Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on January 30, 2000 · Page 46
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 46

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 30, 2000
Page 46
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12 WEEK OF JAN. 30-FEB. 5, 2000 ON TV •SUPPLEMENT TO THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL SATURDAY FEB. 5, 2000 SB Saturday Night Uva Host Wayne 6. Music guest Fine Yoi ------ . ------ Young Camfcals. Hfl 1 CoameUc Surgery: Pursuit ol Perfection Fofcwlno three people it hey undergo cosmetic surgery, inducing a fjcstfl, fiposucton artf bressteuamenlaton. (H) (P!5H1 Fsmou* Jett Jackson A serloe of my* WousaccMents plague the Ml (R) W (ESPJ121 NFL 2Nlght [ffl iHSTTwrath of God: Dl*a*ter* In Ajnarlca -Avalanches: White Wab of Death* Deadry Ngh-ellrtude avalanches, inducing Die 1910 Weiraton duster In which two trains were swept off a mountain, Movie "Gone in the Night" (1998) n Doherty, Kmn Dion. Burton the hie story o( two Chicago parents who wwe falsely accused ol murdering their 7-year-old daughter. (4 SO) Oh Ycahl Cartoon*! Movl* * * "Fire In the Sky- (1993) eeney, Robot Patrick. Bawd on the true story of in Arizona lumberjack who claimed to hive bam abducted by alens. OB (2.-00) - l Hour. Good N«wa I Baach: Flrat Look Behind the scenes of --.-jach.' starring Leonardo DiCaprio. (R) [ffl (BK3 Movla * * * "Coming to AmerTca" (1968, Comedy) Eddie Murphy. Arsenlo Hal. An African prince chooses the crirrWiested ghet- toe of New York C«y as the logical place to search for a bride. A TC 00(1:56) ~"~'"~* „__ «:15P.M. ffl® Movla * * * "Raising Arizona" (WTTComedy) Nicolas Cage, Holy Hunter. A cNUess couple decides to relieve a local furniture king of one of his newborn quintuplets. A 'PG-13 1 [ffl (133) ISHOW1 Movla * The Godson" (1998, Comedy) Bodney Dangerfeld, Dom DeLuise. An aging mafia don sends his son to a special school to learn the tne art of being a mobster. A 'PG-13 1 [ffl (1:40) 6:30 P.M. Fraaler A [ffl. New* [ffl ABC World Nawa Saturday W Varlaty Antique* Roadshow Curious objects .. - d at aradori, England, include a 19trK*nejiy wine drtem and an automated dock-picture. — Big Spin 2000 Caifomia lottery. WS^gtt&'GSff apartheid, [ffl (130) [Nlcm Rugrat* IB] 7:40 P.M. rreg Movla **s The Enforcer (1976) CHTEastwood. Tyne Daly. -Dirty- Harry Calahan rstuc- tantyac^ a Itn^rwtrwwHe tracking trtUdnap- pen of San Francisco's mayor. (2.-05) 7:45 PJ5. (SM3 Movla * X "Hey Boy, Hey Girl" troSTMusican Louis Prime, Keek Smith. In return for an agreement to hab at a church bazaar, a girl loins LouisPrimaasvocalst.(iai) 8:00 P.M. GD 89 Cope In Alwquerque, NJH., a man dresseaTn a leotard Hags down poke: a man with a slab wound wafts down a street A(PA)BH QD Pretender Wife investigating the death of a friend, Jarod encounters FBI proHerRacrwl Burke, and their woridngrelatoitship yields rorunlic sparks. A (Parti o!2) [ffl H) Winning Llnea [ffl fJ3 Movla * * * The Rock" (1996) (PA) Sean Connery, Nicolas Cage. A renegade genera) and hie men seize control ol Alcatraz Island end threaten to unleash poison gas upon San Frandeco. A 80(3:00) CB Varlaty m Movie ***x That's Entertainrnentl"J1974) Fred Astaire, Bing Crosby. perform to benefit the Untad Negro Cdege Fund and ^^ i Pygmy Animal* The evakiion of rare, nmSBt aramals, indudng a pygmy Idler whale, a spar- rortlzed owl and a chameteon no bigger than a tomb- IWInter X-Oamee Highlight* *) NBA ZNIght W tovl* * * * The Women of -..