The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on October 3, 1971 · Page 56
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 56

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 3, 1971
Page 56
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Mud, Snow fail To Halt Opening Of 71 Elk Hunt ' HARDWARE RANCH — Big. ers to track the small 'bands game hunters struggling -ithj^-"* ^le to catch ^almost impassable mountain j rclearing skies a t noon lifted roads and -slippery footing, goti me spirits of many camp-bound ' 'into some good elk hunting here nimrods who rustled around Saturday, opening of the ^ Ogden Standard-Examiner, Sunday, October 3, 1971 nSdu * this elk werecattered. ing the day that offered excellent hunting conditions in other areas. The four to five inches of snow at higher elevations made the wapiti stand out .like ink spots on white poster paper. .Hunters able to get to the higher country soon had some good bunches of elk moving and "shooting was widespread. Some of the best success was. found in Dip Hollow and Boulder Mountain country where elk were spotted in small bands of A „ , without horses, the covering of snow made the Ill HJUO »—Vl*AAfcli J " ^*- ^* W %.»«!•«•• «*M In spite of the winter-like weath er, few showed .signs of.'bunch- moving to lower eleva- six to 10. For hunters Hunters apparently had this in mind as camps were scattered all the way from the mouth of Blacksmith Fork Canyon up Dip Hollow and back into Elk Valley and Danish Dugway. i . Surveys in the area prior toj the hunt indicated some 1,200 to 1,500 wapiti in the region. One of the fine elk hunting regions in the state, this country attracted a good share of some 9,000 hunters expected to engage in the hunt state-wide. me covering ot aiiuw iuauc^ t^*^ -ut -v"*- -»*•*"» ~«—; , .., ;; dragging-out fairly'easy Mosthere. f re -after-a bullek Bagged animals scooted, down on the snow like meat on a slippery slide. The adverse travel conditions, however, stopped a good share of the hunters cold, and many , looked for their quarry a few , as part of the unlimited-bull permit program. Another 100 hunters earned either sex permits and hunted a part of the Cache elk herd Mob of Hunters Duck Shoot is t^ilit;, -V-*il. «- -- , ---- _ the Bear 'River-Hole-m-the- Rock unit that opened early on Sept. 18. joosea :or men- quinj - ^. M . - total of 14 V herd units in rods from camp or cruising the I the state are open to the.unlim- [ower Ze solid roads. I ited bull elk hunt Mo will re- Curtis Creek crossing was main open through Oct. 12 about as far as most .elk chas- Three units wdl be .open for ers could get east of here. The chasing elk until, Oct. 17. One travel was a bit better up the « th* Bear River-Hole-m-the- Left-Hand Fork of Blacksmith ^oS^USals taggedris far as the bulls are con the first morning were young! cerned, legal animals must have bulls. They were still in velvet I antlers over . five inches in A Wt P ^f n fah- n w I eather today! Hunters with bull-only per- and the rest of the week could | mils are cautioned they must put a good number of hunters I leave evidence of sex_on the back into the prime elk tern- animals. This means the head tory and up the total harvest. or sex organs attached to the. The snow also allowed hunt- carcass. sgaHawj Swi»A\^Vi\*\£v^^''3ra3£^.^&*^~re^'«^**3^^— . T STL HAPPY YOUNGSTEtV-Alan Wright, 13, of 291 Park Place in Bngham City, Sty not haVebagged-his limit, of ducks Saturday, but he was plenty happy •with.;-these two, nice teal.- . '• :• ; '. :——— "- By BERT STRAND Standard-Examiner Outdoor Editor/-. OGDEN' BAY WATERFOWL MANAGEMENT AREA' — Wa- terfowlers out. here .Saturday broke all records for busting in "the opening day-shoot early. Hunters with itchy trigger fingers got., off the first-shots a.shameful 20 -minutes too soon, making it-tough- for those holding off 1 until noon to do -much good. A massive mob of scattergun- nefs jammed the refuge and got the annual duck shoot off 4o a rousing start. , Generally speaking, however, success was'down-compared to last year and ; far., from-pat. v •Many hunters substantiated the fact that 'many of the ducks here five days ago moved out when the winter-like weather hit Thursday. ' ' The decrease in the number of ducks plus the fact the early shooting left the 'majority of hunters without much of a chance added up to lower opening-day success. As of 3 p.m., hunters checked through the', station at the middle dike averaged" barely a lone duck each. It was -.twice that good'last year. -:.''