The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 25, 1975 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 25, 1975
Page 2
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'E B.1AZOSPQRT FACTS . aEEPORT, TEXAS. TUESDAY. NOVEMBER ». 1»'J P»9»> Community service planned in Angleton ANGLETON - A Community Thanksgiving service, sponsored by the Ministerial Alliance here, will be held Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. at the First Baptist Church. 227 E. Locust. The Rev. Marvin Koenig, pastor of St. John our collection of "SABI.NTr... Lutheran Church, will be speaking on "Grateful Living," based on Psalm 103:1 -5. Host pastor will be Dr. Eugene Russell of First Baptist who will be participating in the sen ice along with five other local ministers. Special music will be provided by the Sanctuary Choir of First Baptist under the direction of Wayne Hummel. A fellowship hour will follow the worship service. Mr. and Mrs. Carrol L). Gentiel of Clute announce the Nov. 21 birth of their daughter at Braiosport Community Hospital. She weighed eight pounds, 12>» ounces. Mr. and Mrs Elijah J. Wiley of Lake Jackson announce the Nov. 21 birth of their son nt Braiosport Community Hospital He weighed six pounds, four ounces. Mr. and Mrs Richard Wayne Morris of Clute announce the Nov. 21 birth of their daughter at Brazosport Community Hospital. She weighed seven pounds, 13'* ounces Mr. and Mrs John Anthony Guillory of Freeporl announce the Nov. 21 birth of their son at Brazosport Comtnunits- Hospital. He weighed seven pounds, 14 ounces .Mr and Mrs Hr#in<ilrl A. Jeffers of Clute announce the Nov. 22 birth of their daughter at Brazospnrt Community Hospital. She weighed six pounds, six ounces Mr ami Mrs James Glenn Mason of Lake Jackson announce the Nov 22 birth of their son at Brazosporl Community Hospital He weighed six pounds, 10 ounces Mr and Mrs Anthony H Comely of Clute aimmmcr the Nov £> Inrth of their son at Hrazosport Com mt'tiity Hnspltnl He weighed six pounds. Mr. and Mrs Ronald J Prevost of Uike Jackson announce the Nov 22 birth Ignore bugging By Abigail Van Buren DKAK AI1HY Can you maiul un* imir* rnctlirr in law l<<lli»f'' I ho(» nt, li«auw Ihal'n niy prublent ^^y muthrr in law HVM ijuiip c)<«* m m«< and is *l*iiy9 pupping in, which I tlort'i miml txH-agii* <iht nevtfr dtays li"i« Hut when she 1 t?«ti home, ithe phnmni int>, urn) h«f» ia a pntlial list of her romrmttt* unit i|ufiUiin» "t\tv you »urr Albert th*'« my huttami) n Jwlmx «ll ri({ht'* He Unjlc* cnri*U[«il«l (o me." "I think you ar« kevptng ynuf (K)Uii* Ivo warm 'tit* kui* gn iivicfh<'at«l ami might c*tt-h coUl when they K« o\H.»ul« 1 mttio«*l thai your plant* ar* dry Arvn'l ywj w»tMtnjS llu-in rpKulnrfy " I «iw nationally atlvrrtn«t lif»ml mnmxi ({tKnU In vttur Why don'l y«ni tni) !hc ot|. brand pnxlucts? 'i of buff-I'D /n-/ow ftulU M»? I'd ritbrr b* MB* «nnp*ntofi DKAIt AllllY H(*:*U3« I are « faithful r««it«f til y., U f column, ihrt* iMfiiit>«-fi t>l my family Have b«ti<inr tartl latrying kuliwy ijonot* SW would now tike U> kmm In «l«»m we thiKild wide \\a information atxHit how U> <km*le mir ryn aflr» death i (Ol.UMIIUH .OHIO | DKAH (f)I.UMIIUS YOUJ l««l I km* Hub «••« you Ho f«n »n» *y» tiortof And tla** tfc**f» tot nil «IM I V\tH\. \ »1 |V t IV'T . &+ Mil If I " r _j.