The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 25, 1975 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 25, 1975
Page 1
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Judge announces retirement T. M. GUPTON ENDING 25-YEAR JUDICIAL CAREER i)istrlol Judge Thurman M t»up4'm hu« form Ally iimsounwd that hi? will not seek reflection to tht- twiich of the 2'jrtl Judicial l>Mn?l, a post in? has h«M unchallenged! ktnt-e 1S»¥J (iU|»U>n said Ihitl ttt Dti" MM! !>f his pri->>Mil ti-rni, wiwi* Jiin I, !V"7, hi)>(>• ti', and eligible fwr eni from all active iudk'iftl of fk*?r .ami by judge " t.-xpUinraj (hat \ filling judge a&sigwnwjts an* pr«vi4wJ for m Texas law ami tho»>- tmtgnment* can Ixe mode fiy J»d#f* Max M llr.ijjrf* lA Jltt- fvaraifj A<kni»i*U»tiv<" Judicial or f.'hW Justice ftbiJ} •>! Utf Tf-xi»* Court <iup!«!l a (I'UffJtH-ftt from artivi* (:*>!iUrs will l«»ve » vacancy *n Ow judgftithip of thf Z3rd DUirH-t Court •-•• the oldest judicial ditsriet in Texa* Th* court ithftrss in Hrazon«, , Fort li«d and Mai&gwda Countir* "fit* deadline for political lajjdklat*** lo file for of fia-« in fiM/nty ami Mali* i* Frftfunry !Sf76 .f! candidate-* Ink*' offu-e Jan I, 1977 JksiJgr GupUm f i nil *T) t«f*d Ilriuroria County politic*, in (He mid-40s when he was elected County Judge. H« served in th»» pwit from I$M7 until Od »». |?*M wtvwi he wa» appointed judge by Texas «ov Allan Shiver* to fill the ufif xpired term of District Judge M S Mun_wi at th* lime of hi* death m office. JU* HA* *lwi bwtt a public land surveyor, alutraclw of land tiiJft. and worked in lh<» oil fields in F,a*t and South TW,W( Gupton was educated at what Is now Rice University and later received his law degree from the Howtton Law School. He ateo attended the U,S, Naval War College »t Newport, R.I. and other military shcools He at(ended public school* in Wwst Columbia. Gupton haft had a distinguished military career. He is a combat veteran of World War II, < f'lease turn to I J 12, Col 4 < Solon seeks seat vacated by T. Gupton "H 1 *-..-H ,,-W-f BRAZOSPQRT i ,.-Vfc. . f A.»~ |» ,, t ! . •>•. M " ** >. «•!-* $..>».fi». M -t * *.,fv» w.« • r, •**.!- **--,ui ** i , »,,,? t.n.fc.1 11*1 • »w« >-«f SKY and Seo •••I BKAZOSPC The Lake Jackson Clute Freeporl • •' SUit?-. '.:..'.j;. «,,-„•; Vit«t . • '*"•;.*!a\ i:, ;.''.-.<• ::•<. J <*.tt !f-» !.•-*•,>:,'..! !*-. !«.«• ,i^«-t • 'Mi i f ?"::<! •*'•'.':.' . ..-if fj.,r. .'*> J.-T - .:-r-r--- Vi *-- Lrx-t.'>t.A > M \ B .;; :,,. \..,.u> .1; '• ;'..V r.w V,'-'- rv.J», ^" Tlt>rs M:»;:.. '.i-'.rs •i*U;i ^' « 51 i rr. A-/-} •> *t [• r-, t> «-5 .»' '. <> A 'r, ir.,! : t'i ;; :- Hifthi 'A r.ti'.r v!j -, a; ft ;..J 4 Pi *;>.i »'- : =- ('•• '•'• wi!> v M-I 5! '.- K i jr. ^:! ; :* j-. n , Insurance to cover legal malpractice? T..- TV:^- f'A.-'.i B-<-» "'.>. ''. ..i»~A Ua-cTt .f, .t t {x r ,i ,•'.;<••• , r. « i, f ,» r. .• '.V,' . ' In .1 rri ciil v'i>S> nf nmlic^i i.t-un.n^r v .Ui'j ti'. Mr ,»»•'>!•'.,> t \iunu The hiiiU '!;ii f.i-.s tivi>,;!ii:<- -i f»{ai !!i,l!(!t ,trt!> i' Mil! iJ'.irsnrt '.tit- j»-fi*-.i !•( I.iiic SEEN and HEARD ?l KhTKH t IVK.SVV Sit former resident of ilutr ami a lungtinir s)ienfl s drpul> in this county. eeU'tiraimg ins Hoilt hir thda> rtvi-ntls lAilh a Ing family .imner The l.i\*s.iy>i iHiu lue tin tin 1 UlU-rl Knuti' at Urtiglas.s Teias >\ l.J Humane Uffu-er ^TKVK H'lXON, Bringing back loto »f material (rum the slwrt anirM.' in animal control that he took lust wet'k on the A&M cum- pu^ JINK and tKlll. KuHDlS and son UIST1N. moving from 1-J Iwick lo Uca union! when- he'll bt.- forking lor l>re,vser In dustncs KormtT Hratosporter LKJ-: AI'IM Klii;HHV, now an executive traiiui 1 at National City Hank of New Vork's international Citicorp. branch in Houston HSTABt/SH£D Officials say plants okay for expansion \SS\ V\ \T/t.A\|CK ( *-rrriit r,csn n-t/vld sik*:t Two county youths win 4-H Gold Star awards '••*•?"> ;;-< .S-;ii sTii'ist sr r Sjfair.-.'. '.*rt' n?-, s p r t> p • • ? <- (S a n n «• »: f: ! j o n r «r, » i Afd p i r n? ) > djfifttf la*-! ;-'.^?'.','s pat-i i hr;.r,r.i!s: Ci!y linli Tt-.'f ftiM-CiDf- -••.:*'> -*'rr,t<s' a rrpdny »f irw ct?j?*cii <. Nrf.iv 6 merlin)?. - *her* the prr.rim..