. SWITZERLAND, SPAIN, KOYPT, NUBIA QBKXCnt, ITUSfIT, OOSLASD, <tC.' <tO Also a Urge variety of new American Views. *P fI Booksellers Knd BJ»tloners, 134 Sast Water street. . SIXTII VOI.IIITJE WISCONSIN REPORl-S forskle at BTR10KLAHD A 00, feblB m Bast Water strek MTLLINERY GOODS. IN LIQUIDATION in Dry Gnodt THAI IMMENSE STOCK Or l-AT-1 187 Er tit Water Street, MUST BE CLOSED OUT THE ASfclGNKK Mo. Hat. & Baraboo Vallry KAILROAD- O N and after Munday, April 4th, and until further notice a Passenger Train will leave Ullwaukee from the depot,foot of Second street, for Pewauk ee, Hanland Pine Lake, Oconomowoc, Walertown, Lowell, and Columbus at 4.20 p. m., arriving in Milwaukee at U.8J a. m. Passengers arriving at Milwaukee by the Milwaukee A Chicago R. R., La Cross* A Mil.R. U., and Mil. A Miss. R. R., or by Boat, can proceed lo the above ^lacea. Connections are made at Watertown with slafres for Lake Mills, Jefferson, Waterloo, Hanchetville, Sun Prairie, Cottage Grove and Madison. Also at Columbus for Lodl, Menroac, Alse^o, F»JI Rive-, Lerd's Concra, Uamden, Lowville, Dekora, York, ArllnRton, Bristol and for all points to the West and North West. Passengers arriving a, the Junrtion from the above places make connections h the Ililwankte A Mississippi R. B., for Jannvillt, iiadlson and Prairie dn Chlen and at Milwaukee, with roads to the South, West and North. »Pf8 H. S. MERRILL, Superintendent. I £39. SUMMKlt AKKANOKMKN 1. —VTA— MICHIQAN CENTRAL —AND— G. Western (Canada) Railway. r|'RAINBIeav« theereat Central Depot, footofLake X street Chicago, as follows : 4:CH) A. ITI.— DKBTOIT ACCOMMODATION,(gun- day, eicepted), arrive at 1/etrolt (LOO r n. 7:OO m. HI.—CINCINNATI KTPRE88. (Sundays eicepted.) Arrtvi) at Indlanapoiu 4--OO r! • ; Cincinnati S.Mr. si. 8:OO A. 1YI.— LIOHTMNli EXPRBfU.,Sundays e« cepled,) urires al Oelruit l.w r. m., Suspension Bridge or Bult.l., < u A x ; Albany 3.-00 P. M., New I ork r. M., Boston 11 r. ». 2:OO P. m.-NlLE» AUlOMAlOOATION, eli-ept Buod*ay. s:oo p. n.—NEW rottK AND.BOSTOS EXPRESS, (exceptSaturday.) Arrive at I>etroli 7: iS A. ».; Suspension bridge or Buffalo 4:80 r. St.; Albany 4.-OO A. u., N«rw York 10KX) A. •.; Boston SW r. ». f. St.—CINCINNATI AND LOUISVILLE EXPRESS. (Except Saturday.) Arrive ai Cincinnati 9*n A n.; Lonisvllle 4.-on r. K. One train on Sunday at 8:00 r. n. The 8AIO A.M. and 8:00 r. M . trains connect at Paris with Uit Buffalo t Lake Huron Railway, for Buffalo and all points erjt; at Toronto with Grand Trunk Rail way, to Klngstin, Ogdenshurg, Montreal, Qnebae and all points In Canada East, Nor'hern Yermool, Ne uampshire %nd Maine. BT" Baggage cheeted Uiroufh. Through tickets fot tale at the principal Railroad offices In the West, and al the general offlce, corner Lake A Dearborn streets, opposite the Tremont Uonse, Chicago, and at the Depot, root of Lake street. _ . " R. N. KIOE, gupt. H. J. g>Auno. Gen. Pass. A«*t. apr!2 Detroit & nil. Railway. THE Steamer Cleveland will take _____ her place In line of the Detroit A Milwaukee hallway, on Monday, the 14th March. Pass-ngers wishing through tickets can be supplied on and after Monday next, at S30 East Water street, or at the offlce on the dock of the Detroit A Hllwauket Railway Co.