The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on January 10, 1945 · Page 4
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 10, 1945
Page 4
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PAGE FOOT THE lOLA REGISTERS 1862 ^:HARLES F. SCOTT T -1938 ANGELO SCOTT. Publisher. Entered at the lolii, Kunpas, Tcist OEfice as Second Class Matter. Telephone ; * IS (Private Brnnrh Kxcliaime Connecting AU Departments.) ,THB I <a [A.BEGlSTE^^WEDNESa)AY-EVE^^ 10.1945. A CHANGE IN NEBTEALITY • In the United States,government's present ' attitude toward Switzerland certain London editors may find some of the "realism" that they , have been anxiously requesting. For Washington seems to be leading the way in the Allied demand that Switzerland change the shape that her neutrahty has taken. For a long time neither the Allies nor the Swiss could do much about Perfect Targets SUBSCKIPTION IIATKS Outside .-Vllen and .\djoiliiu(j Countifjs One \.\,, ifG.oo I that shape, which was Impo.sed by - Six Months :: 4."I.IMI ' Three Months _ $1.75 One Monti; Tfl'; Jn Allen and Adjoining Counties One Year $r>.(ni Hitler. When the war began the Swi.?s armed them.selve.s against invasion and prepared for an unequal Six MontliH^„ I 'f i .striigttle. But it was neither neces- Thrci! Montlii One Month -Jn Kansas udd -'/o Niiics tax tn .-ti-.<i,- , sary nor desirable for Hitler to invade Switzerland, which was quite MKMHi-nt .\s.s()(i.\'ii:i) I'I;K.>S useful as an Island in an AxLs .sea. . The licKistiT n,rn,.» ih,- .\~~n,iai.-.l Pn'ss Switzerland's problem became one report by spfrtiit Icasi-d v.iri-, I he .As^o, ciiiiod rrt-m i'\<iiisiv.-iy .'riiahMi to us.jjof iradinR wit-h the Axl.s or not -for repuhlicnlion of nil newa dixpaldies ^, ,.„ j(„_ ri„i,„:„ JIJ „., m.. credited to ii or not „ihr.>vi>c rr,.,i,i.d injUadlnK at all. Bntam didnt like I I M » pai.ur and also ih,. i.„'ai ni',%» |.ui. , j;. Neither did Russia and the lishi'd hi-rem. AM n(.-hl?i (•f rcpiihliralion ol ; •pedal dispntrhes herein are also re«ervi.ii. j United Stat &S, : When they got mtO Die war. But tliere was nothing 1') do nbout it until Fi-ance wtus 11b- ! iTiiled. Judas wa.s not the liust double- \ Now the Allies arc in a po.sition crosser who found he had made a : ^ mood tn enforce a change, ghastly mistake. Don t dabble in ., ,, . , the Jilack market of immorality.. ^'-'^ ^'"'^'^ h^^^en t seemed to wel- You will surely cheat yourself : ^ come this mood, and they have been What are ye willing to give me. and | luioy about making the change, iito you? And Bible Thuuijht'for Today I. will deUver him lii they weighed him out thirty pieces of silver.—Matt. 2G:I5. SPKEO AND POWKR General Mac- Thcv rcpfat the credible claim that ^ iheir ancient democracy's sympa- jthie.s are with the United Nations. j Tiiey .say our tlireatened economic , i„ . , lilockade endangers then- national The thmg about General Mac- ! ! . : c'-xi.stence. Arthur's tactics which must iin- i „ ^ , , „ i, ... ,1 But German coal and other suppresses me—and doubtless the i ,. , „ . J • . i • , , • I>lies arc .still going through Switz- doughbo.vs fighlina lUnder him it.s ; . . ,, . , , , . • ciiand to the factories of Nazi-oc- well— IS the relent lea.s in.sisience , . , > r.,, ^. , < , cupied Italy. There the .se supplies with which he pu .shes from one , . » . , ^ ! • ! are made into materials of war that campaign to the next, i , .„. . j are killing Allied soldiers and pro-After such u bitter alfair as , the Itahan stalemate. In Leyte. you would rather think thut | ^j.