Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 10, 1936 · Page 7
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 7

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 10, 1936
Page 7
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•••-Irtlifc J»A#tt»XftAfljir *ifeWftv !•««?»*, -vexw - PAGE SEVEN .^j^^.*jffi^^:fafc~^ -. :... :,:.,:,.., ^ tf ..., f ....,, .. J _.. ; ^. .-.;....... .. . ... . v .,..., w - if ^ l ^ Tiim ^ i p t ..^y l i, t> .. M .- J ;, rar - f :,;, rr .l:....,.-... ..-.-.;--.. .. ..-.,-,. ,. ^.-p-. y. - •«»-«*. ••.•-, ..^ ... a*, •,*•**. CUMES JUKI CHANGE OF PACE WILL PITCH FOR EASON : . . - : ' i S . •<•• •>• -;'• *• ~'- ... /•:'•: *~ - _J..^ -^, s. V.. .:r: ::^ .'••;.:••.. "r ' . • ' ^ , • .^ •- - . -. <>•• ** • The Pampang are scheduled to look at the curyes and Change of pftcie of _a pitcher ready fo» trie big ttine.Jn o^e ,of the games. jH)e .is a mighty youngster by\the, name of Kinf wji.o his b«.en Wlijhljig cdn- sistently. for -Kdid. Olofrers, who wore a Road Runner uniform during the Painpa Junior chamber of commerce tournament last year, Is aim on the list to hurl against the bird«. j*6 is a lefthander Gordon Nell and Dallas Patton will wield their heavy bats for Enid this yew. Wlllingham, shortstop, Nick Urban second base; and Gll- " , third base will round out the infield that will help Nell. The but- fie$ starters aje uncertain although Patton Will be In one field Tank Horton and Woodruff will divide the catching .job The birds will be making their first home appearance since June 3 when tb*y defeated $ie Huber Blackfaces of Borger.' The previous cjay they took Ptyijlip?, of Amarillo tip camp. The wins pepped Uie gang tip for their trjp .to £Md when they divided a twin bill .Sunday afternoon. A game in .Arkansas City, H£an., Saturday night was rained TEXAS LEAGUE LEADERS (Gopwlvht, me, Dy The Awiodatwt I>r«») AB H BA Bettencourt, 6. A 180 64 .356 Martin, Houston 213 75.352 looser, Port Worth 104 3B .348 Stroner, Dallas 229 78 341 Tauby, Dallas 24,8 . ,«3 .335 •Buns: Taufcy, Dalian, 59; Stroner Dallas, 49. .:tilts: Tauuy, Callas, 8.3; Stroner Dallas, 79. Doubjes. Mosojf, Dajla?, Cullen- blne, Beaumont, 20, Patchett, Tulsa 19. Triples: Watwood, Houston, 6; Martin,'Houston; Garms, San Antonio; Rlzzo, Houston, and Padgett Houston, 6. . Honje runs: Stroner,' Dallas, 12; Harshahy, Spn Antonio, B_etj*»- court, Ban Antonio, and Howell Tulsa, A ., Stoleri ,ba,seiL TaUby, Dallas, 15 Browef, pklahoma city, 14" Runs totted in 1 Stroner, Dallas 50; Howell, Tuj$a, 49. Strikeouts. Cole, .Oalv.wton, 62, W. ta\)kf, Sah Antonio, and Richmond, Gajyestort, 45.. Qanies jypn 1 Fuilerton, Dallas, p Qill, Beaumont, and Baker, Dallas 8 _ v-. Didrikson Is Eliminated -, City, medalf^t and lon,, advanced to , women'? f tournament at Co»nto club today w>jth 1,2 /i>ic^ry ove,r Mr§ Charles l^e'lbrie profesiional entrant Ji^tss ;»a.t>« ,DAd,r)kfCH ; jQeau,i)v?nt TJex, was eliminated by the steady play of Miss Arifla /?ye didumbia, Wfp, 6 and 5 : n 4 match which shared the spotlight with ifte Mrs. Hijl-fyfs -^ ' ,mWch, Mls^ Edria Singer .jfebprtj |$, defeated liftes b HempBiJ). Columbia, S C ; end 558?, iMllfin ?5Wh o . „,,.„„, pKay 'by dating Mrs J. L ?a1iey, Slmpotta, Kan, 4 and 3,, , ' :.