— Due ooilce of the time of departure will be given. This will make the shortest, cheapest and quickest route to all points Eait. SUMMKK AKKANOKMKNT. Great United States Mail and Exprtta Route. I1HE only reliable and ALL ROOTS TO THI EJUT, aocru M. and Noara-Wlat, and the only Lme mak;n« sure >nnectkons. Baggage checked through to principal joints. Oa and after MONDAY, A I'll I I. 25lb, I85O, 'rains Icate Depot, corner of flortda and U»rclay ma., as ftiUotd . O:3O A. .TI. — Eoruaa Pt.i3isai.ti— arriving at Chi^ cogo at 2:lu f. M. '••la P. .11.—Exraiuu PAfaiiuu— arrlvlnu at Chicago at 6: lip. ii , aod mat n« close connections with Evening Trains East and South. West, and with the Uaclne ana Mississippi Hailroa*', at barin lunction, for beiolt and other stations on that Lane freight Train leaves at S:30 i. M., arrives ft:00 p. M. Freight forwarded »llh despatch, and at low rates. Passenger 1 rains leave Chicago |. r Milwaukee aod the North Wrstat9:UO j. »., and 8.15 r. M., arriving hereat 12:50 r x and 1^:13 i. ». aprt4 J.V ). T. MOODy, Master Tr .Luportatlon. OFFICE OF Til E i Milwaukee, April lt>, l-jA'J. j Bates of Freight Reduced Again by i\vu York <k Eric Railroad -AND— Northern Transportation (Jo.'* EXPRESS U NTIL further notice the pnc< s from New York to Uil»autee, will bt- a> fnhr>»s |*?r 1011 I, a , delivered at stores: 1st Claw. -J.| Class. :',,l Clajs 4ih Olaan 0-'«-- 5.»«. »5r. 3oc. Merrhand.te slilppnl hj tl is route, on !>nil fl.-r the 14th ,n»t , *BI tx> r.har|!r,l al tlie-e ralrn ,rl.. : .Wr amtradfd ,.r n,,t, Ap. l«tu J. treat Bargains maj be Expieted. «prt;-dtf JOSEPH CARY, Aulgne*. PIKE'S PKAK. A HEW MAP, showing the Route to the Gold Regions In Kansas, Just received by I In the U. 8. Dts- Vtrlct Conn for the | District of Wisconsin. I In tquity. febU STRIOKLAND A OO^ 134 East Water street GENTLEMEN'S FUKNISH'G. NEXT DOOB TO i A. B. I VAW COTT'S. Q 6 600 , NOTICE THE INSPECTOU OF FISH, A PPOINTED by the Common Council of the City of A. Milwaukee, In pursuance of An Act of the Legislature, approved March.17,18W, hereby gives notice that he is now.fnrnlihed wlOiihe proper weights and brands for the due performance of the duties of his office By the said "Acf'H U made the doty of sill persons dealing In K»h to give notice to the Inspector to have the aame^nly Inspected and branded before packing. M-.flmlttwlUbe found at the Ne* Warebonsl of Mean. John RnrlonK A Bon, Sooth Water st. Walker's Point, where »fl notlcei are rtqaated to he Kft. Hilwaikee, May T, 1859. JOHH SMITH. Inspector. B.O. am.. ......... ...... .i ....... us. o. Eyan ft Jenkins, OOUNSKLLOKS AT LAW, Corner Xatt Water and Michigan fit., XOwavtet. TillNa required for a loll and susorted stock for afinrt olau Wholesale And Retail Drag Store Is kept try Harrington, aod of the war best quality;— «Prtoai allow as any either route. ' - ' ... 