Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on January 29, 1898 · Page 2
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 2

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 29, 1898
Page 2
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M E L V I N , STEELE JOHNSON. EDITORS AND P R O P R I E T O R S . SATURDAY MORNING, JANUARY 29. AN IRON-BOUND COMBINE. The election of Judge Louis E. WcComas to the United Sute Senate, to succeed Scout or Gorman, is a fating 1 finale to the sham contest which has been wajycd for a week, with m u c h apparent w a r m t h , at the State capital. It stands out boldly as t h e a c h i e v e m e n t of a close corporation of politicians who have the Republican party of the State under absolute control; a corporation with territorial limits circumscribed to a single Congressional district of this commonwealth, and to the f a i t h f u l in that dishicl ouly are political positions awarded. It is a coi poration which has back of it t h e State and Federal administrations, and for a close ally the most" powerful business and semi-political corporation iu the State. W i t h such resources it is small wonder that the combine is selfish and arrogant, and it is surprising only to the most obtuse that this latest knock-out to the remainder of the State should have been given. The Eastern Shore can now bid farewell to every hope of just and equitable t r e a t m e n t under the present regime. Baltimore city may do the same. And it' there is honest opposition in the Kepublican ranks to bossism; if there is honest opposition among the independent voters to bossism, which they have each so vigorously decried for years, there will be an uprising of these people at the next eon oral election f h a t will sweep'Troiirp'ovrer the Sixth district combine, whose autocratic acts have dwarfed into insignificance the so-called bossism of the past. With the accession of another United States Senator to the corporation's membership--making tiro Senators, Governor of tbe State, the United States sub-Treasurer at Baltimore and, naturally, Judge McCoiuas's successor, when appointed, the f u l l board of control--it is most unlikely that the demands of the corporation for all sorts and sizes of political plums will be less than iu t h e past; or that the ostracism of those portions of the State outside of the Sixth district will be less marked. On the contrary, both are certain to bo increased. The Republicans of the State will take orders For years to come from the Sixth district pair of Senators, and Senator Wellington's r-pigramic caution to aspirant* to office will be revised to "See us first." The Republicans have fitted . a yoke to thf-ir necks which, gall - them as it may, they must wear for some years to come. CONCEALING ONES DISPOSITION. There is a species of hypocrisy in tbe concealment of one's disposition, that is by an assumption of manner intended to give an observer a wrong impression of one's character, and yet it is the common resort of good men as well as bad ones. In the game of life, as iu some other games, it is necessary for the successful player to keep an imperturbable countenance that ho may not reveal by his expression the thought that is in his mind. This effort at concealment may not be positive, but merely intended as a measure of protection against those who would take undue advantage of frankness. So also men of good and generous disposition maybe forced to put on a surly air to protect themselves from imposition. This kind of hypocrisy is not intended to deceive others, but to protect one's self. A more reprehensible kind of concealment of disposition is tliat of the cold, calculating man, actuated only by selfish motives, who puts on a suave and insinuating manner not for his own protection, but that he may deceive and swindle those with whom he may come in contact. The generous men who conceal their generosity under a bluff exterior are relatively