Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 13, 1930 · Page 4
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 4

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 13, 1930
Page 4
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UtCATUS HERALD MUNUAY tVtNING, OCTOBER 13* 1930. DECATMR HERA1 A M y t t e r y U J O F W/l nr/COTinWC" By feldo Awnftncc 'ASK JVO Ql/£Sr/OJVS'"" Duff Cropsey Picks Up Gossip of Double Murder and Strange Beetle Hunter WHAT HAS OONK ON Mlwi Annflutw Went Brldo'g riouw, In Council lent, so- culled' beciiuiw « bt'ltlc who hud · n U R h l i h c l u r t h u r u w l t h nor husband, had iitrnnwiily fiisuppocircil Tho lease upoclClflil thia ih» tonnni must »isl( no fiu MI Ion*. m mallei whftt r)»] pen ml Iti the hoime. An- tuutwi ftmlc thut w of tho srav- «s In (tie i»rlvrit« burlnl pri'ound hud been oiiatiMl. Hor fltftblo boy. Otto, In rriLti'tleroii. John Otnin- nnd. ownur ol n Now York IIWWH- finpor, triM In Imlur* Anna mm to Jflflvo the pliiro. Hhc liftmen |i«rii:k Criinnon. a turnu-r drew* ftthl«l(i. ftmt nctmlli'r of .(fine Hunnollii, oni of Hie rtr»t ton- unt*i of lh« hfliino, citllM fo tnkc euro of Annas*: I'M polu pi ml OH. triwuln, ti HiivtiKu irtiilllon. tights- off Crnnnon, who Hdvltntn tl\* new lonani to lnuve Brliir's Koimti, jio-orillci! Jxirmlse n bride who twul untight H h c l t f r there for tttfi night wltli hi-r liufttwnd had Btrnnffi'ly ll»ut[ni!iritl n few month* bffiifo, A detuuy I" l u t on ward In itie kiiclicn, lu-nvily .ilium, In thi 1 night Oltt und Hers H riding Prnculn ntiuui tltv .She uclntli-Gw Lliu slniiij,'()(' p !i hnrnonuiiuihljj. Mini lioar.H thu dqi- nty Ktirrlntf. (ind onlls ft wtirn- ln« ID the- horwnmn. Tlu-rc Ut the smind of nn cMgilnnlnn and Mid* 14nrlh, Ann' cnlln out Hint the dogmi.y boon umulou'd Tin* jiturt thrnuich tho svunds fur Di\ Crlindtiii'si linilnf. C'run sun tip- OuHiUKh 'i cli'urln»i. HlotlK ti wamiLti, In : i crow iiiipuri'l, Inn- tuou lild- d«n by 11 hlu«k vt-ll. Turrlflod, ' thi.' WDinun floo, Ann a)nk« In tlia niurith, tttitl Iti ffHviioil hy «ui Htriiaxrr who tiiul bd«n cldlnK DracnLi, She Irluu lo ftut him to coin (i with tu'i- tn dm IIOUHC, wluii'o ihn watilluian hn.i butti murdfrcil, lull the dtranger dls- npppni 1 !), Nfwsijupdr men overrun thf pliicii In qui'st of the utory of tin 1 double nmrclcr. thi^in 1st iMi'ii Cl-op.icy. cJKoi oT IKitmniuiV p ii per. 4 IIAI'ThK M l,d(r till naelli'i-Uiul men Alvn. flfop icy rhcilctifd I h r ilclimliin Ihtit tlio world htul luMl u Htcoml l.tCoq vrhiin fdte Miiw f i t «i t u i n M* tatcntu llilo ntlii'r unil niin'o prosulc Huin- nr-ln, Once tho fldlilntf t r i p h«d been dpflnlii'ly t:lvon up lils CJuimiUim rcttm-viitlcnx cftncfllwl. hf Livguri to tcul unlimlly oliUi'd, Tlic inyatiny hfinKitift over UrhLv's Hdiiso hint flr- Not only bwiiintio It tinii hnfflctl tho pottcn for nlniOHl n quart in- of H cciH- iny, btit hdijiuifld In nil thf itnnuli of criuio It ntood iinlciup: A history »f dtull«jn nnd nxpldlnoO drilltt. Poitr, tu Ltd vxact, uiul it n i dluupt'itarunci'. Tliw nuin who solvcrt It would prove iiluvi-r HI iletccllvii r-annn- (ind CrojiMuy hint n p J '.tJ'f | fi fot And HUuh u little «cntIonian? Rcaly, I've urown quite fond of him," I'fcullar Fellow Thy editor of tho Dally Free