1B1 Bast Water Mreet, - Directly opposite a« Aoetloo Koom of the * James A Swain, OITHBLATBHRMOf MACklE & «WAIN, Wit* remain at Ihelttldat.^.,^ ne will be pleai- d a?'riwM me th * Mroni of ^ «tanllrtment. OHA.Ri.E8Qpf3Bt.Tyiy & C Q. CIVITED STATES nAHBHAsVS «JA I.E The Farmers Loan A Truit Com 1 P»ny, I TS. i The Milwaukee * Superior Railroad Company, City of Milwaukee, John Stewart, Johann 0. A. Allerdlng, Christian Hahm and I eoUfrled WooUch. J ¥N pnrsnstnce and by virtue of a deere* mane bv the I Disttlct Court of the Diited States, for the District of Wisconsin, on the nineteenth day of Mareh.l8i» in U.. above enUiled cause, I shall sell at PubllcAncOon, onTn«aa»y,2ndday of Angost, 185»,at 8 o'clock IB the itrteTnooo, from the steps of the Custom Boose, in the City of Milwaukee, all and singular, the mortgaged premises mentioned In the bill of complaint to said cause, and described as: "All the following present and In fMure to be acquired, real and personal property an J real estate ol the said defendant, the Milwaukee the flrst division of the Railroad of said Eallroa'd Company defendant, from the City of Mllw.ukee. to the City of Green Bar In said Btat/ol Wisconsin? a dS^ tance of one hundred and twenty miles. Including the right of w«y, and land oecupted by said first division of said rota, (.subject to the right, tltu or elata, wn ich the srtd idefendants Slewan, AUerdi*rHaBm «d Wootsch, or eltkw pf them, may^aTefiU -at the tl™° of making said decre*, to land upon which said Rsjl" ro»d Company DM IbcaUd Its'way, and for which no compensation has been made to torn,) together with the wperstrsictare and track thereon, and jifi rails and otter materials used thereon, bridges, rladucta. cnV If 1 ??! **'??> ^n'P*"?**. netesiaiy dtpot grounds ana biuldlttgi 0*reeo, ^^belonglng to thesaldHa,lroadOom- fany, and all rolling stpdu engines,., tenders, carj, •Wmi property Itppcti&lnliiK to, twil jBrrt diTitiop nt said road, and all rights (hereto, and interests to be ac. qutaedbyaald defendant,the jiuw»Se?MdSuMrfor kftllrnad .QfVmn.vnv * n »^i,«. .t**. AI.. ---TT • P^*™' * ao Aad fapp. svled there- I8.TI9. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. Milwaukee cV RAIL KOAD. THK SHOKTEST AND ItlOST EXPEDITIONS KOUTK! TO Lansing, La Crosse, Winona, Read's Landing, Bed Wing, PRESCOTT, ST. PAUL AND ST. ANTHONT. Change of Time, Monday, April 4, 1859. 1ST TRAIN LEAVES tTIlLWAEKEE ll.-OO A. M., Arriving at Janesvll'e 2.3o P. M.; Madison 3:35 P. U.; PralrU du Chltn 8.-00 F. M. Connecting with the Pralrlo dn Chlen and fit. Paul Packets, which leave Prairie du Chlen on the arrival of the 8:00 P. U. Tral 2D TBAItV tEAVES inir\>7AUKEE 6:06 P.'U., ArrlTlDg st Janvesvllle 8:5S P. M.; Madison 1WW P. M. |^~ Para to all points on the Mississippi River ai low as any other Route. > WILLIAM JEBVIS, apIS QeL" 1 Superintendent. AfTrnt, New Yaik A Erf,- R.V.,U A ,I. J. MTKILS Agrt.1, 177 BroAdw^ , N Y * W~ Sflip ajtily ir-xn P,cr H, t*at R.,. r. .. r m.»i of Daaae street, %>w York ip rl uf«t»4w l,atro«M A: *Si.. Kail road, W li, U.r Utid^i S.