scarce; the selfish men who conceal their designs under a genial and pleasant exterior arc quite common. They are apparently sympathetic; they are public spirited so long as the goud of the public requires nothing more than words, and they very often succeed in serving some selfish purpose under the pretense of doing a public good. Such men have brought discredit on many chartiable and reform organizations, for they recommend themselves for places of influence by their genial manner. In spite of all the experience men may have they are liable to be fooled, for a time at least, by the Peck- sniffs-of society. All men judge others at first »y their manners. This man is churlish because he is not cordial in his m a n n e r ; that man is genial because he is effusive in his expressions of cordial interest iu those whom he meets. After a time ·however, the keen observer learns to differentiate the manner of a man froni his real* disposition and he may then find that the one whom he supposed to be chuilish has a k i n d l y heart, but has never learned the polite art of conversation or, knowing himself to be weak, has put on a churlish disposition to protect himself. He may also find that tha genial man is quite shallow, devoid of strong sentiment and able to do .nothing more than chatter, or that he is 'thoroughly selfish and puts on the air of geniality t h a t he may the better accomplish his selfish purposes. The manner of a man, although it serves as tbe first index one may have to his character, is* iii fact, no b e t t e r as nn index than hisolotlics may be. Like his clothes, it may he p u t on or taken off at w i l l . Strictly speaking the inaniici of a iiviii should reflect his charaetc-r; ho ciuinot assume a man nor concealing his dispositiou w i t h o u t , in a measure, descending to hypociisy, and yet good men are compelled for t h e i r own protection to keep such control of tliPinselves as will shield them from the m a c h i n a t i o n of others u n t i l they have learned t h a t in cert a i n company they can relax tho guard and reveal t h e i r true dispositions. All this will be learned by youug men us they Rain expcri ence in tho world; all that they need at the outset is a warning to be on their guard not to set down m a n n e r as au i n f a l l i b l e guide to character and disposition. AN ANTI-CORRUPTION BILL. Senator Ptitzel has introduced an anti-corruption bill. It provides that no candidate for Congress or for any public office to be filled by popular eli'clion in any county, city, distiict ward or municipality thereof shall directly 01 indirectly contribute (in.uicially to his own or any other person's nomination or election, or spend for any party or measure a sii-n to be detetoiined upon the fol lowing basis: For 5,000 votes or le.-s, $100; for each 100 votes over 3,000 and under 2,500, $1; for each 100 votes over 2,500, 50 cents. The n u m b e r of voters is to be ascertained by the total number of votes cast for all the candidates for such office at the last preceding regular elect i o n held to fill the same; and any p a y m e n t iu excess of this sum shall bu considered unlawful. In this a m o u n t are not included the actual traveling espouses nor money expended for advertisements iu newspapers or by circulars. Every can- d i d a t e must file within 30 days at'ler eli'ctioD with the officer empowered to issue the election certificate, and a duplicate thereof to the Clerk of tho Circuit Court iu the county, and Clerk of the Superior Court in Baltimore City, a sworn statement con- t a i n i n g the exact amount expended by him or by anyone in his behalf, or by himself ia behalf of any other candidate. He is to receive no com- m'^siou u n t i l such affidavit has been fi'li-d. Every political committee nhiisli shall consist of two or .more persons shall maintain a treasurer, \ \ I i o s h a l l keep a record of all col- IcL-tious and disbursements iu the interest of any candidate