*ff : j% - es Jo Be tfirtft Half of Season Will $tid On tfime 20 ENID TO SEND FORMER AGAINST Ai»»w* *r'«tlouK rattle J5ltaH»ncoih. ' . .1$ ,l /Phhnde unior baseball league /Sunday will be flayed at Canadian and at Hoover. 22 Long spar, 24 12 jtnontht, compartment. 16 Half, 17 A:. volume. 18 To «Jw»r!t by boat. , . :ers Umrugh some Aflon pf .Uire« f^iner Ro^d ttlityers and their teato- .The. Magnolia peeyvees .will play the .Cubs at e&Jiadlftn and Phillips 98 youngsters wjll go J» liobver. Canadian has been Ituictiye for a month, but, has . r&Ar&uilced >• and will be ready for,. competition Sunday, it IB .understood. • ; -.'•,-. A game iinatched .between the Little Bond Runners and the Bprger Christians will be played next week instead .of Sunday. •Ijie Dnnclger boys .desired to see their elders in action against Enid Sunday arid Incidentally to shag bajls. TJie Bctt> gans and the Little Road Runners are undefeated jn ]the league, the Christians having beaten Phillips and the Peewees. They are confident they win whip the Pampa boys who are Jiist ,4s .certain they -have a better clilb than the Hutchlnson county ,. entry. The jfirst jtialf of the league season will end .oh June 20 when the second half will start. Any new teams may. enter, the .competition between now and then. It is rumor- that a LeFors club -will enter a team. Sunday, a LePOrs baseball fan was -heard .to declare that he knew of a bunch of LeFors boys who would trounce either the Borgans or the Little Road Runners. League members are hoping such a team will be organized^ The second half of the split sear son will continue through July and the first Sunday in August, an,d probably longei, Monday night fcoaches and maaiigers. discussed a^oposal to 6e.,ud ft league team, conipt^ing ^picked jijayers, -to .Uie Amerjcajt I^glqi) -tournament "flie matter will l». printed to the local post of the American LegiOn before any action s$ {taken. All players in the tournament must be under 17 years of age. It was suggested that the best players coming jmder the age limit be selected from each team in the league. The .Little Road Runn*rs are flow leading the league followed in the order named by Borger, the Peewees, Hoover, Phillips jind Canadian. Sports Roundup BY EDDIE BRIETZ, Associated Press Sports Writer. NEW YORK, June 10 (/P)— If this Isn't one for the books, sue us Emle and Fetdy Oatropa are twins 4-lsp, they are golf pros.,, ... In qua'llfyjng for jthe ^rational Open they had identical scores at Sea- viane . , In ,the Wheattey Hills pro-amateur tournament, they again came up with Identical scores , Even pals can hardly tell 'em apart , , And. Al Prosch, pro at Bethpage, who tutored th« tyoys, says they have identical wings * . , Incidentally, this Broscn will ?e a good one to wajch jn the next open • . . Paste that one in your hate, amlgos "IAIL.1YJ. iKll EIAILII 2"J plstinotiye theory. 23 Trunk drawer. >_ •25 Musical note. 49.Gravats, 'TO He is -— ZJTaJuirtp. W^***/ , " A<rar . ; •-••-••• ,52 lnto.xi.c,ant.. VEllTlCAL 5iY-sh>pedl 62 To examine I-341TO >busc. ' 'fP.^'i > redact, tree. ,43 Tope),, . Sweet sub- 35 To .emanate.' 56 To abound. •«h ^...- 'n '. *. : -^ .2- j...... • - . u 3» frerry jb«r^. 40Slr««t cw. - - - • • 04 TJny particle. 7 Wand (6 Paradise. 8 Poems. 