^l.c-J, l.SVhiH Lr. i, ,[.(,0, ;-l »^. ,.t\ for the rr.lUct.oQ Mid .t«-hriT j ,-; f r ••» ' i -.,r •{,,* compmcy, b*g lo luronn .jercnunu m.i T., . i offiie (No. 8 \Vl5<roostn ftrret.V n^^ej . ., n. April, Where oris-TV Cfco b*> left, ami will r-'cn ».- •t critic n. u a r ftuthnrtztd cnlUrtort w ill rr t -f| *t Ihsy var«hntta;3 ^f shipper". Infurrnac^n r Krclirtit L.*Q9»jnrt%t}o[i on thit .'inc an i,. r*. p Icatlon at ih*» olfice nl Mr A K«F\V, Avmi .'I h'NDKlK Uiltr..Dk«e, U*rch SO, 1 Si9 IT• U RE C-VOT PLBRZJ3EIM & CO, F U R N I T U R KVKR OFFKSED IN TUIH CITY GREAT SACRIFICES, FOR THK NKXT SIXTY I>AYs TUB STOCK I* HE%VV. A\» in * T B. MM 1) 218 and 220 East Water Street «pr8-d2oo MISCELLANEOUS. I>K. H* U. REIIHFAI). \ KTFIMNAK V SI faction aeclmu will Pru k ami the most approv to tain the i-und.Jeo.jt- • >( ; public, he refers lu the fr.Hu ing gen tie men, who hnr» ?i ployetl Mr Hr.ihca.1 ,,„, limes profession*.ly In the course of icn y-srn. We fee) jQatjfleii in saying ifiac hn pru-uce ia »up rlor to th r general run of Vi-oniittry l*r».-i, ,,jj.-f ri DRY GOODS, &C SPRING AND SUMMER DRY GOODS! John C. Brodhrmii, Murray, fryer A CLKTI1 AJIP Kail i\;.j»-r«»l Judg*f Wilson, " Bishop, " Kelly. u An<l-«w«, " Vlldcn, itiCINV. Jsmc-s Kelly, KKH41MH.A. -N. A. Brown. James foley. H A \ M. L. W M. L. U Reauur KirlcUi. LITBST UK* W. J. Qaiaa, White A Newel, '. K. Curtis, Hllas Uerchaot, C. II. S, Wm. W u .. The Latest Novelties I'H K LA K-f KS r \\[- \ : ap Office. Klrby's Livery SUM,-. Ma, r. DETROIT & MILWAUKEE Railway Steamboat Linr ! "'111 | i s I * M <>C , I SUMMER L>I«.P JJil O N and after id May c the swift and Hegao xt, parlies will tj gant Me«i>rri < iiy and Clecelantli to U-rand H*vs-o, U,-a.-- Jraod Rapid 4 and back at cheap fxoursi . me ailorded in view tl.e b*-ai.t fuJ * ct?oerj on the Grand R.v-r aroun-1 it\* • , Rap dB, with ID <.YP!)( : M US[ .• ntenratlng features. "^ares (includ n« rr>om?i or ti^rth* i '.-<r \>\,- Qre — to Grand H»v*-n nn»i b«<-« 'or parties of flv- to (irand Rap.. -» HO.J r.n Meati can be liaxj UQ hoard at ri < t y «^r<i . White I, i IM K. A LlllCH l.'r-j) I. »rtles can lesve W eU made valid ty ne week. lour* of Sailing at Train*. II till 111 I) tf -eave Grand its,v<>n irrlve at Gran.l Rapids .e«Tr<ir»n(J K3[,nis eav? Gran.i Hivtn rnve »! Milwaukee Tin-re M a ne* anj 11 CLOTH DEPARTMfcN i.3u A 12:15 p on Ihe Hear urfi .»mr.,rtai,l.- , ln ,| Har- n.J » few ^ 1.4 , .-! 11,,;^. .•*,.(,. »hfrt: Kicur* I.. n ' e Parties fruin C,,llef-i, ,4,-h.i.ds «n I .KIT < n,as, will te carried .jn vrj .-,» t^rui.. bad on application to the mbi. rib. r Cv7~ 1 ick^tj* can be had a i Do<*l; Otfif^ ir :r .1 ra on board ."Uamers sjid W K. MUilt, IV l,RAH all. l-i neral .-"u(..