-!! !c, annex 1 nearly pft-vTit ;rir«rf»>r^'.«i area. wav prrs^nterf before appr..Aimate)> T'I con- .-vr '.- „- i H r-a- t<t"!-. »H K.-K.-.-,:! '» .1 ;•>:•. } r c . i r i - '<• "if : ••-.•• ,-i .y.iS.vtAiiiS.ri,; v:i;.< « H i. ,••;.-! )ji.»;j,.r. ,;v '•.!,•<• I't' Thr Las', night's hearing <ir<-'* w;ir!> f >i people A K Hamillon of 110 W<-^.; Bronco li<*nd first rrfrfr«i to a r<-c<-n; er. • i\x-< hranujf b\ the Tci.-i> Water Quality Ikard which charged the <r,s ii..'..r.»; f. »;i ,,xini- ( -. j fori.'it'teJX' IU|.. u,.rk .icrarrthr,' •-. K lu,),1! H«)d! S,»KJ (ha) ihe OMir'.; ••x!cr i -.',<.,:: s.c-rv;Cf is i^^^:^:l!l: l .K fu i.^r.iir, s to RUT! ','n- ivnvis .1? urUin ,ir,d Stitwriun !»)>.•> and city with \iolating the wavt«i»-at(T diNchargc arsd c h 1 o r i n a! i o n level* ••pwilied in lU {Xtrnit "The hug question in my mtrvd is ho* the city can do anything 'in provsdsrig wwi-r M-rMce- .wx;n wrwn it ha.!»n'i complied yet with i is permit " "The cil> is violating its jx-rmit without us." he wnc! Though the city c-urrpntJy i.«. undertaking <» pr-o)t-ct to refvuva'.e an olrk-r seviage treatment Sar.k to c-ompi) with the T W y H s r t- c o m r.'iWid^iKr,. 1 *. ' " me^ins nothing to us." Hamilton .said. "Th<- city has only n,;idi" u.\ prom i M*" that i! will U- AtAv to provide H*'* if service Mayor "Pinky" Snow noted that the TWQB iiifftrcvriH-nt hearing has titfs the result of U;e city's rrtj'jirs^ to increase its permitted effluent flow into tfyster Creek. «> the renoxati-d tank could operate When the permit is granted, sht- said, the city (Please luni to P. JO, Col. 5< | ByBII,LDAWSON | State Rep. Nell Caldwell, ! true to statements he made 1 in September, said Mon> day he will run for Ihe judgeship of the 23rd Judicial District, r Caldwell two months ago • had said his decision would depend on the outcome of the vote «n the proposed ; state constitution and on current Judge Thurman M Gupton's plans. He said then hi* alienee i from home during legislative sessions and , legislator's pay, which the nw slate charter would have raised, meant emotional and financial hardsJiiD for his family Also, he said he would not : run against his friend. Judge Gupton With the new constitution's defeat Nov. 4 and with Gupton's announcement Monday that •he would not seek reflection, Caldwell's way was clear "I will throw my hat in th<- ring for the judgeship," be told The Facts "I will tvA njn for reelection to the legislature " Caldwell said an official announcement of his REP. NEIL CALDWELL r i candidacy would be for-; thcoming. ; W. Jack Salyer of Bay! City, district attorney for i Malagorda, Fort Bend and j Wharton Counties, had; been rumored to be in- j terested in the judgeship. j "I'm kind of up in the ; air," Salyer said Monday, i "but 1 probably won't; run " I He said he would make a i decision by next Monday,; after discussion wjthj lawyers and other in-j < Pleas* turn to P 10, Col. i >! BISD trustees planning varied agenda tonight Th* Board of Trustees of the Brazosport In- defK-ndent School DisJnct will meet at 7:30 tonight in UK- fioard Iloom of the AdmmiMralton Building at 22w I-akevir* Dhve in Clute A presentation on the reading program in dibirict intermediate v-bwb wili be made by Dr Jerome Bougeois. dir«.-**i.>r of Curriculum atxl Personnel, and Paul Slrjcurr.b. supervisor of English and Language Arts The educational report will attemp< to dtscribe instruction in the reading resource centers in intermediate schools. other agenda items include the 1^74-1975 Audit report, the appointment of Admission. Review and Dismissal Committees for SpcciaJ fcxiucalion, and the Head Start Program budget for the 1975-1976 school year Also cm the agenda are personnel actions; a request from the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center for studen! participation in a Wood drive, and the financial report for the month of October. 1975. Informational reports on student enrollment in the district as of Friday, N'ov 21. the !