The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 5, 1914 · Page 24
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 24

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 5, 1914
Page 24
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Page Twenty-four T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Sunday Morning, July 5, 1914. Another Chapter on Tree of Heaven OWE animadversions, observations, reflections und c o m m e n t s were miiilc. In The Review a few months , K , u p o n t h i - live of heaven, otherwise t l * n l l a n t u x K l a n . l i i h i s n . A p o l O K l e u nre row off.Tort to the p-ople of Deratur for thin a r t ) , If. It wan 111 advised and Jlre (·oniiMiuonres have followed It. Tlii- article WHS w r i t t e n about ths end of the K r o w i r i R »«anon !a»t year w h e n the n t l . i n t u p f-landolo-a. wa« In the *·!·· and yellow l«af. Thl. article In- ·r'ired t h B a t l a n t u s fflnndlllosa to do lt« wor»t t h i n spring. It wan mentioned In t h a t comment t h a t «ome K«n- «.rr.tlon« hence a. d i n n e and Impenetrable forent of the tree of heaven would r« f o u n d u p o n the «lte where the p r o u d i - l t y of Pecntur now stands. It Is now apparent It Is not eolng to wait «, lonn to lake the town. Tho.'e who rc old of the prtsent generation will live tn see Decatur a Jungle of atlantaa fCtanduIoM* BNQU8H BJPARROW OF TKBJC8 Tb» tree of he«.ven Is to v«*«tatlon Trtiat th« English sparrow li to birds. C1r« It «n Inch and It will take'the twrth. Ton are not acquainted with the tree of heaven you »ay? Oh, ye* )»· are, althoiiKTi you may not know ft by name. Tou have observed that e!«ster of «hruhs (rrowlnK In the corner of your yard and perhaps you rather admired them. It Is possible you thought from the leaves that th«y were yoMnic walnut tre«» or may be ouma- M4 ' y( « omfullr avoided chopping tk«m out whun cutting the grazi In that oorner with the irr«.«s hook. Bnt ·« flon't need to protect the tree of XdTen. It takne care of ItteW. Ifelttinr f!r« nor scythe or lawn mower n, n hurt It. It will STOW any where Mid »nder the most adverte droum- ·tano»«. A n I It Is doing It. There «*·· thmisundii ar.rt thoumnds of the ynanc tre»» itrowlnit In Decntur and tb4r ar , inrrciuilng by thousands yearly. Some of them have attained con- dae. . TO KMOW IT. (tat w«II Mioudh »cjuaint»J wtth the tr»* of h«»vta to rK-oxnlie It end you Win a«l«k!y ·*« that l t « threat to take die city !« no fiilire nlivrm. It» av«s i ·r* pinnule, t h a t Is f t n t h r r - l i k e . oon- ·Ifllnff of «, n u m b e r r»f leaflets flrrnnff- | ·d «JonK a leaf atem ft* In th« wal- j nut. locuBt and ·unwu'h. Ton w i l l f i n d . a nnimbwr of u p r r l m w n t a of the tre* in j tfc» IrflhT ynnl on E l d o r a d o ] ·trret d l n K o n n l l y !u-roin f r o m the hlirh | ·chool h i i l M l n i r « . If you hv« r-en ! m i s t a k i n g t h e tree for t h e w n l n t i t brulsii a leu? and n m e l i It and you W i l l n. T ' i ' ' k ' y UTr1«CPlv^1. i When vou h a v e I'-irnn! to k n o w t h » t r c r of I i ' i i v c n you w l l ] fln.1 It l-roiv- 1 n s e v i r \ » h - r e f r o m t h p r r a i - k « I n re: i , i w i l k c . f o r n c',".-\r-i-* I n brl.-l; f r o n : w l l . l n w n i L . l * . I t Is f f r o w - t u i i K v'ltM* ji'i.1 f r o n t y a n l s , i" . , · . , ,, ,., K I - , .-tn nr.,1 I n p r i i k l n K ? I t , . . ' n « t , t l r i v e p . i - n . - ' i l - i r l y In p l n c f i , ,,...,. f , , . i i i n f , ' else " H I K - n w . If t h e n - ;« n n . i - r " \ v I ' a K s f l K , - t".tw«-en h i s l n e s s i ''.it--.:') · · · ! lire r/"' i l n to f i n d Bev, 11 r" 1 ' i"' H T ' ^ ' l n i e n i i f t h e tree t' . . . . . . n l r !