-rmtrnd^nt, l>,,«:k ouj. •• . -dim Detroit M.u -lu i o:icli and Sa«s<JI<-r> i ,\ anil \ •I I. lilJa K<> l\, Mnoi* BAKNESBKOTHEK thkt an 111 ., I prompt Oil. FAKK RLiiHJCKO N i I.I'. AN V M l.i )( ' K. OUR JOBBING DEPARTMENT DRY GOODS AND YANKEE NOTION, SADDI.KRV HARDWARE >C HI ny THE w,(! Lw- jHe.J ClOlh- Hi! Whip^. Hors- C.i NEW YORK & ERIE RAILROAD ! T U a»liii»- r-AMli.lh> «!»',» 'Illil. iK Fare between Dunkirk New fork 1 Krt» aallru>,l, ther nuticr •prlO aoil N,w \ , H . J. U. CRAWruKI>. A,re[,t NOTICK. OFFIOK OF BISHOP ACO., UOBII*OERS, I IM PoopissioKurtliu a CHICAGO K. R., t Milwaukee, April 3, 1559. ) O N and after April 9th, 1?49, and until further notice, no person Is jtuchor'zed to make purchase*, or crntract for materials for the Milwaukee and Chicago Railroad without a written order from the umlerslfn- ed. Bills will be paid monthly and accounts will not be contlnueJ with any concern that nrglecu m render monthly, hills^ U. B. UALL, Uen'l Agt. Uortgagrei. aprlS J. T. MOODY. Master or Transportation. HIE NORTBEKN TRANSPORTATION COMPANY Will, during the present Beuoo. run their well known &nd popol&r Line of First Class Screw Steamem, Regularlj, between OODKNSBIJKOH & OSWKOO, AJID TMK UPPElt LAKES ! forming a Semi-Weekly line between Ogdensburgh and Oswego, and Chicago, Milwaukee and Intermediate I orts, connecting at Ogdensburgh with the OGDENSBURGH A VERMONT CENTRAL BAILROA RODTE, Between Ogdensburgh, Burlington, Concord, Man Chester, Nashua, Lawrence, Lowell, Worcester an Boston, aad at Oswego with the New Oawego Line o Thirty first Class Oaual Boats on the {Enlarged Canal between oJTror, jAIbanr it. New York ^Connecting also al Dunkirk with NSW YORK AND BRIE RAILROAD And forming a Tvl-Weekly Railroad Line between Dunkirk, dlilwaokee & Chicago 0T* Property forwarded by this Line will b« snbjec to but One Transhipment. aoo Just r.f-lvrU r/um uno, the quality aii »h,ch •<• «..uiu invite i t» U"r sto.-tt llirn ao.l i.Jcri-.l at th.- l-.«r ma; '^ KAI.I N BROTHFR- • N.wtmil H,,UJ,. Oh 1858. 6'IK A CO. I3GEAST U'ATEU .NTUEr: r, ttJLWAOKSlt, IF/jV.'.Vj/.V Uanufacturtrl and Wholeuaie and Retail l>*,ilrri , K '! I M M I I 1C • ( i > M I -i i PKT..H Tr H ' K . i »» t >ll I M W OCLD respectfully announce to tticir j/ eis, that they still continue lo »«p U LA CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE BAIL KOAI). 1S51). SftM^^ 1859. All toUs, renU aid Income to be hatfiii from, and all corporate and other ' O0.,oon»r of Kast Water \J vA J swm streets, MUwaukee, WUeonnB. have f^r ty ofwllwattkee.ln bum or * sale Eeal ...... . ,- .. business, or resident iS on ««sy terms. Also, sntAU Turns of from 8 to 90 acres, near the City, for gardening purposes. Also seversJ thousands of swres of the best farming lands in Wisconsin In^nMitlUes io'Mlt-itay demaiid. febM • '-. " 3HARLE8 qOENTlN * OO. ^ .- Wi^consiit State Telegraph. i^ieSoJ^*i*e|4nes irmii-t*oin. ? »iu.rankee to I«0ross«, rond dn IVao sjifl WAupari, on Eallroad JUmttsj.'; Also from Milwaukee to JanesvlUe, Madlaon. Watertosrn »ndl>rmlrie dn Chlen. Butions " k, -/•'.