The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 6, 1914 · Page 2
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 2

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 6, 1914
Page 2
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Fage Two T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Monday Evening, July 6, 1914 r: Citizens Enjoy Real Day of Rert--Mrs. Cook Stricken. Tuscola. J'lly 6--The national birthday In Tuscola was the most quiet, the ..safest and sane?t In the history of t h e " town. There Vi-as no celebration of 'any kind. The banka were closed all day and practically all the other business Houses in the afternoon. There i -was d i n i n g the day very little shooting of fire crackers on the. -street.* :m(l the up tov.n part lnoi:eil very much -like a q u i e t Sunday. The grocery .·-tores opened in the evening There \va? quite a lot of noise in the evening from firecrackers and torpedoes. A great many ueople left town to go other places where there were celebrations. Some went picnicking and many remained at their homes and lounged while they enjoed a day w i t h absolutely nothing to do but to rest. There has been no accidents "-eported In this · \ iclnity as a result of celebrating. The hnmes'and business honres were decorated with flags and bunting in honor nf the day and there was a continual ·string of automobiles going in all di' rections t h r o u g h town, the entire day. MRS COOK STEICKEX. Mrs. Elizabeth Cook, mother of Mrs. \v A. Jones at the Cook House, in this ' -ity was stricken on Thursday with paralyf.s and owing to her extreme old, . ge her recovery is very d o u b t f u l She is eiehty-four years old and has been a r e f l d f - n t of Tuscola for many years. -S-.e crime wi*h her husband to this · : l a r e from west of JIatroon at Cooks "Mills, m.inv years ago and they con- iliicte'd f~r many years the old hotel on South Mair street which bea-s t h e i r · pane of "The Cook House." which was on-- of the leading hotels in east( r n Illinois Mrs Cook fell a few · ears "ago breakns her hip and since ihat tin-e has been unable to walk m u c h and has been an invalid for sev- 1 · -al months past. A partv of about f i f t e e n of our · onng people spent the dav and even- · ns: Satuiday at the farm o£ Earl ?» T ick. near Galton Mrs. Swick was formerly Miss Ida Ammen o£ this city, anfl a student of the Tuscola high ·ohool. The j o u n g io'.ks. took their lunch basket', a freezer of ice cream I ar.d fire works w i t h them and spent the flav on the law n of the Swick home. : A similar party spent the day at Patterson Springs. OX FISHING TRIP. Luke Miller and Grover Helm, ac- ··omBanied by their wives left here ' ?aturdav morning for a fis-iing t r i p .·n the "Illinois river Thev went in ' Mr. Helm's car a n d expect to be away ibout two weeks On their departure they stated t h i t if t h e weather should '.- excessively hot. thev would prob- r.!v so n o r t h in'o Michigan, before ·,.fv return- BBIEF.^. rj F "VA iFe^irve- f n r m e r l v of t h i s my. now pr'esidert of the Firmer* and Merchants' Stat» rank of Decatur was here Saturday. Mr and Mrs E F. Thompson, ana ·h'ir son Everett. Jr.. accompanied by · l u v Dickinson motored to Mattoon ~aturday afternoon and attended trie ·.ices at that place. F.ev. Mr. R. B. Fisher of the Presby- t^rian church in this city went to Xew- ' man Saturday to deliver th« address ·or the re:ebration there. Mr and Mrs William Huston spent ·n,j wt-pk end at the home of a daugh- ·c-r !n Danvil'e. The F'mday schools of this c i t y are r.Iannin? a picnic to be held on the Ca- ir.argo fair grounds on Mondav a f t e i noon, July 20th., to which all the Sunday schools of the county have been invited. Mr and Mrs. Dale Harder spent the Fourth at Shelbyville. the former home nf Mrs. Harder, ·Walter C Hackett and family were quests at the home of Mr. and Jtrs. B. 'i Watson at Bourbon on Saturday. The Women's Christian Temperance Union of this city will meet on Tuesday afternoon at the homo of Mrs. E E. Jlilligan. An Interesting program has been arranged and will be led by Mrs. R. B. Fisher- William Chapman and family spent th«-Fourth at Shelbyville. 