Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on March 25, 1897 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 25, 1897
Page 2
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;*i. It i, , MA *?/ fl ?" 3 - THIS' AND THAT. f JTlkfitft tit He who ftgfcts an<5 iv* to fijjfti Another dsy ; Who boldly tsifcs, sml ne^er Sghts, Est onions, Miranda, oven if yon do drive men away. We spend 100 millions yearly for sugar. Why not grow the beets in U. States? Said that white corn meal now mixed <Bith cheap grades of wheat flour, will not hart It. Improve the mess. Two-thirds of world's sugar comes from beets. Cane is not in it. Home of Joaqnln Miller, poet, In California, overlooks the Golden Gate, San Francisco. It takes sixteen millions to run Chicago, and then the job is not a success. Sen. Billy Mason gets 1,000 letters a day; and has four men assorting them. Do not write to Billy. Brass bands have become scarce In Canton, Ohio. Bishop Fowler's lecture on Abraham Lincoln Is considered a brilliant performance. Jordan am a hard road to trabble, no longer true, as a steamboat now piles between Jericho and Tiberias. If you eat fish in Lent 'a variety to choose from: herring, white, salmon, mackerel,, halibut, sturgeon, sardines, clam chowder. . Moody will preach at auditorium, Chicago, four days, Mch. 30—April 2. What is home without a prattling "babe, or noisy youngsters hungry from .•school! " Chasf. Dickens was the first person to •discover that George Eliofc was a woman. •'••.... . No longer say, Great oaks from little acorns grow. It's a chestnut. :...•• Emerson: A dollar putj into a college is worth more than a dollar put into a jail. Pingree, elected governor of Michigan, hangs on to his office as mayor of .Detroit. • No pleasure in life like that of a young mother watching baby take his firststep. Total enrolment in Chicago public schools is 213,670 with 4,845 teachers. Hot water, young woman,remember, Is a great beautifler. Use it inside and out, drink and bathe. . John Hey, our coming minister to ' England, wrote Jim Bludsoe and Little Breeches. If you did not sow cabbage seed on St. Patrick's day, your name is Dennis Justin McCarthy: During dinner hour, Demosthenes^, himself could not . hold the House of Commons. To call a thing "bum" or "swell," is not becoming a . refined young lady. Frances Williard would not be guilty. E. E. mail clerks are in California, and R. B, ticket agents are rubbing against the Mexicans. • If good streets are an index of civilization, Sterling is about as low in the scale as any respectable town outside darkest Africa. Swamps everywhere on Third street. L .Before he was wed - He said »' - • , He wanted a wife whose head Contained ttie ologles Taught In the colleges But ha married the cook Instead. ' -Fhlla. Call. Marriage is said to be a remedy for eulclde. Sam Jones says Adam was a Methodist, because the first thing he did was to fall. . Col. John Hay's wife is daughter of a millionaire, and they lived for awhile on Euclid avenue, Cleveland. Professions crowded at foot of ladder, but always room at top. . ' No tidy woman will 'trail her skirts thro' the mud of the streets. ' Neal Dow, 03, the pioneer of temperance, is America's grand old man. Author^of. Maine law. Chicago forbids cigarettes within 200 feet of school house. Make It 2,000. George Peabody was once asked, How did you tind your place? I didn't, the place found me. . If a woman ia^a grass widow, can you cali her a vegetarian ? , Sir Benj, Richardson declares 110 years par normal age, and that 7 out of 10 would reach it, if observe laws of health. ;•'';.'•• 'y '• '. •Have you read'Jim Bludso, Col. John Hay's slang poem? Shall children eat what they please, 4o what they please?--Beferred to the, ladies sewing society. . Bayards and Cameron? after half a century at laat ou,t of public service. If you have a g^od reputation, beet to satire before people tire, and kick you out. S]tt'!n&i!eld, Mags,, has a law .forbidding spitting oa sidewalks, DO. »efc la? a«|de ftaeofcls. One robin, gtiei; to your f. uotil «iey «#«& to j 100,000 pfirions eosrssrwl in iojd np stylish costumes. Give yonr farnsh«s and brooms an oc caslona! bath in Iskewsrm water and switnonis. Miss Mary Klngaley, who book on h«r daring trip to West Africa is a hero ia London. Next to Stanley Have yon an eye on any office here or ia Washington? Remember Add! son: The post of honor is a private station. Thirty years since Maximilian was shot In Mexico, and his disconsolate widow, cKarlotta, talks of visiting the land where