-, : ...x •: •••:;. or coneernlM the Bame." Manhsl's t5mce,Mfl»r«Ucee, Wi United Statei Marshal, n. KSTHOIS, Vi«Drn A HAnn.Toi.Ooropl'U Sollcttow. iprZl-dtt , , ' ' : ' ; B ETACTLT having been made In the condition of • i . 5«t»[D .prenilMory note, bearing date December UU, A.JD. ISiT, ezeeoted by; W. B. tllbbard and.J«bD morKM* 04 * u °- la ""* conilUon of » oertaln vessel »o« Harris to secnr.jtie^MraieBt of SAld note,... Notice thAtwaahU:: s,y of mortgage togetiir with the ipteand of sale. jOHAN<3KE ; ; OF: d after Monday, April 4lh t - trilnj on the »1- UREAT NORTH-WESTEBN UNITED ~'. STATES MAIE it EXPRESS AffD, QXLY ALL &AIL\ ROUTE. ;TO LA CfeoSSiE On she VPFER OIISSlSSIPPl RIV£a, On and after Monday, AprU i>5ih ! ! Two Through Ezprou Trains Daily, L.ESVK: MIL.WAUKMK, ruui btpot TOOT or oHEsrmnp BTKTCT, • ' -.- -•-•_• '. -4* ")iiow«: .. j | • ^:4t5;^ ; ai.-»ttd faiths P..M. ••'>i!'-... i;-r-'ftiJnf,mrr|.w'al.»sii« , ' '' ' 9:8O\-AvfMi\-AND - 53:30' I 1 . A '.'. OlosaconnecUonsareniade atliCrosje. Twice daily each: way with the JBin- uesota Packet Company^ New aiid SpleudldtnitcaStBlusMtiiriiino and int nnediatejMifDts. ' ; ^ttklnfth.i root*, jwlll save W .18 hours time, ;{rwn Chicago or sVUWMke* to La Orosse or St. Paul, 5 oreranrSther man.-:!'.-.;":!-'?:- r* v.*>i c-;-.-"- '•••• s I- • '...-.:'• ' . •MondAys'wcepttd. .tBundays-exceriteil. MUwaokee, April S4.186J. - - 1 i • ': -r^ ; . -:> ; CD WIN H. GOODBICII, '" • PKKSS," will be forwarded from New 'York hy an Btcprett Freight Train over On Sew York A Brit Kaiiroaa, And promptly forwarded fronvBunklrkJ ' At'PI-i} TO J. MTMS, Agent N. T. Co., in Broadway, New Tork J. L. WaMUt, Agent N. T. Co., 8 Comtles ailp, Sew Tork. T*rra», comer 6th and Ohesnnt st., Phlla HOVIT * OaA-wrOEn, Osvego N. T. B. D. OiLDWnJ., Agent, Dunkirk, K. Y. CBisniaua, Oaiwroac ft Co , Cleveland, O. JOHX Hociraa, Agent N. T. Co., 93 State st.| Boston A. OOTH«»», Agent Y. 0. Line, IDS Btate st., Boston J. T. CBBECH, Agent, Bonse's.PoInt, N. T. Qs»j. Puxu, Agent, Ogdenshurgh, N. T. L. J. HIHDT, Milwaukee, WIs., office UOroase A M K. B. Dep<ft. 'k^SStig* 0 **! HU.auk.e.W.sconsln «» « Office near M. AM. B. B-DepoC K. B.—Slippers see requested to see one «f the above Agents before maklng>contracl>, as they are prepared to offer very low rates, and thejr connections with the Ogdemburgh and Oswego routes, and especially, with the New York a Erie Railroad give them unsurpassed faculties for cheap and speedy transportation. marlfl-dfaHastwlaw BOOT*. 'J Hfcl GrKNUINE ARTIOJ .K ~ ->- MANOTAOTORED BY J 0|H N P H A L E N , mHB only one authorized to manufacture the apvoe A named Boots, at : T2 JEAST WATEU STKEET. The PbsJen Boot Is ooe of the most unique and e e- gant ixivtrings for the feet that has ever been invented. They are Made of, the best of, stock and most ftnlshe I workmsnsnlp, and ar« warranted to euro Corns, Ban- Ions, Swellsq feet, Swelled Head, Rhumatlsm, Gout, : Bemember that the 5W«Agent for these last Invented Boots In this City, Is Co be fonad at 72 East Water st where, also, may be found a general asibrtment of BOOTS >fc SHOES, eAlTEIt<(, AC., Jor Gentleman and Ladles that (here Is In this market' all manufactured under the supervision of the subscriber, - r tmay25] JOHN PHALKN. Pic Sie & Pleasure . Excursions. BltOCKWAY'.S LIME , v a.. ... K. — Of- -..'