5TKIXL.EY TO LECTURE. Hon. W. B. JIcKinley will deliver his lecture on his tour of the world in this nty on Wednesday evening and the sreneral public is invited The lecture which will be illustrated with over tour hundred views, taken by Mr. Mc- Kmley while on his trip is given under the auspices of Joseph Oneals class of men ol the Methodist Sunday school will be in the open air and free to all. It -will be non-political. H. T. Baker, the real estate man. was t visitor in Chrisman Saturday. A number of people from Tuscola. went to New-man Saturday to attend th* 1 celebration held there. Among whom were A. B. Smith and family. Mrs J M. T^pwman. T r u m a n Pollars, Miss Ethyl Lewis and others. ORCHESTRA CONCERT. The orchestra of the Arcola. Methodist church will give a concert in the Methodist church In this city on Frl- day evening, under the auspices of the Tuscola Epworth League. The orchestra will be assisted by James Colgrove of Marshall, 111., a fine tenor, and by Mr. and Mrs. Black of Hindsboro, violinists An admission fee will be charged. Miss Dora Harder of the Star store force spent the day Saturday with relatives at Garr«lt. Mr. Harry Tlyles o f " Peorla was a week end guest at the home of Mrs. Kate Wamsley on East Sale street. On Sunday evening Rev. Mr. White at th» Methodist church preached a sermon o£ a patriotic nature, takins as his subject "The Pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness." Miss Agnes Thompson of Springfield is a guest at tho home of .Mr. ana Mrs. C. . Kagey. Will Shirk spent the fourth with his parents In this city. Miss Florence Groves of Dana, Ind., and J. S. Davis of Chicago are guests at the home o£ Dr. and Mrs. J. F. Gillespie on South Main street. Rev. Mr. Fisher of the Presbyterian church is now rehearsing his third class in the Demorest medal contests. The date for the contest has not yet been decided On next Sunday evening 1 at the regular preaching hour at the Presbyterian church, will be held a song service. Misses Lida and Ella Hunt gave a thimble party at their home on Monday evening in honor of Miss Groves of Dana, Ind BOY SCOUTS TO CA1IP OUT. The Tuscola Troop of Boy Scouts of America are planning to leave town on Wednesday for a ten days camping- trip on the Embarras river south of Camargo. They will camp in the same v. oofls where their last year's camp was held. They, will assemble their camping o u t f i t s and make the start from the home of J. F. Turner on East Scott street. Thomas Gasmann was a Saturday visitor in Atwood. Mrs. Sadie Ramsey spent the Fourth with relatives in Decatur. Rev. J. II. Lively of Chicago occupied the pulpit in the Baptist church in Tuscola on Sunday morning. The mission class of the Baptist church is planning a picnic for Tuesday evening and all members of the class are invited. They will assemble at the church but it has not been d e f - initely decided just where they will go lor the picnic. BLACKS TO*TESf~~ SEPARATION LAW Louisville, Ky.. July 6 -- Financial support in testing the constitutionality of an ordinance segregating negr»cs in L o u i s \ i l l e was pledged by several H u n fired negroes at a mass masting here late today Thf segregation ordinance pion'uits negroes from moving into city squares in which most of the residents are white. The same prohibition applies to white ueople. Farmer City Girl Weds Michigan Man. Clinton, July 6--At the John Warner hospital Sunday evening about 8 o'clock occurred the death of Mrs. William Hickman, who has been in the institution for the past four weeks. Death was due to cancer of the stomach. Mrs. Hickman is a sister of former County Clerk Warren Hickman, of this city, and is a resident of Springfield. She is survived by her husband, William Hickman, who has been constantly at her bedside since her entering the hospital. DEATH OF AM INFANT. The infant child of Jlr. and Mrs. John Brinkman, of East Clay street, died Sunday evening. Interment will take place tomorrow in Woodlawn cemetery. COSBY-BOWERS. Miss Velma H. Cosby, of Farmer City, and Clarence O. Bowers, of Escanaba. Mich., were married Saturday evening at the parsonage of the Christian church, Rev. Ralph V. Callowway, the pastor officiating. They were attended by the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Cosby, and her sister, Miss Li-onn Cosby, of Farmer City; Mrs Emma Bowers and Albert O. mother and brother of the gridegroom respectively. The bride Is a well known and highly respected young woman from Farrier City, and the groom is an industrious young man living at Escanaba, Mich. He is engaged in the electrical business. A f t e r a visit of one week with relatives in Farmer City and Lincoln they will return to Escanaba, where they will make their future home. MARRIAGE LICENSES. The following were the marriage licenses issued July 4: Wallace Gayland Miner, Clinton, 16. Candnce Braflen. Clinton. 