The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 28, 1971 · Page 9
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 9

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 28, 1971
Page 9
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"THE DEBBIE KAY SHOW" FRIDAY and SATURDAY NIGHT DECEMBER 3 & 4 DEBBIE KAY Her New K.H-ord "I WOULD IF. I COULD* Two Otlirr J>»|urrd VoeilUlt Add fair Hi lo Ihr hlio». Miss TINA MARYEE Voealltt LONNIE ROBERTS ! Hit ( urrrnl "MY HVVKKT W)VB AIN'T AKOUM) " •Show in Hacked by tin- Amis Pop Knnkinl Group THE ESCORTS " rr»iuttns iMjHMY KKITJI. CAHY CKKKN. UJSMK III. KK-M AS. Jl,MMY K»WAH1)» »ad M1S8 SIIKHHV l.Y.NN ttr'fr lA tnrmbrtt .II lo «|U«<I LIVE ENTERTAINMENT 6 DAYS A WEEK COCKTAIL HOUR 4-6 Serving Horsdoeuverrs at this time. Vk&xflaju g>v^ John P/ofzer FACTS Sports Editor For *even year* Gene Stalling had met with the press after every home name In the A&M Pre*i» fkorn of tlte Kamada Inn TriU pa»t Thurwlay U was a little different 'Hit Agjjiiw had Jurt dropped a 34'M decision lo Texas artel Stalling* was inwtinK *1lh the preM for the last lime a» A4M'« ln-ad coach ami ttlliletlc director U waui'l official in yet hut ever)orx< knew [hat SullinK'i. K p m. rnertlnK with AtM I'r»«ld«ii Jack William* »r»d Athlrtic Council Chairman 0 I;. Hutler would prove fatal Stslllngi w«» ohvlounly had ankwJ Oamrnon what ht ttrtute and thnken at he for- (hrlghlly malnlaincd to reporter! that h« had no doubt (hat h« would t>« retained at Aggie head coach Upon cwKtusion of the preu conference Slalllngi ial around and exchanged imall Ulk with a few o( the reporUm Mutt- Inmng lot hit ap potnlment «nh the A4M pitltaline As he '*alV,«l Irwn rhc room he rnuUunvd (or Spec titmitum lo )«n him Mxl the (he the meeting meant atuj Gammon had told him "it looks very had." Alter a bne( private diMtiMiiim St;ilhngn drove </(( a ltd (iumrnw returned to the pr<3>» rtwin where do/t-nn »/ re|x»lera were Mrtllinft do-*n •*t!h dnnV.iv, a lel<-M»ion arwl Gammon, AiM 't sporl* information direclor, hi»(! iRformttl SUllmRi thai liuller *jii (rytfstf (o frach him »b«i tx- h*<i called lo w{ up (he conference Stalling* devikton thai v.'juld have tu' h a marked mdurnce on T<-x*is Ai.M ,ilhlc-!ii.-» 1:1 lli<r >c-jr« u.i come The wail v>as expet'ted lo I*: hrtri txj! irj»t<-ad llw: rw/urt »lipp<.-<! b> Three lirru-s (laiumwi viculd fsave to lease lo refurrtuh the su^)l> *A Scotch arid UfA/rtxm in the 1 <.'«t)Hnuc<i of) l new/972 handcrofted 23'giont-scneen consotes featuring Zen/thi amazing Black-Surround Screen fora brighter, sharper picture! SPECTACULAR CONSOLE VALUES UWREMCE • ;" f ;i:c V;tu c-' «*-<;','« P»«t' C^.'c>-»f< B ; ::*.-.;.}» : .»x:s A.-. '..-,-.*•.; r-, c ;,^-",} Co'Kc-' *»•:•-»•< '.-' a.ti4C:'-'J:' V»«.''. i»'tif Sp t-f, i' i i' T» - C.V-c r.;ti>f Contemporary Styftng Mcdcl C4512W Early American Sty/ing U..O.HC1S -CUKU ne'.at Ci.c'!,i|l be fund trso VHP j'c .1 male •••'••> 3 Maple-gra n color. c O'iis i' » J* Tmm-Conc Gpe»KC. r . Mediterranean Styling f* Model C1517M C4518- Pecan .I", authentic p-ifc'-'Q c'loct 01 vacs. Ricn ooia-'.cd. ca',J - -cd!a!-i'i.iped mc'.al overlays t-cd.'Hi !fia VHF eha"-"ol sc>'«clor .no in m;i!c"ii«g eoio! VHF/UHF Spot'-ito D^a'.j. i' x J" Twui-Cono f^pcaVc!. Zenith Quality Features Ch'oniacolor Pictuio Tube New Glaie-Ban Picture Face Ne.v Cusiomiied Tuning Titan 60 Handcrallcd Chassis Supoi Video Range Tuning System Chromatic Brain Color Demodulator Gyro-Drive UHF Channel Selector Automatic Fine-tuning Control Automatic Tint Guard Control THESE SPECIALS AVAILABLE AT 2ACKJRE1D1 fesw CHOICE T/K? quality tnx-s in be/ore t/x? name goes on' * /0 ANGLETON • 849-4511 FREEPORT - 233-4881 UKE JACKSON - 297-2416 Chester smashes Danbury hopes II III ni 1 1 ) It « < M T1IK HKA'/OSJ'OKT FACTS, Kreeport, Texa», SPORTS ANDY DrftllA.M Mporti Staff Sunday, NovemhcrM. 