/i i .. ., .. OMNim/SSKS AND ' HAOKS. TJ,ABTIE« wlshlni to e»ca(r Hacks or Omnlbuies for i the T purpose of visiting the O i rOena or for' We Nlo >ar.Hes, cart be supplied wltn first clM 9 virfilclesor, th. ; shortest notice and mo.t naaonabi* um». A Une of. Omlbfitsot vrtll commence running on the 1st of Jane for Forest ttqnie. lelvlng.Van Colt's corner, at i A. K. and Th« Omnibus for Wauwatos* leaves V.n Oott's ''' Foot ejt Htton itrett, /d cuitom- Uie laruesi and best selected Stock of Goods lu Uieir hue 10 l,, found in the State, and «jll conduct their busmen, » heretofore, with the Intention of giving satisfaction.— To u many new customers as may leel inclined to give us a call, we would say one of our arm resides in New York, ami we have facilities for th* purchase anil manufacture or goods that can not be excelled. We are at all times ready to take advantage of Eastern Markets. and have been enabled lo reduce the price at many kinds of goods, which we >>iall continue u> sell at the lowest-prtces In Western ^ rke<». We are constantly receiving ai*u,tioas f .o nur stock, and will keep It so complete as to be able at all timed •to fill nr>';rs for any kind of Saddlers', Carriage Trlm- - - • i • " - Makers' Stock, and oill do so In a manner to give uUsfactlon In respect to quality and pricei We also keep an assortment of Bent SiuS, Poles, Shafts felloes, Spokes, Hubs, *c., ±c., and have constantly a hand, or will mate u; trder, any kind >,r CoaiD, C. rlage, Wagon or Team liarneas. ^Uall and see for yourselves. Qo REMOVAL G. SOUTHWELL, tarpeuter, Joiuv-r au«l COlt.NKK B1UIJLC 4.\|i \) ] I n , K ( KTUiUXS •,„ .•.„„, J lor the past toy wiaJi.u^ u, iujp r ,, V9 let, that tie i- ,n ,, iu j such i th D WELLING U() USES, ' W . F . B A Y L K 1 Ha* removed to bit old itno.1, N0.| 186 EAST WATER ^THEET MOfpotitAj. tf. SontsteeFs Dry Good* btvr *,) And baring made iuch addltioaa to h(a facilities f< executing F I N K O K T K A 1 T S ! As to «nab e him to say to the public with conDdenc that he Is now prepared to furnish them with every de sira&le style of Picture known to the community, an< at sach Astoundlhg Low Prices as to defy competition for example, Dagnerrotypes tor 124 Cis FUI.I, SIZE PHOTOORAPHS For only 11,00 the first one, and 50o for the Duplicate KIEJUAINEOTYPES, AjnBROORAPH: Aid In fact every other t style of Picture, at corres- ; Bonding low prices. IA1PERIA1. PHOTOURA PUS, Colored In either Oil or Water Colon, and Snlshed In the highest style of-tha Art.| THE STEt'I.OTYPE, A new and popular style of Picture, Colored In Oil which far excels In Accuracy, Boldness and Beauty o inlsh,any other Plctura ever offered lo the Public.