- v r r l t i M v i n i . i h l p K a r M , . , r, · , ! ! i f ' ^ n s T o n - « r v n n r h r v i s o f i v, ,t i " r !r w l ' l h- n l s i ' I » ' - i n K the NATIVITY. Tli- tree of heR'-'en la a n a t i v e n ' »,..!· rn A - i i i 8=0 «re the L'nlnJii", t h . Japan-Be, t h e l l ( f « 1 c - , o » , tlie M u l a y s an.l e t h e r rH.-n mi r n n i f i i . i t i t I" our w . s t e r n ' c l v l l l i n t l o n . There tn «, re-em- blam:« b e t w e e n t h l B y e l l o w peril of v e g e t i i t l o n and these a l i e n racei. Tts proRtny IK a« n u m e r o u s a n th* saruls of the »ea. Th»r« Is no Chinese e*- olu«ion art to bar It, but Were ought t9 bft. It Is itated by th« book authorities th»t th« tr«» Is extensively planted In t«wn» ·» a Bhaila true, beoaune of Its v«ry rapid u r o w t h . Koo!l«h towns. Thwa are B"ni* f o l k * who wr.uld plant. the deadly upns tree If some nursery man would tell t h e m t h a t It wouUI grow I n t o ft nhinle tree In a year or ; two. Th*. p«TBr,n who b r o u g h t the j tTM of henvem to thlji r o u n t r y is the 1 ·ame wort of jvuMlc b e n e f a c t o r afl those i who I m p o r t e d the English tn.irrow and the r'P'y m»th. Possibly It Is i fore- rwnner at the yellow peril w h i c h some Iwlieve will one time- o ^ f r r n n tbe w«at- ·rn w o r l d ~ A t any rate It la a peril. At Its present rate of Increase and with l t « rapid K r o w t h we are likely to b« RroplrjK our way n b n u t In thickets of trees of h e f t v e n tn.'lnsr to _ f i n d our j n n y to t h e post offl!«. It will f i u r - pa*» the Jungle of the troplcn which ·prlng* up over n i K h t . Thft "trte of heaven" 1» a sad m i s n o m e r . It is a tr«« of t h n t other plnro wh«T6 the worm rtleth not n n r t the fire IB not quenched. If you d o n ' t hellere it, ·mell the f l n w e r a rr even the leaves. It In p r o b a b l y the o n l y vegetation that co'.-ld prow In t h a t plare. ·Inlle · Kent f.:r * I.IHe Olrl. Trmi.«*'keeper--She wns very younK. h u t p o r n r l i o w s h e n ! u - n v « h a d a n answer f o r her t e n e r . e r . I « h« n n s k o i l to M u t e t h e d i f f e r e n c e l.i MV, .-n "f..'it" iin.l " f u t , " Phe gnleil i i o \ \ n up'.i IUT t i w p tin.. s;i ri'laled toes n n i l i ' u ' I ' l ' l t ' - i l t h u s 1 "i i n ,. r.-i-t is n f o o t . :m! a whole lot c.f f , ) , i ! « l i II f e e l ' " PICTURES 5c Any size print including 4x 5, printed on the highest grade paper. Leave your printing with us. Haines Essick 217 N. Water. Both Phones 1256. Values Up to $1.50 For I'pwards of 50 dozen pieces of women's fine muslin underwear. Including lace trimmed corset covers, embroidered combination suits, muslin gowns. camisoles, white skirts, drawers, chemise and misses, princess slips; elegant snowy white, new style muslinwear, in all sizes. Values np to vl-M). To break all clearance records, Monday, choice, 5»c. HfeGive W GreenTfdinjf Stamps Values Up to $2.50 For Another sensational muslinwear bargain. An enormous collection including crepe and muslin gowns, princess slips, underskirts, combina-' tion suits, corset covers, drawers, chemise and crepe de chine camisoles. These are all the latest styles, pro- fuselv trimmed with lace and emhroidcry. And t h i n k of it!