68 Melody. yrfd hotels. «2 free*. companion. 45 Like. 47Gpdo/'jlove, fl Wen. STMorninjt. !|9 Name. 6J B^vcr'age. 6? y vylcc «5 Wott; in ?cale. Bob Garrison played J$ games fo/t the Temple nine during the past polllch season and only got one hit. But Jt was a homer with the'bases loaded , .. His average for the season was pnly .020, but he was the only Tempteite, Templetohlaa or what have you,to come throujj^ w<tto a foul-run blow ,.. Max Schmeling's brother,! RUdy, celebwtss h>s 2«tb birthday the day Max fight Joe Louis . Will it be a happy one? Ach . , . alchl r~*p r-r NEWSMAN pIKB LViPKIN, June 10 (/«— Q E, Watford, veteran Texas newspaperman, died here today after a long illness. |{e published the Lufkjjj) News for 20 years prior to his retirement in )934 and bcfPi^ was ecJitpr of tne Beaumont JoUflisl, At one time. Ue published g newspaper in Hamr Jin, Tex JH9 WWW, ST^iSiEer *nd two ^randclu'ldron survive. CRASH INJURES THREE KBNEDY, June 10, WP>-Thre« rsons W«i-e Jnjuifcd In W» r crash toy* tftov, l»yw k, pilot, was cut about Ijead and Howard and Edgar Helm, his passenaers, fiHf/«jred broken legs and other injuries. .!» I.M SAN A.NTQNJO, June 10 (/P)— Top-ranking golfers of the state teed off today on the roily San Antonio Country club 'course . for qualifying rounds in que>( of the Texas Golf association's 30th annual title. Officials prepared to ; hail Satvu> day rrigh£ tlje new titlist as a "real state champion " For the first time municipal players were invited to participate previously the association had a champion and the Texas P.ublie , Links association crowned another Texas' most prominent amateurs were among the 86 paired for Uie Initial rouncj of }8 h,oles medal play The low 32 will enter the championship flight and tomorrow start two circuits of match play The final SB-hole round will be played Saturday MgJI^I^BJSt FARES Mi LOWEST IN HISTORYI i ; B, UTUS Trt* TWPOH . HpW^P PAMPA BUSERMINAL 111 SpMth Ruwll It, ***» t^l b(LEM3 CKOWD BUFl-S FOR THIjft PLACE IN LEAGUE (By Jjw AMOclatfd Prtts) Today's games:.. Dallas at ^jalvesUin (nlgUt), Ft. Worth fct Houston (night). Oklahoma City at .B&ftUnwnt,. Tiilsa at San .Afltoijlo (njght). Tulsft's Qtfcrs. SfWf nlpBlw at the 'heels' of the fast.-slipplng. Houston jbuffaloes. today. 'The, Bu'ffe weak- iSned their hold on ^hird .place ii> .the league'standljigs Joy takjng an- »tjjer drubbing "last' j>lgh£ l^oin > tHe ow)y Port W;orth Cats, 7 to 5; In a [ante at •Houston, The Cats, shfelled Jtevenson and.Ross'for 14 hits..The defeat .was Houston's third, straight md the ninth 'In their 'last. 12 ;ames. The .Oilers, meanwhile, were tak- .ng two close games from the Ban Antonio club in an Alamo city do'ibleheader, 5 to 3 and 4 to 2. In >oth games the Oiler sluggers came through with two nlhth-inniilg Ullles Dallas kept Its two and a half [ame lead over Beaumont at ,he top of the league with a vie- wy ovet the Qalveston Bucca- :ie«rfi, 8 to 5 Oalveston went ahead n the sixth with a rally Dallas can}e back .With four tallies ,n thft eighth to put the &ame on Ice Al Baker, steady Dallas f linger, retired when the BUGS opened up in tl;e sixth, and Stiles, righthonded tewcon^er the Kanwis City , kept the Pirates in line tljere MUNICIPAL PLAYERS INVITED TO COMPETE IN TEX AS MEET Champion Falls