-. of thw son flt tlraimport *'*,'"" " *"?' f' "T'Vi'Tr,. rnmni.milv llmnllnl II.. . "'""• V-u thmk y<-u ,>,, u l t | trlj Joh/rnHmy CONPIIIKNTIAI. TO C L IN IMiHLANH PARK. II.t.: Tt>« qt»ou *u "The p#f<»tt vita «WHNI tain j&a/ romfwtny and bog« all t<M conrrrMHo* U (w I**. • be* ttm* lit* p«t«o« vta raoi«« la tb« |*)>U atitl t«U «U Ik* ' ' " \n4 I'lJ «««pt *U |J>» rf«dit e» W«j»t Jot H Community Hospital He weighed six pounds, nine ounces Mr. and Mrs Jerry (.' Moore of Fr«*port announce the Nov 23 birth of their daughter at Bnuosport Community Hospital She weighed si.i pounds, II ounces down hii Mini (>i (urn will t» 40 tw<«u»* ih«y I riraii ihat tt-tlny '* i<li !<y l.'ic ttnvir they ii flay th«r m-unli •»> Utuil th«-y t* KHIRI \S !iy ,lt. >du !,-5 Jutii? iniy I 7 year <>U.I d^u^htcr* wear «> liHiih mahftiji' Shr Irmki like 4 v'h*«J|ilr " 1 \t< a-ikrtj ii--> huttiattil u> pkaif l«;)t Kit tiwjihrr l<s tjuil !/>ii'.j; tn I,.,,. mt |if,. |( r wyi h*'i ifvrtt but is 4 (stijw^n \\t\\- Y'lf any lOiJiSMCt.iiu"' Sh* hai alrrwdy jtsv«i me rvpli <o AHMY No A < *li( The exact ti the exact gift: Seiko Quartz t I ( KHS I cf tl«( of tom , fini»J»rc! »«> "Tbaak >ou Now I'vr lnfij<* il And rirmrmtxf K'« i»«t »K»1 t/i.i'KHs iNjrr t.uuis lo luot K« ov\ *h«t» «Jw . After the frantic pace of preparation for Thur sday's holiday feast has slowed a bit you might enjoy escaping from a stuffy kitchen .uui relaxing with a bouk. Whether your tastes he with tales of witches and spies or suggestions on making yourself more beautiful or more knowledgeable about cars, there are offerings for you this wet'k from the Clut'e and La)u» Jackson libraries CU'TK ADL?LT FICTION Biggie. --This Darkening Universe" science fiction. Builer, "The Vesey Inheritance". Darcy, "Lady P a m e I a ' : . Deigh'.on, "Yesterday's Spy". Margrave, "Clara Reeve"; Heyer. "My Lord John", Hintze, '"Cry Witch". Hodge. "Rebe'l Heiress" . Hog a n "Proving Gun western, Holland. " Holt, "Lord of the Far Island". Mat-Donald, "Dreadful l^mon Sky', (mystery, Mcrtz. "Sea King's Daughter", Stephens, "Persian Price". Stone. "Greek Treasure". Stout. ''Family A t ! a i r 'mystery i. Wyllu- "Butterfly Flood"' •mystery i ADti.l' .NU.VKICTION Arco Publishing Company, "Carpenter"; Castaneda, "Tales of Power"; Ford. "More Ik'aullful You in '^1 Hams, "l^onclv Heroes". Hynck, "UFO Kv pcncnvc". "Jwp Service, Repair HamlUsjk". Jud>. "Kvcryihtrijii I Know About Cars", l.iebt-fs. "How u> I'jm Kin ployment Tusl*", Mini iandon. "T 1 ?!*' Intruilvrs" Haincs, "A I lack on P r i v u c y S w e a « c > , Nest<, Wilkinson, "Guns' 1 A^^ I M'KSO.N FICTION Butler, '\.••,,•> iuh<T 11 a n c *•' ' . i ,i r ! c r you u!>-ff» it !>S- \U s'.iiijr.i,' 3 f?; !>•: -,«--,,-ra h/i» rir-.»,-[( hat 1 . YOl' lo mn " Tl»«a t Ml lhal g!**« i S>».» ;t-,u<!-, h» Hupp) lltrlhtlay to MUSKMAhV HJCKKY Oi«t*atui4 A UrthwUy MowUy vw*. KKHKCt'A Jt'STKMKS. AAHON JUNKS If 1 IE CHRISTMAS STORY H FUNHEIGRAPHS _ SON SHINE BOOK £ Gin SHOP t U- taking it rh.j.'tv* K AH 9160 a v-> (si* man. '' Vcronujuc" . Cookson, "CiamblmK Man", [Jarcy, ' l.adv Pamela", Ht-ver, "My Lord John". Hbiigr "Kcbc! Hi-irt-s-s", Tr*>vi.