The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 28, 1971 · Page 5
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 5

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 28, 1971
Page 5
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Tl IB BK A/08PORT FACTS, Freeport, Texan, Sunday, November «, 1171 , P«f « I CllltlHTMAK KAHIIIONH are a part of lhc MAMMI «ml children like to drew up just as much an tlxilr older sisters or their mother*. Holiday fn*hlon»-b<>th children's find sdult V-wlll be presented Dei;, 7 m H »lyle show spoimom! by the Aiu'lftton ftmiihtldi* Kl'Tnrntary School I'arenl-Tewcher Assn. Clothe* from shop* In both Urozonporl and Anglcton will be featured. Here, f>olow right, Dee Frankc, and Monica Roger* model prclty, Christmasy drowc* from J^Velle and left, Angdla t'ylc and Tina Thomas arc )n velvet eiucmbloi from The Uiildren's Shop. claims grass good eating ByEAfU,AftON8ON Women in Congress are fewer in numbers but hold more power than they ever have U*t.4ltt."T M1IKU*' frw C* tt. fair*. "There arc a lot more •. cu-rans m m> district (ton \tttfse are Iws," she wid "You' '• t c o rn milled political suicide." a male e intoned liu! Mrs «.•', yet dead, is preparing a presidential There WM a iwninar recently In New York on grass. Even the menu was grass related. The day began with coffee and corn muffins. With cocktails there were pumpkin and sunflower seed*. At luncheon, the chicken was served with herbed rice. There were other garden items, carrots, radishes, celery, tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, watercress and melon. But grass was the main dish, served up by Dr. Thomas R. Sodcrslrom, assistant curator, in charge of research of all the world's grasses at the Smithsonian Institute. He touched on the major role grass plays in diets of all cultures Sponsoring the seminar were Jacobsen Manufacturing Co. and the American Society of Landscape Architects Foundation (Iran*, S<xl'-r»lrom said, is the most important of all plants to man. .Sugarcane, winnboos. rice, millet, sorghum, corn, and the weals.— barley, oau, wheat, rye— are all grasses. In numbers," Ke .laid, "the grasses are unsurpassed. They reach the climatic limits of vegetation in the polar regions and mounUiintop* They endure rxrth cold awl harsh desert tr/nditi«is Grasses form the main part of the vegetation of prairie*, stf-ppc* and savannas, and occupy great stretches of marsh and tidal flats '/.here they are imfrjrtan! in building up the soil. "Most of our meali contain foods derived directly or indirectly from grasses. lireakfasl cereals are products of grasses t^ _ "The sugar we use in our coffee or 01. our cereal may be from sugarcane, another grass A before-dinner drink may have whiskey, a liquor distilled from the fermented mash of various grams, especially of rye. wheat, com or barley. "Steak and milk at dinner are secondary derivatives of grasses, the principal forage of cattle, while bread and cake are primary ones derived from wheat. "The fin-.t grass probably looked nothing like a grass as we know 11 today but more like a lily, with which grasses have a cwnm'jn ancestor." The & ixc-cues of grasses as the predominant plant millions of si-ars, ii#j, Soderstrom said, was due primarily to growth habit that allowed them to withstand the effects of grazing and trampling bj herds of animals He added: "In the gra.\s. leaf growth lake* place at the base of the sheath, and at the base of .w blade, instead of throughout the leaf as in the cas* of most plants. Thus when an animal bites off the tip of a grais leaf, the leaf continues to grow from the base and i! ii not dulroved " cttif/»AVii un i traU ».