he met his fate. Is the poet dead who wrote The Snow, the Beautiful Snow? If not, a poem in the same style on Mud, the Beautiful Mud, will be welcome at this office. No kicking about price. Bring on your verses. The fighters are done, now rest lor repairs, From Battle's stem conflict and heat, Now turn we again to common affairs, . To Cuba and Congress and Crete. McKinley thtnka W. House Is too big, too many loafers for office. Emperor of China is learning French. Parlez vous Francals? Everyone should parley a little. Deadwoo'd will soon be 21. Once a lard place, men died in boots, now a law abiding city of 6,000 sensible peo pie. If you can't cook much during Lent, rou can at least read good receipts.and ) ready for the good time coming. From -London to Shanghai, China, takes a letter. 33 days. v Georgia expects an immense crop. This means water millions by the car oad. What is life without the sweet pumpkin? —Camels in Arabia vary in price from 815 to 81,000. Vary like our mules. Do you believe in ghosts? Or haunted houses? It does require courage to go thro' graveyard on a dark night. Time to scour spades and rakes, and get your peas and onions ready. Do not let the first warm day escape. Arnold, Providence, 88, riding ten miles at a time, Is the oldest cycle rider reported, but the back districts are not all in. "Oliver Optic," Wm. T. Adams, is reported very sick. For 40 years his stories of adventure have made thousands of boys happy. Jokes about Easter bonnets are appearing. We dislike so much levity Letthe ladies wear pretty head gear on that glad occasion. No one worries about men's Easter hats. Preadt, Diaz has appointed a commission to look after the preservation of timber in Mexico. . The country has none to spare. Trees are a treasure down there. Music in the air, Boblns, larks, crows, and other songsters are welcoming gentle spring with their sweetest notes. ' . •... •'.-•'_ Gladstone is in favor of Crete's independence of the Turk, and so are we. Dur heads are level. Miss Caroline Shlllaber, daughter of Benjamin Shlllaber,"Mrs. Partington," is to enter the lecture field with remin- scences of her father. Don't you remember Ike? He was a comical kid. Give the women credit for Mt. Vernon's" condition: They~collected the $200,000 necessary for its purchase. Thank them when you go there to weep by the tomb of the illustrious genera). , Serena. Use brush more than comb n dressing your hair. It distributes the natural oil and stimulates the scalp. Malmalaon, Josephine's old home near Paris, is to be restored at an expense of 8100,000 by the generosity of a rich Frenchman. , Rosalind: For house and street wear, cashmere in bright and dark iuts. If money is* scarce, of course wear out what you have. Light attacks of spring fever may now be looked for. Worm wood tea is good, a pint every two hours. A dose of spade in garden never fails to cure worst case. 4 • . Never fail to, attend church every Sunday. The minister expects you. Set an example and never be late. Im- >ollte to disturb othor people's devo- ions. , . \ Bhe told him she could not wed, \, And the cause she muat^deplore, \But the fortune teller plainly said, He had a frightful snore. Be thankful you live high and dry on the bank of Bock river. • Chicago talks of streets underground, oo much travel on the level. London has them for years. Violet is the fasblpaabje inkMn ?aris, The rose is red.'jthe violet's blue, etc. Canada ia our best customer for "coal, hard and soft. Paris consumes 20,000 horses and mules every year. Beat horse steak is a ranc, or 20 ceats. Give us pork and beans. "Grip" is a novel by John Strange Winter, Mm Stanuard. Haven't time ,0 jefeMi Stll these stories. " ,_ \ by fs natural!? lazy, «aya Jewels roust match the So to par. goes with hate!, twr q«t=i« with light blue, No wonder ocean freight's cheap The jitsaisshtp , Fenn'a carries grala enough to load 518 freight cars, beoides late • minister : to England talks of a foreign tour. In Chicago duck eggs are 16,. goose eggs 45 cents, Have you set an olc hen.? ' ••/'/'• • . Stockholm, Sweden, ia preparing for an exposition from May to October. Another libel. As soon as a wife becomes a good cook, she starts on a lecturing tour, and lets family suffer. Salisbury, English premier, never wears gloves if he can avoid It. A nuisance, especially kids in summer. Adam never wore them. Hands are respectable. Shall our children .wear cap and gown at commencement? It's English. No sense in it. Dudes. Little Greece has only 2,189,000 peo pie, and half are farmers