20. Fred E. Rich. Waynesvllle. 23. Feme Ackerson, Waynesville, 17. Albert K. Young, Clinton. 22. M i n n i e E. Troutman, Clinton, 19. Clarence O. Bowers, Escanaba. Mich., L'O. Velma H Cosby, Farmer City, 17. COLTS WIN BALL GAME. The Clinton Colts won out in fine style In the ball game played w i t h the Reseivrs at the fair g r o u n d s on Saturday m o r n i n g at 10 o'clock, by 17 to 9. nnrl the size of the same was due Children Cry for Fletcher's The Kind STon Have Always Bought, and which has been, in use for over 3O years, has borne the signature of i and has been made under his personal supervision since its infancy. Allow no one to deceive you in this. All Counterfeits, Imitations and " Just-as-good " are bnt .Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of Infants and Children--Experience against Experiment. What is CASTORIA Castorla Is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic , substance. Its age Is Its guarantee. It destroys Worms and allays Feverishness. For more than thirty years it Has been in constant nse for the relief of Constipation, Flatulency, Wind Colic, all Teething Troubles and Diarrhoea. It regulates the Stomach and Bowels, assimilates the Food, giving 1 healthy and natural eleep. The Children's Panacea--The Mother's Friend. GENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS p Bears the Signature of The Kind You Have Always Bought In Use For Over 30 Years Moving and Hauling Trunks--Boxes--Furniture Good Service, Low Prices, Moving Vans and Storage Davis Livery Co. 128 FRANKLIN ST. We Haul Freight to the fact that the Colts had worn themselves out in running bases. The features of the game were the fielding of Barber at first base for the Reserves and the work of "Cub" Marshall behind the bat for Clinton. Court- wrlght and Gray of Bloomlngton and Snelling of Clinton, starred at bat. He Denounces Conservatives Who Reject Creed. Detroit, Mich., July 6 -- "What you want us to do is to cater to the wealthy employers ol labor, who largely support the synagogue. You are afraid of what the rich may say if we take a stand for social and economic Justice. You quote the scriptures that 'Justice. Justice Shalt Thou Preach? 1 but you are afraid to practice what you preach." With these words. Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, of New York, attacked what he called the reactionary members of the central conference of American Rabbis at last night's session being held in Detroit and demanded the adoption of the report of the committee on the synagogue and "industrial relations," w h i c h was submitted by Rabbi Solomon Foster, of Newark, N. J. The committee recommended that the conference endorse "heartily" the principles of the minimum industrial insurance, workmen's compensation, old and the right of workmen to organize. CONSERVATIVES WIN. HabbI H. Enelow, of New York, declared the conference was not ready to 'approve this economic creed and moved that consideration of the report be put over until next year. When the test came, the "conservatives" won. It was voted to have copies o! the report printed and sent to all members of the conference to be acted upon at next year's convention. FEW JEWISH CRIMINALS. Rabbi Louis Bernstein, in telling of the work of the synagogue for defective, delinquent and dependent Jews, declared that in twenty-one penal institutions in the middle west including- penitentiaries, reformatories and industrial schools there 'are only 125 Jews in a total of more than 14,000 prisoners. "The figures we have collected." he said, "are proof that the statement that Jewish criminals are on the Increase Is false/' TODAY'S FEATURE. An address by Rabbi Julian Morgenstein of Cincinnati, on the "National P.eliglon of Israel, Its Origin and Evolution," was a notable feature on the program arranged for today's session