or candidates, aod it shall be deemed unlaw- f u l for any committee to expend any such money unless they have first passed through the treasurer's hands, and are accounted for. A viol a t i o n of these sections shall be ad- ju-lged a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof the person .shall be fined not less than $100 nor more than $1,000, or imprisonment for not more t h a n two years, or both. The tieasurer of a political committee is directed to keep an accurate account of all receipts and disburse int-nts. He shall also file au exact statement of all the moneys received from ench candidate, and how it was expended. He must also state if any debt has been incurred, if so, Maie the amount. The officer .is- s u i n g the certiBcate of election is aUo required to keep all statements anJ accounts filed with him as part of the records for four years after the t i m e of filing. These shall, at all reasonable times, be open to inspection. After four years they shall be destroyed. -Every treasurer w i l f u l l y refusing to file or make out the statements above referred to shall be guility of misdemeanor ami fined not less than $100 nor more than $1,000. Should he fail to keep his accounts correctly, setting f o i t h all that is required of him, or m u t i l a t e , deface or destroy any account-books, or misrepresent or conceal .such facts, or he shall fail to file his report five days after receiving a notice signed by five legal voters in tho county or city, he will be guilty of misdemeanor, and upon conviction shall be imprisoned not less than six months nor more t h a n two years. Any wilfully false statement made by a candidate Under oath shall be considered prejury and the person so offending shall be punished under the laws governing t h i s offense. ' 'croup, colds and bronchitis I h a t I have been able to find is Chamber- ! Iain's Cough Itemed}'. For family use it has no equal. I gladly recommend it." 25audoO cent botllos for sale by W. E. Brown, Denton; Hugh Duffey, Ilillsboro; K. J. Colston, Ridgely. Tour to Florulu. The next Pennsylvania R a i l i o a d to Jacksonville, allowing two weeks in Florida, will leave New York and Philadelphia by special train of P u l l m a n Palace Car Tuesday, February S. Excursion tickets, including railway transportation, P u l l m a n accommodations (one berth), and meals en route in both directions while traveling on the special train, will be sold at tho f o l l o w i n g rates; New York, $50.00; Philadelphia, $48.00; Canaudaigua, $52.85: Erie, $54.35; Wilkesban-e, $50.35; Pittsburg, $53.00; and at proportionate rates from other poiuts. For tickets, itineraries, and full information apply to ticket agents; Tourist Agent, 1196 Broadway, New York; or address Geo. W. Boyd, Assistant General Passenger Agent, Broad Street Station, Philadelphia. Persons who are troubled with indigestion will be interested in tho experience of Wm. H. Peuu, chief clerk in the railway mail service at Des Moines, Iowa, who writes: "It gives me pleasure to testify to the meritsof Chamberlain's Colic Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. For two years I have suffered from iudigos- tion, and am subject to frequent severe attacks of pain in the stomach and bowels. One or two doses of this remedy never fails to give perfect relief. Prico 25 and 50 cents; for sale by "VV. E. Browu, Denton; Hugh Duffey, Hillsboro; EDITORIAL NOTES. The Philadelphia Times is a model newspaper iu all respects. It is unapproachable in typography; wide- awake iu news gathering; vigorous iu editorial utterance; uncompromisingly hostile to political corruption, and withal so unsensational and clean that the finer sensibilities at the fireside are never liable to shock from its visits. The Sunday edition is a weekly literary feast. Republican newspaper editors who several months ago considered that none were poor enough to do reverence to the Duke of Allegany have w i t h i n the past few days