The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 24, 1975 · Page 11
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 11

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 24, 1975
Page 11
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Ranches 108 '""» Mobile Home lots F» S»le 12? [ I!** r,',",*,' 1 ," '"•''•'••* Mobile Home lots *« Rent !...•*, .1 .,..,.. >-„ , J",'.'!' '"' ' Iw Sale 125 '•' •<••< i tt :..*..;,„ i ..., ... „ *«a •»,,» »»,„ „,„.,., „,., r ^ ^»V«K..,-.. ...,„, », ,-„.,„„ , n ,„ W1M. ,...,.„„ ,n, W „,, j.,,.,""^.' •»«»» m.,1 i „„„.,,, ,.,, ,,,.,„, ,, >ot S535 DOWN rn FHA FIN/IHCING ' C •» •«;. (. , f ».-*,,w* J »w« ;. INSURANCE M08IU HOME TIE DOWNS .1* , t MK-^l f 5 M'tKtH > <i « !{<iM* , » , L «.,.._„ (1*4* HJ I im.i I * fi ' t .. % +. I f ..I.. I »>.,M.( *l»* *« *l »».•!-! f'l »• 4 !' I FACTS WANTAD INFORMATION IHI'IM t >ut H •v;»i>> \IM isf.1 ' H * « * M t " w., . H * - wi-i*, * a - I »M--.!l--|i ** W t lif , * I • .4*1 s i-" lr***» " i- s **+»*< ruin \III\K \iu it \IHlt Mil INi> I II i m U|«<t, It- UCA*,, • I M I " t,,i«l, »' I..U., I W • 0 M««4M<f !«' l«»«««' »«»«• Isn't he the kind of gu you want in yours? Sweeny plans city-wide cleanup 5=£ffi£=8 sK-ua SE^S ^««s s?srs.« effort hy the r.l.y of titim* will do their pa HI, T "yew* will hcifn Sr»S*I W^"" lhe ?"> CT «" f«" «« * *e hwmiy, the CT,aml»r of making Swwny n clean, pjcffi« u7on Nov M 111? .7 7 T *' '««"» 1««ckly. lommerce ,,n.j thf City attractive town," said Mart ne ™. Av«,,». r a f i V,, " >K>uJd '*' cul (n J «nk •ulomoWlw can be Hem, t ,f, t ,i,,on <V, (mi) ,ue* Kenneth Un, director If SZ «, A^yWiC '±nl W , g!h J flnd «« k «» ff 6 , 1 !* 1 u f »* calling City public wn ice S AMrtey-vuiKin m (he hank* of ditches Hall and rwfucslln? thl« ' * >w * 'toy will nol In- *ervlcc. ^mffiLS-S E£S.. «' — jrsrvi£«£ Mural Ur>e arid continuing leaves ami other loo*c first wit out t« Sweeny „ i • f _ .. . - . *. THE BBAZCWORT FACTS **> >*<* <» Wedrwvlay. Nov 26 has hwit M-t aside a» the day for lj* fm; city.vrjd* clean "Ueimar J'ettitfrew up drive to remove junk president of the Sweeny cars, hot water heater*, Chaml** ( ,f refriRerat'tf-u, stovt other discarded pii alters, it* well a», leaves, i>ru*h aw! Zoning... (o Travis f and Msrna Kobinoon' "*** «"""<• <i! > *'» chairman O f the w '* m ' tl Wll > " ftp "«'«' rW-autideation Committee, >>!« .Mayor Andersun ami Q(y Courted have b«-fl urged V/o/ce... materials must be boxed or banned, l/)ti &a|<j I-arge items, such as refrigerator*, stoves and citizens in a special message on their monthly utility bill which was mailed NV/v j. according to Lou .i[:t-i 1)' on fieri '*ill l?e r*> the oppwtwiity to air vie<*» <-«w:rfiiinK the «j~d i»rititjii.'it <- awl j'.s <'!a««if it.'atiof! 1 ! of ir».». Ktfiuslf iai afHl tTtliai arras 4f will THANKSGIVING DINNER PUNNED BY VETERANS POST KKKKI'OHT Mrtn- Wars J'o*! 4Mf Auiihar) There !nrmt.«-r!i of vi »jJi iff<> d I 'ill '.' ^!rt• 'f."wtinu«! from J'afje \, m j|| lon Collar sewage ^" 6 ^'^ TUBSOay wilhm the prwTit city treatment plan! with . T u. A _ . , slwuld U- asking u v,hat it additional tax«» of MO.WKi 01 I. W. Ugg SCilOOl will cwt lit provide ih«* per year even if all of -, 0 , _. . »«TvicM to the nev*!