<»7>isr76 faas'keJbaJJ schedule for Br;uc>sport's secondary- schools. and the 1376 football schedules for Brarosport and Brazos-wood High Schools will t>e presented The board will meet in closed executive session to consul! with the board's attorney, discuss personnel and discuss student discipline Following executive session, the board -Anil take action on items discussed in closed session DAYS TO CHRISTMAS Bankruptcy report heads Angleton slate Hcnf r f < \ !.!,-itus jwirt u| UK-' in nne ui w.! the I'lrvi- W Uenlrt.'s i n \ 0 I u n I a r y .{»•> i\»rher hy its prevfitting him iti« the kl r 114-1 liin rtcrc tr.ii'l H'IAIUN! l>v Ihf n!), snii top the olfrf-rwisv tiHilme liu < 'iiiei.> u( thr Angletur, ('(ty ('<>ui)cil n! l<might's nut'tiJig o;her n Tti»' coutvcil nut'l* at 7 .Vs »u luiies ,i p m in the ('its II,ill In August a i<-ni(X' frmn men! wi behalf of tin- l ompany h.ui nil the Subdivision (trdui;iiue lo iiu-hiile «lf>igii.itii>ii fi>r jurk.s Ci'iincili'ien will con the I'Uiuiing ui the ctHincil from leasing /oning t'nmm^sini)'•> r«Viili!:»e[iitat!i<i ainl .m urdiiiiiTUT fni' reioning eight hli>t.'ks in West Angli-!i>n frmn ri-s-idi'-nlsal lit IIUMIH-SS .iiit) com garbage truck chasM* ami iluir.f U u> K l>ui> . <ip pointing a r«'prt»*«>i)tativ«' and .ilterii.Ui- In the Houstni) Galvestivii Area ( ouiicii tiefu'rai Hitily . traffic Mgm ior nor thtKHini) traffic on High way .iS. ami information Insurance problems stall proposed Clute bus plan H) N.VVNC I'HINNV CLl'TK (nubility to obtain the high ri»k insurance required by city ordinance is stalling of forts of u private bus company to opt'raU' here Hriuospori Independent School District provides transportation only for those students living more than two mileti from thu school which they attend Clifton Jones provides transportation, on a subM r ipiioii bails, for students living within the stipulate^ two-mile rudmv Insurance of the type required (or this service is d.thsified as high risk, according to Jones' insurance agent, James Elberl Antl few "ad nutted" companies are writing this type of insurance in Texas, Elbt-rl told the City Council meeting Monday F,ltx>rt said it is no problem (o obtain the minimum coverage from admitted companies But higher coverage required by this city's ordinance, generally speaking, is obtainable only through (Please turn to P. It), Col. n and reporting methods for Council i'ackct.s The council plans to act ixi yn ordinance amending the Subdivision Ordinance lo accommodate changes in the Zoning Ordinance aliii»in[» ior cluster houMng developments An executive session concerning legal and personnel mailers will follow reports by the various ctimmittei's, the city attorney and the city administrator BISO CUSSES LETTING OUT ON WEDNESDAY Classes in the Bratosport Independent !>chool District will oe Jismi^kxl ut 2 30 p m Wednesday for the Thanksgiving Holidays Student!) will not attend classes on Thursday or Friday The regular class schedule will be rtsumwl on Monday, Dec. I. FRIENDS FROM HIS SCHOOL days heJped entertainer Breck Wall celebrate his -Jlst birthday Friday. Wall, who still calls Freeport his hometown, was surrounded by Virginia Beakley. Ethel and Ernest Roberson, Brazosport school teachers with whom he's remained in contact over the years, as he prepared to cut his birthday cake the cast of lus show had provided Friends make birthday memorable for Wall By ROBERTA DANSBY A 40th birthday is often considered a milestone, but for Breck Wall his 4lst will undoubtedly be on* that he will long remember, for it was on that date, last Friday, that he brought his successful musical comedy revue to his hometown The show. "Bottoms Up," played to some l,<uo persons uurin^ u» Uwia^hl run on the auditorium stage of Braiosport High School where Wall graduated with the Class of '53. The show, which spends most of its time in Las Vegas and Reno show rooms, is definitely for mature audiences, has some flashes of flesh and words the TV censors don't allow, but is aimed at evoking laughter with its zany skits and routines. U did just that, bringing standing ovations for the entertainers both nights. Wall, who spent a few minutes at the dose of each show talking to the audience, admitted that the cast - and especially himseW, - were quite nervous about doing the show La Freeport. (Please turn to P 12, Cd. 4)

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