changed their minds with undignified haste. No man in Maryland holds iu his hands a more potent power, politically, than does Senator Wellington. Rev. T. DeWitt Tulmacio, the noted Washington preacher, and Mrs.ElenorMcCutcheou-Collierwere married on Saturday last Pittsburg. -»*·« The progressive ladies of Westfield, Ind., issued a "Woman's Edition" oi! the Westfield News, beating date of April 3, 180. Tbe paper is filled with matter of interest to women, and we notice the following from a correspondent, which the editors printed, realizing that it treats upon a matter of vital importance to their sex: The best remedy for R. J. Colston, Ridgely. HURLEY.--At her home, Linchester, Mrs. Sallie Hurley, wife of Mr. John Hurley of that place, of paralysis of the brain, on Tuesday evening, January llth, at 0:30 o'clock, aged about CO years. PHILADELPHIA, Monday, Jan. 24,1893. A Dress Goods Review No goods enter the ranks herefor more than a season. We may be importuned to re-order a favored line--but that will not have kept a piece of the first season's lot as a straggler. The spring recruits are thousands strong. Expect to read their story any fine morning. But now we muster out the lots you saw yesterday and last week. From two of the twenty-three sections alone we line up fifty fine stuffs for the march out. Of these forty-eight are imported; two American. The other sections also contribute. Now, we are finding dress goods prices higher, as we buy the new lots, but the savings on present lots are based on last week's prices-Dollar then; half dollar now. Dollar twenty-five then; seventy- five cents now. Two dollars then; one dollar now. And not a piece among the fifty that we look at as we write but will be'asself-respecting in its prettiness a year from now--though there is still wear-out time for another winterdress this season. Some few spring tints and weights are included. At 50c from $1-- Bouretted Check Cheviot. At 50c from 81.25-Two-toned Boucle Cheviot. At 60c from $1.25-Plaid Boucle on serge ground. At 75c from S1.25-- Crepe Covert (spring colors). At 75c from SI.25-- Two-toned Whipcord. At 75c from §1.75-- Pique Cords (only navy). At $1 from $1.50-1 Humiliated Whipcord. At $1 from 81.75-Covert Cloth (spring shade). At SI from 82-- , Silk-and-wool Tailor Suiting. Good-fortune F O R E S I G H T is I in^nc better than luck; Linens . y et j t was g OOC j fortune for lovers of good linens that we gathered such liberal supplies be- fore the high rails were added to the tariff fence. These linens that are now at prices that will not likely be so low again for years, are rapidly dwindling away--the unpleasantly bigger prices will soon be in force --but not just yet. These for your sharing, if you hurry. TABLE LINENS-AT 50c A YARD--Full bleached Irish Damask; full two yards wide. A wonder of value that will not be equate J a^ain for years AT tiOc A YARD--Fine old-fashioned criiam dice Table Li ic i; Hfl inches wide. In service equal to the dollar linens. AT S5c A YARD--Fine full bleached Double Danask Table Linen; f u l l two yards wida Barely a thousand yards; and then the bigger cost. TOWELS-AT 12Mc--Extra heavy grass bleached Scotch Huck Towels, of the good old- fashioned "Barnsley" sort. lUxSS inches. AT IGc--All-white German Huck Towels with hemstitched ends; 18x30 indies. They'll be gone in a day or two--then no more at such a price. AT25c--Fine white Huckaback Towels, made in Ireland; handsome damask borders; 21x40 inches. A surprising value even In this store. TURKISH BATH TOWELS-The cotton Towels that won't put com- pany wrta me iiiun. rcc mse jusc as much wanted in their w.iy. bxtra heavy and fu'l hle.iched IS-. 