> UK.M- tar.w could I* ap , 7he f j arcnl-7eacher plied to the sewage A*8»<ialion at T. Wr ORK ( aa!l(1M K Klementary School will hut «hat a)x.ul ad- »U|{e a fund-rauing bake J 'nmt (he t,ty will i.* d,i, IJM | pa, rol can , awl "If '"TO 8 a m to i p m forctd M a result of the Ravuliw and manpower to 7u( ' S(Ja > '" lh( ' 5( - l ">"l i to hire mr/re police -% per cent more ca '*' t «'ia artd upcrttd more territory*' What alwut truck* and em two other i,x expenses of of lt» AJvin man victim of gunshot wound (fiat! ! to C p ifi (}«• i't.«! f>rA SOB S AVP !/ 71 i 2 That !)»c quality of wrvitt-s. to ri-isiicfi!)! of ib<- e»i»tmg rit) will It- to rovw Dash hurts couple I. fi . VI ft-. 'I'^hi i-v, ,--' -;< • r c> 1 « 3i', :',f -., f i ''•ft f;'.'; iri- | t * ^-/r^ 1 ., ;?' 5 •-{nir-.:r-. A .. ,.,.,; «- tV.-T". -.t:.: 'J.rv-^'v t'ki.f ',J^r JTT*:** 5^ :t* !<•«<• ii! Arxvf ?.i f. ti (*"f.«afttr.<-ti! i<-j. rrripiov (-*-& or »ii su[i|ilif» arc ;,r>d (,'., cu! m r;rcet.»ar;, [ o exittinK » Ihrti il trim! that She ct!> •• Ims !/xj man'i f-5 ftfvrf !1 tpokcArnan for the (said all typ<s of t>ak«l good's will Ix- for sale All prowl* from the I»HT«;- what s - al<; •*'" f * u r j for sh<; - .-. aeWil.wial «r,pk»«r ^"^ " -* f " X ' 1 P'"** 1 - 1 ' lune r«/uir«I in c-very of o» city a»i One person hurt .SWKKNV-<.me p..-rv-n suffered minor mjurif-;- ;t : a wit-tar ar/cident «: 1; LAKE I 6:4548:4 (,..an4 tht Lail}) Pit 45 Tommy is for everyone! , &4,*& vLAKE II 6:45 & 8:55 folkil rr-M)i! of !J,is K-.<-ri!iially. the area will In- fVvejopMj ar,(| it '*!J| tx- •• a'l> feasit.ile So ariD'-i !' at Uuit time A^ U fleselopA. residt-ntA of that terrttor- will I«r"t>iii'!> iiw-k anncxaii'/ti, (Ji'.i ctti3<*:,i Its mi; sn a -,rr« s'jylh of f I r f tr<- r '. ?''.! Oara itJ<&T>-.»\i'je\ itjfi <.i( t.'x- C-<KU; <^ '.;.< arcnii Av an Weather f Hit. Hi Ml'. .'.•••<•:. t .,-u'U j»-.,;•«« .,:.,:.':*.i:\S ;i '..'.r Tciii rjr-'..l-,-.:;T ;.«•'.* ii it't-.-itr :tir «!.-,!•• j: ; ;: >;; '.-- x.'«».r -^f (!*- r^'cvti i^ j r.»-^ry xK-vi.rr,! .'r«x-;p i' f^-. i «>,(•>*! fv:,- ^ ..prt r;rT..^.;rt crr-.'rr t ' }«• fuciirs.g up jr. !h<ir yj r.i;ri', cst> Uw- wx<-t! i< ci-C", AtKtn !hr Tri.v, ic \ rt :!..(. Il<-.»-!^-- h -< .»! • sr-a Tr»,»t». .!.'•„> Tvlr )-«•«.;-,',« '.ir-gr-.j wp'lci h •:/ UK- t£:^ (.f^r.iV r,! ^•K:.^;^;^rr than <-.•* j! will •*tu;id IVv,- 1 r<: '.f. 4.-il\ >n(ion's Weatbor V fol Ml \||! M Vss ;! ;.;:-4'i-,i .,<)!•..*-,.,* ! vi n AS /;ir M^ % rtjvvlni in tU- \v M I IM, the 1 < i|.!« Viillev it vt (<;r part* ihui.rir* ri-i;:,-i:ta-i| in .n,,i ',U,A ,.j'M!; !lhf«io ;u:d M K hi- ,4 ti.-rc in !,»',(• it.iliia-, ti-ir.|voraHirf?. »rtr in !fn- i NVu thn*i ( :i, il«- i .»ntliiui in in ih.- l,«ncr V,sHr\ H;,u'. ».is f.iihr.i; in SoutluMM l/ie e.i%(rrn j»>r!iu!i n( Itir C,irti| II I Ml NKIt S were trj»i«l«-<! n\cr norther,'; N'l Kii>;!.t!Hl the Aj^Kil.n-huitv. and most of I(K- Ohio \ t »lli-> A vti.ic .irt-j oj « lear weather .ilsn ie,ii'hei> fr.s.'ii the Mtuirtern Plains into Caiifi>rni.i Telii|nT.iturrh U-fiire d.ivt n raniietl Iniiii 4 l*'lnv» a( AKtiiiiv.,!. t'nid to 74 ji Kl Torii. Calif Extended Texas Outlook ft i:.s|i\V TllHOftillTlll HSUAV Mill I H t i:\llt\l 1KXV.S AMI VdltTIIKAST l'KX\s r.iril> cloudy i-lwrn-e of ram east |Hirlion TXJCMla) K.iir VVertnc-Miay through Thun>(iay A little wanner ThurMby Highest leinj>eraUir«'s ranging from mid 4u,s to ,m>und 6u " from mid -'its to lower •((*> : facilities in ('f capacity i!