In Net Tourney WACO, June 10, (/P)— Minus its defending champion after a stunning M&set l**tord,ay, the Texas state tennis tournament, went into the third round today with Gor- 0oty Peaac, a University of Texas student from Saft Antonio riding in tl^e favorite's seat P«a«e, after dropping the first set id John (Doc) ft»bb of Dallas, back with ft ntffr to knock u>e, mm wt, a-A w M Favored with Pease was Lindsay Harry Todd of Paljas, 1935 champion, Epee.ded jiere by automobile tb defend his title Beset by motor rouble JQ Tenijespee, Cnjoute hon\e 'rom the National Open in Kew Jersey, ft was likely Todd would spend two sleepless night on the Tip. Friends wondered how lii§ game would react to the strenuous tour With-him'also was Jimmy McGoni agill, anotlxer Dallas ijhotmaker, svlic was runner-up .jn. ti>e tournaweftt "ast year. Todd was not required to qualify liowever, because he Ji ihe defending .champion, club officials indicated MCGonagill would be given an opportunity despite tardiness Illnes? also raised the teopardy of another star's play Reynolds Smith, also pf the Dallas, group wh^h had dominated the play ,in recenjk years Smith, one pf a pair of Texans on. the Vnited States Walker Cup team, developed fevei ijipon arrival from hib title-winnini play in the Corsica^ invitation meet. Sjnith was pajred for a Jfcte .. with two other potential threats Worris Norton, of . Wichitft Falls West Texas' phajnpion and hope }pi the state title.. ai)d Don Schvmacl)sr of Dallas, finalist at jCowlcana Norton accomplished the course in a practice round at 70, two under pai For those wh.o f»U*d to for {}>e championiShp fl those who are eliminated .„ in ma^ch. play, the association of Jtered ysyerftl Qthw cups ,, an4 sh|p pf T«X«s net w)ni>er of the champion- to , state ^n, Continued the claas of the junior U of MM)'* ftoglta dangerous contenders'in any .tournament Doubles play started today Com e To Be til T»f Act WAfittfiKOTOH, ^une 10, _. TWfWjfW 9J9f P* the last barriers vO -jUiJoummfnt of the 74tii ooi)* gress, conferees prepared today to seek 9 compromise on the strife- torn &* Theie liable id * K • of the m*suw , . !? ,Wheji ,the offerees fin«^ a ,M tp flx> nouse end te fpt im\ >cfJW) was,uj4erstood to wne 91 a4iniuMir*^9i'« iu- Jpr ^M ijvk* on 1 —— ^* * >L OUtl|tl0C _ „ low tax pipvislon in the t>Ul as it passed W» »enate. The second-place Beaumont Shippers came up fast M the ninth shoved across three runs and emerged victorious qv?e Oklahoma City, 8 to 7 The^ winning: runs cime aftej Wur walks, Brower's error and Cruocher's line. double. ' ' MAJOR LEAGUE LEADCRS National LearM nS, S MnrMn 395; Vffty Giants 394 ,Runs r j Martin, Cardinals 46 Vaughan, Pirates 45 ' Runt, batted in- Medwick, Cardinals 52, pft, Giants 49 Hits Jordan, B«es 78; Moore Giants 7$ Dbubles:..Hermap, Cubs 22; M*d- wick, Cardina|s 18. Triples: Camllli 8; Goodman Rjeris 7, Home runs;. Ott, Giants 11; J Modre, PhUUes 9 Stolen base^: J, Martin, Cardinals 10; $ Martip, Cardinal? 8, Pitching JT, Dean, Cardinals 11-2 Hollingswprtjj, |leds 7-2 Amerjfem, Uamj,;., Batting: WJlvan, Indian? 407 Qeluingef, TJfiers ,385 founs' Gehrig, Yankees 61; Geh r(nger, Tigers 52 Runs, (jattejd .in: faxx, Red Sox 54; Ooslin, Tigers 53 Hits: dehfln'ger, Tiger? 