12 at \'iVif- ·f'xj'2 inches at ISc. Flannels and Wi: '. vt ; r-., , , . good f o r t u n e in Flannelettes fc l l d i l l g w h i t e flannels at surpti.singly low prices. And prices are said to be going up, you know--these w e n t the other way. Want to share t h e m ? Four prices-At 12' cotton and wool Flannel, ol f,ur weight, even thre.ids and well wearing Regularly ISc. At lOc--Finer Flannels, vuth a bigger share o. wool The fust tune for tliis KMile uiulei 2J;. At ISc--A notch higher in grade; still gicater proportion of wool. Regularly 23c. At 25c--Fine all-wool white Flannel, in a weight not sold before at less than 31c FLANNELETTES-At 5c--Flannelettes in new styles, and better tlian usual qun'ity. A wonder how 11)3 ilyjmg. spin vii.? and weaving can be do ie for tie .ittlepuce. At 7c--Finer and heavier Flannelettes; prettier styles, too. At lOc--Flannelettes that look and feel like wool, but every thread is cotton; warm and pleasant for night dresses, wrappeisiiiid children's wear. John Wanamaker. ajjpr :lsp PRIME RECLEANED WESTERN CLOVER SEED $3. PER BUSHEL. CHOICE \ GLOVER SEED! (WESTERN) $3.50 A BUSHEL TIMOTHY SEED $1.50 A BUSHEL. H.T.KC1TUBHO.« ANDERSONTOWN, MD. I - ·SH GOOD TIMES P.RE H E R E AGAIN I ·· - .a ---eg T-Al this season of the year, when it is everybody's aim to SAVE MONEY we have come to help you by ottering you prices in P.LOTHINQ that/will surprise you, nnd also justify you to buy, as we must have room for SPRING GOODS! WK ARE Ol-FKUINO SURPRISING BARGAINS in Dry Goods, Hnts, Men's nnd Ladies' Coarse and Fine Foot-wear, and also n Full nnd Complete line of Notions. COME AND GET THE BENEFIT OF THE TIMES. BALTIMORE BARGAIN STORE, RIDGELY, MD. O UR Ntitive Herbs, the originnl Herb Compound, the blood Purifier nnd liver regiilntor. Treatment for 200 days one dollar. Piepnred exclusively by the AI.OK/O 0. BLISS Co., Washington, D. C., U. S. A. Registered guarantee goes with each brx of our native Herbs, the only medicine in the world fully guaranteed by registered number. If the purchaser is not cured the one dollar will bo refunded. Our ngents have exclusive rights in the Territory they occupy. No druggist is allowed to compote with them in h a n d l i n g this medicine. Signed, the Alonsio 0. Bliss Co., Washington, D. C, U. S. A. Sold only by SMITH GOOD, Denton, Bid., ngent for Caroline county, who will canvass tho county nt nn early date. Any one sending one dollar by until will receive the same, postpaid, with full directions in the box. It cures Rheumatism, -Kidney Disorders, Liver Complaints, Sick nnd Nervous Headache, Maluria, Neuralgia, Dys- pepsiu, Fever and Ague, Scrofula, Female Coicplnints, Erysipelas, Nervous Alllie- tions, Catarrh nnd nil Syphilitic Discuses, Be sure und get the Glyx.n Patent Nn- sul Douche with ench bottle of Gly/n; no charge is made for it. Dr. Emil Jiluller's Glyxti, the only absolutely sure cure for Cntnrrh. The grand prescription of the greatest of German physicians, Dr. Emil Mullcr, of Berlin. Certificate of gunrnn- tee. -- "Wo hereby guarantee that Dr. Emil Muller's Glyy.n will positively cure every form of Catarrh in the head, or we will cheerfully refund, provided the treatment proscribed be continued fora reasonable und proper period. We guarantee Glyzu to be harmless and nbbolulcly from dangerous drugs. This guarantee must be sent with any icqucst for return of money paid." Sl.OO per bottle. Signed by the Glyzn Chemical Company, Washington, D. C. Sole ngont for Cnr-line county, SMITH GOOD, Dcnton, Md. For Rent. Quod house to rent, on Lowe street, Denton, very clicixp. Apply to LEWIS WEST. FARMERS! LooK to Your Interest ar?d Get Our Price? Before m OI2I Who Are Prepared to Pay Fullest Market Value on Delivery. P. H, (JOLT, WYE STATION, QUEEN ANNE'S E, R. W, H, DENNY, WYE STATION, S, N. SMITH, WILLOUO HEY, W. F, PEMINGTO EUGENE LYNCEDOWNES, W, H, ANDERSON, DENTON, H, C, HOBBS ,HOBBS, W- R, PETERS, HICKMAN, W, S, LORD, GREENWOOD, C, BURTON, MILTON, -£·· Direct Telephone Connections With Queenstown, Sacks Furnished, IWM.HOPPSACO., BALTIMORE, HD. WILLIAM M. CONN, QUEENSTOWN, MD. GOLDEN IRISH THREAD. G OLDEN IRISH enters the water with stronger claims and bucking to substantiate its superiority thnn in nny previous \ear. Our .sales on this