^..r Place" (1989) Oprah Wtirray, Jacket A multigeneralkml story of Vie fives of several black women who eel an inw-cily tenement home. (400) IFSBl Clement* (HSTJ History Undercover Fifty black salon («6eTSi protest ofi unsafe wortdno corxfkons after two ammurttJonshipjblowjpin Work) War II. oedcolerton of Ihe fnest of MGM's musical moments. B ,Movle * x "Guyver 2: Dark Hero" (TWti David Hayter. Kattiy CWslopheraon. A man searches for a ink between Ihe powerful lien armor In his possession and a spacecraft excavated In Ihe desert Movie * * H "Black Eagle" (1988) Sho l, Jea>daude Van Damme. A CIA agent's family la kidnapped by the KGB when ha arrives inthe Medrtonanean to retime a top-secret laser. (2:00) D) Movla * * -Children of the Com IV: The Gathering" (1996) Naomi Watts. Karen Black. A medical student must bid a way to defeat a horde of .murderous chldren lad by a boy In preacher's cWhes. 1 100 Daada of Eddla McDowd A J Oalthar Gospel Hour: Good Nawa J Movla -Ar * The Craft" (199$) Robin , Fakuza Bak. A teen-ager grows alarmed when her and her new (fiends' Involvement wih wfchcraft gels dangerouslyoutofhand A HI (2:00) RBC) Movla * * * "Roustabout- (1964, Musical) EMs Presley. Barbara Stanwyck. A singing handyman (earns Ihe meaning of kue (we wMeMnrJru a camrvalback from the brink ofinancial n*. 'PG' 9:30 P.M. > Varlaty ~NFL2Nlght[ffl 9:45 P.M. Movie * * "Surviving the Game' . ., ) Ice-T, Rulger Hauer. A homeless man betaves a is being used as a guide lor six hunters unB he discovers that ha is to be «ieouany.(2«0) The Tan O'clock Nawa m ThaOtheraQB Walker, Texas Hangar IS) Varlaty Xana: Vvarrtor Princess K) I Amarica'a Dumbaat Criminal* I Drag Racing "NHRA emational* Qualifying" From Pomona, Cornlc* Com* Home Jim Breuer, —._„ Qaro(alo, Jay Mohr. Dane Cook and otters perform to bsneM tie Cam Neaty Foundation and CaWs Club. (RICE ^ } Wild DUcovarv time rOters: Sea iWemxixussMcieaVeiMudejefciah, stone Mi, Mixa fan, atngrays. con* sheet and lie "--•—d octopus. (Parf2 ofj) Sportacantar W rruaActlon Advanture* The boats, daredevl driven that made history. R) Movie "Murder In a Small Town" 6:45 P.M. l Loula Prlma: The Wildest An i> of musician Louis Prima. 7:00 P.M. 3) EnUrtalnment Tonight A OB GD Outar Umlta A high-tech buMng malfunc- ton disashxiary, compeling Us prevnutlyliolalad InhMantstoworklogMiertogeltree. A W CD Jaopardyl QD CB Vartaty C5J Aa Time) Goes By Wift a decision about h- twarrangemenls fraly made. Alstair and Sandy help Uonel move In with Jem. 89 Drew Carey Drew onroii in a right • anfis attracted to I cbsmato. A tffl arvn- , . on the true stay ol an Arizona lumberjack who cUned to have been . enlsU' the elfoll a murdered judge's daughter alter Ma -— '- .. r- Sports New* WrathofGod:Dlsa*ter*ln )0h Baby (ffi I Leva Lucy Movie * lit "Official Denial- (2.00) HeTouch*dM*:ThBGo*pal ' olErvlsPraatoyMtH) Movla **K"VVUd Things' (1«) m. A 'R 1 (B) (IS9) **H •SharkV* Machine" rl Reynolds, RacnaTWard. An Atlanta cop encounters pimps, crooked politicians and drug deaJ- mw^jnveslrgMnglhermirdirofacallgNt A W Win Ban Stain's Monty (B ig a Idunderstam; (jo inowmoble'ridm _, In an ayatinche; Bghtrwg itrikes i hafcopttn fM.