Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 13, 1930 · Page 5
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 5

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 13, 1930
Page 5
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DECATUR HERALD MONDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 13, 1930 Owners * iscuss Tax on Tuesdw - t-ti,, m rno St Ni chol(1 ', l»lmcv. (hullman of " "'"l«l Invention'. 1 i\f - Th '· 'Hf. t 'Pi) Just Vrop'oT ; 1 " ' ' ( M t u ( f Jl (0 ^ Services in 100] Next Sunday 1 W i l l h.lVI. JtB f| ((1 , inna\ u f t f , fn,fjji h* i" 'hi *l m i nUnx)! M i K i o n i a tlm inn h M thrust ( h i i u h will i l" join In [ii.tdnir ,[ I )li A UM H THE SICK f i' t lone di rntiM I K I I i ol Ihi n« Ltui ! m. mid* I\M nt Jin i t *n n to! Jifijn m l k i l i in t nin ' in '·!! M u j s mi 1 1 t i c nlnt ^tii ii I iu v i Km 4 t l )l It MM l I n K kliru ,1 M 1 [1( l il ll (,11111V 4 f l t l l l t i i ' *·}» Mlltir in t J i I \ Pu t I M ('h^rlM t i .^ n 11.: u ui KIVO ' i I'nik All nn-inhrii*. PJn.ili i in iti (I In ft' ce and Cuiicura* t '.i n In n i tix I I . M l IH ll UU 1 I I I ll f li t i i y at \\\ \ tlu, mi rs FROM . ,|, i - -,111 li .1* nidi- in TODAY inn nloiiaid »1' |V ' n ,,t t h r t i i lie" 1 " s tfAYER CAUGHT IN 85-CENT ROBEBRY Daughter of Sorinp Vnllev Dance Hall Pmnrif tor Identifies Holdup n Hit Kclnlut U«i). (.-oni in a tilled low nntntnobll* untl m,cotn nciilod )y rollCPtricn lodelili OCon nii ninl WDIIum Knihorn gam thu ID find PotkuniiH was eapliitMJ n(tii HP hull dlurhai'^fO Mm le^ol vcr ut tht qfdooM Pining (he c\ or «holrt Snnllo Guieiu, n by*taml«i used by P«l- knnni fin B ^hlctcl WOK uuundcd In ,6 V (/nil. it I' i CHICAClO. Od 1.1 l ' Monday *» Poet who m-vHwd i p1 ' t,f OUH of British Archaeologist Dies Suddenly in London Mn«t»r»i .ittn mnn, T r «tth 1 1 Mem it t U niwt« thn .ion .o Lbcd by TJeut John J ' LONDON (M U Hi Hail) M ' H llftll fit fumed archntolo):l(tl and| konpui of EK)f'tlan und \i«iyilnn an- tlHilUr-i In the Hiltlsh tnuirtirn Inu l u d l n z the TulnnlthnniPii iptlci dlml Mvnduv aflei u nhort CHILD FOLND NEAR HOME AFTER 1,000 SEARCH ALL NIGHT it,, I tiliil f ,, ,. i HAMMOND 0. Oct 13 - r.»w Mm lo Dclchelboi 18 mtintlia old git I «ho hud hcpn nihtliif ul! nlghr and hi llfrvpd kidnaped wim found un- Imimnl Mniulav In [mltti* Iwti titan h f r home Thu Ilitle girl apiiuicnLlv hnd wun- deied Iti lht vicinity of hei home nil night while 1000 boy smuts nnd |io- licrt H i n r t h t H l tho nclghbmliowl Tios Mtul (taught! I ff Mi and M i s VVHIIiim Doloholbor dliuitpitaiMl lit ft nctock StliultLV nlRhl ftoin the bnrk\uid nf hci mint Jli t Cliuu Artcnbtii! Wlicn whn was noi lounil Hh dcnlh ifvlvcrt ntznln lh« oh! su- Klnn tlliout tin "C-UIP of impi Impllr-nlltin w i t h j Tutftnkhumcn" « h i ( h wtd p ( J e (*J"J nU f(lcr 11* will face ft rtftfl tti de»f«nd oti »t 1n th'w ronnnted with the illuttn blna o( hh lomh Aftpi the f 1 * 1 *'* 1 »f lifHtt Carrucrxm ivlio ijwn ttottJ i h i « x i n i a t l o n of ihi- tomb ttv sun some- 30 of pcnons tenths to In the '* ! *" Mrmin* whdther h* one b« tdtntt HJ )n (onfldctlin with nvimeioun oial seam flixl holrtiirii here , h « \ o'.'in arre^tflfl n/t«r h» , dlrctlli of Int11icrtl\ -MOUUI of t h c m j t f t rrthfil Eov Ttrtnbnrtiicn