Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on September 22, 1987 · Page 7
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 7

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 22, 1987
Page 7
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-THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL- TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 1987-7 Black students' SAT scores are up again NEW YORK (AP) — Average Scholastic Aptitude Test scores showed little change in 1987 from a year ago, but black high school students continued a decade-long pattern of sharp gains, the College Board reported today. Average verbal scores were 430, down a point from 1986, while average mathematics scores rose a point to 476, according to statistics in "College-Bound Seniors: 1987 Profile of SAT and Achievement Test Takers," published annually by the board since 1972. National SAT averages, regarded by many as a barometer of the nation's educational health, have leveled out the last three years following slow but steady gains from 1981 to 1984. The SAT is a two-part multiple choice college entrance examination with the verbal and math sections scored on a scale of 200 to 800. Nearly 1.1 million high school students took the exam in 1987, an increase of almost 80,000 from 1986. "The increasing number of students taking the SAT is an encouraging sign since it means that a great many more students are actually considering going to college," said Donald M. Stewart, president of the College Board, which sponsors the test. In Washington, Secretary of Education William J. Bennett said in a statement about the SAT scores: "Holding ground is better than losing ground, but we're still seeing an insufficient payoff for what we've invested in education." Average composite scores on the rival ACT exam, the predominant college entrance test in 28 Midwestern and Western states, dipped 0.1 percent to 18.7 from the year earlier, on a scale of 1-35. National' y cragcson the four-part exam, consisting of English, math, social studies and natural science sections, have changed little since the mid-1970s. The ACT is administered by the American College Testing Program in Iowa City, Iowa, and was taken by approximately 777,000 graduating high school students in 1987. Blacks continued gaining on both the SAT and ACT, a fact that testing officials attributed largely to improved high school preparation. Blacks averaged 13.4 on the ACT in 1987, up from 13.0 in 1986, but still considerably lower than the 19.7 average among white students or the 19.8 average among Asian-Americans. Likewise on the SAT, average verbal scores among blacks have improved 21 percent to 351 since 1977, and 20 percent on the math in the last decade to 377. But they still trail whites, who averaged 447 on the verbal section in 1987 and 489 on the math. No ethnic data were kept in 1986. Despite those gains, the College Board's 1987 statistics, were likely to fuel the contention among standardized test critics that the exam may be biased in favor of the wealthy, the male and the white. SAT scores rose consistently along with family income. Students with annual family incomes of less than $10,000 averaged 416 math and 364 verbal. Students with family incomes of $70,000 or more averaged 523 math, 471 verbal. Males continued to outperform females, especially in math. Boys averaged 435 verbal and 500 math, while girls scored 425 verbal, and 453 math. — Among other ethnic groups besides whites and blacks, American Indians averaged 393 verbal, 432 math; Asian-Americans 405 verbal, 521 math; Mexican-Americans 379 verbal, 424 math; Puerto Ricans 360 verbal, 400 math; other Hispanics 387 verbal, 432 math. Magazines square off over richest person NEW YORK (AP) — A Japanese landlord is the richest person in the world, says Forbes magazine, vhich places his wealth at $20 billion. Not so, says Fortune, which put the Sultan of Brunei at the top of its list of fatcats and potentates. Forbes gives the golden laurels to Yoshiaki Tsutsumi, but Fortune credits Tsutsumi with a meager $2.5 billion and said Brunei's "free- spending sultan of oil," Hassanal Bolkiah, has a net worth of $25 billion. Forbes, however, said it disqualified the sultan and others "since their power is political first and economic only secondarily." The sniping broke out last weekend as the rival business magazines issued news releases on their forthcoming issues. Fortune said Monday that Forbes, in a "bizarre move, rushed its list into print this week to beat Fortune to the newsstand by a week. Forbes admitted it, but noted that it has been printing its own list of the 400 richest Americans since 1982. Fortune struck back when it caught wind of the Forbes list and issued a press release Saturday promoting its Oct. 12 cover story. Forbes' news release on its Oct. 5 cover story came out a day later. Calculating the wealth of billionaires seems to be more art than science, judging from the discrepancies between the magazines' calculations. Forbes' list is heavy with Japanese, while Fortune's is strong on Arab royally and North Americans. 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On the news, commentators, guests and interviewees said "basically" eight times in a one-hour program. While attending a college class recently, my wife and I counted, in one lecture, eight "basicallys" from the politics instructor, four from the music teacher and, topping them all, nine in an hour-and-a-half presentation by another professor. The word "basic" came in second, with 11 from an assistant instructor. I hope you will print this letter, Ann. It might help encourage people to listen to themselves more carefully and avoid pedestrian and tiresome speech habits. — Sid G. (Milford, Conn.) Dear Sid: You are right on, basically, but I doubt that many people will be persuaded to give up their affinity for a Favorite phrase or word. Also overworked are "hopefully" and "at this point in time." Meanwhile, have a good day. Dear Ann Landers: I'm responding to "Nell" in N.C. and I hope to God she sees it. It could change her whole life. No, Nell, you are not crazy. Many of us have stayed with homosexual husbands for the same reasons you stated. He may be a terrific husband and father, and you may be able to handle it now, but you need to know what may lie ahead. I was married for more than 30 years to such a man. Like you, I had iwo small sons whenl learned about my husband's homosexuality. He was arrested for fooling around with students, forced to surrender his high school teaching position and had to establish a new career. I supported him while he went back to school to earn his Ph.D. The field he chose allowed him to do a great deal of traveling. He made new "friends" in several cities across the country. He became more and more open about his relationships and used his position to curry favor with attractive young men. As his involvements became more intense lie became more abusive to me and had no time Tor our sons. We are divorced now. He received the major part of our property since his homosexuality and physical violence were not considered "major factors" in our divorce proceedings. Neither were ihc facts that he has had hepatitis R, crab lice and a variety of sexually transmitted diseases. I am a full-time counselor now, dedicating my energies to helping women who have been caught in the nightmare I knew so well. Although you have said that you have heard from many women who stay in these strange marriages, I don't recommend it. — C.W., \Vhittier. Calif. Dear C.W.: Thanks for providing me with the opportunity to say that I am less inclined to recommend it now that another dimension has been added to the picture. I'm talking about AIDS. A homosexual or bisexual husband or lover can pope a serious health risk. Even with all the talk about safe sex, I would not take the chance. Intruder swipes Bush campaign materials MACKINAC ISLAND, Mich. (AP) — Thousands of campaign badges were stolen and scheduling information was deleted from a word processor in a break-in at a temporary George Bush presidential campaign office, an aide said. John Long, the executive director of Bush's Michigan effort, said he discovered the damage Saturday morning. The office had been set up at the historic Grand Hotel for state GOP leadership conference last weekend. All of about 7,500 stick-on badges that the campaign was going to distribute at the conference were stolen, Long said. "I don't want to point a finger at anybody ... but you know darn well that this wasn't some Mackinac Island vandal but someone who is here attending the conference that did it," Long said. 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