--values up to $2.50 at Stewart's, Monday, your choice, 98c. The Greatest July Clearing Sale in The Entire History of Our Store! MONDAY-A GENUINE BARGAIN FEAST 2,500 Women's Summer Dresses and 1,500 Women's New Summer Waists at Less Than Makers Prices $1.50 Summer Dresses For Upwards of 250 women's pretty wash dresses, made of fine ginghams, percales, chambrays, etc.--in all the latest mid-Summer styles, nicely trimmed with fancy braids and piping. A full assortment of sizes. Dresses actually worth $1 and $1.50--at Stewart's, Monday--choice for quick clearance at the unheard of price, 68c. 68c $2 Values 95c Women's charming new Summer dresses, made in th« very latest styles, of fine lawns, batistes, ginghams, chambrays. etc. --trimmed with laces and embroideries. Twenty different styles to ftelect from. Worth regularly $1.50 and $2 each; s t i r r i n g bargains for this great clearance* Monday, each $5 Values $2.98 Another wonderful Summer dress value. A great collection of exquisite new models for misses and women--made of fine crepes, tissue ginghams, rice cloths, etc. Daintily trimmed w i t h lace and embroidery. These 'are genuine S-1.50 and 55 values priced for quick clearance, choice Exquisite Presses Worlh to $10 For Whatever you do, don't miss these phenomenal dress bargains. Dpwards of 125 of the fairest Summer creations; white nets, embroidered voile?, plain and flowered crepes, linens, ratines, etc. Every new style; all sizes. Values to $10--choice for quick clearance, each $1.50 and $2 White Waists for The greatest waist bargain ever announced by this store. More t h a n 20 dozen to select from --elegantly fashioned of fine crepes, white l i n g e r i e and embroidery, f i n e lawns, etc. Both white and white with colors--beauti- f u l l y trimmed w i t h lace and embroidery. Women's waists worth up to 62.00--for quick clearance, choice, Monday UPWARDS OP 500 WOMEN'S charming Summer waists, made in exquisite new styles of fine crepesv fine roilesi flaxons and lingeries. Lace and embroidery trimmed. Short sleeves, low necks. All sizes. Worth S2 and S3 regularly; sensational bargains for quick clearance, choice 95e ONE OF THE BIGGEST bargains yet. Upwards of 300 women's ei- quisitc Summer blouses, of tub silks, silk crepes. China silks, sheer flax- ons, etc. All sizes; all the latest styles, with drop shoulders and latest Gladstone and other new colors. Values to $5, this sale, choice fi tn S8 Waieta $9 Qt{ An inspiring collection of the most de- !j)b tO ?)0 WaiStS ^.»O. , e c t a b l c waist creations ever shown in Decatur; at a price t h a t will create a g e n u i n e sensation. D a i n t y shadow lace waists, crepe de chine waists, many of fine tub silks, hand embroidered flaxons, etc. V a l u e s up to 58--all to be cleared--come and S2.95 take your choice--bargains of a lifetime All Wool Dress Skirts Here'* your chance to set a fine all-wool dress skirt at an a i n a / i n R l y low vrice. Every dress skirt regularly sold up tn £(i--co'inisting of f i n e crepes, black and w h i t e checks, f a n c y m i x t u r e s , French serges, granite cloths, etc. All Hie l a t e n t t u n i c and draped styles. Sizes up to 30 waist l i n e ; all colors G e n u i n e 85 and $6 dress skirts, choice, 52.98. EXTRA! Women's house dresses made of fine percales, low i in-cks and short kiinona sleeves. , Stripes and checks; all sizes 34 to 46. Bona- f i d e $1 values 48c TAILORED SUITS All our women's, e l e g a n t man t a i l - ored suits, in all latest stles and m a t e r i a l s . All 615. ?18 and S20 values $5 TAILORED SUITS To quickly close a l l o u r b e a u t i f u l silk n n d wool tailored s u i t s , worth r e g u l a r l y .