•-. In most cases, hunters with ducks had quite a few, while a high number left the marshes without any. As usual, hunters with .stout legs who got far out into the more remote .areas early did Angters Do Fairly Well, Then at pressures light. .Baits,'lures and was i flies will take trout. Until a bit of winter hit doing fairly good, anglers still trying their luck In fact, fall fly 1 fishing . ( . on-Northern Utah waters were at its peak with temperatures! CHANNEL CATFISH fairly-decent and plenty of the | Locomotive Springs and Hon- flitting. ' over thejeyville Ponds have been poor j to fair. Channel catfish angling real things Since Thursday, however, fish-1 on the lower Bear River has ing activity has taken .somewhat Dee n. fair, of a steep nosedive.- The elk and duck hunts can take some of the blame. Logan River has been fair to , good for fly anglers. Tony Grove IB blame. ? a v o ; « fa i r for boat- bait The few fishermen on Ogden La ke is f ai r for boat River have been picking up a planted rainbow once in a while. A few real, nice browns have been taken out of the spillway below the dam. POOR TO FAIR South Fork was poor to fair for fly anglers until weather hit. Causey >. Creek Reservoir continues . to produce smaller brookies. • Walleye, bass and channel catfish angling on Willard Bay Reservoir remains slow. Water conditions are not the best. anglers and fly fishermen. Blacksmith Fork has been fair with impoundments rather unpredictable. Hyrum and Porcupine reservoirs have been slow. Wellsville Reservoirs will produce a- trout once in a while. In Rich County, Little Creek Reservoir has been slow. - Big Creek is pretty well fished out. Birch Creek Reservoir is fair for small rainbows. ' -' ..' FIGHTING BRUSH Woodruff Creek has beert'fair most anglers. Some .nice rainbows are being taken here and „ J .... and Etna - reservoirs have been good with fishing there. Lynn •**->*» :c" ^ggj^fiiasssiiff. .^saaaafflaa*»iM«^»>«i«^*»g>»M«g** MaM ™™~~™~- - j? CAC ~T\GS YOUNG BULL—Some tasty eating is in store for LeRoy Bowers of 505 W 9475 N in Layton and his family. LeRoy bagged this fine spike bull in Dip Hollow Saturday, opening of the general elk season. editions are not tne oesi. tn po ^ r for inslers eettine in fc jeen'-.excellent for taking nice cutthroat. • : Weber'River has been fair for either trout or whitefish." Flies were.good until Thursday. Echo, Rock Port and East Canyon res- 2 Hunter-Safety Courses In Area This Week Two hunter-safety courses will open in the Ogden area this week taught by Maylen Hebdon. The first course will start Monday at the Sunset Junior High School and be conducted from 4 to 6 p.m. , The second class will start Thursday at the Mt. Ogden Stake Center at 33rd and Fowler and be conducted from 6 to 3 p.m. : Registration may be accomplished by attending the first I class. There will be a fee of i $1.25 to cover the cost of ma 'terials. . ervoirs have been poor to. fair. Telescopic Sight May Help 'Over 40' Hunters Bag Game Shooting experts of the Utah it difficult for them to see the Division of Wildlife- Resources j Da ck sights of rifles clearly, say a peep.or telescopic sight Even though many people use may help many hunters over 40 reading glasses or th e com bi- bag more game. I nation-lensed bifocal, these are Changing eyesight after 40' Uy no g^at help in getting years of age is often the culprit j^. ^^ vifiw {rom back sight in failing marksmanship of nun-' taigei -^ at is basic to good ters, they point out j marksmanship. - Many hunters over 40 have, - . te]e ie sight .difficul^ seemg objects neai-, J e / fQcusi at ^ rear tnem. Changes m the eyes of, . fa . ^^^ ^ samesharp inost people after this age make j * rii<:tanpp \vild- them farsishted ^^ clear at a oisiante, wuu- . Among other things, it makes life officials point out. _j * END OF SUMMER SALE * PRICES Mil NEVER BE LOWER Register Now in KAMMEYER'S ANNUAL BIG DEER CONTEST ft . 