^ ^^^^ of this protocol doesn't he would do a little resting and ^^,t much ice. ••consolidating" before moving on. Though the Swiss supply line to But no. While the Japs there were I it„i,. j, ^^e dominant factor be- still^being -mopped up" at the rate i hmd our present attitude, there are other considerations. One Ls the IdLA, KANSAS WAY OUR PEOPLE ^ —V LIVED '^•^BOoodwfiAd. Copyrighr, E P. Dutfon & Co,. 1944; Distributed by NEA Service, Inc. of 7^0 or 800 a day. the new landings on Mindoro were announced. And now. barely three weeks later, our troops are landing on . Luzon by the tens of tliou.sancLs. It has been that; way since MacArthur first was able to gel his of. tensive really rolling. Just one blow after another with scarcely •,a long breath in between. It must have been the includible sliced of :his advance as well as the brilliance allegation that banks are being used a.s iTpnsitorics or clearing hotLses for the funds of Nazi leaders which would, serve to finance their escape and future operations. The sum of all these considerations re -einj )hasizcs the fact that there hasn't been and can't be such a thing as a neutral European power in this war. Most of the neutrals of early J940 were swallowed % 25YEARSAG0 t Items From The Redster ^ •> January 10, 1920. <• • • of his tactics which has caased the j "P l^V the Germans. Five escaped. but their ncutralily was of a .sort that, willy nilly. helped one side or tlic otlier. Last summer Mi-, Cliurchill bluntly I old Turkey that .she i-oiiki have i'V|ii 'f-tcd mo|-o con,sideration at the (K -acp table if .she had conic in on the side of the Allies. Now wc are telling Switzerland substantially the 'enemy to be caught flat-footed at almost every new landing from Guadalcanal to Luxnn, It certainly hasn't been a ol " K AI ilt.llo and ton, late" MarArlhitr: he has been llicrc "ttisU'sl wU.h the mo/Uf-sl" cycry liiiie, T » • I can^t help wondering, at that. Paris;—The treaty of Vei-sailles making peace between Germany and the ratifying Allied Powers was put into effect at 4;15 p. m. by the exchange of ratifications. The entire ceremony took place in the Clock Hall at ' the Fi-ench foreign ministry. Previously Baron Kurt von Lersner, head of the German ministry signed the protocol of November 1. prpviding for the reparation for the sinking of the German war ships at Scapa Plow and to insure the carrying out of the armistice terms. The ceremony was characterized by formal politeness to the exclusion of all cordiality, excepting among the allied delegates. The absence of American dele- Hates was particularly remarked. THIS CURIOUS WORLD if the light oiipo.^-itiou v,-hich our ^'•""''^ *''^'""- Wnile we are not int; military help of the Swiss, we are demanding an end to their aid of iihe enemy. recent Pacific amphibious landings have encountered is a case of "strategic surprise^' only—or Vshethcr it Is a plain of beins afraid to attempt a stand the terrible concentration of air and sea power I with which our landings have been ; covered, prclerrins: instead to engage in a land battle later, the Mat.Arthiir has again declared that June sUij-'ged him. the enemy apparently didn't ex- : Ballas toid Hvde Park police he pect the landing.'-- to be' made in the : wanted to tell the trio that a few •. Lingayen sector aiid; a 'ttributcd the ' minutes e-ariier two bandi-us held light oppo.sition to that "strategic ; him up and took from him an eight •surprise," Of cmirst; th .it could be ! pound bag of sugar—which also iri'AVY SUGAR Chicago.Jan. 10. fAP)—Ttie three gunmen who accosted Gtust Ballas jncnr his home expressed at ; linding only SO in his pockets .