>r Just in time for the "Givin' Season" B & H Music House Qeanin' All EPIPHONE guhars & basses In stock AMPEG GU12 Amp. reg. FOX Synthesizer ftK . $i w «o NOW l /1 NOW »/2 ELECTRA Telecaster guitar, with case rt g us.oo Shop worn Kim ball Organ «•* rrg. JI7W.OO \0\V NOW /2 V4 Envelop Modifier rt-g. i».u \tm ELECTRA 2275C Guitar whh gold hardware and case r<«. IJK/.W \ou KAY mike & holder rrall) a line outfit* r«g. I'B.w Electric Piano with stand, WOrn r«rg. IS29.MI NOW Electro Bass Booster NOW 1 /* AND MUCH MORE!!!!!!! Your Choice NON-FICTION Asimov, Blocks of ifiv { Bread Game' Kvarts, "Art and Craft of Greeting Cards", Gallici) "MiracU- in thp Wildprne.».s", Kufthm-r. "Brrast ('.in cer". McKlroy, "MixJvrn CVI1 H.'olcKj", McConu* "Collectors GUK!P an'I History to Liom-l Trains' . MiMitldmi*. "Your Inner Child o!' ihv", Sch waru, "Ho-* to GII to Work When Your Husband !•> Against it. Your Osildmi Aren't Old Enough ami There's Nothing You Can Do Anyhow" FHKKI'OHT FICTION Butler. ' ' V e i c > Inheritance". Cook.wn, "Gambling Man". Dorcy. "Lady P a m c I n '' , Ruff id Flattery Printed Pattern •»:»i I. !J. I.*. M '"-•» i* ! S<ja? >t >i('f! SC'iiKlV fift i«nt! I'. CD 'se t. J.ilS J^-r trj| i tea ! h --jj«;': ! rs'. ..»! 5«««l (a »< A M "Hagtime". Hodgp, "Hvbel Heiress" rw.rv "Singing Mrrt*. "S.,'3 Uauxhti-r". Smith. "Final Fire" iti j t HI M n 1 ',<• . l,ti{ |*|4 l! J) lllSln' rj!,1nw tl:,f SI OS U-tMut U«'»l 1*14 II M M u r d r r'' , F r a * r r, IX-iRhlon, "Ycalirrday's MYSTKKY Spy''. Doclrow. Brittle, 'Footpath BHAZOKU COUNTY'S LEADING MUSIC STOKE FOH MUHK THAN i« VEAHS Come see why!!! Car insurance? State Farm still gives you a good value. You get ihi< fdt!. l,,ti\dlf u-«;cc Ar'rir famous (or. An agent t | ow (.,, A h«fr.«i/ you're And ih« A-orlrl'i Uig«si o« HHurance company on your mk Sound good/ Com* JD or cjll lor an th« (leiiil;. ROBERT E, FRANKLIN OR GEORGE 0. FRANKLIN 225 PARKING WAY UKE JACKSON 297-2425 >uanttttes Limited ". Ail Sales Final • No Special Orderi *r*TI FMM MUTIJAi AUTOMOIILi Wf UUNCf COMPANf Herrn Olds* Bioomifiglwi "t>rradrul 1.4-mon Sky", Meyer, 'I'sfwrhvirk 'Hinllrr" NuN FICI'lMN llruhcn, "Save Your I.i(c !>irl". -Schwarli, "How lo (io to Work Y'Hir Ifiuhaml i« It. YiiWr Children Arrn't old KiMHtfjh. and Thorp".* Nciihing You (.'an Do Amlww" ADD-ONE 'V J till If <l t It1 NEW OWNERSHIP SALB llul Itir? gii' I >irfi ttiMf tun ilrim Itu! »r«i ID i>rr Irving t» jnil 4 mjf«r<««* irfai »4 KilbtSi (<ur a ^c"* Malrfwllji <»t«f' ii i trim jnr on* .»/ * I}u4 alt «« «»U »rr at drailk pticr tal»' liilmrf NU t^ \H\\s SU lUr I SUS N<» KMIHM.tS At.t SMKN r|V\l M> '.UT rtHM'I'IM. IH KIN*. THIS SM> ' 1M KVS* • %v (Inr ItnK !'l Htjr.h t hair I I'ordblr lijuiort I H'J «,uarj (Ull Inijntt C'H/iJ« flUftrrt rtc . 20%,= 50% OFF If you bought kid's shoes wilhoul shopping the ads in The Brazotpor! Facts, you lost both time and mon«y. The best buys in family footwear arc advertised frequently in The Braiosport Facts. . The best place lo buy or sell along the Gulf Coast, Is MM * MAKwoir —a _ The Facts UIAUHMD itn m HUTQII

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