of the convention. WASP WAIST GOWN IS FASHION'S EDICT Hour Glass Dreas Appear* at Atlantic City with Hooped Pettlcon.. Atlantic City, N. J., July 6--It's here --the wasp waist. Exactly four gowns made In this style, which Paris has declared to be the latest, appeared yesterday. Everybody looked and wondered whether this fashion of the '80s will become generally popular. Curving in at the normal waist line In most pronounced-hour-glass fashion, this mode of thirty years ago yesterday was revived and exploited with a skirt which seems indicative of a gigantic effort to revive the hooo skirt modes. Some of the smart shops alonsr the'board walk have been brave enough to offer hooped petticoats for sale. The hoops or extenders are placed no lower than th« knee, with the tangUitC fullness beneath carefully control*! at the ankle with a moet efflci«»t elM« tin fcand. i Let Us Be Your "Home Makers" .If you are thinking of starting that new home, you should realize the great opportunity placed so early within your reach. The money you save at this store is simply wonderful. Our entire building is filled with goods that go to furnish the home complete. The prices will make home furnishing easy. For Cash or Easy Payments. SEE BRESKOW'S Both Phones. 1025-31 N. Water. Bachman Building- North Main and Prairie Avenue. Store Closes Every Thursday Afternoon in July and August Two Great Clearance Bargains in Coats 3LOTH COATS in serge and eponge, very attractive garments in recent models and a wide range of seasonable colors, including Tango, Copenhagen, Tan. and_Black and tfhite Checks. These garments were 'ormerly priced at $15.00 to $20.00. Tote the great reduction for Clearance JQ each 3ILK COATS in Taffeta, Moire, Crepe and Bengaline, beautiful and stylish garments in Green, Copenhagen, Tango and Black, former prices of which ranged up to $30.00. Take your choice of the lot at our Clearance price of each Great Clearance Offerings In Millinery Because of the absolute freshness and beauty of its stocks, our Millinery Department has proven particularly attractive and interesting to oi;r patrons, the most of whom will appreciate these very special reductions in the July Clearance Sale as unusual opportunity for gratifying economy. Included are a number ofl Panama Hats in the season's fashions, in a regular $3.25 $2.00 Summer Felt and Satin Outing Hats which we offer just at the time you require a suitable hat for your vacation. Note the prices: White Felt Hats in the most attractive j»1 OK shapes, for each $6.50 value, priced for clearance at each $4.50; $5.00 values for each... Dainty White Satin Hats in pretty stvles at each. Sacrificing Reductions for Clearance on all Trimmed Hats. Remarkable Clearances In Small Wares Beads at Half Price. All kinds of stylish new Beads in black and colors, either short or long strands, values from 2oc to $2.50, at strand for Clearance Just Half Price Cameo Pins and La Vallieres, dainty styles with pretty colored settings, reduced for clearance X^lf from 50c to each M*J\, The New Oil Cloth Belts, very stylish and popular, a regular 50c value, reduced for *?Qf* Clearance to each · £*«/!/ Dainty Silk Fans in pretty spangled and floral effects, regularly worth from $2.60 to $6.00, reduced to clear to One-third Less than Regular Prices Scalloped Edge Braids, in all guaranteed fast colors, reduced for Clearance as follows: lOc bolt for 7c; 1 Q /» 15c bolt for He; 25c bolt for -LOU Dressmaker's Favorite Skirt Markers, made with an extra heavy base and do not easily overturn. A regular 25c marker for Peroxide of Hydrogen in large 8-ounce bottles; a splendid, high-grade peroxide, at the Clearance Sale price of four bottles for Popular Grades In Standard Corsets Warner's Rust-proof Corsets in Summer netting, medium low bust styles, tiM f|A at garment «D±«UU Warner's Rust-proof Corsets made of very light batiste, in low, medium or high bust, with hose support- d»-| PA ers attached, at garment $1.00 and «J A.«JV P. N. Corsets with cork clasp protector, in all the latest models, at garment $1.00, j»O AA $1.50, $2.00 and «J)t*»\JU Brassiers, a special lot in lace or embroidered styles, in all sizes from 34 to 48, regular 50c values, reduced for Clearance to each 'SPAPERf fSPAPEJRI

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