The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 28, 1971 · Page 7
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 7

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 28, 1971
Page 7
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?,VV-.%T" DEAR ABBY Law not all on his side Tf'IB'BRAZOSPORf PACTS, Freeport, TexM, Sunday, Nwemtertt, WtU. T1IK HUM. SANTA t t»u» &&*• ma> f*X !* th* </w S«-U lnul ttr) .Vlirn (AC By Abigail Van Buren U mi H CIUUM Tii»*» N. Y. Hm tn<,, Ix.l UKAH ABBV; (.Vorge and t have been married for 36 We have five children, all rnarriwl ami on Ihclr own with nice families. fieofKe wa» never much of a father. All the kidJi were scared (o dcalli of him. |{U Idea of "t«»rhing" Item wjracthinjt wa« to give them a flood belt In the ch«(M, It's a miriicle they turned out as flood us they did I've »lw«y* covwd up for George, but I've known all he ran arou/wl with other women lie's in his middle flflu-s now and you'd think he'd slow up in that department, bul wr* \v: run* mott—mA !«*». l^tit we*k tw tame home very lale .irnelling like a b?ir*<-iy. *''•> ilpsitck al! over hU rx-ck I got mad and hit him with tfw broom. H* naid; "If you don't like it, f.a live wilh one of the k»l»' K^erythlng in this IK/UM; is MINK UTAUM I paid (or it " l» f.'.-il tru<-"' J vsotkw) (rilMdc the home Can he really kick im- cwl"' I don '1 know \f ia-* OIAKI/JITB DKAH I tlAUIXMTfi: Trll XWfr hmtantf Dial lh« l»w hits (jtt;> ul'/ni fur I *x him art who gr| thrlr trfund rornin- tic wind In tttrU mid-dlUi-s, and if h<- dortn'i brhavp him. »f|I, UK m»y h»»f lo ^o Ure with oor of ttr kJd». K»en II Uic wllf did not fwuritat*- * dlmr lo (he hotiw. »he U part- on r»»r of r<rr)'tKlni; in It Sh* conlribulrd Ut the m«rri»|[«' bi faring for llir homr and rraring tbr children, Sf* a laoirr Jtrwl fint] tnit »h»l )uur Hehlt >rr. ll vlll rotnf in hiodi. ll l.t-or^r rtrr (l)r« U> bully Jou jf.ain !)>;AH AI'.I'.Y M> ,',uv!>a»*l »as sifsislt- •»-.!} t p rts l>f< t Tfrr l#t ift < -»! fsvoi JO nuifc (Jx- I »4i Kite tofr.* ic [sric-i-tris frwssi S.»!-iU'» JM U::rj J'-J 1 ' --•'• tM«U> KiUbr-,, go '.'.> Jut-.!..' '••;,.!! ljr»|Ji»fr«fr,tt-,y!M'.J J«V'X«. !t!. h.i'. r sfE -JvVnJ -..i;X,»'.'f. i-rf '•'? I" *' ."I--"' MMIVU-J: !>ai ( -H"" <•'<''•'• '-'"' lSJa:Mij«.*t V.UM-JC. "! 'u'.-its- V .•«••?..• ' •*!. •-,". >.-'. DKAIl MAKI.JK: Ins Uilr c-ut Ihe . arxj hii lutif hasn't MAHfilK t.'.' f'fTTSlit 'HGJ1 NKVV OKKICKKS WKItK irastalled arid an arMiiional l'd.yn contnUition in «T|uij>ni"ji( to lirazo^sjrt Community Hin[)lt;>i A;IS solr-d .Ui'i a p5>rrj'. wJ at the annual f!»:clion .'in'i luncheon held 'Iiji-vl^) 1 h> th<t llri///i|K^l Community l!i_ri|j:!;!l Auxsiiarv Krtxn left art-' liill Sf/iiOi toifJiUi ;ii!nim:i!r.'ilor; Mrs, (/u."> Ciij«-l;n;'l iwfrtniiij! WT«'!Ar> f . Mrs HPT*. MiUin.. incMtiifig '. i'.'.- prraiditit; are! Ji.'ii) S.'.Mlh, ,v.>si>Uj;!i j'i/iiinwtfdlJjr <*jt«<Mj; iXia'fTi ;>rc ^ir<^ Ain"A'>;Ui vm: (j.'".-si(J',-;il I'm'J S K Kdquist, w.