1st PRIZE " »-W Weatherby Rifle Mark V The Ultimate Huntng Rifk MANY OTHER VALUABLE PRIZES TO BE GIVEN AWAY Mercury Level In Waterfowl Below Limits Hunters going into the marshes for waterfowl^'need-.not be concerned about .mercury levels in ducks, say'officials of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The service conducted tests during the past year and found only 30 ducks out of 307 with mercury content in breast muscles exceeding permissible limits. ; • ' The report cautions, however, that livers, which sometimes are eaten, have averaged from two to five times as much mercury content per unit of .weight as have breast_mu'scles. DOMEStrC MEATS The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has set a permissible limit of .5 parts per million for domestic meats moving in interstate, commerce. Levels found- in the ducks were as low^as 1 .004 pphvand as | . high as 3.9,ppm, the* report re- ; vealed.' ' - ••'?'• .' ••' , , ' Samples were'-from ducks of 11-species shot during the 197071 hunting season at 21. locations widely, distributed throughout the nation..-.-. "Considering', these facts, plus the likelihood .that-most hunters eat ducks ..onljfoccasionally, a human health hazard-seems remote," the report said. The service reported some trouble spots definitely deserve closer'look and will be investigated' in depth.' best.- ... Those who fiddled around the dikes or had to 'take their chances on finding a likely-looking spot "never had much of a chance to burn up much ammunition. With chances diminished sooner than usual, a good share of the hunters out left the swamps rather early. •- • After a-bite of luneh and some rest, many .returned• by mid- afternoon and ventured forth for the evening shoot. In fact, as many were arriving as leaving as the clock rolled past the mid-afternoon mark. The return of hunters also indicated the -first hours of' the shoot were not filled with happy success for many. Although the species of ducks making up the bag of hunters was varied, three appeared to predominate. Scheduled to make up the largest share of duck dinners following the opening shoot are mallards, green-wing teal and gadwalls. Surprizingly few pintails were bagged despite the fact the refuge held good numbers of this choice duck-shortly before the season. Also not up to par in numbers bagged compared to past years seemed to be baldpates, shovel- ers and redheads. To the credit of hunters out officers of the Utah Division o Wildlife Resources reported no geese were known to have been downed.- The state's'annual goose season does not open until Oct. 23. And there were plenty of the choice waterfowl sailing around the refuge during the big barrage. Although the middle dike area produced its share of birds, re- Mrts from other areas indicated hunters doing better. This was especially true of the western area of the north run in the Pintail Flat country. Verl Hanchett, conservation officer, reported an unusually large crowd of hunters in the northwestern section of the refuge and beyond. In spite of the slower opening- day shoot, all should not be lost for the remainder of the duck season, wildlife officials point out. Water and food conditions here and throughout all marshes in the state remain excellent. These factors should keep plenty of ducks around and hold those still coming from the north. Ducks probably will be quite scattered as a result of the two factors, but hunters willing to- put in a little extra effort should do alright. The whistling swan and Wilson's snipe also went on the game list Saturday, but none were reported bagged. Shooting hours through Oct. 9 are: Shooting 1 Shooting Date Starts End* Oct. 3 ..6:56 a.m...7:03 p.m. Oct. 4 .6:57a.m. ...7:02 p.m. Oct. 5 .6:58 a.m. ...7:01 p.m. |Oct. 6 .6:59 a.m. ...7:00 p.m. Oct. 7 ,7:00 a.m. ...6:59p.m. Oct. 8 . .7:01 a.m. ...6:58 p.m. Oct. 9 . .7:02 a.m. ...6:57p.m. • SIDING • AWNINGS • WINDOWS • GABLE ENDS • PATIOS • EAVE COVERINGS Aluminum Builders Call "Big BUI" or WoIdo-621-6551 ~' 2929 Washington Blvd. BUSHNELL 4 power banner RIFLE SCOPE Reg. $36.00 19 •'• 'p^WatcMh* n.w «1* .ach'wi..,k, from «uf SALE CQUNER. We have (7) "new"'71 passenger cars and (9) "new" '71 pickup trucks left in stock. We now offer these at FACTORY INVOICE to clear them out!! .EXAMPLE "NEW" 1971 CAPRICE COUPE YOUR PRICE s 31 HUNTERS-! 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