^o to ?40--choice $10 $5 WOMEN'S CO.' TS All our women's a n d imiisiV beau- t i f u ! n l i - w n o l new- t"-t .-.tyle coats, \ \ o r t l i r e g u l a r l y .-11) to $15, choice at WOMEN'S COATS Choice' of all our high-class, newest style silk and wool coats, r e g u l a r l y sold at 518 to .;i~. at choice S10 CHILDREN'S NEW COATS All our children's coats, made of serges, etc.. worth r e g u l a r l y 153 and CHILDREN'S COATS f p wards children's of 65 elegant Spring coats, uew- S3.50, choice q u i c k clearance est styles, 64 to ?6 for vainest choice for q u i c k clearance $1.39 $2.48 CHILDREN'S DRESSES I'pwards children's dresses; of 75 pretty ginghams. percale and madras ; nicely trimmed'; 81.25 values, all sizes, 48c CHILDREN'S DRESSES 100 children's b e a u t i f u l lawn, batiste and gingham dresses; double skirt effects; all sizes; 53 values for 98c WOMEN'S WOMEN'S SKIRTS SKIRTS Women's elegant Women's latest Summer skirts, of Hussian tunic wool Honeycomb, epon- ge, black and white checks; t u n i c styles; S3.50 values, choice $1.39 skirts; f i n e granite cloths, etc. All Wonderful gains serfies, sizes. bar$6.50 Thousands of Yards of Exquisite Silks--The Lowest Prices On Record! 75c Silk Crepes 49c. Beautiful silk crepes, 27 inches wide, in a wonderful range of all the fashionable new shades. Worth 75c. July Clearing price, a yard 75c Embroidered Silk Crepe 49c. These exquisite silks come 27 inches wide, in an excellent choice of plain shades and em- /lQ/» broidered effects. 75c value, y a r d . . . . Tct/V 75c Floral Silk Crepes 48c. In dark grounds, with many charming printed floral effects; comes 27 inches wide. Worth 75c a A Q _ yard. July Clearing Sale price, yard.. TC*/V 75c Silk Poplins 49c. A large assortment of wanted plain colors, in exquisite printed floral patterns; 27 inches wide. Regular 75c silk poplins; choice, yard 75c Siik Foulards 49c. Rich, beautiful, exclusive; a wide selection of latest designs. Unusual 75c qualities for Stewart's July Clearing Sale, a yard 49c 75c Matalesse Crepes. Many charming new $1 Silk Foulards 75c. All guaranteed pure silk - - - - · · · · ' " n -·'"- A tre- 75c plain shades; exact copies of highest priced matalesses; 27 inches wide; light, cool, airy; choice, a yard 85c Silk Crepe de Chine 59c. 40 inches wide-in the popular plain shades of green, copen, light blue, apricot, cream and black. A wonderful bargain, at yard 85c Pussy Willow Poplins oflc. Exquisite printed effects on dark grounds--very, very fashionable this Summer. 27 inches wide. A stirring bargain, at yard $1.00 Silk Ratine 5flc. A genuine all-silk ratine- eponge, 38 inches wide, in beautiful pink _and blue shades. An extra $1 value-Clearing Sale price, yard $1.00 Tub Silks 75c. A wealth of dainty new striped effects--very, very fine quality--36 inches wide. For waists and dresses. '7K^» Worth |1 a yard. Sale price, yard t tlv/ 59c foulards, the ideal Summer dress silk, mendous selection of exquisite floral patterns. Choice, yard $1.25 Brocade Eponge 75c. All pure silk, 36 inches wide--Wisteria, Mustard, Tango, Rose and Blue. A wonderful $1.25 value, for quick clearance, a yard SI .00 Messaline Silks 75c. Upwards of 20 pieces, and extra fine §1 quality in al Istreet and evening shades, an unsurpassable bargain, this sale, yard SI .25 Cloth of Gold Silk. 36 inches wide, an extra high quality in the natural color. One of the best bargains of this great clearing sale at, yard S1.25 Gun Metal Silk 85c. This much wanted silk comes in the pretty Jasper gray with