-,o i B:-.;ias started to explain, I»i the present case of Luzon, j The robbers refused to listen and Chicago—E.stabllshment of at lea.'^t 200 landing fields for airplanes throughout the Mississippi valley, making that section of the country "safe for aeronauts" is the hope, of aviation enthusia.sLs who are meeting hej;^ today. Governors of twenty-two states and mayors of two hundred cities have been invited to confer with aviators in connection with the aeronautical show here this week. Legislation to regulate aviation will also be discussed. Misses Mary Redmond, Evelyn Overm.eyer. Shirley Palstring, Esther Redmond, Hazel McCallen and Edna Joyce. Messrs. Eugene Oliver, Lewis Northrup,. Chatuicey Wentworth. Fred Sauer, Charlie Adams and Carl Price enjoyed the beautiful moonlight and snow last night by taking a sleigh ride. After an hour of sleighing the crowd went to Mundls' for refreshments. con*. IMS lY NEA SERVICE, INC. I .RtaU.S.PAT .-oH'. NAMED FOR irs APPEARANCE IM AREAS ??AVA&ED BY/tv«Cff, HAS INVACED THE BURNED our ^ l -IO '^H 'HEN OUR ENEMIES &^zoi/r THEY'LL HAVE TO &IVE /^/\<S ^j- J. M. JONES, ^ NEXT: Can you see all of the .sky? The amount of fat in stuffing ,,.,,„ r, ^ . ' ,, , . , , shoidd depend on how much natural tiue. But It seems iinUkely tn me'contained S400, the day's receipts: fat the bu-d contains. Ducks and in view of the fact that the Allied invasion conv.iy wn.; tinder Jap observation for a .so'iirl wr-ck jirior ;IJ the landings and tliat the .spot chosen was the most obvious and logical on the entire island, the very same sector used by; the Japanese, themselves, three years ago, I can't help believing tliat they simply didn't choose, to attempt a _ stand under the pulvevizing bombardment which they knew hundreds of warshijis and a thousand planes would lay down in front of the landing forces. The battle for Luzon will be a land engagement, probably in front of Manila. ti-om his grocery store. They didn't generally have more fat than , -vother to search his pockets, ! turkeys and chickens. Lemon Juice Recipe Checks Rheumatic Pain Quickly If you mifrcr fnuii rfi-'Ur .-Mtlr, ju-iri.-i iMrurllla pulo. try ij ,iM (timpli- IniiviM -tiHiw ! : • r I n.'clpp t !l<»ilH:Uir !a ;,rr' uCP of l<U-I-.\ ( •<.UiIK»'.niiI. t< lWi-u..-l. «iii:'l>. ^0(l;iy, Mix It \\\\\\ a <iiuirr' •\\ wiitrr. fi- i lu-i- of A IcmutiH. It 'M *\\y;. No' Xitid [)li';m;iiil, Vmi n.'''! '''iilv .\ t;.!-'" •; - v- miH tlllu-M :i (l;iv. <>;i ''li v.ttl.lll I i;-- Bonictlnicii n\-(rT !l .;*ii — Ajil 'Ti.; Ill ri-.i''.,- ohliilnr'i- If tlir \\A\v.'S «i<. w.' h- • ai ^d if ymi <tu nuf Tr : r -M.-. r-f-n i empty puclvjc*- U:;-' - 'S'-W •' • • " U'Z iQ try :rj l^ i.s nnl'I t .- .'i^r '.' - • r.-Il- liJ'^'-IUtr \-Mi\.\'y-\K:' (.•/Miiipi 'iirj'.I i:J '.• r : • v - t'.>i(k.'.(>y*s J»ni^' Kill Rock of Ages Beauty NOW and pOREVEK WILLIAMS MONUMENT l|V0RKS —Authorized D^ler— 35 Years In tola Dr. Wayne E. Franti OPTOMETRIST Kenneth AbeO, Optician 108 E. Madison lola, Kansas Pbon^ 176, None of the ''horses" in* your car will lie down if you install a new set of CHAMPION Spark Plugs. CHAMPION E iK T R A - R A N G E S P A R E P L \J C. ^ STEPHENSON OIL GO. PHONE 1047, JEDDO The Bible class of the Jeddo Smi- day school will hold a social at the Charles S«hulze home. Ml-. and;Mrs. Jim Jackson. L^owell and Jlmmie Lou visited Sunday afternoon at Bob Vincent's. I. M. Baptist attended the REA meeting lola last Tuesday evening and 'Mrs. Baptist visited with Mrs. Lydia Peck