Presa looltoil relieved. " ti niauruttot. I think lliut'H whut h» oulla himself." Uvldeiitly Mla^ Mulvlnu Mt she had not tlont lull juslk« lo her pi-otdRc. "Wcnre bow ties und atununera. Alwoya ruii' »ln({ Into thlnft.i »nd Buylns 'E-wuso me. 1 Vm know thu type," You, Crolisey knew the type!. only two Ihlnjia lio'j sthown iiiiy Interest In since h« «nnic: tho ulil I:I»|M imil survtyst T Inherited from my urandfulhcr und llioso inur Uern Lltnl havo tiilipn plucc oi-ur at the lUmncln fiu-ni. Yon knew nbout (itic niurtlorn?" Oh, MuKh'rs! "No," an 111 Cropsey, ttiken off jjuurd. "I menn y»»." "IVrha|«i you're not Interested In mi! !·"(! rs?" Tho mnnaglns udltur pulleJ him self tonothcr. "Aliirtlera lire my par llculiir holiby. t cr -wrlti- ubout Ilium." "Well," DlsflitKl Mlbn UpltBfO 1 "you unil M i , Watts will have u lot In common. He's n murder entlius' last too. ItoiulM nil ubuilt them. T.icao liiiit t\vo litiya I il believe he's hrmiKhi liunu 1 evcty nuwapaper that' printed." Tho editorial eursi pricked up. "Uv InK ao close, that oughtn't to bo ne« (i,iHary, Von «iuai ^ut your Informs tlon nbout the inun-derw on the Run- lu-la furm first hand." LllCtiru uu u Tumbsluuw MIHJ Mtilvinn lunched loilh into an recount of the two murders and their effect on thu resident of Holaa CtosBliiK- \foi- yanra no one had passed ly wuy of the Wood RoaC ftl nlh'ht. Lights had bean auen to flick- or through (loaerled rooms, Cries hull beon huunl, oEtcit tho wall of a woinun In fcot\i distrusB. And once, a farmer, hunting » lost holier by the light of the moon, had coro« up on u flstuie iivutod on · lombaalone In the old Kunnels bttrylng ground-a t'luisLiy tiuvtisty of a human whose fat u wua no face tit alt, just u gap- Thv munutsltiiE editor I la tun utl to all 111 in attentively, and was not nurprii* iid at length to hear thut Miss Wont's (MermJnniion to rvniiiln on thu farm after whut hud juul hap period there WiLi iootceit upon with Krm'u su*pic- Ion. Cropauy was so busy planning what hu could auy to tho redheaded girl lo ma ltd the dangers of her position cluar t h a t he did not hear Miss Mai* vlnn until tho latter observed lu u tone which indicated that she re* panted Homuthlnir fur the third or t o i n l h Lime. A Man tn tli. HDUM- "1 aulJ-- · there's a man up Lo Mr. ninniond'3 house who Known this Mian VV*sl," H» cnme btuk with u Jorli "Muii- Whut sort of u mnn"" "\tr. fetiboily IMnkn Iw mitfhl Ite it d«ttir:tlv(, only hi* cwr loolts loo aoiiiethlng, I suppose the killing ot the boy or tho gho*t Ulk aoar*d him off, because when b« went away he headed north, In the direction ol Now Mllford. Bui, "lowering his voice,' yeateidfty morning, rani ewly, he WBS back again, Mr. P«tbody iala ni aeon him ccing up to Mr. Diamond'* tumtw, llekcty-cui. Mr. Peabody aay« iw'i Uicre still." "Mr. Peabody aeemti to run s cunning tower instead of » lunch wagon." Tim* tu Lvtvu Will) little apoJogctic Bqutsaks and clucks, tho Apple BloMom'i owner tell upon the discouraged breakfast table. "If you're quite finished, I'll begin reading «|j. Time does fly so around here" Cropsey rodis. "You, itnO 1 supjroifl your other boarder will be down to briittkfuat uoon. Or, "uveing her IOOK of Nurprlne, "has he had lila?" "Mr. Walls T" Tho butter dish paus etl In Ha