-cretary, The Auxiliary has alrr-ady made donations in crjuipment to the hospital lotaling $3.500 but additional (unlit m.idt |K«sihle the extra ton- triliuliun Tolal monies used to buy itjyipmi.TJt (or the hospital in \'f!\ came to $7,t»X) The luncheon was held at the Kri'ffxjrt Inn and members' meak were OiC gilt <A the Dfr* Chemical Co. Other officer's of the group are. Mrs ho h'choppe. president; Mrs. Kobcrt Hackncv. treasurer. torkj h<- watn't .'K.M< AHIiV V.V !!•.<• U-»xSf my hu :•. ! '..'-jH Sii.t Ilir mother ha; a ! - . ft ! My f,.;! ;s.n t frtfr.f ilarififf ti«r »t>andS parer.U. .-'jy , his fat.'jtr j fits GRANDMOTHER- .Survey shows urban family needs $ 11,000 to live VA.r-^- a '*t-^i; bu' r tt.'ijs !ou. - c/r ftvi- l;;, jr. I."*- r--, t-:)ir4>. .•>:•(• !V.,s of things ! him HI,l,l:i.f. ST w jr.-.j'fi f?_<frjc-t • HKVK « rr a t li'ii KKl'l. JN ()))!<• H I ^ »tul l( hr dwrtn I tff i|- rxiw, w.i lr-|l him In a cicr ua^ thai )ou \tt d<* artd f*Kd a frw r^rnlat* a wrrl in !'KAH M'.l'.V I a:n .1 M-tvw r;l;zrr; .«.',. * <•:.•;;;:-> r.j vti'.-', .1 p< r-.'/M-msr. <*?*j n tt, He i-. ;> hu: •.,•.'• "..-I- i.'.^-.ri ;;,.<•. «"• jx. '.<" ','.'' i -! t !!«*.; "I < Uft I****" '.!•••• V.i^'!;ii !;;!•,(• jii oi u> r,', /.:•'..'(. ,:: «u!'., l ,i-r ^ C>V(Aii (9\tn B BROCKMAN'S FABRICS REDUCED..-50% SEWING NOTIONS 10* BROCKMAN'S i, A * C t 4 ' * t-C'^l Twin bands ot K Korat Solid Goid y?mfy husbarxl arrf »fi)e . . . a luitrooi synihcttc storrf: of the month mjrks the b.rlhday of wch of her ch.ldrtn (IIAIU.K IT! Ml INTi;i(KST OR (,UUtVI.S(i niAllt.KS V K - '.? *r Stork shower I \M J M KMIS S i •.?-.<.-»<•: !..r MM ! ••' !'»>:,«.'• • i !<•'-..•>"•.•'•' aaj t I . MM Uir-.-j M<ir...ji !! it'* ri'% my f.-*rr '_.-'..' %',> j r ' '>rr..\^'.>i !-,.'tA C".**'.j- i !:r:-irr,'t*:! :r^~ r'-^-it<x';> <r; r.-i •;.•:•.<•:» .^j.- ' :-.';>.;)•! ! !•-.; Sim nc/u" 1^'c-r" or D>>: A: *;;• r'.nKi'iiiK;. IH . VI'. I SI'J.t IPI'Il Trli htm n*» Wh»l'« ;cxtr probUmr You'll (<-f| kxiirr If ywi f,H ll el( )«tf ckrtl Hrtlr u NHHV. Hot «7W. Lot AngclM. C»l. ». for KHKKI'flKT '/;," I-\KK JACKSON A.VCLKTON /V*r t'atccr C'luh'% specially lection for Mr. Tall. Scientifically engineered with longer UK!> and slcoci (or proper (il and appearance. Tailored of fine pohcilcr and cotton blcnd> in >olid culors. and elegant jtnpcs. Sec our new 1'ulacc Guard tall man fashions today. Open Late Thur»da> NlghU •7.00 - »8.00 Clyde's PlauUtlou feuler i fl\', -« A- f I'! 3* iV> f i- : * A.i*T t • I,*'..-"f 7 - .it facts About ... Women U •ri!/' MUr»T Sftxi ll la Abb). Boi OT«. lx>» . Ol «*«. for Abb)'» boolVrt, "How to Write Lt\- Irrt for All Ocxuloav." The Bare Facts Mr :.r>;5 Mr- M-.r 1 ..:. An ..:*•" I'lt >' M'ulft .in P{owl ui Jewelry you'll find those visions of If your savings aren't insured against loss, isn't it time that they should be! Dun'l h't tlw mcnwiy of this Christmus hwomc ti blur. (/ire « personal gift of silwr or gold- for him or her. 107 NORTH PARKING PUCE DOWNTOWN LAKE JACKSON I AMERICAN SAYINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION UKE JACKSON, TEXAS

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