thread more than dnuMcd last year. GOI.DKN IKISII TIIHKAD has met with sti'onscr.r opposition in the Clu'ptank "River than nny brand ever placed there. How has it succeeded in the Hunt, manned by us? It 1ms narrowed the sales of other brands of thread, on this water down fully one-half, mid the close of 1808 will largely reduce this half, for orders on Shad Seines are alrcudy coming in nnd being booked for 1898. A multitude of Jish- criiicn will use GOLDEN Ixibii this Spring who did not do so last, because of its line catching qualities, estnblished a n d strengthened last year, to their entire satisfaction. Our challenge still stands nnd will extend through the season of 1898: "That we will match this thread against nny other brand (silk exceplect) made, no matter nt what cobt, for strength, durability nnd fish critcliing qualities." Change in The tariff has affected tho price of thread slightly, but wo are still the pioneers of low prices, as the following will show: Shnd' Seines, ready-knit, perfect work guaranteed, out of tiO 2-cord Golden Irish Thread, at SI.83 per pound. No slips nnd pcrtcct knots. Unltimore HO--our Xo. 35--2-cord thread in i pound balls, S1.25 per Ib. ANY LENGTH, DEPTH, OR SIZE OF MESH FURNISHED, varying by one-sixteenth of an inch. To avoid nny disappointment, let us have your ordors enrly, nnd we will k n i t 'the tcincs nnd put'them away u n t i l you want them; nothing is gained by delay. You nrc either going to fish or you nre not. Don't forget our Hanging Lines; no boiling, drugging or fixing: simply cut fron the coil and lace in. Guaranteed to neither kin k nnr twist. All by mnil promptly attended to. Give po=toftice address in nil letters. On nil orders give length, depth, and size of mesh, stretch measure. Kespcctfully, W. J. BLACKISTON, Denton,, Maryland. JOB FEINTING --SUCH AS-HANDBILLS, CIRCULARS, HANDBILLS, CIRCULARS, IIAJNDB1LLS, CIRCULARS, HANDBILLS, CIRCULARS, HANDBILLS, CIRCULARS. BILLHEADS, BILLHEADS, BILLHEADS, BILLHEADS, BILLHEADS, LEGAL FORMS, LEGAL FORMS, LEGAL FORMS, LEGAL FORMS, LEGAL FORMS CARDS, CARDS CARDS, CARDS, CARDS, TICKETS, TICKETS, TICKETS, TICKETS, TICKETS, AND ALL KINDS OF PLAIN AND F A N C I PLAIN A N D FANCY P L A I N AND FANCY PLAIN AND FANCY PLAIN AND FANCY JOB WORK JOB WORK JOB WORK JOB WORK JOB WORK KXECUTKD WITH NEATNESS AND DISPATCH NEATNESS AND DISPATCH N'EATNESS AND DISPATCH THE P H I L A D E L P H I A TIMES IS THE HANDSOMEST and BEST NEWSPAPER PUBIJSHE1. During 1898 TUB TIMKS will not only imiiiitiiin the high standard of excellence it reached the pn=t year, but will stend- fa'tly endeavor to excel its own best record, nnd will not swerve from its set purpose to make TIMES THE FAVORITE FAMILY NEWSPAPER OF THIS COUNTRY AND Tetter, Salt-Rheum and Eczema. The intense itching Hmlsmarting, incident to these diseases, is instantly allayed by applying Chamberlain's Eyo and Skin Ointment. Many very bad cases have been permanently cnied by it. It is equally efficient for itching piles and a favorite remedy for sore nipples, chapped hands, chilblains, frost bites and chronic sore eyes. 25 cts. per box. Dr. Cndy's Condition Powders, are just what a horse needs- when in bud condition. Tonic, blood purifier and vermifuge. They are not food but medicine and the best in use to put a horse in prime condition. Price 25 cents per package. Notice to Growers, We nrc rendy to contract for Tomatoes on Snlurday nfteinoon of cni-h week during February. Our contract price for 1898 will bo six dollnrs per ton. G. T. REDDEN CO. Plymouth Rocks, Pure-bred Burred Plymouth Rock Cockerels for enlc. H. C. FISHER, 1 15 3t Don ton, Md. 