(R) gMYwaood, the Bad and th* 10:16 P.M. ISHQW) Beggar* o *mt ChooMr* (B) (ME Fwnoua Jatt Jackaon W Varlaty Warrior* RoundTabla um Bland [ffl _- _J« Old* [ffl I Lov* Lucy 10*46 P.M. Sport* Wrap 10:60 P.M. *K"P«nKll**, Hawaiian ^'I'jgxsatiMii - 'z^-^-.gpi' 1 ' 1 *' IW*" ««l «n* IHayAmoldia MHfMflvinl djiSiNn i pnAnloniJ 1 • • gKifc, A QD iTwMoikMihjrtotwQlnk) SUNDAY MORNING ^ 9:00 A.M. 2) Ml COLLEGE FOOTBALL ALL- STAITCHALLENaE Collage total ttan compete In unique events. From lha Rhanlde Military Academy in Qainanil*, Qa. A W (1:00 QD NBA BASKETBALL Sacramento Kings at New York Knlcks. From Madison Square Garden in New Yak. (live) A tffl(230) GD NBA BASKETBALL Los Angeles Lakers at Houston Rockets. From the Compaq Center in Houston. (Uve) A SB (230) AFTERNOON 3:15 P.M. GD SUPER BOWLXXXIV-ST. LOUIS RAMS VS. TENNESSEE TITANS The NFC champion a Louis Rams battle the AFC champion Tennessee Ttons in Ihe 34th Super Bowl Fromlhe Georgia Dome in Atlanta. (Uve) A W (330) • EVENING 8:00 P.M. (TNTJ1 PRCA RODEO National Western rodeo fronflSeriver. (Taped) ^(130) rtlSai WWF SUNDAY NIGHT HEAT (R) MONDAY AFTERNOON 5:00 P.M. (TBS NBA BASKETBALL Phoenix Suns aTOnando Magic. From Orlando Anna In Orlando, Fla.(Uve)(230) EVENING 6:00 PM. [E5ITO COLLEGE BASKETBALL Texas TUESDAY AFTERNOON 4:00 P.M. ) COLLEGE BASKETBALL i State at Michigan. (UveRZ.™) 4:30 P.M. ) COLLEGE BASKETBALL ' t at Georgetown. (Uve) W (2:00) NBA BASKETBALL Los Angeles em at San Antonio Spurs. From tne Atamodome in San Antonio. (Uve) A uH(230) EVENING 7:00 P.M. HIP RODEO A (IflO) 7:30 PM. O NBA BASKETBALL Gokton State Warrior* at Los Angeles Clippers. From Ihe •'•Center in Lot Angeles. (Uvi) A (230) Phoartx Coyote* at San Jow Aram In Sin WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON 4:00 P.M. LWOMEN'8 TanriMMe THURSDAY AFTERNOON 1 ; 4:00 P.M. [E5PTO COLLEGE BASKETBALL Kansas at Iowa. (Uve) (2X0) EVENING 8:00 P.M. fESPR) COLLEGE BASKETBALL innati at North Carollna-CharioHe. (Uve) COLLEGE BASKETBALL Duke Carolina. (Subject to Blackout) (Uve) 7:30 P.M. (FSB) COLLEGE BASKETBALL Stanford aTOCLA. (Uve) (2:00) FRIDAY AFTERNOON 5:00 P.M. J NBA BASKETBALL Sacramento gs at Indiana Pacers. From Conseco a in Irxlanspols. (Uve) A (ffl (230) EVENING 7:30 P.M. (FSB NBA BASKETBALL Denver Nuggets at Golden State Warriors. From Ihe New Arena In Oakland. Caff. (Uve) (230) . -"-) NBA BASKETBALL Phoenix Suns tie SuperSonlcs. From Ihe KeyArena In Seatae.(Uve) A IB] (230) (TRE1 CHAMPIONSHIP RODEO HiohJWHs oTbfoiic and rjulJrklnglromMasqulte, Texas. (R) A SATURDAY MORNING 9:00 AJN. COLLEGE BASKETBALL Temple 8tand «,2! AUTO RACING 24 Hours of •• Start." " ------- SUrt. From Diytona International Speedway In Daytona, FlMLrveMp)) CD COLLEGE BASKETBALL Connecticut at Michigan State. (Uve) IB] l**WJ 11:OOA.M. m NFL UNDER THE HELMET A W 11:30 A.M. CD TRACK AND FIELD Millrose Games. ROT Matfaon Square Garden In New York. (Taped) AFTERNOON 12:00 P.M. CD NFL UNDER THE HELMUT A W PGA GOLF Pebble Beach National - Third Round. From Pebble Beach, A8KETBALL California .. GYMNASTICS American Cup. From 81 P / ( ») ffi) PalF«etor:Chn>nJclwolth« wmnormal A OX t wMto South Alrean exchange student ratted during 11:45P.M. Movl* *»r*it The Dirty Dozen" 11*6 P.M. J$W1 lfloA* CO Jarry Springer W CD NBA SPECIAL A EVENING S*eUte.(Uve)A(J3» 7:W»J|. Vancouver aTrior*.>Fna naiih( '(Uve)

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