> A<'.r*ti»r Date Timt-i, on dale as hat Ihecs'.s s'l^httv the amount of r 1 altoMixl liy it^i prrmit "r.e.iriv .4!! :he time If Hie rtt> IN to provide attajvia'.c WAIT ^erAii'c lo the newly annexed reji.idenU. A* well as to IhaM- pfeMfilly hsiii)J in ', additional wwage facilities will l>e It wuylij lake ifuite a few >ear» to jw> fur a multi- Tfs<- rtHir.c.11 a;:r;(-jt that territory, !«"f,-.uv- i! •*.'«)!() r»c»! |jf p.' of: '.a I i!c to prwsuJe city w-r 'i ,'<:<-•, Jo i! hi-. e r»>.- n-.ifj'-r;!-, o< (he area lo tx- ati.iexed ui-f present. !'.'<;•;.*?!> owner-, in the ov.vtin^; et'.> apparently (<•}' tha! irH- matter woulct trr\ ,'d(tti tt,er:i !-<u! this is clearly rx>; the rive Kor 'l«*e lo (.«• annexetJ, lhi«. Und Krai' <*-•> the C'i!y "f Anglelon will mean paying c;»> !;txes for WTM«-S they hii 1 . e already pr< j N .- <ittj (or t hem w! •. es Hut for citizen of the existing city, the an nexat;f>n will t<e erjualls cot'Jy. invor, ing either ;i !*ix r.'i!c' irKTe.i^e c>r n cut in n'.y w.-r\;c« which are already less than optimum, in (irdrr to extend any M-nice to the newly annexeti areas .\nclHon cititctu should attend the public hearing sH in Ar.tflH!*! Tity l| a l| a | As rt-suktits of many other rilies have le.irned in the past, annexation will hit them where it hurts in their p*x"kHtx>oks J H TignerJr Angleton NEED HELP? Don't know where to turn? Try ^ CRISIS HOTLINE 297-3266 Of ENT. 70QM Mil III H.MHAI. TKXAS AM) SOI 111 K AST 1KXAS; <\HiJ \nth ctkim'i* of showers Ttu-sday l'li\»niig and colder Wi'dnt-wlay Fair and nol quiii- wi cold Thui -silay Highs in (he 60s north and middle Tiib south Tuoiia) lowering to Die upper 5«s and the «tj> WeiineMia)' ami Thursday Lows in the upper Ws and Sifc. Tiii-i-duy lowering to tlie 40s and lower 50s Wedne.ylay and lltun»cfiiy. N(iinimi:sT TKXAS AND SOITIIWEST TKXAS: Fair Tuesday through Thursday, Cold 'Ilifsday and SV i-din-sday with a slow wanning trend 'HiurMlay High Tuesday utid Wtfdnesday 40s aiul bos wanning to 50s and tWs. Thursday Lows Tuesday and WeilneMJuy tet-ns and 3Us rnodvraUng to 2us and 30s ' ftUMAMI Times i mi pin !»:«» pin NIGGER StMlAV MATINt:t. KK\TtHK TIM^S 4.90 I'M OM.V I.cd6>*ac°H THEATRE THE GREEN MACHINE Sun., Mon., lues., & Wed. GARY GREENE An Amazing One Man Band Uie M»n. whu Ktundi like * K»iiU«t< 4 piece Iwud UuiUr. h»w, \ut»l». Urum»l IMIN'T MISS IT! p m Sunday and KM MM, accorduig io the Hrazona Coun'v SJMTiff>. Department T>»e unnamed driver of the auto suffered rrur.'ir mjuneA and refused an amtjulame. the Kht-nf/'.s office SELECTED STOCKS Ainrr. Nat'l. Ink \tntr. TAT Kord Moior to Franklin Ij(»- |nc Minerals CUBE '-9 SORRY N0 PASSES ***•*•" z Carload Suspended For Times Call 165-1151 A TRUE STORY Seven Alone (iulf Ojj Hc»u l.j;|. 4 Hem. Nal. das Kroger Monsanlo \tarror \alro J. ( f'hillipi, f'rirolrum SITK MON & U K.V IJmK " s «-"• vurn I-M.I. terrifying mitiinn picturt fnm the terrifying .Vo. / bt-xt x<//« 7:00 & 10:45 9:10 "CANDY" ATTENTLQN SHRIMP BOIL NOW ON FRI. NITE ALL YOU CAN PEEL & EAT 4 U ADULTS -~ -*ar i" CHILDREN «"« harbor ' n^XMinw^ COFFEE SHOP til 9:00 p,m,

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