*> a Mrs the 'i.t ',*-*? * - 1 1 *. T'^t r r, ?. IT •: c^ Nctr v:-^? ; ' i? •, t ? ..•<* ', &c A rr^rf x .4 r. ongr M s "7 hrr c AT*.* <Jjf i r^ '•* fK-r, r,ia ir ^ lid -oirs if, ojf vx'tr') ^J ^w it Hop l>x*w? K JSft**»;\ ah 4,3sd in ' }> Wo , urNo t^iiCr 1 * * 6*}r Agjurii!! !lw i > •» fso iyt >rrH»;'4; w ,. :r.c?i Mrs She's designed religious paper tl\l.l,.VS AT •isnuftK c-u! *>•,:-.««-.*> nrjf Iftrst.c 1 |5c-i!!:«vi<:.' fiwr.g ',« si! sh ^ .Mi I t «no»Tr ( m. and cjwi;. CJUVT >i-.-ip it (ouv( to Ml urvdrr a (>^*.« !:t-c k.r «t<t)u, tl mi(ht ii •» ril get * !;r *rr<tvi Wr» Wturifr iMretO »tih An K* ddttc *] liw »«n»»r) . «tlh icrtptur*! tfj&n t»»«i en hw rwugh Th« »Ttp(«i|f p«prr n »rid dtunbi««J to 'tartar.! A.T < ^r r ;. :r.jl !hr ;;:!! j~»|«r :.<.'* j.-.ii m- r,(i UfcUJxxtva M." W ,•!;:, t- ir.K ::.'rc<lured and !.o (»; l »«.jgi- ;.>*• !fu!h in- till! irid 'A living -'J '.tw i:r\! ('•••i stimp D'frt- , chair na'i :irrf l^atx-T Cc-rn- It-^'.tiati't K ikiil '»:i4 *'.; a'nil rtxtTi'.l) «;vt-:i «M- sU^eti tt» iWidrtt ir^i M-t'io:, *.hi* year - k ij>,juif; Uiv S71 Vulliu; i..<-. bili mat i ami- from mc»l prominent in the field o! •* omen's nghu is K«T) Bella Aliiug. UN Y . who gels lot* tr! atlention but, ••KXttfding to one aide. ha.s a hard timi- getting favors done Ivr her Manhattan con- sti'.uvnls K«-p Abrurg M> s o! tier treatment by male colleague* "They have all '.he IXMI-T. therefore, thes're very PCSSAJMJA &£r1OOL o« ORGA;-- AND PIAHO BHAZOSPOB7 233.99S« 237 32«3 f>rr N 'i 'An-, first bUc't »i>nvan lo tfitt m I'oftgrt:*.* Dtaged •j.!i.r. -<av pruttsbh she first v ..j IT . .' : . 1 1 ! i v c a s > i n n rr; i- n t »>!>'.< T, Kr-prrM-rilifi}! .1 B. '<.•-•»:.';> r. «is^i^.•.'. six- was i!^rriVi>J at txt:i-,ri',iik-c tit-aim*: with rural ti<-ic!sf-,'T,(";vl atxi fun-Mr) Sin virprispd co'l'-aguei bj 5',r;ci,:'.t; to a rr.ivri'iphone <ij.r;r.j; .1 I>emc<rat;c c-aucus ar^i jf^^sir^; to tnid^- until vhe * as reljc'inll) rwujl^iu'd b> Ihr !radrr>hip TluT. she »;Kvt-».»ful!> pusht-t! through a hrr a( SEW WHAT'S NEW Solomon Fabrics foshion excitement starts here! \ De !o occcssof'/c fiat ^e.v t' \ O'oss of coat' li<e s^oo <s styioo (of inax'.wu'ts yood locks ,',iir, si)("--') Qa! !i e!uci SIMP ano roondad i [to matc''in..j iiag completes the total look $0000 23' y#i 100% DACRON POLYESTER DOUBLE KNITS \ nr« «hipmrnt at ll-ll' : in doublr knit\ ju»l Jicivrd Thr»r nuuunding i.niu arr llir quality >uu rjpoct (ruin SoJumun I ahric* Marhinr w»»hablr Itrg. tu tl w \d. BONDED ACRYLIC \\allablr in man) different colon. co-ordltutUig mtkl». $099 Marbinr wathablr. fircal I of boli<ia) xrar 2 CORDUROY \\alr.|r*» curduru). loo prurnl ruilun. machine wavhublr (irral ana> uf r VI) .SolW» A DOUBLE KNITS GROUP of FABRICS FELT . Machine iiian\ unr-uf-a- kind.. ru4lo»». blrixij. rlr. vn YD Juki in liiur fur I luinliiiaii truing & to drcoralr. Mam vibiant culurv $199 I VII rPI T ruLI T P I M Q I IM If I V '•"« r »>»«itin«-iit. ..inrluding rrd. Trrnu-nduuk it^uitmrnl pvrfrct (w . Krgm $U lo |2 St- Value* good llnu \\VdnfkddY -Ml Uci«» »"> *'l«->l Quall«>. full plm-» from rniuUr »lock. I'aucrnk in Slock: Sluiullcil>.McCalU. Uultvrirk. Vogue. IACK'« PtANTATION CfNTER Phone 297^7451 Hoyr$ 9;30 to 6 p,m. Samsonite makes it $ 6.05 easier to be beautiful. *26.95 SALE ENDS. DEC. 4 With the mor.ey yci: il save en our beauty case oifer just think oi the add«x{ beauty you can offer yourself. The case itself has a strong magnesium frame and Absohte sides. 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