journey between tablo und tray. "L»or p bleaa you, he doesn't come down until noon ever," By way of apology, "His work keeps him out almost alt night. Ho Hunts Beetles With one.hund on the Jooi. Die managing editor paused "Out all night?" "Veil," Mls« Mtilvlna went on with the redding up, "there's a kind of bootle he'» after.' A moment later, tn tlie garden, Cropsey addressed himself tu h purple delphinium somewhat after this fttihlon: "So, my good fellow, you are wmrchlng for a beetle, Well, now, let's got down to business. What do you know about the miutteru on the Runnels farm? Anri 1C you don't know anything, tl \ why ate you prowling about thv countryside at a lime like this, laying yourself open to all kinds of suspicion?" The delphinium, being a stiff- necked flower, mads no answer to either of these questions, to the editor of the Daily Press Free, atttr casting a speculative look at the upper windows of the Apple Blossom, left tho garden and went down to the pond, There he stood for a long tltn« In deep thought. It would have been Sttfo to bet that his mind was not on the fish the pond might contain nor on the tackle strapped to his unopened suitcase up In Miss Malytna'a beat square room. The guileless New Bngland lady hnd given him something tangible with which lo start his first day of Investigating, AnS there was ntil] that gossip hound, Noah Peabody, to be Interviewed, It began to look u though he had discovered a well of Information--a well ut the bottom of which the truth about Bride's House mlglit well lie. (Tu no Continued) Two Victims of Car Accidents Recovering Accident victims In Decatur late last week were recovering Sunday. O, W. Grunt, who received a severe cut on the scalp when his car ran Into a telephone pole Saturday morn- In i;, was doing well In his home. Mi S3 Delia Fltzpatrlck, school leather struck by an automobile Friday, was resting comfortably In St. Mary's hospital Sunday. Her Injuries* nre not so sevoro as was believed FIONKKH TO BE CLOSED On account of serious 111 nee a In the family, Mrs. Horreiia Doran will close the "Pioneer dlnlns room for u week or ten days. PUBLIC SCHOOL HEADS WILL MEET TUESDAY Progressive Education to be Discussed in First Study Session The Decatur public school Cabinet, composed of principal!) and supervisors, -will meet In the office of Superintendent William Harris Tuesday morning at ID o'clock, This 1s the first study meeting- ol the year. All the meetings of the year will center around the general theme "Progressive Education" or "Tho New School for the New Ago," The following talks Will be givan by cabinet members who were In attendance at some university during the summer session. "New Aspects In the Supervision of Instruction," G. E, Nichols. Principal, Jobtut Hill Junior High school, who attended I. S, N, U. In Normal. "The Progressive School." Miss Daisy V. Daggetl, Principal of Riverside school, who attended University of Colorado. "The Superiority of tha Pivgrea- ajve school over the Traditional School," Miss Jennie Wells, Principal Oglesby school, who attended University of Ohio. "The Role of the Teacher In the Netr School," Mlas Nolle Clark, Principal of Warren school, who attended University of Ohio, "The Place of tlio New American Handwriting Scule In the