The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on October 7, 1974 · Page 9
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 9

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 7, 1974
Page 9
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equipment donation will aid in new course OW* tt»M Otofetan has valued *l mare (Mo IT.OM to Brirapart to support the only to phy^nl chemistry bcft* taught by • JM*«r or community eotfe** Ed Springs, associate professor oC Owmbtry and Dr. KmtaO T**», prates** of eNmtery »l the «hool who «ttv tavah*d in devtkving the coon* tine* ft* twsteataR. todk*t«ii thai the cqdpnwnt tadwks two manometers, * weight apparatus, tomb unit, an etcctniijnd* Apparatus and * Iwe-fKntiton electrolytic »n*lyW, A palare(raph. t\»o surface tension apparatus. two platinum anede and two platinum cathode apparatus. three vtac«um«iirr», a water lurMdltneter and « fxMen tionwtw "We are wry pta»ed to Dr. George (lam. an Baylor I'nivmily and h*» Ph. • t» f>«gtee Iron* Purdue I'niventty While working toward hw doctorate, Dr H»m iau*M several Mvttam el freihman ch*mi*try and Haw an eeportuntty ta wwk toward filling iMi n««d," Mid H Organic Products Research Department who has bwo with the company t» year*, teaching the clan, which ro**ts twice each week on the Ctallegv campus- Dr. ll«m reeeiwlhijBS degree from Dr Dill farter, (ten a wnsete* »t the xhMl. and II Hectare.. director of development for '% Trun iHtwtws, w«r* ftr« to .urns* the »wd far j rtHJfw ta phftitral cbenmtry at Itr*io4por! M normally altered during lh* Junior year »t foor year colleges and umumMie*, H C'uttege wffteiab to »tcw« tptvial ptrnUMMt (ran the State Coordinating ikwrd Wore we cwfel «(fe» rt for credit, tt *ouW net have htm to offer thw without the THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS FRKEPORT. TEXAS. MOXPAY. OCTOBEH 7. I9M r¥fire«e<tiitiv<M ot the- company fitit contacted the tot|*|tf retarding et»t f\ wttuB) *>/(iTin(t a couw* in physttai (rhcmutry *e were Page 10 wsifrrstrd *w! *«ry pkawd lo wtth The «wr»e can t* >ra»- chemttiiy ta»(urt mwtog en to auntt fow year (otlrtM ««d 0XC6Ptt Al Flr<a "*"»»»»«»< * rUnll o( take Jacluan wbea you maintain a mini mam batancr trf £W.M or mere each month. VOl' I*;VV NO S K H V I l K I II A H t; K ttllATSORVKtl! checking accounts are checking accounts. 04 Ukr mjlntalaa tuUixe ol $l»«.«4 to H*MW YUl PAY ONLY tt.wSKHMtK VIIAKUK. except: j^j JUtkvatt 11 imwr bjUncr b under IIM o» YUl PAY ONLY It S OUR EXCEPTIONS ADD UP NATIONAL, BANK OF LAKE •VWR ACTION ».V?»K" CtwmUlry J*« e» tisvwVil mS four Ihr natttr* »* I hit pfta** *fll 9< ami Yonf/s, TWQB criticized t s & tfcr I:B(H«."« prw$*f!iift ol :e Utl f ft* A? p»itns U» Shir4 («»* >rf iNc i4 * s * " rf !fe * **' ' ft* (»{ ,»»{l»!iviO,» "" wUJ !lf 4.*f4 tfc*- i'V- V •V' 'iJUtt JfJ^-ll^JM^ -|lltt«t*'*-. ; .'til i »': 1.3*1 »•* (irfjt! »i!h )?*>;?? -^ to j*t)<.