neat pin stripes. Cheap at $1.25. A genuine bargain in this sale, yard $1.39 Imported Foulards 98c. These beautiful soft sillc foulards come in a host of handsome patterns and all shades. A genuine $1,39 value, sale Qf* price, yard I/OV S1.39 Messaline Silks 98c. The finest mes- salines ever woven to sell for $1.39. They are in black only--36 inches wide. QQp July Clearing price, a yard I/O I/ $1.50 Tussah Royal Silks 98c. A very hand- pome and very popular silk and wool mixture, 40 inches wide, in black and colors. A most unusual value, this sale, yird $1.50 Crystal Shantung 98c. Another very fashionable silk and wool mixture, shown in all stylish shades. A genuine $1.50 QQ/» seller, for this great sale t/Ox/ $1.50 Charmeuse Silks. Rich, lustrous, clingy charmeuse, 40 inches wide, in all street and evening shades. One of the best d»-| values in this sale, yard tJ5l-u This Record-Breaking Sale of Summer Wash Goods and White Goods Continues Extra Special White Goods Upwards of S.OOO ytrda at h e o u t l f u l Imported whlt« Roods--abort lengths of 2, 3 ^and 4 yard«, Just right for waists, sklrt«. etc., w h i t e voiles, white crepes, white Swisses. flaxons, w h i t e marquisettes, white Persian lawns and piques. '"··ime Monday for those-\ n l u p s up to 35c--choice lOc Yd. 5,000 Yards of American Prints in Indigo blue, Calcutta blue, Silver gray, fancies and shirting prints. All clean and fresh off the bolt. Bona fide 6c to 7c values, QJL/i choice, a yard 0 2 ^ 5,000 Yards Fine Printed Lawns, in light, medium and dark colors--all the latest patterns; 71/^c and 8c values, OJL/» this sale, choice, a yard O g C 3,000 Yards of Standard Fast Color Apron Ginghams and Seersucker ginghams, worth up to lOc a yard, choice, this sale, a yard 4,000 Yards of Regular 12'/ 2 c Dress Ginghams--Red Seal, Toile du Nord and fine Zephyr ginghams--an enormous variety to select from; choice, £IJL/» a yard U 2 C "1 "I /» A JL V Beautiful Ripplette Ginghams in all the new colors -- very popular this season -regular 18c values, a yard New Floretta Batistes -- A very fine Summer wash fabric 27 inches wide; light grounds and floral designs; 19c values, "I OJLp choice, a yard ................... J-« 2 V New Ratine Crepes, 27 inches wide, in light grounds -- small, neat designs, worth regularly 20c a yard -- wonderful bargains for this great sale, choice, 1 Oi/, a yard ........................ .-«-£ 2 C Handsome New Plisse Crepes, in an enormous selection of dainty new designs -- crepes worth regularly everywhere 20c a yard, wonderful values, this -| C _ Silkized Foulards, 27 inches wide--beautiful, silky looking wash fabrics worth regularly 25c a yard, priced for this "J OJL^» great sale, a yard JL 2 v- Genuine Crepe Eponge in all the leading shades and in white; never before sold for less than 25c a yard. Our price for -j Q- this sale, choice, a yard. At/C Imported English Voiles in plain shades, stripes and floral designs--40 inches wide-worth 39c a yard; this sale, Stewart's price, a yard New Nippon Cloth--a new wash fabric--exact copy of printed silk poplins--in all^olors. Worth 45c a yard. Sale price, a yard. Extra Special Embroideries 2,000 yards of elerant embroidery flounelngi. Including embrold«r«d crepe* embroidered Rlo» Cloths, Embroidered Linens, Embroidered French Crepes. Embroidered Voiles and Batistes, tn white, lavender, blues, pinks and other stylish shades. A wonderful collection -- wonderful values -- J2.9S to A I U « K I £ J AH^Vi t*J\,f*lf J.