N*w School. Mlas Thurna E, Lux, supervisor of penmanship, who nltandcd University of Colorado, 250 Attend Old Blue Mound School Reunion Two hundred and fifty persons attended the fifth annual reunion of the Old Blue Mound school, north of Blue Mound, Sunday. Dinner was served at noon, followed by a program of music and readings given by flOults and children of the community. Talks Were given by Mrs. Cora B, Ryman, county auperJntendant ot schoolu. John Flack of Springfield, who taught In the school 32 y«ara ago, and Miss Clara Bothel of Deeo- lur, who taught there 20 years ago, and who now teaches In Prnlrle Vale school. Car Stolen Friday Driven 450 Miles And Returned An automobile, reported stolen Friday by the Saundcrs Drive It Yourself system, was found Sunday evening parked near the SL Nicholas hotel. The cnr hnd been rented to a Decatur man. Tins speedometer showed that it had been driven 450 mlloi. since having been rented. The car Was in good condition when found, \^ul the oil supply wan low. High bmcbTtfT Visit Mecca Shrine Tuesday Mrs. Jean Haynet) Terry of Ottawa, supreme high prtestoss, will make her official visit lo Mecca Shrine Tuesday. Dinner will be served at 8;30, He ser vat Ions are lo bo turned In to Mrs. John Evans or Mrs, E, G. Allen. The ceremonial wJH be at 8 o'clock. POLICE ASKED TO HUNT MISSING BOY 1, E. Pope reported to the police Sunday evening that his grandson, Donald Hedcnbei'g, had disappeared from home, 1220 Eot BJverald* avenue, Tbo boy Is 14 yeans old. weighs 129 pounds, f« IS feet, 9 Inches tall and was dreaded In a blue shirt, blue overalls and bron cap, He has blue eyes and a acar on his Up. Anyone knowing of his where- about* la asked to communicate with the police or the sheriffs office. CORN SHUCKERS WILL COMPETED OCT. 28 Annual County Contest To Be Conducted In fllini Township Macon county's annual corn shucking contest, will take place Tuesday, Oct. 23, tn Illini township. John Wat kino has been named chairman of a committee In charge of tho contest and will arrange the place of the contest. Any resident of the county may enter the contest by registering- In the Farm Bureau's office In South Water street. All shuckerg are requested to file a statement showing how much corn they have shucked In an hour and 20 minutes. Ten en- trios will ho allowed to participate In tho contest In COHO more than 16 entrica are received, the high 10 will enter tho contest, Apoplexy Fatal tb 84 Years Old Woman Mrs. Ellsaneth Kttllenbnch, 84, died in her homo In 1121 West Decatur street at 9:1S o'clock Saturday evening, Death was caused by apoplexy, Mrs. Kallenbach had lived In iriklur for practically 22 years. She was the widow of Henry E. Kallenbach. Mrs. Kallenbach was born In Perry county, Fcb, 3,, JMfl, After her marriage she and her husband moved to Decatur, Mrs, Kollenbaeh woe a member of the First Methodist church. i She leaves the following children; George. Kallcnbach, Macon; Mrs Anna Bailey, Boody; Mrs. Li Hie Pennwltt. Docatur, and Mrs. Arpha Jocklflch, Blue Mound. Mrs, ttallen- bach also leaves two brothers. Adam Zimmerman and WIDJom Zimmerman, both of Perry, The body was prepared for burial in tho homo by Dawson Wikoff. Funeral services will be conducted at 2 o'clock Tuesday afternoon In tlic