of his i^xtrotuclv trnmt* « l t h this ("tpcdl und 8(1 c*nl« Saliirdiij In tlm neljfhljorhfiod by thp IKillce iind bov "emits wi'ii tulli'd in ami s t n i t h f i t throughnut thf nlKht P i n t s tha.1 she hail bpfm kklnajwrl aioje u h s n It i\ai Iciiniid hti lather Binptovmriit inann^i for tits Sentih ulaiil of thi Py-Pioduct underway Rest Mai In was fount! Inn bloctta (rom her home, territory tltnt hud boon gone over tlmt and again timing this night- by th« 1,000 eearcb- OFFICE SEEKERS HUNT FOR VOTES itftr tfttttttt l r rt*t t BAST ST. LOUIS, Oct I3~RV niibllcan cundld itc-i foi Illinois OF flee*, including Mrs Ttulh Banna McCnimlok will concentrate their political aitlvHIpa In Mddliton and St Cltilr counties Monday and Tuns (in Y The following Mrs MeCot nilcd. Con, Richard t/ilei tttiil Claienec B Buck vrll) s|)calt wl O'Ftvllon Lebanon: Marln sa nnd Frceburg Monday. Tonight Mi t McCorrnlck will appear at tiinnlii' Cltv Mid Kut St Louis and Tuesday she will bro»dcea over the radio and later talk a 1 lion i t m p a n v hud dlmltaiyd 32 men r - ciruh Vnlli c Immt'dlutfi^ iet out h thi' lionn"" nf Hip mnn foi of thi rnlld An ihii plmtc (if (hi. itciitli nai Attoinoy Gnncm! Oticai E Carl- sltom Col Frank L, 8mlth and Supt of Public Inst uctlon FrfcnclH a Hlalr will trtlk at Dupo, MitlnUdt MiiH'nttlnh and New Athena Mon- dai Cajlfltrom will accompany Mrs to Ui unite City and St I 'Its. i Monday night Sen Otis V, Ulejin, Buck and former GOT. W, L. Haid l»g of town will talk ut Alton while Smith and Yfttet will address s suthoilng at CulllmivUJt Pana Tailor Slugged And Robbed of $165 PAlMA. O«t 13-O M OtJoe, Pan* tall01. van slugged and robbed of Jlfli ,day night by two mon who attacked him In Ui« alky in the rear of hit homo, Mr. Otoo frequently usfld thft '11cy as i» abort cut to hiu home from his shot) It U believed that hia astnllimte w«rc famitlur with bis habits and lay In wait for him STRODHER BROS, ~»W»IOST9~ ·tun* t-MM 3« M. Mrin Flowers and Plants Far All (M«u)Kii ff* mrcrafih fl«wt» Aujwhn* THE NEW FORD' B E A U T Y S A F E T Y P O W E R C O M F O R T S P E E D C O N O M Y L O N G L I F E R E L I A B I L I T Y N E W F O R D C O U P E Fwtty *n*lowd four-wheel brake* · , . four HouiUllfa do«ble*ciJni brdravllc ·hotk absorber*. , , . Triplex ilutlcr' proof I'M* wlnibhleU . . . five tl«el- (poke wh*di . 1 1 tonfttMabe driT» , ", . three-quarter ftuttaft MM «*1" . , . RwthM Steel for exurior «*ul part*. wmniiUM nwHiMr I'smiflt, jiil rfdlir ttt 4**lL ft tti fnJioMl all fa* feature* of the new Ford there It none more importtmt than reliability. Iti* a reflection of the *ubnnnti«l uorth of the ear* Evidence of the higb quality hnill Into the Forrl U the Fxtriiwve use of ball and roller hearings. Tbcrc are more thnn twenty in all--an unusually large number. From the engine to the road, the ertire drive of the new Ford on all forward upecd* i* wholly on ball and roller bearing*. In addition lo smoother operation, thia wires gasoline, given the car more speed and power, decreases noise and increases the durability and efficiency of every moving parl, Another important factor in.good performance id the cere with which the car is made. The aluminum pistons are an interesting example of precision manufacture. Though weighing more than