1971. Page9 tuuchdown underdog a *ish- bone and leave a monst/jr defence with the rMpnmthilily of breaking it and you can run into vjrne Tlw Chester Yellcwjackcts tame into the hi <li.ilrit! clash ugairut trxr Uanbury I'anihers a 24-point underdog here Kridav nii^it With the Texas Wmhhonc. ho'Afrver they (muhed lh<- r'.inlhfr* \'fi\ grid cairij>ait{n 2f> 7 Darii/ur; , the H'-giwi '.'I division champion. "*.'is making HA sevoftd convc* uli'. e hid for the name !il!«- only ;o (irxJ tlx- Di'.tncl 2^1! <:hairi pion '•••*> l»o( to handle ft." f'anlhem' slmgy nioti>-'.i-r i> [*• tlf-fcriM- fourx! ilM-lf ;>;jr-J pri"».M.-d lo iloji trx- J-"i< '».(••'• Trx- ^«> ;• irfK Jf.Uii v.'/f.v.j- ("hesler cotleeled u; :i.i: (.OfUoM did r^j'. ^K)"* t.--, ;d<-r ( .rr <j< [Jw- <-(ff-t'r.«-fi'^.h o.' the Jackeli' triple «<j/tj';r. Tly rn;i)or factor irr. or, ix! •*as !iic melhfxl if; *l»rri Hx-Mi-r d<>;niaa!<-d \'la- jjarr.e The l';i."i!f><"r dt-feiw- ffM.'id hltle v!i<>. in U»' Yi-Sitr* uir(.i ! running gam«- •*.'•,!<•>; !•.•!( I):in!Air> '» pjttie j-xwu'.io:. U-'i vom<-;hir>t; 10 >.«• ti«-^'.r«-J off on a 77-yard journey to iw:ore Ihe first touchdr/wn of (he e%-»;ning The offense had made it look easy against the Jackets hut only onct' Chester's offensive .vjuad came onto the field with intentions of making up for the Caniher touchdov^n T h e 11 rn e • c <i n s u m i n g Yellv*pr. k'-ts ran into an trfftlacle inside Danhtjry's 10- Kunning fwt of w* rushing !ri( >:•, •*';th •'! fMjrlh ,ind goal at th»- l>.ir.b»iry w.-.en. Chirstcr 'Jei'itifl to it *d.s early m th<' M.-cond period *hen quarterback J.jnn Timbroolc caught Uar.hur.'s unaware with a quickie pasa over the rinri'JIe !o Charles Bay Barnw for M.-vi.-n >ard» and a louch- f''j"* n Trie Panther) still retained th'- !e:.-d when Chester's At fir> afi was !np{X^d up on a !"*o point conversion attempt. A bad punt set up Chester'* go-ahead touchdown right before half. The drive covered 37 yards with Barnes going the last yard. The two point conversion was jnade by Bryan and Chester led 14-7. The final touchdown came on a four-yard run by Barnes early in the fourth quarter ader a 67-yard drive. It was a frustrating night for the Panthers. It has been a season of many ups and downs. The Panthers end the season with memories of seven wins and four tosses. Chester, undefeated but tied once this season, will advance to a Region VI title engagement with Chi 1 ton. Football is a thing of the past for this season's Panthers It was a rough road to the District 24-B championship, that road has come to an end. '.t. <:<>;;•,<• tr^ojgti ;:. U<i' cl'j'.f h !o lake !}«• di»:jic; ti'.lc fr-irn Wallli a »c*-j. jg'J 'f..'U!d! r?ir,g 'n vj'.ch up Tu •.»!;:; cr* '.i Ux 1 dt'ft'r^.'t c pr '''.'^-itvs The '.iT i.'iar, s.r,-ipj«-d u[j rafr.c nti.«v!lj or. h)g running j->ij>> ir. Terry Novak, ur H-i:u.:«- S^.n i'.irounding tht- var'iagi- i>ul -*ilh cor-*i«'.i-r.'. r-.jr.rjr.j.' a;> (»'irfd !r«C) rnvjf h .1 !.i-.«. :'>'>r tl.i- I't'tn'tiHT i.'rt-if!;>f 7>«- ooh (.•r^ht >!>.<! .r. !h<- night c;im«> '.(«• rantiwrs (>rl(if<i ("ho'.i-r's f>nl> p,.r.t of !/»• evening The ["U.".' !i»ik j Novak •.I'lj'iuxl the tsiii '.o '.).!• JLI Wiih t ili lei 1 , u. !!H- tir-si quarter iulfKu'K SJ.-ur'. t'_«."k Scars SAVE '50" Our liest Setting Console Color TV haa a 25-inch diagonal measure picture •629* Frier in :t slyk-b and • Beautiful cabiiiiH di-s VflH'tTS • Autoriialif Fine- Tuiiinn ;ind Automatic Tint l.<K-k it-am up for the i>asU>st to tune '1*\' over • Roll-out control paiu-l for trim cabinetry /«• .SV>/7/-« l-'.n.-iy l'ayin<-iit 1'lan >ll(l|- A'i SI-iAltS AMI - \', !•: FREEPORT 2.VW451 LAKE JACKSON »7-7263 HAPPINESS IS BANKING WITH FIRST STATE BANK It's a \vann feeling knowing you're financially secure. 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