Zlon church. Burial will b* in the 21 on cemetery. UFELONG RESIDENT OF CrrY DIES SUNDAY Miss Frieda Bertsch Was Member of One of Decatur's Early Families lne BprUcH, a f EKscawir, tlKxi Sunday afternoon at 1;BO o'clock 1" St Mary's hospital. Death, caun«a by complications of ailments, (ol- owed a lingering Illnww of nearly a year. Miss Bcrlsch was BO old. Many of Decalur'H kidsTM of were friends or Misn Pi-kiln lifelong roultlent o Bortsch's, She wnn an intimate of Mrs. Jane Johus. Mrs. Edna Llnd- say and other women prominent lu 'i history of the last half- century. Miss Borlsch and her family lived In a homestead In thenorlh- easl corner of ISaert. Can I roll nnd South Webatcr streets. The BerWch family cume to Do- eatur toward the do; of the Civil war uM lived here since. Miss Berlsch was a daughter of Mr, and Mrs, Julius Bwtsch. Shu wan horn In (he family home on July 29, 1870. She wus a niombcr o( tho St Jiuncw Ctitholio uburch and attended the first S(, James school In Deentur, The first wcliool was a one-room IjutldlnR itl- tachecl to the orlj?lni1 SU JnmcB church. Two HChool bulkilnffs timl the present large church have followed the orlKtnal structures. For 20 ycurs. Miss Bcrloeh was MISSIONARY FROM PERSIAGIVES TALK Mint Edna M. BUIK«IW, inlMlonnry who '1* honi* on · furnlouBl) fj-oiu Tabrli, Porijit, apok* Sunday in the iNlnilnl«ler and First PrctfUjUci · Ian ihurclic*. Mlg« 13ur*M« recount- intoreallng *X|*vlenei?» and show- «l a collodion nt pmlan handwork, inducting rujtn, wllveriwrk find oilier arlldva. FORMER MEMBER OF POLICE FORCE DIES J. W. Jones, Resident Here 21 Years, Succumbs Sunday lo Tumor J. W. Uuck) June*, fi nittinbf! '11 Hie Dwaiur polio force from )!!'£! Ifi 1MB. tiiuler Miiyir Kl'lor, ilk'1 suddenly nt ;an o'clock Suml'iy ufUrnoon on thu porch of lln tionic of hlo Hlr.UT, Mm. It. O. SpiiWK, JUKI North tiroadwny. 11« Imd In'on (II for tbrite month* of n tumor oft Property Owners I Will Discuss Revision Juesd® awnwit' (UvjMlon. of tula boitp-d, la t» tmti: On. H, Iti J, J JUYM CAM - SS4EN Dtughter of S DTneert.ll Identifies I In- nuillH |,| V »wu !WUW|1 Tha IVojK'iiy (»-«iinlKml «r,|)(. 27, t,, illwtrlijiiil'Hi uf irjxi.N. tif itixi-rt. unil the tillcjti lion of uutM m MI)| ( , CHICAGO, Dot. ftliM Roy Pott,, Tho t jiwt pvi'niiiM own, wbo · ti »h«rt« county, mi fcy tbrouih a oiwul* « POO ttwar* f° r Will, Begin Services hi I Tarr School Next Suidty } WUttlW. ftw Hnia'lwiiy m huo I *'!,. In n,,, T91T I|,J H liiDBH. While bin condition watt niy ftf rlouft, death wits itn*xnw((t. Ma K '" "'' wns 40 ycnr* «f ._,, . Hr, Jones wan horn M«y 2C,. 1H90,''« "hup" fui 1 in Madison county, Keniii''lty. Hi CJIDIC to lOfKrttur In 190!( from New man. After leiwlnx; ih« poHci d" partmonl h« WHS for n while n gro clerk In C)u)ney. Hi. Icuvi.* lilH'i,.],...),,,,,. Mary JonTM. Ills f.illx-r » ""'"""" JOIHM of Ni'wniiul. im sinter, Mrs. Spates. body wtirt tttld'n In Afofti tin mi-. WITH THE SICK wife, housekeeper for the m. Kev, Mon, mmert of EWnghaw 11M . -- ,,-- Lammcrt died and Minn; w h e r e f^nds nwiy cull. Bertsch returned to IJficatur about | urrftn(jem(!ntj( ^.JH | w a year ago. She made her home KubHequently with her sister, Mrs. Bernard Marty. 