8?; Geh rig, Yankees 72 Doubles- Oehiin|er, Tigers 21 Rolfe Yankees 17. Triples Gieliringer, Tig'ers 8 Oiyt, Browns ff Home rung. Foxx, Red Sox 14 Trosky, Indians 13 Stolen bases; Powell, Senators il Piet, ,Whlte Sox 10. PitcWhg: Grove, Red Sox 9-1 Sorrell, Tigers 8-1 Tie Giants For 2nd Place In National League Cardinals Increase Lead |x> 4% Gaities By Stl> FEDfcR Associated Press Spo.rts. Writer . "Outdoing even the' dizziness, of lUch.of its component parts as the :>eans ,sjn'd "Casey Stengei's Brqok- yn beautlas, (.he National league, *s £ whole 1 , U putting on 6ne of the daffiest «ices 'the big time has seen m years. •Tlie ttie'rry-go-round effect the :Ulbfl all •do'wn the line are giving jas.'the standlngB changing almost laity, so that trying to keep tabs on .he. situation is like attempting to 'ollpw a jamming six-day bike race field... I*-.'-'.. • • Strange as it seems, the St. Louis Cardinals, who stretched their lead yesterday to ,4V4 games by finishing 3n-,t<jp pf the Boston Bees 7-5, ap- [jear the only group untroubled so 'ar-i>y.; the -wholesale turnover. An explosion hit the rest of the »ck, however, and switched their jneup 100 percent. The Pittsburgh pirates, pulled, up -all .the way from fourth place, to a Me with the slip- ling. New rYork plants in second, in the strength, of .a doubleheader win pyer thie podgers. Jim Weaver pitched seven-hit baij to take the /opener 4-J, and the.Bucs piled all over'the Brooklyn ace, Van Llngle Mungo, in the first two innings to capture the. nightcap, 7-5. TJie Grants, meantime, were get- ng belted on all sides by the Cincinnati Reds, with Kiki Cuyler eading the attack in an 18-hit, i5;4. victory Thi? boosted the Reds into fifth, place, turning sixth over to the Bees Just to make the •esunanimous the Phillies, al- thcy lost to the .Cubs 6-3 Roy Henshaw's airtight , ; cjimb«d wA of the cellar iojr tl¥)' moment m their last-place jame 'of - hide-and-seek with the Dodgers, TJie American league was more or less serene v 90 far as any switches i\\ ttyt standings went, • but the Senators, the Browns -and the Tigers did a pit pf "worni-turnirig" on their respective opponents. Tft* last-place Browns handed • the pace-setting New York Yankees a 5-3 setback, H?lon Hogsett -limiting the considerably off-form "murderer's row" to five hit*. The Tigers turne4 °n the Boston Red Sox, ,8-4, just before their ailing; Manager Mickey Cochrane left to. return to Detroit for observation,, which may lead 10 an operation The Senators tpok advantage of Uie sliding Cleveland Indians and Won a 2 r l pitchr ers' 4uel, with Pete Appleton the four-hit victor. The Athletics dropped, to within ! •••• tm^ -^^ =^v mf mm m m m m^mw^n mmw •••B 1 *•*• ^mr.-^mr ^ - ^ -^^ :• _. • CITY GOLFERS NEXT SUHMY BASEBALL STANDINGS NATIONAL LEAGUE Results Yesterday Brooklyn i-5, Pittsburgh 4.-7. New York 4, Cincinnati 15. Philadelphia 3, Chicago 6. Boston 5, St. Louis 7,. Standings Today Club- W. L. Pet. 8t. Louis 32 17 .653 New York 28 22 .560 Pittsburgh 28 22 .560 Chicago 26 2l .553 Boston 24 27 .471 Cincinnati 24 27 .471 Philadelphia 20 31 .392 Brooklyn 20 32 .385 • Schedule Today pjiiladelphla at Qhicago. Boston at St. Loujs. New York at plnc.lnnall. Brooklyn at Pittsburgh. AMERICAN LEAGUE Results Yesterday Cleveland 1, Washington 2. Chicago 5, Philadelphia 2 (10 Innings). St. Louis 6, New York 3. Detroit 8, Boston 4. Standings Today Club— W. L. Pet. New York 34 17 Boston 32 21 Detroit 28 25 Oleyeland 25 23 WasJiington 28 25 Chicago 24 24 '..807 .604 .528 .521 ,510 .500 .33.3 .320 . Philadelphia ........ 