and shepherds. Our boys and girls do not read well, after going to school from six. -What is the matter? No voice, noi expression, no reading at sight. It is a pity. Read aloud at home. Oxford English dictionary, begun 30 years ago, is completed aa far as D. Hardly do present generation much good. Hard to believe there are over a million collectors of postage stamps in U. S. and Europe. . Look over your old drawers for revenue and other stamps. Rare ones bring a good price. Nansen and his wife, North Pole hunters, tho' married, are said to be happy. Two souls wjth, but a single thot, two hearts that beat as one. . :' These bleak skies will not last. Have your onions and peas and lettuce ready to be put in first suitable day. Cherish, jardening. Hgrace Greeley and Henry Ward Beecher raised their own cabbages. .'"..' Tola la the season when the winds ' Change 20 times a day, • • "'.. And he who lays his flannels off, Is Ukcwlce laid away. King George of Greece can take down a stove pipe in eight different language? Do you know difference between England and Great Britain? Buda-Pestb, Hungary, has 612,000 people, a gain of 100,000 in six years. Germany is throwing up her hat in honor of 100 birthday of Iat6 Emperojr Wilhelm. / •;• ''"'.•'. r. •••'.';'.. A monthly-review is published; at Berlin in the old Hebrew.'.', Astronomers have no faith in equinoctial storms, but we have them about March 20, allee samee. . . Two boxes of letters discovered in London, 44 letters by John Wesley and 80 by Countess of Huntingdon. ' '. Electric lights -are dearer in Paris than In New York, > ' ' Conn, farmers nearly all raise tobacco, To what base uses, etc. St. Joseph Herald believes as soon aa Dr. Lyman Abbott settles 'the Jonah question and Wm. J s Bryan gives his tongue a rest, prosperity will be here. Bret Harte'a daughter, Jessamy, 23 pretty, fine teeth and mouth, gives much promise as-an-artiefc--——— Famous Shorter Catechism was completed Nov. 25,1647. All goodPresby- torian children used to be fed on it every Sunday. For round trip from Chicago to San Francisco, Christian Endeavor convention, July 7-12, 851. Best paid professor in Great Britain is prof, of anatomy in Edinburg Uni- veraity, 810,000. Potato growing on vacant city lota, started by Pingree, Detroit, now' f61- owedby N. Y., Boston, Bt. Paul, Gin- cinnatil • See here. If each member of Pres. ihurch in U. S., will give 35 cents, pay debt of Home Mission Board. How young Prof. Henry Drummond was, only 45, and. yet accomplished BO much. A busy man. . Saya a .Spanish bull fighter: The saints themselves and our Queen are he patrons of this honored. National sport. ••:_. '...:••••'•• If a mad dog ruoa among children, he is killed, how about bad books or iiapere? Col. Bain's new lecture, "The New Woman and the Old Man," ia pronounced a great success. Hear, hearl Not one ehip flying U, S. flag; passed through Suez canal last year. We hope our next council will jive this matter early consideration. Helen M. Stoddard in Union Signal of her tour in Mexico/ Never did I eee uch poverty before! - Never rags be- 'ore! " -. . .-'.'•.• Not music enough in our homes. Sneour^ge children to aing. No mater about the, quality. Leara to play omething. Colljas called music a leavenly maid. . ; • ' • • No reverence ia the East. After he funeral of Mrs. Beecher at PJy- mouth church, the flowers we?e all car- i ofi by profane Pf. ,T^*r\ Mo,, March !». My last bnUrtitt gave foteesrtg of i,h*» storm wjsre to crow the continent froia '84th to ESf.h, sod the neat wfH reach tbe PaelBo co%st About 89th, eress the west of Boekl« ebaatry fey tsicme of JSHh, great central valleys 3lst to April gad", Eaitera States April 3rd. - Warm/wave .will cross the west of Rockies country about 29th, great central valleys SlBti'EftStarn States A|rtll 2nd. Cool wave will eross the west of Rockies country about April lat, great central galleys Srd.Eastern Stated Btb. A very considerable drop in temperature will occur during the last weok in March, bat I cannot now determine whether it will develop fta greatest fall after this or the preceding storm wave. Therefore it Is best to be prepared for both periods. ' A warm wave will occur between 20th and 27th and this may extend to 81st but probably will not.. Then following this warm period, probably not far from SOtb.poasIbly not till April 4tb, a cold wave will spread over the country, causing frosts in Northern States that may do some damage. ' Many suppose that the temperature must go to freezing before frosts can occur. This ia an error. Frosts