7S8 South Webster tl. Dirt |i wil '," t j|«t:l|on tor i Kinnliiy n i D i n l n u lit si. J l l l l l l JllloWdl l o hllVc Sht «*·"«* ' ritoottnn FttkvMi WM Ud nMwrf Roy · -- street. Bert»eh leaves hir sister Mr». Marty and hor twin sister, Mt«s Rone Refilna Bcrtuch of Dc- culur. Miss Bertsch's body wa« taken to the J. J. Moran Sons funeral home where it will remain until Monday afternoon. After 3 o'clock In the afternoon, the body will be In the Marty home, where frienii* may call, Requiem hlsh ma** will b celebrated Tuesday morning nl » o'clock In tho St. James Catholic church. Burial will be In Calvary cemetery. "msociEfiT ! Mr. and Mrs, Jay Montgomery will entertain a number of ATTENDING NATIONAL MKKT Mrs. Virgil Thompson. wlf« of t h 1 minister of St. Pniil'K M«llifj'tfBt , church, tn passing tho weekend In Mti- H HNKM ll:n')tlcm:i|,. ) Inn m( « 'h»rlf( Cincinnati where she If the National Women'* Dome slomiry society meeting, Mnt. won has been in Richmond, InO., wlr-ni-i two wrecks, visiting their son, Kriinli'''H" 1 k A, Tliomnwon, She will rciiirn 'J'm»n- «i«( Oi- day, - trliil liv , ntiiht ot [ N,|!i,ih I'tuh. All ii)imbtn l';tin!lt'', i t i - lh"ll'd o v at a wlffiner ronat Monday evening at their home, three miles north of TV catur, i Members of the Sunnhiiiv club of the Royal Neighbors cnmp will meet Wednesday evening In the home: of Mrs, Dora RuOirauff, on l£uat Grand Red Pimples on Baby's Face and Healed by Cidicura* "The trouble ilt.irted nn my !:jl)y'« l:it.' :IIH| dies) wlicn li wa« nut mmulw old. Small pimpled lr«l(« out aivl In- i-fdl M »i uudi tlicni until they would ftel rwl ^ml miro, arid eve-it ) f li.l ll''iis.rl (.Jiiyst initht and could not sleep, and Ins ctoihmft lyitln'u-d ihi'ljK'aktnftOTi on his cheat, "I tried different remedies hut they Jt) not lo .-ni) 1 ^uml 1 pui, clianed nomc Cuticura Soa|) nitd Ointin»iif tnul :itti-i uiin( two ixixn of ihc niiumi'iil, loticlher witli ilie Cuiii-in.i Su:i]i. he «, licalcd." (Sirtned) Mrs. Louis J'.irm-tl, Itux Hi, Hu.'i.iln. ofno. So.iii K f , Ointintri ''5 n*l M'. T.'U'itin :v, '-'M ···· »' l»i''. ·· ..... . fililrc,i,: "Culti (l«* I Jhtr»l«f(*i, l)»pl. II, MnW«n, M*m " Tilt' ill'xt i n n r u l t i K I In- villlur cC HIM I Mllly t'l nt' I'lV-w 1 - wil dnwu lo| brniiltfniit In tlu- A|[ile liki-mum 'IVn 1 tionm wltli Hit' liii.tlncuH-llttt' u l r u f ' one who Hhirt-t a n t u i ' l i - t i n t l c l p n l f i l 1 CAtn (iflnf* tmdrr iirn|lc!utiH eln'iiiu- ntnnccH. Htrtiwlit'rrlfsi In I l i k U cri'iitu I An omelet no Ilirht !l till Init rimitrill (ritni tilt* plntn |!ol hliK'Ulis A n d r u r 1 fen t h u t n c t u n l l y imrlti-d u m l t; it 1 like ciirri't;. With n o n l d s l l y l l m l 1 Vord*'t'cl on nwi 1 . hi- itiih- « lotik ivt thi 1 Jiiithoc of n i l t h i n IprilliHotncnexi.l 4lv«H K\]iiTl Stmlj Minti MiiMnu Uptt:Ki"^|, w.ia n uinlili'ii Inily (nrtylng Huitifwhuni on the nliii(iy nldt) if itl, Yearn Imforii ·he hail fni-M foi III fi'i'in tlw Itllki ·nd valleys ot hut mttlvu ntutc with the it vowed i n t r n t l u n r |mlnttn; ln-i way to the KDIWIX Arid nnd I j tiri3. TInhiijiplly for t;i'tiliirf In tlif bml, Oroenwkh Vlllnitf »mv h»r couilnj! ».nd thrust nut n m c t n t i l u n l r n l font An * HtumbtlnK Wm-lt In (hi- path «r progronH Kuropewnrd.-lhi' root proved #ffk!nrli!i)ii. fn Icmt t l i n t i -il.