in lola. Mr. and Mrs. fearle Thompson, 'Va.ughn and karol '.'isited New Year's eve at Bill Shigley s.. Mr. and Mrs. Jsn'i Jackson. Lowell and Jimmie Lou were dinner guests Saturd&y at Bill Shigley's. The Jeddo churcji will hold a basket dinner at the Jeddo church Sunday in honor of iJi'. and Mrs. Harry When New York Was .Young I JN 1750 the hon\o of Maj. Daniel Lawrence, a sturdy house of Dutch pattern, stood on 'William Street, near the corner of Wall. New York was as quiet as a country town in those days. There were shade trees—locust or poplar—on all the streets; during the summer nights the air was full of the chirping of katydids, and the inhabitants were awakened in the morning by the piping of . birds. Behind the Lawrence house, and belonging to it, there was a garden, an orchard of jjoar trees, a stable and ,a press for making cider. A dovecote and a dozen . beehives were just beyond the garden. It was a quiet place, with . nothing to bretik the silence but ' the loud talk of the servants in the kitchen and the clatter of plates. Now and tlien Mistress Lawrence or her daughter Elizabeth played the :;pinct in the sitting room and it;; tinkling notes i ..ran quivering thro.igh the air. The family had a part in the social life of the town, and occa- ,sionally the house was lull of company. Then the chatter of soft feminine vuices and loud mascu- ' line laughter ran all over the house and gai-dcn. Though it stood almost in the .. center of the city of New York the Lawrence place liad a rural air which llowed from the day's activities. Every day the cows • were dri\en thiough tiie streets i to a common jjastiuc which was a : short distance west of Broadway, and \vere milked on their rettu-n in the late allenioon. There w-as , always work to be done in the .-g.nrdens, the stables .-md the <>r- ,chard, frii.t -and T.-cgctables to be c'Vatherod, horses to be ciuricd, iMg,-; and chickeiis to be fed. ond iiie ground cleared of weeds. Like all other st:-ects in this colonial tov.-n. AVilliam Street was ; imply a muddy or dusty road— liL -pcnding nn the state of i_ weather—and there were ic i^ide- ualks. nor v.-as ihere street- cleaning ck'!j ,i !-tii->ent in the •• ,:id;Tiinistratio]i. But o\ei -y Fri- i'.lay Wv year i-oii ;c. llie streets '-"!;-.d '.T be elc-inefi liy Thi; hoii 'noiders and tliu rcl 'irc vn ial tlie vi\or. Kacli resident (-lc;ined oiiiy llial jjart ol 1!ic Street wiiicli lay in front < ' his ho '.ise. ' 'I'hc stieci ligl-.i in,", v.;is njic h, I 'ne citi /cMS, (Jiio lioiiseholdei- i f-j -.V seven hung out a ianterr. Oflor his re.;ide- ce, and six of hi., nearest nciclibiirs shared wilh the -\p:nsc of keeping the "sight burning. ' (The BrllnxjLo.v. Ardiive) Most of the coastwise v-assels, carrying passengers between New Englaiid and the southeiii ports, put into Colonial New York. (Chapter VI.) rpHE Lawrence house was neariy M>!I tiio second n .;'ir. "iicro were six 50 years old. Major Lav.rcncc's roedrw(.ii;.^: and m i r tiieiu was an father had built it in ITU."), and the Major had lived in it all Ins life. It was as ]-igidly rectangular as a Ijarn, without any projecting attic nsi(i ii.v li'.e servants. There was also a ('liar for storage ot l1on^ ci.iild .•• ii>.- . .lust behind the kiteluii. \\\\\^ :i door opening ir.ti) il.'v, llie umidslied—a dark, v.-ings. nov: v.-i!xiov,-,s, r.;- tcctin-al fri!!: of any k>nd. I'-.- • v.-eli -piciiirii-:i ()ncd .n;i oricks usi'd 'onikiini; ii \:'-,-: •v.-u-ii;ns colors, stiel; .'i •••i-<.\".--. Ijrov.n. ulue ..nd red. a:i; nii'. i in ciu-iou.. Je-ign . Thi- <!