a pound each, they are made to accurately that they do not vary more than two grams in weight. In size they are held true to within one one* thousandth of an inch. The wriflt«pin hole« in the pistons are diamond bored to within a limit of three ten4housandths of an inch. lit each motor, complete piston and connecUng*rod assemblies are not permitted to vary from each other by mote than 3^ grams. Throughout the ear you find many other instances of this same accuracy in the manufacture and assembly of vital mechanical parts, Combined, with simplicity of design and high quality of materials, it is the reason, for die economy and long life of the car and the satisfactory service It is giving millions of owners the world over. Sec the nearest dealer and have him give yon a demon* etratiott rido in the new Ford. You will know then that it brings you everything you want or need in an automobile at on unusually low price. FOIID MOTOR COMPANY DECATUR HERALD Use Our Lay-Away Plan WATFP Gome Tuesday! A Our Greatest Showing of Fur Trimmed Coats Use Otir Lay Away Plan Sites for Mis*** Junior n, Women t\nd Extra Size* The Fabrics: '/rice Btnaitctoth^ New Suedt Fabric* MafVel Poifif, /·'(jmim: /J/pdra, f"i/e Fabric* The Colors: H'rite Shade t WoQj Tnnvi Citttttl C«i(n Black, Colonial The Styles: .Vcu) ftark Tt Rtltt end f^ngtlti «l -f .93, Fur Trims: Cicnutrit /{ct/ / 01 /.ynx, Japan* *c liaJfti Coratutt CVuiiuifdn H' ."JdWe /),tye/ Aijmtid Copies of Higher Priced Models-»These FALL HATS Smart New Stylet OH the Face Cushion Brims Divorcee High Brows _ SBCON1 VIAWH /Vow Fettt! New Velvttt! /Yew Woof Felt* NEW FALL FELTS A SUPER VALUE GROUP AT Svwnky FetUl Draped Velvets! Bcrct Slyl«»! Moulded Lycktow Effecttl Styles (or «veiy Miss or Matron In colors iKal will match any frock you m«y have. town* Mow BOYS'- AND GIHI.K' UNIONS Flnp r i b b e d pvntl w n i s t style, while or random SIxcuJ 3 to IS yearsf 2nd Floor 40-Inch Drees Silks BOYrV AND CURLS' SLEEPERS Pink or bh» [lunnclctte pat- IcinK silk flop , tt hnrmd StiogJ 3 to 0 inri Floor PRETTY DRESSES T u b f a s prints, bioail-l cloth und col-1 ton I w f n d [ Sizes T to 11] yoara Jml Floor I 40 inch Punted Royon C 40 me/i Fiat Crtpc 40 inch Crtft Satin 40 inch Gcoigttte Crept 40 tnth Charmcuit Satm M I.VCII MOTOI SATINE Can nine M o t o r , with highly mt cerlzed flntuli « WAtlt^d COiOlft 1 I.K. I'OTTIIN BAITS TZxM tullcemforl. »li« snow whit* | flMl tjUBlily cotton but IB . DOTS' SCHOOL BLOUSES Light petcale p a t t u r n e d IllOUNOK, t U 11 CUt SlMB S 12 yeitrv.' 2nd Floor SI VD. ITllNOED PANEL CURTAINS 4)1 inches w i d e ehokt of flcl *li*dow net pa el* n e c r u or 1 Ivory color nl)k| f ringed botiomK,. M IN. DNBLBAUHBD MUSLIN Famoun F»th George «xccll*nt' Keavy q u a l i t y y a r d w l d * un- bleAch«d miwlln . M INCH COMFOltr CHALLIE Ynrd wldi- flne^ ^^| / jlhtttMi- |U»1-V ·· 1 /»_ Ity cholc* 1 of · i ' *|* runny lluht 01 · ^ Ij d»rk putti)n- · ^_ IkMMtwnt · ^ II IW4I Linen Tow«wn| pur*llrwin-t)ol(«! of blfitehrd \r nn- orcO tfordcr M iM'ii tvime TERRYCLOTH Yavii wl** douhln fM«d i«ny el" 1 In jprttlly (1'itnl, uid ftthv«r W l«rnt ..,,,.-.... MM BED SHEETS l*rg* doubln bed nit* full bl«n-h»l Kh«tlji \vli)i w!' h«mn GOODS CO lEWSPAPJEJftr

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