\ monlliHj Miss Mnlvlna w«« lin'l( In I'minccM- 1 4ut nttalii, s(it(ti*r. tvUt'i', unit lium M«r to the extent thitt »lii' vttm w t l l - j Intf ut liiMt to tn\t« lid itepniiithftr'n mdvlcj niitf litrn thi- iM ftmilk- hunn-. Inl" n ten iul xlf' ·'htif, [ Of thut oxcurwli'i! li(tn n i l «vir. not nil «-n» linn lusii ninvitwi', thf wulls of tin- I'flcrlvi-d lit' ,( of thfllr ownei'rt t h w i i t i e i l inil- rnin iiln that grudinilly ic)itiul trani Mom ID "Too I'NpiiuaLvt; yunifihlnK tllclted In ttiu edlturlnl liruln. "Th« mailu?; l»iil yunr friend notiw whether II ( WHS a Utimi'Nllc 01 n foreign car, I tni'iin'" The rollui u[ tliu yullow HimiL'k to (k]i down Into lie droop. "He called U un IF- but H name Uki that ilun't sotind tPtisonubU) to me." ItcrncnitH-ri tlin llWOe I [ 'i .ipflry rcmeniljc red whiit fhe blimtlf 1 troin "Georgia White's 8c«n- (liil.i" tirifl wild uboiK S f7atcly Ter- I m n o V tHiitla-FfkHchlnl. There seemed tn In- lit l i e doubt but thut the disturbing telephone mesaiiKi; which 1 Mils West's ex-fid nee' hnd received on HtiUittltiy night hml come from Crossing, Wow was the red-headed )flrl had another person »g tile Voiint; iirchlt^Cl .' \\i\ii \T bo, why? II ::|'ii(l to it'iiiKin thut wluit had been snld WHK must Imperative. Otherwise hf would rievi'i- havi- Jiopppit hl.s, new l u i l v line anil ftiaif In such u hurry Mtmt 1 r |iiMj;ron-'-t ^iiits flinved iiiuiiiitnniJiisl ;il(inn. "He drove intt tiKvn 11 ItUt« liefuic (liiydrvuk Sun*, tiny nuii-nlti;; niu! slopped nt Noah's |iliu-ii (tir u ei(p of coffee. Thu men fiilhn had Jual ht'iui! alj»ut the first nnnder. A, Kii nt tlu-iu virtu down In thn Ark, tulklut; H ovei, They alt lor 11 aLrtuigvr, he naked a ' lit iff (juusllon.i But lifter they'll none, unit Notih ivns alone tvilli him. It k l n d u tcitkcd out ax liow Finest Quality "SALADA" sou too IK L In thnl .lomedni herself, or (llOHK'tli CD ill ini the KIHIIV TEA "frt.k from the ^ln P»ct»it Stomach Trouble,Gas and Auto-Intoxication Overcome by neu)f Method I Now you can siup dosing your *iimia'l) w i t h purgiiij!; the itilt^rincs with |jli'sics and doping your system wuh li.tnnful or hiibU-fursiiiiifi druns for HII amaKUig new food compound has Ixwn pu'rfectcd whirh is bringing new health lo thousands. This re- niarkaulc pmduct changes the Horn con lent of the intestijies, ;tids n.'ilure in establishing normal clinitna- lioti, ends nuto-intoxication and keeps the tnlesunal tract in a clean healthy condition. m Writ* thai it'wmtili-il. In -il/v muT djirolid of H'ln),'. the Ann.'iicu! ctifde, , A PI*' 1 "( I'urviM lie riiiivmmrf. fem- Ated (luiu'liis ('"'I ivltut liiulii-ii tllcc a forwt of toumto plitnlx. Thut om*y UplFHroVf llOUHP. t i l e (lfl)rltlines l-Jllt- ·U |t: but of lull 1 the younx Intel HltcntsUi ilrlvlnn oul t» ten und din- nor had scon fit lu sil th t seal nt their npprovitl upon It and the plnr (njo.V't a oirliitn vinu''. Nor »'iis Its popMlnrlty nnclWKTVcrt. T'a. in mtd), fton (o the tl.icorntlons, the fond w«,« nuch a» only Ml.-'it Mnlvhin knew llrtw to cook nnd itrvf He fun'I Alimr ·Fairly so. We're linvlnp u tilnelc tlm* 1 J' 111 * U1 I'l'PHenl So innny |pnpli M to Europe In the stummcr If It wnren't for you nnil the other senile man ""Oh. '" tltet'o )* another gentle, mtn From what Ml** Slnnott toKi! mtt I understand I should bi quite 1 Alone here." "Mr, Walt* won't annoy yon," the Intrws of tho Appln Hln^Koili husttt to explain. "He's been wi'lt «* tor *·«!