• t->-..-..t-\ •brick • a tiu- .nse ;• cc-rlaiii an- I light" .nci cl'.a.-in. Fol>^\\• Jie D-atch ia.:ii 'i ;i, one of he narrow ends I 'lc liiKis faced trie street, anrl right o; the th^ u,,,nlare. jJci .j'-" Ihe front door tliere v. as ]u;ic portii called a !(»):), ,-i wurd joip.cs l ' Ih" I'nl .C 'i slnrri. On wai'in snunn'M- '-x i.nin.:;.-; il was th ;-iisliini for evciyi.-ii" tn ••' 'in 111 .--I MOI), and tin- -ft liac^ li'.'cly ;i|)|)ea';ini-f' -i-i .''11 il \-:icir ;M:i J i-Mnl-dnni- |).n 'l( i-uighing ;md singing, and \j:;ilii:g on anotlicr. On the group.a (lot'r- the lun'sf had four i-i>onis—pr.ilor. nni^ room, library and '.itchen. .•\bi)\e. i'l a v.'lini," , jK-,;- .: .-; (-tipijia '.ly v.'iiieli ,:!.ni-';. In f.'iniily ualcun.v in it ti • Ea .->1 n, and the , ;in niii- ixnhotinis, <::ry. did not r,r llK 18th ' .iiniking and .;n-:lil to the (-asl ;s by nn iiioiithly n I•. lU.-in.v Man• • I! : n Iheir • .a. none o .u n,i- when the.y (.( tlie well Mil id rock in- 11(1 lie Ceiitinucd) BiJlau and wiio are leaving this community, .-nid in honor of the Hir.HtR KUrC'.ATIO.N liuir;!! Salt Lake Citv, Jan. 10. lAPn— ami-.. new minister. Rev. Mtinginger and! .'i three-day course in western cnw- as l;n- ;.v. f:>mily, I boy dancing appears to be poinil .ir, have cir.ili, nl l.n:"h (ilticials said ;()'•.! |)c!-<nn.s—some from .'. h.-. M 'Uili'-rn Idailo— C3 400 N. WASHINGTON You Can Usually Fimi It At VISIT OUR MEN'S SikOE DEPT. Good looking and Good; Wearing Values at $4.50, $5, $5.50 -CHUflCHILLS —AIR -O -MAGIC —Tans —Black r-Wing Tips —Staples —Plain Toes CAR-OWf This Will Be The WORST, WIITER Your Car Has Ever Faced! IF ever a car needed ALL SIZES O TO 20 WEPKS TO PAY deserved cxtni tare and extra attention, tins winter is the riincl •iCoId-weatiicr driving, aiw.iy.s li.irj un any autd- nibbile, is doubly iiard on older cars. And your, aad every car in tlic country, is an "older car. " Yec it is more important than ever, nor only as precious personal transportation, but aSr a vital part of the nation's transportation system. So whether your cat is three years, seven years, or ten years old . . . keep it alive, keep it rolling, keep it delivering essenti-al wartime service, reg.irdless of age or weather. To aid you in doing that, to make your car and your tires go farther and las.t longer, there is intelligent and exfiert help waiting at evr<y Phillips 66-Service Station. Phillips Car-Saving Service includes CARE FOR YOUR CAR- FoR YOUR COUNTRY checking of anti-fa-e/,e | rorci ti(;n, b.ittery, t)il level, an(.i air liitcr . . . iul-.iK.i'nn dt (.very friction point spcciiieii by liic irnn-.-.r in }i ,i,r tar. Piiiliips Tirc-S.i-.'in ,L; S '.T'.i ^t.- includes chcclciiig air Tcssures . . . inspLxncn ti.r iioles, cuts, and iruises . . . e :-:,inlin,tn(iii ot tire (.ari ^ to warn when re-capping i.^ n-.n.icii . . . cris.-itrossiiig with the sp.iic cv(.ry .^()•;0 inii-. Remember that this winter, even ir miller iliaii usu.iL, is a most critical one f. .r o'dercar.s. So don't wait for tlic wcariicrin.ui to tell you when cold spells .irc C(jini;ig. Do your part to prcvci:: the threatcntJ Crisis in home-front tr.msnorc.icion. Drive in for Piiillip.s Car-Saving and Tire-Savin-; Service w-liercver you sec the Orange and Black 66 Shield . . . tti-e .''ign of famous Phillips f6 Cisolmclind Phillips 66 Motor Oil. FOR VICTORY...Buy U.S. War Bflnagii^iiips Phillips 66 Products Are Distributed in lola And Vicinity by Reed and Bicknell. Fred Bicknell, Manager

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