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"White from his wife, Kiln White, avinculomalrimonii. The bill states tlmt on or about the month of February, 1879, he was married to his wife, Ella White weaElln Walsh, at Norristown in the State of Pennsylvania, whence, nfter a few weeks, they canio to Cnroliuo county, State of Maryland, nnd resided on a farm near Federalsburg in Enid county, until about January 1st, 1S8G, and then returned to the State of Pennsylvania and resided at Consliohocken until the 7th of March, 1892, on which said lust mentioned date the respondent without cause left your orator, taking with her all the personal property and household effects belonging to your orator, since which time she hn.i not resided with h i m . That though tho conduct of your orator towards his wife, the snid Ella White, hns always been kind, affectionate and above reproach, the said Ella White has, without any just cause or reiibon, abandoned and deserted him, and has declared her intention to live with him no longer, and that such abandonment has continued uninterruptedly for at least three years, to wit six ycart. and is deliberate and final, and the separation of the paitjos is beyond any reasonable expectation of reconciliation. And the said respondent lives in the Stixtc of Pennsylvania and is not a resident of tho State of Maryland. It is thcrcupo.-i, this loth day of January, 1808, ordered by the Circuit Court for Caroline county, in Equity, that the complainant, by causing a copy of this order to bo inserted in some newspaper printed and published in Caroline county once in oach of four successive weeks before the loth day of February next, give notice to said absent defendant of the object and substance of this bill, v i a r n i n g her to appear in this court, in person or by solicitor, on or before the Oth day of Jlnrch next to show cause, if any she has, why a decree ought not to be passed as prayed. CHAHLES W. HOIiJJS.. Clerk. True copy--Test: GUAKLES W. HOBBS, Clerk. j,inlo-4t. MORTGAGEE'S SALE. Under and by virtue of a power of sale contained in n mortgage from James H. Webb nnd wife to Jc a se A. Wright, hear ing date,the 10th day of February, IStO, nnd of record among the land records for Caroline county, in L'.ber L II. G., No. 51, folios 471, c., the undersigned, ns mortgagee, will soil the property mention- id und described in said mortgage in front of the postoflioc in the village of Choptank, Caroline county, Maryland,Ion Saturday, 19th day of Febraary, 1898, between the hours of one aiul three o'clock p. in., of that day, as follows, to w i t : All that lot, piece or parcel of ground and premises sitmite in the village of Choptnnk, Caroline county, Mnryland, adjoining tlie Methodist Episcopal Church lot, the lot of H. P. Boslcy, the lot of J. K. Watson, the* lot of Samuel Lewis, and tho lot of J. T. Blades, be the quantity thereof whatsoever it may. The improvements consist of n TWO-STORY FRAME DWELLING and the necessary outbuildings, in good repair. This property is situated in '.he thriving village el'Choptank, where steady and prolHable employment can bu found tor both men and women. Terrrjs of Sale. Cash on the day of sale. Title papers nt expense of purchaser. JESSE A. WUIGIIT, LKWIS WEST, Mortgager 1 . Attorneys. TO THE PUBLIC! I dosiro to inform my friends of Denton and tho public roundabout that I will be at the store of STEWART BROS., in DENTON EYERT TUESDAY, where I will bu prepared to tnkc ordcis for all kinds of JEWEL- 11Y and to make repairs. All work will receive prniiipt attention, small repair* liuing made before leaving town. Orders left w i t h Stewart Uro«. will be carefully attended lo. I t h a n k you for ] fnvors, nnd hope to receive a continuance of them. TUB J E W E L E R . For Rent,' Dr. P. S. Reynolds' Cannery, at Qucun A n n e Station, near Ilillsboro, nnd lately occupied by Swing JJros., of Ridgcly. For further particulars npply to JOHN H. HOLT, 1 29 3 Cordovn, Md. 8 West Baltimore Street, (Thruv iloorn from Charles) B A L T I M O R E , MD. ft . r" I t CHRISTMAS! o L ET TI1KC1IR1STMASOIFTS be practical, sensible tin's year. It'll please the recipients more than pretty, useless knick-knacks. The men-fol ki wouldn't nppre- ciatc anything pKc half st much ns something to wc:ir. Please them this much--they'll t h a n k you for it tcn-fukl. Those uf you in search of ·jil'ts for brothers, sons, fnther.