«*· And if it --^ilm ftt menl-tlm*, i^e hot ovoi MASQCWHAUR C O S T U M E S 1ASKS ANt Haioes Essick $3 Quill Patches $1,25 Salf r*. MriilMlolollii (Vr- l i t N l K I L l r v l i K Vt ' )IH I'niniilnl IMHeiiK, f.itn-v uml iilnlti I'.unrsnteoil riini i.|.m sir^fl i i n s Influx. ,1 I in. I'cuml l- I S V(|N . I I J5. ini-tuiin ),f»1iill. V,.tK' clu-rk IITQTM'^ , , J l l , ' t flP OEUlh l(ucy Co, lenl. « tit. Louis, Mo. SORETHROAT Almost instant relief guaranteed 3Gc with one sweltow of soe~ THOXINE Irwln Co Mid Drug Co., and Quaker CiMff Cb.. nna nli oiner good drug) ttwei. COAL We Garry Ihe BostSradesof Illinois Coal W« Are Exclusive Dealen for BLUE FLAME A Snpurlor Laift alto ZEIGLER COAL BRAZIL BLOCK COAL . . PRIMROSE W. VIRGINIA COAL RED PARROTT W, VIRGINIA COAL Snl« DtrtrlbutMs for Oenutiw HOPPER'S Ohtenito Culm ILLINOIS COAL LUMBER CO. Main Otttvt MO P enrt-- Trt B188 Branch YnWU 701 N. Vwi Dyke-- Tnl, *m «M K, WtAm-V*. t-WW INTESTINAL PUTREFACTION The Scourge of Humanity Eminent authorities now ;igrce tluiv ftilh 1 80 alt diseases may have their origin in the tract. In fact, tlie relation of gastric, intestinal a IK! colon disorders to other functional disturbances is *» well l^Kwn that it is almost impossible to conceive of any diseased condition for which ;i KLTHI laden, cripplod colon may not be responsible. When the food in the intestines .starts to furmentiintl decay, digest ion is retarded and the waste matter is retained for hours or even days longer than it should bf. h then becomes a seething muss of disease laden mailer in which all maniierof ^erms may thrive and multiply at an alarming rate. A vast quantity of poison is being constantly created, absorbed by tJie blood and tissues and carried lo all parts of the body, deranging the function of first one organ, then another, until the entire system is undermined and a general state of ill health follows. * ASTONISHING RESULTS KROM Cotonaid Although primarily imi'iuli-tl for n-*- in i\i« i s of stomach and trouble, kindred ailmeins, literall ihoiKinds U a \ v (ound that when normal an ion in the inu'stiiu! tr.n'i I'-"' ' K; '''' restored, through tin 1 , nso of i h l h .mi.i/init new food product,Colonaid.maiii other diMird^rc Mi'"' 1 ;)S l11 " 1 " ' + k i 1 ! i i 1 i *+ iiwl ItVi^r jieslion, roiisiipation, Kidttry. bl.iddci .»)) _ p)V ;' r trouble, headaches, inTvotiMU'.ss, hiliousiH-s-, pains m Kirk ;ind less, M*'-, soon diwippcaivd. If j-oti stiffc'r from any -hroni- iroiiljlo (mm \\\w'» you have failed lo get pcrm.iiicnl relief you «* invited to ( TRY COLONAID TODAY Ask your druggisi for a i'a» of this fainous, w*, food producl today. Let t'oloilaid convince ymi ''' actual results that it is the bosl health invostmcnl you ever made. Oolonaid cannol fail for it i ^ ll " ti(icall' corriict. Try it no\v. A booklet explaiini'K the amazing results of usinn Colonaid may Iw obuiined F R K l v a t your drns;«i^ or direct front il« wv tki en fo in « wi ID ( At Your DragfllHt «r H Norwood Pharmaceutical V . INCORPOlUTtD 1 2041 West ;i5th Sire*!, Oiica0o,

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