can occur when the temperature of the air is at 40, while the freezing point is at This peculiar fact ie not explained by orthodox scientists, The week ending March 27th will go to great extremes of temperature, but will average above normal. FOSTER'S LOCAL FOHEOASTS. The storm waves will reach this me- redian-and the other changes will occur at and within 100 miles of Freeport within twenty-four hours of 8 p. m. of the dates given below: March 22,chahge- able; March 23, cooler; March 24, cool; March 25, moderating; March 26,warmer ;-March^7, threatening^—_______ MRS. JAMES CUNIFF DEAD. AT. OUR M^ Ladies desiring to select a garment from an elegant city stock, please call on those days. L ing: Best styles. Beautiful assortment IEI :R, OA.SH:. I'aaaod Away Taenday Might at her Home In Mohtmoronoy, ' ( Mrs. James Cunniff died Tuesday | night at her home, west of the Allpress t school house, in Montmorency. She! had been ill three weeks, the immediate cause of her death being an" abcesa of the stomach. , ' • Mrs. Cunniff was a daughter of John Drew, of this city, She was thirty-two years of age, Of her family there survive three brothers and one sister,John and William, of Hahnaman; James, of Dixon.and Mrs. John McGrath, ; of Montmorency. • ,, . • • ' ; ; The funeral will be held at 1 o'clock Thursday afternoon at the home 'of John Drew,-West Seventh, street, and at St. Patrick's church, Kev. James J. Bennett officiating. Interment at Calvary cemetery. . r; .•''• • ; Frega BulleUn Ho. XV. v. •":'.• '• ', Thp Agricultural 'Experiment-Sta-- tion has arranged with a large number of farmers in representative districts of the State to grow sugar beets for the purpose of ascertaining what sections of the State are best adapted to their culture. : '<" .'- '•', .'•'•', Realizing that there are many others in the State who, are especially Interested in the culture of the sugar beet, the Station will furnish, free of expense to the first fifty who may request' Lt, a quantity of high grade seed.:, __The only conditions .are that the recipient be primarily interested in the sugar beet question, and that he is willing to grow the beets according to directions, and at tho'olose of the eea- son to report upon cultivation and yield and to forward samples for analysis at the expense of the Experiment Station, Any one interested in this communication-will please address E. Davenport, Director, Urbana, Illinois. - One day last week : Pollard, the dredge man, and Supervisor Edward Deyine were going, to Sterling. 'The roads were very muddy and they were driving along pn an elevated and narrow: way , near the , hedge, when their lorses became frightened at something on the hedge and ehled. .The wheels dropped off the embankment and, la the sudden jolt, Mr, Pollard was preoi- jitated head first qut of the buggy. . Devine jumped out and caught the lorsea while Mr. Pollard extricated bis feet from the robes and regained his equilibrium. He had a narrow escape, and it waa owing to the prompt action of Mr. Devine that saved the horses- !rom running away and Mr. Pollard being dragged with them, As it was, nothing more serious than Mr. Pollard jelng badly jarred resulted.— Tampico Tornado. ' .. .' , —Dixon Telegraph: John L. Lord and eon.Frod, were In tbwa Saturday, both considerably worse for the accident which they met with laat week while driving in the timber on their farm in Palmyra, In a rough place in he road the wagon seat broke and they 'ell to the ground. The wagon wheel rolled over the father's leg, bruising .he muscles greatly, and the young man'a head was injured, he being un- an hour after the acei- , and has not yet fully 'recovered 'rotu the jar. Subscrite f Have secured .another Invoice of, those Mill JEnds IrishPoint Embroideries, 'mostly 4% yard lengths, which so]d at just HALF ' their real valuesViz: 4, 5, 8, 10,12i, IS, 18, 20 and 24 I Cents Per Yard. N ,__^_^;^tpistyleis and patterns, we cajpl been shown heretofore in-this city. First come, ftrst (Tl M Served/Terms Cash. A- '-...• . W YOU CAN TELL BY THE ' , - . . . ; • • . -' ' .• '•"•'•-. • ». " ' Class '-of people who buy and ride Kamblera-that they are not above saving 920, when they know the .- high reputation of the wheel they buy. Rambler;". Bicycles -"The 18 year old Wheelfl" ("everybody -trusts them") are now sold to ALL ALIKE, at the new PRICE OF $8O. 1890 Eamblere, while they last, at special prices. FtOCSC & DAVIS, jo6 W«st Third Street. , STERLING, ILL. it 0 MEISTER & ROHRER'S,

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