«, nnd husbands will find our store brimful of sensible suggestions of w h a t to give. A n d when you are in Baltimore fur tlie Clirislmns shopping we want you to freely avail yourselves of the privileges of our establishment. Accept our irivitnlion to Juive your mnil addressed hero; leave your pnckjigts here to be kept until called for; w i i t o y o u r letters here; in fnet. n i i i K u i his your headquarters while in town. It's entirely free of charge. Below we give you a few hints of sensible gifts for men : ^Hen's Suits, $5.48, Men's Very Stylish Suits of Oassi- nitre, Cheviot and Fancy Mixtures, Jj in blue, nnd black nnd plnid nnd ~ stripes, well innde nnd carefully finished: perfect fit guaranteed; iii all styles- worth SO, I'or $5.48 J i $10 and $12 Sails, $7.50. 3Ien's Fine Cnssimcre nnd, Cheviot Suits, in both single nnd double- breasted styles -- full of style and tailoring excellence--ns perfect flt- jj ting ns any high-priecd tailor's gar- 7^ ments; lined with superior quality Ti _ » · _ 1 i t . » (-· ft *i « _ , Italian cloth-- worth $10 and §12, for $7.60 $10 Overcoats, $5.98. .Men's Stylish Ulack and Navy Blue Chinchilla and Beaver Overcoats, carefully trimmed nnd lined and finished with tine silk velvet collars -- perfect in style nnd workmanship -- worth §10, for [$5.08 $15 Overcoats, $9.25. Men's Very Handsome Overcoats of Bkck and Blue Kersey, made ns only high-class garments are -- perfect models of the tailor's art; lined with flue Clny Worsted and sleeve linings of Skinner's best satin; raw or plain edges-- worth $15, for «0.25 Boys' Clothing. Boys' Handsome Suits of Corduroy. Cheviot and Cnssimere, in sizes S to 8 years; stylishly brnid trimmed mid have deep sailor collars-- worth £5 nudge, for $3.08 r- f f " I r 1 r- h r" k k ! r- r- r- Boys Fine Blue Chinchilla. Jtect- ers, with choice of sailor, velvet or storm collars; plaid lined, and some brnid trimmed--warm and comfortable, nnd will fill nny boy's heart with delight to receive one Christmas morning--worth §5, for $2.45 leo's Furnishings, Men's Fine Heavy Natural Catn- el's-hair Half Hose in blnck and scarlet--spliced heels nnd toes--worth 29c., for . 19c ^ Men's fine Kid Walking Gloves, in new light and dark shades or tan --worth §1 a pair, for 79o Men's Natural Wool and Camel's- J hair Underwear--warm nnd full of comfort nnd wear, worth SI, for 5Oc Men's New Style Hnts, both fc- ' dorns and derbies, in nil the newest shades--worth SI.60, SI.75 and S2.00, for : $1.00 THE CLOSE, 8 W. Baltimore St., (3 doors from Charles) Baltimore, Maryland. Jl FOiSC'S AUCTIOJNSALESI The Greatest, Fairest and Largest Bone- Dealers that Maryland Has Ever Known Are M. FOX SONS. We sell more horses nnd can SHOW YOU MORE HORSES than you can find in nny stable in the Stnte, DOFT MISS OUR AUCTION SALES! » You will wonder how cheap wo sell horses. Every horse offered is Sold for What Is Bid, And yo.i can take them home, and if misrepresented ship them buck and get your money back. M. FOX SONS, AUCTIONEERS AND PROPRIETORS, 31S-320-322 NORTH ST., Professional Notice, I desire to notify my clients and friends thnt I hnvc returned from Johns Hopkins Hospital in a very much improved condition; but it is deemed wise for me n ot to ongage myself m any legal work at the present time. In my office, adjoining my residence, ;nn be found "Wnlter Sparlclin, Esq., a mninber of this bnr. who is onreful nnd diligent, and will promptly attend to such Luisincss of mine as m i y be referred to liim. I expect to resume the active practice of Inw about April 1st. and will be flad then to see mv clients nnd friends lace to faec. JAMES N. TODD. Dec. 29, 1807-51. For Sale, Lloyd Strawberries, tlio most prolific and popular to date, plants for sale at less than hnlf market price. H. W. VIVKN, 1 29 8 Uridgoville, Del, 'SPAPERJ

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