— These Pictures have only to be seen, to be admired. All who are desirous of saving money an respectfully solicited to call and examine Specimens at the Old Stand, No. 186 Rut Voter street, VUmutee, Wlfconnn, madS-dfan W. f. BAYLET, steam to the Pr ncipal Towns in ENGLAND AND SCOTLAND FOR 930. The poweitn.1 lion Steamships oitr or BALTIMOBE, cm or WASHINOTO KANGAROO, Will sail from New fork for Cork direct and thence to LivsrpoU, The CITY Os*5tANCHKST«R ana VIQO will sail frnm BELFAST and COKK to New York once a Month. Bate of Passage from New York To Cork, Liverpool and the principal towns in IRELAND, ENGLAND J«D SCOTLAND : Cabin,.. ..ITS...... .....:.. ..... ..Tnlrd Class... .180. BsT" PsasenStrs forwarded to Havre, Antwerp, Bra. en and HAm$urg for 1:5 In Cabin, |35 Thjrd Class. TO PARIS (in 84 hours from Ll7«rpool,> Cabin |3B; hItlCI»u,|38. , ' Penons wishing lo send (or their 'friends can obtain <erUncate4 of passage from CORK or BkLVAST to EW YOStK for VS), Worn UVIRPOOLIU). For passsge apply to R. J. Cortli 4 Co., 177 Broadway, >. Y., John G. D»le,15 Broadway, N. Y., or to --;•• TIMOTHt ' ABNIY, : ; ..... Milwaukee, WlKonsJn. K. ft.— Panengerg by tils Un» sjrold the risk and; el»j of calllnj at Halifax and SU Johns. tnajiS \ dither Won to *mt the i Lhor&ajfhly tr*a^MUtt,j vlli enable him ui "Tiahing hts jervicfa. ^^~ Jobbing AH.| mlilO r Bru-k, in D r « ,. .umber *n,J -in*-r ; I,.,,, ,,,,, |,, p »,.. .1 A. MA.NTFAUT! 'IllN,, H -A. T T Caps and Mraw ),OO«JN, AT WHOLESALE AMj KKT.UL. 3>sTo. 1SS W A '1 r-. K K A S 1 MILWACKEK, S 1 K ATLANTIC CABLE FALL U NCLE BKN up to the r i,.^' 3 "' D>(f "»y. for ItoS, on ia times, will l t«»ry * LV SATl'KUAY East sug!4 W -AT. 1 a t e r 14 J.M e o * I r i- B. rtlR , 1 W. II. dirvt^ory Jt to, COM MISSION M KUCHA N TS MO. 208 WtiVr WATEU Personal attention (riven in Consiir and all Itinrta nl Produce. i>l on- Explosive <j.'a» Lamp. fl^UE publlo Is now favoreil »lth the BKST, dAKEST J. and most ECONOMICAL UOUT over pr best Coal (ina. iuce. It equal If not superior to tht; adapted to Churches, tlotels, Stures, Kenil _ Private Dwellings, Railroad Cars, ic , ic. .t"tr'ml"»"j prove Its superiority over nil Portable Lli'lits n ,,_ use. U la unlike all other Lamps, be.n* ^aan, man ,,., B ,, Drllllant, economical, ft^a from smolte or iinel! *n i' what Is more, entirely »fu from all Janjrer „( ,',,,,.1 on. Apply »t JOHN GOODMAN'S, *Jfl Wlscoiium street, (o Jet:3 Agent for the dtnb/of V*'»-,>.ism. o u a 1 h a u i r o u c .1 , •J N 1) fclltTA K K K St. r Oppo>llo .lim-rlcuu llousio KEBFS CONSTANTLY on hand » large assortmen if Mahogany, Black Walnut anil other Wood Coffins, to- ether with risk's Metallo Burial Cases. The office of the forest Uome Cemetery l.'ompany :» \ my place, where I have thc^plata of the grounds. 1 1 always ready to accompany pat ruin io the c'eme- r«y to sulect loin or places for burial, and oau be found unmy place of business Jay or night. Coffin 1'rlm- auiis oi all klnji for sale. mpwi pHK place to hoy Groceries is at ^saaTSmk, good article, In store, for i»lo LATTOtf A PLAS1LNTON.

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