\J11^ W U . J , ^ U i . V * C4A1VA X l i l t V* U ," aCltU*. I V ^ l l \JJ- VAL**J.i VJ i m ^ i i u t ^ u - i ^ i i u K*. u^s^u - . , -- . , -- . - r r ^ _ --^ ^_ | \J^J Zephyr ginghams--an enormous variety to worth regularly everywhere 20c a yard, won- act copy of printed silk poplins--in all colors. slQf* \ 1C I Q« . select from; choice, £JL^» derful values, this 1 FC/» Worth 45c a yard. Sale 9^if» T 1 */^ * a yard U 2 C sale, yard JLJC price, a yard £iJ^ For Economical Housekeepers!--Phenomenal Bargains In Domestics, Linens, Etc. bleached Exquisite mercer- Elegant new mer- Imported all linen Bleached and un- Fine linen roller Bleached or un- 50 dozen fine 25 dozen beautiful 25 dozen « leg * n jl^* a "* 1 .^ "{"J hf.achL EC! table Ized satin damask, cerized damasks, Irish damasks, 2 bleached cotton toweling, extra bleached all linen huck towels, best white crochet and white crochet beil .Marseilles D«HI D'"= n =« _ t , TM ,.,, , , ...,.i_ .a _ _ i -- i.i- i j _ -- , j _ ~«,i _ n : i - _ * 1, . , ^ _ t h^nirv cnllo,. *-rtw7«!ino- i n p v a l u e * Umitfiil npftrl h p m m p d hpd ^nrpads. Pearl spreaas, pearl ma.ue a Yd. Full bleached mercerized table linen, In a big variety of b e a u t i f u l new patterns, 35c quality, a yard 19c 81 by 90 readymade unbleached sheets, worth reg- ularlv 79c. Big Stewart bargains, this sale, each 59c Exquisite Ized satin damask, 60 inches wide and white as snow. Worth 50c. Stew- a.rt'8 price, yard . 35c 81 by 90 full bleached seamless sheets, all ready to use, worth reff- ularly 85c. Sale price, each 69c cerized damasks, extra wide and extra heavy, worth 69c a yard, sale price, a yard 48c Full hleached ready-made pillow cases, best 12 %c cases, Stewart's price for this great sale, each lOc iported all linen Irish damasks, 2 yards wide and white as snow; worth $1 a yard, sale price, a yard 69c 150 pieces round thread sheeting, yard wide and unbleached; best 7c grade, Stewart's sale price, yard 4ic Bleached and unbleached cotton roller toweling, an u n u s u a l 7^c seller, this sale, 10 yards for 39c 100 piecps of round t h r e a d unbleached sheeting, Best lOc urade, a big bargain now, 10 yards for 79c Fine linen roller toweling, extra wide and heavy, the very best lOc grade, in this great sale, » yard 8ic Upwards of HO pieces of fine 8-4 seamless sheeting, unbleached; worth 25c a yard, gale price, a yard 19c Bleached or un bleached all linen roller toweling regularly sold for 12Kc, sale price, a yard lOc 9-4 full bleached sheeting, the very finest 35e grade, Stewart's price the lowest, this sale, yard 24c 50 dozen fine huck towels, best lOc values, limited 6 to a customer, Monday, wonderful bargains, each 7ic white crochet and pearl hemmed bed spreads, regular 11 values, priced for th!« gala 79c Best yard wide Hope and L»ons- dale full bleached muslins; 12 grade, Stewart's price, 12 yards for $1 white crochet spreads, pearl lemmed, fringed and fl.39 200 bolts of fine white English Longcloth worth regularly $1.50 the bolt. This rale a 10 yard bolt for 98c cut corner, values, each 98c Marseilles spreads, hemmed. large sizes, worth f 2 sale price, each $1.49 SO full readr- znade sheets; the very best 89c T»!- ues. Stewart'* price, thi« sale, each 39c 200 pieces of fine double foM percales in all colors, best 9e grade. This sale, stirring bargain, yard 5c 100 pieces pretty new Apron Ginghams, all latest designs, worth 8c a yard, Stewart's sal« price, a yard 5c 300 pieces fancy drawn work, beautiful tcarfs, Battenberg centers, etc. Values up to $1, choice, each 49c NEWSPAPER!

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