16 32 St. Lpuls . . .......... ,.16 34 Schedule Today Detroit at Boston. St. Louis alt , New york. Cleyelarid at Washington. Chicago at PhJladelphUi. , TEXAS LEAGUE Results Yesterday Oklahoma City 7, -Beaumont, 8. Port Worth 7, Houston 5. Tulsa 6-4, San Antonio 3-2. Dallas 8, Galvestoh 5. Standings Today Club— 'W. L. Pet. Dallas .............. 37 21 ,638 one game of the cellar when their pitching weakened in the tenth inning and let the White Sox push across three runs for a 5-2 win. . The Shamrock dpuntjry/ be host to a large group of golfets on Sunday afternoon, a return match will be played.' hosts will be out to averige a 1C to 9 defeat handed them ,, hfeje''.a month ago. • -•••• ',•: The same-golfers Who repr.e§Srtted Pampa ftgainst Shamrock are- Utged to piake the trip Sunday. Thpse^Si- able to do so are asked to cal^-pel Loye, Pampa Country club profies-' sional, befoie noon tomorro*. Local players who were unable to com- pete'against Shamrock here are also urged to call Mr. Love if they can go to Shamrock. They should leave tb.eir average score -with (the iKQ' so that he can call Shamrock to line up even matches. . ','S;'Shamrock Country club. officials write that the course is in the best condition of the year. The wat^r hazards are full to trap the unwary*shooters. Recent, rains have, improved the fairways and the greens haye been worked pyer recently. . Cars will leave about noon/Those desiring transportation should tell Mr. Love when they call, . YESTERDAY'S STJp (fly Th2 Associated Press) j.;...| Klki Cuyler, Reds:,Had homer and three singles, driving In four runs In 15-4, win .over. Giants. •'.'.< ::'.- : . Elon Hogsett, Browns: Heid yanks to five hits. . • .•.:..• ;..' Pete Appleton, Senators: Batted in one run, scored another, and limited Indians to five hits ' in. 2'1 triumph. • t : Johnny Mize, Cardinals: His homer with bases filled, and single dr;iv» ing in another score, accounted for five runs in 7-5 victory over Boston. Beaumont .....32 21- Houston 29 22 Oklahoma City ...... 30 SC Tulpa 33 9* '• San Antonio 22 87 Oalveston • • • 20 35 Port Worth 16 40 Schedule Today Dallas at Galveston. Fort Woi'kh at Houston. Oklahoma' City at : Beaumont. Tulsa at San .Antonio. ,.:. ';.. .604 .<»» £3$ *41 •r «NKLL HOAB6E CLEVELAND, June JO, • i^tered th.e flr?t woj^'to- . permanent chairman qf the ilican {iatloflal convention. Rep Be/rtrand H Sne,ll wa? hoarse, "Listen," he said yesterdwr in a --"• •• -™ai: bRcy^ir'l 8 , ft e " hours.,, rtDeaMnlt O for . ers, ,ne/ws ,K#I men and testing put tile public address apparatus The PICK-UP That Never Lets You Down ICF CREAM iV'i.Li V^IVJM*^*"* Any old tjme you're hungryTT-rthe minute you begin to lagv-7-that'a thfe time for Borden's HeaprOi Cream. It brings back energy quick r-rit builds you U P and never lets you down I AHNW)KC1NQ Th« Of Runner Service VWI Our Good? It Has To Be! 's is tv»» only tee tfmt werJte a,0 ing's Seal of Approval. STORE, 21$ N.

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