>rb«t«i*«ry, caiAfj^st* «»J !OpM"« wilt ;2tc|lt4t lf*n The Official Presidential Inaugural Medal To £tturc the coola-.uiiy of Otfi- rul Pfetnfenlui Inaugural McdUh. (Unick (or every Piciidcn« taut Wiltum McKinfey m 19011 the PrcwJcttlul luupujJ MoUl Com- notice, headed by Setuux vi^ii ItatfcU. lu* aulfcoruoJ the nvu- aacc o( an Official PicUJcniul Mcdtl la honor CcnU K Fo«d. the i*h Prcuiieni o* (he United Si4lc» The Get Jd H. Ford Mc*bi »ill ht jlruck in dnnaik hi(h-ielKi by MnbHic An Cuo^uny. mcilalm of amc pfctitxn (Mhcul Pinitkn- tul Ituiupiral MeJalt uKludxif tho*c lor Ffanilin D. Ruawvvh. Owifhl D. En«nhoi*«f. John F Kennedy. Lyn<iun B jattnton Jiul KkturJ M. Nuon The uniiMicncn ot Mr. Fo««J'» ascent to the Prcwkncy iiHipkd with the profound Mtalic till I of portrait wvlpwr Mnn> (Uiifnuo. cOrahirK to (Tic ttut mrtiil iirroen- ctMB rt«lkn.l»M jppcj) (Mr, K«if- nun il»u «fm«U the Otlkial V. P. laauoiti) Medal ft* Mr Kwd i The new med»l will he «iiuck in tirictiy linuleU eduiwm of 34 S>l Ootd on Pure Siltcr ( Vermeil i. Pnwl Fiokh Pure Stiver and Antique Fiftbh Paw Silver. An un- timilcd edition Antique Fmtkh Bnxuc »iil aba be produced- All medal *aJc* proceed* to the com- mittre will be donated to a tf>cct»l ooo-pfo&t fund to b« ickcied by the Preudeiu I hrtti< fMbam I J.!i*.n. I wml .' !«*> i«« 1'ni.s J(«.» l*wf< ti»r» ^v('«i<>«» favtf Jfitn *>5ef Sm j J $**»»'< J !rt«lf( I ! t> • t»feiiMnl Ktmuv t «*!,«. The only medal aiittorizedbythe Presidential Inaugural Medal Committee I'HtlM \tl (Jv* V4 CiwH I mMft •»(»«», ^nJ Ihi A {i<^d \vrnwti •• fi'i N; wt ,i« tie «>M im J ft'^» t-amt. ftf»* State Firm Is stilt the best car insurance value m iotas. ^ «*«•> •f'ltr »*-•* • HE. FWWKUH G.Q. («(f Kl. It Vator •»! TAr CoW Kr/ou^/ £^iff<M (74. KJ. Ootd ekciiopUifd oo Pwr S4- W) b*» an a«l*juc pauoa Aftttb of iMrcOibl* beauty. The appeal trf ppwiow joW. coa»Wo<U with the ctUcmdy lav limit of the cdMioa. wiH make |Ut a dewraMe lk>imj th« v,ii!(>iufj| K'*ui> •>< rteK OMkuJ l'ict<0<nli.(| |<wi>|u (4) M<Jjli jnd jfjn liMit I NCI i lolritkun. wollh li<-» fe^l i»tlvtti» VjfUK K>« «KHt IhC VlUMltJxJ (ill tarn limit* tu*r bren icj^twi). iivi m ti«(i(eJ >, the MedaJlic Art Company kiriiaim lo A iiuiu u .\/«n- 1 WO Road cut OMIO med^l* to p*r a* |tfu, w «i«tt m jd*J li> tiwtf o«rn tuHftiHKi. IM iu titbit in ttui tmtottf e«p«rKiKe, we urge you KI rrwrte )mti MiectKm without J«ij) UM ihc h«ody (uu- pan bektw. nrt !«»». iKittltn*^ iVlB»K IXHM* w f» H «f OX «»<HW#I' ea VU^INfUV' •-..-- -'mwrmrtiisliastaxti PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER Will MAKt 6 JO 8 DtffEftfMf POSIS SATISFACTION GUARANTEED WALL SIZE 11x14 i Only flu* 50' Hondliog «W *U'»VAIUI UFE SIZE 16x20 Compi/* With 1 24" VAIUE f $l*»«rt«M f«St t 0«« PII SabHt G/wpt 'l.Ofl i 75* Hondlmg Hi N«4t*t>«)« tu« FREE" 1 IxU SiTv^rtoneTortrait -^—.-—-^_ ,„ - ^ ^. -|_ T -_, u _..»-»iii Hh, j i, . u . . rn-r -mi-.m «i^n,mrt r.^^_ ^* ^* \F > Ih.t V*ry Special QU*r is pi«i<n!«/) M ,»« REK' I SUPE¥"MIKET 501 MAIN CUITE, TEXAS II Ut.4 P.M. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 9th

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